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A Welcumming Bath

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Highschool of the Dead stories)
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September 5th, A.O. Year 1


It’s funny, the way you can adapt to things you never even thought were possible outside of some eroge game. Usually because the scenarios in those kinds of games were just that absurd. Not that I ever played them, but even a girl in highschool learns about things like that through friends and acquaintances. I thought surviving an undead apocalypse was as absurd as our lives might get.


I was wrong…



Saeko Busujima knelt in a seiza position inside one of the buildings that had been converted into a kind of apartment complex. Compared to other places that had been refitted to be living spaces, the ones here were fairly nice. Construction was underway for newer buildings with the intended purpose of being living spaces. However, building materials were difficult to procure.


The construction workers and architects suggested using the materials to just further renovate existing buildings, but that would only go so far. All of this was outside of the purple haired young woman’s interests. If she wanted, she could have one of the luxury rooms on the Busteez, the ship her group had used to find this series of islands, as well as bring more survivors.


As much as she hated to admit it, Saeko wasn’t very good with being over water. It wasn’t nearly as bad as when she was a child, but she preferred solid ground to ocean swells. So she opted to take one of the converted apartments for her home here on the Isle of Busteez.


Kneeling there, Saeko slowly breathed in over the course of several seconds, then held her breath, trying to picture serene images and happy times in her life before breathing out. The point of this meditation was to help her gain a better hold over her desires. The swelling sickness as it had come to be called, was in some ways more insidious than whatever disease had made “them”. At least with that sickness, victims were already dead, putting them down was a mercy.


Dealing with this sickness was more… Complicated.


Not that she disliked sex.


Far from it! She loved sex! What she didn’t like was the loss of reason and self-control when the disease flared up, especially when Takashi was away on another raid to the mainland.


There was also the other issue. To date, she’d been lucky in that she hadn’t become pregnant from any of the wild fucking sessions. Even that one night with Takashi in that shrine, she’d avoided that bullet. But in the months since coming to this island, Saeko had been tracking her monthly cycles. They’d become shockingly regular as of late.


And using a biology textbook she’d found, she’d been able to pin down her ovulation cycle. And if her math was right, today was a VERY dangerous day for her! So of course her ass and tits would decide to swell up now!


Breathing in and out again, Saeko thought to herself, ‘I am centered, I am calm, I am NOT so horny I wanna suck the first dick I see!!!!


The thought made her picture Takashi’s dick when it was all swollen and huge. The memory made her remember how GOOD that thing had felt inside her, even better than the night she lost her virginity to it. The heat between her legs began to get worse, her pussy already drooling down her legs. Her cheeks flushed a deep pink as her mouth opened and she began panting softly.


“So… Hot…” she gasped, feeling her heart getting faster with every second. The thundering sound in her ears made her feel as though it might burst from her giant breasted chest any moment!


“Nmmmmmh…” Saeko moaned in open desire, while her hand moved with a will of its own to grab one massive tit. The huge mound was many times larger than her own head, it felt soft, and warm, and oh so good!


“Ahhhh, haaah…” she gasped, with a trickle of drool running down the right side of her chin. Her whole body felt hot, so hot she’d stripped naked to escape the heat even though there finally were some clothes that would fit her in this condition. Her hands moved over her massive breasts, grabbing her stiff and swollen nipples. They felt like rubbery rocks in her hands as she twisted them hard, making her pussy gush with a small and unsatisfactory orgasm.


Falling onto her back with a thud, Saeko couldn’t take it anymore, moving a hand between her thighs as she spread her legs wide! “Ahhhn, I can’t make it stop! I need to masturbate!” she moaned, shoving three fingers into her puffy and wet hole. They made a wet SHLICK sound as she pushed them in deep!


HMMMMMMMN!!!” the purple haired woman moaned in raw need, plunging her fingers in and out of herself with a lewd SHLICK SHLICK SHLICK noise. “Feels so good, I can’t stop!” Saeko moaned, while she continued stabbing her fingers in and out faster, making herself cum several times in a row. But it wasn’t enough to really satisfy this burning need inside her. She wanted a cock so badly, it was maddening.


HHHN, YES, STUFF MY PUSSY MOOORE!!!” Saeko moaned, while masturbating more intensely now, the wet squishing of her pussy the only thing she could hear over her own moaning! She bucked her hips up into the air, rocking her pussy against her fingers. The purple haired woman pinched her clit between her thumb and forefingers, her pussy letting out a hot spray as she wailed in pleasure!




“Hey! Keep it down over there! If you’re swelled up, go get laid!” yelled a voice from the apartment above her.


Saeko fell in a sweaty heap, her chest heaving up and down as she panted. That last orgasm had taken the edge off at least, so she could think again finally! Pushing herself up off the floor, Saeko exited her apartment, heedless of her own nudity as she made her way to the bath house that had been recently built. Or rather, rebuilt. The place was a bathhouse that was part of the hotel building that was here originally. But it had been completely renovated over the last few months. The people who renovated it were all former construction workers and a professional carpenter who were dreadfully bored, so they had gone all out. Saeko heard they’d taken raw lumber from another island and used it to make building materials from scratch.


Right now though, all she wanted to do was to soak her entire body in some cool water. The baths had both hot and cold pools since this was a tropical island and some people liked using them to cool off without going into the ocean.


Only a few people eyed her lewdly as she walked by, but Saeko had her sword with her, a gift from Saya’s father, and she had a reputation for knowing exactly how to use it. So no one made a pass at her. A good thing too, with how she felt right now, she might have accepted such advances! A bitter smile spread over her lips. Not even a year ago, the idea of her walking around naked and having sex with multiple partners would have been abhorrent to her. Now though, as much as she hated admitting it, she kind of liked the idea.


Saeko walked over to the cool baths, intending to just dive in if no one was inside and hope that would quell the heat building in her body again. She gave herself a quick rinsing in one of the shower stalls. She’d set the water to fully cold, but it didn’t really do anything but make her skin feel even more sensitive! Were she not so worked up right now, she’d have opted for the full bath experience of sitting on a small stool and taking her time washing up before soaking herself.


Right now though, that would have just made things worse!


When she walked into the cool bath area, she was relieved to see no one was there. One end of the tub was deeper than the other, making it more of a pool than a bath really, but Saeko didn’t feel like splitting hairs. Instead she just did a quick cannonball into the deep end, expecting the sudden immersion in the cool water to stifle the heat in her body.


There was a soft SPLASH and a big plume of water when she went in. She didn’t stay submerged very long though. With her ass and tits as big as they were, she floated back up to the surface in less than a second!


In what seemed an act of cosmic spite, the heat in her body didn’t get any better, it only got worse! Saeko gasped and moaned as she moved over to one of the benches built into the side of the bath. Her whole body felt both strangely numb and sensitive at the same time. Like pins and needles all over, but especially concentrated in her naughty places.


She leaned back against the edge of the bath, her huge tits just above the water’s surface, bobbing up and down from the ripples still undulating around her in her little dive. The feeling of being immersed was almost as intense as sex as her pussy ached in raw lust. She chewed at her lower lip, trying to fight the feeling, the want, the unbound lust!


“Hah, hah, hah…” she panted heavily, the water feeling warm now instead of cold.


“I… Ah… I can’t…” Saeko panted, feeling as if her tits were still getting bigger as her whole body felt like it was being teased by the water! She wanted to cum again! She wanted it bad! Her mind was feeling almost hazy now, it was hard to think because she didn’t want to think. She wanted to surrender to this heat so badly now. Even with the risk of pregnancy, she couldn’t hold out any longer!


“Please… Someone… Anyone… Ahh, I want it noooow!” Saeko moaned.


Then, as if appearing from nowhere, a huge cock was suddenly right in front of her face! It was massive, clearly afflicted by the swelling sickness. The smell coming off it made her head swim, as it was a stink that seemed to cling inside of her nose as if trying to imprint itself there. Saeko didn’t even look up to see who was attached to the other end of the dick, she was so far gone now that she didn’t even care! Instead she just opened her mouth wide, swallowing the huge length down her throat in a single go.


MMMMMMMMMMMMMMPH!” she howled, with her moan muffled by the huge rod of man flesh.




It was the only word she could think of.


Cock was delicious! She loved it! She worshiped it!


AGHMMMMMPH GUG, MMMMMPH GURGH, NBHUU GUG HMMMMMPH… AGUH GUH GUG…” Saeko gagged, moaned, and choked on the man’s gigantic dick. Her pussy spasmed as she came with just her mouth-pussy. The mystery man, whose face was too blurry in Saeko’s lust induced vision to make out, reached out and grabbed her head.


He said something, but his voice was so distorted, she couldn’t understand a single word. All she could hear was how he groaned as he began fucking her face roughly. Saeko let out a gagging howl of pleasure, cumming again and again just from her mouth-pussy! Her deep blue eyes rolled back in her head as she felt herself going crazy from the pleasure.


YESH, PHUG MUH PHASHE!! DEW ID HAWDERRRRGH GUH GUG GUH GURGH…!” Saeko moaned as she felt the man forcing his entire length down into her stomach now. His hands gripped her dark purple hair tight, it pulled at her scalp, but she didn’t care as she let out another gagging moan of pleasure! Her pussy was gushing in sync with his thrusts into her mouth. Saeko could feel her throat expanding every time the thick length pushed down into her very stomach.


Ahhh! This feels so good! My mouth has become a second pussy, and he’s fucking it so roughly! My jaw hurts, and it’s hard to breathe, but I don’t want it to stop!’ Saeko managed to think, ‘More, more, more, fuck my mouth more! Ahhh, cock, cock, cock, cock, I love COCK! My head is being filled with nothing but diiiick!


GURGH GUGGLE HURG GUCK MURGLERK GUH GUG GUH…” Saeko choked, unable to even form a sentence anymore as she moaned.


So good!’ she thought, ‘It feels so good! I’m cumming so much, I can’t stop cumming now! But my body just wants to cum more and more! Ahhh, this is greeeaaat!


“Uhh! Ahhh…!” groaned the man as Saeko felt his cock pulsating inside her mouth, throat, and stomach. A thick liquid warmth began filling her belly. Though she couldn’t taste it, she knew it was his cum, and her body seemed to sing in welcome to the thick baby making juices.


GWAAAAH! Hah, ahh, hah, ahh, hah…” Saeko then gasped, panting for breath to fill her starving lungs when the man pulled out. She fell back in her seat. Her vision was still fuzzy, but rapidly began clearing now. When Saeko looked up, she was greeted by the welcome sight of Takashi!


“Uh, um, hi.” he said lamely.


“Nyah!” Saeko moaned as she pounced like a cat, knocking Takashi down into the shallower side of the bath. She kissed him fiercely, forcefully, and felt him stiffen beneath her from the surprise.


“Takashiii… Gimme your dick! Ahhh, I need to get it in me!” Saeko moaned, rubbing her naked body against his, with the water sloshing around them. “I need it nooow…” she moaned, her voice just above a whine. She moved to rub her crotch against his cock, still standing up hard between her legs. The heat coming off it was so intense, she felt like it might actually burn her!


Having gotten over his shock, Takashi grabbed Saeko by her upper arms, pushing her up to look at her. She breathed heavily as she looked back down at him, she could feel the heat in her face as she continued humping her crotch against him. “Ahhnmmmmh, I feel like I’m in heeeeat!” she moaned.


“Saeko, it’s okay.” Takashi assured her, then sitting up and taking the fat nipple of her left tit into his mouth and sucking it roughly. Saeko moaned, feeling herself cumming again just from that.

AHHHN!!! I’M CUMMING AGAAAIIINNN!!! IT’S LIKE MY WHOLE BODY HAD TURNED INTO A PUSSYYYY!!!!” she screamed, rolling her hips now in wanton lust. “TODAY’S A RISKY DAY, BUT I CAN’T STAND IT ANYMORE! PLEASE, TAKE ME, RAVISH ME, STUFF YOUR BIG DICK INSIDE ME AND FILL MY BODY WITH CUMMMMM!!!” she screamed. Part of her felt such intense shame as saying such vulgar words. But she couldn’t take it anymore. Her brain felt like it might melt from the heat in her body, she couldn’t think of anything but dicks now like some mind broken girl from an anime porno!


AHHHA!” Saeko gasped as Takashi grabbed her again, biting and pulling on her nipple with his teeth for a moment before he got out from beneath her and turned her around. He shoved her down on all fours like the bitch in heat she was acting like. She immediately thrust her ass out, waving it from side to side.


HURRY, HURRY, I NEED IT, I’M GONNA LOSE MYSELF IF I DON’T GET IT NOOOOW!!!” she begged desperately. If she didn’t quell this heat soon, she might never be able to come back from this, and become a panting, cock crazed slut forever!


Would that be so bad?’ a voice asked in the back of her mind, ‘Thinking only of dick, wanting only for dick, cumming constantly and not worrying about anything else? Doesn’t that sound nice?’ asked the voice in her head that she shockingly realized was her own!


Before Saeko could really think about what was happening, her mind went completely BLANK as she felt Takashi’s gigantic dick pushing up her ass! Her mouth hung open in a silent scream of pleasure as her pussy gushed like a faucet turned on full blast!


“…cuuUUUMMMMMINNNNNGH!!” her voice called out as her scream came back into a pitch that her own ears could hear.


“Grrruuuaaaah!!!” Takashi groaned, pounding his cock into her with a wet SLAP SLAP SLAP, and Saeko could feel his heavy balls smacking against her gushing cunt!


AHH, AHMAAASHING!! DHON’T SHTOOOOP! DO WHADEVER YOU WHANT TU MY ASSSH!!!” moaned Saeko as she reached back with her hands, prying apart her asscheeks to let Takashi drive his dick in deeper. It felt like he was fucking her very organs as his cock stirred up her insides. On every stroke that was in and out of her, Saeko could feel herself cumming, hard!


NGHOOAA, NEVER FELT, ANNNYTHING, LIKE THIIIIS…!” she moaned as her body rocked back and forth. “OHHOOU, CUMMINGH CUMMINGH CUMMINGH!!! MUH ASSH PHEELSH SHO GUUUUD…!” she moaned, her voice a slur as her tongue hung out of her mouth.


Takashi then grabbed both her wrists, pulling on them tightly as he pounded his cock into her again and again. Saeko could feel her huge ass rippling with every impact, the ripples seemed to travel up her spine and into her brain next.


OOOOH… OH NHOOOO… MY BRAAAAIN IS TURNING INTO MUUUUSH…” she moaned, drool dripping off her tongue now as she continued cumming hard.


Takashi grunted, moving to lean his body over hers, but the lining of the bath was a little slippery and the two fell back into the shallow water with a splash! Having all her weight fall down on Takashi’s giant erection drove the rod of flesh even deeper inside her. Saeko watched as her stomach pitched upwards, visibly distended by his size.


AHHHHN, DHEEP! SHO DHEEEEEP!! CUMMINGH!! AYE’M CUMMING SHO HAAWWWD!!” Saeko moaned in ecstasy, grabbing her ass again and moving with her legs to pump Takashi’s dick in and out of her asshole! She turned to look at him, her face full of longing, desire, and raw lust.




“Sae~kooo!!!” Takashi groaned, driving his entire cock up into her as he came! Saeko moaned with him, a long wailing sound of pleasure and satisfaction, like a starving beast that had just gotten a huge meal! The thick liquid warmth of his cum flooded into her asshole.


There was so much more cum this time, Saeko could feel it filling her guts and painting her insides white. She opened her mouth to moan as she came so hard she thought she might pass out. Multiple orgasms ripped through her like a typhoon, turning her brain into jelly as she struggled to stay conscious.


When Takashi finally stopped cumming, Saeko was dizzy, the whole world seemed to be upside down. She barely even felt Takashi’s cock pulling out of her now gaping asshole. What she did feel though, was the copious amounts of thick baby batter rushing back out of her with a SPLUUUUURT sound.


“Nhyaaaa… My asssss… Shooting cum out my asssss…!” she moaned weakly while the bath water slowly turned a milky white color as all the cum mixed with it.




Saeko fell face first into the contaminated bath water with a splash. Her asshole was still gushing with cum as it stuck up in the air. A stiff breeze blew over the open air bath area, making an odd bellowing sound as it went over her open asshole. It all made for a shameful display, but Saeko couldn’t care less. Having cum so much and so hard, she felt like a fever had finally broken inside her. The relief was so intense her father could have walked in on the entire thing and she wouldn’t have cared in the slightest!


Pulling herself over to the edge of the bath, Saeko rested her slowly shrinking breasts on the concrete floor surrounding the bath. “Th… Thank you…” she gasped, finally feeling SANE again, “You saved me…” she gasped out.


“Ah heh heh…” Takashi chuckled nervously, “Sure, no problem…”


On that day, I learned no matter how prim, proper, and dignified a woman carries herself, deep down, she has a cock obsessed slut, just waiting to be set free…



(Story by User: SailorIo)

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26 days ago

Really good chapter and I like how Saeko was dealing with her swelling and Takashi arrived just in time. Like the horny side of Saeko and her little voice is similar to how Shizuka act now. It will be interesting to see if the other girls had that inner voice as well. Thanks for the new chapter.

26 days ago
Reply to  shadowdragon

Thanks, it was a quickly written chapter, but I like how it turned out. I love the concept of lust and desire threatening to overwrite reason. It’s fun to play with.