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From Bar to Bedroom

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of My Hero Academia stories)
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Humming softly to herself, Melissa Shield sat naked in the main ballroom of the Busteez Hero Agency. Well, she wasn’t completely naked, she WAS wearing a pair of plaid leggings and stiletto heels. Clothes weren’t really an option for her right now though, considering that her breasts were so big right now, she was barely able to even move. Her ass was just as big, and the only thing she could put on was the super stretchy legging made from the same fabric she’d made for Rie, the Paizuri heroine who is better known as Tetas. She snickered mentally at that, Melissa was trying to make Rie a suit that she could expand her ass in without it causing a wedgie when she returned her body to normal.


She still hadn’t solved that challenge yet, but the any-size leggings were one of the offshoots of her research. The blonde girl still wanted to hear the story of how Tetas had gotten that nickname, but she’d never had a chance to ask Rie about it. She turned to look behind the bar where she sat and checked the time. It wasn’t quite sundown yet, so she wouldn’t need to head upstairs for another hour or so.


“Would you like another?” asked Inko Midoriya as she stood behind the bar cleaning out glasses. Izuku’s mother was really pretty, with the same green hair and eyes as her son, with fair skin and a sexy body. She’d recently lost a lot of weight. Rumi told her about the mother wanting to get her “pre-mom bod” back, so Rumi had been acting as a workout training coach for her fellow Busteez employee.


“Hmm?” Melissa asked, then looked down at her glass to see it was empty, “Oh, yeah, please.” she said, sliding the glass over to her. Inko picked it up and began mixing various liquids inside.


“So, you’re working the room Mina was doing now?” Inko asked casually.


“Yeah, Mina said it was really fun, and I decided to try it out.” Melissa told her. “I mean, I got nothing against that hole in the wall bit, but I’d like a little more interaction now is all.”


“I understand,” said Inko as she finished Melissa’s drink and placed it in front of her. Melissa didn’t know exactly what the drink was called, but it was a pale yellow color with a distinct lemon flavor, but not sour at all. Inko said it was some kind of Chinese drink that she learned to make back in high school. The blonde American girl didn’t bother to press for further details. She liked it, and decided to leave it at that.


Melissa glanced over to the main entrance just as a small group of heroes walked in; there were five of them, four girls and one boy. Melissa knew most of them, Deku she was closest too, but she knew Ochaco and Momo well too. As for the others, Tsuyu Asui was one she knew passively, she’d only met her a few times, first at I-island after the whole mess with her fathers invention, then again when she came back to Japan. She seemed to be a really nice girl, and Melissa figured they could be friends if they had a chance to chat more. The last girl was one of Deku’s other school mates, although she wasn’t in his class, and Melissa had only met her briefly a few times after she began working here. Mainly when she was asked to make her a quickband of her own.


“Oh, they’re early,” said Inko.


“Oh, you were expecting them tonight?” asked Melissa.


Inko nodded, “Izuku wanted to formally introduce me to his girlfriends.”


Melissa spat out the sip of the drink she’d just taken in reaction to that information, “Girlfriends, plural?” she asked.


Inko nodded again, “That was my reaction as well. But he says that it was their idea, not his.”


“O-kayyy…” Melissa said, turning in her seat as the group came over. Ochaco spoke up first, smiling brightly as she waved.


“Oh hey Melissa, good to see you!” she said as she walked with her arms linked with Deku’s left arm.


“Hello Melissa, likewise.” said Momo who was on Deku’s right.


“Kero, hihi!” croaked Tsuyu, and Melissa smiled, one of the things she liked about Tsuyu was that little verbal tic she had from her quirk. The blonde found it an adorable part of her character.


“Oh hey, you’re that American babe Rumi brought on board who makes the quickbands. Nice to see ya again!” answered the last of the quartet of girls. Melissa remembered her first name was Setsuna, but her last name was a blank space in her memory. She clung to Deku’s back like a monkey, with her arms clinging around his shoulders. He carried her effortlessly as she grinned a shark toothed grin at her.


“Hi Melissa…” Deku said, his face a little red as she saw how he couldn’t keep his eyes from wandering up and down her nearly naked body. Melissa smirked playfully, turning more in her seat to put herself on full display for him, even spreading her legs a bit so he could see her pussy.


Upon seeing her actions, Ochaco puffed out her cheeks in a pout and clung a bit tighter to Deku. Melissa snickered at that, then moving to sit properly again and turning back towards the bar, “I can go if you need me to…” she said to Inko as much as the other four girls.


“That’s alright, we don’t have anything to hide, right girls?” said Momo, looking at her companions. They all nodded in agreement as a proper round of introductions was made while the group all sat down. Ochaco and Tsuyu sat between Melissa and Deku, making it hard to see his face without leaning in an obvious way. Melissa learned Setsuna’s surname was Tokage, and she went by Lizardy for her hero work.


“We wanted you to know all of us will be your son’s harem.” Momo said with a completely straight face.


“Wow, like a real harem?” Melissa asked. She was familiar with the concept, one couldn’t live in Japan without seeing at least one romantic comedy built around the trope.


Momo nodded, explaining her reasoning to both Melissa and Deku’s mother. “We’ll see how things go after graduation, but we all agreed that if we keep going, we’d all get married together.” When she finished, Inko looked conflicted. It wasn’t every day a mother learned she might honestly get a plethora of grandchildren from several different girls. Though it was interesting to see the cliche of the mother excited by the prospect of a grandchild played out right in front of her.


“Sounds like fun if you ask me.” said Melissa.


“Interested in joining?” Momo asked flat out.


“Yeah, then I won’t have to get jealous if Deku is looking at you!” added Ochaco. Melissa raised an eyebrow at that. Girls didn’t often admit things like that, well, unless they were from New Jersey, but it usually got violent after that.


“Thanks for the offer, but… I’m honestly in a semi-committed relationship already.” She declined politely.


“Oh right, you’re dating Mirko, right?” Tsuyu asked. “Bubble Girl said you guys were on a date when she ran into you.


“Oh, you and Rumi, Melissa?” Inko asked.


Melissa took another sip of her drink and smiled, “It’s still kinda in the casual stage, but… I wouldn’t be opposed to it going somewhere deeper.” she said, blushing slightly. She didn’t want to bring in the fact that Rumi was excited by her little personal project, since she wasn’t sure how everyone here might react. Deku would probably blush at the final goal, but be excited by the aspect of giving quirks to the quirkless, and helping people control their quirks better. He generally got excited by anything Quirk related. None of the girls seemed judgey in any way, but she still didn’t feel like bringing it up in such a public venue.


“I’m not exactly sure how to respond…” Inko said nervously.


“Can we call you mom?” asked Setsuna, “Might save a little time that way.”


“Yes!” Inko answered instantly, looking up with stars sparkling in her eyes. She then blinked and shook her head vigorously, “Sorry, I…”


Everyone just laughed.


“I like Inko-mama, kero.” said Tsuyu.


“Oh hey, I like that too! Is it okay if we both use it?” Ochaco said, asking both Tsuyu and Inko. Tsuyu had no objections. Momo said she would call Inko “Hahaue” in formal settings, but use something less formal in others.


“So mom, is it okay if we order some drinks?” Setsuna asked with a grin, “It’s hot as hell outside.”


“Oh my, of… Of course, oh you girls must be parched!” Inko said, now suddenly flustered as she went about preparing another five drinks. Melissa was genuinely impressed by the green haired woman as she mixed another five glasses of the same thing she was drinking with almost professional skill!


“So, you girls got like, a schedule, or is it just like a regular orgy thing, or…” Melissa asked, trailing off.


“Bit of both.” All four answered in unison.


“The idea is we all share together…” Ochaco said, turning to kiss Tsuyu intimately, both of them mingling their tongues in a full on porno kiss! When the chestnut haired young woman broke the kiss, she then pulled Deku into an equally passionate kiss, making his hair actually stand out on ends from the intensity of it.


“Ke~ro!” Tsuyu said, striking out with her tongue, lashing it around Deku’s shoulder and pulling him over to her across Ochaco’s lap and then sliding her tongue down his throat. Literally, down his throat. Melissa gulped as she saw Deku’s neck bulge slightly.


“I wish I could do that with my tongue…” Setsuna said with a pout.


“It’s not as easy as it looks, kero.” Tsuyu said, pulling away and slowly retracting her tongue.


Momo then pulled Deku back, pulling his head to rest in her exposed cleavage as the top half of Setsuna split off at the waist and floated over to be in front of Deku. She kissed him with less passion than the first two girls, but no less emotion. In comparison, her kiss was almost tender.


Momo went last, leaning her head down to gently kiss Deku on the lips. She then lifted her head up and smiled, “Like that.”


“Helps that this guy gets turned on by girl-on-girl action!” Setsuna said with a grin while rubbing her hand along a distinctive lump running down Deku’s right pant leg. “Honestly, with Mel sitting buck-ass naked over there and that kiss session, I’m surprised it hasn’t ripped out of here yet!”


“Izuku!” Inko said.


“Gheep…!” Deku gulped.


All of his girlfriends laughed and calmed their new semi mother-in-law down by explaining it was a common thing with most guys. To her credit, Inko already knew that, she was just surprised to have it stated so boldly was all. Melissa then smiled and added, “I made Deku’s suit with a special carbon nano-fiber weave for when he uses red mode, it won’t tear all that easily.”


“You make such cool stuff Melissa!” Ochaco said with a big smile.


“Oh, I’m not as good as some support item makers…” Melissa said, feeling bashful all of a sudden.


“That’s not true,” Momo said to her, “Those quickbands are a marvel, no one has ever thought to make anything like them.”


“And Rumi really loves the new limbs you made for her.” Inko added.


“Yeah, you’re awesome!” the other girls all said together.


“Which is why, if you ever change your mind, we’ll all welcome you into Izuku’s harem with open arms.” said Momo.


“And legs!” Setsuna added with a cheeky grin, making all the girls laugh.


Everyone began drinking the beverages prepared by Inko and conversation turned to more casual topics like patrols and tests. Melissa watched as each of the girls took a turn sitting in Deku’s lap, kissing him casually or in Tsuyu’s case pushing her tongue down his throat again.


Melissa took a long sip of her lemon flavored drink as she watched. Tsuyu was REALLY into pushing her tongue down his throat! The blonde had a much better view of it now as his neck moved on its own as she stirred her tongue around inside, almost like she was trying to taste every inch of his insides.


“Nmmmmmmh, kero…” Tsuyu cooed happily, gently shifting her ass in his lap, her hand rubbing along the thick bulge running down his pant leg. Melissa was glad the latter of the scene was out of Inko’s view, as she wasn’t sure how the mother might respond to that sight. Melissa however, was careful not to move in her seat too much, lest everyone hear a squelching noise!


When Tsuyu slid out of Deku’s lap, the green haired young man adjusted himself in his seat. The carbon nano-fiber was certainly being put through its paces tonight! Melissa could actually make out the details of Deku’s cock through the fabric itself. For a moment, Melissa looked down between her currently gigantic tits, imagining herself with a dick that big! Rumi would love it, that much she was sure of.


Deku finished his drink in one long gulp and spoke with his voice cracking, “Well mom, I don’t wanna get you in any trouble with Midnight, so we’ll move to a table for now…”


Every woman at the bar could tell that wasn’t why he wanted to leave, but none had any desire to call him on it. Melissa watched the group go and she heard Inko sigh, “Don’t approve?” Melissa asked her.


“Oh? Oh no, it’s not that!” Inko said defensively, “I was just, picturing having four grandchildren so quickly is all.”


“Ah, so that was a whimsical sigh?!” Melissa asked teasingly, “What if it’s five or six? Momo did say she was open to having more in their group. Also, with that many girls, the odds of twins goes up a bit.” she explained, already doing the figures in her head. She then giggled at the way Inko blushed. ‘Wow, are all parents like that when their kids reach child bearing age? Maybe it’s a Japanese thing…’ she thought to herself.


“Hi there, Izuku’s mom!” said a new cheerful voice, startling Melissa out of her thoughts. Melissa looked up to see a young man, maybe two or three years older than Izuku, with short cut blonde hair and two blue dots for eyes with no whites in them. The idea that people had just one quirk was something of a myth, many people had multiple quirks. There were the kind that gave the more fantastical powers, then there were the ones that caused physical mutation from the human norm. Mina was a good example with her pink skin, black sclera, and horns. Granted the pink skin was tied to her acid producing glands, but the eyes and horns were still a bit of a mystery as to what their purpose was. She heard from Momo once that Mina’s horns were like, crazy sensitive, like she actually got off when they were touched sensitive.


“Oh, hello Mirio-san, how are you tonight?” Inko responded cheerfully. She then made a quick introduction, “This is Mirio, he’s a good friend of Izuku’s from the Hero business.”


“Nice to meet you,” Mirio said with a bow, “Say, is it your birthday, cause you’re wearing the right suit for it!” he said with a laugh.


Melissa couldn’t stop herself from snickering, the joke was so bad it was hilarious. Inko blinked a couple times, then Melissa saw it dawn on her as she laughed.


“Oh Mirio, that was mean.” Inko said even as she laughed.


“No, no it’s alright, it’s funny!” Melissa said, holding her sides lightly.


“How are you pretty ladies doing tonight?” Mirio asked with a smile.


“Oh you…” said Inko, blushing.


“We’re fine, how about you?” Melissa asked, turning in her seat so she could put her full body on display. Her seat made a soft squelching sound, but with Deku and his girlfriends gone, she wasn’t as worried about it.


“I’m good, just coming off work on a case with the local police.” Mirio told her, “I like to come here for the drinks some nights.”


“Anything serious?” Inko asked.


“Nah, the agency where I work is just helping with an investigation. With AFO gone, most hero work is just to keep the small time crooks in check. Gathering evidence, testimonies, stuff like that. Occasionally there’s a big incident with some guy who gets a big head, but there are plenty of heroes to bring them back down to size.”


“Thank goodness for that.” said Inko.


“Speaking of agencies, has All Might told Deku about you know what yet?” Mirio asked Inko.


“Mirio, SHHHH!!!” Inko hissed, putting a finger up to her lips, “That’s supposed to be a secret!!!” she whispered harshly.


“Hmm, what’s going on?” Melissa asked, “I can keep a secret when I need to.”


Mirio smiled and leaned in close. Melissa leaned in as well, careful not to let her giant tits tip her over. Mirio continued, “All Might is planning to give Deku his agency as a graduation gift. It still technically exists and all, just all the operations are suspended indefinitely as far as everyone is concerned.”


Melissa’s blue eyes went wide, “Woooow, Deku’s gonna be so thrilled when All Might tells him!” she whispered back excitedly.


“Yes, so please keep it quiet for the time being, I don’t wanna spoil my baby’s surprise!” Inko whispered.


“Right,” Mirio said, sitting up, “So, what’cha doing in your birthday suit Melissa, if it’s not your birthday I mean?” Melissa snickered again and Mirio went on, “I know that’s a little bit of the point here, but usually it’s on the stage.” he said with a nod to the currently empty dance stage.


“Oh this?” Melissa said, looking down at her own naked body, “There’s a room upstairs where the girl is free use, well, not exactly free, but that’s what the fetish is called I think. Any guy can just walk in to screw the girl inside whose body is so big it’s hard to move.”


“Ahh, so it’s like the glory hole, but with actual face to face interaction!” said Mirio.


Melissa nodded, “Yep, I liked working in the glory hole too!” she said with a wink. “I wonder if I’ll recognize any guys just by their dicks!”


“Well I guess they could be pretty dickstinctive!” Mirio joked, and Melissa snickered again.


The blonde girl then paid for a drink for Mirio as they began talking more. Melissa liked him, he reminded her of Uncle Might, and he was funny! As Inko gave Mirio his drink, he had ordered some strawberry variant of the one she had, Melissa’s eyes caught the clock on the wall.


“Speaking of, I better get going, I’m due to start my shift in a little while.” she said, mildly disappointed at having to leave already. She slowly got up, careful to keep her balance with her heavily augmented ass and tits. Try as she might though, Melissa’s center of gravity was way off from where it had been before and she quickly found herself falling forward!


The young blonde woman braced herself for an impact that never came as she found Mirio standing next to her, one arm around her with the under beneath one giant tit. He supported her weight easily, showing off just how strong he was. But more than that, he was suddenly naked!


“Whoa there, you okay?” he asked, helping her to stand up on her own before pulling away.


“I’m fine, thanks. But how did you move so fast, and why are you naked?” Melissa asked, not even trying to hide that she was staring down at his dick. It was impressively large, easily a rival for Deku’s meat stick, though Melissa wasn’t really one to try and measure, at least, not without a proper ruler…


“Oh, sorry about that!” Mirio said, rubbing the back of his head and grinning like a fool, “I permeated through the floor to catch you when I saw you stumble. These are my civilian clothes, so they fell off when I did.” He wasn’t even saying anything about the fact that his cock was fully erect and standing out from his crotch like a missile.


“Oh, that’s okay,” Melissa said, “And thanks for the save.” she thanked him, “And seeing how this is ready to rock, I know JUST how to thank you!” she said, grinning back at him like the Cheshire Cat as she grabbed his cock with one hand.


“Oh, eh, yeah, well, you’re very pretty after all…” he said with a chuckle.


Melissa chuckled back, “Thanks, now come on! I’ll put this on the comp list!” she told him as she grabbed him by the hand and led him out of the ballroom.


“I’ll have his clothes sent to the laundry!” Inko called after them.


Melissa waved an acknowledgement as they exited.



The room Melissa led Mirio to was on the fourth floor, it wasn’t the same one Mina had used when she was doing this job though. That room was one of the plain hotel rooms. This one was one of the ones that Camie girl had redecorated for lack of a better term. Her illusions were something else! From the moment the two of them stepped inside, it was at least visually like stepping out and onto a beach at night. The only thing to break the illusion was that the door, once closed, looked as though it were standing in the middle of the beach for some reason.


“Oh wow! Very pretty!” said Mirio as he looked up at a display of dancing lights in the sky overhead. It was an aurora borealis that Camie had worked into the illusion of the room. Normally, it would be quite the rare sight to see something like this over a tropical beach. But for Camie, it was just a little extra work.


“I got a jumbo sized peach that’s prettier!” Melissa said with a wink as she moved out in front of him and bent over to show off her giant ass, giving herself a spank. She was ready to fall over this time, and to her surprise, her tits acted like a perfect pair of airbags to break her fall. She honestly expected it to hurt at least a little.


“That’s right, a Peach!” Mirio said excitedly, “And I love a big juicy peach!” he said, dropping to his knees behind her and grabbing both buns of her ass.


“Haaah!!!!” Melissa moaned as she felt Mirio’s tongue brushing over the folds of her pussy suddenly. She knew her sensitivity went up from Rie’s enhancements, but this was ridiculous!!! She’d never had to fight an orgasm down in her life, and contrary to her original thoughts on it, it wasn’t easy!


“Nmmmmmh, and a really ripe peach too!” Mirio said, pushing his tongue inside, making Melissa moan again.


HAAAAAH, YEAH, RIGHT THEEEERE!!!!” Melissa moaned, resting her arms on top of her tits as she gently rocked her hips back against him.


“Mmmmmmh yum… Ahhmmmmh…” Mirio groaned, licking at her pussy harder and moving down to focus in on her clit.


HWEEEEEGH, CU… CUMMINGH!!!!” Melissa moaned as an orgasm shot through her like a lightning bolt! Her blue eyes rolled back in their sockets as Mirio began sucking on her clit roughly, swirling his tongue around it as he pushed three fingers inside her pussy, making her squirt all over his face.


“Hah, ahh, hah… So… Sorry, you found one of my weak spots…” Melissa panted.


“Heheheh…” chuckled Mirio as he got up on his knees and peeked his head up over her ass. “Looks like this peach is extra juicy!” he said, giving her ass a spank that sent ripples along her skin. “Those are my favorite kind!” he teased.


Melissa smirked back at him, “Oh, and what do you do with extra juicy peaches?” she asked.


Mirio grinned back at her as she felt what could only have been the tip of his huge dick poking at her twitching little cunt, “I like squeezing out ALL OF THE JUICES!!!!” he bellowed, slamming that thick, hard, throbbing length inside her pussy!


AHHHHAAAAAAAAAH!!!! SO THIIIIIIICK!!!!” she screamed, her hands gripping fistfuls of her giant tits as Mirio immediately began pounding his cock in and out of her with a loud SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP! He moved to intensely, Melissa felt herself cumming over and over again as her pussy tried to clamp down around his cock!


YEAH, YEEAH, YEEAAAH!!! YEAHYEAHYEAH, YEAHYEAHYEAHYEAH, YEAHYEAHYEAH, YEAHYEAHYEAHYEAHYEAH!!!!” Mirio groaned, pounding into her harder and harder, making her ass ripple like jello from the repeated impacts.


AAAAHHHH, OH GAAAAWD!!! YOUR COCK IS SPEARING MY PUSSY SO GOOOOOD!!! OH YES, DON’T STOOOOP!!!!” Melissa screamed, meaning every word and not playing it up for his ego like Mina said she’d done for some guys.




YEAHYEAHYEAHYEAHYEAHYEAHYEAHYEAHYEAH, TAKE IT, TAKE MY COOOCK!!!!” Mirio roared, his hands grabbing her ass tightly as he pistoned his cock in and out with a loud SQUISH SQUISH SQUISH from Melissa’s overflowing juices. She could feel the inside of her pussy heating up from the friction, like he was trying to light a fire inside her!




AAHHHH, YEEEEAAAH, TAKE IT!!! TAKE IT, TAKE IT, TAKE IT, TAKE IT, TAKE IT, TAKE IT, TAKE IT, TAKE IT, TAKE IT, TAKE IT, TAKE IT, TAKE IT, TAKE IT, TAKE IT!!!!!” he yelled again and again, slamming his cock inside with every iteration.


The resounding SMACK SMACK SMACK of his pelvis against her ass was drowned out by their combined cries of pleasure as Melissa gripped her melon sized nipples! Squeezing them tightly and twisting them in opposite directions, she wailed in ecstasy as the pressure in her groin seemed to just build and build! She was gonna cum, and cum HARD! Melissa was almost scared as she rolled herself back and forth on her knees, trying to fit every inch of Mirio’s cock into her womb. The blonde could feel the way her belly was stretching around his raw size, and it felt unbelievably good.






AHHH, HAHHH, AHHH, OH GAAAAWD, I’M CUM… I’M CUM… I’M…?” Melissa panted and moaned as suddenly Mirio’s cock was just, gone?


POOOOOWEEEERRRR!!!!” Mirio bellowed as Melissa saw a stream of thick looking white fluid shooting out over her head and splashing against the horizon which was actually the fall wall.




Mirio’s cum shot out as if from a fire hose for several long seconds before slowing to a steady dribbling trickle that began coating her breasts. The smell was so strong it made her feel dizzy as she suddenly felt Mirio’s cock resting between the cheeks of her giant ass.


“Hah, ah, hahh… Whew… Peaches ‘n cream anyone?” he asked with a chuckle.


Melissa wasn’t laughing.


“Melissa, what’s wrong?” he asked.


“You didn’t let me cum you IDIOT!!!!” she shouted at him!



Story by Sailor Io

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1 year ago

Now first things first this pic has to be one of the best I have ever seen and the MHA stories seem to be getting better and fleshed out same as with the bleach stories.
Now second thing I wanna say is if the naruto stories are gonna be picked up on a regular basis or if your focus is gonna be on bleach and MHA for now.

1 year ago

Are we gonna get mei into the harem at some point her crazy inventor character would be nice to see in the harem

1 year ago
Reply to  Juggernaut

Can’t say for sure right now.

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
1 year ago

Glad to have Season 2 start with such a bang. The focus on the harem was certainly nice, although I will say that I would have preferred a more indepth look at Mirio and Melissa and their interactions. I’m certain that the girls and Midoriya will get more than enough appearances in the following chapters, so using this chapter to focus on a guy that doesn’t appear as often in artworks as Midoriya, would have been appreciated a great deal. Overall though, I can’t really complain as the interaction between the harem, Melissa and Midoriya’s mother was quite nice. I liked the part where Inko thought about the possibility of having so many grandchildren… I wonder if this will come back in any way? Hmmmm… Anyways, interesting to have Midoriya inherit All Might’s agency once he graduates but it makes sense. The sex later on between Melissa and Mirio was full of charme and ended with some good humor which is fitting given that Mirio is involved who showed his funny side earlier in the chapter already.

Very much character-driven plot with a lesser focus on sex, though I did certainly appreciate the foreplay with Midoriya and his harem slut. Nice to have MHA back.

1 year ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

Well, I went with the idea that Melissa likes Mirio’s dumb jokes and that they get along swimmingly. He reminds her of her Uncle Might and such. Now I still ship Mirko and Melissa, but Melissa and Mirio could be casual sex partners.

1 year ago

Is Mei or Himiko a possibility for candidates able to join Izuku’s harem? Don’t remember a whole lot from the original version of this story, besides Himiko being drugged up on aphrodisiacs 24/7, but I would love to see if she makes a return, preferably without that plot line, especially since Ochako is also in the harem, giving Himiko even more an incentive to join.

As for Mei… well, she’s just fun as hell to witness.

1 year ago
Reply to  Mal

We’ll see Himiko again, promise.

1 year ago

Returning with a banger! I like the mention of the relationship between Rumi & Melissa, though I hope they don’t join the harem and simply have their own thing, with occasionally some swinging couple action with the harem or other characters

1 year ago
Reply to  Anono

Nail on the head with what you said there. 🙂

1 year ago

Please let Mineta bang some chicks like Momo or Melissa or Midnight!

1 year ago
Reply to  Dan

I second this. Or hell just more guys being featured in general

1 year ago
Reply to  souljamantwn

I’ll try, again, it depends on the images I’m given.

1 year ago

Buen capitulo 8/10
Nada mal als interraciones de las novias a las suegra estuvo entretenido auqneu tengo una duda en el capitulo todos actuan como si ya pasara la fiesta privada del capitulo anterior  ¿no habra un capitulo sobre esa fiesta?

1 year ago
Reply to  AL-720

Well, that little orgy DID happen, but, I had to end the chapter where I did, otherwise it would have been too long.

1 year ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

Rayos amigo… yo queria ver algo al menos de eso… bueno a esperar una orgia que se puea leer entre Izuku y su harem