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(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of My Hero Academia stories)
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The sound of the hotel room phone’s ringtone jolted Izuku out of his slumber. The room was still fairly dark due to him closing the curtains the night before, but at the edges he could see bright sunlight beaming in. He tried to move, but once again found himself sandwiched between two naked bodies. Camie laid behind them on her side with Izuku and Momo nestled between her mountain sized tits. Momo laid in front of him, her back snuggled up against his chest with his arms around her slender waist.


“Nmmmmmmh, noisy…” Momo muddled as her hand reached over to the nightstand and slapped at it several times before landing on the phone receiver and picking it up, “Uhn, hello?” she said sleepily into the phone.


Izuku heard someone on the other end of the line, but couldn’t make out the voice or what it was saying.

“Nmmh, mmmhmmm, thank you…” Momo said quietly before hanging up.


“Hmmmmmh, is it morning already…?” cooed Camie’s voice.


Seeing she was awake, Izuku moved to get up, gently pushing the titty blanket off of his and Momo’s naked bodies. The dark haired girl sat up with him and stretched before answering Camie, “Yes, that was your wake-up call.”


“Oh wow, I so forgot about that, sorries!” she said after she got up as well. Her tits, while still gigantic, were now noticeably smaller, as was her ass. He remembered Rie mentioning that her enhancements wore off quickly. Girls could change their diets to keep the bodies that she gave them, but even that took some work. Camie stretched and yawned widely before she got out of bed.


“It’s alright, we should get up anyway.” Izuku told her. He slipped out of the bed and did a few quick stretches. His clothes were still piled on the floor from the other night, though they could stand a cleaning now. He did have his costume stored in his quickband, so there was that option. He could have the agency clean his clothes since that was a service also offered, but he didn’t exactly know how to set that up.


As he pondered his options, Momo moved up to embrace him from behind, hugging her naked body against his tightly. She kissed his bare shoulder and then rested her head against it, both of them were sticky with sweat again from sleeping between Camie’s tits, and he figured before anything else he needed a shower at the least..


“Mind if I join you?” Momo asked when she noticed him looking towards the bathroom, “I’ll wash your back.” she offered with a smile.


With a confidence he hadn’t felt since Cassie had used her quirk on him, Izuku smiled and said, “Sure.”



The hot water of the shower felt amazing! Izuku didn’t really have any regrets from the previous night, but it felt great just to be clean again. All that sweat and grime left him feeling unpleasantly sticky. Just stepping under the hot spray of water was almost like being reborn. Hot steam drifted around the bathroom like a fog as he thoroughly rinsed himself off and the feeling of being sticky and dirty flowed off of him like the water.


He then stepped aside as Momo stepped into the shower with him, her long dark hair hung limply around her shoulders then clung to her in thick black clumps once the water hit her. She let out a purr almost like a cat as she did a slow twirl under the faucet, leaning her head back to let the water wash over her face. Izuku took a moment to look at her naked figure, with all her curves in all the right places, her large breasts with their perfectly pink nipples, and that sexy ass she’d teased him with.


Momo quickly caught him staring and smiled back at him, wiggling her butt in a sexy, but cute way before she moved to press her back against his chest. He slipped his arms around her, pulling her close and loving the soft feel of her skin. Momo immediately grabbed his wrists and moved his hands up to her breasts. He gripped both of them firmly, making Momo coo and moan softly as he traced his middle fingers around her nipples, making them stiffen quickly.


The dark haired girl rested her weight back against him, leaning her head back and on his shoulder as he kneaded her heavy breasts softly. “Nmmmmmh, squeeze them more…” she said softly, then moaned again as he did as asked. Her nipples hardened even more and he felt her grinding her butt back against his crotch for a moment before her hand slipped between them to grasp his dick.


Izuku let out a soft groaning noise, his cock already growing in her hand. Momo turned around in his arms, gently pushing him back against the wall of the shower, gripping his dick tighter as she pressed her lips to his in a passionate kiss. He kissed back, hugging his arms around her shoulders and pushing her back against the opposing wall with a wet thud.


“Nmmmmh, ahhh… Ahhh!!” Momo moaned into the kiss, gasping sharply when he broke the kiss and moved to kiss the side of her neck gently. Her hand continued gripping and stroking his dick slowly, making it grow longer, thicker, and harder with every passing moment.


“Haaah…” Momo gasped as Izuku kissed up the side of her neck, nibbling on her ear like Camie had his own. “Ta… Take me…!” Momo gasped, then moaned sharply as Izuku easily lifted her up, his dick sliding into her pussy with a wet squishing sound, her belly stretching up with his length again.


NMMMMMMH, SO FULL!!!!” Momo moaned, her legs encircling his waist as she clung to him like a monkey, “HARDER, DO IT ROUGHER!!!” she panted. Izuku groaned and nodded, thrusting his hips and plunging his cock into her again and again with a THUMP THUMP THUMP as he pounded her body against the wall of the shower!


OH GOD!!! MMMMMMH!!!!” Momo moaned in ecstasy as she rolled her hips into his thrusts, “SO BHIG, SO DHEEEP!!! CUMMING, AHH, IZUKUUU, YOU’RE MAKING ME CUMMMM!!!” she moaned into his ear, “OH GOD, OH GOD!!! I’M SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW!!! AHHH, GOOD, SO GOOD, CAN’T, STOP, CUMMINGGGGH!!!!” she panted, her entire body convulsing with every thrust of his cock into her.


The two of them locked lips again and Izuku groaned against her mouth as he felt that familiar pressure building inside him. He then thrust his cock balls deep inside her as he came again, his cock pulsating inside her as he emptied his load. He then pulled back from her slightly, supporting her with his hands.


Momo leaned back against the wall of the shower, panting heavily, her tongue hanging out of her mouth like a dogs as she looked at him with bleary eyes. They stayed like that for a full minute before he pulled his cock back, the massive length sliding out of her with a rude wet sucking noise. A sound that was followed by a sound like when you tried to pur water out of a bottle too fast as his cum rapidly drained from her still gaping pussy!


“Mmmmmmn, good thing you guys were in the shower already!” said Camie from where she sat on top of the toilet. She was still naked, with her legs splayed wide, her pussy and fingers a sopping wet mess as she’d masturbated while watching them. “Otherwise you’d need another shower!”


Momo giggled weakly as Izuku helped her stay on her feet after letting her down. The two of them then quickly bathed properly, with Momo washing his back as promised. Camie said she wanted to join them, but there wasn’t enough room in the shower for all of them, not with as big as Camie’s tits still were.


The three of them ordered a quick breakfast from the kitchen. Izuku was surprised to find out his mother was still there and wondered if she’d been staying at the agency overnight. He knew there were some apartments on the first floor, as well as some larger private rooms on the upper floors.


While he was in the shower with Momo, Camie sent his clothes to be cleaned, forcing him to wear the powder blue bathrobe that hung inside the bathroom when the food arrived.


“So Deku-bae, this mean you and Momo are steady now, or do I still get a few cracks at that big D?” asked Camie between bites o a rather large stack of pancakes.


“Well, I…” Izuku began.


“You still have plenty of cracks.” Momo answered nonchalantly.


HUH!?” Izuku asked, his shock painted all over his face.


Momo blinked, then laughed, “I wish I had my phone!” she snickered. There was then a flash and Izuku blinked as Camie grinned, holding up her own phone.


“Got it!” she said with a grin.


“Send me a copy,” Momo said to the blonde before turning back to Izuku and reaching her hand over to close his mouth which was still hanging open. “I love you Izuku, I do. But I have no intention of monopolizing you.” Momo explained, “My father is a business man and told me early on that monopolies were a bad thing in the long run. They make companies complacent and leave them vulnerable to new competition with a superior product. The same applies to relationships. It’s why my parents have an open marriage, and have been happy together for over twenty years!”


“Eh?” said Camie, “I think I understood about half that.”


“It’s like this,” Momo explained, “If I keep you all to myself, I might get lazy and some girl could steal you away from me! But if I share, I’m motivated to keep things interesting.” Momo said as she scooted her seat at the small dinning table in their room closer to his, “I’ll put it like this,” she said, placing her hand over his chest, “I want this,” she said, then moved her hand down to his lap, sliding her fingers into the robe and grabbing his dick gently, “You’re free to do what you want with this.”


“Oooooo, fun! You’re more modern than I thought Momo-bae!” said Camie.


“Those who don’t evolve with the times are doomed to extinction!” Momo said proudly. “Besides, if I work here, it wouldn’t be fair to you Izuku, I’d have to do VIP work with someone at some point. Letting you be with other girls is just keeping everything in balance.”


“Coolsies, so that means I can borrow him sometimes!?” Camie asked.


Momo giggled and answered, “Yes.”


Izuku didn’t know how to reply to all that and his face must have said as much as Momo just leaned over and kissed his cheek tenderly.



The three of them checked out of the hotel room half an hour later after Izuku’s clothes were returned. Momo took a cab back to the agency she was doing her work study out of while Camie just said she had stuff to take care of. That left Izuku standing in the lobby of Busteez Hero Agency feeling somewhat confused.


“Deku? You okay?” asked a familiar voice behind him.


“Yeah Midoriya, you look a little out of it, kero.” said a second familiar voice.


“I’m okay, just had a weird niIIIIGHT!?” Izuku said as he turned around, his eyes going triple wide at the sight of the three girls behind him. Ochaco Uraraka, Tsuyu Asui, and Bubble Girl from Nighteye Agency were all there. The trio were dressed in some of the skimpiest clothes he’d ever seen, including the outfit Momo had worn after shopping on their first date!


“Oh, nice reaction!” said Bubble Girl, who was dressed in a white t-shirt that barely covered her bigger than her head tits, leaving most of the undersides exposed. With that she also had on a ruffled micro mini-skirt that was just a few shades darker blue than her skin. Her face was done up in some dark blue eyeshadow and lipstick as well. The end result being a kind of ‘Naughty Schoolgirl’ but leaning more towards casual than actual school uniform.


Uraraka was in a similar outfit, but she had on some black spandex thigh high leggings, and her skirt was a pastel pink and more of a traditional mini-skirt. The black t-shirt she wore had a big pink 0 over her breasts while also wearing her old Uravity bracelets. Her shoes were a matching pink, but with dark red heels and really thick soles that made her several centimeters taller. It took Izuku a split second to realize it was intended as a naughtier version of her Uravity costume!


When he looked at Asui, she was in a similarly slutty version of her Froppy identity. Her micro-skirt, top, and boots were all in a mix of green, black, with a little yellow. A quick double take confirmed none of the girls were wearing panties and from the way they stood, they always seemed to know exactly what was showing and what wasn’t.


“Aheheh,” Uraraka chuckled nervously, “Yeah, I still think this is a little much, but I guess you were right Kaoru-san.” she said to the blue skinned girl.


“I don’t know, kero,” Asui said, looking down at herself, “I kinda like ‘em, they make me feel sexier.”


You look sexier,’ Izuku thought as he tried to collect himself. After a couple of awkward seconds he asked, “So, you three working the morning shift or something?”


It was Bubble Girl who replied, “No, we were gonna do a comfort duty job together, but Nejire just told us that the job got postponed for a few weeks. The hero who made the booking suddenly had to go overseas for a team-up in… Ochaco, where did she say again?”


“Um, Morocco, I think, Tsu, it was Morocco, right?” Uraraka asked the green haired girl.


“Kero kero,” Asui replied with a nod, “She said she’d call us when she had a definitive reschedule ready.”


“Anyway,” Bubble Girl continued, “We went to all the trouble of getting these outfits ready, so we decided to head out and have some fun with ‘em, see how well the boys like it.”


Uraraka and Asui both nodded in the affirmative and he saw Uraraka blush lightly while Asui said, “Looks like you like ‘em Midoriya, kero.”


Izuku didn’t need to ponder her meaning, he could feel his dick straining against his pants already as he rubbed the back of his head and chuckled nervously, “Um, sorry…?” he offered.


“For what?” Bubble Girl asked, “It’s a compliment! Means we nailed it ladies!” she said, high fiving both girls.


“So Deku, what did you mean a weird night?” Uraraka asked a second later, “I saw you with Momo a moment ago. I didn’t know she was here last night.”


“She wasn’t, kero,” Asui said, “I saw on the schedule, she had the night to herself.”


“Well, um, uh…” Izuku stammered, trying to think of how to explain things when Nana’s voice echoed in his brain.


[Try just telling the truth, there’s nothing you need to be ashamed of, you’re all consenting adults. And this isn’t the middle ages. Just try not to sound smug about it, it’ll make you come off like a jerk.] she told him.


Izuku agreed and told them everything up to when they came to the Agency, he was trying to think of a tactful way of explaining that part when Asui put it together on her own, “Camie probably suggested coming here, kero. Rooms are a lot cheaper to rent on our own time if no one is doing any VIP work.”


“Oh that’s right!” Uraraka said, “A basic night is just like two thousand yen or something, right?”


Asui nodded, “So what now, Midoriya?” the green haired girl asked, “Are you and Momo officially dating now or what?” When she asked that, Izuku saw Uraraka stiffen slightly and her face turned pale for a moment so brief, he wasn’t sure if he actually saw it or not.


“Well about that, that’s the odd part…” he said, explaining what Momo said to him just a little while ago. Uraraka seemed to beam at him when he finished before moving to link arms with him.


“Wow, that’s neat!” she said as Izuku felt the tightness in his pants getting worse at how the brunette was hugging his right arm against her ample cleavage. Her low reaching shirt pulled up a little more, exposing the bottom edges of her areola. He gulped and felt his face heating up again.


“So you can date all the girls you want hmm?” asked Bubble Girl, “Seems fair if she’s gonna sign on here full time.”


“I was thinking of doing the same!” Uraraka said excitedly, “Isn’t that cool Deku?” she asked, “It’d be nice if I… Ahem, we got to see you more after graduating.”


“Nice save.” Bubble Girl said with a smirk and he saw Uraraka blush a bit more.


Before he could wonder what Bubble Girl meant by that Uraraka hugged his arm tighter, “Say, how about you take us out Deku!? I’d feel a lot better if we were hanging out with someone I know than it just being the three of us.”


“Well I…” Izuku said before a new voice interrupted.


“I think that’s a fine idea!” said Midnight as she seemed to pop up out of nowhere. Their teacher was almost completely naked! She wore only a pair of jet black high heels with some red trim around the edge where her foot went into the shoe itself. Izuku felt his dick straining even harder now at the way her big tits bounced with her motions.


“I was a little disappointed when things got postponed,” Midnight said, “The Comfort Girl package has been doing alright, but I’d really like to see it used more.” she told the group before turning to Izuku, a gleam in her ice blue eyes, “I unlocked the Debit function of your card, so you can use it to pay for things like food, movie tickets, and things like that. They all fall under expenses anyway so long as you don’t go crazy. How about you treat these girls to a movie?” Midnight suggested.


“I don’t know if I feel comfor…” Izuku began but Midnight cut him off by holding out her hand with a finger raised.


“One: I said it’s fine. It goes under petty cash expenses.” Midnight told him then raised another finger, “Two: It would make me feel better if you used that card more.” She then raised a third finger, “And three, I want to see all my girls having fun! That’s the whole point here, to blow off steam by relaxing!”


Izuku could see he wasn’t going to argue his way out of this as his shoulders sagged and he nodded. The other three girls all cheered as Uraraka grabbed his right arm while Bubble Girl took the left, and Asui hopped up on his back with her big tits resting on either side of his head.



An hour later, Izuku was sitting between Uraraka and Asui inside a moderately populated theater. Asui sat to Izuku’s left, with Uraraka on his right, and Bubble Girl sat next to Uraraka. The three of them were in roughly the middle of one of the back rows. The lights were still up since the show wouldn’t be starting for a few more minutes. He spotted a couple other small groups of friends, and a few couples. Though Izuku felt like he stood out more than a little, a lone guy, with three super cute girls all dressed in skimpy outfits. He could feel a few stares aimed at him, their eyes like daggers against his skin.


The girls either didn’t notice or didn’t care as they chatted while waiting for the movie to start. Asui kept her arms linked through his as she somehow managed to eat from the popcorn bucket by snapping her tongue out and snatching up a single piece at a time. Without managing to have her tongue touch the other pieces at the same time. Izuku found the display of skill rather impressive.


“So, after Centipeder and Lemillion took the dumb harasser away to the police, Lemillion told me to take the rest of the day for myself,” Bubble Girl said. She’d been telling them about a recent capture she’d made at the beach. Some would-be villain was sexually harassing women by sneaking up behind them, grabbing their bodies, then running away before anyone could catch him. He was surprised to learn Melissa was out with Mirko of all people on a date. He wondered when exactly THAT happened. Last he heard from Melissa, she did tell him about how she built a pair of new limbs for the wounded Heroine with all kinds of neat tricks built into them. Apparently Kacchan had sent Mirko to his friend and the two of them became fast friends.


“So, what was this food again, kero?” asked Asui after munching on another bit of popcorn.


“Some fermented fish from Sweden. Ever had Kusaya?” Bubble Girl asked.


“I’ve heard of it, but never had the courage to try it personally.” Izuku said.


“It REALLY stinks!” Uraraka said, pinching her nose to emphasize, “My dad took us to a nice restaurant a little while back and we tried a dish with it.”


“Yeah, well this stuff makes it smell nice in comparison.” Bubble Girl explained. Izuku knew her quirk worked by creating bubbles filled with any smell she could remember. Even if she only encountered it once. One might not think that was useful in a fight since it wasn’t flashy, but Izuku knew most quirks weren’t about what they did exactly, but how they were used. Many of his own extra quirks within One for All came down to when and HOW they were used to make them powerful in a fight.


“Anyway, after that, I spent the rest of the day with Mel-chan and Rumi-san.” Bubble Girl said, “When it got late, we went out for drinks and things got interesting…


“Oh, what happened?” asked Uraraka.


Bubble Girl blushed slightly, which only made Uraraka and Asui press her further for details. When she finally gave in and started, Izuku almost choked on his drink!


“Wow, fun!” Uraraka said with a smile, then turned to look at Izuku, “Kinda reminds me of when that American lady and Mirko paid to have me serve you and Bakugo together!


“Oh, what’s this about, kero?” asked Asui.


“Oh I got paid to be um… What was the term… Spit-roasted, between Bakugo and Deku under the table while everyone had drinks a little while ago!” Uraraka explained plainly, “It was SOOOO much fun, I’d never done anything like that before!” Both Bubble Girl and Asui looked at Izuku and he felt like his face might catch fire spontaneously.


“Though you really seemed a lot more into it at the start Deku, like every time you shoved your cock down my throat, I’d actually cum more than from Bakugo’s dick in my pussy.” the brunette said.


Izuku felt like steam was coming off his head, “Well I uh…” he began, “That is, Star did…” He didn’t know exactly how to explain his confidence in everything had been boosted by her quirk. Thinking back on it, it seemed a little pathetic that that was what he needed to be able to do something like that.


He was saved from everything when the lights began dimming and the screen at the far end of the theater flickered to life. Next to him, Asui moved in closer, hugging his arm gently as the previews began playing. On the opposite side, Uraraka just leaned herself against him before resting her hand over his on the armrest. When he tried to pull his hand away to let her have it, her grip tightened in a silent order for him not to move.


Izuku wasn’t really sure what to do right now as they all laughed at previews for upcoming comedy movies, action films, and sappy dramas. Most of them were coming from the United States, since during All for One’s campaign any kind of movie production in Japan practically ground to a complete halt. Even in the year since, things have only just started to get back to normal as far as production.


Roughly thirty minutes after the lights dimmed, the movie itself began. Though Izuku couldn’t even try to follow the plot as Asui and Uraraka suddenly began working together to open his pants! The girls both moved with a surprising amount of coordination and dexterity, undoing his belt and fly with hardly any fumbling around. Uraraka then pulled out his rapidly stiffening dick and leaned over, swallowing it down her throat quickly!


HMMMMNPH…!” she moaned as she began slowly slurping on his cock, her head bobbing up and down in his lap. Izuku suppressed a groan at the warm, smooth, and wet feel of her mouth as she continued moving her head up and down at a slow but steady pace. Izuku’s cock continued hardening in Uraraka’s mouth, and the brown haired girl began having a little trouble with the sheer thickness.


“Kerroo, I want my turn…” Asui whispered softly as she leaned in close.


“Ahhaaa..” Uraraka gasped, pulling her head free slowly. Long thin ropes of saliva pulled away from her mouth, glistening in the flickering light of the movie.


Asui wasted no time, lashing out with her tongue and coiling it around Izuku’s cock as it quickly reached its full size. The theater seats prevented the frog girl from being able to properly take the huge length in her mouth, but she was easily able to just use her incredibly long tongue to stroke his dick.


Izuku was suddenly glad the theater was so sparsely populated. The other movie goers were sitting closer to the screen, so no one behind them would see the outline of his cock in the air as Asui stroked his cock with her tongue. Meanwhile, Uraraka slipped out of her seat and knelt in front of Izuku, moving in to lick and suck on his balls gently, looking up at him with lustful brown eyes. She’d given him that same look when she was spitted between him and Kacchan not too long ago. The green haired youth groaned again, but it was in slight pain as Asui’s tongue tightened like a vice around the base of his cock, keeping him from cumming.


“Not in here, kero,” she whispered, “It’d make a mess.”


Next to them, Bubble Girl, who had been watching the entire exchange silently pulled her hand out from between her legs and slowly licked glistening juices from her fingers. She made a few quick hand signals that all Heroes could read. It wasn’t the same as official sign language, but was able to convey just as much.


{Let’s go outside, there’s an exit over there!} she mimmed to the trio.


Both Uraraka and Asui nodded in the affirmative and the latter used her tongue to keep Izuku’s cock aimed upright as they made their way out of the seats. At first he wondered why, but then the answer was obvious! So it wouldn’t bump into the dirty seat backs as they made their way out.


The theater exit was just a regular one and not an emergency one, so thankfully no alarms were tripped when Bubble Girl pushed the door open. A little bit of light spilled into the screening room, but not enough that it would have bothered anyone. The door let out into a dirty alley to the side of the building. There was graffiti everywhere as well as some piled trash. A rat gnawed on a bit of stale popcorn on top of a large dumpster that smelled of butter and soda. Bubble Girl moved to stand in front of the dumpster and grinned widely as she pulled up her top, letting her heavy breasts spill out from under the shirt. They bounced and jiggled inside of a yellow bikini top she had on underneath that was straining to keep them contained. If it weren’t for the fact that his dick was already out and throbbing almost painfully, it would have been now! It would have ripped through his pants as the blue skinned young woman took off both tops, exposing her beautiful blue tits!


“Ahhh, they’re still really big, but at least I can move around better now!” said Bubble Girl as she grabbed at her own breasts and pinched her nipples which were already getting hard. She then moved over to the dumpster, shooing the rat away before sitting on the edge of the closed lid, bringing one foot up so that her legs were spread wide, giving Izuku a clean view of her hairless pussy. Her clit was already swollen and unlike her nipples, was actually pink and glistening with fresh juices.


“I know, they go down so fast!” Uraraka said, beginning to strip as well, “But I’m not all that sure about the diet Rie recommended to keep them up.” Izuku felt like his eyes might pop out of his skull as she stripped off her shirt. She didn’t have any kind of bra underneath, her pretty pink nipples were already standing out prominently from the creamy skin of her tits. She then took off her skirt as well, exposing her own neatly shaved pussy as she moved over to Bubble Girl and pressed her naked body up against the blue woman’s. Izuku gulped as both of them looked at him while they kissed, open mouthed with their tongue seemingly dueling for supremacy!


“Nmmmmmh, ahh…” Bubble Girl moaned into Uraraka’s mouth as her tongue slipped and twirled around the other girl’s. Uraraka moaned back and returned the kiss in kind as they pressed their big tits together. The big squishy mounds of flesh mashed together in a creamy peach meets berry blue combo.


Izuku groaned again as Asui continued stroking his cock with her tongue, the entire huge length now glistened with her saliva as she played the end of her tongue over the tip. The green haired girl pressed herself up against his back and Izuku had the strong suspicion that she’d stripped naked too when his hand fell against her thigh.


Bubble Girl and Uraraka continued making out, all the while their eyes kept looking at him with a mischievous gleam in them. They then closed their mouths together before moaning loudly as each one began toying with the other’s pussy. Bubble Girl pushed her middle and ring fingers into Uraraka’s pussy with a soft wet SQUISH sound. At the same time, Uraraka used her index and ring fingers to spread Bubble Girl’s pussy open wide while her middle finger toyed with her swollen clit.


“Nmmmmph… Hmmmmph…” Uraraka moaned into Bubble Girl’s mouth as she began humping her crotch against the older woman’s hand. Hot juices began streaming down her thighs and Izuku could smell them over the scent of theater garbage. The smell made him a little dizzy as he fell back against Asui who supported him easily as she began stroking his cock faster with her long nubile tongue.


“Mmmmmmh, yeah, plah wiph muh pusshy moar… Pheelsh sho guud…” Bubble Girl moaned into Uraraka’s mouth as their lips parted again, but their tongues continued to duel.


“Nmmmh, yesh… Pheelsh guud, sho guud, Aye’m sho whet naow…” Uraraka replied.


“Uhhhnnn…!” Izuku groaned as he felt his cock straining again, but Asui wouldn’t let him cum, tightening her tongue’s grip on the massive pole that reached up past his head!


“Not yet, kero…” Asui whispered in his ear before biting the edge of it with her lips. She then sped up her stroking as he felt her drool running down over his balls.


Izuku could only groan again as he felt Asui grabbing his wrist and guiding his hand between her smooth legs. His fingers fell on her hot and damp pussy and before he even had time to think about it, his fingers dipped themselves between the moist folds!


“Keeerrooo…” Asui moaned into his ear, “Yeah, stick them in deeperrr…” she moaned, moving her tongue in synch with his digits as he began doing exactly that!


“Ahhaa, Ts… Tsu…” he groaned, remembering to call her by the name she preferred, “It… It hurts…” he told her as his cock throbbed in the grip of her tongue.


“Nmmmmh, nhot yhet, kero…” she told him again, slowing down her strokes, but not loosening her tongue at all.


“Haaah…” Izuku groaned again when the green haired girl began teasing the opening at the end of his cock with the tip of her tongue.


“Nmmmmmh, poor Dhekuuu…” Uraraka slurred around Bubble Girl’s tongue.


“Yesh, whe should help wiph dat…” Bubble Girl replied.


The two young women pulled apart and slipped off of the dumpster before moving to squat down in front of him. Asui lowered his cock down and uncoiled her tongue from it a bit, keeping a little still wrapped around the base tightly. The other two girls then grabbed his dick in their hands, moving their heads in close as they both licked and kissed the huge tip.


NAAAAHMMMMMMPH!” Bubble Girl moaned, opening her mouth wide and swallowing his cock down. Her throat bulged from the intense thickness as she let out a long lewd moan of pleasure. “SHO PHIIIICK, YEESSSSSH…!” she moaned as she began moving her head back and forth.


HUUUGUMMMPH, AGUH, MMMMPH, GUH, MMMMPH GUG, HMMMMPH, GWEH…!” choked the blue haired girl as her lips slid up and down his length, barely able to fit half his cock into her mouth. At the same time, Uraraka let out a low moan as she turned her attention to his balls again, kissing and licking them slowly.


“Mmmmmh, bhig, sho big, luv dese ballsh…” she moaned as she managed to fit one huge nut in her mouth and slurped it with her tongue.


“Ooooh, ahhhh, that feels, so good…” Izuku said as he watched the two women trade places with each other. Uraraka gagged around his cock while Bubble Girl attended to his balls. All the while Asui slipped her hands under his shirt to feel his chest muscles.


AGUUUU, GUH, NMMMMPH, HMMMPH GUH, NMMMPH GUG…” Uraraka gagged around his cock as he felt her moving her head back and forth faster, trying to take in every inch, “SHO BHIG, SHO PHULL, AHHH, LUV DISH PHEELINGGGH…” she slurred as he felt his cock sliding down into her very stomach!


“Ahhhn, give it bhack Ochaco, give it back…” whined Bubble Girl as she grabbed Uraraka’s hair and pulled her head away. “AHHHHMMMMMPH!!! YESSSSH, SHO GUUD IN MUH MOUPH!!! AGUH GUH GUG GUH…!” she then moaned as she swallowed his cock again.


Uraraka wiped the drool from her lips as she watched Bubble Girl take his cock even deeper than before! Her mouth hung open as she panted softly, her face flush with open lust as she went back to kissing and sucking his balls. Behind him, Asui continued nibbling his ear with her lips as she kept her tongue wrapped tightly around his dick.


“Ahhh, ohhh, haaaah…” Groaned Izuku as his cock throbbed inside Uraraka’s mouth again after she and Bubble Girl traded places once more. The two girls then began to make out again with his cock between their mouths. Their tongues licking and slurping at the tip of his dick as they both moaned softly.


“Ahhh, oh… Yeah…” Izuku said as he felt his cock throbbing as Asui finally let go of it with her tongue. The two girls in front of him both let out moaning yelps as their faces were completely covered in thick globs of cum that erupted from his dick!


AHBUUBLUB!!!” sputtered Uraraka.


HRMMMMPH!” spat Bubble Girl. The two girls practically fought over who got to keep their mouths on his cock as they both loudly gulped down his cum in thick mouthfuls. When it finally stopped, Uraraka and Bubble Girl began licking his cum off of each other like a pair of cats cleaning one another. Izuku leaned his body back against Asui as he watched, his fingers still moving in and out of the green haired girl’s pussy slowly. Asui then leaned her head over his shoulder and turned his face to kiss him.


“Aguhgug…!” Izuku choked lightly as he felt her long tongue sliding down his throat almost to his stomach! He could have sworn he heard Asui giggle at that, but he wasn’t entirely sure. When she pulled her tongue back and broke the kiss, Asui instantly coiled her long tongue around his half hard cock once more. She began stroking it slowly as the two of them watched Uraraka and Bubble Girl making out again. The two took their time licking every drop of his cum off of the other and swallowing it with loud gulps.


Izuku let out a soft grunt at the display, his cock quickly rising back to full erection much to the girls’ delight! Asui pulled her tongue back then Uraraka and Bubble Girl sandwiched his cock between their naked bodies. Hugging and rubbing it against their soft smooth skin as they pressed their heavy tits around its length.


“Nmmmh, it’s my turn, kero kero!” Asui said as she helped Izuku stand up steadily again and pulled out from behind him. She moved over to a graffiti covered wall and pressed her hands up against it underneath a dirty old AC unit that had been built into the wall itself. She shoved her shapely ass back out at him and turned to look at him with a smile as Uraraka and Bubble Girl each claimed one of his arms. The two girls grabbed at his thick dick as they moved him in behind the green haired girl, pushing his thick cock between the creamy cheeks of her ass.


“Nhhhmmmh, kerrroooo…” Asui moaned, grinding her ass back against his cock with a soft moan, “In my butt, hurry, hurry kero!!!” she pleaded lustfully.


“Tsu loves anal…” Uraraka whispered into his ear softly before licking the edge. “Almost as much as Mina does.”


Izuku shivered at the feel of her breath going into his ear as he pulled back slowly, lining the tip of his dick up with Asui’s asshole. Her saliva still coated his cock, making it easy for him to push inside with a wet squish.


NMMMMMMMH!!! KEROOO!!!!” Asui moaned loudly as his cock sank into her asshole. It was so warm and tight, Izuku groaned with her as more than half his length slipped inside her in an instant. Uraraka pulled away from his side and moved to stand next to Asui, giving Izuku a clear view of her naked backside.


Izuku closed his eyes and focused on the feel of being inside the green haired girl as he pushed his dick deeper inside. Asui let out a croaking moan as she pushed back against him, taking his cock in even more. Her flat belly stretched up and out as his cock plunged her depths, making a perfect outline of itself.


SO DHEEEP, KEROOO!!! IT FEELS LIKE IT’S REARRANGING MY INSIDES, BUT IT FEELS SO GOOD!! AHHHNN, KERO, KERO, KERRROOOO!!!!” Moaned Asui as Izuku’s balls pressed against her thighs when his cock sank all the way inside her. With Bubble Girl still hugging her naked body against him, he reached out with both hands to grab Asui’s hips. The green haired girl moaned again at his touch as he slowly pulled back, groaning at the way he felt her insides clinging tightly to his dick.


KERO KEROOO, IT FEELS LIKE I’M BEING TURNED INSIDE OOOOUT, KERO KERO KEROOOOO! AHHH, SO GOOD, FEELS SO GOOD, KERO KEROOOOHH!!” Asui screamed in pleasure. Izuku grunted and groaned as the slender green haired girl began rolling and bucking her body against his thrusts as she let out another long croaking moan.


“Haaah, Ts… Tsu, so… Tiiiight…” Izuku said as he began moving his body faster, pushing his cock in and out of Asui’s asshole over and over.


KERO KERRROOOOOH, YES, HARDER, DEEPER, MOVE THAT HUGE COCK INSIDE MY FROGGY BUUUUTT KERROOOOO!!!” Tsuyu croaked, moaning and panting louder now as her entire body began to glisten in the low light of the alley. Izuku actually had a little difficulty holding onto her hips as her whole body suddenly felt slick and a little sticky.


KERRROOOOH, KERRROOOOOH, CUMMINGH, I’M CUMMING IZUKUUUUUU, MY ASS, AHHH, MY ASS FEELS SO GOOD KERROOO, MY INSIDES ARE BEING CONFORMED TO YOUR DICK!!! AHHH, DON’T STOP KERO! SLAM THAT BIG HARD COCK INTO MY ASS SO IT NEVER CLOSES UP RIGHT AGAIIIIN!!! AHHH, KERO, KERO, KEERRROOOOO!!!! CUMMING, I’M CUMMING!!!” Tsuyu moaned in ecstasy as her body became more slick all over, her skin was becoming coated in a thick translucent film that actually began to drip off of her body as it built up. Izuku didn’t really notice it as he felt his cock almost going numb, making him slam it into her harder and faster.




The sound of his cock slamming into her ass was a wet squishy noise as Tsuyu screamed in pleasure every time his balls met her thighs.


“Wow Tsu, you look so hot right now!” Uraraka said as she brought her hand down on Tsuyu’s ass with a loud wet slap.


KEROOOO, KERO, KERO, I’M KEROOO, KERO KERO KEROOOO!!” Tsuyu croaked repeatedly, saying it over and over again as Izuku heard and felt her pussy letting out a hot spray of juices as the green haired girl cried out in orgasm. “HAH, AHHH, AHHH, KEEEERRRROOOOOOO!!!!” she suddenly howled at length as Izuku buried his cock inside her as he came again.




A gross wet noise could be heard as Tsuyu’s entire body seemed to emit a thick clear slime that coated her from head to toe that then dripped off of her in a series of loud splats. The green haired girl shuddered all over as her knees buckled slightly and she found herself being supported by his cock alone.




The sound of Izuku’s balls emptying their load into Tsuyu’s stomach was just as audible as when she let out a slow croaking moan. Her already distended belly twitched and jiggled as his cock twitched inside her.


“Oooooh, so mush cuuum… Keroo…” Tsuyu moaned weakly, “My stomach feels full, so full, so…” she trailed off as her entire body shook from the repeated orgasms while more slime built up and dripped off her body.


“Oh, wow!!!” Uraraka said as she watched, “Tsu told me about it before, but seeing it…” she trailed off. Izuku guessed she meant the slimy stuff Tsuyu’s body was now coated in. He distantly remembered that she mentioned she could secrete a poisonous mucus as part of her Quirk, though it wasn’t all that potent. That explained why his dick and balls felt a little numb now. He figured most might have been a little weirded out by how she lost control, but he was only fascinated.


“Uhhhhnnnnn…” Tsuyu moaned weakly as she recovered slowly.


“Are you okay, Tsu?” asked Izuku, worried he might have hurt her.


The green haired girl managed to put her weight back on her own feet and Izuku very slowly pulled his cock back out of her with a gross wet sucking noise. When his cock pulled free with a soft wet ‘pop’, his cum gushed back out of her with a sound like water draining out of a jug. Her belly quickly returned to normal without his cock and cum stuffing her stomach. Slowly, Tsuyu stood up, still leaning against the wall for support, but she held up one hand and gave a thumb’s up gesture.


“That was great, kero kero…” she said in a shaky voice.


“Okay, my turn!” Uraraka and Bubble Girl said in perfect unison.


“Huh!?” Izuku said as the two girls glared at one another while standing on either side of his still hard cock.


“I called it first!” said Bubble Girl.


“No, I did!” argued Uraraka, “I’ve known Deku longer too!”


“What’s that got to do with it?” asked Bubble Girl.


The two girls went back and forth like that for a full minute before they began a fierce competition of Rock, Paper, Scissors. Izuku could only groan in defeat as he waited to see who finally won.



Story by Sailor Io

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8 months ago

I found a another grammar error here in this sentence He two young women pulled apart and slipped off of the dumpster before moving to squat down in front of him.

8 months ago
Reply to  Lancer

Fixed, Thank you

1 year ago

When will we have a chapter with Midnight x Izuku

1 year ago
Reply to  Anonymous
Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
1 year ago

Sorry for the late comment, I was kinda busy. Happy to see the relationship between Midoriya and Momo further expanding. Her letting him allow to continue to fuck other women was to be expected and… yeah, it works. If it weren’t for the fact that Midoriya would soon have a harem (at least if this story will be at least a little bit similar to the old one), I would find it rather boring but it is a nice explanation whenever we see Midoriya fuck Setsuna, Camie, and all the other girls that somehow end being paired up with him. Not gonna lie, the introduction of Tsuyu and Uraraka in this chapter caught me kinda off guard. I know, Uraraka appeared before already but not in an important role and since I don’t really care about either of them, I didn’t even recognize that they were gone for so long. Regardless, Uraraka seems to have some obvious feelings for Midoriya, which is pretty in-line with what happens in the actual show. Not sure what Tsuyu’s entire deal is but I’m sure that we will find out soon enough. The foreplay in the cinema and later sex outside in the alley was quite sexy and I like the dynamic between Uraraka and Bubble Girl while Tsuyu prevents Midoriya from cumming.

Overall, a really nice chapter. I just don’t care all that much about two of the three girls involved.

1 year ago

I did say you could do a Inko meeting and talking to Momo, to know more about her. Since Momo want a open relationship, maybe Inko will talk to her about that? I don’t imagine she will be okay with that at the start. Could bring the old Inko-Izuku that everyone want with Momo encouraging her to fuck Izuku.

1 year ago
Reply to  Mirag

I have how that happens already planned out.

1 year ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

Inko/Izuku may become a thing? That’s news to me. Background personalities within the quirk may give hell about it though.

Last edited 1 year ago by Kino
1 year ago

God damn, man! This was just plain insane! This is probably the most intense chapter on this entire storyline to date!

I won’t go too in depth with this one, but I can definitely say that I really loved it.

I really liked how it got started, primarily the shower sex with Izuku and Momo. Personally I think they can be a great couple. Not to mention how they’ve been developing too, including Momo making it clear relationship wise. Something Camie has no problem with. Hahaha. I personally liked this part.

Which leads us to today’s chosen ladies, Tsuyu (who finally gets an appearance in this time-line), Ochaco and Kaoruko, who is better known as Bubble Girl. All I’m going to say about this is that was well written too, before, during and after the sex. Nice having Nana make a cameo appearance too. 👌

Overall, very well done here. Can’t wait for the next part! 👏 🙂

1 year ago
Reply to  Hiryu

Thanks, I’m almost done with it. Just hammering out the final bit.

1 year ago

Probably one of the best chapters yet. Which is suprising for me since I don’t usually enjoy much romance/harem plotlines that much, but this one is done pretty well. I’m glad they settled having an open relationship so they’re still free to date/have sex with others without feeling bad about it. Especially with Momo and Jiro, and eventually Deku and Uraraka/Tsuyu. Will there be any more shipping planned in the future?

1 year ago
Reply to  souljamantwn

There are a couple planned, you might have spotted one already with another recurring pair.

1 year ago

Things really did get interesting, and Momo makes her point clear. Liked the way Momo put it, and and she’ll be keeping that picture of his confused face forever.Even if Izuku doesn’t say anything, is suppose his actions can speak for him. BTW, I’m a wee bit confused. This seems like an already posted pic (the one with Tsuyu and Ochako or am I mixing things up?)

1 year ago
Reply to  Kino

I recycled the image to improve the story.

1 year ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

AH. Makes sense.

1 year ago

Tienes pensado poner a chica burbuja en el harem de Izuku?… en cuanto al cap. 9/10

1 year ago
Reply to  126jojo

Unlikely. But glad you enjoyed the story. 🙂

1 year ago

Demonios me encanto… ojala continue una segunda parte de este cuarteto, no me dejes a medias amigo…. espero ver a Bubble Girl un poco mas

1 year ago
Reply to  Mr.Mishifu

Can’t make any promises there.

Smiling Fiend
1 year ago

Overall this story was awesome ! Starting in a shower scene with Momo and then taking 3 girls on a date ! Again, I think taking one more pic to go with the story was a good call, I’d imagine we wouldn’t get too far with Izuku’s harem development if Sailor had to work only with whatever pic he got once per week.
So we got more Uraraka and Tsuyu with Deku action and Bubble Girl as a nice bonus, or the other way around since the new pic is about Bubble, not to mention the scenes with Momo and Camie at the beginnig of the story, this is great !

1 year ago
Reply to  Smiling Fiend

Thanks, when I saw the back alley background, I knew it was a great chance to reuse one of those other alleyway images.

1 year ago

Love it, so the only ones in the harem are Momo, Tsuyu and Uraraka any plans to add more and not the sex friends kind

1 year ago
Reply to  N0bod4

A few, yes.

1 year ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

That doesn’t sound reassuring, at least balance the harem and the sex friends cause that group kinda outnumbers the harem

Last edited 1 year ago by N0bod4
1 year ago
Reply to  N0bod4

I have a solid group that I’m building towards

1 year ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

Okay then, relationship recap for those left in the dark or not up to date with this series

1. Momo
2. Tsuyu
3. Uraraka

Sex Friends (Not In The Harem):
1. Mina
2. Kyoka
3. Itsuka
4. Mitsuki
5. Cassie
6. Mirko
7. Melissa
8. Camie

1 year ago
Reply to  N0bod4

You REALLY want spoilers huh?

1 year ago

Hop everyone likes it, it took me a bit to make a story fitting all of them like this. I wish I had a momo in the shower to go with it.