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Double Booked Banging

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of My Hero Academia stories)
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“What the fuck are you even worried about you shitty-nerd?” Kacchan asked him, “You got to fuck three hot girls and your new girlfriend is entirely fine with it and on top of that she doesn’t mind you doing it again so… What’s to complain about?”


They were in the locker room at Endeavor Agency. Both of them had finished their daily patrols without much incident aside from a simple purse snatching that took Izuku all of one second to deal with. When they got back in, Kacchan had asked him why he seemed so out of it. After the incident in the alley with Bubble Girl, Ochaco, and Tsuyu, he’d felt so guilty about it that he told Momo right away and got down on his hands and knees to apologize!


Momo just laughed and told him it was fine and again explained she didn’t want to ‘monopolize’ on him. She even encouraged him to do it again if he wanted. Afterwards she’d taken him back to his room at the dorm and proceeded to give him one of the most intense blowjobs he could remember getting!


“You take things way too seriously, Deku.” said Kacchan as he sat down on a bench to tie the laces of his boot. He’s changed from his Dynamight costume to some basic civilian clothes consisting of black cargo pants, matching military style boots, and a red t-shirt. Izuku could see a quickband around his left wrist, figuring that must have been his back-up since the costume he’d had on earlier was sitting in its storage case. Said case was now on a cart that one of the non-hero associates would take to have professionally cleaned and maintained. Kacchan would find it waiting for him tomorrow in his locker. Izuku moved to sit next to him on the bench and began putting on his own shoes.


“Gotta go with DM there kid!” said a voice from another part of the locker room. Izuku turned, feeling his face heat up at the sight of Moe Kamiji standing a few paces away dressed only in some sexy black lace panties that were incredibly conforming in the crotch. He could easily make out the neat folds of her pussy as she leaned against a row of lockers. She held a matching bra in one hand, but was making no effort to put it on.


“Hey, that’s Dynamight, not DM, you bitch!” Kacchan shouted back at her, completely unaffected by her state of undress. The locker room here was co-ed, but Izuku made a conscious effort to give the women at the agency some privacy.


“Ooooh, I thought it was Great Explosion Murder God Dynamight? But Dynamight is easier to say, so thanks!” Moe said with her usual wicked grin.


“Ah…” Kacchan froze, his face going pale as Moe snickered. He then turned away, clicking his tongue, “Put some clothes on slut, you’re giving Deku a hard-on.” he said as he turned back to his locker.


“Gheep!” Izuku yelped, and Moe laughed.


“Seems you’re a red blooded male after all!” she said as she came over and leaned down so that her large breasts were dangling in front of his face, “Do you like your bg sis’s big titties? It’s okay, I don’t mind at all.” she said teasingly.


“Hup, they’reverynice, thankyouverymuch!” Izuku said rapidly, his voice cracking.


Moe laughed again and moved to put the lace bra on, slipping the straps over her shoulders and fitting her breasts into the wire framed cups before turning around. “Hey, do your big sis a favor and do me up in the back. Think of it as practice since I’m sure you’ll be doing the same for your girlfriend soon enough.” she said to him.


Izuku gulped as he reached up to grab the ends of her bra. The hooks and latches seemed simple enough and there were only three of them. Though when he tried to link them together he ran into a little trouble. Moe chuckled, though not mean spiritedly.


“Don’t be afraid to pull them tighter,” she offered, “You’re not gonna hurt me or rip this thing.” she told him.


He nodded, tugging a bit harder on the ends. When he did he found it was easier to get the hooks to link up with the loops. The green haired young man then let go and Moe rolled her shoulder and neck, turning around to grin at him.


“You think THAT was tricky, wait until you gotta take it off!” she said with a snicker before heading back towards her locker, “Later punks!”



Izuku left Endeavor Agency with Kacchan after turning in their logs for the day. On their way out they ran into Endeavor just outside.


“Ah, good, glad I caught the two of you before you left.” he said, idly touching the massive scar on the left side of his face. It was a habit he’d picked up after everything with his son Toya. Izuku figured he was trying to remind himself of his mistakes and everything they had caused. Endeavor still did public hero work, but mainly stuck to cases he was directly asked to by the Hero Commission, only doing anything else if he happened to be there when the incident happened. Izuku couldn’t be sure what that might have done to his placement on the Hero Boards, especially since there hadn’t been one since the fall of All for One.


“Yes sir.” Izuku and Kacchan said together.


“Here,” Endeavor said, holding out a pair of gold cards with the Busteez logo on them, “Midnight gave them to me earlier after I stopped some reporters from trying to sneak into her agency. I don’t have much use for them right now, but I know you boys frequent the place.”


“Thank you sir, but…” Izuku began.


“Deku don’t need ‘em!” Kacchan interrupted, “He’s got a lifetime gold pass thing, let’s him have all the ass he wants, even if he doesn’t use it much.”


“Ah, I had heard someone won that, but I never bothered to find out who.” said Endeavor, “Well, then I feel better letting you have two then,” he said, handing both cards to Kacchan, I already gave two to Shoto and these were all that was left.”


“Heh, thanks, I’l put ‘em to good use. Accidentally blew the last one without meaning to.” said Kacchan as he took the two tickets with a light bow.


“How you do that?” Izuku asked.


“None of your business nerd, that’s how!” Kacchan snapped back at him, his cheeks slightly red. He then pocketed the cards and bowed to Endeavor again, “Come on, I’ll buy you dinner.” he said as he began walking towards the train station, holding up the cards.


“Oh, uh, thanks…?” Izuku said, feeling confused, but not wanting to argue with him.



The inside of the lobby at Busteez Hero Agency hadn’t changed since the last time Izuku had been here, not that he expected it to. The building itself used to be a high end hotel that Midnight bought out and converted into an agency. According to Momo, Midnight was still having some parts remodeled to fix her tastes, though Izuku had never seen any construction workers coming or going. She must have hired a guy with a Quirk that let him do the work quietly.


One difference he did see upon entering though was that Rie wasn’t manning the main desk. That was odd, she usually did the greeting job. In her place was a still familiar face though in the form of Setsuna Tokage, one of the girls from class 3-B. She smiled her sharp toothed smile as they came in. Like Izuku, she had dark green hair that hung down to her shoulders, though it looked like she might be letting it grow longer now.


“Hey guys!” she said with a wave, “What’s up?”


“Nothing new,” Kacchan said, “Who’s working tonight?”


Tokage looked at a computer screen built into the check-in desk, “Lemme see… Right now Yu’s doing a dance set, and it looks like Tsu is up after that.” she explained, then looked to Izuku directly, “Your mom is in the kitchen as usual, tonight’s special is fire grilled fish over rice with a bunch of other sides. Shino, Kazuho, Rie, Mina, and Toru are working the main floor with Midnight-sensei.”


“Who?” Izuku and Kacchan said together.


“Who the hell is Kazuho?” Kacchan asked.


“New girl, just got hired yesterday. Apparently she did some Vigilante work a few years ago and was recently caught by a cop who recognized her. Midnight cut a deal for her to work here instead of any jail time.” Tokage explained.


“Wasn’t there some blanket pardon for vigilantes?” Izuku asked, confused.


“Only for those who did it during that mess with All for One, didn’t apply to people before or after that.” Kacchan said.


“Oh, well alright I guess.” Izuku said. He and Kacchan began to head towards the ballroom when Tokage called after him. Izuku turned and she came out from behind the desk. He gulped lightly at the risque version of her hero costume which was nothing more than three strategically placed pasties.


“Nice outfit,” Kacchan said with a smirk.


“Thanks,” Tokage said, “Hey Deku, you got any plans this weekend?” she asked Izuku.


“Nothing at the moment, why?” asked Izuku.


“Great, I need you and that big dick to help with some of my streams!” Tokage said, her face and tone completely serious.


HUH!?” Izuku shouted.


Tokage blinked, “What? Momo said we’re all free to have a go at you, and Midnight is offering a prize to the girl whose streams get the biggest views on the Busteez Site on the H.N.” she said, then smiled again, “I heard from several girls already how big you are, that’s just what I need for my viewers! They love seeing a girl get all stretched out by a big cockzilla!”


“I, uh, ummm…” Izuku stammered then yelped as Kacchan slapped the back of his head.


“Just go you dumb nerd.” he told him.


“Great!” said Tokage, reaching behind her and producing a slim card with LIZARDY written across it followed by a phone number. “Here’s my business line, gimme a call later and I’ll tell you where to meet me.”


Where was she keeping that?’ Izuku and Kacchan thought together. Tokage then smiled at them again before heading back to her post at the main desk.


Izuku walked with Kacchan to the main ballroom which is where the club aspect of the agency had been set up. Though he’d never been inside one, Izuku guessed this is what a stereotypical Tittybar looked like, though maybe a little more high class. Loud music blared from speakers all around the room. Izuku could actually feel the base pulsing against his skin as he and Kacchan moved farther in. The main stage was currently occupied by Mt. Lady dancing inside of a large human sized birdcage. She was already down to just a pair of thong panties as heroes from all over Japan cheered and hollered.


The pair made their way a little farther inside when Midnight stepped into their path and smiled, “Hello boys.” she said with a grin, “Here for some fun tonight?” She was dressed, or rather, undressed in just a pair of black thigh high boots with some matching arm length gloves. The pink nipples of her huge breasts were pathetically covered with little bits of electric tape forming a pair of little X’s over them. Her crotch was completely exposed, giving both of them a clear view of her pussy with a tiny patch of dark hair over it, meaning she hadn’t shaved it in a little while.


“Dinner, but not opposed.” Kacchan said nonchalantly.


Midnight licked her lips and turned, motioning for the two of them to follow her. She led them over to a free table with some menus already on it. Izuku took one seat while Kacchan the other. The music began to fade slowly, signaling the end of Mt. Lady’s routine. There would be a brief intermission before Tsuyu went up so Izuku grabbed one of the two menus and began looking through it.


“Can I offer you boys a drink?” Midnight asked as she stood by their table, slowly running her gloved hands over her naked body, making sure to heft her own tits up and let them bounce back down. “That new synthetic alcohol is proving very popular, and it’s legal for you to have it.”


Izuku had heard of the stuff before, it was basically fake alcohol that used the stuff from hot peppers, capsaicin, to give the sensation of drinking alcohol. It was mixed with a bunch of flavorings and whatnot to make all kinds of drinks from vodka to whiskey. Mix it with some fruit juices and bittering agents to get wine. The main difference from the real thing was no matter how much you drank, you couldn’t get drunk off of the stuff.


“I wouldn’t really know what to order for that honestly. I’ve never had any alcohol before.” Izuku said honestly.


Midnight just smiled and placed two fingers in her mouth before blowing a loud whistle. A second later a familiar pair of tits came running over to them. They bounced and jiggled about wildly as the girl they were attached to came over. The girl was named Rie “Tetas” Horie, a rookie hero Izuku had become friends with. She was dressed in an extremely risque version of her hero outfit. Normally, it was a purple one piece swimsuit with 10t over her chest in yellow letters along with matching thigh high boots and arm length gloves. Her current version was still a one piece, but the neckline was cut BELOW her huge breasts, leaving them completely exposed! The bottom half was also open in a crotchless style, letting Izuku and Kacchan have a clear look at her neatly shaven pussy.


“Rie, bring over that bottle of S. Nighthawk Black would you?” she asked.


“Rodger Dodger!” said Rie with a snappy salute that made her breasts wobble even more. She then turned and headed off towards the bar where Izuku’s mother worked.


“I think you boys will like this one, it’s on me.” Midnight said as she moved to sit in Kacchan’s lap with her tits right up in his face. “So long as you let me share a bottle with you.” she said in a husky tone while licking her lips.


“Whatever,” Kacchan said, even though his face was more than a little red. “Hey nerd, get whatever, don’t worry about the cost!” he then yelled at him.


“Uh, right!” said Izuku as he looked back at the menu.


Rie returned a moment later with a heavy looking black wine bottle with a label written in what looked like French. In her other hand was a carrier rack that held four wine glasses on it. He wondered why not a tray, but then, Rie likely didn’t have the best balance due to the current size of her breasts, so a carrier rack was probably for the best. The dark haired girl set the glasses on the table then set the rack down underneath it. She then grabbed a corkscrew that had been sitting in the rack and used it to uncork the bottle with a sucking ‘pop’.


A powerful scent of fruit like grapes and oranges came out of the bottle, along with something else that did smell like alcohol. She poured a deep red, nearly black, liquid into the glasses and the smell only got even stronger! Rie emptied the bottle filling the four glasses before she moved to sit in Izuku’s lap, mirroring Midnight’s position across from them.


Izuku accepted his glass when offered and Midnight made a toast, “To brighter futures!” she said.


The four of them then clinked their glasses together with an almost musical sound. Izuku then took a cautious sip. The flavor was new to him, but not terrible, might have been better if the drink were cold, though from what little he knew about wine, some of them were meant to be served at room temperature.


The small group sat and watched Tsuyu’s dance when it started. Izuku ordered the night’s special in the end and Kacchan had the same. Both Midnight and Rie stayed with them, insisting on being the ones to feed them every bite. Both women seemed VERY into the entire hostess club set-up.


“Say, ‘Ahhh…’” said Midnight as she expertly picked off a bit of fish from the bones with a pair of chopsticks and held it up to Kacchan’s mouth.


“Ahhh.” Kacchan said, allowing the older woman to place the food right on his tongue. Izuku chewed slowly as Rie repeated the motion with him. His mother’s grilled fish tasted the same even when cooked in a big kitchen. It was mainly because of that that Izuku frequently ate here. He couldn’t get home much, and while the school provided a proper allowance to the students to stock whatever food they liked in the dorms, it was still nice to have a home cooked meal.


Rie shifted in his lap slightly, uncrossing her legs as Izuku found his hand resting on her thigh. She shifted her leg lightly, moving his hand further inward as she leaned her head against his and whispered in his ear so softly he could barely even hear her.


“Nmmmh, play with my pussy, please…” she begged in a cute voice.


Izuku gulped, out of reflex he wanted to decline, but Rie pulled back so he could see her face and she clearly gave him the big puppy dog look. Her eyes shimmered almost as if she were about to cry. She then let out the softest moan as he moved his hand between her legs slowly, his fingers tracing along the delicate folds of her pussy. The heat coming off of her was almost enough to burn him as he slipped one finger inside. He could feel the moistness wrapping around the digit as she squirmed in his lap, spreading her thighs wider for him.


Izuku added a second finger, feeling Rie tightening up around him as she chewed her lower lip softly. He then began moving them back and forth slowly, a trickle of hot juices running down his hand as he moved it.


“Having fun?” Kacchan asked in a dry voice. Rie jumped slightly in his lap as Izuku pulled his hand away. “Might as well take her upstairs if you’re gonna do that.” Kacchan added before holding up one of the gold cards Endeavor gave him. He handed it to Midnight who simply placed it between her big tits after reading the back of it.


“There’s enough here for both of you, should I call over another of the girls?” asked Midnight as she leaned against Kacchan more, “Or, you can have me instead…” she purred.


“Actually, Nemu-chan, I can take both!” Rie said.


“Huh!?” Izuku said.


“Bold!” Midnight said with a grin, “I have no problem with it, that’ll pay for a full night then.”



Izuku didn’t know how this kept happening!


He stood in one of the rooms on the fourth floor of the agency, having followed Rie up from the ballroom. The room itself wasn’t anything unique, just a basic large suite with a huge plush looking bed with red sheets. A large plasma screen TV hung on one wall, and various other amenities were dotted about the place. He’d seen fancier, namely the rooms set up by camie to fulfill various fantasy settings.


Rie ran into the room ahead of them, looking around the place like an excited kid in an amusement park.


“What are you so giddy about?” Kacchan asked her.


“Well, it’s my first VIP booking, I’m really excited, and with two of my favorite Heroes to boot!” said Rie.


“Eh, seriously?” Kacchan asked.


“Yeah, I’ve been doing mainly just dancing and working the front desk.” Rie explained as she moved to lift up her breasts, expanding them until each one was as big as her entire torso. She then let go of the heavy mounds, making them bounce back down with a BOING sound.


“So, let’s go!” she said with a smile.


Izuku looked over at Kacchan who simply shrugged and raised his left arm up, bringing his right hand over to the wrist and tapping a button on the quickband there. Izuku mirrored the action and a series of glowing ribbons wrapped around the two mens bodies. For a moment, the two of them looked like a pair of glowing mummies until the ribbons began whipping away from their bodies, taking the clothes with them. How it worked was still a mystery to Izuku, Melissa had tried to explain it to him, but he was lost after molecular compression.


In the space of a few seconds, Izuku stood naked with Kacchan in front of Rie. The dark haired girl licked her lips as she made no effort to hide how she stared right at their dicks. Her hands both curled in as though she were gripping something as she moved them back and forth slowly.


Izuku watched as Kacchan moved in first, grabbing one gigantic tit and lifting it with both hands. He brought it to his mouth and immediately began sucking on the stiff nipple capping it. Rie let out a loud erotic moan, her pussy letting out a small gush of juices as Kacchan bit down gently and began tugging with his teeth.


“Seriously?” he asked in a mildly condescending tone, “You came from just that?”


Rie panted softly, “Hah, ah, hah, I… I can’t help it… My boobs become more sensitive with their increase in size…”


“Really?” Kacchan asked with a grin, “Then what if I do THIS!?!?!” he asked as he took her nipple between his lips again, sucking it hard while gripping her breast tighter. His fingers sank deep into the soft flesh as Rie let out another loud moan as her knees began shaking.


Using One for All at 5%, Izuku was at her other side in a flash of green electricity, his arm around her waist to help support her. Rie immediately leaned more of her weight against him. With One for All still triggered, she was lighter than a feather to him. He jolted lightly when he felt Rie’s hand immediately grab at his dick, gripping it in a gentle but still firm hold. He shivered as she began stroking his length, making it start to grow hard and long slowly.


Next to him, Kacchan groaned softly around Rie’s nipple, sucking her massive tit harder as he tried to fit more and more of her breast into his mouth. The dark haired young woman then turned to look at Izuku, pressing her lips against his in a gentle, then passionate kiss. She easily slipped her tongue into his mouth, drawing out his own then sucking on it gently.


His cock shot to full erection in seconds at the feeling as Rie let out a happy giggle before breaking the kiss. She then gently broke away from Kacchan, getting down on her knees, her hands gripping both of their cocks.


“Nmmmmmmmh, two big dicks just for me!” she said happily before she began kissing both their cocks slowly. She began at the balls on Izuku’s, then slowly dragged her tongue along the underside of the shaft. When she reached the tip, she pressed her lips against it and moaned as she slowly took it into her mouth and down her throat.


HUUUUUGUUUH…!” she gagged lightly as her throat bulged out from the girth of his cock as it slipped down towards her stomach.


“Damn, that’s impressive!” Kacchan said, “Can you even breathe like that?” he asked her.


UH-HUH, ID PHEELSH SHO GUUD, AYE WUV DISH PHEELING IN MUH MOUPH!!! NMMMMPH, GUG, HMMMMMMPG, GUH, NMMMMMMPH…” said Rie as she began moving her head back and forth slowly. Izuku could feel every inch of his cock moving through her mouth and throat as she slurped at his dick loudly.


NMMMMMPH, SHO PHIIIICK, AND SHO HAWD, AHHH, AYE’M GITTING DISSHY, AGUH GUG GUG GUG GUGH…!” she gagged around his cock, moving her head back and forth faster as she moved to grab Kacchan’s cock with both her hands, gripping it tightly and pumping them up and down quickly.




“Ahhh, fuck…” Groaned Kacchan, “And you said this is your first VIP booking?”


NMMMHMMMM, YAH, MUH PHIRSHT, SHO HAPPY ISH WIPH DHEKU AND YOOPH… AGUH GUH HMMMPH, SLUUURP…!” Rie answered as she continued pumping her hands up and down in rhythm with her mouth on Izuku’s cock, “AAAAH, AHLWAYSH WANDDED TWO GUYSH AD WONSH… AYE’M SHO HOORNY WIGHT NAOW… SHO WHEEET…!” moaned Rie as she began moving her head even faster as her already huge breasts began growing even bigger! When he looked closely, Izuku could see them swelling in line with the movements of her head, almost as if her head were some kind of air pump!




Kacchan laughed, pulling back from the dark haired woman and moving to pull her back up to her feet with her mouth still around Izuku’s dick! The sensation of her body turning around his cock made the green haired youth’s eyes roll back in his head as Kacchan stood her at a 90 degree angle. He then moved behind her, gripping his cock with one hand and her ass with the other. Rie let out another loud moan around his cock, her throat vibrating against it as Kacchan slammed his dick inside her pussy with a wet SQUISH sound!


NHMMMMMMMMMMMPH!!!!!” Rie howled and gagged around his cock.


Behind her, Kaccchan laughed, “Yeah? Cumming just from that, then you’ll love THIS!!!!” he roared, grabbing her hips with both hands and ramming his cock in and out of her.


OOOOOOH GAAAAAWD, YEEESSSHHH, HAWDER, HAAAWDERRRR!!!! CUMMING, AYE’M CUMMING!!!!” Rie screamed, her eyes rolling back in her head until they were almost completely white. “OHHH GAWD, HAWDER, PHUCK MEH HAWDERRR, AHHH, MOAR, MAKE MEH CUM MOOOAAR!!!” she moaned in utter pleasure.


AGUUUH GOOOH, GMMMPH MMMMPH HMMMPH…!!!” Rie then moaned and gagged as Izuku and Kacchan both began moving their bodies, slamming their cocks into her from the front and back. “GUUUD, SHO GUUUD, PHEELSH SHO GUUD, CUMMING, AYE’M GOOOMINGH!!!!


Behind her, Kacchan laughed as he brought his hand down on her wide ass hard, making the baby fat of her butt jiggle and wobble. “Yeeeah, take it, take it all Bazooka Tits!!!” he groaned in pleasure.


Across from him, Izuku groaned as well as Rie took his cock deeper and deeper as she bounced back and forth between the two of them, her entire body shaking in pleasure. He could feel the top of his dick moving in and out of her stomach as she sucked his length even harder.


CUUUUM, CUUUUM, GIMME LOT’SH OF CUUUUM!!!! AAAHHHAAAAA, CUMMING PHEELSH SHO GUUUD!!!!” she howled as her breasts began growing bigger and bigger as the two of them slammed their lengths into her over and over. After a couple minutes, Rie’s entire body was resting on top of the biggest pair of tits Izuku had ever seen! And she still begged for moar!


“Ahhhha, R… Rie… Gonna… Gonna cummm…!!!” Izuku groaned.


YESH, CUM, CUM IN MEH, AYE WAND ID, AYE WAND ID AAALLLL AGUUGHU BLERBLLEGH…!” she cried, her moan turning to a gurgling sound as Izuku came into her stomach and the sheer volume flowing back out around her mouth as her entire body shook in pleasure.


GOOOMMING, AYE’M GUGOOOOMMINGH, GOOMMINGH AHHHGGUUUGGH…!” Rie screamed as both young men continued pounding into her.



“Haaaaaaah, that was great!” Rie said after she emerged from the shower with only a tiny towel wrapped around her hips. The flimsy bit of cloth did nothing to hide her huge exposed tits or even the folds of her pussy. Izuku had to wonder why she even bothered with it.


“Hey Deku,” said Kacchan, “This makes us even.” he told him as he sat over on the bed, wearing a large white bathrobe.


“Huh, even for what?” Izuku asked.


He watched as Kacchan cracked open a bottle of water and downed the contents, “Tch, nevermind.” he said as Izuku blinked in confusion. “Yo Bazooka Tits, you ready to go again or what!?” he asked Rie.


The dark haired girl cheerfully raised her hand up high and said, “Yep!”



Story by Sailor Io

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1 year ago

Grammar error in this sentence of this chapter. some parts remodeled to fix her tastes.

1 year ago
Reply to  Lancer

How is that an error?

Ichigo Kurosaki
1 year ago

for the next izuku x togake setsuna

1 year ago

No spoilers

Ichigo Kurosaki
1 year ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

ok ok

1 year ago

Pop Step reference!? Will best girl finally get artwork and be a part of the story!?!? If so I’m hype asf but hope she’s not just another pick for Izuku’s harem and gets to do her own thing. Also want my boy Koichi to show up too but that’s just wishful thinking I guess… Still happy to see Kazuho being referenced need to see her being lewded asap

1 year ago
Reply to  souljamantwn

Nah, she’d be paired with someone else unless Izuku was directly in the image.

1 year ago

I will say, I was a fan of the Midnight x Izuku romance in the first version of the story. So, it kinda weird to see Midnight be into Katsuki, even if it was for an hostess play.

1 year ago
Reply to  Mirag

gimme TIME!!!! I had over 70 chapters of prebuilt lore and stuff built slowly over three seasons worth of story. I’m already rushing quite a bit here, but I do plan to built that again too! Rie though I wanted her to be in Izuku’s lap because she’s totally crushing on him mixed with geeking out as well.

1 year ago

Please Make Ichigo Kurosaki X Yachiru Kusajishi From Bleach

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
1 year ago

Very nice story as always. Bakugo really carries those parts with Midoriya so far, otherwise the dude would do practically nothing. Their (albeit brief) interaction with Burnin in the locker room was quite nice and I liked how she was able to stir them up both (Midoriya by making him close her bra, and Bakugo by making him say that she should call him “only” Dynamight). The way they got their hands on the gold cards felt somewhat cheap but it was a great moment to have Bakugo be the one who “pays” for the food. Something tells me he wouldn’t have accepted it if it were the other way around. Either way, nice dynamic. Their meeting with Setsuna was interesting, I like how she still has that streaming-stuff from the last series going on. Also quite fascinating with that one vigilante girl. Never read the spin-off since it didn’t interest me but I’m quite intruiged by her design and I like that you at least dropped her name already, it makes any future introduction of her feel a lot more fluid. Nice stuff with Midnight as well.Gotta love a teacher who doesn’t shy about getting wild with her students (which sounds kinda wrong, now that I wrote it). The actual highlight of the chapter obviously goes to Tetas though as she takes on both boys at the same time. As far as the sex goes, it was a pretty nice one. Love the handjob at the beginning and how easily it turned into the spitroast that we get to admire in the artwork.

Best part for me though was probably when the two women fed the boys.

1 year ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

Well, if it wasn’t clear, Bakugo feels guilty for banging Deku’s mom. Also, I like the idea of Burnin’ wanting to be the big sister character. The stuff with Setsuna and Popstep was indeed some foreshadowing for when those characters show up, not 100% sure when, but I wanted to make sure that fans were ready.

1 year ago

Please make a chapter with Midnight x Izuku

1 year ago
Reply to  Anonymous

When I get the new pic for it.