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Caving in Juvia’s Cave (Special Edition)

(Note: This story is part of a series of Fairy Tail stories)
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Blinking herself awake, Lucy winced as she stretched. Why was her body so sore?


Then she took a good look around, namely at the other people still sleeping around her, and color flooded her cheeks as the memories of yesterday came back. Specifically, the intense foursome she’d had with Gajeel, Levy, and Leo, then with Gajeel and Levy, then with Leo and Gajeel, then with Gajeel, Levy and Leo again. Needless to say, her body was thoroughly fucked. What the hell had she been thinking, and Natsu…


“I missed our special plans again!!! I have to go apologize to him or he’ll never forgive me!” she thought to herself with panic. Looking at her body and getting a good whiff of herself, who was covered head to toe in sweat and cum, Lucy winced. “As soon as I take a bath in the nearby river…”





“Natsu!” Lucy called, knocking on the door of his cabin. “Natsu, it’s me, Lucy.”


A few long seconds passed before Happy opened the door, frowning at her. “Natsu says you stood him up again, so he’s not talking to you.”


“I’m really really REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEALLY sorry!” Lucy told him, making sure to talk loud enough that Natsu would be able to hear her as well. “Tell Natsu that I promise I’ll make it up to him today.”


Happy shrugged and flew back into the house, returning quickly. “Natsu said that’s what you said yesterday, and look how that turned out.”


Gritting her teeth, Lucy took some deep breaths to keep from yelling. “All right, true, but I’ll make it up today with the best present ever! It will be amazing! I promise!!!” As Happy once again zipped back inside, Lucy waited with anxious impatience, tapping her feet.


And here came Happy again. “Natsu says he doesn’t believe you.”


All right, this is ridiculous. “NATSU!” Lucy yelled, as Happy flinched and covered his ears. “I know you can hear me, so come out here and talk to me face to face!”


Loud stomps echoed through the cottage and Natsu appeared in the doorway, a sour look on his face and steam literally wafting from his body. He stared at Lucy, clearly sore about what she did, but it came off more as pouting than true anger.


“Look Natsu, I know you’re mad, and I don’t blame you.”


“…” Lucy paused to gauge his reaction but his expression didn’t change.


“But, I swear I won’t stand you up this time! Even if the city is attacked by a dark guild or some meteor or spaceship crashes next to me, I will ignore EVERYTHING! I’ll have something really amazing for you! I promise!”


Natsu looked away from her, and Lucy fell to her knees. “Please please please believe me? PLEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAASE!” She gave him her best puppy dog eyes, looking as sad and adorable as possible.


Natsu flinched when he looked back at her. Shaking his head with a sigh, he finally said, “All right. I’ll give you one more chance.”


“Thanks Natsu!” Lucy replied cheerily, bouncing back to her feet; her breasts took a couple of seconds to stop their bouncing. “I’ll go make the plans right now; I’ll meet you at the guild hall this afternoon!”


And then she was off, short skirt almost giving everyone a panty flash with each step she took. Watching her go, Natsu sighed again, smiling slightly and hoping he had made the right choice.



(A few hours later…)


Natsu made his way down the street towards the guild hall, idly kicking at some rocks in the road. A soft “Natsu-san?” made him look up, pulling him from his gloomy thoughts.


The sight of Juvia in a sexy little black see-through dress that revealed her sexy body really snapped him out of it. Without realizing it, he had been walking past Fairy Hills, where she had been waiting outside.


“Hey Juvia. Damn, that’s a hell of dress,” he complimented her, leering slightly at the lingerie that can be seen through the dress, remembering what was under it and all the fun they’d had.


“Thank you,” she replied with a small blush, the same memories going through her mind. “Juvia is meeting Gray-sama for a romantic date, I am taking him to a secret romantic spot only I know about! It will be our special place…” She giggled and blushed deeper, wiggling in place.


Natsu sighed at the thought of the couple going on a happy date, which brought Juvia’s attention back to him. “If Juvia may ask, why were you looking so gloomy, Natsu-san? That’s unlike you.”


Scratching the back of his head, Natsu frowned down at the ground. “I’m supposed to meet Lucy at the guild hall for a special date, but I’m almost certain she’s going to stand me up again.”


Not liking seeing Natsu so down, Juvia did her best to cheer him up. “Lucy is my love rival, but she is a good person. Juvia is sure she will be there, and if she is not, then it is for a good reason.”


“Yeah…” Natsu mumbled, still not convinced, staring at the ground with a deflated demeanor.


Juvia frowned. “If there is anything Juvia can do to make you feel better Natsu-san, let Juvia know.”


Natsu stiffened as an idea struck him. Slowly he looked up at Juvia, who gulped at the look in his eyes. “So… if you remember, we had a great time on our last mission…


“Yes?” Juvia replied hesitantly, not sure where he was going with this.


“And I’m sure Gray wouldn’t mind if you had another ‘urgent mission‘ to go on…” Natsu continued, a grin slowly spreading across his face. “Why don’t WE go to that special spot instead? It’ll definitely cheer me up… and afterwards I’ll give you something I know Gray can’t!” He then grabbed Juvia’s hand and slid it into his pants so she can get a handful of his enormous bulge.


Juvia’s whole face turned bright red even as her pussy got wet and hot.



(An hour later)


Juvia’s dress had been taken off, carefully folded, and put off to a dry spot of the cave they were in. And it was good thing too, otherwise it would have been in shreds. Natsu had practically pounced on her when she was naked, pressing her up against the rough stone wall and kissing her with full tongue.


The cave spot was located somewhere on the large stretch of beach land that connected Akane Beach and Magnolia Town’s own beach. The cave itself was beautiful and iridescent. Depending on the time of day, the cave will change colors due to its natural crystalline Lacrima deposits. The fishes glowed marvelously with the cave’s radiance, most likely a side effect of being in constant exposure to the Lacrima’s natural power.


Juvia moaned as Natsu’s hands roamed all over her body, paying special attention to her ass and tits. She could feel Natsu’s erection rubbing against her pussy; again, she marveled at its size, doing her best to ignore the whisper in the back of her mind to not compare it to Gray’s. After all, size doesn’t matter… right?


They broke off kissing and Juvia slid to her knees, cupping her tits with both hands. Wrapping them around Natsu’s cock, she began licking and kissing it all over while rubbing her massive mounds up and down the length of him.


“Ah, I’m feeling better already!” Natsu proclaimed with a big grin down at her, watching with bright, happy eyes as Juvia gave him a world class paizuri. “How about you, Juvia? Having fun worshiping my big dragon dick?”


As embarrassing as it was to admit it… “Mmhmm,” Juvia agreed, her mouth currently full of said dick, jaw stretched wide as she did her best to take it all in. Her tongue swirled around his cock; she could feel it swell even larger.


“As good as your mouth feels,” Natsu pulled back, his dick popping out of Juvia’s mouth, “I think I want to fuck your big ass more!”


Juvia didn’t have time to respond, even if she had wanted to. She gasped when Natsu easily lifted her up, and then squealed when his cock slowly pushed into her ass. “Please be gentle Natsu-san,” she whispered, feeling her ass strain to take the entirety of his massive cock. She gritted her teeth as her asshole stretched wider and wider to accommodate her partner’s extraordinary size. ‘Natsu-san knows Juvia doesn’t do anal with Gray-sama…so he always fucks Juvia’s ass!


And it felt so good, even better than Gray-sama fucking her pussy! When Natsu began to bounce her up and down, Juvia threw her arms around him with a squeal. “OH! OH! FUCK ME, NATSU-SAN! FUCK JUVIA’S FAT BUTT!


“Does your ass belong to me?!” Natsu asked with a laugh, grabbing hold of her ass cheeks and squeezing it hard, making her moan even louder.




THEN LET ME REALLY POUND IT!” Natsu roared back, increasing the speed of his thrusting. His balls SLAMMING against Juvia’s ass while he sunk his fingers deep into the soft flesh of her ass cheeks.


AAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAaaaaaaaaHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!” Juvia panted, screamed, and moaned her arousal, her eyes nearly rolled back into her head.


Incidentally, the cave in which they were fucking would soon acquire a reputation for being haunted after some passersby heard unearthly sounds coming from it. The screams and moans of the damned, they claimed, mixed with the roars of a monster….



(Later near the end of the day…)


Walking back to the city with a spring in his step, Natsu glanced back at Juvia, frowning slightly in confusion. “You all right, Juvia? You’re walking kind of funny.”


The blue-haired mage gave him a flat look. “Juvia hasn’t been walking right since the night at the hotel! And now Natsu-san just fucked her ass hard, again!”


“Ah…oops?” Natsu offered sheepishly. “But it was worth it, right?”


Putting her nose in the air with a “Hmph!” Juvia quickly walked passed him, not letting him see the tiny smile that appeared on her face.

(Story by User: S22132)

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28 days ago

Another classic chapter returns!

Don’t suppose we can see Gray get lucky at least a few times?

Also, I am hoping that Irene returns in this story eventually.

29 days ago

Natsu seems to be such a jerk in this fanfic towards Lucy. He gives Lucy the cold shoulder and treat her as the villain despite the fact that he’s actively cheating on her? Granted, Lucy’s no better since she’s been cheating on him as well. Your artwork is immaculate RtEnzo so no offense to you. I just think the story that the author wrote is not very well written especially with how the characters are acting lol.

29 days ago
Reply to  Rtenzo

That’s true lol. It does kinda suck though that Gray is given the short end of the stick (no pun intended) by having a smallest dick out of all the male characters and seems to also be a bit sexually incompetent compared to the others.

Last edited 29 days ago by Guest