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Urgent Mission to Blow Off (Special Edition)

(Note: This story is part of a series of Fairy Tail stories)
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Staring at the guild announcement sign helped take Natsu’s mind off of things, and this one was a doozy. “Announcement Coming Soon!” it declared, complete with a drawing of chibi Mavis giving a wink and a thumbs up. What is this announcement all about?


Hearing footsteps approach him, Natsu turned his head, giving Lucy a bitter look.


Lucy winced, having expected that. “Natsu, I’m really sorry for missing our date…”


Folding his arms, Natsu turned away.


“Honestly! I can explain why I missed it!” Lucy said with a slight panic.


“…Okay: why?” The fire mage immediately replied, taking Lucy by surprise.


“…Well, I was helping Levy test out her new magic spell and then…” Lucy’s voice trailed off as she remembered, really remembered, what had happened yesterday: her getting gangbanged by Gajeel, Levy, and Pantherlily. Her face suddenly turned red as she went silent. “Uhhh……”


“Well?” Natsu asked impatiently.


“Uh…I can’t tell you, but I promise I had a really good reason; you have to believe me!” Lucy managed to say, cringing at how pathetic she sounded.


Snorting, Natsu walked off to the guild buffet, grabbed a tray and plate, getting his breakfast and sat down with Gray and Juvia at a nearby table. Shoveling his food into his mouth, he continued to give Lucy the stink eye.


“Any new missions coming up for you, Gray-sama?” Juvia asked her beloved, pointedly ignoring Natsu and Lucy both. No way was she getting involved in that drama if she could help it.


Gray shrugged, having the exact same idea. “Nothing yet, but you know how quickly things can change; fingers crossed.”


Lucy ignored them, sitting down across from Natsu. “I’ll make it up to you Natsu, today in fact. We’ll go to Fiore’s fanciest restaurant, and after that…I’ll do whatever you want in the bedroom.” Leaning forward to give him a better look at her cleavage, Lucy slowly repeated herself for emphasis. “WHATEVER. You. Want.


That finally broke Natsu out of his funk as he gave her a perverted grin. “Deal.”


Lucy nodded in satisfaction and anticipation. “Good. I’ll meet you tonight right here at the guild hall, when it gets dark. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go set it all up right now.” She turned and walked out, putting an extra sway in her step, smirking as she imagined Natsu staring at her ass.


As Lucy walked along the railing of the river canal that lead to her apartment, She began to mentally organize all the tasks she had to do for the day leading up to the big date with Natsu.


“Careful young lady or you’ll fall in the river!” warned a nearby fisherman on a boat.


“Let’s see… I need to stop by the restaurant and make the appointment, then I’ll need to choose my outfit, do my hair, do my make-up-”




Whipping her head around, the blonde paled. Levy was running towards her, was almost upon her in fact, and the look in her eyes spelled trouble. “Levy, no-”


“Urgent mission! Need your help, now!” Wasting no time, Levy grabbed Lucy’s hand, and the townspeople were treated to the sight of a tiny blue-haired woman sprinting down the street, a much taller and more stacked blonde trailing behind her like a kite, screaming with comical tears, “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!


Finally arriving at the edge of town and slowing down, Levy looked back at Lucy and saw the look on her friend’s face. “I promise! This really shouldn’t take long, and it’s a really important mission, I swear! We’re rebuilding an orphanage; it got struck by lightning and burned. Thankfully no one got hurt. Gajeel is already there, working on it.”


Glare softening, Lucy sighed. “All right. Kids need a place to stay where they can be safe, so let’s get to work then. In fact, let’s make things go faster.” She pulled out a key and held it up. “Open, Gate of the Lion!”


Loke appeared, his usual charming smile on his face. “Hello again, Princess. What do you need my help with this time?” He glanced around. “No one is in danger?”


Lucy shook her head. “No, we’re rebuilding an orphanage, and I thought you would be a reliable choice.”


Sweeping into a gallant bow, Loke replied, “Indeed, I can’t think of a thing more nobler. Lead on.”


The sounds of construction got louder as they approached, with Gajeel already hard at work, sweat slowly rolling down his shirtless body. Lucy blushed heavily, memories of the previous day once again crowding her mind. “Uh, hi Gajeel. Pantherlily isn’t with you?”


The Iron Dragon Slayer shook his head as he hefted a huge block of stone. “Nah. He was already on a date with Charle, and I ain’t gonna interfere with that.”


With Charle? Lucy winced, wondering if Happy knew about that yet. Well, it wasn’t her concern right now; helping to build the orphanage was.



(Several hours later…)


The sky was darkening, the sun setting. The four of them were sprawled out on the ground, exhausted after working tirelessly all day. Even Gajeel was looking wiped out.


Lucy stared up at the sky, idly noticing a bright red star that she couldn’t remember ever seeing before. Huh, that looks really pretty. Kind of weird though; I wonder what star that is.


“Lucy…” Levy began, disturbing the tranquility of moment. Her face blushing slightly.


“I want to challenge you…. to a blowjob contest!!!”


A deep, deep silence fell for a long moment, before it was broken again by Lucy. “WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!


Levy blushed harder at the stares she was getting, but continued on stubbornly. “Gajeel and Pantherlily won’t stop talking about how amazing your blowjobs were yesterday! I want to prove that mine are just as good!”


All they did was aggressively facefuck my mouth! I didn’t really do anything!‘ Lucy wailed mentally, a comical sweat drop rolling down her head.


But there was no stopping Levy now, and Loke and Gajeel were obviously very interested as well, their exhaustion disappearing like magic.


Moments later, all four of them were naked, with Lucy and Levy kneeling in front of Loke and Gajeel.


“Wonderful, Princess! Truly, I am blessed beyond words to have you as the holder of my key!” Loke pronounced, sounding happier than Lucy could ever remember hearing.


Leo is big, but not the biggest I’ve ever blown,‘ Lucy thought to herself, no that honor went to his fellow Celestial Spirit: Taurus. She began by licking Loke’s cock up and down it’s entire length before slowly pushing it into her mouth. Lucy then looked over from the corner of her eye to see how Levy was doing.


“Gihihihi! That’s right, shrimp! Use those tits of yours too! Fuck, you look so sexy with my dick in your mouth!” Gajeel snickered, happily watching his girlfriend go down on him.


“Mph! Mph! Mph!” Levy choked and gagged, struggling to work her mouth up and down, trying to take as much of Gajeel’s massive meat log as possible. About the halfway point of Gajeel’s cock, her face was slowly turning red, whether from embarrassment, exertion, or a combination of the two was hard to say.


Due to their fatigued state, neither Loke nor Gajeel was able to last very long, cumming into their partners’ mouths in just a few minutes. Lucy instinctively and expertly swallowed Loke’s load with several loud gulps while Levy spilled the majority of Gajeel’s all over her face and tits. Afterwards, the two competitors swapped partners.


“Damn Blondie! You’re really going in!” Gajeel exclaimed, as Lucy swallowed his huge dick deeper and deeper down her throat. His eyes widened with shock when Lucy was able to nearly deepthroat him entirely, her nose tickled by his crotch hairs. She began to bob her head back and forth all the way from the tip of Gajeel’s dick all the way to the base with relative ease.


“You’re doing very well, Levy,” Loke told the blue-haired mage, who was clearly struggling to get his dick in any further. He was tactful to not mention Lucy, but it was clear to Levy that both he and Gajeel were far more impressed by Lucy, while Levy fell short.


Jealousy surging through her, she forced Leo’s cock in, inch by inch… before abruptly backing off, gasping for breath and coughing loudly. “You…you win, Lucy,” she wheezed, rubbing her throat. “I can’t compete with your skills… That’s really impressive; what’s your secret?” She was desperate to know; she wanted to be that good at sucking cock!


Lucy’s eyes glazed as she recalled all the gigantic dicks she had been forced to deepthroat lately: Gajeel…Pantherlily…Taurus…Natsu…


Shaking it off, Lucy smiled and replied, “Just a lot of practice, I suppose.” Which was true, if not quite the whole story.


Still kneeling, Lucy looked up at the sky. It’s not quite dark yet; I still have time to meet up with Natsu if I hurry—


Then a pair of cocks dropped on both sides of her face. Face instantly turning crimson, she squeaked out, “Whaaa?”


GIHIHIHI! The night is still young, now let’s get to the best part!”


“I’m very eager as well, Princess, as you can clearly see.”


Oh no…





Lucy was lying face to face on top of Gajeel as he stretched her pussy as wide as humanly possible. Meanwhile Levy was mounting her huge ass and spreading her asshole just as wide as possible with her Gajeel strap-on cock.


“I love playing with your tits, Lucy-chan!” Levy giggled as she thrust her strap-on up into Lucy’s tight ass. The short woman used both of her hands to eagerly grab as much of Lucy’s breasts as possible. “How do you get them so big without magic?”


“Probably the same way she gets her ass so huge!” Gajeel laughed from under Lucy, ramming her hot, wet pussy as hard as he could. He gave her another spank, making her squeal loudly around the dick in her mouth.


“She is equally talented with her mouth,” Loke agreed, smiling down at Lucy’s wide brown eyes as she sucked him off as hard as she could. “We’re all quite lucky to be such good friends with her.”


MMPH! MMPH! MMPH!” Lucy grunted and squealed, feeling yet another orgasm approaching. How many would this make by now? Eight? Ten? She didn’t know; she had lost count and no longer even cared. All she was focused on was being fucked by her three friends, in whatever configuration they used to fuck her.



(The Next Morning…)


Lying on the bottom of a pile of naked, sweaty bodies, still covered with her sweat, the sweat of her friends, and more cum and pussy juice than she had ever imagined, Lucy had one thought in her mind as she mentally cried comical tears.


‘Natsu isn’t going to speak to me for at least a week…’

(Story by User: S22132)

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29 days ago

You used an extra h in the https of the first link.

At: ” what had happened yesterday: her getting gangbanged by Gajeel, Levy, and Pantherlily

30 days ago

nice to see new chapter so soon ^^ style hyped for the next one

30 days ago

Alright three in a row I’m quite happy! Once again Gajeel and Levy prove to be the most spontaneous and enjoyable couple in this series. Loke is a nice inclusion, he barely ever gets any spotlight. I always love when characters get mentioned. Really looking forward to a few approaching chapters coming up.

30 days ago
Reply to  Rtenzo

Still not a big fan of the NTR aspect of it but I’ll keep up here and there.

30 days ago
Reply to  Rtenzo

I enjoy the little spice that comes with it every so often and it’s not all ntr. I’ll just read and comment on what I enjoy while avoiding and openly commenting on what I don’t enjoy. Still happy to get some kinda fairy tail stuff in the end. Ive also read the original story before it got nuked a couple times so I know what I’m getting myself into.

30 days ago
  1. Damn, these chapters are coming out rapid fire! Not that I’m complaining.
  2. History is repeating itself from the old fic with Lucy and Natsu’s relationship being on the fritz (seriously, why is Levy trying to ruin their relationship like come on).
  3. I wonder what the deal with that red star was.
  4. Excellent chapter!
30 days ago
Reply to  Dan

Yeah the characters in this fanfic don’t really seem to act like themselves. They all just seem to be a bunch of narcissists with no loyalty for one another lol. Levy could’ve just tested the spells on herself instead of using Lucy as a test subject lol.

30 days ago
Reply to  Rtenzo

Lucy could’ve simply said that she and Natsu were dating if Levy didn’t know right? I’m sure the original author would’ve known that lol