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A Guild Hall of Hoes (Special Edition)

(Note: This story is part of a series of Fairy Tail stories)
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“Natsu!” Lucy called, knocking on the door of his cabin. “Natsu, it’s me, Lucy.”


A few long seconds passed before Happy opened the door, frowning at her. “Natsu says you stood him up again, so he’s not talking to you.”


“I’m really really REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEALLY sorry!” Lucy told him, making sure to talk loud enough that Natsu would be able to hear her as well. “Tell Natsu that I promise I’ll make it up to him today.”


Happy shrugged and flew back into the house, returning quickly. “Natsu said that’s what you said yesterday, and look how that turned out.”


Gritting her teeth, Lucy took some deep breaths to keep from yelling. “All right, true, but I’ll make it up today with the best present ever! It will be amazing! I promise!!!” As Happy once again zipped back inside, Lucy waited with anxious impatience, tapping her feet.


And here came Happy again. “Natsu says he doesn’t believe you.”


All right, this is ridiculous. “NATSU!” Lucy yelled, as Happy flinched and covered his ears. “I know you can hear me, so come out here and talk to me face to face!”


Loud stomps echoed through the cottage and Natsu appeared in the doorway, a sour look on his face and steam literally wafting from his body. He stared at Lucy, clearly sore about what she did, but it came off more as pouting than true anger.


“Look Natsu, I know you’re mad, and I don’t blame you.”


“…” Lucy paused to gauge his reaction but his expression didn’t change.


“But, I swear I won’t stand you up this time! Even if the city is attacked by a dark guild or some meteor or spaceship crashes next to me, I will ignore EVERYTHING! I’ll have something really amazing for you! I promise!”


Natsu looked away from her, and Lucy fell to her knees. “Please please please believe me? PLEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAASE!” She gave him her best puppy dog eyes, looking as sad and adorable as possible.


Natsu flinched when he looked back at her. Shaking his head with a sigh, he finally said, “All right. I’ll give you one more chance.”


“Thanks Natsu!” Lucy replied cheerily, bouncing back to her feet; her breasts took a couple of seconds to stop their bouncing. “I’ll go make the plans right now; I’ll meet you at the guild hall this afternoon!”


And then she was off, short skirt almost giving everyone a panty flash with each step she took. Watching her go, Natsu sighed again, smiling slightly and hoping he had made the right choice.


Running through the streets, Lucy couldn’t help but smile as she dodged the pedestrians and traffic. She couldn’t wait to set up Natsu’s surprise, so she made a beeline for the guild hall. Mirajane would need persuading to let her have the building all to herself, and she would also need her help to get in touch with a special person…



(A few hours later…)


Gray grumbled to himself as he walked towards Fairy Hills. That stupid police officer had made him late; he didn’t even realized he had stripped out of his clothes until he got stopped! At least the officer let him off with just a warning about public exposure.


Arriving out front, he expected Juvia to be waiting outside the building for him like she normally does, but wasn’t there today. Walking into the large building, Gray looked around curiously, but she still wasn’t anywhere in sight. Shrugging, he walked to her room and knocked on the door. Idly, he noted that the whole building seemed a bit rundown and small.


They really should renovate this old place… maybe even expand it to make it bigger.‘ The ice mage thought to himself.


However, there was no answer from her room.


With a frown and a bit of concern, Gray next knocked on Evergreen’s door nearby, only to blink when a shirtless Elfman answered instead. The taller man blinked down at him. “Hi Gray; what are you doing here?”


Gray smirked slightly and answered, “I was looking for Juvia. She’s not in her room, and I wanted to see if Evergreen knew where she was.”


Suddenly the woman in question popped up, leaning around Elfman; from what Gray could see, she was only wearing a sheet, which only just covered her body. Gray blushed and look away.


“Juvia’s not here,” Evergreen told him bluntly, eyes narrowed in mild annoyance behind her glasses. “She had to leave on some kind of mission, said it was urgent.


Frowning harder, Gray nodded. “Another mission? All right, thanks for letting me know.” Turning to leave, he added over his shoulder, “And put some clothes on when you answer the door!”


Evergreen snorted. “That’s rich, coming from you; follow your own advice, exhibitionist!”


Looking down at himself, Gray’s eyes bugged out. “OH DAMN IT! When the hell did I strip naked again?!” The spiky haired man said while trying to cover his flaccid penis.


Quickly getting dressed, he showed himself out, Evergreen’s mocking laughter trailing behind him. Well, that was a bust, he thought to himself. Might as well stop by the guild, maybe grab a late lunch and see if there are any jobs or quests available.



(30 minutes later)


Casually looking around the guild hall, Gray raised an eyebrow at a sign of an impending announcement from Mavis, Fairy Tail’s first guild master. There was also a sign up sheet for a camping trip tonight; thus far, only Erza’s name and pawprint he suspected was Happy’s was on it.


The main room itself looked weird too; it was empty and the lighting was dim, with red and pink tones. There were also buffet tables, packed with meat, fancy food, and lit by what looked like incense candles. A standing sign directed him to a seat in front of the small stage they used for activities and performances. Bemused and curious, Gray sat down, wondering what was going on?


“I told you didn’t I?,” a sultry voice from behind the curtain drifted out to him, “that I would give you a super special amazing present. What’s better than one Lucy?”


Suddenly the curtains drew back, revealing Lucy…and Lucy Ashley, both naked and pressed together in an intimate embrace.


“Two Lucy’s!” the Edolas version finished with a grin, licking her lips.


Jaw dropping and eyes bugging out, Gray gaped. “WAAAH?!


“Do you like it?” Lucy asked shyly, blushing. “It took me a ton of favors, but I got you a present that no else has ever had!”


“Mmhmm; she owes me in particular big time, but this sounded way too fun to pass up,” Lucy Ashley agreed with a smirk.


“Uhhhh…” Gray tried desperately to say something, anything, but he was at a complete loss for words. His face was a red as a cherry. Lucy clearly couldn’t tell who he was; the lights were too dim, and the stage lights were shining into her face.


“…that doesn’t sound like Natsu.” Hurrying over to the light switches, Lucy flipped them on to normal, revealing Gray. Lucy stared, her brown eyes getting bigger and bigger. “KYAH!~” she shrieked, doing her best to cover her tits and crotch with her hands, face turning crimson.


“Huh.” Lucy Ashley put her hands on her hips, studying him. “You definitely ain’t Natsu. Damn good looking though; I wonder if my Gray has a body like that under all those damn clothes he wears.”


“I’ll, uh…I’ll be going now,” Gray stammered, too flustered to care that he was only wearing his pants.


And that they suddenly seemed much tighter.


“Yes! Please!” Lucy begged, eyes squeezed shut in mortification.




Gray froze and Lucy stared as Lucy Ashley took a deep breath after bellowing her order. “I was promised a good fucking time today, emphasis on the fucking, and that’s what I’m going to get.” She pointed at Gray, who flinched slightly. “Are you seriously going to just walk out of here after seeing two smoking hot babes like us naked in front of you?!”


Locking eyes with her, Gray stared back for a long moment before nodding, feeling his resolve and lust meld together. Why shouldn’t he have some fun? How often was a situation like this going to come around.


“H-hold on-MPH!?” Lucy started to protest, before Gray ran up and caught her by surprise with a long, passionate kiss. Eyes still wide, Lucy flailed her arms for a moment before melting into his arms and kissing him back. Lucy closed her eyes and pulled Gray tighter and deeper into the kiss.


Lucy Ashley watched approvingly, her nipples hardening at the hot sight.


Moving his mouth down Lucy’s body, Gray licked and sucked on her neck, chest, and breasts, leaving small hickies behind. He fingered her at the same time, making her writhe and mewl with pleasure as he sucked on her nipple. She was taken aback by how much foreplay and focus he was giving her compared to her previous partners like Natsu, Gajeel, and Taurus.


“Oh, that feels amazing,” Lucy panted, reaching down to fumble with Gray’s pants. Glancing down, she sighed with relief. “Thank goodness. Not another monster sized dick; this looks like the perfect size.” Lucy’s body had been very sore from her recent encounters.


Gray blushed in response, and it got worse when Lucy Ashley wolf whistled. “Not bad, pretty boy. I think we both want a taste, so just sit your ass down and let us go to work.”


Collapsing back into a chair, Gray watched in awe as both blondes knelt in front of him and began worshipping his dick. Lucy Ashley sucked on his pole, while Lucy had both of his balls in his mouth, gargling them. “Fuck, that feels so damn good!” he gasped.


Lucy Ashley preened as she tried to deepthroat him, but she only got about halfway down before choking and sputtering, pulling her head back. “Shit, almost had it. You’re much bigger than my Natsu…”


“You have to relax your throat. Here, let me show you.” Lucy nudged her to the side. Taking a deep breath, she wrapped her lips around Gray’s dickhead and slowly pushed her mouth down the entire length of his cock, deepthroating him with ease as her head bobbed back and forth.


“God damn, you’re making it look easy!” Lucy Ashley proclaimed, impressed. “You’re an even bigger slut than I thought!”


After a few minutes of expert oral from Earthland Lucy, she moved aside to let her Edolas counterpart service Gray. Hoping for better success, Lucy Ashley used her tits to jerk off Gray.


Gray thought she did a good job, considering her obvious lack of experience. Occasionally, his dick slipped out from between her melons, making her growl in frustration. “Damn it! That always happens!”


Lucy giggled and nodded, taking her place again. “The trick is to have a really firm grip on your boobs; both of ours are so big, we have to really focus on keeping them in place.”


She demonstrated, her massive mounds bouncing as she pushed them against Gray’s dick. Lucy Ashley watched with surprise as Lucy Heartfilia easily kept all of Gray’s dick contained during her paizuri. Then she added a blowjob to the action, her lips stretching incredibly far as she sucked as hard as she could. Gray’s fingers dug into the seat as he panted, fighting to control himself.


“Holy fuck…that’s so damn lewd.” Lucy Ashley looked almost awestruck. “You sure have changed a lot since the last we met.” Edolas Lucy said, noting the slutty look on Lucy’s face as she sucked on the tip of Gray’s dick with incredibly stretched out lips.


Lucy grinned back at her before squealing as Gray abruptly swept her up in his arms and laid her across one of the wooden tables, knocking some of the stuff to the floor. He rubbed his dick across her pussy, making Lucy moan with desire. “Ohhh, don’t tease me Gray! Just stick it in me, please!”


Smirking, Gray slowly pushed his dick into her pussy, causing Lucy to arch her back, a louder, deeper moan escaping from her. “Yessss…”


Lucy Ashley watched, fascinated, as Gray slowly picked up the pace until he was ramming Lucy like a piston. His hands roamed all over the blonde’s body, paying special attention to her breasts and vagina. Her counterpart was soon moaning continuously, sweat dripping off of her body as she writhed and wiggled with pleasure.


Lucy could feel she was on the verge of cumming; ‘just a little more…! Almost THERE! a little bit more!!‘ Then suddenly, there was a cooling sensation, easing her back down. Confused, Lucy lifted her head, staring at Gray’s hands, which were coated in a thin layer of ice! “What? No, I can’t cum if you do that!” she whined and whimpered.


“That’s the idea,” Gray replied with a chuckle. He continued to tease Lucy like that, bringing her right to the edge of climax with his pounding cock, before his icy hands brought her back from her desired release.


“Stop! Let me cum! Please, I need it! I’ll do anything!” Lucy begged in a moaning voice, while Lucy Ashley furiously masturbated, so incredibly turned on.


“Not yet; just a little while longer,” Gray promised her, managing to pick up the pace a little more, pounding furiously into her sexhole.


After ten minutes of teasing, Lucy was sure she was going to lose her mind. Her body felt like it was about to explode! “LET ME CUM! YOU SADISTIC ICE JERK, LET ME CUM NOW!


“If thats what you really want…” At long last, Gray slammed his dick on her g-spot and allowed her to orgasm.


It was like a bomb going off.








Lucy’s banshee-like scream temporarily deafened both Gray and Lucy Ashley, who stared in shock and intrigue as her counterpart’s eyes crossed. The most blissed out expression either of them had ever seen filled Lucy’s face as she came. Her pussy squirted like a broken fire hydrant, soaking the floor with her love juices. It was a good ten minutes before it was finally over, leaving Lucy panting heavily and barely conscious.


“…that was… the most intense experience… of my life,” she said with deep breaths, voice barely audible. “What in the world… was that?!”


Sitting back down, tired as well, Gray laughed. “Well… Whenever I ate lunch here at the guild hall, I always hear Erza and Levy argue about who was better at sex, Jellal or Gajeel. Levy always won because Gajeel could use his magic while fucking, making it even better. That got me thinking, and I started experimenting. Juvia has been on a lot of missions lately, so I practiced and refined my technique in secret, hoping to surprise her on our date today.”


He shrugged. “I call it the ‘Super Orgasm’; did you like it?”


YES!!! That was the best I’ve ever felt during sex! No one has ever made me feel like that!!!” Lucy gushed excitedly. Hearts appearing over her pupils.


“And you can deliver a super orgasm every time?!”


Gray nodded, then jumped with surprise as Lucy Ashley suddenly plopped her huge tits on top of his head as she stood behind him. “You damn stud; how are you not drowning in pussy?!” she asked incredulously.


“I guess most girls care more about dick size over skill,” Gray replies with a shake of his head, Lucy Ashley’s tits rubbing his hair.


She let out a rude noise. “Well, I’m going to tell everyone how you delivered Lucy the best fuck she ever had.”


“Wait!” Both their eyes turned to Lucy, who’s face had turned red again. “You can’t do that; Natsu wouldn’t like it. Please, we gotta keep it a secret, okay?” She gave them both puppy dog eyes, making them laugh.


Gray nodded, thinking Juvia wouldn’t like it either, considering Lucy’s status as a ‘love rival.’


“And it means you can both fuck more in secret,” Lucy Ashley added slyly, making both Gray and Lucy blush and nod.


Then Earthland Lucy got a sly look of her own. “Speaking of fucking more…” Getting on all fours, she presented herself to Gray, adding a sexy wiggle for good measure.


“Oh no you don’t, bitch! I’m not getting left out this time!” Lucy Ashley growled playfully. Climbing on top of her counterpart, she threw a heated look over her shoulder. “Pick a hole, stud, because we aren’t even close to done yet!”


It was far from the date he had imagined, but Gray couldn’t bring himself to be even a little disappointed.

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30 days ago

are gray and juvia boyfriend and girlfrend

30 days ago
Reply to  anonn


1 month ago

This is pretty hot.

1 month ago

I missed this chapter and am SO HAPPY it’s back, ! Great job!

And like before, Gray got his justice and then some!

1 month ago
Reply to  Rtenzo

What does the up and up mean?

1 month ago
Reply to  Rtenzo

What does the up and up mean?

1 month ago
Reply to  Rtenzo

I would LOVE to see him use it on Juvia, to make her remember why she became a simp for him in the first place!

Or any other chick he ends up banging in this story!

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YES! Legit one of my favorite old school FT chapters with my boy Gray finally getting his time to shine. Despite not having a monster sized cock hes still no slouch giving Lucy probably her most mind shattering orgasm of her life after all that edging. And seeing them also become secret fuck buddies in contrast to Natsu and Juvia…. I honestly may enjoy this one much more

Dr. Pervert
Dr. Pervert
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Glad to see this back! Though, with these titled “special editions”, I’m always hoping a little is added each time.

Any chance Edo Lucy is actually going to ride the bigger Natsu dick she came for?

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Dr. Pervert
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What about Edo Lucy and Ugly Bastard?

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Nice to see gray finally get some action, and thus begins this behind the back relationship. I always have wondered if everyone just likes fucking so much why do they need to do these behind each others back, just a thought I’ve had.

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Well I hope they’ll be able to stop hiding it one day and everyone will get a happy ending, I would really hate if any of these relationships get broken.

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Double Lucy action?!