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Chapter 25: Double Booked Banging

Written by SailorIo

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Connor J O'Carroll
1 year ago

hey RTenzo a few days ago i noticed new Himiko Toga artwork/posts on R34 sites & was wondering if those r leaks from an upcoming BNHA story chapter??

also still any word on the Chance/% of (Fire Force) & (Demon Slayer) 1 day appearing here???

& if the guy’s who i think it it Himiko/Tetsutetsu is an weird ship at 1st glance but i’m (Curious) 2 c where it goes

Last edited 1 year ago by Connor J O'Carroll
1 year ago

Amazing job with this new artwork of 10T, Rtenzo! Including her doing a spitroasts sex and her huge voluptuous body is amazingly attractive as always especially her spectacularly massive tits. I also liked how her huge round ass is squeezed and pounded on the right side, while her mouth and throat are getting stuffed by a long massive, presumably Izuku’s, cock on the left, plus the broken choker is a great touch. Oh and the latex outfit with long gloves and thigh-high boots is amazing too. But the most noticeable, is her without her hero mask and just like with Midnight, makes she even more appealing. Again amazing job! 😁👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

1 year ago

Finally you drew 10t, one of the favorite female characters. I hope to see her in yuri mode as well. Thank you Rtenzo. Good job.

1 year ago

haber haber haber primero
Esta la hermosa y tetona Midnight con sus enormes tetas de sandía con una X negra en sus pezones, además se ve INCREÍBLEMENTE sexy con esas botas y guantes de látex que cubren sus brazos y piernas

Además el entorno es precioso y esa la del fondo es yuu en una jaula, jaja ya me imagino a Yuu bailando desnuda en esa jaula estaría genial 🥵🔥👌🏻

si no mal equivoco pertenecía a las historias anteriores !! pero está genial volvió una imagen antigua 😍!!

Y luego está !!La hermosa y increíble tetona de Tetas !!ME ENCANTÓ COMO SE VE CON ESAS ENORMES TETAS Y SIENDO FOLLADA!! o iluminación y entorno no se quedan atrás están perfectos 👌🏻🥰🔥

No puedo esperar a poder comprar o encargar dibujos si puedo tener imágenes así gastaré lo que sea 😀

Calificacion: 20/10 y God 😎👍🏻👌🏻🔥😻

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
1 year ago

Ahhh, spitroasts… what’s not to like about them? Not only does it feature a girl in a really beautiful position with all her chocolate sides on display, but it also has two men who can take advantage of her. And Tetas is such a good choice for the job. Her huge tits and ass make for an absolutely stunning sight that gets enhanced to near perfection by the atmospheric lighting. Save to say that I like how her outfit reflects the light. Other details like the fingers of the guy behind her sinking into her soft butt and her choker snapping due to Midoriya’s sheer girth are just another added highlight. Beautiful makeup version with a nice tattoo on her butt. The lipstick marks on Midoriya’s dick and the other guy’s groin look quite nice and the words on her ass are quite fitting. Quite a small amount of cum for such a big pair of cow udders though, don’t you think?! Ah, nevermind. Sometimes less is more and I still love how it oozes out of her mouth and down her legs.

So, yeah… quite the fan of spitroasts and the lighting in this one.