Rtenzo & Ero-Enzo – Fanart and Hentai
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4 years ago

An idea i had for a future chapter where Matsu, Mai and Xavier have make up sex, the girls do some light ‘cuck teasing’, telling him about the cocks they had. Xavier gets even more aroused but then answers by talking about the asses he got. Then they start fucking wildly, even hotter from all the teasing.

4 years ago

I really love her design. Scars are always weirdly sexy to me, and it plays well into her personal story about overcoming severe health problems and struggle.

The writing’s not as clunky as it used to be, and I enjoy that she’s characterized as a good person while still being a slight antagonist to others. And her relationship with her sister is very well-realized, adding more dimensions and so on.

The sex work thing, while clearly absolutely core and key to the setting, is still a stumbling block to my enjoyment. I’m not a fan in general. It’s fine; you don’t have to make a story and characters just for me, specifically. But it’s also why the whole exotic dancer/porn star angle doesn’t do much for me.

A general success.

Lew Hawks
4 years ago

Rtenzo: It Was Worth It To Wait
Me: It was worth it, counted every damn second.

Haha! I was dying to say that.
Your Art is Magic, Keep It Up 😎✌️