They Came They Named

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“She’s really getting big, isn’t she?” Cheelai asked as she looked at the baby growing inside the nursing capsule. It was a girl with green skin a few shades lighter than Cheelai’s, and steel gray hair that floated around her head like a halo.


“Indeed. The capsule does accelerate the growth just a little. Normally in your species’ case she would still be in the early fetal stages.” explained Bulma, the blue haired woman that was the wife of that Vegeta guy. Cheelai hadn’t really spoken to her much, but she seemed nice, unlike her hotheaded battle nut of a husband.


They were inside the “Barn” on Bulma’s property on Planet Busteez. It really did look like a barn from the outside, at least from the images Cheelai had seen of one on that planet called Earth. The inside however looked more like a medical bay in the Frieza Force HQ. Steel floors, and rows and rows of healing chambers, well, nursing pods in this case, but the layout was similar. Most of the pods were empty, with only a little over a dozen currently occupied by babies at varying stages of development.


“You said her name is Letus, right?” Bulma asked her.


Cheelai nodded, “Yes. I let Broly pick. He said it was his mother’s name, or so his father told him.”


“Aww,” said Bulma as she wrote something down on the tablet computer she carried. “That’s sweet.”


“Whatcha writing in there, anyway?” Cheelai asked.


“Just making some notes. You still haven’t picked a name for the new one right?” Bulma explained. Cheelai nodded and Bulma made a few more notations before saying, “We might need a name generator or something, since a lot of these babies are going unnamed.”


“How many?” Cheelai asked curiously as she walked over to Bulma. The blue haired woman was dressed in a sexy pair of thong panties, a white lab coat, slippers, and nothing else. Her big tits hung out for all to see, the pink nipples stiff from the cool air of the ‘barn’. Cheelai still found human colorings to be a little odd. Her skin was a pale color, but her nipples were a bright pink. ‘So strange.’ she thought.


Cheelai herself wasn’t dressed all that differently, wearing only a “fetish” swimsuit that consisted of a pair of sticky circles that covered the nipples of her heavy breasts. With that the “bottoms” was a patch of fabric that covered her crotch, but it wasn’t a pair of panties. Instead the fabric was on a triangle of wire frame secured in place by what was called a buttplug. She found it in one of the many shops in South City, normally she wouldn’t wear such a ridiculous outfit, but Broly seemed to like it, so she just rolled with it.


Bulma held out the tablet for her to look at. On it was a list of names in sets of pairs.


Cheelai x Broly: Letus (Girl), Unnamed Boy
Vados x Roshi: Nephilim (Girl), Raphael (Boy)
Chichi x Trunks: Elze (Girl), Linze (Girl)
Bulma x Beerus: Unnamed Boy
Bulma x Goten: Unnamed Girl
Bulma x Krillin: Thong (Girl)
Android 18 x Krillin: Unnamed Boy, Unnamed Girl
Android 18 x Gohan: Unnamed Girl
Videl x Krillin: Unnamed Boy
Videl x Beerus: Unnamed Girl
Videl x Goten: Bentu (Boy)
Videl x Trunks: Unnamed Boy


Sixteen babies in all, with only a few being proper brothers or sisters, with the others only sharing a single parent. Normally, something like this might bother Cheelai, but it was the point on this planet. Cheelai then walked over to the girls named Elze and Linze. The information on the tablet marked them as fraternal twins, although the older sister would only be decided by whomever was released from the capsule first.


When she looked next to the twins, another pair of babies were inside their capsules. One was a boy, while the other was a girl, both had baby blue skin and platinum blonde hair. Both very closely resembled their mother, that sharp tongued angel woman named Vados. She was someone else Cheelai had only spoken with briefly, basically only when she had Letus removed from her belly and placed in the capsule. Her newly conceived son had been moved into his capsule by that Whis fellow.


Looking at the list again, Cheelai smirked, “You got it on with Lord Beerus?” she asked.


“Yeah, and it’s not something I wanna try again. That’s just too dangerous. Dying really sucks, you know?” said Bulma.


“Not really, no, and I hope not to ever find out anytime soon.” Cheelai answered.


“Oh right, I forgot you’re not from Earth.” said Bulma.


THAT struck Cheelai as odd, although it was pretty obvious, what with her emerald skin and all. Though from everything she’d heard about the Earth from her brief conversations with Goku and watching those Earth Movies in her spare time, Cheelai wasn’t sure she would ever want to live there.


She handed the tablet back to Bulma and looked over to her son’s capsule. The baby was still not really recognizable, he was barely bigger than her thumb. Oddly enough however, Cheelai never really thought about having children, and now she was technically a mother of two!


“If you’re considering Saiyan names, Negi might work.” Bulma said as she wrote on the tablet again. “Vegeta gave me a huge list of traditional saiyan names.”


“I’ll talk to Broly about it.” Cheelai said absently.


“How is he, by the way?” Bulma asked, “He adjusting to life here alright?”


Cheelai nodded, “He’s fine, he really likes the water.” When Bulma gave her a confused look Cheelai explained further, “Growing up on Vampa, he didn’t have water in the regular sense. He lived on the blood of the creatures that inhabit the world.”


“How awful…” Bulma said, with real sympathy in her eyes, “Now I know why Goku asked me for those housing supplies and everything.”


Cheelai nodded and looked at her list again, “Thong, that’s a cute name.” she said, “And Krillin, that’s the little guy with the really big dick, right?”


“How’d you know?” Bulma asked.


“I talk to some of the other girls when they come through South City sometimes.” Cheelai said.


“Hey, you have any clue who wished for that, by the way?” Bulma asked at the mention of South City.


“No clue, I thought one of your friends did.” replied Cheelai.


“No one claimed it, but maybe it was Beerus.” Bulma said. “Anyway, yeah, Thong was the result of one of our wishes not being worded right. Not that I’m really complaining, it IS the point of all of us being here.”


“Right. Anyway, I just came to check on them, I’ll be back in South City if you need to find me.” Cheelai told her, she then began to leave, but stopped, reaching out for the tablet Bulma held. The blue haired woman handed it to her and Cheelai made a minor edit to the names listed.


Cheelai x Broly: Letus (Girl), Negi (Boy)


“I’ll let Broly pick the next one again.” she said, handing the tablet back to her.


Bulma nodded as she took the tablet back, “See you next time.”


“I’m sure there will be.” Cheelai said only half sarcastically.


The glaring sun shone down from on high, it was just a little past noon now, and Cheelai was feeling a little hungry. There was a small two seater hovercraft parked outside the barn, since she didn’t have any pockets on her current outfit, Cheelai had left it in its deployed state. Climbing inside, she started the engine and lifted up several dozen meters in the air before turning south. The hovercraft shot off like a rocket, the ground beneath little more than a blur. South City was due south of Bulma’s “farm” for lack of a better word. And at these speeds, she’d be home in a few minutes.


Cheelai leaned back in her seat, smiling slightly at the feel of the butt plug in her ass as it shifted slightly. “Nmmmmh…” she moaned softly, leaning back a little more and spreading her legs wider. She idly began rubbing at her pussy through the fabric covering it, imagining Broly’s huge, thick, Saiyan dick.


“Ahhh…” Cheelai moaned again, slipping her fingers under the bikini “bottom” and masturbating directly. She could feel the heat between her legs growing with every passing second as she easily slipped her fingers deep into her damp pussy. She noticed a subtle glow reflecting off the windscreen and looked down at her pelvis. A strange mark glowed a faint pink just above her pussy.


“Huh…?” Cheelai murmured, still moving her fingers in and out of her pussy as she moved her other hand up to grope at her breast. She peeled off the pasty covering her nipple, pulling her tit up and sucking on the stiff nub of dark green flesh. ‘This shouldn’t be happening,’ she thought, ‘I just got pregnant, that weird curse thing shouldn’t react again for a month!


The emerald skinned beauty moaned again as she swirled her tongue around her own nipple, loving the feel of it getting stiffer in her mouth. She then reached her hand over to peel off the other pasty. Her newly exposed nipple stiffened almost instantly as she began bucking her hips against her fingers.


“Haaaahn…” Cheelai moaned as she spread the lips of her pussy wide with her fingers before pushing them deeper inside.




She wanted a dick. Bad!


Sitting up in her seat slightly, Cheelai continued sucking her own tit as she punched the accelerator to the max with her foot. She moaned again as the boost in speed pressed her back against her seat as she bucked against her hand, her pussy letting out a powerful burst of juices. The green skinned girl chewed at her lower lip as she pumped her fingers in and out faster, the heat inside only getting stronger.


HMMMMMN!!!” Cheelai squealed, grabbing the crotch of her suit and pulling it off. The plug in her ass popped out with a soft wet noise and she could feel her asshole gaping slightly as she had a small, unsatisfying orgasm.


A soft tone told her that she’d be at her destination shortly as the craft slowed down and began its descent. From the front of the cockpit bubble, she could see Broly already standing out by the edge of the city. He must have sensed her approach, though Cheelai still wondered how the Saiyan’s could do that without a scouter. The big Saiyan waved his arm as the craft slowly approached the ground. Broly was dressed only in that pelt he always wore, the one that belonged to his creature friend on Vampa.


Her violet eyes locked on his freely hanging dick and Cheelai licked her lips slowly, already imagining that thing hard and inside her. She didn’t even wait for the auto-pilot to land the hovercraft, pushing open the cockpit door, Cheelai jumped out. Broly moved in the blink of an eye, moving up to catch her easily as she wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged her naked body against his.


“Mmmmmmmh, fuck me, you big lug!” she said before kissing him hard, loving the feel of his body against hers. He was so firm and warm, it turned her on to no end! Even his smell was so arousing, Cheelai felt she might cum just from kissing him alone! The two lovers fell back to the ground with a dull thud. Cheelai grunted slightly from the impact, and if Broly felt anything at all, he didn’t show it.


Cheelai didn’t wait, scooting her body down Broly’s and grabbing that huge dick. Even soft, the thing was as thick as her arm as she pressed her big heavy tits around it. Broly’s reaction followed in an instant as his cock began getting hard between them. Cheelai licked her lips again before opening her mouth wide and swallowing the top of his cock down her throat.


NMMMMMMPH!!!” she moaned in utter bliss. She then moved to take his cock deeper, loving the feel of it filling her mouth and throat as it continued getting thicker and harder. “HMMMMMPH, AGUUUUEH, MMMMMMPH, AGUUUH, NMMMMMPH…” she moaned and slurped at his dick, slowly bobbing her head up and down, making sure to add extra suction every time she pulled her head back up. She loved the feel of her lips pulling away from her face as his cock dragged across her tongue.


“Haah, ah.. Che… Cheelai…” he groaned, and Cheelai smirked inwardly, she knew just what he liked by now as she kept her heavy tits pressed around his cock while slowly pulling her head back. She used them to gently stroke the portion of his length not between her lips, swirling her tongue around the tip as she began speeding up her movements.


MMMMMPH, GUH, NMMMMPH, GUG, HMMMPH, GWEH, GRMMPH…” Cheelai moaned, loving the feel of his cock moving through her throat, making her neck bulge with its sheer girth!


“Haaah… Ahhhh….” groaned Broly and Cheelai began moving her head faster, her lips making wet smacking noises as she pulled her head up higher and higher until her face pulled free. She gasped for breath and quickly moved to lick the length of his cock from the base to tip.


“So bhiiig…!” she purred lustfully, and it was no ego booster at all, Broly was fucking HUGE! His dick was longer than her arm and nearly twice as thick, and he hadn’t even gone Super Saiyan yet. Her jaw ached with a delicious pain as she moved to like his cock up and down, still stroking it with her massive green tits. Her pussy was so aroused right now that her juices were running down her thighs in an unending trickle.


“Ahhh, feels, so good…” he gasped haltingly.


“Mmmmmh, yeah, you like that?” Cheelai asked, “Like my soft titties on your big hard cock?”


He nodded and Cheelai began kissing her way over his length, “Ahhhh, I love this thing. My pussy’s sooooo hungry now Broly…” she said in a slightly hammed up girly tone. Her pussy was so worked up, she almost couldn’t think anymore. The mark over her womb was glowing so brightly it felt almost hot.


Cheelai moved to sit up on her knees with her legs spread wide. Using both hands, she reached down to pry open the folds of her pussy, showing off the dark green skin and the overflowing juices. She slowly circled her left index finger over her clit, moaning lewdly at the feeling as just that minor contact alone was making her cum!


“See how wet and juicy I am?” she asked playfully, “Nmmmmmh, I want it… Now…” Broly was panting now, his cock bulging at the sides as it twitched in the air. Cheelai licked her lips slowly, erotically as she gazed down at him, “Do it.” she said with complete certainty.


UUUURRRAAAAAGH!!!!!” Broly roared like a wild beast, his entire body emitting a golden glow that had a slightly greenish hue to it. His muscles all bulked out, turning him from a well built healthy man to a massive hulk. His normally black messy hair began standing on end in a still messy, but now distinct pattern. It glowed the same greenish golden glow as the rest of his body as his cock grew even bigger and thicker! Easily as long as her leg and thick as her thigh.


Broly reached out and grabbed Cheelai with one hand, lifting her up as though she were just a ragdoll, then slamming her down on his cock! The massive length speared into her with the force of a battering ram, stretching Cheelai’s belly up with a distinctive phallic shape.


HWEEEEGH!!!!” Cheelai squealed through clenched teeth, her eyes rolling back in their sockets at the sudden blinding jolt of pleasure, the sensation of complete and utter fullness! “AGAAAAHHH, AHHHHH, FUUUUUUCK!!!!” she then howled as Broly began pulling her up and off his cock again. It felt as though she were being turned inside out, but it felt so good as well she couldn’t have kept from moaning if she tried. Broly then shoved his cock back inside with a wet squish, and Cheelai opened her mouth wide, screaming in pleasure as her tongue lolled from her lips.


YES!!! DO IT MORE, DON’T STOOOOP!!! AHH FUUCK, FUUUUUUCK, HARDER, FUCK ME HARDER BROLYYYY!!!!” Cheelai screamed in pleasure as Broly began pumping her up and down on his cock, using her like a dick sleeve.


HAAAH, HURRR, HAAAH HAH, AHHHHHHH!!!!” Broly roared like a beast, gripping her waist tight and slamming her up and down. The massive distention in her belly rose and fell with her as she could only hold on.


YES, YESYESYES, MORE, DEEPER, HARDER, OH FUUUUCK, MY PUSSY IS CONFORMING TO YOUR COOOOCK!!! FEELS SO GOOD, CUMMING, YOU’RE MAKING ME CUUUUUM!!! AHHHAAAAAH!!!” Cheelai screamed in ecstasy as a sweet delicious orgasm rocked through her like an energy blast. She could feel the power coming off of Broly’s dick, moving through her like waves as her head moved back and forth from the force of his thrusts.


SHIIIIT, FUUUUUCK, COOOOCK, CUUUMMMMM!!!!!” Cheelai howled, unable to string words together as she came again and again, her entire body shaking in pleasure now as she lost count of her orgasms. Her pussy felt so good, not to mention so full, his cock was so big it felt like he was crushing her organs. Drool freely ran down her chin as she panted hard, grabbing her own tits and squeezing them roughly.


HAH, HAH, HAH, HAH, HURR, HURR, HURR, HURRRAAAAAGH!!!!” Broly roared again, his body putting out a brighter glow as Cheelai felt his cock growing bigger inside her.


OOOOOOOOH, HAAAAAAAAAH, FUUUUUUCK, I’M CUMMING, I’M CUMMINGGGGH!!!! YESSSS, MORE BROLY, MORE, MOREMOREMORE!!! AHHH FUCK, CUM IN MEEE, KNOCK ME UP AGAAAAIN!!! AHHHH, YESSSS, THIS FEELS AMAZINGGGH!!!” Cheelai screamed as she squeezed her tits even harder, her fingers sinking deep into the soft mounds.


CUMMINGH, CUMMING!!! I’M CUMMING, CUMMING, CUMMING, CUMMING, OOOOH GO~D!!!!” she moaned as Broly roared again, sounding like some kind of demon as he slammed his huge dick all the way into her. Cheelai’s toes curled inward as she leaned her head back and howled with him! She could feel his cum pumping into her, rapidly flooding every inch of her womb with his potent seed.


“Aaaahhaaaa, so mush cummm…” she moaned weakly, rubbing her hands over her distended stomach. The glowing mark on her body dimmed then quickly faded entirely as she felt the maddening arousal she experienced finally let up. A sense of exhaustion washed over her in such a powerful way that she almost passed out right then and there.


Broly held her like that for a couple of minutes before slowly pulling her up and off his cock.




His dick slipped out of Cheelai’s cunt with a wet sucking noise before a huge flood of cum poured back out of her. The feeling of his cum pouring out made Cheelai climax all over again as Broly laid her down on top of him. The glow of his Super Saiyan form faded and he seemed to deflate as his body returned to normal.


It was another few minutes before Broly spoke. “Cheelai?”


“Nmmh?” she replied, still enjoying the afterglow of so many orgasms.


“I was thinking about our son…” he told her.


“Oh, did you have a name?” she asked.


“Negi, it’s the name of a friend my father told me about.” Broly said.


Cheelai grinned widely as she pushed herself up and looked down at him, “I think that’ll be nice.” she said innocently before leaning down to kiss his lips softly.


(Story by User: SailorIo)

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1 month ago

could we see cheelai or the universe 6 saiyans get fucked by other characters sometime?

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
1 month ago

Nice return to DB. I like the focus on the children at the beginning, since they’re essentially the reason this entire plot happens. Would feel kinda weird to leave them out, so it only makes sense to check in on them every now and then (it even makes me wonder if we will get to see some of them joining in on the fun sometime in the future, with how fast they’re growing and all). Either way, I really like the sex between Cheelai and her favorite fuck-buddy/lover and the mistery as to why the mark suddenly started glowing, making her all horny and stuff. It gives the story some action and mystery that is somewhat missing in, let’s say MHA for example.

Lovely new chapter to the series. I hope you’re doing well.

1 month ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

Well, I have plans for a plot in the next “season” of MHA. As for the mystery, you might be disappointed by the explanation of what happened.

Dr. Pervert
Dr. Pervert
1 month ago

Android 18 needs to do more babymaking!

Roshi! Figure it out!

1 month ago
Reply to  Dr. Pervert

Roshi is plenty busy with a certain horny angel.

1 month ago

Still surprised we haven’t seen any of Goku nor Vegeta yet in this story. Not sure if Enzo is saving them for later maybe with Caulifa and Kale? … Having them all fuse and then fuck would be a cool idea

1 month ago
Reply to  souljamantwn

Been waiting for Kale or Caulifla to use them.

1 month ago

One piece shirahoshi

1 month ago
Reply to  Ddwww


1 month ago

Another great entry in the dragon ball series! Though I am curious do you ever plan to partner cheelai with anyone other than broly?

1 month ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Probably not. The reason I keep her with him is because he’s the only one she really trusts. She’s getting a little closer to some of the other women, but she doesn’t trust Goku or Vegeta at all.

1 month ago

The Legendary Devourer returns boys, ya love to see it

1 month ago
Reply to  Xclesior