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Beach Breeding with Beerus

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Dragon Ball stories)
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Walking around the “Birthing Chamber” as it had come to be called, Bulma Briefs sighed. Dressed only in a pair of panties, she looked at the readouts on the row of Nursing Capsules as they were called. Apparently they were widely used on Vegeta’s homeworld and before that on Planet Sadala to incubate and prepare Saiyan children. For more than a hundred generations, Saiyan women hadn’t given birth naturally. Bulma could scarcely imagine it, well, that was until Whis had taken Bulla painlessly from her womb.


While the means of doing so were different, the principal was the same, to free the women up to do other tasks. In the Saiyan’s case it was to allow them to fight more. Though Bulma suspected that someone else had developed the technology and the Saiyan’s just adopted it for their needs. Whatever the reason, for the Carnal Coitus Plan, they served a much greater function.


Mass production.


No matter how fertile the women, or how virile the men, only so many babies could be produced a year. With the nursing capsules, a woman could make at least one child a month. ‘It’s better than my previous idea.’ she thought as she looked down at her belly. The once flat and neatly toned area was now just a bit pudgy and hung over the shoestring panties she had on.


Using what she could remember of her future self’s notes, along with readings from the Hyperbolic Time Chamber on Kami’s Lookout, Bulma had made a temporal bubble generator. It’s purpose was to accelerate time inside a confined space. Like for instance a woman’s womb.


It worked, the baby she’d conceived with Krillin had grown from a fertilized egg to a fetus ready to be moved into the Nursing Capsule in just a few hours. Only when she called Vados to help her with the move did the angel tell her that a zygote could be moved into the capsule right away!


Bulma sighed again, scribbling a few notes onto her clipboard. She then checked the status of the other infants developing inside the Birthing Chamber. There was Broly and Cheelai’s daughter Letus, the first baby conceived on Busteez. In spite of only being a few weeks old, she was already a recognizable infant with very light green skin and ash gray hair.


Nephilim, Roshi’s daughter with Vados (Something Bulma still had trouble believing), was developing even faster than Letus. Bulma assumed that had something to do with the fact she was part angel. Also present was the as yet unnamed son of Android 18 and Krillin, also Bulma’s daughter with Krillin whom she’d decided to name Thong.


“Bulma, hey Bulma you in here!?” called the voice of Videl. Bulma walked out from the row of Nursing Capsule’s and saw the dark haired woman walking into the barn where the Birthing Chamber was located. She too was dressed only in a pair of shoestring panties like the ones Bulma had on and little else. The style of panties had become rather normal on Busteez, namely due to the fact that the only people on this planet knew each other rather well, and that having clothes easily removed was a bit of a time saver.


“Over here.” she called back.


Videl spotted her and walked over, “How’s my and Chichi’s babies doing?” she asked.


“I was just about to check on them. I still can’t believe Trunks made a wish with that dragon.” Bulma told her.


Videl giggled, “Boys will be boys, besides, it had the wanted effect.” she told her.


“Yeah, I suppose…” Bulma agreed as she walked with Videl, noticing with a smirk that the girl’s breasts were quite a ways larger than the last time she saw her. Each one was nearly as big as her entire torso!


“So, you wish for those or did Gohan?” Bulma asked.


“I did, Gilgamat is very accommodating when you word things right.” Videl said. “I always wanted a pair this big, but I never liked the idea of surgery and implants. Was afraid the weight might throw my balance off.” she explained as she hefted her massive tits in her hands, her fingers sinking into them as she squeezed. “Mmmmmh, and they feel so nice too!”


“Yeah, I know, though I could’ve done without the mind-numbing urges that came with them when I did something similar.” Bulma said with an annoyed tone.


Videl snickered, “Yeah, I heard about that from 18, that was a riot!”


“Biiiii…!” Bulma said, sticking out her tongue and pulling her left eyelid down.


“Oh relax, you fixed it a day later. On that note, has Vegeta calmed down yet?” Videl asked as they went to the next row of Nursing Capsules.


“Yeah, I just had to remind him he’d be messing around with those saiyan girls as well and I wasn’t getting mad about it.” Bulma told her.


“Oh right, I forgot to tell you, we’re gonna be meeting Beerus and Whis at the beach later. Lord Beerus would like an update on everything over dinner.” Videl told her.


Bulma hugged her own large breasts against herself, “N-No fair! My beach body isn’t ready!” she said, then groaned, “I always have to take Whis and Lord Beerus out for dinner…”


“Well, you are the one who can afford to have so much food shipped here on the regular.” Videl told her with a grin. “It’ll be fine, a little sun, a nice quiet beach, you can do some running to work this off!” she said, reaching over to pinch the woman’s slightly pudgy belly.


“Hey, I didn’t know we could put them in the capsules right after they were conceived!” Bulma shot back, “I thought my little time compression bubble was a rather good idea!”


“Eh, a little too science fiction-y. Also, didn’t that Beerus guy warn you about time travel or something?” Videl asked.


“It wasn’t time travel, it was time compression, a lot like that thing on Kami’s Lookout that our husbands are always using. That’s where I got the idea.” Bulma explained.


“Oh right, Gohan offered to let me train there once, but I don’t like the idea of aging a year in a day.” Videl said.


“Tell me about it!” Bulma agreed, she then looked down at herself again and sighed, “Ahh, fuck it, I’ll just go as is.”



Several hundred kilometers from where The Birthing Chambers were housed, one of the most beautiful beaches Bulma had ever seen stretched out as far as the eye could see. Not a trace of pollution sullied the waters. She really needed to launch a satellite into orbit so she could map the surface of this planet. Off in the distance, someone apparently had wished an entire city into existence. The blue haired woman hoped that wish included protection from the elements. Without a population, nature would rapidly reclaim all of the buildings.


Hey, isn’t this where that Broly guy and his girlfriend live?” Videl asked.


“I think they live around the equator, but it might not be here specifically, it’s a big planet after all.” Bulma told her, “Though if they are here, I bet Cheelai moved them into one of the buildings over there.” she said, pointing over to the city.


“Indeed, they are in the city currently,” said an effeminate male voice. Bulma turned around to see Whis and Beerus walking over to them. “Oh my, aren’t we dressing rather scandalously, ohohohoho!” Whis said with a giggle.


Bulma placed her hands on her hips and turned to look at the Destruction God and his Angel attendant. “It’s the latest in women’s fashion on this world.” she said confidently.


“Really, is that so?” asked Beerus as he let out a soft yawn. “Well, I suppose it does make things quicker.” he said as he looked to Whis, “Whis, set things up for us would you?”


“Right away, my Lord.” said Whis as he tapped his scepter on the ground. With a soft flash a table and several chairs materialized out of nowhere.


“I trust you’ve brought a suitably delicious meal?” Beerus asked, his voice tinged with the usual vague threat.


“Now now, my Lord, you cannot destroy this world, at least not until the Carnal Coitus Plan has had a decent time to come to fruition.” chastised Whis.


“I know that! If it doesn’t meet my tastes I’ll just destroy the Earth!” Beerus shot back at the angel.


“Ah, very good then.” Whis replied.


Bulma suppressed the urge to roll her eyes and just smiled as she held up a small capsule, “Have I let you down once yet?” she asked. She then depressed the button on one end of the capsule and set it down on one of the tables Whis had produced. With a loud POOF and WHOOSH followed by a cloud of steam, the entire table was filled with a spread of various types of Pizza.


“Hmm, this is the Pizza dish Goku brought once, but they look different.” said Beerus as he leaned over the table looking at the variety of pizza’s Bulma had had made by her personal chef. She’d hired him right out of some seriously exclusive cooking school with a less than 10% graduation rate. Bulma would have liked to hire his brother as well, but he’d gone home to run their family restaurant.


“Well yeah, there’s a near infinite number of ways to make a pizza.” Bulma told him, “The ingredients used and what combination can make vastly different kinds of flavors ranging from sweet, to savory, salty, spicy, you name it.”


“Reeeeaaally, my, what a versatile dish. I shall have to sample them all.” said Beerus as he went to the first slice on the table. “And what is this one?”


“That’s one of the more simple ones, a basic cheese pizza that uses three different kinds of cheese and a special herbal blend in the sauce.” Bulma told him as Beerus picked up a slice and took a bite. His reaction was immediate as his entire body shivered as if an electric current had been run through it.


MMMMMMMMMMMMH!!! Delicious! I can actually taste the differences in the cheese. It’s nothing like the kind on the first pizza I sampled not too long ago. There’s both a saltiness and a sweetness that are melding and enhancing one another in perfect harmony!” he said before devouring the entire slice in another two bites.


“Please, do pace yourself, my lord.” Whis said, though his tone said he knew the Destruction God wouldn’t listen. Bulma then explained the various toppings of three other varieties. Beerus seemed to enjoy the next more than the last every time. When he reached the anchovy pizza, Bulma warned that it wasn’t a topping everyone found all that delicious, but Beerus took one bite before devouring the entire pie!


UUUUUURP!” Beerus belched loudly as he finished the pizza, “Ahhhh, that was most delicious, and surprisingly filling.”


“That would be the bread.” said Whis, “Thankfully this pizza dish is one of only a few Earth dishes that reheat quite well, so when you are hungry again you can continue sampling the varieties.”


“Hmm, ah yes.” said Beerus as he began picking some of the cheese from between his teeth with one clawed finger.


“Well Milord, now that you have had your fill for the time being, perhaps now would be an opportune time to discuss the ‘other’ matter?” Whis pressed the god.


“Hmm? Oh right, that.” Beerus said in a mildly annoyed tone.


“Huh, what other matter?” Videl asked as she took a bite of a plain pepperoni pizza slice.


“Lord Zeno has taken an interest in the Carnal Coitus Saga plan and has requested that Lord Beerus produce an heir with one of the women of Busteez.” Whis explained.


“It’s not like I’m planning on retiring anytime soon, I don’t see the need for an heir.” Beerus complained.


“Well, a Destruction Demigod would take at least a few hundred years before he or she was even ready to begin training. So it’s not an unreasonable request, Milord.” Whis told him.


“Yes yes, there is that.” Beerus said then turned to Bulma, “You should feel honored, I have selected you to be the mother of the next God of Destruction.”


EEEEEEEEHHH!?!?” Bulma and Videl shouted together.


“Well, Lord Beerus was told to find a strong woman to have his offspring with, you should be rather flattered, Lady Bulma.” Whis said with a smile.


“Whoa whoa whoa, I’m not saying no or anything yet, but is that safe?” Bulma said, waving her arms in front of herself. “I mean, Beerus can destroy a mountain if he sneezes wrong!”


“Huh, well that’s surprising Bulma, I would’ve expected you to turn him down flat.” said Videl.


“If we were still on Earth I would,” said Bulma, “But this is kinda the point of us even being here. Besides, I already had Krillin’s kid, and I fully expect to end up having one with Goku and possibly even Gohan.”


Videl raised an eyebrow at the last bit of that but didn’t say anything else as Whis responded, “Lord Beerus is quite well versed in mating practices, and in the unlikely event of an accident, I can perform a Temporal Do Over, I’ve been authorized by the Grand Minister to have an unlimited use for this project alone.”


“Oh, well, I guess that’s a relief, but um, can I ask a favor before I agree?” said Bulma.


“And that would be?” pressed Beerus.


“If you do have to do that ‘do over’ thing, can I please not remember it, I remember dying enough for a few lifetimes.” said Bulma.


“Oh my yes, of course, that’s a simple matter.” promised Whis.


“Alright, so, you got a place in mind, or would right here be alright?” Bulma asked Beerus.


“Here is fine. Gods needn’t stand on ceremony in things like this.” Beerus said.


“Really? My sister said that the pageantry was the most interesting part of this.” commented Whis.


“Count me in too.” added Videl, when Bulma turned to her she just smiled and said, “Like I’d let you do this alone.”


Bulma smiled back at her, “Thanks Videl,” she then looked to Beerus and Whis, “That’s okay right?”


“Two heir’s will please Lord Zeno, probably. It’s hard to know what he’s thinking in the moment.” Beerus said as he snapped his fingers and a purple tinted wave of energy rippled in the air around him. In seconds his clothes were completely destroyed. For someone who ate as much as Buu could, he was incredibly thin and muscular. But what surprised Bulma more was the fact that his dick looked entirely human, aside from the fact that it was purple. She’d half expected it to be like a cat’s, all sheathed and possibly with some nubby spines along the length.


“So uh,” Beerus said, scratching the underside of his chin, “How exactly do we do this?”


Bulma and Videl both fell flat on their backs, “ARE YOU SERIOUS!?” they asked him.


“I’m a God of Destruction, not some petty mortal with barely one century of life. Reproducing isn’t exactly a high priority!” Beerus shot back.


Bulma blinked her deep blue eyes, when she thought about it, that was actually rather logical. She’d known Beerus for a little over a year now, so it was still hard to fathom just how old he was exactly. In fact, Buu was some thousands of years old, but his child-like demeanor made that easy to forget. She turned to look over at Videl and saw the dark haired young woman smiling at her. The pair nodded to one another before they stripped off the thong panties both of them had on.


“Don’t worry,” they said together, “We’ll help you out.”


The two women moved in closer, backing Beerus over to one of the lounge chairs and lying him back on it. Bulma took the lead, kneeling down near Beerus’ waist and taking his soft cock in her hand. It was hot to the touch, as though Beerus’ body temp was several degrees above her own. Gripping it gently, Bulma began stroking his cock slowly, smirking slightly as she heard the god groan slightly.


Time to see what we’re dealing with!’ thought Bulma as she opened her mouth and slurped Beerus cock between her lips.


“Oh, oooooh…” groaned Beerus as Bulma swallowed his entire length into her mouth.


“Going right for it, eh?” asked Videl as she knelt on Beerus’ opposing side.


“Mmmmhmmmmph… Hmmmmph, mmmmph, shlurp, hmmmmph, shlurp, mmmmmmmph…” moaned Bulma as she slowly moved her head up and down, keeping a constant suction on his cock as she felt it getting thicker and stiffer in her mouth. Videl then busied herself fondling the god’s fat balls.


“Ooooh, ahhhh…” Beerus groaned again, his cock getting thicker and harder with every motion of Bulma’s head.


“Oh my, seem’s you are enjoying yourself Milord.” Whis commented as he stood off to one side.


“What is this sensation?” Beerus groaned softly.


HMMMMMPH, MMMMPH, SHLUUURP, MMMMPH, SHLUUURP…” Bulma moaned around his cock as it swelled and swelled in her mouth until it reached its full length. She then pulled her mouth free and gasped, “Ahhhh, oh my, very nice!” she said as she moved to hold her forearm up against Beerus’ cock. It easily reached from her elbow to past her fist and was just as thick as her arm.


“Wowww…” Videl said as she stared up in awe.


“Your turn!” Bulma told the dark haired girl as she tilted the godly cock towards her.


“R… Right!” said Videl as she pushed herself up slightly on her elbows. Bulma smirked as she saw the girl gulping lightly before opening her mouth wide and engulfing Beerus’ thick cock.


HMMMMPH, AGUG, MMMMPH, GUG, MMMMMPH, GWERK, MMMMPH, GUG, MMMMMMPH GUH…!” Videl gagged and moaned loudly around Beerus’ dick, moving her head up and down quickly. Bulma watched as her throat bulged from the god’s thick man meat.


“Haah, ahh, oooh…” Beerus groaned louder, bucking his hips lightly.


Bulma grinned, this reminded her of her first time with Yamcha what felt like from another lifetime. ‘Virgins are so easy!’ she thought to herself as she moved her head down between his thighs. Flicking her tongue out, she pulled one of his balls into her mouth gently, rolling it around tenderly as Videl continued moving her head up and down.


HMMMMPH, GERK, MMMMMMPH, GUH, MMMMMMPH GUG, SHO PHICK…” the dark haired girl gagged before pulling her head free and taking a deep breath, “Hah, so very thiiick, ahhhn, but it’s harder than a rock…” she said in a sultry tone as she moved to begin licking her way up his length from the base.


Bulma spit out the ball that she had in her mouth and moved to lick at the other side of Beerus’ cock, “I knooooow, ahhhhn, I love how firm it feels against my tongue…” she moaned as the two women began dragging their tongues up and down his length. Beerus idly placed his hands against the backs of their heads as both women continued licking his length. They then closed their mouths together around the wide tip. Bulma felt Videl’s tongue against her own as they licked and slurped against his cock.


“Haaaaah, such an amazing sensation… No wonder mortals enjoy this so much.” Beerus groaned.


“Heheh, if you think that’s good, then you’re gonna love this!” said Bulma, pulling away and moving to climb onto the lounger with the god. Videl backed away as Bulma straddled his hips, grinding her pussy back and forth over Beerus’ cock, “Allow me to show you the pussy that brought a Saiyan Prince to his knees!” she said proudly before spearing herself on Beerus’s cock.


HWEEEEEEEE!!!!” Bulma squealed at the sheer hardness of his cock. Her still slightly pudgy abdomen felt as though it were being stretched out by the gods sheer length, to say nothing of the thickness! Only Krillin was bigger, and Bulma chalked that up to his size all getting packed below his belt.


“Hoooooooh…!” Beerus groaned, “So warm…”


“Ye… Yeah!?” Bulma stammered, “You like it Lord Beerus, how’s your first taste of mortal pussy!?” she asked as she struggled not to move. The sheer heat coming off his cock was making Bulma crazy, she almost came just from his cock sliding into her!


“Ahhhhaa, most impressive… I am very pleased Bulma. now, show me how you managed to tame your husband.” Beerus told her.


“Sure, hold on buddy, I’m gonna rock your world!” she told him, pressing her hands against his chest to help steady herself as she tucked her legs under herself. Using her knees like a spring, Bulma slowly began bouncing herself up and down on Beerus’s cock. The raw, thick, hard, heat of his cock made her pussy gush violently as she moaned.


HAHHHHH, SO THICK AND HOOOOT, AHHH, SO GOOD!!!” Bulma moaned, rolling her hips in a circular motion as she moved her body up and down. “MY PUSSY, AHHHHHGH, MY PUSSY IS ON FIRE, BUT IT FEELS SO GOOD!!!” she moaned as her body began moving faster on its own. Her pussy was craving the heat of his cock now as she rocked her hips against him, stirring that length inside herself.


“Jeez, you sound like some skank from a bad adult anime.” Videl said as she moved to kneel behind Bulma, pressing her massively enlarged tits against her naked back. “But that’s okay, I was moaning just like that myself…” she told her, reaching her arms around to grab Bulmas fat tits, squeezing them roughly in both hands.


MMMMMMMH, YEAH, HARDER, SQUEEZE THEM HARDERRRR…” Bulma moaned, still bouncing herself up and down rapidly.


“Hmmm, like, thiiiiiiis!” Videl said, gripping her tits tightly and pinching her fingers around her nipples.


YESSSSS, CU… CUMMING!!! I’M CUMMING ON GOD DIIIIICK!!!” Bulma screamed as a powerful orgasm shot through her like a Kamehameha wave. “HAAAHHH, SO HAAAAARD, SO GOOOD, AHHH, YESSSS, MORE, I WANT MORE GOD DIIIIICK!!!” Bulma screamed as she rolled her body against Beerus and Videl.


“Hmmmmmmh, hurr, hurr, hahh, what is this, you’re getting tighterrrr…” Beerus groaned.


Bulma had thought he was getting even bigger inside her as she felt every inch of his cock sliding in and out of her pussy as she gushed over and over. She then turned her head to one side as Videl leaned over her shoulder. Their mouths connected and she found herself dueling tongues with the other woman.


“Hmmmmmph, nmmmmh, yeah, you tashte guud Vulma…” Videl slurred into her mouth.


You tooo…” Bulma panted back into the other woman’s mouth as Videl began sucking on her tongue. Bulma’s head felt fuzzy and dizzy, as though someone had scooped out her brain and replaced it with warm cotton. She couldn’t think straight as she continued bucking her body on instinct alone. She felt Beerus’ hands move to grasp her hips, then howled into Videl’s mouth as he began meeting her thrusts with his own.


AHHHH, YESH, PHU… PHUCK MEEEH, PHUCK MY MORDAL PUSSHYYYY….!!! AHHHH, GAWD DHICK PHEELSH SHO GUUUUD…!” Bulma screamed as she began cumming every time she felt that divine cock moving in and out. The heat coming off it seemed to permeate her entire body. It was as if she were burning from the inside out, but it felt so good, she couldn’t stop!


“Haaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!” Beerus roared as a violet aura began emanating from his body. The heat and pleasure then intensified tenfold as Bulma screamed.


AGGGHH, SHO GUUUUD, TOOO GUUUD, MY PUSSHY, MUH PUSSHY ISH ON PHIIIRE! I’M CUMMING, I’M CUMMING, I’M CUMMING, I’M CUMMING!!!!! GAWD DHICK ISH CWAZZYYYYY…!” Bulma moaned as Videl held her body tight, sucking her tongue so hard as Bulma thought she might be trying to pull it out!


“Aggghhh, I’m cumming tooo… Veerush’sh tail… It’sh phucking muh pusshy, making it go cwazyyyy… AHHHHH, CUMMING, CUMMING, CUMMINGGGGG…!” Videl moaned back into Bulma’s mouth.


His tail? What made him think to use that? Bulma wondered on it for all of one nanosecond before another wave of orgasms blasted her brain into so much mush.


Beneath them, Beerus groaned, “Hurr, hurr, huuuuuurrrrrrragh!!!!” before Bulma felt a new intense heat blasting into her like a fire hose!


CUMMINGGGGGH…!” Bulma moaned once again as she felt her eyes rolling back in her sockets as everything slowly went dark.



Bulma awoke in her bedroom back in her home on Busteez. Vegeta sat next to her bed with his arms crossed and his head down as if in deep meditation.


“Huh, wha…?” Bulma said as she sat up slowly.


Vegeta’s eyes snapped open as he turned to look at her. For the briefest of instants, Bulma saw relief and joy on his face. But the instant she blinked it was gone!


“What… What happened?” she asked her husband.


Vegeta opened and closed his mouth once, but before he answered Whis’ voice answered for him.


“Apologies Lady Bulma, I’m afraid Lord Beerus lost a little control at the end there. But no worries, you’re fine now, and things went much smoother with Lady Videl. She’s seeing to both of your offspring now in the Birthing Chamber, I think you called it.” said Whis.


Whis’ explanation cleared the cobwebs from Bulma’s head, “Hang on, WHAT, did I die AGAIN!?” she demanded.


“Only for a moment, a quick do over and all was well again. Though you did go into a brief coma when the fertilized egg took root. Your husband has scarcely left your side the last two weeks.” Whis said with a smile, “It seems carrying a divine offspring is quite the drain on the mortal body. Videl was rendered unconscious as well, though she recovered in a couple of days, I think that may be due to her being in the early days of breeding age.”


A vein bulged on Bulma’s forehead, “HEY, WAS THAT A WAY OF CALLING ME OLD!?” she demanded.


(Story by User: SailorIo)

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2 years ago

Espero que pueda haver un Goku x Bulma y Goku x Chichi aun no vemos al sayayin

2 years ago

I was hoping a bulma x goten story but I will wait till that potentially comes. Other than that, cant wait to see the mha trip to U.S.A are, dude.

2 years ago
Reply to  Matthew

The trip is still happening, but it’s gonna be in a separate universe

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
2 years ago

My condolences. Having most of your stories stripped away from this site must suck. That being said, this also gives room for some new ideas and maybe a different approach to how things were before. It’s a small consolation but the only thing that I can offer.
I hope you’re doing well and that you will continue to surprise us with your excellently written stories!

2 years ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

If that’s a silent way of asking for favorite characters to have the biggest dick, then it only upsets me more.

anonymous guy
anonymous guy
2 years ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

He didnt have his stories stripped away, he chose to take them down.

2 years ago

Glad to see you all again

Hope to see a goku x bulma chapter

2 years ago
Reply to  Han