Testing Renji Thoroughly

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Bleach stories)
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“Ah… That’s nice!” moaned Renji.


Laying his head to rest on his girlfriend’s lap, he looked up into her beautiful face and watched how she rather nonchalantly continued peeling an apple. A fan installed at the ceiling made sure that the entire employee’s lounge of Unohana’s club was kept at a nice and cool temperature regardless of how hot it was outside. The white leather couch felt simply exquisite against his bare back while his head felt as though it was put to rest in fluffy clouds rather than his girlfriend’s lap. Like as if he was in a trance, Renji kept following every little jiggle that went over the shortstack’s tits as she moved to slice the apple she had into several smaller pieces.


At long last, she couldn’t hold it back any longer and started to giggle at the adorable, puppy eyes that the red haired Vice Captain threw at her, “What’s the matter with you?” she asked, laying one of the apple slices into his open mouth before continuing to cut the others. “Is watching me peel apples really so enticing?”


“Well… yes.” he answered honestly after swallowing. He reached around her hips with one hand and placed it on her shapely butt, giving it a firm squeeze that made her squeal cutely while a deep red blush spread across her cheeks. “Or would you rather if I find some other girl in this club to look at?”


Rukia’s eyes darkened and the gentle expression from earlier vanished in an instant as she put the knife on the man’s chest, tracing the many black tattoos on it, “Don’t you dare!” she whispered in a dangerously low voice. Just as quick as she became so menacing, the moment passed again and she started to giggle, “Nah. I’m just messing with you.” she then said. “Wouldn’t be fair if I were the only one of us two who is allowed to have sex with other people. Especially since you didn’t seem to have made it into the club, after all.”


It was meant as a simple tease, and so Renji just waved it off, “Nah. Don’t worry. I’m sure that I will get just as many chances to bang different chicks as you will get the chance to get laid with guys.” He said confidently, beating down on the apple slice that Rukia handed to him.


“You sure sound pretty confident for someone who isn’t even a member of the club!” replied Rukia in a matter-of-factly tone.


Instead of answering immediately, Renji clicked his tongue and squeezed her ass even harder, his fingers sinking ever so slightly into the overly sensitive mass of meat, “Not for long, shrimp!” he said, calling her by the nickname that he started using a few days ago when they had sex in that secret cave. “It’s only a matter of time until Captain Unohana finally realizes how good it would be to have me in the club!”


MMMMMMMHH… What… HAAAAAA… What makes you think that?” she gasped through gritted teeth. Her pussy became more and more hot and wet the longer he fondled her ass.


Renji chuckled. Heady smelling scents filled the air around him as he felt an all too familiar warmth next to his face, “First, because I did a way better job than everybody else during the audition a few days ago. Well… maybe aside from Kenpachi.” he began to explain, watching with a big smile on his face as Rukia’s blush deepened. “And secondly, because Captain Unohana already said that she only needs to check something before she hires me for good.”


“You? Only second to Captain Zaraki?” asked Rukia, unable to comprehend what she just heard.


“What?! You don’t believe me?” he asked back with a mean grin on his face as he gave her ass a quick spank, causing it to jiggle and her to moan even louder. “Do you want me to show you again just how good I can fuck? Because I have no problem proving it!”


She, of course, had heard that he did a far better job than his partner at that time, Omaeda, but she wouldn’t have thought that he was that good as she thought that his rather unimpressive cock wouldn’t fare so well with that of his competition. Not with other guys like Ikkaku, Yumichika, Rose, Shinji and many more running around on that day as well. And if she learned anything from Rangiku’s bragging, it’s that none of those guys were small below the belt. For that very reason, Yumichika and Ikkaku became her favorite fuck buddies whenever the orangette wanted to unwind after a stressful day. Strangely enough though, the news about her boyfriend being that good ended up turning on Rukia even more! To know that she’s the girlfriend of such a well-hung stud caused her pussy to clamp around an imaginary dick as she already started to beg him in her mind to fuck her again!


NNNNNNNNNNNNGHHH!!!” rolling her hips back against his palm, Rukia bit on her lips while her boyfriend continued grabbing and squeezing her ass. “Yesss… just fuck me already!!!” she begged.


“Hehehehe!!! If that’s what you want, then I’m more than glad to-”


OOOOOH… I can’t watch this any more!!” a female voice called out, interrupting Renji before he could even finish his sentence.


Both lovers turned towards the door of the room and saw Nelliel Tu Odelschwank walking towards them. Just like Rukia she was as naked as the day she was born, aside from the skull that rested on top of her head. Her large, melon sized tits wobbled up and down with each step while her wide hips swayed from side to side. In stark contrast to the erotic movements of her body, her face looked strangely serious as she approached the two Shinigami.


“Hm?” Renji blinked confused. Much to Rukia’s chagrin, he pushed himself off of her lap to get a closer look of the newcomer.


The smaller black haired woman couldn’t help but feel a sting in her chest as her boyfriend openly leered at the Arrancar’s mountainous breasts, visibly getting harder the longer he admired them. She of course understood his reaction! Both of her tits were easily five times bigger than her own head and topped off with nipples that could break diamond from the looks of it. “Nelliel. What brings you here?”


“Well…” now that she stood directly in front of them, Nelliel started to squirm a bit. Her pussy clearly became wetter, her eyes locked on the redhead’s now bulging and throbbing erection. She licked her lips. “Unohana-sama ordered me to keep an eye on something, but when you two started to get all hot and horny… I just couldn’t stand there and watch!”


Understanding the emotions that went through the Arrancar Queen to a certain extent, Rukia nodded and let herself glide down the couch and dropped in front of Renji, “I know what you mean! Whenever I see this beautiful cock, I can’t help but to get a taste of it for myself!” she said.


To further hammer down her standpoint, she instantly started putting one of his balls into her mouth, then immediately sucking on it as if she was obsessed. And to make it clear that he was her man! Whether he works for Unohana now or not! Out of the corner of her eyes she could see how Nelliel squirmed even more, a trickle of heady smelling juices running down her creamy thighs and dropping to the carpeted floor beneath.


MMMMMMMMHHH… IT’SH JUSHT THE BESHT!!!” she slurred wetly around his balls, purposely talking louder and sluttier than needed to further tease the teal haired beauty next to her. “AYE COULDDDHH… HMMM, MMMMOH, GLLLLGH, MMMMPH, HMMMHMM… SHUGG DISH NUDDSH FOEWAAAAHH!!!!!


“Nnnnnnnnngh…!!” Nelliel stepped from one foot onto the other, the burning need between her legs growing with each second that she simply watched them, “I know…” She then muttered, remembering the audition a few days ago and how Renji had fucked not only her, but also Isane to several orgasms after Omaeda passed out after cumming exactly once!


The way he continuously pounded her into the sandy ground while sucking on Isane’s tits was an experience that was only topped by the first sex she ever had in the Human World with Captain Hitsugaya! Sure, it wasn’t as rough as the sex she had in Hueco Mundo, but quite frankly, she wasn’t that big of a fan of it anyways. There was just something different with the sex here, where the people performing it would usually see each other on the same level and not with one strictly needed to be dominant over the other.


MMHMMMPH… GHAAA!!” ropes of saliva connected her lips with the nutsack she just stopped sucking, only to switch over towards the other, “GAWWWWD!! IT’SH SHIMPLY TOOH GHUUGH!!!!” her firm ass moved with her as she grinded against his knees while taking in the salty taste and musky smell of his manhood.


She wrapped her lips around the deliciously meat-jewel and started dancing her tongue all over it, coating it thoroughly in her saliva. Renji placed one hand on her head and started fondling her pitchblack hair while slowly thrusting his hips forward, essentially fucking the air as she took care of his balls. “Hurr… hurr… hurr… You do this good…!”


AYE KNOWH!!!!” she replied immediately, her words vibrating around his balls and through his entire body, “AYE WASH BOWN TO SHUGG DESHE BALLSH AND SHERVE DISH CAWK!!!” she slurred, switching her attention towards Nelliel to show her just how dedicated she is to the task at hand!


“Hahahahaha… Hrgh!!” Renji laughed heartily before groaning. His fingers clenched around her black hair as a surge of pleasure coursed through him, “Alright, alright Shrimp. No need to get overly slutty with this.” he let go of her hair and instead caressed her cheek and met her eyes. “Just do and act like you normally do. That’s way hotter than any of that over-the-top stuff!”


AYE SHURE WILL!!” Rukia moaned loudly before letting his nutsack plop out of her mouth.


Both the white marbles were now covered completely in her saliva, which, in conjunction with the redhead’s own musky scent, made a smell that soon clogged the mind of the two women. Like in trance Nelliel swayed over towards the two lovers, her eyes fixed on Renji’s bulging hot rod. While he wasn’t exactly the biggest dick she ever had, he did have a certain allure to it with all those black tattoos around it and on the man’s muscular chest!


Only vaguely remembering the mission that Unohana gave her, Nelliel knelt down next to the petite Shinigami and licked her lips, “Do you… Do you mind if I get a taste as well?” she asked nervously. “It’s been so long since I had a cock!”


Rukia didn’t even need to think, “Of course! Go at it! What kind of girlfriend would I be if I would deny my boyfriend such a pleasure?” A smile spread across her face as Nelliel instantly moved to kiss her way from the base of Renji’s cock all the way to the top.


The moment that she wrapped her plump lips around the red tip of the Vice Captain’s meat sword, Rukia sat down next to Renji and leaned against his shoulder, “HRRRUGH…!” he groaned as two thirds of his length disappeared in her mouth, stretching her throat ever so slightly as she began bobbing her head back and forth. “Hmmmm… so good!”


“Mmmmmmhh… yes! She does this pretty well!” moaned Rukia. While nibbling on the nail of her thumb she watched as a trickle of juices ran down between the Arrancar’s legs. “How does her mouth feel?”


“Pretty tight.” Renji answered immediately. He reached out with one hand and held her chin, raising her head ever so slightly so that he could kiss her.


MMMMOH!!!” she instantly granted his tongue entrance into her mouth and pushed her own past his lips. The two of them started a lewd tongue duel while Nelliel kept throating Renji’s rock hard cock, “RENPHJI!!!!” she closed her eyes and savored the taste of her lover’s saliva while running her tongue all over his. Just through this alone she felt herself getting turned on all over again!


Much too quickly he broke the kiss again and stared into her purple eyes, “But you’re tighter!” he then said, confusing her for a split second since her mind was still hazy due to the intense kiss they just exchanged. He kissed her neck while thrusting his hips forward to drive his cock deeper into the Arrancar’s mouth. “And hotter!”


“Awww…!” she arched her back the moment he switched from kissing to nibbling her neck, “That’s so good to hear! But you know what would be even better?” Before he even had time to ask what she meant, she whispered into his ear. “If you would plow Nelliel until she can’t think straight anymore!”


“Hehehehe!!! With pleasure!” he replied and put his hands on the skull on top of the teal haired woman’s head. “I’ll show both of you that I’m more than good enough to work in this club!!”


AGUAHHHHH, HMMMMMMMUUG, GLUUUUUUUPH, SHLLLLLLG, GLLLLGH!!!” Nelliel howled loudly as Renji began fucking her face even more ferocious now. A thunderous PLAP PLAP PLAP echoed across the room as his balls repeatedly smacked against her chin and throat, leaving her breathless in more ways than just one!


Renji’s grunts and groans as he drove his cock in and out of the other woman’s throat felt like music in Rukia’s ears and she could only imagine the pleasures that went through her as she got her face fucked like this, “Mmmmhh… yes, Renji. Fuck her harder! Show her who’s the boss!” she ordered while starting to push her index and middle finger into her pussy. With her other hand she cupped her own tit, pulling and pinching on her stiff nipples.


“Hurr… hurr… hurr… On it, babe!” Renji replied and somehow managed to put even more energy into his thrusts, making Nelliel moan even louder in wild ecstasy.


UPH, MMMH… YESH, PHUCK MUH FASHE MOAWH!!! AYE CAN DAKE IDDD!!!” she moaned. Her eyes started rolling back into her head while her tongue slided and danced all over the ginger haired man’s dick. “GAWDDDD!!! AYE WUV DISH CAWK SHO MUSH!!!


Rukia bit on her lower lip as she almost fingered herself to an orgasm just by watching two other people fuck, “Hmmm… I… I know what you mean!” she gasped out. The way Nelliel’s mountain sized breasts pressed against her boyfriend’s feet looked so damn sexy and turned her on even more as she fondled her own, much smaller ones. “He’s a fucking bull!!”


MMMMHMMMPH!!!!” Nelliel nodded in agreement. She closed her eyes to fully concentrate on the pleasure that coursed through her and her partner. He might fuck her face hard right now, but even that wasn’t anything compared to the sheer force and raw energy that was involved when two Arrancar had sex. Compared to that, Renji was almost gentle as he pushed her face up and down on his cock. “MMMMMMMPH, GLLLLUGH, HUUUUMPH, PHLLLLLGUH, SHLLLLLGH, SHLLLLLGH, MMMMMUGH!!!


A spray of juices bathed the couch as Rukia continued to push her fingers in and out of her pussy, only stopping from time to time to play with her swollen red clit, “Nnnnnnngh…” she leaned back against the couch as she came once more closer towards orgasm. “Renji… don’t you think it’s enough with all that foreplay?”


Pearls of sweat glistened on his tattooed chest, “I was just thinking the same thing!” he agreed and in the blink of an eye he pulled his cock out of the teal haired woman’s mouth, only to lay down on the couch.


His cock pointed straight into the air like a tower, covered in bulging and throbbing veins that relentlessly pumped blood through them. Nelliel took this silent invitation and moved just as fast as Renji did before to impale herself on his cock, “OHHHHHHHHHH… YES!!!!!!” she howled out as his dick pushed deep inside her pussy, making her cum immediately!


MMMMMMMMMHHH… Seems like she likes this even more!” stated Rukia. Having stopped her fingering, she looked as her boyfriend put both his hands on the other woman’s hips before beginning to thrust his hips back and forth with the force of a jackhammer. She grabbed both of her tits and massaged them to the sight in front of her. “That’s it! You feel his cock, Nel?”


YES! YES, I DO!!! IT’S SO GOOD!!!” saliva ran down the corner of her mouth as she moaned erotically, her oversized tits swaying with each mighty slam of Renji’s hips. “I’M CUMMING SO FUCKING GOOD!!!!!!!


A silly expression spread across Renji’s face as he very clearly enjoyed the sight above him. “Yeah!! Take it you… hm?”


“Don’t get too comfortable just yet!” said Rukia as she crawled over his face, her petite ass bathing him in shadow, “You’re still my boyfriend!” she further said before she sat down on his perplexed looking face. “And as such I want you to act accordingly!”


He only faltered for a moment. She could feel his cackle more than she could hear it due to her ass covering his entire face, “Ash uh wish!!” he said before forcing his tongue deep inside her ass!


HMMMMMMMMM!!! That’s it!” Rukia moaned, cumming the instant he started with his rimjob!


In front of her Nelliel watched with envy in her eyes. But that moment also lasted only for a second before Renji picked up where he left off and once again thrusted his hips against hers in a rapid pace. “OOOOOH, GOD!!!!!


Both women moaned in wild erotic ecstasy as Renji continued to please them at the same time. Renji’s tongue slithered around inside the black haired Shinigami’s butt while she leaned forward to hug Nelliel. The other woman returned the gesture and shoved the smaller girl’s face deep inside her breasts as Renji’s cock plunged deeper and deeper inside her gushing pussy.


HRRRRRRRRRRRRMPH!!!!!” Rukia motorboated the Arrancar’s cleavage, rubbing her face against the sweaty lumps of sweat and taking in the sweet and salty smell of sex that she emitted.

AAAAAAH, AAAAAH YES!!!!” Nelliel screamed as her inner muscles clamped even tighter around the redhead’s cock. Further north Rukia’s smaller, rock hard nipples poked into the overly sensitive skin of her breasts. “THAT’S SOOOO FUCKING GOOOOOOOD!!!!


At this point they obviously all lost count over how many orgasms they all had, losing themselves even more in an erotic trance. Renji’s tongue thoroughly explored the insides of Rukia’s asshole, his nose rubbing against her cheeks with every move he made. The veins alongside his cock became as girthy as his thumbs, ready to unleash his seed any moment now!


“Do it!” Rukia ordered after an eternity. “Cum inside her pussy! Show her the power of the cock that belongs to me, and me alone!”


He could only barely make out her words but Renji instinctively knew what to do, slamming his cock one last time all the way inside the teal haired Arrancar’s pussy. “ORAAARGH!!!!


His bestial roar echoed through the room as he blasted his cum deep inside Nelliel. Her squeal and Rukia’s subsequent orgasmic moan became an erotic symphony that could be heard all over Unohana’s club. Inside the boss’ office, Unohana couldn’t help but smirk as she followed the entire situation on her computer through the eyes of a security camera at the corner of the lounge.


“Seems like I worried for nothing.” She said as she added a new name on the list in front of her. “It doesn’t matter if I have a couple working here!”



Unohana’s Palace of Harlots and Gigolos Club Roster:
Retsu Unohana (Owner)
Toshiro Hitsugaya
Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck
Isane Kotetsu
Hanataro Yamada
Lisa Yadomaru
Rukia Kuchiki
Tier Harribel
Nemu Kurotsuchi
Renji Abarai (NEW!)



Busteez Mansion of the Carnal Arts Club Roster:
Kisuke Urahara (Owner)
Yoruichi Shihoin
Orihime Inoue
Yushiro Shihoin
Franceska Mila Rose
Jackie Tristan



(Story by: Mr. Akrononym)

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5 months ago

Unohana’s Palace of Harlots and Gigolos Club

I will only accept this as the logical abbreviation

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
5 months ago
Reply to  Xcelsior

Thanks for the input. Maybe I include it in some later chapter. Very creative.

5 months ago


Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
5 months ago
Reply to  Ddwww

What is with her?

5 months ago


Roger Goga
Roger Goga
5 months ago

When will ichigo fuck rukia?

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
5 months ago
Reply to  Roger Goga

Probably once I get an artwork with the two of them.

Roger Goga
Roger Goga
5 months ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

And is ichigo also going to fuck Nell when you have the artwork?

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
5 months ago
Reply to  Roger Goga

If he’s in an artwork with her it’s gonna be pretty hard to not include them having sex XD. So yeah, Ichigo will sooner or later get the chance to fuck all of these fine girls. Probably.

5 months ago

It looks like unohana is winning bet urahara is freaking out

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
5 months ago
Reply to  Jorge

I wouldn’t say that Urahara freaks out or anything. Since he’s gradually losing more and more people to Unohana’s club, I think he takes even more drastic options in order to keep up with her.

The Dark Knight
The Dark Knight
5 months ago

Man this is getting more and more interesting

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
5 months ago

Thanks for liking the plot of it. I had fun writing Renji.