Sleepless Sexy Time

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing crossover series of stories)
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Beginning (Part I): [LINK]
Next Story (Part XXII): To Be Continued….

“Mmmmh… Why did they have to cum so soon…?” Lucoa asked herself as she opened the door to her and Shouta’s hotel room. She carefully slipped out of her heels, so that she didn’t make too much noise, walking on the wooden floor on her way towards the bed. “They didn’t even last for three hours or so…!”


“Chrrr, chrrr, chrrr…!” The young purple haired youth’s chest rose and sank with each steady breath he took.


He looked so cute, so peaceful, laying right next to a just as silently sleeping Kanna. The younger dragoness rolled on her side. Even in her sleep she looked just as calm and unmoved as always, and even reached for a black cat plushie to hug, “Mmmmh… waterslides… hmmm…! And… ice cream…” she mumbled in her sleep, without a doubt dreaming about the things she wanted to do on the Helicruiser!


So cute…!’ Lucoa thought while caressing the other girl’s rosy cheeks before giving her a quick kiss on the forehead. “Mwah~♥”


“Mhmmm~!” A barely noticeable smile curled around the lavender and white haired girl’s lips as she hugged the stuffed animal even more against her own small body.


For a moment, Lucoa thought about doing the same with Shouta as well, but as she leaned forward to stroke his cheek, as her breath was on his ear causing his pajamas to grow a bit tighter, she came up with another idea. She stepped away from the bed, and then started stripping out of the silver dress she put on again after her disappointing sex in the alley with two of the four guys from earlier on her way to the bathroom. After they had all lost consciousness, Lucoa made sure to magically get rid of what little cum they had pumped into her pussy and ass. Not that they could actually make her pregnant of course. She just wasn’t too keen on ruining her sexiest dress like that!


In the bathroom, she then did a quick cat’s lick, in an attempt to get rid of the dirty feeling that sex in the back alley of a bar had left behind. There are things that even Lucoa’s level of arcane dragon magic couldn’t make fully disappear. And this slight sensation of disgust after fucking between trashcans with a group of rats as their only spectators just so happened to be one of them! She washed away what little had remained of her makeup and went out of the bath again, only this time she was now dressed in only plain white stockings and her pink cap.


Once in the main room of her hotel room, Lucoa quickly made her way over towards the still sleeping Shouta, while licking her lips at the sight of his twitching and steadily growing dick. ‘So big and yummy…!’ she thought at the foot of the single large bed that occupied most of the room.


Fortunately for her, she only had to share it with one other dragon tonight, that being Kanna. After having been disappointed by their respective two partners, both Illulu and Tohru flew off on their own somewhere to take the argument they had somewhere else. Lucoa just hoped they could keep it down and wouldn’t end up destroying (half of) a random island, unlike last time!


“Hmmnhn…” Shouta’s soft whimpering moan brought her back to the here and now as she climbed on the bed with him. She then carefully put her fingers on the waistband of his pajama and pulled it down to his angles, without him waking up, to free his already half hard dick. “Hrrrrrm!!!”


“Shh! Shh!!!” A warm smile spread across Lucoa’s face as she inched even closer towards his hot shaft, “Just sit still and let your big-titty Onee-san take care of your cock! It’ll give you the most pleasant and sweetest of dreams!” she whispered hoarsely while taking his cock into her hands.


It felt so heavy in her palm as she struggled to make her fingertips meet around the quickly swelling length, “Mmmmhrrm…!!” And as if he was aware of what she did, Shouta turned around in his sleep a bit, which only made Lucoa hold his dick even tighter!


“Oh no! I won’t let you go so easily!” The dragoness licked her lips and then the tip of her sleeping partner’s now completely erect shaft, “Not after such a disappointing night!” She kissed the mushroom shaped penishead before moving her hands up and down in a slow, circular motion. “And your beautiful Shota-cock is just the right thing to help me unwind and get into the mood for our cruise tomorrow!”


“Rrrrrhm… so… chrrr, chrrr… hard!” Shouta moaned, with a cute little drop of saliva running down the side of his face as he slowly began moving his hips in accordance with her strokes.


“Yes… it’s so hard~! I can feel it!” Her own pussy bursted into fire, just by feeling all that blood boiling inside the veins along the side of his erection. Forcing herself to not jump straight onto his dick right then and there was hard! Harder than his dick actually, which she now licked eagerly the side of. “Mhmmm… pheelsh sho nishe on muh tongue! Makesh meh want to tashte moawh!!!”


“Snails… hrrr, hmmmm… so many… snails!! Chrrrrm!” he groaned between his snoring. The tiny purple bush of his pubic hair brushed against her hands with every tiny thrust he did, causing him to stir around even more in his sleep!


Pulling her face away from his crotch, a barely noticeable string of saliva connected Lucoa’s full lips with the slit at the top of Shouta’s cock, “You think my tongue is a group of snails? How cute!” She smiled at the young boy, while still continuing with her double-handed assault on his rock hard member. She moved her head back closer towards him. “I’ll show you that I can be way more animalistic than you could ever dream of~!”


Her tongue danced a wicked dance over his cock, almost looking like a python that wrapped itself around its prey a number of times as she flicked and licked him like he was a lollipop! A few pearls of her saliva and his precum made their way down the shaft and over her busy fingers, shining mysteriously in the ambient light of the dimly lit room. The silent and steady creaking of the mattress filled the air while a mirror right above the bed reflected the perversion happening beneath it!


“Ahhh… you’w sho much bhigger than thoshe twoooh guysh phwom eawliew…!!!” Lucoa moaned, with her lips now wrapped around the purple haired boy’s cock. It felt so wonderful, having her mouth stretched open like this… Keeping her voice down as to not scream at this most blissful of sensations felt like a crime, and yet she prevailed, “Guuugh, Hmmmph, Ugh, Glgggh, Hmmmmnh…!!!” she gagged and slurred in the complete silence of the night!


“Ahaaah… snake!” Shouta squealed cutely as he kicked his feet to get out of the dangerously warm embrace of the ‘snake’ that had coiled around him. Instead of getting the ‘snake’ however, his bare feet simply brushed over Lucoa’s impressive tits!


MMMMMMMHH!!!!” she moaned a bit louder than wanted upon having her stiff nipple scratched by his toes, “Sheemsh dat… mhmm, mmmh, mmmh, ghaaaaa… seems like somebody’s getting in the mood!” Rubbing her face against the upper half of the cock, she let go of the lower half and instead cupped both of Shouta’s tennis ball-sized nutsacks, “But don’t worry… I am too!” she admitted, enjoying the way her own saliva and his precum made this dick feel so very smooth and slick. “Your Onee-san is very thirsty for your cock! Her pussy is so wet and hot… it feels as if I could burn up with desire any second now! And your Shota-cock has the perfect size to make her feel good and special!”


“Mmmmnhooo!!” moaned Shouta, though he was unable to actually prevent her from fully climbing on top of him!


Lucoa rubbed her pussy against his cock, with her juices trickling down its side and between her fingers as she kept kneading his balls, “Resistance is futile! You know very well that your cock is the only thing that can satisfy me now!” she purred, even as the juices of her love were already soaking the purple sheets of their bed as she grinded herself even more ferociously against him. “So, please be a dear and let your Onee-san have some fun with you! You’re too cute to miss out on right now!”


“Mmmmmhoo, hoo, hoo, hoooom!!!” Shouta moaned but otherwise remained completely still as Lucoa let go of his balls to instead mount him!


“Ohhhhhhhh, yes!” shivers went down Lucoa’s spine the second she felt the young boy’s cock press past the folds of her pussy, spreading her so very wide, “Aaaah… you make your Onee-san feel so goo~ood~!!” she moaned as silently as possible as she came just by taking his cock to the halfway point!


GWWWWWWWWRRH… t- tight!!!” Shouta groaned in a mix of overwhelming pleasure and dull pain as he felt the hot embrace of Lucoa’s tight pussy around his cock! He tried to pull his hips back, but the mattress underneath him prevented him from going far and he instead bounced back into her even further. “HUUUUNNNNGH!!!!!


Squeak, squish, squeak, squish, squeak, squish!!


“Deep… your big Shota-cock is reaching so far into me!” putting her right hand on Shouta’s tiny chest, Lucoa massaged her noticeably stretched abdomen with the other. A clear outline of his gargantuan member could be seen clearly in the twilight of the night as the two bounced back and forth on one another. “You’re making me cum so much! At this rate, our big-titty Onee-san will grow addicted to your cock~!!”


A mix of sweat, precum, and Lucoa’s orgasmic fluids ran down Shouta’s body as a soft smile appeared on his face, “Yes…!” he whispered into the darkness. If it was due to the dream he had or because of him subconsciously hearing what she herself just whispered, Lucoa didn’t want to know!


She didn’t need to know! All she needed was to keep riding his cock for a little while longer. Even as the first few stars began to fade in the sky as dawn drew closer, Lucoa continued riding him without any signs of slowing down!


“My pussy… I’m so full and stuffed with cock…!!” she moaned while moving her left hand towards one of her wobbling tits. She cupped one massive orb and flexed her fingers around it, “It’s perfect!! You have the perfect cock!!!” Lucoa arched her back as she began gyrating her hips counter-clockwise.


“Ahaa! Huff, huff, huff, huff…!!” Shouta panted in his sleep as he sweated even more, his balls throbbing desperately as he got closer and closer towards an orgasm of his own. “Hard… and tight! I’m… I’m gonna…”


DO IT!” ordered Lucoa, now blatantly indifferent to how loud she did so, “Give your Onee-san the product of our love! Shower me with your liquid seed!” she moaned as she pinched on Shouta’s nipple. “Cum for MEEEEEEE!!!!!


HAAAAAAA!!!!!” Their combined squeal and groan echoed in the room as Shouta emptied his balls straight into the dragoness’ womb, ‘SPLURGH PLORT SLURT!!!’ nasty, wet sounds were even louder however as Lucoa felt all of the young boy’s pent up love and energy being poured into her!


CUM!!! SO MUCH CUM IN MY STOMACH!!!! MY INSIDES ARE NOTHING BUT COCK AND CUMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!” Lucoa screamed in orgasmic ecstasy, causing Shouta’s eyes to flicker open!


His fingers twitched next, “Hm?” he moaned weakly, slowly getting aware of the predicament he found himself him, “What is…? Whuaaa!” he yawned before fully opening his eyes, “What is going oOOOOOOOOAAAAH!!!!!!” The instant he saw Lucoa sitting on top of him, and his cock so very deep inside of her, Shouta tried to get out from underneath her. “You are a succubus! I knew it!”


If she wasn’t so dreamy and drunk from the orgasm that had just coursed through her body, Lucoa would have been way more surprised at seeing him getting out from underneath her! As it was however, only a mild smile curled around her lips, “I’m sorry! Your Onee-san just couldn’t hold herself back any longer!” she tried to explain while clenching her inner muscles in such a way that she actually held all of his cum inside of her! There was no way in hell that she would let even one drop of it go to waste!


“I don’t care! You’re a demon!!” Shouta called out as he stumbled away from the bed, with a steady trickle of cum dropped from his cock to the floor. “A demon that’s out for my lifeforce! I should have known better!”


Before Lucoa had any chance to talk, Shouta already stormed into the bathroom, shutting the door loudly and locking it. For a moment, Lucoa simply sat there in the silence of the room, “Did I do something wrong?” she then mused out loud, while letting herself fall on the bed as she thought about it.


“Maybe you should be even more quiet the next time!” Kanna’s calm and silent voice suggested. The young girl looked at Lucoa with an unreadable expression on her face, “You did become a bit louder towards the end! Still, I think you make for a cute couple and I enjoyed watching you two! You pull the funniest faces when you cum!” she said, while giving Lucoa a thumbs-up!



(Story by: Mr. Akrononym)

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18 days ago

While it was certainly shorter than expected, it was a nice little chapter.

As such, I will proceed to get right to the point. That took quite a turn, especially considering that it followed that group sex the dragon girls had earlier in the story. Though it turned out that it was a mostly unfulfilled time. Although not being human can do that. XD

Then, after learning about that, we see Lucoa going Shouta almost straight away, but not before cleaning up and checking on him and Kanna. Without going into too much detail about it, that really helped tell the whole story. And well, did it really go into it! It was really well written. Not only that, the pacing was done well too.

My only real complaint about this was that it was a bit shorter than it needed to be, in my opinion. But not enough to break the overall story for the chapter.

So yeah, pretty good read though.

Looking forward to the next one. 👍 😀

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
18 days ago
Reply to  Hiryu

Yeah, sorry about the length. Turns out, my last few One Piece stories were a bit too long and I was kinda in a rush to get this and the next one done.

It’s not optimal, but I’ll try to do them better and more fleshed out in the future. Still, thanks for liking and helping me out with them!

19 days ago

Shouta livin my dream fr

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
19 days ago
Reply to  Xcelsior

If only we all could summon a beautiful dragon in the same way he did… but no, we can only dream… XD