Skimpy for Sexy Time

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“Ikumi, do I really have to wear something like this?” Megumi asked, doing her best not to whine as she tugged at her cut-off jean shorts and purple halter top, trying to get them to cover more of her body. Her thong was even visible above her shorts!


Ikumi just chuckled while cheerfully leering at her, turning Megumi’s face even redder. “C’mon, Megumi! The whole point is to show off your body, and you have a very nice one. Not quite as good as mine, of course, but still really sexy.”


Giving the blonde a deadpan look, Megumi took a deep breath, hoping it wouldn’t cause her top to slip too much. “I don’t know how I let you talk me into this,” she grumbled.


“Because I’m your friend and you’re actually hoping to get some more action after the last time,” Ikumi replied without missing a beat, holding the door open for Megumi and even bowing towards her, giving the shorter girl a great look at her cleavage.


“…I hate you,” Megumi told her as she walked past Ikumi, yelping and jumping into the air when Ikumi gave her a light spank on the butt. She turned to glare at the older girl, fighting not to pout when Ikumi just smirked at her. “Grr…let’s get going.”


Since it was the weekend, there was quite a crowd of people in town, including several people their age. Megumi was relieved to see that she and Ikumi weren’t even wearing the most scandalous outfits, though they were near the top. She still blushed at all the looks and leers they were getting though.


Ikumi, of course, was reveling in the attention, strutting down the sidewalk like she was a model on a catwalk. It was a real struggle for Megumi to keep her eyes off her friend’s jiggling ass, something she was sure Ikumi was very aware of, given how much the blonde was shaking it.


“Megumi? Ikumi?”


Freezing mid-step, Megumi slowly turned around, not sure if she wanted this to be who she thought it was or not. It would be horribly embarrassing, but also a chance for her…


Sure enough, Soma Yukihira was standing there in casual clubbing clothes, regarding her with a confused smile and a blush. “Wow, it really is!” he exclaimed. “The hair looked like yours from behind, but I’ve never seen you wearing anything like…that,” he finished with a small wave towards Megumi’s body, his blush darkening while Megumi wished she could sink into the ground.


“And it looks wonderful on her,” Satoshi Isshiki added smoothly, adding a flirtatious wink for good measure. Megumi could feel her ears begin to burn and covered her face with a squeak.


“Told ya!” Ikumi told her cheerfully, wrapping an arm around Megumi and gently tugging her hands down. “And you two look pretty spiffy yourselves; heading to a club, or just looking for some fun?”


“Just some fun,” Satoshi replied, his smile widening as he looked Ikumi up and down, making her preen. “Have we found it with you two lovely, sexy ladies?”


Green eyes gleaming, Ikumi nodded off to the side. “Sounds like fun to me; want to check out that alley?”


IKUMI!” Megumi hissed, scandalized. “You want to…right now…and in an alley?!”


“Why not?” the blonde asked bluntly. “We’re all ready, willing, and able, so what’s the harm in it?” Grabbing Megumi’s hand, she pulled her off the sidewalk and into the alley, blithely ignoring Megumi’s splutters.


“Wow, interesting graffiti,” Ikumi commented on her surroundings, tilting her head to one side, still holding Megumi’s hand.


“…do you think these are true?” Megumi asked, eyes darting from one tag to another.


“Well, we can ask Erina and Rindo later,” Ikumi snickered, outright laughing when Megumi gave her a panicked look.


“Satoshi, why are you already naked? And how did you strip so fast?” Soma said from behind them, sounding both resigned and curious.


The ladies looked back over their shoulders, and Ikumi grinned. Sure enough, Satoshi was buck naked, with no sign of his clothes. Soma was trailing behind him, slowly tugging off his own clothes as he stared at Megumi and Ikumi’s asses.


Ikumi thought for a moment before shrugging; reaching up, she tugged off her halter top, letting her breasts swing freely. “Much better,” she said, ignoring the wide-eyed look Megumi was giving her.


“I know, right?” Satoshi chimed in, walking to stand behind her. “I hope you don’t mind if we start things off,” he whispered to her. “I think it might help our friends get started if they see us engaged in our own fun.”


Ikumi nodded eagerly; when Satoshi grabbed her ass, she played up her reaction, moaning loudly and getting both Megumi and Soma to blush hard. She wiggled her ass enticingly as Satoshi pulled off her shorts with some effort.


“Those were very tight. I’m not even sure how you got them on,” he commented, sliding his cock between her ass cheeks. He sighed with pleasure; even this felt really good.


“Lots of practice and motivation.” From the corner of her eye, Ikumi saw Megumi brace herself against the wall with her hands as Soma, now nude, leaned over the back of her to grab her breasts. Megumi’s little squeal had Ikumi grinning widely.


Satoshi slowly pushing his dick into her ass immediately distracted her though. “Ah, fuck yeah!” she groaned, pushing her butt back against him. He was quite large, stretching out her anus in the best way possible. “Give it to me, baby!”


“By your command,” he said grandly, grabbing her hips and thrusting even deeper into her, making Ikumi let out a throaty moan. A quick glance to the side showed that Megumi had spun around and pulled Soma into her arms. Though initially surprised, he quickly began making out with her as they both pulled off her clothes.


Ikumi tightened her ass, drawing his attention back to her. “Worry about them later,” she commanded with a heated glance over her shoulder. “Right now, let’s have our own fun!” She began bouncing her butt back and forth, fucking herself on his cock with enthusiasm.


Chuckling at his distraction, Satoshi moved with her, quickly establishing a rhythm with Ikumi. Her butt cheeks jiggled each time his hips slammed into them, and he could feel her body rapidly heating up as she got even hornier.




That outburst had both Satoshi and Ikumi looking to the side; Megumi was pinned against the wall, with Soma fucking her pussy with all his might. She was clawing at his back as he grunted with effort, both of them clearly having a great time.


“I don’t think we need to worry about them,” Ikumi said, sounding impressed as Satoshi nodded his agreement. “It really is the quiet ones…”


“Very true.” Satoshi abruptly sped up his thrusts, making Ikumi squeal in surprise. “But the more lively ones can be fun as well!”


“Flattery will get you nowhere, but this kind of fucking will!” Ikumi shouted to him, right before she came. “HELL YEAH!


Satoshi groaned as he shot his own load; twin screams told him that Megumi and Soma had reached their climaxes as well. He didn’t have time to think about it before he found himself on his back, a flushed Ikumi on top of him. She promptly pushed her pussy down onto his erection and began bouncing up and down. “God, this feels even more amazing!” she panted.


Something bumped into Satoshi, which turned out to be Soma and Megumi again; they were rolling on the ground while kissing and fucking, appearing to be lost in their own little world. Chuckling, he reached up to grab Ikumi’s tits, squeezing them hard. “I don’t think any of us are making it to the club tonight,” he told her with an amused smile.


Ikumi snorted before leaning down to kiss him. “This is way more fun anyway. So,” her face took on an evil expression, “how badly are we going to tease those two later?”


Satoshi just smirked before continuing to fuck her.

(Story by User: S22132)

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Combodestroyer( nalu forver)
Combodestroyer( nalu forver)
1 year ago

Another wonderful chapter! And honestly my 2nd favorite ship ( soma/megumi) this was pretty great as the meat queen convinced our blue hair beauty megumi out for a night on the town dressed up in some hot clothes! The art for this is super hot, you drew them very well with their fat asses and beautiful hair excellent job.
The story part was also great but kinda lackluster except for the once outburst from megumi. I was hoping gfor more rough sex but seeing soma and megumi rolling on the ground kissing like lovers was great!
A solid 9/10
I hope to see more megumi but bigger tits and ass!

1 year ago

What is your 1st favorite ship? Thank you for the feedback and I’m happy you like the art. The story is most likely gonna be Megumi but the partner won’t be Soma tho

Combodestroyer( nalu forver)
Combodestroyer( nalu forver)
1 year ago
Reply to  Rtenzo

Uh favorite ship in food wars is soma/erina. And then soma with megumi. And while that’s a shame it’s all good as long as megumi gets a bit bigger in the ass

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
1 year ago

Great interactions between the different characters there. The way the boisterous Ikumi bounces off with the more reserved Megumi and later on the girls with the boys is done pretty impressively. One of the few times were the graffiti was actually adressed in the story and the way Ikumi does so is just hilarious. Nice sex scene with lots of different positions and very good interactions. I already can imagine Ikumi and Satoshi making fun of Megumi and Soma later on.

Top notch chapter, could have been longer but even with this length, a total banger.

1 year ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

Thank you Akro! wow a 9.5! that’s the highest score you’ve ever given. And yes, the location was addressed this time lol

1 year ago

Love this story, I’m not a huge fan of Megumi (more into the Nakiris, Hisako and Yuuki) but I definitely love how Ikumi and Megumi were portraited in this story.
Awesome to see Nikumi helping her friend all the way and getting her to use an skimpy outfit, especially those cut-off jeans, which are very sexy in the image.Ikumi gave a little push to came out of her shell and in the she was just as sensual as Ikumi regarding sex, maybe with a couple of extra go-outs with the blonde girl she can learn how to grow a couple of cups size.
Hope to see more of Shokugeki as this stories are great.

1 year ago
Reply to  Shadowdragon

Thank you for appreciating the Shokugeki stores! It feels like they don’t get as much as love as the other series lol so I’m glad theres those that really like em. Thank you for the kind feedback Shadow and I hope you enjoy whats next to come 👍

1 year ago
Reply to  Rtenzo

No problem at all, I love how you draw the Shokugeki no Soma girls and the detail you put in them, especially Alice, Mana and Leonora as in the stories you show their personalities and they match with the series. Your style for Megumi is one of the best

Just waiting for the what is next as I’m 100% sure that it will be excellent as always