Shopping for the Well Endowed

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Bleach stories)
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Ichigo Kurosaki was many things: Substitute Shinigami, Quincy, Visored. And above all, he was relieved!


Relieved that all that hardly mattered anymore! Ever since the war against the Sternritter ended almost a year ago, he could just be a normal human for once. No more worrying about some mad man trying to destroy Soul Society. No more fights to the death. Even the Hollow attacks became less and less frequent after Tier Harribel regained control over Hueco Mundo. Now she and Nelliel Tu Odelschwank ruled together and dworked to improve their relationship with the Shinigami.


He could now enjoy the simple things like walking out of a cinema into a pleasantly warm summer day side by side with his sweetheart, Orihime Inoue. The movie in and of itself was pretty forgettable but Ichigo appreciated the time alone with Inoue, even if they weren’t talking


“Haaaaa~!” she sighed and spun around after exiting the cinema “That was quite the movie!”


The orange haired girl was dressed in a simple gray mini skirt that left more than half of her incredibly long legs uncovered. A purple t-shirt with a faded imprint on it struggled to keep her bouncing tits contained ‘Moments like these make wonder if she actually wears underwear…‘ he thought whilst also trying to wipe the perverted mental image from his mind.


Like Inoue, he also dressed casually, now that the summer was upon them. A simple tank top highlighted his muscular arms, while cargo shorts covered his legs. “Haha! It was!” Ichigo agreed as he stretched, letting his loose joints crack after nearly two hours of sitting “Although I thought the ending was rushed.”


“But it was so good to see the protagonist finally defeating his evil ancestor and marrying the love of his life! They even had a child together at the end and it was so cute!” Inoue gushed.


Ichigo laughed as they aimlessly made their way through the streets “Let’s just hope that they don’t make a sequel where the child is the main protagonist.”


Chiming in on the laughter, Orihime put a swing in her hips as she walked side by side with the orange haired youth “I would enjoy that!”


The two walked through the streets, their hands ever so slightly grazing each other. Although they wanted to, neither dared to hold the other’s hand! Through the course of their many adventures, the two built a deep bond that ran deeper than “just” friendship. However, neither of them wanted to move to the next level, fearing that the other wouldn’t share the same feelings.


A strange silence followed as both teenagers didn’t know what to say next. On each side of the road different stores competed for their attention and a multitude of couples walked in and out of them in a steady flow. One young couple came hand in hand out of a nearby jewelry store. Azure blue earrings dangled from the woman’s ears as she peppered the man’s face with kisses.


Inoue came to a decision! She clenched her hands into fists and looked up into Ichigo’s face “Erm… Ichigo?” when he looked down at her with a questioning look, she wavered about what to say next “Erm… Do you… You know? I want to buy a few… things. Only if you want of course! It’s not like I’m forcing you to do anything! But… would you like to go shopping with me?”


Taken aback by the girl’s sudden request, a single pearl of sweat began rolling down Ichigo’s forehead “S- Sure! Why not!? Sounds like fun.” he then said in a casual tone.


“Really!?” her eyes beamed with excitement “I’ll even make it up to you, I swear!”


“You don’t have to-”


Inoue cut him short and pointed at a small shop at the corner of the road “Let’s check this one out! Rangiku said that I should check it out if I want something ‘to wow the boys’.” she said, putting quotation marks around the last few words.


XXXtra LARGE was written in bold letters across the store window. Behind it they could see a number of mannequins wearing a number of different lingerie and other scantily-clad clothing that had one thing in common: They were massive! The mannequins sported chests that were almost laughably huge, with them being almost as big as the mannequins’ entire upper body.


She… She really wants to go in there?‘ Ichigo thought. The soft ringing of a bell made him aware of the fact that Inoue had already stepped into the small shop. With not much else to do and him already agreeing to go with her, Ichigo followed.


Inside the shop he was greeted by some music from ABBA coming from a single radio on the counter where one lone and bored looking employee sat. He blew a bubble of gum and bobbed his head from side to side with the music whilst staring at the phone in his hand. When he heard Ichigo closing the door, he sat up a bit more straight and nodded “Welcome to XXXtra large…” he greeted them in a monotone voice. His sunken eyes wandered between the two potential customers “…where bigger means always better… Can I help you…?”


“N- No, thank you.” answered Ichigo as he took in the various merchandise displayed in the small store “We’re just gonna… look around a bit.”


After a quick glance at Inoue’s chest, the man nodded towards the latter half of the shop “Sure thing, pal. You’ll find the smaller sizes back there.”


“Smaller sizes?” Inoue asked perplexed. She took notice of one of the many bras nearby. One of its cups alone was as big as her entire body!


“Y’know… J-cups, M-cups and fitting thongs and panties to go with…” he explained with a sigh, his eyes already focused on his phone “If you need help or anything… just ask… I will be happy to be of service…”


With that said, it was as if he already forgot about them and he continued scrolling through his phone. Ichigo and Inoue looked at each other for a moment before they made their way through the rows of clothing. Despite the sizes displayed being utterly ridiculous, Ichigo couldn’t help but imagine how they would look on Inoue. On the far right he even saw a section of swimming trunks, speedos and other sorts of underwear for men. They were far less outlandish in size than the clothing for the women but a sign over them proclaimed that the fabric was durable enough to withstand the strain of 20 foot long erections!


He picked up one of the many swimming trunks, white with a pink flower pattern on it. It didn’t seem any bigger than the trunks he already had but after pulling at it once, he noticed how far the fabric was able to stretch.


Behind him, Inoue took a look at several of the bikinis displayed, ranging from simple sling bikinis that didn’t seem any thicker than shoelaces to more traditional, yet incredibly raunchy ones “They… seem so big!” the orange haired beauty pointed out, hefting her own tits and imagining how they would look in those bikinis.


“Of course they’re big…” the employee said from his place at the counter “My boss crafts all of those outfits you see here by himself… He claims that one day he will get customers who are endowed enough to fill his creations…”


“Aha…” Ichigo replied lamely, doubting that there would be a way for breasts or asses to become that big. He found another pair of swimming trunks with a different pattern and decided to try it on “Ehm, Inoue? I’m just gonna…”


“Mhm.” Inoue nodded as she walked further into the store and towards the “smaller” sizes. In her sight was a set of clothing, consisting of black underwear with an intricate pattern on the bra and frills on the thong and latex stockings.


At the left side of the store he found two changing booths with green curtains hanging in front of them. He pulled the curtain aside, stepped inside one of them and slipped out of his shorts and top. Once in the swimming trunks, he took a look at himself in the small mirror that was in the booth ‘Doesn’t look all that bad…


He turned around and found Inoue staring at him. A blush spread across the young man’s face as he came face to face with the fact that he forgot to close the curtains again “Ehm… So how does it look?” he tried to ask casually, despite his head being red like a tomato.


“It… looks… good?” the way she said it, made her answer seem more like a question. Just like Ichigo, a blush appeared on her face as her eyes wandered down towards his crotch. “Could you please keep it on for a while? I… wanna test something out.”


“S- Sure.” Ichigo replied and stepped out of the booth while Inoue went into the other one. In her hand she held the clothes she looked at earlier.


As he sat waiting on a small bench in front of the booth, he found sudden interest in the ground below his feet ‘God! Why did I have to forget to close the curtain?! That never happened before! Will Inoue now think that I’m some weirdo?! What if she now doesn’t like me anymore?! Why am I thinking about this stuff?! That isn’t how I usually act! Damn, why didn’t we go with Tatsuki and the others to the beach?‘ all those thoughts crossed his mind. For a few minutes he sat waiting, so lost in thoughts that he didn’t even hear the rustling of the curtain before him.


Only when he saw a pair of long, slender legs, clad in black latex stockings, walking past him. He looked up and felt his jaw almost hitting the ground as he couldn’t help but stare at Inoue in front of him. In response, a bulge formed in his trunks as his cock sprang to life!


“So? How does it look?” Inoue asked with a crimson red blush on her face. She spun around so that Ichigo could see her from all sides. The black thong dug into the folds of her pussy without feeling uncomfortable and the bra managed to hold her breasts without any problem whatsoever.


Putting his hands over the rapidly growing tent in his trunks, Ichigo leaned forward in the hope that Inoue wouldn’t notice anything. “Good… Really good!” he groaned.


She turned a bit more until her ass was only two feet away from his face and put her finger to her lips “Really? Don’t you think it makes my bu- my butt look big?”


The effect was eminent! The trunks stretched and stretched as Ichigo was unable to hold back his erection any longer. His cock was already thicker than both her arms together and reached all the way to his knees! If it weren’t for the truly durable fabric, the trunks would have been torn to shreds already! And it was still growing!


Inoue bit her lips in anticipation of what she should do next. Yoruichi and Rangiku gave her some advice before she went on this date with Ichigo and told her what to do to get his attention. However they didn’t mention what to do once she actually had his attention, making her next move a gamble!


Would he not like me anymore if I make an advance? Should I wait for him to make the next step? What if he doesn’t like it?’ a little voice inside her head kept asking ‘On the other hand…’ she took a glance at Ichigo’s still growing cock. It’s sheer size and girth already exceeded any expectations she had about it before!


“Hnnnngh…!” she clenched her thighs as a rush of arousal went through her body, all the while the voice inside her head kept reminding her of the potential consequences ‘What to do? What should I do?’


Ichigo’s eyes went wide as Inoue turned around and clapped both hands against her cheeks. She nodded confidently one last time before grabbing him by the wrist “H- Hey! What are you doing Inoue?!” he asked perplexed but without offering any resistance.


Together they marched into the changing booth. As soon as she closed the curtain behind her, Inoue squatted and pulled the orange haired youth’s trunks down! His rapidly growing erection sprung free and hit her in the face “Holy…” she whispered and put her elbow against the base of it to measure the size of his erection. Even with her fingers stretched out, his cock was still twice as long as her arm!


“Inoue!” Ichigo groaned as the girl tried to get a hold of the thick and veiny meat. Only when she used both hands did she manage to fully grasp the whole thing! A warm trickle of precum started oozing out of the tip of his cock “What are youuuuuuh!!!”


He clenched his hands into fists as Inoue began caressing his cock with inexperienced and awkward strokes. As a result, precum began oozing out of his cock which she licked up after another self-convincing nod “Hmmmph???” she gasped in surprise. She then opened her mouth as wide as she could and swallowed the tip of his massive member ‘Why does this taste and feel so… so good??


A wonderful aching spread in her mouth as she eagerly pushed more and more of Ichigo’s meat sword down her throat. After not even half of his cock went past her lips, she reached her limit and had to pull back. She leaned over and let out a number of concerning sounding coughs as she tried to regain her breath.


“Inoue, are you alright? Should we…?” before he even finished his sentence, the orange haired girl opened her mouth again and resumed what she was doing. At a much more cautious pace, she let her tongue wander over the underside of his cock before pushing her head forward again. Her hands moved up and down over the lower half of his cock, the way the veins pulsated under her touch sent shivers down her spines!


HUGGGG, MMMMMHHH, GUGPH, HUMMMPH, MMMH, GUGHHH!!!” she gagged. Tears obscured her view as she continued swallowing more and more of her partner’s cock. She tried to relax as best as possible so that she could take more of the thick monster down her throat. And yet, even as she was struggling to breathe, with the world around her a haze and obscured because of the tears in her eyes, she couldn’t help but love it!


DISH PHEELSH SHO GHUUUUD!!!! WHY DOSH DISH PHEEL SHO GHUUUUUD?!?!?!” her words vibrated through the orange haired man’s cock and entire body. He clenched his eyes and held himself back from cumming then and there “ID PHEELSH LIKE AYE’M CUMMING JUSHT PHROM SHUGGING YOUW CAWWWWK!!!!!!


“N- not so loud Inoue!” Ichigo groaned. His legs trembled and he had to lean against the wall behind him if he didn’t want to fall over “HRRRRRRGH!!!!


Inoue’s eyes rolled back into their sockets as another inch disappeared behind her lips. A spray of her juices doused the floor beneath her as she climaxed then and there. The aching in her throat reached new highs when she bobbed her head back and forth in wanton lust!


I want this! I wanna taste his load! I wanna make him happy! I NEED this!!!‘ she thought. She continued stroking the lower half of his cock with one hand whilst fondling his balls with the other. Each of his nutsacks was almost as big as her entire head and filled to the brim with thick and delicious baby batter, only waiting to be released!


HMMMMMM, AHUGGGE, MEEEEEWH, HUNNNNGH!!!!!” she moaned as she pumped her head back and forth while letting her hands trace over the other parts of his cock and testicles. The way his balls pulsated under her fingers had her shiver in ecstatic anticipation!


“Inoue! I’m about to…” he groaned, his finger nails digging into the palms of his own hands deep enough to draw blood.


Pulling her head free from his cock, the orange haired girl peppered it with kisses “Yes, do it! Give it to me!” she started stroking his length with both hands again, the veins underneath her fingers already twitching eagerly for what was inevitable! She opened her mouth wide and waited. Her fingers moved in a blur all over his cock when suddenly…




Cum shot out of his cock “GUHGGGG, GUGGGHH, ‘OO MUSH!!!” she gurgled as gallon after gallon of thick, white cockmilk found its way into her mouth! The delicious, salty fluid splattered on her face, her upper body, the mirror behind her, the ground beneath her, EVERYWHERE!!! Inoue had a hard time breathing as the musky smelling liquid even found its way into her nose “HUGGGGWEH, MOAWGHHH, CUMMIGLRGH, SHO GHUUUUGRLLLL!!!!


Despite her best efforts she wasn’t able to swallow it all down. The world around her turned black as she lost herself in the overwhelming pleasure. The salty, yet delicious taste filled her mouth! The musky smell was the only thing that she could smell! The feeling of the viscous liquid running down her body and forming a puddle underneath her feet was the only thing that she could feel! It was heaven!


“…oue! Inoue! INOUE!” Ichigo’s concerned voice brought her back to reality. He gently patted her cheek while cradling her head in his arms. He managed to wipe off most of his cum from her face with a tissue that he found in the pile of her clothes “Are you alright?”


“Hurrrrgh…” she moaned in response and sat up, a whole lot of cum poured out of her sore and open mouth “How long… How long was I gone?” she then noticed his still rock hard cock and her pussy began twitching like crazy “Nevermind! Please fuck me with that wonderful cock again!”


Ichigo blinked a few times “What? Inoue, you passed out just now! Don’t you think it’s best if we-?”


His eyes went wide as the orange haired girl simply jumped into his arms, somehow losing her thong in the process, and impaling her pussy on his cock. Instinctively, Ichigo reached out and supported her weight by holding her huge bubble butt. His finger sunk deep into the soft and warm flesh as the two groaned and moaned from the feeling.


Inoue’s eyes crossed and her tongue immediately hung out of her open mouth as she bucked her hips up and down on her partner’s cock. Her nails dug into his back as she climaxed from the sensation of this massive piece of meat invading her insides “CUMMING!!!” her once flat stomach visibly distended as inch after inch of his cock disappeared in her pussy.


“Hrrrrgh…” Ichigo groaned at the sensation of her tight pussy clenching around his cock. When he pulled his hips it felt like his cock was stuck in a vice; a vice that brought him pleasure unlike anything he felt before!


The SMACK SMACK SMACK of his balls repeatedly hitting her legs echoed through the small booth and mixed with their combined moans and groans felt like music to their ears “GRRROAH… HMMMM~… HURRRGH… HAAAAA~… ORAHHH… AAAAAHHH~!”


YES! FUCK, FUCK ME HARDER!!!” screamed Inoue, her legs clasped behind his beg as if to prevent him from pulling back “DON’T STOP!!! DON’T EVER STOP DOING THIS! I’M IN HEAVEN!!! I’M CUMMING SO FUCKING MUCH!!!!!


“Not…” growled Ichigo, sweat running down his entire body “Not so loud! The employee might hear us!”


Pressing her tits harder against her partner’s muscular chest, Inoue arched her back and stared with hazy eyes at the small light above them “LET HIM HEAR! LET HIM HEAR HOW YOU DESTROY MY PUSSY! FUCK, THIS FEELS SO GOOD!!!


Saliva dropped out of her open mouth and fell down on her tits. Ichigo kissed her neck, only to then start nibbling on her earlobe ‘She smells like strawberries.‘ he thought in a brief moment of clarity. The distention in her belly shifted every time he pulled back a bit, only to shove his dick inside again.


Everything was happening at the same time and they loved it! For years on end they went from conflict to conflict and had to fight for their lives constantly. How could they not enjoy this moment?!


GOOD GOD, I THINK I FEEL YOUR COCK IN MY THROAT AGAIN!!!” howled Inoue. A constant spray of her orgasmic fluid ran out of her pussy and down Ichigo’s cock and balls “I THINK I’M IN LOVE WITH THIS MAGNIFICENT DICK!!! BREAK ME! MAKE ME LOSE MY MIND!!!!


With gritting teeth Ichigo picked up speed and slammed into his partner with the speed of a jackhammer “Grrrrrr… Inoue, I’m gonna-”


YES! CUM INSIDE MY PUSSY!!! I NEED IT!!!!” she interrupted him, her perky nipples pressing against his bare chest.


“Okay then…” he readjusted his grip on her buttocks and pulled his hips back as far as possible “Here! I! CUM!!!!!


AYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!” a banshee-like scream echoed through the entire store as Inoue’s stomach ballooned to an almost comical extend. Ichigo’s sperm poured into her pussy and directly into her womb, only to ooze out of it almost immediately because it was too much for her stomach to hold.


SPLORG SPLORG SPLORG!!! thick drops of his cum dropped out of her pussy and into the puddle of jizz on the ground. Ichigo stumbled backwards until his back hit the wall behind him.


A satisfied smile spread across Inoue’s face as she laid her head to rest on Ichigo’s shoulder “That… was nice!”

(Story by: Mr. Akrononym)

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11 months ago

I hope they dont make a sequel for the protagonists son ahem boruto

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
11 months ago
Reply to  Anon

Happy to hear that you caught on to that easter egg XD.

Smiling Fiend
Smiling Fiend
11 months ago

Very good chapter. It captures their shyness around each other and also delivers in the sex scenes. Seeing them enjoying their time together this much put a big smile on my face.

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
11 months ago
Reply to  Smiling Fiend

Glad to see that you enjoyed their dynamic! I plan to expand on their relationship moving forward.

Phil Swift
Phil Swift
11 months ago

Absolutely loved the chapter! Keep up the good work!!

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
11 months ago
Reply to  Phil Swift

Happy to hear that you enjoyed it! I’ll definitely plan to keep delivering chapters.

11 months ago

Holy shit…! That escalated quickly! And also a hell of a way to welcome Valentine’s Day to top it off!

In all honesty, well done here! This really highlights the relationship Ichigo and Orihime have in a pretty good way. Not to mention how they eventually fucked each other in the clothing store. Though I don’t think that store employee will let them back in after that. XD

Also I really liked how you built everything up here too. Nicely done there.

Overall I really enjoyed this chapter. Nice work. 🙂

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
11 months ago
Reply to  Hiryu

Thanks for the praise, I appreciate it! I plan to have the clothing store play a bigger role moving forward (at least to a certain extend).

11 months ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

Was going to ask if the girl will eventually fit the oversized items

11 months ago

That chapter was fire

Hope to see more ichigo action

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
11 months ago
Reply to  Han

Hey, glad that you like it! So far nothing new with him is planned.