Sexually Surprising Island

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Standing on the forward deck of the massive cruise ship, Shizune Kato looked out at the approaching island of Ranko. The trip here had been a lot quicker than she expected, but then, she was used to traveling on the now seemingly outdated wind powered sailing vessels. This massive ship, now carrying many of the ninja from Konoha, was moved by a massive engine not unlike those found in cars, only a lot bigger.


Most of the women from Konoha had spent the trip sunning themselves on deck. Shizune had more than once caught Hana, Ino, and even Hanabi resting topless on the lounging chairs. She could still remember the way her screams had fallen on deaf ears as she told them to show a little more modesty before they got to the island. All three of them simply ignored her as they took turns applying sunscreen to each other.


Instead, she’d been one of the few to take the tour of the ship, but everything about the engine room had gone right over her head. Turbines, propellers, horse power, at first she thought that maybe there were actual horses running on the ship.


“Wow, we’re almost there already?” asked a voice behind her,


Shizune turned and raised her eyebrows at the sight of Anko walking up behind her, the dark haired woman was already dressed in a less than flattering bikini for a woman of her body type. Then again, Shizune had to give her credit for being bold enough to wear it. It had a flame pattern to it with a pair of hearts over her breasts and a rather uncomfortable looking bottom.


“Yeah,” Shizune said, “A couple more hours and we’ll begin docking.”


“Guess I should grab my stuff then.” Anko said, turning to leave, but stopping after a step, “Oh yeah, I came to ask you, have you seen Tsunade? I haven’t seen her for the whole trip.”


“She didn’t board with us.” Shizune said with a sigh, “She disappeared just before we were set to leave, probably went off to some gambling den somewhere. I just hope I don’t find her with another fifty million ryo debt she plans to skip out on…”


“When did that happen?” Anko asked.


“It’s a long story from a few years ago. Nanadime took care of it though.” Shizune told her.


“Sounds like a story to hear over drinks.” Anko said as she began walking away again, “Well, see you around the island, try not to have too much fun!” she said as she stepped out of view.


Shizune just shook her head and looked back out at the island as they approached, “I wonder…” she mused to herself.



Once off the cruise ship and checked into the hotel, Shizune headed directly for the shopping district of the city. Thus far, Ranko Island was everything it was rumored to be. Everywhere she went, Shizune was practically assualted by open displays of sex! She could feel her face blushing almost constantly as she tried and failed to not look at the varied couples, and sometimes groups fornicating out in the open!


In the lobby of her hotel, she spotted a blonde haired woman down on all fours, rocking herself back and forth on the rather large cock of a young man with messy pink hair. While that was shocking enough, more surprising was how everyone just walked around the pair as though nothing were amiss. On her way to her room, one of the other guests was fucking one of the hotel maids up against the wall of the hallway.


Shaking her head, Shizune made her way around the couple as discreetly as she could. The two didn’t even seem to notice her as they continued slamming their bodies together. The smell of sex was nearly dizzying as she continued down the hallway. She checked the room numbers against the one the woman at the front desk gave her when one of the doors opened and Sasuke Uchiha walked out.


He looked like hell, his hair a greater mess than usual, and he hadn’t shaved in some time. He smelled of alcohol and sweat, as though he hadn’t bathed in a couple of days. Shizune gasped and was about to speak up when their eyes met. He looked at her for only a moment before laying a food tray out in the hall by his door and going back into his room without a word. Shizune thought about knocking on his door and trying to speak with him, but he’d looked her right in the eye and hadn’t said anything. That alone told her he’d rather be left alone right now as she found her room a few doors down from Sasuke’s.


Having quickly unpacked, Shizune left the hotel and decided to look around the city for a while. She’d heard of the unique styles of clothing on the island and so far she hadn’t been disappointed. Stepping into a boutique off the main street of the city, the dark haired woman looked around and could scarcely believe her eyes. She thought shops like this were only to be found in seedy back alleys.


“Hmm…?” Shizune muttered as she walked through a section of fetish leather clothes and into ‘softer’ outfits. She walked over to one rack displaying a satiny outfit that consisted of a loincloth and a matching top held in place around the breasts by a single golden ring. The sign above the display read “Harem Girls”, but Shizune still picked one of them off the rack and went to the dressing room.


Shizune left the store a few minutes later with a bag in hand. She shook her head inwardly as she opened the top of the bag and looked at the “Harem Girl” swimsuit inside.She’d tried on the outfit in the store’s dressing room and rather enjoyed how it looked on her body. Before she knew it, she was waving over one of the store attendants to ring her out. She turned back the way she’d come, planning on going back to her hotel for an early lunch.


“There you go! Suck it down! Use those fat tits!” said a familiar voice. Shizune blinked and turned toward the sound.


“Nanadime?” she said quietly. It sounded like Naruto, but it was too loud, as though he were speaking into a loudspeaker.


“Take my swollen cock, you slut!” she heard his voice saying again as she rounded the corner into a large square. Shizune felt her jaw dropping as one of the biggest TV screens she’d ever seen showed Naruto standing naked over a scantily clad Tsunade!


WHAT THE…!?” Shizune gasped as she watched Tsunade wrapping her massive tits around the Hokage’s cock and taking the top few inches into her hot mouth.


MMMPH! UGMPH! HMMM GUH GUH GUH!” Tsunade choked around his cock as Naruto groaned.


“Ahh ah, uh…” Shizune stammered as she watched the two blondes proceeded to fuck on the screen. She then tilted her head slightly as they moved into their first penetrative position. She had no idea Tsunade could even hold such a position! “Well, that explains where she disappeared to…” she said with a soft chuckle as she managed to turn away from the screen and begin walking down the street.


Some time later, Shizune found herself standing at the edge of the beach, not knowing how long she had been wandering aimlessly. She shook her head vigorously, trying to shake the image of Tsunade moaning as Naruto’s huge cock slammed in and out of her pussy. ‘Really, something like that on public television!?’ she thought, but then saw a beautiful red haired woman openly sucking the cock of a man with messy dark hair and metallic piercings all over his body.


“Oh, right…” she muttered to herself as she looked around for a changing station. To her surprise there actually was such a place with the public bathrooms. There were even some public lockers where she could keep her clothes. “If you can’t beat ‘em…” she muttered to herself as she changed into her newly bought swimsuit.


Once changed, Shizune found an empty locker to store her regular clothes in and paid a twenty-five ryo coin for the rental. She then headed out onto the beach itself. The sand felt painfully hot against her bare feet, making her run a bit faster than she would have liked. Her heavy breasts bounced and wobbled in the silken top she wore. Oddly enough though, she didn’t feel a thousand stares like she thought she would. In fact, her suit was one of the more conservative designs she saw. At least among the women who even bothered to wear one. Shizune felt almost overdressed as she made it to the edge of the shore where the sand was a lot cooler.


In the distance, Shizune thought she saw Ino and her husband, the woman’s long blonde hair and Sai’s near albino skin were the biggest giveaways. She tried calling out to them and waving, but they were too far away to hear her over the loud chatter that filled the area. She pouted slightly as she saw the two link hands and head back inland together.


Sighing softly, Shizune walked back onto the hotter sands and headed for one of the many snack and drink stands that dotted the area. One good thing about being here, she didn’t have to worry about carrying her money with her. At the check-in of her hotel, they took a scan of her thumb with some kind of red circle of light. She was told that she could use that scan to pay for most things here, and they would be charged to her room. A good way to keep commerce going in a place where a lot of people wandered around without any pockets for carrying money!


In spite of herself, Shizune rather enjoyed the fresh air and sunshine here on the island. She could have done without the sex being thrown in her face around every corner. But, after a couple hours, and about as many local cocktails, even that didn’t bother her much anymore.


Once a short while ago, she could have sworn that she saw Sakura walking with a pair of men and wearing only a camo-themed bikini bottom. She couldn’t have been certain though as her hair was in a different style than Sakura normally wore. She didn’t recognize the two men she was walking with and figured she had to have been someone else. Sakura wasn’t the kind of woman to walk around topless with a bunch of strangers after all.


“What all is in this?” she asked the vendor as she downed the last of her third drink and bringing her back to the present.


“Easier to ask what isn’t.” joked the vendor, a short, but well built man with bronze colored skin and dirty blonde hair with a matching beard. He reached over to take the empty glass and asked, “Another?”


“Why not.” said Shizune, smirking as he turned to begin mixing fluids of various colors of the rainbow. She rather liked the view of him from behind since he worked his drink kiosk completely naked. Truth be told, the dark haired woman was a bit of an ass lover, and the vendor’s ass looked as though she could bounce a penny off it with ease! Though, (and this was likely the alcohol thinking for her) the front wasn’t so bad either, with a flaccid dick that hung almost down to his KNEE! More than once she found herself picturing that huge dick fully erect, and every time she did, she licked her lips at the mental image. The vendor returned a few moments later and set a fresh glass of the colorful drink in front of her. Shizune nodded her thanks and picked up the glass.


“Careful with those,” warned a voice to her right, “I hear they go right to your head fast.”


“Oh, too late for thaAAAT!!!!” Shizune squealed as she turned towards the speaker and felt her eyes nearly pop out of their sockets! “A… A… Anko?” she stammered.


“Hi~!” Anko replied with a smirk and a tiny wave. She was still dressed in a micro bikini, but now it didn’t fit for an entirely different reason! Shizune stood up and waited for the worst of the sudden dizziness to pass before resting a hand on her hip and looking her friend up and down.


“So, what happened?” she asked, still unable to believe what her eyes were seeing. Anko looked completely different from a few short hours ago on the ship. In recent years, Anko had let her once athletic figure go as she settled into a teacher’s role at the academy. It was one of the reason’s she shouldn’t be wearing a micro-bikini, but now, it was as if all the weight she had gained was, well, it certainly wasn’t GONE, but it had moved!


Her once average sized breasts were now the size of bean bag chairs! Her bikini top struggled to hold onto them as her bright pink nipples were completely visible beneath the heart shaped bits of fabric. Shizune walked around Anko and took in her new figure. Her ass had a perfect shape to it now, and her waist was thinner than Shizune’s own!


“It’s a little procedure they have here on the island. It redistributes body fat in some rather interesting ways.” Anko explained.


“So I see…” Shizune said evenly, wondering how Anko was even able to STAND with those things, let alone walk. The medical ninja in her knew that in less than a week, Anko’s back and shoulder would be aching something fierce, but she decided not to mention that for the moment. She had already prescribed moderate anti-inflammatory for Sarada, the same could work for Anko if need be.


“So,” Shizune said, changing the subject now, “What brings you to the beach?”


“On a dick hunt.” Anko said bluntly, “I haven’t had a decent fuck in over a year, and I am NOT wasting this opportunity!”


Shizune regretted asking at all as she shook her head.


“I hear right?” asked a man’s voice. Anko and Shizune turned to see a tall man walking up behind them. He had platinum blonde hair so bright it looked silver, and some of the bluest eyes Shizune had ever seen outside the Nanadime and his son. He was very well built with skin the color of hot chocolate. Shizune felt her face turning bright red as she quickly discovered the man was not only walking around stark naked, but with the biggest erection she’d ever seen in person! Not quite as big as Naruto, but then again, she figured that would be a difficult order to fill even here. Just remembering what she’d seen on the jumbo screen just a little while ago made the dark haired woman’s knees go weak.


How could Tsunade even take something like that!?’ she thought as Anko licked her lips next to her.


“You did handsome,” Anko said back to him, “You got what it takes to handle these babies!?” she asked him, hefting her newly enlarged tits. The string of the micro-bikini top finally couldn’t withstand anymore and snapped with a soft pop, fully exposing her tits to everyone in sight.


“What do you think babe?” asked the man, “Name’s…” he began but Anko held up a hand cutting him off.


“I honestly don’t give a shit!” she said as she reached her hands down to pull at the side tire strings of the bottoms of her bikini. The simple knots came undone easily and she tossed the loose bit of dental floss aside before she got down on her knees as he came over to her.


“Ah… ANKO-SAN!?” Shizune gasped as her friend instantly mashed her gigantic knockers around the man’s erection, completely enveloping it in the soft flesh. Only the top couple inches peaked out from the top of her cleavage as Anko pressed her tits together and began rubbing them against each other.


“Oooooh, fuck, those titties feel as good as they look!” groaned the man.


“Damn straight they do, fuck, I feel like just this is gonna make me cum!” Anko moaned as she opened her mouth wide and swallowed the exposed bit of his cock. “HMMMMMMMMPH!!!! YESHHH, DISH, DISH ISH VHAT AYE’VE VANTED PHOR SHO LOOOOONG!!!!” she slurred lewdly around his cock. Her tongue occasionally slipping out from between her lips to swirl around the thickness of his cock.


“Ahh… ah…” Shizune stammered as she stood there dumbstruck, this guy just walked up to them, and Anko already had her tits and mouth on his dick!


AGUH GUH GHUGH GUG GUG GUG GUG!!!!” Anko gagged and choked on the man’s cock as she moved her head and breasts up and down, taking his length further down her throat every time. The dark skinned man’s cock was already coated in saliva, glistening in the afternoon sun as Anko’s throat swelled every time she took him in. Shizune couldn’t tear her eyes away from the sight as Anko moaned in utter bliss as she let her tits fall away just as the man grabbed the back of her head in both hands and shoved her face down on his cock, burying her nose in his platinum pubes.


GUUUUUUUUGHH!!!!” Anko gag-moaned around his cock, her arms encircling his hips to grab his ass and pull herself onto him even harder!


AWWWW FUCK YEAH!!!!” groaned the man as he gripped Anko’s dark hair and began pumping her head back and forth. “FUCKING, TAKE, MY, DICK, YOU, FUCKING, SLUT!!!!” he grunted every time he pushed his cock down her throat.


GUGH GUG GUG HMMMPH MMMMPH, MMMPH, MMMPH, MMMMMMMPH!!!” Anko gagged and howled, her throat making a watery sound as her eyes rolled back in her head, “DAT AWW YEW GOT!!!? HAWDER, PHUCKING PHUCK MY MOUPH-CUNT YEW PHUCKING AGGUUUUUGH!!!!!” Anko began, but her insult was lost as he began slamming his cock into her face even more. Long ropes of drool flung away from her lips as she gagged and choked on his cock.


Shizune felt her knees getting weak as she continued to watch the spectacle before her, ‘What…? What is this feeling…?’ she asked herself as she could feel a heat building between her thighs. Her skin tingled all over, and she could feel her nipples rubbing almost painfully against the inside of her top.


“HURR, HURR, HURR, HURR, HURR, HURR, HURRRRAAAGH!!!!” the man roared, slamming his hips back and forth as he fucked Anko’s face harder.


MMMMMHHHMMMMMMMPH!!!” Anko only howled around his cock, holding both her hands up now and making a double “V” gesture with them as her pussy began spraying onto the sand beneath them.


Shizune brought her hands up to her chin, tracing her fingers along her lips as she watched the bulge in Anko’s throat rise and fall. The heat between her legs only got hotter and she felt something wet running down her thigh. It felt as if ants were crawling all over her skin, but not in a bad way as Anko gagged and moaned louder when the man shoved his cock all the way down her throat again. He grunted like some wild beast and Anko’s cheeks puffed out as he came in her mouth and throat! Cum gushed out of her mouth like a waterfall as Anko moaned in orgasm!


“Awww, fuck yeah!!!” groaned the man as he pulled his cock away from Anko’s mouth. Long white ropes of cum and drool stretched away from the dark haired woman’s lips, keeping her connected to his cock for several long seconds that seemed to go on forever!


“Hah…ah…hah… Ne… Next!!” Anko gasped as all the ropes snapped away.


WHAT!?” Shizune gasped.


“What, think that was enough to really get me off!?” Anko asked her as she stood up and looked around, “Come on, I’ll fucking take you all on!” she announced. Shizune noticed for the first time that they had a crowd around them now, men and women alike had gathered and were cheering.


WHAT’S GOING ON!?” Shizune shouted. “WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE!?!?” she yelled, then gasped as she felt a pair of hands grabbing her tits from behind.


“Welcome to Ranko Island.” said the man behind her as Shizune felt something long, thick,hard, and oh so very hot rub between her legs, pressing against her now soaking wet pussy!


AAAHEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!” Shizune squealed like a pig as she came instantly!

(Story by User: S22132 and SailorIo)

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4 months ago

I really love the design of Shizune’s swimsuit. Probably my favorite bikini that you’ve drawn honestly.

4 months ago
Reply to  Emperor-k9

Appreciate the feedback man! Thank you 👍

4 months ago

Looks like Shizune really didn’t know what she and the others were getting themselves into. But it looks she does now. You might as well get used to it madam. I know Anko is feeling right at home, that’s for sure. XD

While I don’t have a lot to say on this one, I do like how it all went, including the opening, as well as Shizune doing some shopping and seeing sex all over the place. At least she now knows exactly what happened to Tsunade. Haha.

Still, it was quite the turn of events. I can only wonder what’s next.

Either way, well done. 😀

4 months ago
Reply to  Hiryu

Thanks, I had fun writing it once I figured out how to get a sexy scene in it, once I had that, it basically wrote itself.

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
5 months ago

Love the lustful look Shizune and Anko give each other. Or in Shizune’s case, the look she gives the other girls massive titties. Anko’s tongue sticking out of her mouth really makes it seem that she anticipates something kinky happening to her and it better happen fast or at least incorporate the girl behind her in some way. But in all honesty that’s pretty much all this artwork has going for it. It’s not bad but nothing special either, although the bikini the two girls wear are really sexy. Especially the flame-patterned bikini of Anko. In my eyes this artwork really shows how a great story can alter the perception of a good artwork since in my eyes the beach stand mentioned in the story would have made for a far more interesting background as a plain beach/ocean one. It still looks nice don’t get me wrong and if I understand correctly you send the artwork to the writers with the story being written for the artwork and not the other way around so it just shows how the writers can interpret your fantastic work.

Reading the story through the eyes of Shizune with her rather innocent demeanor as she experiences her first day at Ranko Island is a nice idea especially with the stuff coming afterwards. I.e. her seeing the sex between Tsunade and Naruto, her seeing Sakura walking off with Daishi and Soshi (even though she doesn’t think it to be Sakura since she is unaware of the changes the pink haired milf has gone through), the “meeting” between Sasuke and her where she is rather indifferent to his appereance and even the ending with her cumming instantly as soon as one of the men from the crowd slides his dick between her legs. Also rather nice is the way with which you explained how Anko’s breasts became as big as they are. Her outgoing personality towards sex is also kinky and her not caring whatsoever what the name of her partner is, is kinky as fuck. And don’t think of me as someone to forget something: I still look forward towards the “Festival of the Dead” even though it wasn’t mentioned at all in this and the previous chapter. That’s nothing negative at all and is most likely very intentional, it’s just something I noticed.

Pleasant artwork which get’s pretty outshined in how it is described in the story but still quite good.

5 months ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it. I figured Shizune would be somewhat “innocent” for the beginning of her time here. As for Sasuke, she’s a doctor, figuring he’d talk when he was ready.

5 months ago

Oh Shizune… Came on this trip and had NO idea what you were getting into, or what would be getting in you.

5 months ago

Heheh, the moral degradation begins!