Sexual Training Sessions

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Bleach stories)
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“And… and aphda evwyphing aye wend phrough… hic~* she shdill didn’t wanna let meh wowk in dish shdubid club!” the strawberry blonde chick at the counter continued whining to the bar keeper who followed her story with a truly tired expression on his weathered face. “Like… am aye… hic~* aye AM hawt enouph to oudclash any oph doshe otha shludsh… and shdill… BWAAAAAAAAAHH!!!!” tears streamed down her face and filled the many empty glasses on the counter in front of her to the brim in second. “SHE TOWD MEH AYE’M NOT WHAD SHE’SH LOOGING PHOWW!!!! SHDUBID BIDSCH!!!!!


“Mhm! Tragic, I know!” the barkeeper replied without a shred of sympathy left in his voice.


“Like… aye’m a… a… a… a todal bombshell!” the woman declared while slamming yet another glass down on the counter after downing its content in one go, “Right?” She looked at him, but didn’t wait for a response as she simply continued talking. “Of courshe aye’m right! Aye’m da hotteshd babe in dish countwy hic~*! Sho why awe all deesh shludsh allowed to work in da club, but not me?! Dat’sh sho unphaaahaaahaaaiw!!!!”


The sound of the woman kicking repeatedly against the counter echoed through the entire bar, which caused the bar keeper to regret his decision of not throwing her out hours earlier. And from the annoyed expression of the regular patrons of his humble establishment, he wasn’t alone with that as all of them had a hard time watching the Shogi World Championship on the TV above the counter. Yet, nobody wanted to get involved with her, so they all kept their complaints to passive-aggressive mumbling in the hopes that the woman would finally leave on her own! Some people were just best left alone.


Especially when they already entered the club thirsty as fuck and starving for attention! And if she would have toned it down just a bit, she might have actually managed to land with one or two of the other patrons. She certainly had the looks for it! Her shapely rump was barely covered by a miniskirt that seemed three sizes too small for her. It looked as if it could snap any second now if she were to do more than sit on her chair. And from how clearly everyone could see her nipples poke through the thin fabric of the white shirt that she wore, it was obvious that she didn’t even wear a bra. She even went so far and flaunt her cleavage at everyone in the bar at one point or another to get their attention, but to no avail. Aside from one desperate teenager who saw her as his opportunity to lose his virginity, none of the others even bothered reacting to her innuendos, aside from an annoyed rolling of their eyebrows.


“‘notha beer!” the orangette demanded as she swirled around the empty glass in her hand.


As he filled the glass for her, the bartender raised an eyebrow, “You sure you can pay for all that, missy?” He then asked as he handed her the drink. “You’ve been going on for quite a while, and are already really wasted! Don’t you think it’s time to stop?”


NHA!!” the woman replied and almost sounded like a cat while clinging to the glass, “Aye’m pewfectly fine!” She said before swiftly chugging down half of the beer in one swift swoop. “And aye’m shure one of deeshe handshome men here will pay dish bill pho me in exchanshe for a lil favor! Right?”


She turned around to look in their direction and acted as if she was giving them a blowjob while also unbuttoning her shirt to show them even more of her cleavage. In response, all the other patrons merely rolled their eyes and looked in any other direction than hers.


“So you don’t have any money with you.” The black haired man behind the counter shook his head as he picked up all the other empty glasses around her to clean them. He turned around and walked over to a little sink a bit to the right. “That’s your last one, missy. And after that, you’re going!”


WHAAAAAT?? C’mon! Don’t be shuch… shuch a… hic~* shuch a meanie!” the overly loud and obnoxious woman whined, “I can totally make it up for you, aye shwear!” She declared, turning her attention back on him and leaning over the counter with a lecherous look in her mesmerizing blue eyes. “C’mon! Iph you want, aye can shlip under dat counter right away and give you da time of your li- Hm?”


“Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. Matsumoto-chan… What happened to you?” a brand new voice suddenly chimed in after the orangette woman had already stopped talking. “That’s no way for a lady to behave!”


“Hm?” Just like Rangiku, the barkeeper raised an eyebrow at the sudden appearance of a strange, purple haired woman that now sat right next to the more busty girl, “Didn’t hear you come in. What can I do for you?” the bartender asked.


When they sat next to each other like that, they couldn’t be more different! Rangiku was everything a model would strive to be, whereas the other woman looked as though she only knew McDonalds as her only source of nutrition. Rangiku’s eyes were hazed by alcohol and the want for attention, while the other woman’s were closed and accentuated by a warm and motherly smile that graced her black painted lips. While Rangiku practically laid on the counter, as she was too tired to even sit upright after so many drinks, the other woman sat there upright and solid like a rock.


“I just followed the noises an old friend of mine was making.” the round woman said as she hugged herself briefly against Rangiku. “Ain’t that right, Ma~tsu~mo~to-cha~n?”


“Hm?” Rangiku blinked a few times, almost as if she didn’t recognize the woman at first, “Ca- Cap- Captain Hikifune?” She then asked, finally remembering the face in front of her. “What… what are you doing here?”


“Listening to how miserable your life is apparently. The world sure treated you quite harshly, little one!” the woman managed to say this without ever sounding condescending or as if she made fun of the orangette.


“Hnnngh…!!” Rangiku waved her off, “Don’t wanna… hic~* talk about it!” She said while quickly emptying her glass again. “They all jushd don’t undershtand how good I am and what they’re misshing out on by not hiring meh!”


Kirio nodded understandingly, “Yes, I heard you. But do you really think that just sitting here in a bar in the middle of nowhere will help you in any way?” Pushing all the empty glasses on the counter to the side, the fat woman edged a bit closer towards Rangiku. “You certainly won’t show Captain Unohana the error of her ways by getting wasted here!”


“Then… then what should I do?” Rangiku now sounded seriously desperate as she now leaned herself against Kirio, “If aye… jusht run back… they think aye’m jushd shome shlut with no life other than to have shex!” Once more, tears streamed down Rangiku’s face as she began crying.


“Now, now! Why don’t you stop whining and come with me?” Kirio offered as she jumped up from her seat, practically already pulling Rangiku behind her. “I can’t just let a sweet little doll like you waste away here!”


“Eh! Lady… Captain Hikifune, was it?” the bar keeper called after them, even when they were already halfway through the room. “She still hasn’t paid her bills! And besides, I’ve already called some guy on her phone to pick her up a few hours ago.”


“Really? Which one was it?” Hikifune asked back while pulling out a wad of cash from between her tits that she threw in his direction.


“Which one? I dunno. Was more on the smaller side if the profile pic was any indication. White hair. I think his name was Toshi-something!” He explained to them. “Told me he would get here as soon as he can.”


A surprisingly mischievous grin spread across the fat woman’s face before she turned around and left the bar with Rangiku. “Perfect!”


Hand in hand, the two women then left the bar and made their way down the street of the sleepy little village at the slopes of Mt. Fuji. If it weren’t for the artificial light of the many streetlights left and right, none of them would have been able to look even five meters ahead of them; it would take another two hours until sunrise, after all. Then again, here in the countryside of Japan, one could actually see the moon and the stars in the sky, unlike in the cities where all the smog and other pollution made that impossible, so the night sky wasn’t nearly as dark and empty as in the cities.


Still drunk, she had a hard time realizing where exactly they were going or even what was happening at the moment, “Sho… where… what do you wanna do?” Rangiku asked as she was dragged through the streets by the older Shinigami woman.


“First, we need to get you sobered up! You reek of alcohol!” the former Captain of the 12th chided the younger Lieutenant, “Here, take this!” Before Rangiku even had the chance to blink or ask, she found something pushed into her mouth that instantly melted when it came into contact with her saliva.


BROOOOORGH!!!!” Just several seconds later, Rangiku bent forward and puked into a bush that Kirio had led her in front of. It felt as if her entire stomach was turned inside out as every last drop of alcohol left her body again, “Haaa, haaa, haaa… What… What was that?” Sweat covered the orangette’s entire body as she took several deep breaths.


“A medicine I invented together with Unohana-chan back when I was in charge of the 12th. Able to neutralize most poison known to man within seconds!” the fat woman answered while patting Rangiku on the back. “That sensation of dizziness and heat is due to it burning away each and every drop of poison. You should be alright in just a bit, don’t you worry!”


“Poison… BLOOOORGH!!! Since when is alcohol a poison?” wiping away specks of puke from the corner of her mouth, Rangiku slowly began to stand up straight.


“Always!” The purple haired cook brushed her hair back before swallowing a different pill of her own. “You young’uns seriously lack basic understanding of a healthy diet and nutrition if you don’t know that!”


“Yeah, yeah. I get it. Alcohol is bad and all.” Rangiku waved off Hikifune’s remark before mumbling to herself. “Then why do they make it taste so delicious!?”


AAAH!! That’s much better!” Kirio grinned after having turned into her much slimmer form. “Now then… With you all sobered up now, it’s time to get into training! And I know just the guy who can help us with that, isn’t that right, Captain Hitsugaya-chan?”


The Divine General of the South turned around to greet the source of the sudden spike in Spiritual Pressure in the area. There, standing at the center of the street, dressed in his usual Captain’s Shihakusho, was the white haired prodigy Captain of the 10th Division. He had an almost annoyed expression on his face as he looked between the two busty women.


“Y’know… When this dude suddenly called me in the middle of the night to pick up Matsumoto, I didn’t think I’d run into you here as well, Captain Hikifune!” Toshiro replied.


“Little surprises like this make life worth living, wouldn’t you say?” the purplette joked before linking arms with both of her fellow Shinigami. “So, where can we fuck here without causing too much of a scene?”



(At a pond at the outskirts of the village…)


DAMN! Why did I let myself get talked into this?” Toshiro asked himself as he found himself leaning back against Kirio’s tits.


The taller woman supported his weight effortlessly while also reaching around his slim body to stroke the lower half of his cock, “Mmmh! Don’t act as if you don’t like this!” the former Captain whispered into his ear. “Your friend down there at least seems to be honest and happy about your current situation. Also, isn’t it your obligation as a Captain to make sure that your subordinate is doing well?”


“Hrrrrrm… how much longer do I have to do this?” Rangiku whined almost just as much as her Captain. The strawberry blonde bombshell squatted right in front of Toshiro and gyrated her hips on his cock, “Can’t I just shove it in me entirely and let him fuck me hard?” She asked with only the first two inches or so of his cock moving around inside of her pussy with every movement.


Licking Toshiro’s earlobe, Kirio noticed his body shudder, “Patience! Sex isn’t worth doing if you rush it! Just like with a good meal, you have to prepare the ingredients, or, in this case, get your partner into the mood with a little foreplay!” Kirio explained as she moved her hands up and down on Toshiro’s dick. While not nearly as big as Ichigo’s, for a guy his size, Toshiro certainly packed a beast inside his pants. Even with both hands she had a hard time grabbing the whole thing. “Rushing it might make your clients feel like you don’t put in any effort. That you’re doing it because you have to, and not because you want to!”


“That’s bullshit!” the other woman complained while moving her body up and down a bit. “If I get straight down to letting them fuck my pussy or ass, shouldn’t that be proof enough that I don’t play around and I am the real deal?”


This time it was Toshiro’s time to shake his head, which only managed to make him sink in deeper into the embracing warmth of Kirio’s ample bosom, “That might work for simple-minded fools like Ikkaku and Yumichika, but everyone who specifically goes to a club in order to have some fun usually is interested in more than just a quickie!” He explained while also slowly starting to thrust his hips up and down into Rangiku’s hot pussy.


“Hmmm, well spoken, Captain!” Kirio purred. “I can see why Unohana-chan reached out for you as one of her first employees. You know your stuff!”


“Aaah, aaah, aaah… You seem to know an awful lot about our club.” stated Toshiro as Rangiku moved her hips faster and faster as she grew more impatient by the second.


“Hahahahahaha! You think I’ve done nothing during my time here after I finished training Ichigo-chan?” Kirio let go of Toshiro’s cock to instead press her tits tight around his head, massaging it with her soft mammaries. “No! I needed to see what my old bestie was up to with that club of hers!”


HMMMM!!! Stop talking already!” Rangiku chimed in, all the while gradually having moved herself lower and lower on her Captain’s shaft. “I thought that this was all about getting you in the mood.”


“Guess that means you’re not really good at it then!” Toshiro remarked matter-of-factly and without hesitation.


OH! Just you wait!” In response, Rangiku circled her hips faster, screwing his cock around inside of her tight pussy while twerking her ass mere inches away from his face, “I’m gonna squeeze you dry, Captain!” She declared with a look over her shoulder.


A light film of sweat formed on Toshiro’s forehead, “I’d like to see you try!” He challenged his subordinate.


Behind him, Kirio squirmed in her place as she rubbed her thighs together to stimulate her overflowing pussy, “Yessss! That’s it!” She moaned while watching the young pair talk themselves into even more depraved and raunchier sex. “Give him a taste of what you can offer, Matsumoto-chan!”


I WILL!” Rangiku replied, as she was now throwing her entire body against his cock. Her pussy gushed and sprayed its delicious juices in every direction as Toshiro’s schlong moved over every part of her tight and wet hole.


“Take this!”




“And this!”








Time and time again, the orangette vixen took her Captain’s dick to the halfway point but not further. Even from her position behind her Toshiro and with Rangiku’s ass right in front of her face, she could imagine how much her stomach must stretch out because of the cock’s sheer size and girth! Toshiro’s increasingly more labored breathing does seem to indicate that it had an effect on him as well. He leaned back even more against her chest while beginning to actively move his hips to match his subordinate’s frantic rhythm.


HA! You like that?!” Rangiku teased the white haired shortstack underneath her ass. “You like having your cock oh so deep in my hungry little cunt?! You LOVE shoving your FAT dick in me and making me scream senseless stuff out of pure ecstasy!” She stated, with her tits almost hitting her in the face as she got more and more down to the base of his shaft. “AAAAAAHH!!! I LOVE IT!!! YOUR COCK FEELS SO GOOD INSIDE OF ME!!!!! GIVE IT TO ME!!! MAKE ME SCREEEEEEAAAAAA-!!!!


“Okay! That’s enough for now!” Kirio interrupted Rangiku. At the same time, she disappeared from behind Toshiro, causing him to fall flat on his back while she pulled Rangiku away from him.


“What?? NOOOOOO!!!! I was so close!” complained Rangiku. Her pussy twitched just as much as Toshiro’s dick in the warm morning air. Dew glistened on the leaves of the bushes around them and on the lily pads in the pond in the same way that Toshiro’s erection now glistened with Rangiku’s pussy juices all over it.


“I know! You were about to rush it again!” She chided the younger woman with a large smile. “Take your time! You already have him quivering and shaking on the edge of orgasm! Keep him like that!” She explained while dropping to her knees in front of the throbbing dick between the prodigy Captain’s legs. “He’s all oiled up and hot now! And what do you do with the meat once you cook it just right?”


Even as she asked the question, Kirio had already begun to kiss her way up and down Toshiro’s cock, leaving pitch black lipstick marks all over it, as she waited for Rangiku’s answer, “You… You eat it?” replied the orangette, though it sounded as if she wasn’t quite sure what to think of this comparison.


EXACTLY!! There isn’t anything better in this world than the taste of grade-A man-meat! MWAH!!!” Kirio left another lipstick mark behind on the very tip of Toshiro’s cock, causing him to shudder and whimper ever so slightly as the precum rolled down his length. “Especially when there’s such a delicious sauce to go with it! MMMMMMMMHHH!!!!” As she licked the side of the cock, both Toshiro and Rangiku saw Kirio quiver in open lust as she came right then and there. “It makes me CUM SO GOOOOOOOOOOODDDD!!!!!!!!


HEY!! Leave some for me as well!” Rangiku called out while following Kirio’s example and went to her knees right next to the other woman. While Kirio eagerly licked the right side of Toshiro’s cock, Rangiku began kissing his left side, leaving red lipstick marks on every part of the lengthy meat that wasn’t currently occupied by the other woman’s tongue!


AAAAAARGH!!!! You’re both such sluts!” Toshiro grunted, too weak to push himself up as he instead stared at the gradually brightening morning sky.


HRRRRRRM!!! You have no right to complain here!” moaned Kirio. “You enjoy this just as much, if not more so, than us two! Don’t you?!”


Glistening ropes of drool connected the lips of the two women with the white haired man’s member as they moved in perfect harmony to kiss, lick, suck, and overall plain-old WORSHIP it. Rangiku didn’t even mind when a slimy little frog jumped on her round and fat ass! Her whole world consisted only of this very cock in front of her, with her only reason in life to worship it and make it spew its load inside of her!


OPH COURSHE HE DOESH!!!” agreed Rangiku with her mouth full of cock. “IT’SH POUNDINGH SHO CRASHY… HE’SH ABOUT TOH CUM SHOON!!!!


“Good! GOOD!!!” Kirio brushed through the other woman’s wavy orange hair as she watched her bobbing up and down on this cock that seemed about to burst any second now. “Make him cum! Make him feel so good that he can’t help but reward you with the most tasty of treats known to women!”


“God! You’re so cheesy!” Resting on his elbows, Toshiro no longer had the energy left in him to hold back from cumming.


“Just like with cooking, there’s no such thing as too much cheese!” Kirio explained while cupping his balls with both hands now. She applied pressure on both cantaloupe sized orbs to squeeze his cum out even faster. “So why don’t you just give your horny little Lieutenant the cream that she longed for the entire time?”


YEEEEESSSSSHH!!!!! GIPHE IT TO MEH!!!!! GIPHE MEH AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGH!!!!!!!” Rangiku’s begging moan turned into an elongated gurgle as both Captain’s shoved her face all the way down the erupting cock! “UUOOOOOOORRRRRRAAAAAAAGH!!!!!!


Tears rolled down Rangiku’s face as her eyes rolled back in their sockets. Cum shot out of her mouth and oozed down Toshiro’s balls and onto Kirio’s hands as they both climaxed without end! Their bodies trembled in wild ecstasy as gallon after gallon after gallon of jizz shot into Rangiku’s mouth and down her narrow throat, straight into her stomach! Soon enough, her stomach was filled to the brim and even more cum came gushing out the corners of her mouth!


PWUAAAAH!!!!” Rangiku gasped as Toshiro’s dick plopped out of her mouth with a loud and rude sounding noise. Before she had time to breathe, however, Kirio put both her hands on her cheeks and pressed her black painted lips against Rangiku’s red ones!


MMMMNNNH!!!!” the experienced cook and Captain moaned as she pushed her tongue deep into the younger woman’s mouth to scoop up as much of Toshiro’s cum as she could. “That’sh it…” She moaned, sounding just as happy as Rangiku felt. “Savor this feeling! Embrashe it! Ishn’t there anyphing beddah than to work hawd pho shomething inshtead oph shimply rushing to get there fashda?”


“Haaaa, haaaa, haaaa…!! Aye… Aye phink aye know what ‘ou mean…!” panted Rangiku, while deeply enjoying the taste of Kirio’s lipstick on her lips as they exchanged a lewd kiss in front of her Captain’s eyes.


“That’sh good to heaw!” Kirio broke their kiss and licked her lips clean from all the cum that she wasn’t able to catch before. “We’re gonna have a lot of fun training together, you and I. I’ll make you the best slut in the whole world! You’ll see!”



(Story by: Mr. Akrononym)

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16 days ago

This was a very good chapter overall. And also nice to see some more of Rangiku and especially the often overlooked Hikifune. Because of that, this was better than expected! 👏😎

But as always, let’s first go over how it all began. We see Rangiku getting wasted and not handling getting beaten by Rukia and rejected from the tryouts for Unohana’s club very well. In fact, this was very similar to how Chizuru drowned her sorrows about Orihime in Urahara’s club earlier on in the story. But the only difference is this was far worse. 😂 So much so, not even the bartender or the male patronage were in the mood for her drunken tantrum, in spite of how hot she looked. That’s bad, even for her! 🤣

Fortunately, this was where Kirio came into the picture. And the story really took off from there. So not only did she managed to convince her to make a different move to get back at Unohana for not hiring her, she even sobered her up and chose to teach her to use her sexuality in more effective ways, and Toshiro, who was originally called to pick Rangiku up, is there to help the ladies out. Whether he wanted to or not. 😅

This was all handled quite nicely. Each of them were really used quite well, especially Kirio in taking the tutor role. On a side note, good to see you using her form change here too. 👍As for the threesome, that was also very creative. It was treated more like a private lesson than a regular threesome, with Kirio and Toshiro actually schooling Rangiku during it and making sure she doesn’t rush into everything too quickly. Very well done. 👌

I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m looking forward to seeing how Kirio will help Rangiku further improve. But that’s something for another day. 😏

Looking forward to your next release! 😎

– Hiryu

Last edited 16 days ago by Hiryu
Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
16 days ago
Reply to  Hiryu

Rangiku in this chapter, and perhaps even in this entire story (I haven’t decided yet) is inspired by the elves women from Baalbuddy. Where Rangiku essentially thinks of herself as the hottest and most desirable women around, only for others to see her as just a thirsty slut who’s too uppity to ask for what she wants.

I had fun with their dynamic. Kirio hasn’t appeared in a long time (both in artworks and in this story, aside from a small flashback), so I had really fun writing this story with her.