Pounding Until Passing Out

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Bleach stories)
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“Honestly, what were you thinking?!” Yuzu berated her older brother. The brunette girl was kneeling in front of Ichigo’s bed and wiped off the liters upon liters of cum that covered the floor.


Luckily enough for both of them, Ichigo had opened the windows after Unohana left so that most of the stench of sex was already gone. The only thing they had to deal with now was with all that excessive cum all over the place. Which was easier said than done, given that it was EVERYWHERE! On the bed, on the floor, on the walls,… even on the ceiling and somehow even behind the orange haired man’s wardrobe! To call it a mess was an understatement!


Groaning in mild pain, Ichigo rubbed his forehead, making sure to do so not with the hand with which he held the cleaning rag, “Ugh! I’m sorry, okay?! It just… happened.” he tried to explain. Though his throbbing head made that kinda hard. He felt as if he had a hangover from drinking way too much alcohol. “Can we just clean it all up and move on please!?”


“I’m not talking about ‘that‘!” she said, gesturing to the gallons upon gallons of cum that they still needed to clean up, “I’ve seen that woman that you were together with last night. Aren’t you and Orihime-chan supposed to be a couple now?” she asked him, with her voice full of concern.


Completely taken by surprise by this directness, Ichigo stammered. “W- well, yes. But…”


“So why are you cheating on her if she’s your girlfriend?!” Yuzu continued asking. A shadow fell over the Substitute Shinigami’s face as she leaned over him. “Something like that isn’t right, and you know it!”


At times like this, her face reminded him a lot of that of their mother. Stern but loving. Always ready to give some helpful advice, no matter the situation.


“Yeah, yeah. But…” he raised his hands in defeat and sighed, ‘It’s not like Inoue isn’t fucking other guys due to her working for Urahara-san and whatnot.‘ Ichigo said in his mind. Squeezing the cleaning rag over a half-full bucket, he then changed the topic. “Anyways, how do you even know that Inoue and I are together now? I never told you about that?”


Yuzu nodded, “You didn’t!” She confirmed, much to his surprise, “Dad put all of it together after you returned with that unusual large grin on your face from your barbeque with Orihime-chan a week ago or so.” she then went on to explain, followed by a chuckle into the back of her hand. “You should’ve seen the look on Karin’s face when he told her about it!”


Laughing with his younger sister, Ichigo continued cleaning up the mess that he caused, “Why? Did she think that I wouldn’t ask her out or anything?”


“No. Not at all.” the young girl wiped some cum from the windowsill and straight into her own bucket, twitching slightly in disgust upon hearing the wet SHLORP that followed. “She simply thought that Orihime-chan wouldn’t be desperate enough to say yes.”


Ichigo blinked a few times, unable to find the right words to respond to this. Finally, after almost two minutes he then silently muttered, “Asshole!” before returning to his chores. His room wouldn’t clean itself up after all!


“By the way, don’t you have a date night with Orihime-chan today?” Yuzu suddenly asked out of the blue. “I hope you don’t plan to have it here.”


“Wh- What makes you think that?” Ichigo asked, once again caught off guard by his younger sister.


Since she was far too busy with cleaning some stains of cum from the window, it took Yuzu a while before answering, “Well, you said that you wanted to meet someone today. And since both Ishida-kun and Sado-kun are just way too busy nowadays, I simply assumed that you were talking about your girlfriend.”


I can’t hide anything from this family, can I?!’ he thought to himself while letting out a deep sigh. He tried breathing through his mouth as he cleaned the cum from the back of some of his books, “Yeah. It’s with Inoue. But after all of this…” he waved his hand through the room. “I’m not really in the mood for anything really.”


“I can see why.” The youngest sibling of the Kurosaki family picked up her now completely full bucket and walked towards the door, visibly relieved that she could leave the room for a moment to empty it. “Just know that if something like this happens again, I probably won’t help you again! Next time, you’re on your own!”


He nodded, “Understandable.” And watched as his sister left the room. “As if I’m doing anything all that crazy ever again!”



(This evening, Inoue’s place…)


“Oh, this is my favorite part of the movie!” Inoue pointed out, snuggling closer to her boyfriend as the token “last girl” of the movie continued bashing the assassin’s head with a log of wood. “Ain’t the lighting and acting done so incredibly well?”


Laying his head to rest on his girlfriend’s own head, Ichigo agreed. “Mhm. The girl knows how to handle tough situations.”


What once began with the two of them going out for a nice dinner at a little ramen restaurant close to where Inoue lived, quickly turned into a movie night in the orange haired girl’s bedroom. They already watched one of Ichigo’s all time favorite movies and were now near the end of Inoue’s favorite, a horror movie that came out only a few years ago. At times like this Ichigo was even more happy that they lived at an age where they could watch all kinds of movies and series whenever and wherever they want. And while Ichigo wasn’t the biggest fan of it, he had to admit that the protagonist was pretty badass and resourceful!


Both of them remained silent for the rest of the movie, watching as the protagonist shouted towards a police officer that he shouldn’t enter the mansion. Ignoring her warnings he stepped through the door regardless and was greeted by an axe to the face, a trap set by the lead girl in advance to fend off the masked assassins that slaughtered almost the entire family of the mansion.


“Now…” Inoue purred as she placed her hand on Ichigo’s chest, marveling at the feel of his muscular chest even through his shirt. With the movie now over, she was in the mood for something different. “Why don’t we have a little bit of fun?”


Enjoying his girlfriend’s hand roaming all over his chest, Ichigo groaned from the deepest part of his body, “Hrrrrrrrrrm.” he didn’t know when but somehow Inoue managed to strip him out of his shirt without him even noticing it, revealing his sixpack to her hungry eyes.


She licked her lips at the way she could hear her boyfriend’s heart pound faster and faster the deeper her hand wandered, “Mmmmmh, seems like someone is getting into the mood.” she mused, her eyes now fixed on the rapidly swelling erection in his pants while her hand kept circling right above his crotch. “Don’t you think your big friend down there wants out?”


“Nrmmmm!” Ichigo continued to groan as his cock started to get harder by the second. Painfully hard in fact as the fuck-marathon from just a few hours ago left quite the impact on his body. Grabbing her hand as gently as he could with his own shaking one, he pulled her away from his body. “Sorry, Inoue. I’m not really in the mood for anything yet.”


“What?” she asked, her words a mix of surprise and pain that cut deep into the orange haired man’s heart as he wanted nothing more than to make her the most happy woman on earth, “But… But I’ve waited so long for this and prepared and trained a lot to make you feel better than ever before.” she argued.


“I’m sorry. Really! But…” unable to find the right words to explain what happened earlier, he faltered for a moment. While they sorta came to an agreement, regarding them having sex with different people, it still was incredibly hard to find the right words for it when such a moment arose. “Last night was pretty long and rough and I’m pretty worn out now, so…”


Eyes lit up in the dim, atmospheric light of the girl’s bedroom, “Even more reason for me to go on with this!” Inoue said, her hand breaking free of his hold to go back to his pants, which she unbuckled skillfully in less than a second. “It’s a girlfriend’s duty after all to make her lover feel good!”


Actions followed her words as she then pulled his pants all the way down to his ankles, revealing his still throbbing and absolutely gargantuan behemoth of a dick. The entire thing was easily as long as her entire arm from the elbow to the tip of her middle finger and twice as thick. Steadily pulsating veins pumped blood through his erection, making it grow even more the longer she looked at it. Her mouth watered and her pussy clamped just by thinking about how this monster would feel inside of her.


After one last gulp, Inoue went off the bed and dropped to her knees in front of her boyfriend, her eyes locked with his, “So just sit back and relax!” she put both her hands around the base of his cock, teasing his coconut sized balls with her pinkie fingers. “I’ll make you forget everything about how stressful the last night was in no time!”


With Inoue holding his dick with surprising strength, the only thing Ichigo could do was to watch as the orangette started licking the tip of his dick. Her tongue quite literally danced over the fiery red, mushroom shaped top with saliva dripping on it from her wide open mouth.


“Grrrrrrrh!!” Ichigo growled, his hands clawing at the pink bed sheets beneath him as Inoue switched from licking the head of his length, to peppering the entire thing with kisses, leaving numerous black lipstick marks all over it.


All the while, she kept her eyes locked with his, a burning desire in them, “MMMMWAH!!” she gasped, sensually licking the underside of the schlong on her way back to the tip, “Do you know just how good your cock tastes, Kurosaki-kun?!” she asked rhetorically as she catches her breath again. “I could lick and suck you forever and ever!”


Her words were further emphasized by her letting go of his dick and instead reaching for his balls with both hands, massaging them gently as she once again started licking his cock all over again. Erotic sounds filled the entire room as her tongue flicked over his sensitive skin while her hands further amped the pleasure by squeezing his nutsacks softly.


“Ohhh… Inoue…!”


“Mmmmph, I know.” his girlfriend interrupted him before he could even finish his sentence. Dragging her face along the rigid skin of his length like a cat in heat, Inoue went all the way back to the top again, “You must be dying to feel my lips wrapped around your cock, aren’t you?!” she asked teasingly before leaving one last kiss on the very tip. “Well, so am I!”


As soon as she uttered those words, she began swallowing, taking more than four inches in one swift swoop before halting for a moment as unimaginable pleasure surged through both of them! It felt as if electricity coursed from his cock, into her mouth and through her entire body before leaving through the exact same way to travel through Ichigo’s body as well!


HMMMMM!!!!” Inoue moaned, her pussy releasing powerful gushes of fluids as she slowly but surely made her way down her boyfriend’s cock, getting closer and closer towards his orange patch of pubic hair. Each marking of her lips that disappeared behind her lips made the ache in her throat feel even more pleasurable than it already did. “WAAAH!! KUROSHAKI-KUNNN!!!! AYE LUV YOUW CAWK SHO MUCH!!!!!!


MMHRRM!!!” he barely understood her words as he was far too focused on the vibrations they caused around his cock. ‘How did she get so good at this?’ he asked himself, watching with a strange sensation of pride in his chest as Inoue’s head bobbed back and forth in an attempt to deepthroat him completely. He remembered as if it just happened yesterday, just how much she gagged and gurgled around his cock when she attempted the very same during their first sex ever, back in that strange clothing shop after their trip to the cinema.


Almost as if she read his thoughts, a grin spread across her face, “I’PHE GOTTEN GUITE GHUUD AD THISH, RAYEGHT!?” she then asked, her words badly slurred by the sheer thickness of the cock that stretched her mouth and throat so very wide. “AYE CAN PHEEL UH ALL THE WAY IN MUH STOMACH!!!!


Ichigo nodded, feeling his balls convulse and pulsate like crazy as he got closer and closer to an orgasm, “GRRRRH!!!!” in a fit of almost animalistic instinct he reached for her orange hair and pulled her all the way down. He only vaguely noticed her rock hard nipples pressing against his legs as he shot his load straight into her stomach!


YEEEEEEEPH!!!!!” Inoue’s eyes went wide with pleasure as the sticky white baby batter kept erupting out of her beloved’s erection, “GIPH MEH ALL YOUW CUMMMMMM!!!!” she moaned, cumming with him.


HOAAAAAAARGH!!!!!!” Ichigo roared like a beast, possessed by the overwhelming pleasure of her hot little mouth and her uneven breath coming out of her nose and tickling his pubic hair.


More and more cum was pumped from the depths of his balls for what felt like an hour. Then, after they finally stopped cumming, Inoue slowly pulled back, her lips dragging behind her ever so erotically as if she didn’t really want to let his cock out of her mouth. PLOP! The wet sound of his cock leaving her mouth echoed through the room.


Like a skilled courtesan, Inoue opened her mouth wide, revealing the several globs of his jizz that she still held within, “MAHWWW!!” she then gulped, making a show out of her swallowing the viscous load. “That was nice!”


“Aha… haa… haa…!” the strawberry haired youth panted, with his chest heaving with each breath he took. “It certainly was!”


For a moment, he simply laid there, vaguely aware of Inoue’s tongue licking up the little drops of cum that kept oozing out of his still rock hard dick. After making sure that everything was nice and clean, she climbed back on the bed to her lover, “Ready to go for another round?” she asked, already grabbing hold of his dick once more, stroking it with sensual and skilled expertise.


“Ahhhhhhh…!” Ichigo moaned, pondering about it for a while whilst ignoring the dull throbbing in his cock and in his head from cumming for what must be the 50th time within a day. Finally, he shrugged his shoulders. “Oh well, we already started this, so let’s see this through to the end!”


OH!!” with eyes as wide as dinner plates, Inoue lunged forward. She let go of his erection and instead hugged him close to herself while peppering his face with a dozen kisses. “MWAH! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! SO, SO, SO, SO, SO, SO MUCH!!!!!!!!


Ichigo became unable to respond verbally as the heady smell of his girlfriend’s lipstick clogged his mind. It smelled so incredibly sweet with a hint of blackberry that it easily overwhelmed all other senses for a good moment. When he came back to his senses however, he found that Inoue had stripped out of each and every last piece of clothing that she wore before, kneeling on all fours in front of him. Her huge bubble butt swayed hypnotically from side to side while she smiled at him. She didn’t need to say a word and yet he could understand her as if she screamed at him.


“Come on! Take me! Take me here and now and claim me as yours!!!” she said with her eyes and body language alone.


Still groggy from hours upon hours of sex, Ichigo slowly moved forward. Placing both hands on her exposed butt, he placed his massive dick between the two buns, “Mmh, Inoue…!” he whispered, just loud enough so that she could hear him while seesawing his cock between her asscheeks. He then blinked, only now noticing the words that were written all over her butt. “What is this?”


NNNNNNGH!!!!! Do you like it, Kurosaki-kun?” Inoue asked. She threw her hips back at him, continuing to grind against him even though he stopped in order to read. “I asked Yoruichi-san if she could write something that you might find funny and sexy. So she came up with this pun.”


Ichigo groaned in annoyance, rubbing his aching head, ‘That Yoruichi…’ he then smiled. A powerful ‘PLAP!’ echoed across the room as he spanked her right asscheek. “Sure, I like it!”


MMMMMHH YESS!!!” his girlfriend hollered, arching her back at the pleasure that crashed down on her while her butt jiggled like jello from the impact of his hand. “SPANK ME MORE!!


“Spanking?” Ichigo raised an eyebrow, squeezing both buttocks again as he pulled his hips away from her, “I was thinking more about…” he began, letting her whimper in need and anticipation of what he would do next. “… POUNDING!!!


AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!” her banshee-like scream nearly burst the windows of her bedroom as her boyfriend slammed his hips against hers, his dick pushing as deeply as possible inside of her tight and unlubed ass, “SOOOOOOO THICCCCCCCCCK!!!!” she hollered, cumming over and over again with each thrust!


For a strange reason Ichigo felt extremely lightheaded at the moment and decided to try something he never did before! By spanking her left cheek, he managed to get her attention once more. “Mmh, seems like Yoruichi made a good choice with that tattoo. You really are a little slut, aren’t you, ‘Whorihime’?!”


Just by hearing that degrading nickname alone, Inoue was pushed over the edge once again! Her ass clenched tighter than any vice around her partner’s length, holding it in place as torrents of pussy juices rained down on the bed sheets below. “AYEEEEEEEEK!!!!


“Say it!” Ichigo ordered, stopping with his thrusts momentarily to demonstrate that he would only continue once she said what he wanted to hear.


HAAAAAAA!!!!” looking over her shoulder, Inoue’s eyes met his. For a moment the room was silent, safe for the rapid beating of both of their hearts. Then she opened her mouth, “I AM A SLUT!!! I LOVE YOU AND YOUR MASSIVE COCK ABOVE EVERYTHING ELSE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD!!!! JUST FINALLY CONTINUE FUCKING ME WITH THAT FUCKING BITCH BREAKER AND CLAIM ME AS YOURS!!!!! RESHAPE MY STOMACH IN AN IMAGE OF YOUR COCK!!!!!! MAKE IT SO THAT NO OTHER COCK WILL EVAAAAAHHH!!” her words turned into a long squeal as Ichigo pushed forward once again, shoving the entire length of his dick into her ass!


“Okay, okay. I can see that you mean business!” he said, smirking slightly as he kept thrusting his hips back and forth. His balls slapped wetly against her thicc thighs with every move, sounding almost like the drums of war that accompanied them on their erotic adventure.


OOOOH, FUUUUUUCK!!!!!” Inoue hissed, biting down on her lower lip. “CUMMING!!! CUM CUM CUM CUM CUM!!!!!!” her eyes rolled back into their sockets as both of them came closer and closer towards orgasm once more.


By now the dull throbbing in his head turned into almost painful pounding and yet Ichigo continued throwing his hips back at her, already feeling the first droplets of cum shooting out of his cock. “Then… take it… haaa… haaa… haaa… ALLLLLLL!!!!!!


AYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAEEEEEHHHH!!!!!!” Ichigo’s roar and Inoue’s scream became a wonderful duet as they both experienced their biggest orgasms of the evening. The last thing that Ichigo saw was how bloated his girlfriend’s belly started to look, even from behind, as gallons of cum poured into her.


Then, everything turned black!



(Story by: Mr. Akrononym)

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Dr. Pervert
Dr. Pervert
3 months ago

I wonder what clients Orihime has been getting.

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
3 months ago
Reply to  Dr. Pervert

Well, considering that the club hasn’t opened yet, the number of her clients is essentially zero.

3 months ago

While it doesn’t beat the last chapter out, this came pretty fucking close in my book!

But let’s start from the top. In this case, the aftermath of the last chapter with Yuzu reprimanding Ichigo for what happened in their house with him and Unohana, while cleaning up the entire room from top to bottom. That was a total mess to visualize. 😳

But strangely enough, that was also where we get the heart to heart they had about his relationship with Orihime. Didn’t quite expect that. But somehow it really fits. That was a really good conversation, though she did warn her brother about fucking in the house, and especially his room, next time. LOL 😆

Which brings us right to Ichigo’s time out with Orihime. And well, it pretty much speaks for itself. Then again, watching a movie with your girl can do that! XD So anyway, that entire sequence really went along quite well. And that was really intense at it was passionate.

Overall, it’s still a very good chapter. Well done! 👏 😎

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
3 months ago
Reply to  Hiryu

As always, I appreciate your detailed thoughts of the chapter. I felt like the cleaning at the beginning was sorta needed to remind that Ichigo cums like a fire hose, something that wasn’t really addressed since the first chapter with him, and that he and Unohana have been fucking for a loooooong time XD. Glad to see that you enjoyed the part with Ichigo and Orihime.

3 months ago

Really good chapter and poor Yuzu helping Ichigo with his mess The other girls will punish Ichigo for this or give something as reward for the girl for that.

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
3 months ago
Reply to  Shadowdragon

I definitely don’t envy her for her job there. No plans for any revenge/punishment stuff as of yet though.

Firedragon_slayer (nalu)
Firedragon_slayer (nalu)
3 months ago

Amazing! 10/10

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
3 months ago

Thanks for your support.