Playing Sexy Games

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“So, whose idea was this again?” asked Android 18 as she sat on the edge of the bed that had been placed inside a shipping container. The blonde woman was completely naked aside from a pair of platform heels, which wasn’t so bad, since the sheets on the bed were a smooth satin.


“No clue, probably Roshi’s and Vados’,” said Videl, “These weird tattoos had to be Roshi, they work like something out of an H-Game.” The dark haired girl was likewise naked as she stood at the foot of the bed. Her breasts were so large right now that 18 didn’t know how she was even able to stand. 18 herself could handle that size, but her strength was beyond what a human was capable of. Videl was well trained, she could even fly, but her physical strength wasn’t that far above that of her father.


“They’re called Inmon,” 18 said, “I looked it up when they appeared last month, and you’re right, they are in those stupid games a lot. Though I don’t think Roshi wished them on every woman on Busteez.”


“Why’s that?” asked Videl.


“Because he knows that if he did, we’d kill him.” said 18, “That, and I think they do more than just make you crazy horny when a man is near.”


Videl Rolled her eyes, “Like what?”


“Well, when I got this thing, I got pregnant REALLY easily. I ran into your husband between cycles.” 18 told her. All the women on the planet had come to a mutual understanding that so long as they lived here for the sake of the Carnal Coitus Saga, monogamy was out the window. It was a bit of a relief, since Videl was a bit of a firecracker like Chichi. And while 18 could have handled both in a fight without issue, she did value their friendship.


The shipping container that the two of them were in jostled a bit, making the large bed inside scrap loudly against the floor inside. “Are you sure this thing is safe?” Videl asked.


“As safe as anything from Capsule Corp. Though Bulma made it, so it should work.” said 18.


“And, whose idea was this again?” asked Videl.


“Mine, I got it from this goofy softcore anime porn Vados was watching, Hybrid x Heart or something. One of those long complicated titles that make no sense.” explained the blonde. The shipping container the pair were riding in was being flown across Busteez to one of the tropical regions by way of a large drone device. Bulma had recently put a full network of satellites in the skies overhead. Ostensibly to properly map the planet itself, though 18 figured it was just so she could test new inventions. Since here there was no paperwork and approval boards for her to go through first. That network was what was guiding the drone flying them right now.


“By the way, I meant to ask, how did your hair get so long so fast?” she then asked.


Videl tugged lightly at the twin pigtails coming down from either side of her head. “Gilgamat,” she answered, “I felt like going back to an older look, I had this hairstyle back in highschool when I met Gohan. Growing it back to this normally would have taken at least two years. So I asked that my hair grow with my tits and ass.”


“I figured, just checking to see if Bulma had invented some hair tonic or something.” 18 said to her.


“For Krillin?” Videl asked, “I thought he was bald by choice.”


“He is, but part of my deal for participating in this stupid project was shares and stock options in Capsule Corp. I want Marin to go to Gold Star University when she grows up.” said 18.


“Ambitious! I couldn’t even get in there when my father’s fame was at its peak.” said Videl.


Gold Star University was one of the most expensive, and best, universities on Earth. Getting in didn’t just require money, but near perfect grades from practically kindergarten. Even those who didn’t graduate were all but guaranteed good jobs afterward. One woman, who barely lasted a full semester there, had gone on to run a multi-billion zeni company that was Capsule Corps. most direct competition.


Graduates however, 18 suspected they were the people who really ran the world from behind the scenes. The blonde wanted that for her daughter and any of her other children who decided not to become fighters. She might have put on a cool and cold air most of the time, but 18 DID care about Marin and even her other children currently sleeping in those nursing pod things.


Thinking of the nursing capsules reminded 18 of something. “Oh right, I heard you and Beerus had a go, how’d that turn out?”


Videl shook her head, “You don’t wanna know. Suffice it to say that we didn’t conceive. Though it might have just been timing.”


“Hmm,” was 18’s only reply as she suddenly had a better idea of who might have wished these inmon marks on all the women here.


A small red light began flashing in the corner of the container and the two naked women both braced themselves. There was a sickening feeling as gravity seemed to stop working for a split second as they entered a freefall. The sensation only lasted for a second though before they landed with a loud KA-THUNK sound.


“So,” Videl asked, “How can you be sure someone’s gonna open this thing?”


The outside of the shipping container had a large black and yellow sign that read DO NOT OPEN all in bold lettering.


“Trust me, it’ll be opened.” said 18 as she handed Videl a spool of Caution tape. Both women wrapped the plastic tape around their naked bodies just as a soft glow began coming from both their pelvis’.


“Hmmmmmmmnh…!” Videl grunted as her neatly shaved pussy let out a hot squirt. “Daaaamn, it always… Hmmmnnnnn…” she moaned.


18 understood how she felt, the sudden, intense, nearly all consuming arousal always took you by surprise. No matter how much she tried to brace for it, 18 suddenly felt as if her pussy was on FIRE. Hot juices trickled down both her thick and creamy thighs. The inmon mark over her womb glowed a soft pink in the dim light of the shipping container as did Videls. It was reacting to the presence of a man nearby.


The tingling between her legs was nearly maddening, though not as bad as the times she’d made an ill-worded wish to that goofy dragon. Back then the only thing she could think about was being fucked and nothing else. Right now, she needed a dick, bad, but it wasn’t overpowering her sense of reason.


Just nearly.


Chewing her lower lip lightly, 18 sat on the edge of the bed and began to masturbate lightly. Her fingers easily dipped in and out of her soaking wet pussy with a soft squishing noise. She didn’t feel the least bit embarrassed doing it in front of the other woman as Videl was likewise fondling her own sexy body.


The plan for this little venture was to have the drone wander the area until it locked onto someone’s power signature. It had a Frieza Force Scouter that Cheelai had built into it. It would then drop the cargo shipping container near them. On the outside of the container doors was a sign saying not to open it, and knowing the men living on this world, none would heed it. Videl and 18 would then tackle and fuck the man unfortunate enough to do so.


It was just a fun little game 18 came up with to spice things up a little. She could already hear someone walking around the large metal cargo crate. The metal it was made from could block her ability to sense power levels, so 18 had no idea who it was. The only energy she could detect was Videl’s because she was inside the container with her.


There was a loud sound of metal on metal as the latch outside was lifted, followed by a grating noise as the door was pulled open. Bright sunlight spilled inside, blinding both women for a moment as they moved together. All 18 could see was a dark silhouette of whomever opened the door as she and Videl tackled him to the ground.


WAH!” he shouted as the two naked women knocked him back. “Huh, Videl, 18?!” gasped Krillin as he suddenly found himself pinned beneath Videl’s massive tits. The blonde smiled, happy that he was the one who opened the container.


“Congrats dear, you win the prize.” 18 said as she and Videl pulled up her husband and knelt on the small sandbar where they’d landed. She pressed her huge ass back against Videl’s as they both looked at the shocked bald headed man.


“Huh, prize, what’s going on honey?” he asked.


“Just a little game,” Videl explained, “We decided to have a little fun with all this.” The idea was mainly to keep the women from playing any favorites with the men here. The method of encounters would vary. But the plan was that once a month, one, two, or even three women would randomly find one of the men here and as Videl put it, ‘rock his world’. It served to vary the pairings further, and ensure a bit of fairness over all.


18 nodded and smacked her large ass, “Having fun?” she asked him as she briefly considered making her breasts as large as her ass. Her wish to Gilgamat a while back allowed her to shift her breast and butt size at will, it had taken practice, but she’d mastered the new ability.


“Uuuhhh…” Krillin stammered as he looked at both naked women, a distinct rise forming in his loose fitting training pants. Videl and 18 glanced at each other and nodded before they moved to tackle him back again. Working together, the two women were able to strip her husband completely naked in moments. Videl gasped and 18 just grinned as Krillin’s monster dick was freed! Longer than he was tall and as thick as his torso, Krillin’s dick was a sight to behold. It prided 18 to no end that his size was completely natural and not some wish made to Shenron or any other dragon.


“Woooow…” Videl gasped as she and 18 pressed Krillin’s cock between their bodies.


“I know, right?” 18 said with just a hint of smugness in her voice. Both women then began kissing and licking the massive rod of rigid flesh. The blonde woman let out a long and deep moan at the taste and feel of it against her tongue as she rubbed her tits against the side.


Videl’s markedly larger ones did a better job of enveloping her husband’s dick, making him groan at the feel of them. But 18 was able to stand up easier and reached the tip before the other woman. Opening her mouth wide, she engulfed Krillin’s cock in her mouth, moaning from deep in her throat at the feel of it.


HMMMMMMMPH…!” 18 moaned as she felt her neck stretching wide to accommodate the diminutive man’s sheer size. “HUGUH, AGUH, GMMMPH…” she gagged and moaned as she expertly began swallowing his length down her throat.


“Awwww, don’t hog it all 18!” Videl said with a whimpering voice, pressing her massive tits around Krillin’s cock harder.


18 only grinned inwardly, moving her head up and down slowly, the angle she stood only allowing her to take so much into her mouth. She glanced down and watched as Videl continued to lick the side of Krillin’s dick slowly as she rubbed the lower half of it with her huge soft tits. Her face was flushed with lust now as both their inmon crests continued to stimulate their pussies. 18 could feel her juices running freely now as she moaned around the tip of his cock. She couldn’t wait to feel this thing inside her again, filling and stretching every inch of her womb!


Slowly, 18 lifted her mouth free, “Mmmmmmh, think you can handle it little girl?” she said teasingly.


Videl gave 18 a dour look, “Hey, just because you’ve got that augmented body doesn’t mean I can’t handle this Kaiju dick just as well as you can, move over!” she shot back, standing up with 18 and with Krillin’s dick between their naked bodies.


Between them, Krillin groaned, his eyes rolling back slightly as the blonde and brunette began taking turns licking and sucking the tip of his dick. 18 watched as Videl wrapped her pink lips around the wide tip of her husband’s dick.




“Mmmmmh, I know, I love it!” said 18, grabbing Videl’s hair and pulling her head away before taking her place. The blonde slowly swirled her tongue around the wide tip, savoring the taste of it as she wrapped one long leg around his dick, grinding her sopping wet cunt against the throbbing length.


MMMMMMMPH, MMMMMMPH, MMMMMPH, MMMMPH, MMMPH…!” 18 moaned, bobbing her head up and down, the heat in her pussy only getting hotter every time she raised and lowered her head.


“Ahhhh, ghive it bhack, ghive it bhack…!” Videl whined, her breaths coming in ragged gasps now. 18 giggled, keeping Krillin’s cock in her mouth just a little longer before relinquishing it again.


Videl let out another moan as she took his dick back into her mouth, moaning in utter relish as she took it deeper than before. As she watched, 18 continued to grind her pussy against her husband’s shaft, loving the way he groaned in pleasure as the two women serviced his dick. The blonde was amazed at how erotic she found the sight of Videl’s mouth on Krillin’s dick! Her pussy just kept getting hotter and hotter as she continued to watch.


18 opened and closed her mouth silently several times as she watched Videl’s lips dragging along the length of Krillin’s dick. She then stepped back slightly, allowing Videl to take his length even deeper into her mouth.


HUGGUH, AGUH, GNMMPH, NMPH… BWEH, GEH, AGUG…!” gagged Videl as her throat bulged with Krillin’s cock!


“Mmmmmmh, yeah, take it nice and deep…” 18 said in a husky tone, “How’s it feel babe, good?” she asked her husband while humping her crotch against the lower half of his dick.


“Ye… Yeah, ahhhh…” groaned Krillin.


“Guah, ahhnn, I can’t wait anymore, my pussy, it’s on fire, I gotta have this in me now…” moaned Videl.


“Mmmmmmh, me too..!” 18 breathed, leaning forward again to lick the tip of his cock, tasting Videl’s saliva all over it.


The two of them then helped Krillin to his feet and took him inside the shipping container to where the bed rested. Videl hopped onto the bed first, her gigantic tits jiggling about wildly for a couple of seconds as she moved to lay on her back with her legs spread wide. 18 climbed in after her, moving to crawl over top of the dark haired girl, resting the weight of her upper body on those massive tits. She smiled at the warm softness of Videl’s breasts rubbing against her own. She and Videl then both looked back at Krillin and 18 waved her ass from side to side slowly.


“Come on dear,” she said, “You’ve got two naked and very horny women here, in deep need of that big fat dick!” she told him.


Krillin gulped once, but climbed onto the bed with them before pushing his cock between their naked bodies. 18 moaned as she felt the length rubbing along her pussy as the tip sprung up between their faces. The two women both closed their mouths over it in a lewd kiss. 18 swirled her tongue around, savoring the warm stiffness and heady scent that only served to make her even hornier! Behind them, Krillin groaned in pleasure, gently thrusting his cock between them again and again.


“Mmmmmmh, Eiiighteehn, dish cawk ish sho bhiiig…” Videl slurred, her arms reaching up and around the blonde’s body, hugging her closer and squeezing Krillin’s cock between them tighter.


“Aye nhow… Ahhhh, sho bhig, muh pusshy whant’sh id sho bhaad…” 18 moaned back as Krillin pulled his cock back further and 18 found herself kissing Videl full on. She didn’t try and pull away though, her lips tasted nice, and her tongue felt good in her mouth.


“Mmmmmmh… Ahhh…” Videl moaned as she and 18 began dueling tongues fiercely while Krillin used their bodies like a giant onahole.


“Mmmmh, yeah, ahhh… Aye alwhaysh, whanted… With ahnother ghirl…” 18 confessed.


“Meh tuu, meh tuu…” Videl said back as their tongues swirled around one another’s before they closed their mouths together tightly. 18 kissed the other woman for a long while before they mutually parted to breathe. She then turned to look back at her husband, waving her ass again.


“Nnnngh, hurry babe, hurry up and shove that monster in me!” she moaned.


“Me too, me too, I want it, I want it so bad, my pussy is starving for it!!!” Videl moaned.


“Wow, you two are acting like crazy sluts!” said Krillin.


“Yup, we’re filthy whores, now treat us like them!!” Videl moaned as she moved her hands to grab 18’s ass, spreading the cheeks to give Krillin a clear view of her asshole and pussy. 18 let out a pitiful moan as he pulled his cock out from between them. She hated having its warmth pulled away from her body.


At least until he shoved his massive cock into her pussy in one long thick thrust! “AAAAHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!” 18 squealed as she came instantly, “CUMMINGGGG, PH FUUUUCK I’M CUMMING JUST FROM IT BEING SHOVED IN MEEEEE, YESSS, SO GOOD, THIS FEELS SO GOOD!!! MY PUSSY, MY PUSSY FEELS AMAZINGGG…!!!” 18 screamed through clenched teeth as her belly tented forwards in a perfect outline of her husband’s dick! She never tired of this feeling, of being so full she couldn’t even think.


“Woooow, you’re stretching her out so much Krillin!” Videl said as she pressed her giant tits around the massive distention in the blonde.


“Haaaaah, so tight… You’re squeezing me so much baby…!” Krillin said as 18 began bucking her body back and forth.


“Yeeeah!?” 18 asked, still clenching her teeth tightly as a trickle of drool ran down her chin, “You like that, like my tight, slutty, pussy!?” she asked as she clenched down with her inner muscles.


“Ohhh fuuck, I love it, I love your pussy babe!” Krillin groaned, thrusting his hips with her.


HMMMMMMM, THEN DON’T HOLD BHAAACK, FUCK MEEEE, FUCK ME WITH ALL YOUR MIIIGHT!!!” 18 moaned, cumming every time she felt his cock moving inside her. It didn’t matter if he was pushing in or pulling out, everything was making her cum!




“Fuuuck, babe, gonna cum…!” Krillin grunted, shoving his cock balls deep inside her as he came. A loud wet BLORP BLORP BLORP sound echoed in the container as 18 felt her womb filling with what felt like gallons of cum!




“Ahhhh, me next, me next!!!” Videl protested, “I want a cream pie too, please!!!” she begged.


18 shivered and moaned as her entire body shook with one orgasm after another. She kept cumming even as Krillin pulled his cock free and felt herself pushed forward slightly by the force of his cum rushing back out of her.


Beneath 18, Videl suddenly seized up as she felt something hard pushing against her. She then lifted herself up as a phallic shaped distention rose up between Videl’s massive tits as Krillin shoved his cock into her next.




“Mmmmmh, yeah, you like that you little rich bitch?” 18 asked as Krillin began pumping his hips, slamming his cock in and out of her now stretched out pussy. “Like my man’s big giant dick pounding that tight little hole!?” she asked.




The blonde turned to look at Krillin, “Mmmmmmmh, hear that babe, she likes it! Give it to her harder!” 18 told her husband, then turned back to look at the dark haired girl. She licked her lips at the way Videl’s blue eyes crossed before rolling back in their sockets. Her mouth hung open with her tongue lolling out over her lips.


AAAHHHOOOOOHAAAAAHH…!!!” she moaned at length as Krillin shoved his cock in and out of her.


“Mmmmmmmh, yeah, keep going Krillin, make her cum harder!” 18 told him.


“Right!” said Krillin as he began moving his hips faster.


Videl’s eyes became wide as dinner plates as she let out a long soundless wail of pleasure. 18 grinned and covered the girl’s mouth with her own again. Videl was loving the feel of Krillin’s dick moving in and out of her.


“Hahh, ahhh, hurrr, huraaaahh!!!” Krillin groaned, slamming his cock all the way inside her again as he came a second time. The loud BLORP BLORP BLORP noise echoed in the carrier again as 18 watched the dark haired girl’s face contort in an expression of absolute ecstasy.


The bald headed man then fell back on the bed, his cock pulling out of Videl with a wet sucking SHLOOP sound. It was followed by another rude noise as his cum rushed back out of her, adding to the cum that had already leaked out of 18’s pussy. The bed and sheets quickly turned into a sticky wet mess as the three of them lay panting for breath. The raw burning need in her pussy quickly faded after that and when 18 stood up on her knees, she saw that the inmon mark was gone again.


“Hah, ahh, hah, and… You’re doing this, for fun…?” Krillin asked after a few minutes.


18 shrugged, “Hmm, why not, if we have to fuck like whores, might as well have fun while doing it.” she said as though it were obvious. She then smirked, “Don’t even try and tell me you didn’t enjoy that babe.”


“Well I uh…” said Krillin, and 18 just smiled as she moved over to kiss him passionately.


“You’re good to go again in a bit, right?” she asked. Just because that weird mark had stopped acting up, it didn’t mean she was at all fully satisfied.


“Huh!?” Krillin exclaimed as his wife smiled sweetly at him.


(Story by User: SailorIo)

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9 months ago

Please do more Roshi!

9 months ago

Will you use images from la brava of the fanbox as part of the history(not with the image of course) or you it in the histories of the discord?

9 months ago

Will you make some new chapter with roshi

10 months ago

Imagine if any of the men wished not to have a larger dick but instead knowledge on how to ensure the maximum pleasure for any woman they slept with. I could see gohan and krillin do this for benevolent reasons while someone like roshi may make this wish for more selfish or self serving reasons.

Last edited 10 months ago by Kielian
10 months ago

This was a fun chapter right from the start. I really liked how it all went down, including the sex of course.

Not only that, it was great seeing how 18 and Videl behaved with each other too, more so with Krillin. XD

Still, this was just fun. Nice work. 🙂

10 months ago
Reply to  Hiryu

Yeah, two hot wives at play

Dr. Pervert
Dr. Pervert
10 months ago

Heart x Hybrid? There’s a reference I wasn’t expecting!

I bet Roshi is going to be hunting down that box.

10 months ago
Reply to  Dr. Pervert

Lol, yeah, the shipping thing in the background made me think of it.

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
10 months ago

Very beautiful chapter. I really liked the focus on 18 and Videl and their flight across the planet. The idea with the carrier is certainly nice and that sweet coincidence with them landing right next to Krillin was quite good as well. Really love the way you wrote 18, all loving and supporting, yet still incredibly horny. Those marks were a nice touch and spiced things up a good bit. Very kinky sex scene, starting on the beach and ending in the carrier. It showed some nice progression and I like how different the sex was with each setting (blowjob/paizuri on the beach with the girls as the active ones, rough vaginal sex in the carrier with Krillin setting the pace). The ending was just fantastic with 18 still not having enough while Krillin was completely out of breath.

Good job. I like it.

10 months ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

Thanks, i was worried people might not enjoy it, it was a bit of a rush job.

10 months ago

Nice chapter

Are we going to see some Goku Action in the future?

10 months ago
Reply to  Han

Eventually, waiting for the right image for it.