Miwa’s Underdeck Experience

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing crossover series of stories)
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Omigod! Omigodomigodomigodomigod!!!’ Kasumi Miwa repeated in her mind over and over again as her idol, Satoru Gojo, walked up and down in front of her and the other gathered Jujutsu Sorcerers. Standing with her in front of the Helicruiser were four of Satoru Gojo’s students, as well as fellow Kyoto school student, Aoi Todo.


Yuji Itadori, Sukuna’s host, yawned as his teacher went on with his speech about the huge responsibility that rested on their shoulders, as well as how it was their duty to protect all the innocent people on board of the Helicruiser from any and all Curse attacks.


His two classmates, Megumi Fushiguro and Nobara Kugisaki, didn’t look all that interested either. The brunette woman rolled her eyes every time Gojo said something about this “Blessed Energy” and how they needed to ensure that everyone on this ship would have as much fun as possible. Meanwhile, Megumi and Maki Zenin, who was the remaining student in their group, were silently whispering about other things that Miwa didn’t really hear, since she was far too occupied listening to the blindfolded man’s every word.


I can’t believe that I’ve been chosen to go on this mission! And with Satoru Gojo no less!’ she squealed in her head while keeping her face as composed as possible. ‘Yes! Yes! Yes! YES!!!


“So, before this big boy here sets sail in three days…” he patted the bow of the ship, “I’ve managed to convince those higher ups from the Shinomiya Group to let us inspect the ship for all kinds of dangerous activities. You know what that means… WE GET TO SEE THIS SHIP BEFORE EVERYONE ELSE!!!!!


That finally seemed to light up everyone’s eyes as, in an instant, both Yuji and Nobara jumped high into the air, screaming, “YEEEEAAH!!!!!” from the top of their lungs.


“Finally! I can’t wait to spend time with my brother on this ship!” stated Todo, with his eyes beaming with excitement as he looked at the more than 550m long and 125m wide ship.


To call it gigantic was an understatement! The previously biggest cruise ship, the “Wonder of the Seas”, was outclassed in every regard by this metallic behemoth. Even from down here, Miwa could see the many vibrant colors of the waterslides that ran from the fifth deck, all the way to the lower deck!


“Now, before everyone gets too excited, let me make a few things clear!” Gojo said as his students finally calmed down a bit. Walking over to Todo, he put an arm on the scarred man’s shoulder. “Aoi Todo… Nobody likes you! So to spare everyone here from having to deal with you, you’re gonna check the nearby docks where all the equipment and so on is stored!”


“Eh?” the big guy blinked a few times after getting called out like that by Gojo. The others couldn’t hold back their laughter as he handed him a key that would allow him to enter each dock on this harbor that belonged to the Shinomiya Group.


“Nobara and Megumi, you will take care of all the higher decks! That includes the casino, the ball room, the shopping mall, the dining room, the cockpit, and so on.” Gojo then explained to them before turning his attention over to Yuji and Maki. “Now for you two, Yuji and Maki. You’ll be handling everything below the decks. So, essentially the kitchen and the many, MANY individual cabins!”


WHAT!!? Why can’t we go to the casino or the cockpit?” complained Yuji. “That sounds way more fun than just the cabins or the kitchen!”


Boxing his shoulder, Nobara stuck her tongue out. “Hey, it’s still better than checking the boring ol’ docks like Todo. So don’t complain!”


Miwa ignored the bickering that ensued between the Tokyo school students as she tried making sense of what she just heard, even after having listened to Gojo’s explanation with the same professional demeanor as always. Though, she couldn’t help herself from thinking. ‘Wait! Why did he leave me out of this? Am I that useless that I can’t even be entrusted with such a simple task? I’m useless after all…!


Stepping forward, Maki adjusted her glasses, “Now wait just a second!” she said, demanding the respect and attention of everyone here with her voice alone. “And what exactly will you do in the meantime, Gojo-sensei? Or Miwa-san, for that matter?”


“Ah, yes! Miwa-chan!” The white haired man clapped in his hands as he walked over towards the Kyoto student, “You see, Miwa-chan and I will make sure that the cargo at the very bottom of the ship, as well as the engine and all that other techno-mumbo-jumbo, will be completely Curse-free!” he explained while putting his hand on her shoulder, squeezing it ever so lightly.


“Mhm. Of course!” Miwa replied matter of factly, nodding in agreement to her idol’s completely predictable and absolutely not surprising response. ‘FUCK! YES!!! Satoru Gojo and I won’t only be on this cruise together… he actually wants to work together with me right from the get go! AAAAAAAAAYYYYYYEEEEEEEEHH!!!!!!!


Her heart broke for a moment as he let go of her shoulder to walk in front of the rest of his students again, “Fantastic! Now, with that all out the way, you all know what you have to do!” he said, leading the Sorcerers towards the ship while Todo walked off to check the other docks, “Oh, and Todo-kun?” Gojo turned around before stepping on board the ship as well, causing the black haired Sorcerer to turn around, a faint shimmer of hope in his eyes. “Since you have the least amount of stuff to check out of all of us… don’t feel obliged to help us out. Nobody likes you, so you can take the rest of your day off afterwards. Or you can check one of the other nearby docks. Apparently there was an explosion two days ago.


“Hniff… O- okay!” Todo replied, giving a weak thumbs-up while a single tear rolled down his face.


Poor guy…’ For the first time in their life, Todo earned himself the sympathy of all his other fellow Jujutsu Sorcerers before they boarded the ship.


A half hour later, Miwa found herself together with Gojo on the lowest level of the Helicruiser. Crates of all shapes and sizes filled the hallways and the many rooms, stuffed to the brim with all kinds of spare equipment. They had already checked on the pantry on the floor above them. Aside from enough food to feed an entire town for an entire year, they had found nothing else there, leaving them to go one level lower.


“Hmmm… this room seems clear as well!” stated Miwa after looking for any signs of Cursed activities.


This one had to be by far the weirdest one, as a legion’s worth of weird metal parts was stuffed inside opened cardboard boxes while a whole bunch of wires, cables and other weird instruments covered the floor. The little sign right of the door read “S. Ishigami” while a written note on the door itself read “DON’T touch anything!”


Yawning, Gojo stuck his head inside one room for a split second before closing the door again, “Yep… this one’s safe!” he stated, making it obvious through his tone of voice that he was clearly not interested in doing any actual work.


Maybe his students were right after all?’ the bluette asked herself as she watched with hunger in her eyes as Gojo strolled towards the next room, ‘And he really wants to use this as an excuse to slack off?’ she shook her head and chided herself for her own thoughts. ‘No way! This is Satoru Gojo I am talking about! There’s no way that he’d do something so irresponsible!


The sound of his joints popping echoed across the entire floor, startling Miwa out of her own thoughts, “Aaaaahhh… is it just me or is it really getting hot in here?” he asked, waving himself some air with his hand.


“Hm?” Miwa raised an eyebrow. “I didn’t notice anything.”


“Really?” he turned around and pulled the zipper of his uniform down, revealing to her that he wore NOTHING underneath. “Then I guess it’s just me imagining things!”


Miwa didn’t even listen to anything he said, as her eyes were glued to the set of abs that the white haired Sorcerer sported as he stripped out of his uniform and laid it on one of the many crates around them, “Oh god…!” she whispered, feeling her pussy positively dripping at the sight of the blindfolded man’s exposed upper body.


“Did you say something?” he asked her, while turning around to see which room he hadn’t already inspected. Not only did he look like some kind of ancient Greek god from the front, his backside was just as defined and built, leaving her absolutely speechless for a couple of seconds. “Miwa-chan?”


MIIIIIIIIHH!!!!” she yelped and jumped up a bit, thinking that he might have seen her gawking, “O- oh… it’s… nothing. Just… this room’s clear as well!” she said and pointed at the metallic wall to her right.


“Good job!” Gojo turned around and complimented her, reaching with one hand into the depths of his pockets to pull out a bottle of water. Miwa’s eyes widened as he opened the cap of the bottle before emptying its content over his head, “Aaaahh… that’s better!” he moaned in satisfaction, with his muscular upper body now glistening as the water ran down!




The bluette found her knees beginning to shake as her panties now became drenched in her own pussy juices, “NNNNNNNNHG…!!” she couldn’t help but moan at the way his pants now clung to his crotch as they soaked in the water. Her heart started to beat faster and faster as she saw the VERY pronounced outlines of his dick through his pants!


“Great! Now I’m all wet!” the blindfolded man groaned in annoyance, “Hey, it doesn’t bother you if I hang up my pants to dry, right?” he asked her. But before she could even do so much as squeal, he already pulled his pants down to his ankles, revealing legs that were just as well trained as the rest of his body.


It was more clear to her now than ever before! He HAD to be a god in the form of a human! And she was allowed to stand in the presence of this god as he put his pants next to his uniform, leaving him almost completely naked aside from a pair of snow white underpants that highlighted his cock even more!


“Fuck me!” the words had left Miwa’s mouth faster than she could think. Clasping her hands in front of her mouth, she hoped that her idol hadn’t heard her.


All her hopes were for naught however as Gojo turned around to face her, “What did you say?” he asked with the most innocent tone he could muster.


Before she knew it, she dropped to her knees in front of the white haired Jujutsu Sorcerer, “Fuck me! Please fuck me!” she begged, unable to hold her emotions back anymore. “I… I adore you! You’re the most talented Sorcerer there exists in this age and… and I want to get fucked by you! Please!”


WHAT???” Gojo gasped, as a bashful blush began spreading across what little of his face was left uncovered by his blindfold. “But… I’m your senior. Your teacher in a sense!” he pointed out. “What would good old Gakuganji and Utahime say if they found out about this? I would never be able to look them in the eyes again!”


“I don’t care!” Crawling closer towards her idol, Miwa practically tore her own uniform off of herself, “I just want that big, fat cock of yours!” she declared while pulling his underpants down to his ankles. “And I want it now!


“Okay, okay!” Gojo gave in, wiping a single drop of sweat in an overly theatrical motion from his forehead. “If you really want it so bad, then I guess I can live with the resentment from ol’ Gakuganji and Utahime!”


Yes!’ Her pussy screamed with joy as she grabbed the white haired man’s cock. Veins pulsated in a hypnotic manner, catching her attention in more ways than one as she found her face magically drawn to the slowly growing piece of meat, “AHUUUUUUUMMMPH!!!!


Her lips wrapped around the cock, leaving her with a sensation unlike anything she ever experienced in her life before! Pure ecstatic bliss coursed like lightning from her mouth through her entire body, leaving her body tingling in anticipation and begging for more!


“Mmmh, dish cawk…” she moaned as she bobbed her head forth, taking even more of the still only half-hard erection into her mouth, “Iph’sh evwyphing aye evwa wanded!!!” she felt tears streaming down her face. “Am aye in heaphen???”


“He, he, HEAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!” Gojo’s hearty laughter echoed throughout the floor. His whole body shook with the movement of his lungs, causing his cock to stir around inside of Miwa’s mouth. “You should see the look on your face! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! You look hilarious!”


Her cheeks ballooned out as his cock grew to full size, the very tip poking against the back of her mouth, “Hmmmph, guluuuugh, uuugh, uuugh, uuugh, uuugh, hlllllooohg…! Ahuuugweeh!!!!!” she slurred and gagged, almost choking on the thick cock. ‘So good… I never knew that sucking dick would feel so… SO RIGHT!!!


A wonderful ache spread across her jaw as she worked her head back and forth, her lips dragging over the veiny cock, creating a series of lewd SHLK SHLK SHLK sounds that were even louder than her own moans!


Moving her tongue over as much of the length as possible, Miwa slowly released Gojo’s cock again. Long ropes of her saliva connected her mouth with the throbbing length, even as she rubbed her face against its side like a cat in heat, “Hmmmmm… I love this cock…!” she purred in a throaty manner, inhaling as much of the intoxicating smell as possible while bringing her face even closer to the other Sorcerer’s balls.


“Hot damn… You really don’t do things half-way, do you?” Gojo asked as she wrapped her lips around one of his balls while massaging the other with her strong, yet well manicured hands. “Are you sure that you want to become a Jujutsu Sorcerer, and not a prostitute in a nearby brothel?”


His teasing question rang in her ears even as she savored the taste of his family jewels on her tongue, ‘Yes! Call me more names! Call me your slut… your whore… make me your cumdump… I’m gonna be all that and more if I can spend more time with you!!’ she declared in her mind, since she was unable to actually say it due to her mouth only able to create nigh unintelligible moaning sounds.


The steady pulse of Gojo’s heartbeat being felt through his cock grew ever so slightly faster as she moved from one ball to the next and back again, coating them with an abundance of her saliva, “Yep… maybe I should suggest to Utahime that she should let you work in some other business.” Gojo teased her, caressing her long blue hair with his hand. “You sure make for a nice little slut!”


MMMMMMMMMPHH!!!!!” The moment he said those last words, her eyes crossed as she experienced the first REAL orgasm of her life!


Not due to a vibrator or due to her fingering herself! No! This was a real orgasm! Brought to her by the man she admired and loved more than anything else in this world! Her pussy soon began to burn. One orgasm wasn’t enough!


She needed more!


Spitting out his cock, Miwa took a couple seconds to breathe and to admire the work she had down so far. Saliva covered Gojo’s entire cock while a small trickle of precum oozed from the red tip down to the floor. She had to have him inside of her! Even if she had to fight the King of Curses himself for it!


“Please… my pussy… fuck my pussy next!” she begged whilst leaning her upper body on one of the many crates and spreading the folds of her puffy pink pussy with the index and middle finger of her right hand. “I… I… NEED it!!!”


HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!” Gojo laughed once more. He put his hands on her hips and rubbed his cock back and forth between her thighs. “Ahhh… I really should film this and send it to Utahime… I’d love to see her reaction!”


I don’t care! Please stop teasing me and just stick that dick in my pussy alrea-!’ midway through her inner monologue, Miwa found herself suddenly gasping for air as he shoved his cock all the way in! But not inside her pussy, “MY ASSSSSSSSS!!!!!!” Another orgasm crashed down on her right then and there as she felt Gojo’s cock spear so very deep inside of her. Her stomach distended noticeably as the white haired man began pounding her mercilessly!


“Phew… that is one tight hole…!” grunted Gojo, while throwing his body against her rolling hips. “I guess none of your friends in Kyoto wanted to fuck your ass so far, hm?!”


“Yes! No! I DUNNNNNOOOHH!!!!!” she moaned in response as the entire world around her disappeared. All that mattered was that Gojo continued fucking her.


Her body moved on nothing but the pure primal instinct to breed as each of Gojo’s slams moved her further and further away from the crate. She soon found herself with her legs spread as wide as possible, her boobs pressed against the cold ground beneath her while Gojo held on to her thighs. For some reason, she had to think of one of the video game characters that Mechamaru told her about the last time she talked with him as she looked at her own reflection in the clean metallic walls around her! Jack-O… something or so.


MMMH, HHHHHHMMM, MMMOOOOOH, AUUUUUMM!!!!!” Miwa moaned and panted as her pussy let out one spray after the other while Gojo had his way with her. All efforts to keep up with his thrusts were pointless as he had his very own pace with which he drove his cock in and out and in and out of her ass, “CUM!” she shouted suddenly. “Please… gimme your cum! I want it all in my ass!!! Make me your c- your… your cumd…!”


Despite her best efforts, she wasn’t able to say the words she so desperately wanted to say to him, “What? You want my cum that badly?” Gojo asked, not once slowing his thrusts down. “Could it be… you want to be my cumdump?”


He hadn’t even fully finished his question when he already began releasing his sperm inside her ass!


HAAAAAAA!!!!!!!” The world around her doubled as her eyes were now fully crossed. Sticky white cream flooded her butt with the brute natural force of a geyser, leaving her unable to think of anything else but, ‘Cum! Cumcumcumcumcumcumcumcumcumcumcum…!!!! So! Much!’ her entire body spasmed in wild pleasure. “CUUUUUUUMM!!!!!!



(Several levels above, the cockpit…)


“That pervy old bastard!” Megumi and Nobara grunted through gritted teeth at the same time, having watched the entire thing with crimson red faces through the surveillance camera right in front of the door towards the engine.



(Story by: Mr. Akrononym)

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2 days ago

Best artist in the god damn world

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
1 day ago
Reply to  Mrworldway

Yo, make sure to tell that to He’s the one behind those beautiful pics. I merely write stories from time to time.

1 day ago
Reply to  Mrworldway

Thank you 👍👍

6 days ago

Considering Gojo’s Six Eyes act as a ultra 4k camera, and he can literally see atoms with a perception that extends a single second into several minutes of time for him.

He had more then enough time to savor Miwa’s expression when she got her wish of being his cumdump

Dude’s living my dream

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
6 days ago
Reply to  Xcelsior

Anyone who can clap Miwa’s cheeks is living the dream!

6 days ago

Been a little while since we saw anything related to JJK around here, but we got something now. And well, it’s a very rewarding experience. 😃

So let’s cut to the chase. This was a fun one to read and work on. More so to read. To start with, I wasn’t expecting Miwa to be the primary focus of the story this time around, but it’s certainly a welcome change of pace. However it’s not to say that I didn’t like the core team, as well as Maki, Todo and Gojo being there. Because I do. XD But man, Todo got put down and fucked over here. I kind of feel bad for him. 😂

Anyway, it was nice seeing much of that banter they’re all known for doing here. But what really caught my attention was Miwa and her mindset, especially in regards to Gojo. And that was taken into overdrive when she was all alone with him! But I’ll get back to it in just a second. Don’t you worry. 😁

I really like how the inner workings of the ship were detailed, as well as the outside. This includes the various sections, of course. Not only that, the layout of the makeshift teams, minus poor Todo, was also really interesting. Hopefully we’ll see how it goes with the others later. 🤔

Which now leads us back to the main point of the chapter, Miwa and Gojo. That was something that built up rapidly. Both with Miwa’s lustful mindset and Gojo’s lazy and nonchalant attitude, as well as actively stripping right in front of her! And it only escalated from here! 😮 Needless to say, I really liked how it turned out. Including the pacing and direction of it. Plus Miwa taking it the way she did was a hell of a show! Though it looks like Gojo is now officially on the others’ shit list. LOL 🤣

Overall, very nice work on this one! Can’t wait to see what the next chapter has in store. Though I’m hoping Maki gets some more attention soon. 😊

Anyway, keep up the good work! 👏 😃

Last edited 6 days ago by Hiryu
Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
6 days ago
Reply to  Hiryu

YO! How you doing? Thanks for the kind words and all your hard work as usual! Couldn’t make such stories without you and everyone’s help and support!

I really wanted to flip things up with this chapter. Since many other chapters (including the last chapter with Komi, the one with Marin, and even one of the last Sakura stories) have the girls as the one doing the teasing/stripping in order to get their partner’s attention, I thought it would be cool to spin things around. Gojo strikes me as the kind of guy who would do such stuff and I think I did it quite alright, with how he knew of Miwa’s feelings and made use of them XD.

6 days ago

I’m so glad to see that miwa is getting the love she deserves in this series! Hope we get to see more of her and Gojo! Anyway, great chapter, great art! Thank you to everyone involved!

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
6 days ago
Reply to  Anon

Yeah, JJK’s best girl needs some love! Thanks for your kind words and make sure to tell Rtenzo about your thoughts of the art, I’m sure he’ll appreciate it!