Lake of Lust

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“So, let me get this straight…” said Lucy as she sat in Fairy Tail’s guild hall with Natsu, Brandish, Gray, Ultear, Dimaria, and Juvia. It was still really early, and the only other guild member in the hall was Mirajane, but she was somewhere back in the kitchen. “You ‘felt’ Ultear being rejuvenated? And came to see what was happening?


“Yeah, that’s the best way I can put it.” replied Dimaria as she sat across the table from where Lucy sat. “I know a local Wizard with Space manipulation magic who owed me a favor, and he got me here quickly.”


“Yeah, she popped in right as Gray and Juvia came back with Ultear.” explained Natsu.


After the orgy the other day, Natsu had spent a few hours talking with Lucy, he was happy she’d gotten the key for the fish lady back from Brandish, though apparently she wasn’t able to summon her until today. They were all planning to go to a lake for the official act, since Aquarius could be rather testy about what medium she was summoned from. They’d just been getting ready to leave when Ultear and Dimaria came in and everyone had gotten to talking.


“Say, where’s that blue haired pipsqueak, the one with the Sky Dragon magic?” asked Dimaria, “She was part of this guild, right?”


“Wendy? She’s off on a solo job right now.” said Gray, “Why you ask?”


“I… I was hoping she could put me in touch with her friend with the red hair. I… I owe her an apology.” said Dimaria. “I didn’t find out until recently, but that fight, it cost her way more than I realized to beat me.”


“It was her choice.” said Ultear, “I did warn her what the cost would be well beforehand.”

“Shelia is still at her guild last I heard.” Juvia said from her place straddling Gray’s lap at the table. She slowly bounced herself up and down, a soft wet SHLICK SHLICK noise could be heard from under the table where she had the man’s cock still buried inside her. The blue haired woman let out a soft whimpering moan as she leaned herself against Gray and shivered lightly.


“Mmmmh, so much darling… Don’t stoooop..” she moaned.


They’d been doing that since Natsu came into the hall. When you looked at them from above the table, they looked perfectly normal, like a couple just getting lovey dovey, but neither of them was wearing any clothes under the table! Not that he had any room to complain even if he felt like it, Lucy was sitting next to him with her hand down his pants, her hand grasping his cock gently, stroking it slowly as she went about the conversation like nothing was wrong. The blonde girl’s other hand was around Brandish’s waist, her hand groping the green haired girl’s tit gently while Brandish’s hand was between Lucy’s thighs. Natsu could smell all the girls at the table so strongly right now, it was almost like they were all in heat!


“So, what are your plans now?” Lucy asked Ultear.


“I’ll go with you guys to the lake for now, but after that, I need to find Jellal, I want to continue what I was doing with them already. That is, if that pardon he and the other got applied to me as well.” Ultear said.


“Queen Hisui is a friend, I’m sure it won’t be a problem, especially with what you did for everyone at the Grand Magic Games.” Gray said before pulling the top of Juvia’s blouse open, exposing her big soft tits and proceeding to suck on her nipples gently.


OHHH, MY DARLING…!!” Juvia moaned, hugging Gray’s head against her, “Mmmmmh, yes, you can have them whenever you want, ahhh, that feels so good!!!” Juvia moaned as she began bouncing herself up and down even harder, “Nmmmmmh, your cock is filling my pussy so good…! Ahhha ahhh…”


Lucy spoke up over Juvia’s moans, “Do you even know where to find Jellal?” she asked as she tugged down Brandish’s bikini top, exposing her left breast and beginning to play with her nipple, teasing it with her fingers until it was completely stiff. Brandish paid it seemingly no mind, her only response was to chew her lower lip lightly and shift in her seat.


“I have a rough idea of where to start, that’s all.” Ultear said.


“Want some company for the trip?” Dimaria asked, “I’d like to discuss what happened with you more if I could.”


Ultear shook her head, “No, I don’t mind. It might help to have someone I can have sex with if we run into more flower patches.”


Dimaria nodded, “Fine by me, I just hope we don’t need to fight, I’ve had enough combat for one lifetime.”


“That why you went to that farm?” Brandish asked while slipping off her top so Lucy could lean over and begin sucking on her right nipple. At the same time, she pulled Natsu’s cock out from the confines of his pants and began stroking him faster. The pink haired man groaned at the feel of her soft hand moving along the length of his dick. Her hand already couldn’t close around the thickness of it, but that didn’t stop her as she moaned softly around Brandish’s nipple. She sucked on it for a few more moments before pulling away and casually moving to slide Natsu’s cock down her throat with a low moan of pleasure!


“Nmmmmmmhp, aguh, mmmmmph, gug, mmmmmmph, guh, hmmmmmmmph, ahhhgh, Aye knew you were bhigger Nahshu, ahhmmmmph, id’s philling muh phroat sho guuud! Aguh, guh, gummmmmph…!” Lucy moaned in pleasure.


“Ahhhahhh…” Natsu groaned, “Lu…cy…”


“Nmmmmmph, hmmmmmph, mmmmmmmph…” was the blonde girl’s only reply, bobbing her head up and down faster.


“We need more men here.” Dimaria said with a moping tone, scooting her seat back from the table and spreading her legs wide, rubbing at her crotch through the fabric of the form fitting dark leggings she had on.


The table thudded loudly as Gray stood up from his seat and laid Juvia back on the surface, pulling her blouse open completely and grabbing both her breasts as he began pumping his cock in and out of her. The blue haired woman wailed in pleasure, wrapping her legs around his waist as she rolled her hips against him.


OH YES MY DARLING, TAKE ME!!! AHHH, MAKE ME YOUR WOMAN IN FRONT OF ALL THESE HARLOTS!!! SHOW THEM JUVIA’S PUSSY IS ALL YOU’LL EVER NEED!!!” she screamed, looking at all the girls with a mixture of smugness and anger on her face.


“Agummmmph, ah…” gasped Lucy as she pulled her mouth free, long sticky ropes of Saliva flinging away from her lips, “Honestly, how can you still be on about that in THIS situation!?” she asked the girl.



“Jellal?” asked Ultear as their group made it to the lake. Their little orgy had kept up until Mirajane came out of the kitchen and broke things up, with a bucket of ice water. Natsu and Gray were the only ones not really affected, mainly because the water just turned to steam when it touched him, and Gray, well, he was used to the cold. Still, the platinum blonde haired young woman all but tossed their group out. So they all put their clothes back on before leaving Magnolia for the lake a few miles away.


The trip took less than an hour, but Natsu couldn’t have guessed that they’d find Jellal standing at the edge of the lake just staring out over the water. He was dressed for traveling in a dark colored poncho that could double as a blanket and pants. The blue haired man turned at hearing his name and blinked his dark colored eyes in surprise.


“Ultear…? How…? Where…?” he stuttered in surprise, his face looking like he’d just seen a ghost.


“Yo, how ya been Jellal?” Natsu spoke up as their group made their way over to him. Ultear ran out in front of them, stopping just a couple steps away.


“We thought you were dead… What happened?” Jellal asked.


“It’s a long story, but I’ll tell you all about it. It’s good to see you again.” Ultear told him.


“Likewise, Meredy will be happy to see you again.” he replied. Ultear then began relating recent events to him while Jellal did the same. Natsu was surprised to learn he’d been with Erza, but that she wasn’t still with him. According to Jellal, they’d found a lead on what was happening with the flowers and she’d gone to investigate on her own while Jellal was making his way back to Fairy Tail to inform the others in her stead.


“Well this is boring.” said Brandish, “Aren’t they gonna do the whole passionate kiss and hug thing?”


“I don’t think their relationship was like that.” Lucy commented.


“Oh, well again, that’s boring, come on, let’s call Goshujin-sama already!” Brandish told the blonde.


Lucy nodded, turning away from the reunion scene and moving over to the lake. Natsu, Brandish, Gray, Juvia, and Dimaria all followed the blonde girl to the water’s edge as she took out the Aquarius key and dipped it into the water.


OPEN, GATE OF THE WATER BEARER!!! AQUARIUS!!!” she shouted, and there was a loud tone like a bell ringing as a geyser of water shot up from out in the lake. When the air cleared, a beautiful blue-scaled mermaid floated above the water’s surface. She looked exactly like Natsu remembered her, then again, he didn’t know if spirits aged the same way people did, if at all.


AQUARIUS/GOSHUJIN-SAMA!!!” shouted Lucy and Brandish as they immediately ran into the water and over to her as she dipped down into the lake. Both had their arms spread wide and tears in their eyes as they moved closer.


Only to have Aquarius grab both women by their heads and dunked them under the water forcibly! Both girls struggled and splashed as the blue haired mermaid held them there for a long moment.


“You two sluts need to cool off!” she shouted at them, “Honestly, fucking like a pair of nymphos instead of calling me right away, what’s wrong with you!?” she chided the pair as she let them back up. Both girls gasped and coughed, filling their lungs again before they both embraced the mermaid woman tightly, both of them sobbing happily.


“I MISSED YOU SO MUCH, WAAAAAH!!!!” cried Lucy as she buried her face in Aquarius’ chest, hugging her tightly.


“Goshujin-sama, Goshujin-sama, Goshujin-samaaaa!!!!” sobbed Brandish, hugging both her and Lucy tightly.


Natsu watched as Aquarius’ expression softened and she closed her eyes before returning their hugs. “I missed you too…” she said softly as she held onto the sobbing girls for a long moment. When she let go, she shook her head, “You could have just called me right away, our first contract was voided when you summoned the King, so we’ll need to make a new one.”


Lucy kept her face buried in Aquarius’ chest, nuzzling it while still crying, but more quietly now. After a couple of minutes, Aquarius began looking annoyed, “How long are you gonna hug my tits Lucy!?” she snapped.


Lucy blinked her big brown eyes and reluctantly pulled her head back, “Oh, s… Sorry… I’m just,” she sniffled, “I’m so happy to see you again!” she said, crying again.


“Yeah, yeah, how about we just use the old contract then? And can you stop that, those aren’t pillows you know!” Aquarius said then snapped again as Lucy went back to nuzzling her breasts.


“Mmmmmh, but they’re so soft and smell so nice, Goshujin-sama…” Brandish said as she did the same.


“Hmm, Virgo wasn’t exaggerating…” said Aquarius before she looked up at everyone else gathered at the edge of the lake and gave a gentle wave. “Hi everyone, been a while, “Except you, I don’t know you.” she said when her eyes fell on Dimaria.


“I’m Dimaria Yesta, we haven’t met.” the blonde told her.


“Charmed, I’m sure.” Aquarius said dryly, “Didn’t you try to kill my Lucy?”


“Ancient history, war’s a bitch.” Dimaria said back as a stiff breeze blew over the lake, scattering a barely noticeable glittering yellow cloud over the area.


“Hmmph, whatever. Ngh, if you’re gonna do that girl, don’t bite!” Aquarius said, turning her ire back at the girls who had somehow managed to strip off her bikini top and were now sucking at her nipples together! The mermaid then shook her head like a mother who couldn’t stay mad at her children and rested her hands against the backs of their heads.


“Nmmmh, mmmmmh, ‘quarius… Ahhhh, nmmmmh…” Lucy moaned softly around the mermaid’s nipple gently.


“Gohshujin-shamah… Nmmmmmh…” Brandish moaned against Aquarius’ other tit.


The blue haired woman gave both girls a gentle, loving smile that seemed almost alien to Natsu. He always knew the fish lady as an angry person. But she was really pretty when she smiled.


“You two are hopeless.” Aquarius said, still smiling as she cradled both girls to her breasts, letting them suckle her nipples together. The blue haired woman then let out a soft sound as the two younger girls hugged themselves against her harder. Lucy opened her mouth wider, trying to take more of Aquarius’ tit into her mouth.


“Mmmmmmmh… ‘quarius…” Lucy moaned again, rubbing herself against the spirit as she began stripping off the skimpy outfit she had on. An outfit that was just a simple bikini top coupled with a pair of sexy shorts under which she had a pair of thong panties. Brandish was wearing a similar outfit, and somehow both girls managed to strip the other naked. All without ever pulling their mouths off of her big soft looking breasts.


“Hmm…?” Natsu said when he felt someone pressing against his side. He turned to see Dimaria next to him, holding his arm between her big breasts.


“Want some help with this…?” she asked, moving one hand to grab at his cock through the loose fitting fabric of his pants. “It’s getting annoying just watching everyone else…”


“Huh?” Natsu asked and turned away from the lesbian three-way beginning in the water.


AAAAAHHH, YES MY DARLING, RIGHT THERE, RIGHT THEEEEERE!!! POUND JUVIA’S HOLE HARDERRRR… HMMMMMMMMH!!!” Juvia moaned as she knelt on all fours, completely naked while Gray fucked her from behind. The blue haired girl rocked back and forth on her hands and knees as Gray grabbed her ass tightly, swinging his hips and slamming his cock in and out of her.


“When did…?” Natsu began, but Dimaria answered before he could finish the question.


“Pretty much after those two began blubbering into fish legs tits.” she told him. “Those two over there are just as bad, and it’s getting on my nerves being left out right now!” Dimaria said and Natsu looked over to where Ultear and Jellal had been talking, only to find the pair ripping one another’s clothes off. The dark haired woman ripped her panties off by pulling the crotch up into her pussy until the fabric gave way. She then tossed the ruined bit of fabric aside and dropped to her knee in front of Jellal.


AHHHGUUUMMMPH!!! NMMMMMMMMMPH!!!” she moaned as she swallowed his cock between her lips in one easy motion. Her slender throat bulged outwards with Jellal’s thickness as she took him as deep as she could.


“Ooooh, Ul… Ulteaaar…” Jellal groaned as he just stood there while the naked woman sucked on his cock as though it were the only thing in the world that mattered!


“Huh, you know, I feel like this should bother me somehow, but it doesn’t.” said Natsu.


“Yeah whatever…” said Dimaria as she dropped into a squatting position and yanked down Natsu’s pants, allowing his huge dick to spring out. The short haired blonde woman licked her lips at the sight as she grabbed his cock with both her hands.


“So this is a dragon dick, nice!” she said to him as she began kissing and licking his cock all over before swallowing it down her throat. Natsu groaned at the warm, wet, and tight feel of the woman’s mouth as she quickly began moving her head back and forth.




“Haaah, that feels, really good…” groaned Natsu as he watched Lucy, Brandish, and Aquarius in the water. All three women were naked now, and the fish lady wasn’t a fish anymore, she now had two regular legs where that blue scaled fish tail had been!


“Nmmmmmh, that’s a good girl Brandish, stick your tongue in deeper!” Aquarius said to the green haired girl who was currently on her knees with her head between her legs.


“Yesh, gohshujin-shamah…” Brandish said as she moaned into Aquarius’ pussy. The blue haired woman then turned back to Lucy and smiled at her before kissing her deeply. Lucy moaned into Aquarius’ mouth as the two rubbed their bare breasts together, the creamy orbs slipping and sliding against one another’s. As they kissed, Aquarius slipped her hand between Lucy’s creamy smooth thighs, spreading the folds of her pussy wide before shoving three fingers into her!


NMMMMMMMH!” Lucy moaned against the blue haired woman’s mouth, her pussy letting out a hot spray all over the top of Brandish’s head.


“Mmmmh, I always knew you’d be a juicy little slut!” Aquarius said after breaking the kiss.


“Ahhhha… It just… Feels so goood…” Lucy moaned with a look of raw wanton lust on her face. Her brown eyes then went wide as she leaned her head back and moaned at length when Aquarius began pushing her fingers in and out of her even faster.




“‘Ey, eye’sh dhown ‘ere ya phink haired dolt…!” Natsu heard Dimaria gag around his cock! He looked back down at her as she took his entire dick in between her plump lips and held it there.


HMMMMMMMMMMMPH!!!” she moaned from deep in her throat, making it vibrate around his cock. Natsu grunted and groaned at the feel, his hands almost moving on their own to grab the woman’s head as he began shoving his cock in and out of her mouth more roughly.


AGUH GUH GUG GWEH GUG GUH… AAAHH, YEEEAAH, DAT’SH MOAR WIKE ID!!! AGUH GUH GUH GUH…” Dimaria choked around his cock as he pumped it in and out of her throat. “NMMMMMMMMMPH YAAAH, PHUCK MUH PHROOOOAD!!!” she gagged in pleasure.


Natsu lost all sense of time after that, one moment, he saw Lucy, Aquarius, and Brandish in the water. But when he looked again, they were on the beach, lying on their sides in a kind of ring, each one with her head between the other’s legs! Virgo was even there, standing in some weird outfit that looked like it was made of belts and a ball gag in her mouth. She stood over the three women holding weird colored rubber tubes that were rounded off at the ends.


Gray and Juvia seemed to change positions every time he blinked. One second, Juvia was on all fours, rocking back and forth of Gray’s cock, the next, she was on her back with him on top of her. When Natsu blinked again, she was straddling his cock with her back to him as she grabbed at her own breasts and moaned in ecstasy.


HEY! QUIT DAYDREAMING DRAGON DICK, KEEP SHOVING THAT BIG FUCKING DONG UP MY TIGHT ASS!!!!” Dimaria yelled at Natsu. He looked up to see Dimaria on top of him, her back facing him like Juvia with Gray, only his cock was sliding in and out of her asshole rapidly.




“Jellal, don’t let up!!! Fuck my ass harder too!!!” moaned Ultear who was next to the pair, rolling her hips in long circles on Jellal’s cock.


Natsu groaned as he looked out over the lake, just how long had it been? The sun was already setting over the horizon, and he could see something glittering in the air when a stiff breeze blew over the group. The pink haired man then felt a sudden rush shooting through him as he grabbed hold of Dimaria’s hips and began slamming his cock in and out of her asshole!




YESSS, ME TOO, I’M CUMMING ON MY DARLING GRAAAAAY, AHHH, AHHHHH!!!” Juvia moaned from somewhere out of sight.


“Here Princess, use this double ended one…” said Virgo’s voice, but Natsu couldn’t see what she meant, but he heard Lucy screaming in pleasure and moaning Aquarius’ name again and again.


“I’m very pleased you approve, Princess.” said Virgo.


HRMMM, HRMMM, HRMMMMM, AHHH, FIRE DRAGON ROOOOOOAAAAAAAR!!!!” Natsu bellowed as he quickly felt a powerful pressure in his balls as he drove his cock all the way into Dimaria’s asshole, cumming deep inside her gut.


HOOOOOOOOOOOH, SO MUCH CUUUUUM, AHHH, IT’S BOILING MY INSIIIIDESSSS…” moaned Dimaria, “MY STOMACH, AHHH, MY STOMACH IS GETTING SO FILLED UUUUP, AHHH, IT FEELS SO GOOD, CUMMING, I’M CUUUMMMINNNGGH…!” the blonde woman moaned as she leaned forward, his cock slipping out of her ass with a wet pop and shooting his cum high into the air. More cum then poured back out of her ass with such force that Dimaria was propelled off into the lake ahead of them!


Natsu tried to get up to see if she was alright, but everything quickly turned black as he fell unconscious.



When Natsu woke up, he found himself in his bedroom, and the sun was coming up outside. “Eh, how’d I get home?” he muttered.


“We carried you,” answered Lucy’s voice from across the room. Natsu looked up and did a double take at Lucy’s clothes, or lack thereof. His friend was dressed only in a black thong pair of panties, and nothing else! “You were out for quite a while, we were beginning to worry, but Gray said you might be having a bad reaction to the pollen, something like that happened to Juvia when they were out. Porlyusica agreed after she took a look at you.”


“Ye… Yeah, alright… Um, Lucy, just what are you wearing?” Natsu asked.


Lucy blinked, looking confused as she looked down at her next to naked body, “What? It was hot in here, you don’t control your magic well when you’re knocked out.” she told him.


“Oh, uh, sorry about that…” he said with a nervous chuckle.


“No worries, you can make it up to me later, I really wanna try having you fuck me when you’re fully up, not halfway like that first time.” Lucy said with a cheeky smile.


“Uhh, um… Alright…” replied Natsu as a drop of sweat rolled down the side of his face.


(Story by User: SailorIo)

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20 days ago

Good stuff!

Hope to see Cana and/or Irene soon!

Ichigo Kurosaki
21 days ago

excelente historia espero mas de lucy, brandish, juvia, jellal, gray, ultear y dimaria
natsu me cae mal lo digo por un tal “coloreos natsu” ese tipo es un dolor en el culo y es muuuuy obsesionado con beelzebu de shuumatsu piensa que el moscas puede follarse a todas ja , pero bueno excelente historia

21 days ago

Glad you like the story, but I don’t understand the rest of your comment, what’s this about flies?

Ichigo Kurosaki
21 days ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

me referia a Beelzebub el señor de las moscas un dios en Record of Ragnarok/Shuumatsu no valkyrie, y que un artista de twitter y su hermano sobrevaloran a natsu y a beelzebub que hasta hicieron un grupo para adorarlos xD

22 days ago

Loved this chapter it had a lil bit of everything with a bunch of variety with pairings. The beginning as they hold a casual conversation while having sex at the same time was really hot. Honestly anything involving large scale orgies is one of my favs so im glad we got so much of it this chapter. Loved the lesbian action with Aquarius but hopefully she gets some cock inside her aswell, or better yet multiple cocks all at the same time.

22 days ago
Reply to  souljamantwn

support Enzo’s patreon and make a request. I can do it easy story-wise with her having a lovers spat with Scorpio and having a round with any guy as a means of getting back at him.

Dr. Pervert
Dr. Pervert
22 days ago

Really nice having the gang continuing the free for all fucking, and Aquarius joinging back with human legs. Hopefully we’ll be seeing more of her. Just wish we got some more focus on the two time babe while we have them. Speaking of, what happens to Dimaria after this?

22 days ago
Reply to  Dr. Pervert

Well, given how wildly Virgo could change form between sexy maid and manbeast maid, I figured her switching to have legs and a vagina would be simple enough. Same goes for the spirit girls going futanari if need be one day.

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
22 days ago

Damn… how old is this story? XD. Like, I think we edited it a month or so ago, right? Either way, still a fantastic chapter with some nice dialogue and beautiful moments. I’m especially fond of Aquarius’ relationship here with Lucy and Brandish. Hope to see more mistress-slave/pet-stuff like this in the future.

Yeah… I think that’s all. Keep up the great work!

22 days ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

Yeah, I finished it a while back, I think Enzo forgot it was ready a few times with other projects taking priority. I do like how the flowers have permanently altered some personalities.

22 days ago

It a little weird mira kicked them out after the guild orgy I believe she would have been apart of it and it looks like wendy has been completely written out the story I wonder what erza will find maybe her mom
Great chapter all around
10/10 👍

22 days ago
Reply to  Jorge

wouldn’t say she’s been written out.

22 days ago

I like how they just continue to have a mildly serious conversation while Juvia rides Grey like a woman on a mechanical bull😂

22 days ago
Reply to  Xcelsior

yeah, I had fun doing that.