Hogging Dicks and Attention

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing crossover series of stories)
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HEY! A LITTLE BIT MORE TO THE RIGHT!!!” one of the hundred construction workers shouted at his colleagues who were currently occupied with hanging a giant banner over the road. “NO! NOT THAT RIGHT! THE OTHER SIDE! LEFT!




I KNOW WHAT I SAID, DAMNIT! JUST DO AS I SAY RIGHT NOW!” he shouted, interrupting his colleague, “GEEZ! This damn ship will set sail in a week and I have to work with such complete and utter morons!” the man grunted to himself while shaking his head.


Fishing a cigarette out of the folds of his overall, the man was about to light it up when he was interrupted by another coworker, “Boss! The fireworks were delivered right now! Where should we…?”


IT DOESN’T MATTER!” he snapped as a vein throbbed on his forehead. Taking a deep sigh, he raised his arms in a placatory gesture. “Sorry. I’m just… put them somewhere where they won’t hinder us until we need them, ‘kay?”


The slightly shocked worker happily obliged, “Got it!” he turned around and almost instantly ran straight into a pillowy softness that made him bounce back. “WAH!!


“See, Shouta-kun?” Lucoa asked as she continued walking down the busy street of the port city, not even noticing that someone just ran into her breasts, “Isn’t this place interesting?” her eyes wandered all over the place, taking in every single detail that she could.


Shouta nodded, “Mhm!” just like his caretaker, he as well was far too interested in the ongoing events around him to notice the things right in front of his feet. His eyes beamed with excitement as he tried to take in as much as he could.


It was his first time that he witnessed such a big event. Workers from several different companies from all across Japan and even some students from a nearby school were all eagerly helping in the preparations for the maiden voyage of the first ever “Helicruiser”. The Shinomiya Group that was behind the entire organization, as well as the construction of the Helicruiser itself, planned to make the launch day one that would be broadcasted across the world. Already now, the press and many other journalists were walking across the street, in the hopes that they would catch a glimpse of the ship first. For now though, the ship remained heavily guarded by hired mercenaries inside a giant hangar at the edge of the port.


The two of them have decided to come a bit earlier to this city than necessary, simply to watch the leadup to the cruise. Lucoa might be older than she liked to admit at times, but even she couldn’t remember seeing such a big group of people working as one. She chuckled into the back of her hand as the only thing that came remotely close to this event were the creation of the pyramids thousands of years ago.


“And~? Anything else you would like to see?” she asked her younger partner, flaunting the camouflage patterned sling-bikini that she bought together with him a couple days ago.


However, for the first time since she met the purple haired boy, he wasn’t flustered or embarrassed due to her antics in any way, “Mmmmmh…!” he mused with a finger on his lip as his eyes wandered all over the place. “It’s all so…”


The boy trailed off as something further down the street caught his attention. Within a single heartbeat, his head became as red as a cherry while a noticeable bulge formed in his pants, “Hm?” she had a hard time noticing her at first, due to the many other people working all over the street, but she found the culprit behind Shouta’s reaction. “Whaaaa…!”


Just like her partner before her, Lucoa trailed off as she laid eyes on the woman on the other side of the road. Her silky purple hair was kept in a ponytail that reached all the way down to her ankles as she made her way through the mass of people that watched her every step with open desire. To call the shoelaces that failed to cover her mountainous tits and pussy a “bikini” would have been an overstatement! Almost everything was on full display! The two strings that were supposed to cover her pussy dug deep into the folds, drawing the attention of everyone towards it. At her side walked a young, brown haired boy who seemed pretty aware of the grunts of dissatisfaction he earned from the many other men around as he walked so close next to the purplette beauty.


“How dare a worm like him walk side by side with such a delicate flower!?” one man grumbled as he continued hammering nails into a wooden post to secure a large poster with the Shinomiya Group’s logo on it.


“Tsk… Lucky boy!” grunted another one, his eyes fixated on the woman’s clearly visible pink nipples while they bounced up and down with each step.


How the…?’ Lucoa thought to herself, with a single pearl of sweat running down the side of her face as she felt herself growing insecure about her own chest size for the first time since ages, ‘She’s not a dragon but how…?’ In an instant, she came up with a decision. ‘No way in hell will I let some busty bimbo mess with my innocent Shouta-kun!


“H- Hey?!” he gasped as Lucoa pulled him with him and through a small back alley which was currently full with different tools and equipment from the different companies. “Wh- What are you…?”


Lucoa turned towards him, with her multi-colored eyes burning with passion, “Come! I won’t let this woman poison your mind!” she declared as they rushed past the many constructions going on all around them and towards a small park at the far eastern edge of the city. The bulge within Shouta’s pants kept bouncing with each step, further encouraging her in her endeavor. “I’ll show her what it means to mess with a dragon!”


“What… What are you talking about?” Shota asked, blushing at the sight of her bouncing ass as they came to a halt at a clearing inside the park. Due to the many work going on inside the city, the park was basically empty, safe for a few older people who they rushed past on their way here.


Turning towards the boy, Lucoa stripped out of her bikini, causing his face to turn even more red and the tent in his pants to throb even more, “I’m gonna prove to you right here and right now that I’m just as good as that bimbo earlier!” she explained before pushing Shouta to the grass. “Who does this girl think she is?! Messing with your mind like this as if she was some kind of succubus!”


Shouta yelped as his pants were pulled down to his ankles, causing his rock hard cock to shoot straight into the air like a tower, “B- B- But… YOU are a succubus!!!” he exclaimed before groaning in growing pleasure as the dragoness wrapped her tits around his erection. “Hrrrrgh!!!”


She shook her head, “I’m no succubus, silly.” she explained with a warm smile as she started moving her breasts up and down, stroking his dick with the full size of her milktanks, “Mmmmmh… so big!!” she cooed as the cock grew and grew with each stroke.


In just a short bit of time, his cock became thicker than her thighs and just as long as her legs. The bright red shining tip was at eye level, making her lick her lips in anticipation of how it would taste. ‘That woman really thinks she can steal my Shouta from me, just with looks alone!?’ Lucoa thought while moaning softly at the sensation of the throbbing veins against her breasts. ‘I’ll make him forget all about her!


“Huff… huff… huff!!!” Shouta groaned in pleasure every time her breasts slammed down on his chest, “Su- Succubus!!” he moaned through gritted teeth. Closing his eyes, he dug his fingers deep into the dry ground beneath him as the pleasure rose with each rapid heartbeat.


MMMMMHHH!!!!” Lucoa moaned wantonly as she licked the underside of the purple haired youth’s cock from the base to the tip. Both of them shuddered at the sensation, ‘Ahhhh… it tastes so good!!” she thought, completely in awe with the massive piece of meat in front of her eyes. Her pussy clenched and twitched in raw need as rivulets of her arousal ran down her thighs, “Don’t worry, Shouta-kun~!” cooed Lucoa, breathing hotly against the tip of his dick. “I’ll show you that this woman’s tits are no match to me!”


Just as he was about to ask what she meant by this, Shouta felt the weight of her breasts on his body double! And tripled! He opened his eyes and was greeted by the sight of stiff nipples the size of his own head pointing straight at him, “WHA-! What is this?” he asked, noticeably shocked by her now much bigger tits.


Lucoa chuckled, still pumping her tits up and down as if they weighed nothing, “Just a little goddess magic. You like it?” she asked, squeezing her meatbags even tighter around his length and causing them both to squirm and whimper in pleasure. “It’s all to show you that this bimbo’s body is no match for mine! Whatever she can do, I can do better! So it’s probably best if you forget all about her!”


RRRGH!!!!” Shouta couldn’t even come up with any kind of response as the dragoness continued with her titjob. His hands have become a dirty brown due to him digging so deep into the ground. The SMACK SMACK SMACK of her tits slamming down on his chest every time she brought them down echoed in his mind, making it hard to come up with any coherent thought. “Ooooooohhh…!!!!”


“Yesssss…!!” the dragoness hissed in wanton need and desire as she started wrapping her lips around the head of the throbbing erection before her, “Mmmmmmph… Sho ghuudddd… Pheelsh sho ghuud in muh phroat!!!” she gagged and slurred wetly, bobbing her head back and forth on the towering length.


From his position on the ground, Shouta got a clear view at how the woman’s throat bulged out due to his member moving through it, “Haaaa… haaa… Aaaaaaahhh!!!” he groaned as his balls constricted and convulsed in erotic pleasure. The sperm within them boiled in desperation, screaming to get released. “Lu- LucoaAAAAAHHH!!!


Without even slowing down, Lucoa grinned up at the purple haired youth, “YEPH!!! Uh luv dish ash well…! Don’t uh?!” she slurred, her words barely understandable due to the cock moving all throughout her mouth and throat, “Mmmmph, gugh, gugh, gugh, hmmm, ummph!!!” she moaned while picking up speed.


More and more sweat started to roll down their bodies as the time went on. They have lost complete track over how long they have been going on like this, as their bodies were completely lost in an ecstatic rush of primal lust. It was a complete miracle that they weren’t discovered by anyone! Their moans and groans and grunts and sounds of flesh hitting flesh echoed through the entire park, but they were only drowned out by the sounds of nearby construction from farther inside the city.


Yes! Forget all about that bimbo!’ Lucoa thought, feeling Shouta’s balls throbbing underneath her tits whenever she brought them down, “CUMMMM!!! CUM INSHIDE MUH MOUPH!!!!!” she then ordered loud and clear, her words vibrating across the boy’s cock and through his entire body!


HAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!” roared Shouta as he unloaded his cum inside the dragoness’ mouth and throat!


BLURHGH, MMURRRGLEGH, HRRRRLLLGH!!!!!!” she moaned, trying desperately to gulp down each and every last drop of the sticky white cum. But after a full minute of him blasting his cum, Lucoa was forced to pull her head back, unable to swallow the entire load.


A nasty ‘PLOP!’ echoed in her ears as her lips parted ways with the burning red tip of Shouta’s cock, followed by an even nastier and wetter ‘BLORGH!’ sound as his cum shot high into the air, only to rain down on her naked body. Lucoa watched in awe as the thick fluid ran down her creamy soft skin, spreading a sense of warmth that was unmatched by anything else she ever experienced!


“So… much…!” she whispered, her pussy gushing just by feeling the weight of all that cum on her breasts!


After another two minutes, Shouta finally stopped cumming, “Haaaaaa… haaaaa… haaaaa…!!!!” he panted, baked in sweat. The only sign that he still had some energy left in him was his completely erect cock. Even after cumming for three entire minutes, he didn’t show any sign of slowing down. The veins all over the length throbbed with energy, pumping blood across the entire thing, almost as if to say that this wasn’t over yet!


Lucoa smiled, “Well then…” licking her lips, the dragoness rose to her feet and turned around, only to let herself fall down on the purple haired boy’s cock, “AAAAAAHHH!!!!” her eyes crossed for a moment as she felt her body conform to the thick length of her partner’s meatspear!


OOOOOOOOOHHHH!!!!!” Shouta shouted with her, almost cumming again, just by feeling Lucoa’s inner muscles grab ahold of his cock. The insides of her pussy felt so incredibly hot and soft that it became hard just thinking!


Drops of her pussy juices sprayed the grass beneath her as Lucoa started bouncing up and down on the purple haired boy’s lap, “Ohhh, Shou~ta~ku~nnnnnnngh!!!! I’m cumming!!!!” she announced shamelessly, before grabbing her wildly swinging breasts with shaking hands.


Her own fingers sunk into the pliant skin of her tits as she fondled them, making her moan even louder, “Onee-sannnnn…! It feels so… so gooddddddd!!!!” he moaned, using the nickname that she picked for herself back on the beach a while ago.


“Oooooh!!!!” Lucoa climaxed, just by hearing him call her by that name, “Me too!!! Your cock feels so good inside my pussy!! It’s… MMMMMMPH!!!!” she didn’t even finish her own sentence as she instead began lapping his cum off of her breasts. Lifting her tits by tugging on her painfully stiff nipples, Lucoa came again and again and again and some more!


Placing his hands on her hips, Shouta started thrusting his hips with her. He struggled at first to find a rhythm that matched the wild movements of the dragoness, but after a while he managed to find an enjoyable pace. Together the two of them continued fucking out in the open as if it was the most normal thing on earth. Shouta even forgot about all his fears and worries he had in regards to Lucoa and instead picked up pace as he pounded his cock in and out of her pussy! She had climaxed an additional two times by the time she finally managed to lick up all of the cum from her breasts!


YES!!! SO GOODDDDD!!! DON’T STOPPPPPP!!!!!” howled Lucoa, rocking her entire body back against his thrusts in a wild manner that was almost too fast to see with mortal eyes. “Your cock… it’s stretching me out so much!!!! Make me your cumdump!!! Your cocksleeve!!! YOUR ONNAHOLEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!


AAAAAAAAAAGH!!!!!” shoving his cock one last time balls deep inside her pussy, Shouta roared like a beast as he climaxed once again! Thick loads of cum painted her womb white as she fell back down on him. The white cream soon sprayed out of her pussy as her stomach was filled to the brim.


For several moments, the two lovers simply laid on the grass, twitching in the aftermath of their orgasms while the ground beneath them turned white with cum. The smell of sweat, other bodily fluids and sex filled the air, making it nigh impossible to think straight. Putting a hand at his chin, Lucoa lifted Shouta’s head a bit so that she could kiss him.


“Mmmmmmhhh…!” They both moaned at the same time as Lucoa’s tongue invaded the youth’s mouth. Shouta was too worn out to even consider saying anything as he instead seemingly melted into the ground, “Aaaaaaaaahhh!!!” Lucoa broke the kiss and stared deep into his dark eyes. “Let’s do this more often when we’re on the ship, okay?”


(Story by: Mr. Akrononym)

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2 months ago

Why yes, I do read these while it’s November. How could you tell?

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
2 months ago
Reply to  way2dumb2live

Someone who likes himself a challenge, I see. Or do you simply not care about it XD?

2 months ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

Half for the challenge, half to keep up with the series so I can understand the plot. I made the mistake of starting Bleach in the middle and now I’m not even trying to keep up with it anymore.

Speaking of NNN, I wonder if you or anyone else will include it in their respective fics. Honestly it could provide an explanation as to why Usopp won’t be having sex a lot since the story could just take place in November and he’s trying to survive. Imagine if the same applies to Twilight and part of this fic is just him trying to do his mission without getting side tracked and screwing up his NNN.

Y’know, saying that out loud it sounds pretty good, both the Usopp one and the Twilight one. I’m not saying you should do them, but the Usopp one does fit with your idea of Usopp being WOAH! I almost spoiled everyone! I’ll just shut up now.

Alright, one more question that I forgot to mention: Are you secretly planning on adding Dr Stone?

Last edited 2 months ago by way2dumb2live
2 months ago

Is it weird that I call Lucoa, Quetzalcoatl instead of… well Lucoa

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
2 months ago
Reply to  Xcelsior

Maybe? It’s a bit longer than just “Lucoa” and, depending on where you live or where you’re coming from, it might be a bit harder to pronounce. But aside from that… not really.

Hope you enjoyed the story.

2 months ago


Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
2 months ago
Reply to  77XXDUSTXX77

Buenos dias.