Himiko the Depraved

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of My Hero Academia stories)
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The Busteez Hero Agency.


On the public front, it was an Agency for Heroes to go and “relax”. A clever term for a whore house, a brothel, a bordello, a cathouse, the list of names went on and on. It was all perfectly legal though, a kind of gray zone where the men and women visiting weren’t paying for sex perse. The exorbitant prices were for the hotel rooms themselves, the food (which arguably was really good), and the company. And by company, they meant like a Hostess Club. Any and all sexual acts performed were all hyper technically incidents between consenting adults.


Himiko Toga was amazed by the loopholes that were in the law. Though, incidentally, she really had no ground to stand on concerning her opinion on the law. The only reason she wasn’t rotting in Tartarus prison right now was because that Midnight chick took pity on her when she walked by. Midnight was apparently visiting the dumbass who killed her as part of her therapy or something. And when she saw Himiko in her cell, she made her an offer; limited release from Tartarus in exchange for working at her agency.


At first, Himiko only accepted because she planned to escape the moment she was alone. The tracking implant placed in her would have been easy enough to dig out since it was only just under the skin. And Himiko wasn’t bothered by blood, not even her own!


Her new Mistress was ready for her attempt though. Himiko hadn’t even made it all the way out of her room to find a knife to cut out the tracker when she found herself trussed up like a turkey in that same scarf stuff that one eye had used.


“Well, well, well…” Mistress Midnight had said as she walked up to Himiko, now wearing a racy version of her already racy costume. This one left her crotch and tits completely exposed, and lacked the ultra-thin fabric she normally tore off to use her powers. In her hands, she held a stiff looking riding crop that she quickly took to Himiko’s ass!


“It didn’t take as long as I thought, I bet you would have at least waited a day. Oh well, I guess this means we get to start the fun now!” Mistress Midnight had said as she proceeded to teach Himiko the error of her ways! Her Mistress knew just where to hit and how hard, the pain was so delicious, Himiko was cumming just from the tiniest cuts the sadistic teacher inflicted. They weren’t any deeper than a papercut, but they hurt SOOOOO good!


Within an hour, the blonde haired former villain had completely submitted to her new Mistress! Himiko got wet every time she remembered her Mistress’s words; “If you’re a good girl and take care of the clients, I’ll be sure and reward you every week, twice or more if you do a really good job!” The way she said it, and the heat of her breath in Himiko’s ear, she was so wet already just thinking about it as she stood inside the agency’s newly completed gym.


Located on the second floor of the building, the place was comparable to some of the mainstream gyms in the city. All the latest equipment was here, including a high gravity chamber that wasn’t even on the market yet. The crazy girl with the pink dreadlocks invented it from what Himiko had heard from the few heroines that bothered talking to her. Most kept their distance, though strangely, Ochaco had been the first to try to talk to her. That actually surprised Himiko, given how things went the last time she saw her out in the world.


Still, Himiko was grateful for someone to talk to from time to time. Right now though, her current job was to stay in the gym to provide eye candy for anyone who might come in to use it. That booby girl had already made Himiko’s tits a LOT bigger than they were before, they were as big, if not bigger than her head. Like out of some pervy anime series. Though Himiko actually rather liked them, they were big and squishy, and felt so nice in her hands!


She opted to just do her workout naked, since some of those spandex outfits could get so clingy when you started sweating in them. Mistress Midnight told her she was allowed to turn down any advances from anyone who came in. It was how they stayed in the ‘consenting adults’ category. But she promised a special reward if she did well.


“Eeeee, a special reward, a special reward from Mistress!” she giggled in a singsong voice as she worked with some of the hand weights in one corner of the room. Even before she was arrested, Himiko had a steady workout routine, though it was nice to be able to use properly marked weights. Before she just used plastic convenience store bags filled with water.


There was a soft hiss from the pneumatic doors that led into the gym and Himiko looked up from her workout. “Hihi!” she said in a cheery voice. Her smile waned a bit though when she saw the dark skinned man that entered. She’d met him once before, at the Shie Hassaikai Compound , it didn’t go well.


“Huh, so Midnight really did bring you on. I wouldn’t believe it if I didn’t see you for myself.” said the Hero Rock Lock. He was dressed in one of those spandex unitard things for men, Himiko didn’t know the proper name for them, but they were popular for men to work out in. At least the fit ones. Truly, spandex should be a privilege, not a right.


“Yeeeeah, um, should I say sorry…?” Himiko said lamely.


Rock Lock set a gym bag he carried on the floor and shook his head, “You working here is the apology, so long as you don’t try and cause trouble, I got no beef with you anymore.” he explained as he came over and looked around, “What metric do the weights in here use? I hate having to do the math for pounds in my head.”


“They’re all in kilos.” Himiko informed him as she held up a five kilo hand weight.


“Good.” said Rock Lock, grabbing the next weight up from the one Himiko was holding, the ten kilo weight. He then grabbed a second matching weight for his other hand and began doing reps in front of the rack.


Himiko pouted, ‘Seriously,’ she thought, ‘Does he like, not see that I’m naked!? I know I stabbed him and all, but he said it was fine!’ While Himiko didn’t personally care whether or not Rock Lock found her attractive, if she didn’t have him leaving with a smile, then Mistress Midnight wouldn’t reward her!


She moved to stand next to Rock Lock, bending forward so that her big tits hung down from her chest. She then began doing lifts with the five kilo weight, making sure to move so that it made her new tits jiggle and wobble. Himiko heard Rock Lock gulp and she smirked, ‘So, he’s not blind after all, that’s good!’ she thought to herself as she began going through several workout motions, all of them designed to show off her tits, ass, and overall figure. Himiko didn’t really need to brag, but even without the augments that big titty heroine gave her, she had a nice body that caught the eye of the boys.


“Hmmm, nmmmh, mmmmh…” Himiko grunted softly as she went through her sets one after the other. By the time she’d finished her third one, a fine layer of sweat had beaded all over her naked body. She set the dumbbell back into its slot and stood up, grabbing a nearby towel to wipe the sweat from her forehead before it could drip down into her eyes.


“Hey, can you spot me while I lift here?” Rock Lock finally spoke to her as he moved over to a bench with the larger two handed dumbbell. Himiko nodded and moved over to the bench, noting that he’d loaded about ninety kilos onto it. She partly wondered if he was trying to show off or not. That much weight was about average for a guy over six feet tall and well built, though Himiko herself might have struggled with it personally. At least a little. She stood over him as he laid back on the bench and began doing his reps.


“So did you really just come here to do a workout?” she asked dryly.


“Midnight said she stocked it with the newest stuff, that’s better than my regular place.” he said to her, then smirked, “Not that I don’t mind the view.”


“Well, nice to know I’m not boring at least!” Himiko said, “You could at least make a move or something, it hurts my delicate feelings to think a guy doesn’t find me sexy.” she said with a hurt expression.


“You’re a lot of things Toga, delicate isn’t one of them, and I don’t mean that as an insult. I’ve read your file, and I’ve seen you in action. Delicate is not a word I’d use to describe you.” Rock Lock told her.


“Gee, thanks…” Himiko said as she stood over him, her hands resting on the top of the cradle the weight was set in when not in use. She smirked again when she caught him looking up at her tits and slowly began swaying them from side to side. Beneath her, Rock Lock gulped, and Himiko’s smirk slowly became a grin as she noticed a distinctive swelling below his waist. So he was a tits man, good to know.


“Hmmm, see anything you liiiike?” she teased, jiggling her tits more, “These things can feel soooo heavy.” she said, rolling her eyes internally at how corny that sounded. She then let out a soft squeak as Rock Lock set the barbell back in its cradle and grabbed her tits in both hands.


“Hmmm, they don’t seem all that heavy to me.” he told her, “Though they are pretty big.” he commented as he bounced the left one in his hand lightly before giving it a firm squeeze. Himiko bit her lower lip slightly at the feel, her nipple instantly getting hard.


“Nice feel, and color too…” said Rock Lock as he began tracing the areola of her nipples with his thumbs.


“Ahhhaaa…” Himiko whimpered. Why did his hands feel so good!? Seriously, it was like he knew just where to touch her as she shivered above him. “Hmmmmn…” she moaned as he began squeezing them both in his hands, hefting and kneading her tits softly.


“Hmm, so you like that eh?” he asked with his own smirk, “Heh, girls like you always have a weak spot.” he told her as he pinched both her nippled between his fingers and gave a soft twist.


HWEEEGH!!!” Himiko squealed again, gritting her teeth, her nipples were still so sensitive from when Mistress Midnight had used those tiny clamps! Her pussy was already drooling like a dog looking at a big steak. And it only got worse when Rock Lock lifted his head up and sucked her right nipple into his mouth! Himiko gripped the framework of the bench a little harder, her knees going weak from pleasure. Her bright yellow eyes were then drawn to the large tent swelling under the spandex Rock Lock had on.


Wow, not bad!’ she thought to herself as she licked her lips. She’d heard a few of the regulars were hung as hell, and it seemed that they weren’t kidding. She REALLY wanted to know if what she heard from that pink girl about Deku was true. A dick as big as his torso!? Himiko could almost cum just thinking about it!


As the lump made by Rock Lock’s dick slowly moved up inside the confines of what Himiko thought was a unitard, the messy haired blonde spotted a nearly invisible seam at his waist. The outfit as it turned out wasn’t a single piece, but a tanktop and shorts that were perfectly aligned. She didn’t bother wasting any time as she grabbed at the bottom half of his outfit, and pushed it up, allowing his cock to spring out. Instantly, Himiko was hit with a wave of raw manly musk that made her already wet twat gush with hungry need! She felt dizzy, the room was almost spinning around her as her mouth hung open at the sight of the huge, hardening, thing! She’d never seen one this big before, not personally anyway. It was practically as thick as her body was, and it wasn’t even fully hard yet!


“Nmmmmmh, time to eat!” she said in a cheerful voice, opening her mouth as wide as she could and swallowing the top few inches without even having to move and depriving him of her tits to suck on!


AHHHHNOMMMPH!!!!” she moaned, her jaw aching instantly, but she loved it. Mistress Midnight loved shoving thick dildos down her throat, the choking sensation only served to make Himiko even more wet!


“Ahhha, yeah, you couldn’t wait to get that BBC in your mouth could you?” he asked her after relinquishing her tit.


NMMMMMMMPH!!!” was Himiko’s only response as she quickly began crawling down his body, shoving his dick farther down her throat.


“Yeah, that’s what I thought, bitches like you are all the same!” he said, reaching his arms around her and giving her ass a spank!


GMMMMMHMMMMMPH!!!!” Himiko choked, moaning deep in her throat as she felt Rock Lock’s fat cock pushing down into her very stomach! She felt so full, it was insane, she couldn’t really even think anymore as she struggled to move her head up and down.


“Nmmmmh, fuck yeah, take it you crazy slut!” he told her, reaching his hands down to push her face farther down on his dick, burying her nose in his balls. The heady mucky stink was even stronger now, and Himiko felt her eyes spinning in her head.


NUGUUMMMMPH, AGUH, GWEH, NMMMMPH, UGUH, HRMMMMMMPH, AGUH GUH GUH GUH GUH…!” the blonde girl gagged and moaned around the thick black dick as Rock Lock began thrusting his cock in and out of her throat.


“Awww yeah, that’s it, take it, take it all, this is what you get for stabbing me!!” he told her, pounding his cock in and out of her mouth, his balls repeatedly slapping her in the face again and again.


AGWEEEH GUG, GUH, AGUH, GUUGUH GUUUUH…” choked Himiko, unable to do anything but try and hold on as she let out a long gagging moan.


“Ahh fuck, yeeeah, take it, take it, take it!!! Hurr, hurr, hurr, hurr, hurr…” grunted Rocklock, his cock sliding in and out of Himiko’s throat as he used her face like an onnahole!


AGUUUUUUH, GURK GERK GUCK AGH, HNMMMMMPH, SHO PHIIICK, AHHHH, PHILLING MUH PHROAT PUSSHY, AHHH, MOAR, PHUCK MUH PHASHE MOOOAR, AGUH GUH GUH GUH…!” she moaned, gagging out every word she could, then moaning louder as Rock Lock buried his face between her creamy thighs, moving his hands to pull open the folds of her pussy and suck on her clit.


NMMMMPH, GUH, MMMMMPH GUG, MMMMMPH GUH, HRMMMMMPH AGWEH…” she moaned and gagged again and again, curling her toes in pleasure as she grabbed his balls with her hands. Holding them gently so they would stop smacking her face so hard as her jaw ached in pleasure.


She didn’t know how long this went on as she felt her throat getting stretched out by the hero’s thick black fuck-stick. Himiko only knew she wanted more! She wanted it rougher, deeper, harder!


WAAAAAAAH, YEAAAAH, MOOOORE, FUCK MY SKANKY HOLE HARDERRRR!!!” Himiko screamed as she rocked back and forth on top of the bench, now kneeling on top of it as Rock Lock slammed his cock into her from behind! “AHHHHH SHIIIIT, IT’S SO BHIIIG, IT’S STRETCHING OUT MY PUSSY, AHHH, IT’S GONNA END UP ALL LOOSE AND FLABBYYYY…” she whined.


“Yeah, serves you right for being such a crazy bitch!” Rocklock told her, slapping her ass and driving his cock balls deep into her hole. “I’m gonna fuck up that pussy so only the biggest dicks will even be felt inside!!!” he told her, grabbing her hips and shoving his cock in hard! Himiko looked down at her stretched out stomach, a perfect outline of Rock Lock’s BBC could be seen in her flesh as he stuffed her very womb with his size.




“White bitches all end up being size queen sluts!” Rocklock said, slapping her ass with a loud SPANK.


Himiko could only moan as her body moved back and forth, his giant dick sliding in and out of her pussy with a repeating SQUISH SQUISH SQUISH noise. Her juices were running down her thighs non-stop, and her entire body was dripping with sweat, but she didn’t want it to stop!




“What brains?” he asked her, slapping her ass again as Himiko squealed over and over like a stuck pig. “Hrrrrrmmm, yeah, hah, yeah, take it, take it, take, it, ALLLLLL!!!” Rock Lock groaned, burying his cock inside her and unloading his balls inside her womb. A thick, hot, liquid sensation flooded Himiko’s insides as she suddenly felt bloated.


“Hooooooh, so, much, cuuuuuum…!” she moaned, rubbing her stomach and feeling the cum sloshing around in her womb. She was happy Mistress Midnight had given her one of those I.U.D. things to keep her from getting knocked up. Otherwise she’d probably be having triplets from all this cum!


HUUURRRRGH!!! HAH!!! FUCK, yeahhh…” Rocklock grunted and groaned, stopping his motions and pulling his cock free with a wet sucking noise that sounded incredibly rude. All of the cum suddenly began pouring back out of Himiko’s gaping cunt, the sensation made the blonde girl cum even more as she tumbled off the bench and dropped to her knees as Rock Lock stood over her. She reached up to grab his cock with one hand and his balls with the other. His cum was still drizzling out of his dick, dripping all over Himiko as she panted for breath.


“Haaaah! Hehehe! What a workout!” she said with a giggle as she looked up at the dark skinned man. She could still see a very light scar where she’d stabbed him a couple years ago. If she hadn’t known where to look, she might have missed it entirely.


“Even us villains gotta stay in shape!” she added with a grin.


Grabbing a towel, Rocklock began patting the sweat off his body, “Yeah, right…” he said, clearly not finding the joke very funny as he grabbed his stuff and left, swiping a golden card through a slot reader by the door.


“Hmmmph, you could at least stay and cuddle!” she said with a pout.



Story by Sailor Io

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Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
1 year ago

Not to sound overly critical or anything, but I think that this story had a lot of missed potential. Starting with the very beginning, I think that the scene between Toga and Midnight felt a little bit… off. It felt way too short and rushed, like, Toga’s “will” was broken and she turned into some kind of slut for Midnight in just three paragraphes. Like, I would have understand the inclusion of this in the story if we would have gotten the old artwork with the two of them for it as well for this story. As it is now, I think it set my expectations a bit too high back when I first read the story since it feels like the whole “mind-breaking”-thing could have been done in some kinda “throwaway” comment as well. The sex with Rock Lock was pretty good though. And although I find it kinda corny that he acted like just some kind of arrogant BBC dude here, I still liked the focus he received.

Overall, I think that this chapter was kinda underwhelming. Toga’s crazy side wasn’t as noticeable and the beginning with the lesbian femdom stuff felt way too much like a tease without any proper reward. Still, nice story.

1 year ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

Thanks, I try

1 year ago

I’m telling your wife 🪨 🔒!

1 year ago
Reply to  Xcelsior

I think way back in Chapter 1, she gave him permission because she’s preggo again.