Endowed with Too Much

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Bleach stories)
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“See ya!” Ichigo and Orihime waved their goodbyes. While they weren’t a real couple, or at least neither of them admitted it, the two of them spent much more time together nowadays.


“Bye,” said Tatsuki Arisawa as she and the other classmates walked into a different direction.


It was the last day of school before the summer holidays and the last time where they all would see each other as classmates. So they decided to start the summer off with a day at a nearby lake east of Karakura Town, an idea that was mainly proposed by Chizuru Honsho, who wanted to see Orihime in a skimpy bikini.


Unfortunately, neither Ichigo and Orihime had time, due to them going to the cinema. Sado couldn’t come with them in the first place because of his boxing training. And Uryu wasn’t interested since he was too focused on his studies to become a doctor.


HIMEEEE, COME WITH MEEEEE!!!” the ginger haired girl whined as she was dragged behind by Tatsuki.


The two girls, Keigo, and Mizuiro hopped into the next train that brought them out of town. After a little less than an hour, they all stood at the rocky shores of a crystal clear lake. It reached from horizon to horizon and was filled with a myriad of small boats and other visitors, who had also decided to enjoy this first day of summer. Small shops at the edge of the lake sold all kinds of refreshments, while one huge ferry allowed visitors to enjoy a tour across the entire lake to the other, faraway shore.


Putting his hand over his eyes, to shield them from the burning sunlight above, Keigo Asano leaned forward. “DAMN!!! This looks good!” he decided loudly after taking in the view in front of them.


“It sure does~~ Hehehehe!!” Chizuru agreed. Saliva ran out of her mouth after she saw the many nearly naked women in and around the lake. Her heart made a small jump when she spotted a group of women playing volleyball, their tits jiggling enticingly with each jump. “I just wish Hime could have come with us…!”


Tatsuki, who just finished spreading a beach towel for them to sit down later, turned around with an annoyed expression on her face. “Calm down you two, will you?! Let Ichigo and Orihime have some time for themselves, they deserved it after all the things they went through!” She slipped out of her hot pants and lime green t-shirt, revealing that she had her bikini on under her clothes.


It was a pretty basic red bikini that matched the red pumps that she wore. Her friends followed suit and soon all four of them were only dressed in their swimwear. Both boys were dressed in basic, black swimming trunks with the only difference being that Mizuiro still wore a shirt with a flower pattern on it. Chizuru was dressed in a tight fitting, green bikini that dug neatly into the folds of her clean shaven pussy.


LET’S GOOOO!!!!” Keigo shouted as he ran towards the lake and splash-dived into it. The other three looked at each other before joining him.



(One hour later…)


“Haaaaa~!” Tatsuki moaned as she stretched out under the protective shadow of a large parasol. Both boys had left to buy some ice cream for them from one of the nearby ice cream parlors, leaving the female martial artist behind. Chizuru, on the other hand, was currently playing water polo with a group of unsuspecting women, who didn’t know of the ginger haired woman’s perverted nature.


At first, she wanted to join them as well but when she saw how well endowed the other women were, Tatsuki decided to stay at their spot. ‘Damn, why can’t I have such huge tits like Orihime or Chizuru??‘ a tiny voice inside of her head asked as she looked down at her body.


Truth be told, she actually felt a bit insecure about the size of her breasts. Basically growing up with and around Orihime had that effect on girls. And it didn’t help that Chizuru had had a sudden growth spurt over the last year; now her tits had practically doubled in size and were now easily as big as her head!


It’s just unfair!‘ she thought, remembering how even Ichigo’s sisters were growing into more buxom women than she ever had been. She started fondling her own, A-cup breasts through her bikini; she watched as two guys with impressive bulges hidden behind their trunks pulled a blonde girl with massive tits behind a huge boulder and away from the other people on the beach.


“Ah, such a beautiful day! Wouldn’t you agree?” a male voice next to Tatsuki asked, pulling her out of her self-pity.


“What the…?” She spun around and saw a tall man, dressed in traditional Japanese attire and a green-white striped bucket hat. He leaned on a cane and looked over the vast lake, admiring the view. ‘I didn’t heard him coming at all!‘ she thought as she stood up. “It sure is, Mr. …?”


The man pulled a fan out of nowhere and held it in front of his face. “Oh right, I don’t think we’ve met before? Or did we? Either way, my name is Kisuke Urahara, the owner of a humble shop in Karakura Town. I’m pretty sure that Rukia, Ichigo, or Orihime mentioned me before. We went on a ton of adventures together, and it would be rude of them to not mention me from time to time.”


Due to his eyes being shadowed by his hat, Tatsuki had a hard time noticing any facial expressions. His voice at least sounded honest, although a bit too upbeat for her to take completely seriously. “So… you’re a Shinigami?” she asked, although it sounded more like a statement.


“I’m a shop owner,” he repeated himself before reaching with one hand into the folds of his Shihakusho. His cane managed to miraculously stand balanced on the rocky and uneven ground as he pulled a pink, marble sized ball out of his pocket. “I’m planning to expand though, and I noticed your plight.”


“My plight?” Tatsuki asked, blinking a few times in surprise.


“The insecurity you feel about your own body,” he said nonchalantly while examining the pink marble between his index finger and thumb. “Don’t act so surprised. Your worries are written all over your pretty face. Lucky for you, I might just have the solution for that little problem of yours.”


Before Tatsuki had the chance to karate chop him for his audacity, Urahara backed off a few feet. With a beet red face, she huffed and turned into another direction, unsure what to think of this guy. “Really now?! But even if you could help me,, I have no reason to trust you and don’t think that you would just give me that ‘solution’ for free. IF it works that is!”


“Ouch. So much mistrust hurts!” the shop owner said with a chuckle. He stepped closer again and presented her the pink marble in the palm of his hand. “You should know, aside from being a Shinigami, shop owner, and a visionary, I am one thing in particular: an inventor. This little pill here is the solution to all your bodily worries, and more!”


Upon seeing the skeptical look on the black haired girl’s face, he simply offered the pill to her. “Take it. The first one is free and if you want more, you can always visit me. I will expand my shop and I could use some fine looking girls like you working for me.”


“Okay,” replied Tatsuki lamely after accepting the pill and his business card. The business card was a simple peach colored paper, with golden flourishes at the edges. Only the address of his shop and his name were written on it.


When she looked up from the card again, the man was gone. She turned around, trying to find out where he might have gone, but the only thing she saw were the two guys and one woman from earlier coming back from behind the boulder. The girl’s blonde hair was a complete mess and something white was running down between her legs.


“Should I take him up on his o-?”


“Hey, Tatsuki!” the voice of Keigo interrupted her. He and Mizuiro were coming back from the ice cream parlors, a cone of ice cream in each of their hands. “Who was that?”


Accepting the cone that Mizuiro offered to her, Tatsuki thought about what to say next. “Just some shop owner who is friends with Orihime and Ichigo. He offered me this strange pill.”


Both boys took a look at the pink marble when their friend showed it to them. Keigo simply shrugged his shoulders, but Mizuiro examined it a bit closer. “And what is this pill supposed to do?”


A red blush spread across the martial artist’s face, thinking that she might have said a bit too much. “Apparently it helps my ass and tits to grow,” she sighed, the blush growing redder and redder by the second. “I don’t know why he gave it to me though.” she then added, in an attempt to make it seem less weird.


“Growing tits and ass??” Chiruzu asked, who had just come back from the game of water polo. Her face beamed with excitement simply from the prospect of this pill’s effects. “Show me! ShowmeShowmeShowme!!!”


“I- I don’t know…” Tatsuki fidgeted around.


Laying one hand around her shoulder, Keigo pulled her closer towards him. “Come on. What’s the worst that could happen?! If it doesn’t end up as planned, then we simply go to that guy and kick his ass or let Ichigo do it for us…” the brown haired man ended on a smaller note.


Before he could react, Keigo found himself being thrown to the ground by Tatsuki. “Ugh… Okay! Let’s give it a try!”




At first, she felt nothing except the anticipating stares of her friends. Then, after a little more than a minute, she felt a soft tingle in her nipples and ass that quickly began to spread over her entire body. “Hnnnnngh~!!!” she moaned through gritted teeth as the tingle turned into a burning sensation.


WOAH!!!!” Mizuiro gasped loudly as he backed off a bit.


Within minutes, Tatsuki’s tits and ass doubled, tripled, quadrupled, and lastly quintupled in size! The black haired girl was thrown off balance and landed on her now gargantuan tits, which were now both bigger than her entire upper body. Perfect pink areolas and painfully stiff looking nipples that were easily as big as her head adorned the two massive mammaries!


Fortunately, they were far enough away from the others on the beach, otherwise they would have had a problem. Tatsuki’s bikini was torn to shreds and spread across the entire area. She laid her hands to rest on the pliable and soft mass. “And? How do they look?” she then asked sheepishly.


“They… They look so…” Hearts replaced Chizuru’s eyes as she swayed towards the mountain of tits in front of her. Drool ran out of her mouth as she cupped one of the stiff nubs of pink flesh with both hands. “SO BIG!!!


“Haaaaaa~~~!” Tatsuki moaned as the other girl began rubbing her nipples. “S- Stop! So hot! CUMMING!!!” she shouted shamelessly as she climaxed just from having her tits groped. As if in trance, both boys stepped closer and hefted the other tit with their hands, causing another surge of lust to shoot through the black haired girl’s body!


“Holy hell!” Keigo gasped out loud. “They feel just like the real deal!”


“As if you know how real tits feel like, Asano-san!” replied his friend to the left as he let his fingers wander over the martial artist’s areolas.


Next to them, Chizuru tried to wrap her lips around her friend’s rock hard nipple. When that didn’t work, due to the enormous size of them, she simply began licking the sensitive flesh. “Hmmm… Sho tashty…! A girl’sh nipplesh are the besht!!!” she slurred between two licks.


“Haaa… Haaa… Haaa…” Tatsuki panted, her breath steaming out of her mouth. A shudder went over her body as yet another orgasm washed over her. “CUMMING!!” The rocky ground below her got soaked as a gush of her juices rained down on it. She squirmed as a pressure built up inside her tits.


Chizuru’s eyes went wide as she suddenly felt something warm and sweet sprinkling into her open mouth and on her face. “Ahhh! What is… Are you lactating?” the red haired girl then asked in surprise.


“She is!” confirmed Mizuiro, who had the white fluid run between his fingers as he continued fondling Tatsuki’s areolas. He then opened his mouth unbelievably wide and put the pink nub between his lips.


Tatsuki chewed on her lower lip as the black haired youth began sucking like a newborn on her tits. “Mhooooo~!” she moaned as another surge went through her tits, causing even more milk to shoot out of her nipples.


Walking around the martial artist, Keigo dropped his swimming trunks. He put both hands on Tatsuki’s fat ass and began seesawing his erection between the two giant mounds of sensitive flesh.


Fuck!!! It feels so thick!‘ Tatsuki thought as the brown haired man brought her closer to yet another climax with every motion of his hips. “HMMMMMM!!!!” Both classmates in front of her got doused with the milk rushing out of her nipples as she came again.


“Hugh… Guppp!!!” Chizuru tried her best at licking away each drop of the delicious fluid. She even slipped out of her bikini and dipped her fingers in and out of her pussy, getting aroused just by licking another girl!


Behind Tatsuki, Keigo stopped with his seesawing motion and pressed the tip of his girthy erection against her tight and hot asshole. “Haaa… You want it, do you?” he teased her.


YES! FUCK!!! I NEED IT!!!” the black haired girl answered shamelessly. Her arousal grew by the minute and somehow the only thing she could think about was Keigo’s cock between her ass cheeks!


“Hahaha! You got it!” declared Keigo before shoving his cock all the way into her ass.




What followed was a deafening scream of approval as Tatsuki climaxed once more. Her classmates tried to cover their ears as best as they could, but even that proved to be ineffective. Several people from nearby finally looked in their direction and noticed the four classmates. Within minutes a large crowd had formed around them as chants of encouragement echoed in their ears.


SLAP SLAP SLAP! Keigo moved with almost jackhammer-like speed back and forth, his balls smacking against her thighs every time he pushed his hips forward. “Hrrrrgh… So… tight!!!” he groaned through gritted teeth as his cock moved in and out of her ass!


Meanwhile, Chizuru also managed to stuff one of Tatsuki’s nipples into her mouth and started sucking on it ferociously. “Gugh… shlrrrrp, shlrrrrp, shlrrrrp… gug!” The bespectacled beauty continued sucking even whilst groping and kneading the soft flesh of the breast with one hand and fingering herself with the other!


Milk ran out of the corner of Mizuiro’s mouth as he tried and failed at slurping down all of it. His shirt was soaked with the white fluid dropping down on it.


DAMN! Dis girl is lactating like some dairy cow!” one man in the audience pointed out.


“That’s what you’re commenting on!?” another voice asked back. “Just look at the size of those tits and ass! There’s definitely something going on with that body of hers!”


The blonde girl from earlier clenched her thighs together. “Who cares about that body?! Just look at the size of that dude fucking her…!” She bit her lips as a rush of fluids ran down her legs. “Imagine how it would feel getting fucked by that!”


“Hehehehe… Heee…!” Keigo chuckled weakly upon hearing the compliments. “You hear that!? They love us!” His fingers sunk even deeper into Tatsuki’s fat ass. “Let’s not disappoint them then!”


Tatsuki’s eyes crossed as the man began thrusting with even greater force than before! Her ass rippled whenever he slapped against it. “Hnnnnnnnngh~ YES!!! I’M CUMMING SO FUCKING MUCH BECAUSE OF YOUR FAT COCK!!!!” she screamed happily.




Both Chizuru and Mizuiro let go of her nipples as they finally couldn’t gulp down her milk anymore. Their eyes looked dazed but happy as silly grins spread across both their faces. “Too much… But soooo good!” they said in unison.


Milk continued gushing out of Tatsuki’s swollen nipples as Keigo drove his cock deeper with each thrust. His balls convulsed, ready to release their load into the girl’s ass. “Fuck! Tatsuki, I hope you’re ready!” He pulled his cock out until only the tip was left inside. “TAKE!SLAP!MY!SLAP!LOAD!!!!SLAP!


With each thrust, another orgasm washed over her. Her tongue lolled out of her mouth and saliva was flung into every direction. “YESSSSSSSSS!!!!! CUMMMMMMMMING!!!!!!!!!!


HOAAAAAARGH!!!!” Keigo growled as he emptied his balls in the black-haired tomboy’s ass. Her stomach ballooned outwards a bit as the viscous baby batter painted her insides white.


For a very long moment, nothing could be heard aside from the cheers from the crowd around them and Keigo’s and Tatsuki’s pants for air. Then, after what felt like an eternity for Tatsuki, he pulled his cock out. Which resulted in one of the nastiest and wettest sounds she ever heard in her young life. He walked around her again and took a look at her smiling face. Her eyes had rolled back into their sockets and her tongue hung out of her mouth.


“It doesn’t seem like Tatsuki is finished just yet though!” Chizuru pointed out, answering the boy’s unasked question about whether or not they were finished.


“Does seem like that!” Mizuiro agreed, with a nod towards Tatsuki’s still lactating tits.


Keigo groaned, but cracked his fingers. “Well, let’s give her a hand then, shall we?!”



(Not far away…)


“Hmmm… seems like I overdid it with the pill for her…” Kisuke Urahara mused as he watched through a pair of binoculars as Tatsuki’s classmates flipped her onto her back. Both boys then grabbed one of her tits with each hand whilst slurping away the overflowing amount of milk. Their red haired friend meanwhile straddled herself down on Tatsuki’s surprised face and played with her own tits.


“All in all though, the experiment went pretty well!” said the former Captain and took some notes on his phone. “I wonder though how Yoruichi and Sui-Feng fared with their objective, and if they secured the loans for my business already…

(Story by: Mr. Akrononym)

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Phil Swift
Phil Swift
11 months ago

I kind of hope that in this fic Ichigo and Orihime actually don’t fuck around. I would so much rather have a story line where they are like a genuine couple while their friends are the focus of this story.

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
11 months ago
Reply to  Phil Swift

You’re definitely on to something. It will obviously be kinda hard when we have one of the girls getting fucked by a cock with orange pubic hair. But aside from that, I would like to keep it as you said.

Phil Swift
Phil Swift
11 months ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

Thanks dude. When ever I read stories with massive harems I always feel like it is so out of place for the characters. So far in this one the characters are portrayed accurately but in the last one with the beach, in my opinion it was getting out of hand. Big ups on the work so far though

11 months ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

Well I hope that doesn’t happen, I mean The whole point of this site is for the super hot outrageous proportions used to sex and for situations and scenarios that would never happen in canon to actually end up happening.

Last edited 11 months ago by Whitis
Phil Swift
Phil Swift
11 months ago
Reply to  Whitis

Yeah but it still always feels and seems weird.

11 months ago

Will ichigo turn out be be a fuck machine? Will he be the goat?

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
11 months ago
Reply to  Whitis

Just wait and see. He will get his time in the spotlight soon.

11 months ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

Well I just hope his cock is a pants ripping oversized Behemoth that is considered too big by some people and is loved by others namely size queens.