Deku’s Dickriding Marathon

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of My Hero Academia stories)
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Shifting in his slumber, Izuku Midoriya stirred as he felt a familiar pressure in his groin. Slowly, he blinked his eyes open. The room was dark, and his vision was blurred from sleep as well. His body felt heavier than it should have, and there was a weight on top of his left arm. When he tried to move, he felt the weight on top of his arm shift, followed by a soft murmuring moan. The fog of sleep began to lift from his mind and Izuku realized that this wasn’t his room at the dorms. The bed was far too soft and warm, and the sheets that covered him were a microfiber cloth that had a smooth satiny feel.


Next to him, the source of the weight on his arm turned in her sleep, and Izuku’s eyes cleared enough to make out a beautiful slumbering face in the pale moonlight. Momo Yaoyorozu cooed again in her sleep, and Izuku remembered that this was her bedroom at the Heights Alliance Dormitory. He had been studying with her, Ochaco, and Toru for an upcoming test. The rest of the harem Momo had put together for him, Setsuna and Tsuyu, weren’t here. For Setsuna it was because she slept in the Class B dorms, and Tsuyu was over in Saitama on Work Study.


The four of them had been working on Hero Law, studying one of the more complicated subjects on Lethal Force and the circumstances for where it was permitted. A lot of changes to those laws were made last year for obvious reasons. He wasn’t sure when, but at some point, the four of them had just fallen asleep together on the bed.


“Nmmmh, Deku, you’re so warm…” a voice behind him murmured. He turned his head to see Ochaco cuddled up behind him, with her eyes closed as she shifted in her sleep. He smiled and looked back at Momo. As her breathing was slow and even, she was deeply asleep. The pressure in his bladder was mounting fast, but he didn’t want to risk waking either girl. Somewhere, he also heard Toru shifting in her sleep.


[Use my Quirk.] Nana Shimura’s voice whispered inside his head.


Nana? It’s been a while since I heard from any of you.’ Izuku thought.


[We’ve always been here. We’re just letting you live your life in peace. I just happened to look in when I felt you wake up. Looks like having your own harem has a downside, eh kid?] she asked with a teasing tone.


It’s not like I was looking for this to happen.’ Izuku thought back.


[I know. If you had, I’d have some choice words for you. But this is their idea, so I’m not gonna lecture you. Anyway, use my Quirk, that way you can float up above the bed and push yourself away quietly.] Nana explained.


Right, good idea.’ he thought to her as he triggered the Float Quirk inside One for All. He felt himself rise up slightly and managed to gently extract his arm from underneath Momo without waking her. He then pulled himself out from under the sheets and pushed himself off the bed using the headboard of Momo’s gigantic luxury bed. His body levitated away silently, and he used Black Whip to orient himself right side up before lowering himself to the floor.


Thanks.’ he thought to Nana, but she was silent again. Walking quietly, Izuku went into the small bathroom by the door to Momo’s room. He made sure to close the door before he turned on the light so he could see. Izuku took care of his bladder and flushed the toilet, thankful for how silent the ones the dorm used were. He then set the seat back down and washed his hands.


Should I head back to my room?’ Izuku thought to himself as he turned the light back off before opening the door. The dorms didn’t explicitly have rules against boys and girls in the same room. But then again, he doubted the issue had really come up yet. Still, somehow it didn’t feel right to just climb back into bed with the three girls.


When he opened the door, Izuku jumped slightly in surprise when he found Momo standing on the other side. She was dressed in a wine red nightie that hugged her curves and looked a lot more sheer in the moonlight coming through her window than it did in regular light.


“So here’s where you went,” she whispered.


“Sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you,” Izuku whispered back.


She only smiled warmly at him, “You didn’t. I woke up when I turned and didn’t feel you there, not when you got up. How’d you do that, though?”


“I used Float.” he explained, feeling himself blush as he rubbed the back of his head.


“Oh, that explains how you got out without waking anyone.” she said as she stepped aside to let him out. She then slipped her arms around his right arm, hugging herself against him so that her breasts squished against his shoulder. Almost instinctively, Izuku turned into her embrace, sliding his left arm around her slim waist, returning her hug. He tilted his head up towards her and met her lips halfway as they kissed.


“Nmmh…” Momo cooed happily, while holding the gentle kiss for a long moment. Izuku then broke it and Momo began pulling him back towards the bed. But she then led him past the bed and over to her balcony. The door slid open silently, and warm humid air washed over him as the two of them walked outside. Dawn was still a ways off, and the night thankfully wasn’t too hot. In fact, it was fairly comfortable. Momo moved to lean her arms against the railing as she looked up at the sky. A soft breeze blew over them, making her currently loose hair billow in the wind. When she turned to look at him, her face was bathed in the gentle glow of the moon. Izuku felt his heart jump in his chest at how beautiful she looked.


Momo smiled at him, “You look almost shocked. Something wrong?” she asked.


Izuku shook his head, “No, it’s just, you look so beautiful…” he told her.


Momo’s cheeks pinkened, and her smile softened, “You flatter me…” she said.


Izuku reached a hand up to touch her cheek, Momo leaned her face into his touch, bringing one hand up to cover his. He kissed her, a soft, gentle kiss that made his heart race even faster than the first time she’d taken him to a private room at Busteez. Momo kissed him back, with her hand sliding from covering his hand and down his arm. Her fingers traced the edges of ruined tissue that made up the large scar he’d gotten in his first battle with Muscular. Often, when he was out in public, he covered the scar with a compression sleeve. He didn’t like to admit it, but he was somewhat self conscious of it. But with the girls, he didn’t feel he needed to.


Momo was the one to break the kiss, then pressing her forehead against his before both of them rubbed cheeks like a pair of cats. “You smell nice…” he told her as he moved to slide his arms around her slender waist. Momo practically melted into his arms, hugging him back tightly as she kissed his cheek.


“I love you…” she whispered into his ear softly.


“Heeeeey,” a sleepy voice said, slightly startling both of them, “No hogging Dekuuu…” Ochaco Uraraka said as she stood just inside the door leading out to the balcony. She was dressed in just a slightly oversized t-shirt that somewhat hid the curves of her body. It was actually a very tight fitting shirt a couple days ago, back when her breasts were twice the size of her head. But Rie’s Quirk enhancements wore off quickly if the girls didn’t change their diets to maintain their new bodies. Still, what made the outfit stand out wasn’t that it no longer hugged her tits. It was that she didn’t have any panties on with it! When Ochaco noticed where Izuku was looking, she giggled, though she was still clearly half asleep as she moved over to join their embrace.


“Come back to bed, you two… It’s getting cold without you both.” she said, while kissing Izuku softly, then moving to kiss Momo a little more lewdly while he watched. Momo giggled into her kiss with Ochaco, moving her tongue to mingle with the other girls, their combined spit glistening in the bright moonlight. The two girls then looked at Izuku with a sly expression. Izuku felt his underwear getting tighter at the sight, with his cock straining against the fabric. Shaking his head inwardly, Izuku unsuccessfully willed his cock to calm down and pulled both of them into a gentle embrace before heading back inside.


“Haahhhh… Did we fall asleep?” Toru asked with a yawn as she squatted on the bed. Like Ochaco, the green haired girl was dressed in an oversized t-shirt that bordered on being a dress. Her big tits were outlined nicely in the fabric, and Izuku could clearly see the outlines of her nipples. She blinked her multi-colored eyes and rubbed at them gently.


“Oh…!” Toru said, then immediately smiling when she saw Izuku standing between Ochaco and Momo, his arms around both their waists. Izuku blinked twice in surprise when he saw Toru stand up on her knees on top of the bed before grabbing the edge of her shirt before pulling it up and over her head. Her huge tits bounced free as they were exposed. She then tossed the shirt aside and knelt on top of the bed wearing only a cute pair of white panties.


“Ah…!” Izuku gasped as he felt shorts suddenly getting tighter before…




His cock ripped through the fabric of his underwear as though it were made of tissue paper! Next to him, Ochaco and Momo both giggled as they pulled away from him and knelt down on either side of his gigantic erection. Both girls reached up to grab his throbbing dick in their soft dainty hands. Izuku let out a soft breath as Momo rubbed her right hand over the tip of his dick while Ochaco peppered it with soft kisses.


“Nmmmmmh, I love this smell…” Ochaco cooed happily.


“I know, ahh, it’s so strong…” Momo agreed then moved her other hand down to cup over one of his bowling ball sized balls. Next she slowly rubbed her hand along the underside of his cock from the tip to the base. Her fingers felt so nice, Izuku couldn’t help it as his cock twitched in the air.


“Oh!” Toru said as she moved to the edge of Momo’s bed and slipped off to stand on her feet. Her skin looked so pale in the moonlight, but at the same time, there seemed to be a shimmering rainbow moving over her body. She then hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her panties and slipped them down before stepping out of them.


Next to Izuku, Momo and Ochaco both stood up, stripping out of their remaining clothes as well before pressing their naked bodies against him. Momo kissed him, then followed by Ochaco. The latter then pulled his shirt off when she broke away. Now standing naked with three equally naked girls, Izuku felt like his cock was about to burst as it throbbed in the air.


Toru strode over to him, hugging his huge dick against her naked body as she pressed her big tits around it. His cock was nearly as big as her entire torso, which was a fact that was made all the more obvious from the way she rubbed herself up and down against it. Izuku groaned softly at the feel of her incredibly soft and warm body rubbing against him. The green haired youth watched as Toru stood up on her toes to lick the tip of his cock slowly.


“Haahmmmmph…” Toru moaned softly, while opening her mouth wide and taking the tip of his dick between her lips. She then backed away and knelt down slowly, taking his cock down her throat as she did so. Izuku looked down and watched as Toru’s throat swelled with the girth of his dick as he felt it reaching down into her stomach!


HMMMMMMMPH!!!!” Toru moaned deeply, while moving to slowly bob her entire body back and forth. He felt his cock sliding in and out of her wetly, and groaned softly at the sensation. Next to him, Momo watched the other girl as she sucked his cock with a look of open lust and longing on her face.


“Ahhh, she looks so hot…” Momo moaned softly.


“Yeah she does…” Izuku groaned with her. He had to admit, Toru did look incredibly sexy with the way her lips pulled away from her face every time she moved her body back. They made a wet slurpy noise each time and Izuku savored the feeling.


NMMMH GUG, HRMMMPH, GUH, AGUH, NRMMMMMPH, HMMMMPH…” Toru moaned in bliss as she continued bobbing herself back and forth. “HAAAAGH, YESH, PHEELSH GUUUUD…


“Ahhnn… I wanna go next…” Ochaco moaned softly, grinding her body against Izuku’s. In response, Izuku moved his hand between her legs, sliding his fingers over her pussy. He was unsurprised to find her pussy was absolutely DRENCHED with her juices, so wet that his fingers slipped into her easily.


“Hnnmmmmmh, Dekuuuuu…” Ochaco moaned softly, hugging herself against him as she panted heavily, “Yes, more, play with my pussy more…!” she breathed quietly.


Izuku turned to look at her. The light was low as clouds had moved to block the moon’s light, but he could still see how flushed her face was as she panted softly in desire. Slowly, Izuku worked his fingers in and out of her pussy, enjoying the wet SQUISH noise his fingers made each time they moved. Ochaco gripped him tighter as he worked his fingers in and out faster.


“Ahhh, Deku, yes… Yes!!! Mmmmmn, I love when you finger my pussyyyy…” she moaned while humping her cunt against his hand.


“Nmmmmh, you make so many cute moans Ochaco. They make me wanna hear more.” said Momo as she moved to straddle Izuku’s cock slowly. He could feel the heat and moisture coming off her pussy as she began grinding it against the upper side of his dick. At the same time, Toru moaned from deep in her throat as she took the top half of his cock into her mouth and held it there. Izuku didn’t hesitate, sliding his arm around Momo’s slender waist then reaching down to grab her ass as he kissed her deeply.


“Mmmmh…” he groaned softly, his tongue slipping and sliding along Momo’s. She moaned back into his mouth, sucking on his tongue roughly as she put her arms around his shoulders. Hugging herself against him, Momo pressed her big tits to his chest, rubbing them up and down as she continued humping the top side of his dick.


When Momo finally broke the kiss, Izuku turned to kiss Ochaco next, loving the way she moaned into his mouth. He groaned back softly as he felt Toru’s mouth continue gliding back and forth over his cock. The warm wetness of her mouth and throat gliding back and forth over the top half of his length felt incredible as Momo continued grinding her pussy against the lower half. As he dueled tongues with Ochaco, he pushed his fingers deep into her pussy, making her moan against his mouth again.


Izuku broke the kiss with Ochaco after several long moments, watching as Momo and her then turned to kiss each other! Both girls watched him out of the corners of their eyes as their lips and tongues smacked wetly against one another’s. The two girls then pulled him into a threeway kiss, and Izuku groaned as he tasted both girls at the same time!


A few seconds later, the four pulled apart and moved back over to the massive bed. Ochaco laid back in front of him as Toru and Momo each took one of her legs and pulled them back over her head. They then each used one hand to pull open the folds of her pussy. Ochaco’s love juices were overflowing, drooling down into the crack of her ass as she panted softly while looking up at him longingly.


The green haired young man moved closer, pressing the tip of his cock against Ochaco’s pussy gently. Slowly, Izuku pushed his length inside with a soft wet squish!


“Oooooh! Dekuuuu…” Ochaco moaned softly as his cock sank into her inch by inch. Izuku watched a perfect outline of his cock rise in her abdomen as his dick went in DEEP! The sheer length and girth of his cock stretching Ochaco’s body up as she covered her mouth with both hands, stifling a scream of pleasure.


Momo and Toru each claimed one of Ochaco’s bigger than her head sized tits, sucking her pink nipples into their mouths as Izuku quickly began thrusting his hips. His cock pumped in and out of Ochaco with a soft and wet SHLICK SHLICK SHLICK sound that grew louder and faster with every swing of his pelvis.


NMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMH!!!!” Ochaco screamed through her hands as she kept them firmly clamped over her mouth. The distention in her abdomen reached up between her tits and over her head as Izuku’s balls smacked against her ass!






Momo and Toru’s moans overlapped one another as they pulled and tugged at Ochaco’s nipples with their mouths, pulling her tits into almost cone shapes. Izuku’s hands moved almost on instinct as he pushed one between each girl’s thighs, probing his middle and ring fingers into their pussies. Both girls rolled their hips back against his hands as he groaned in pleasure at the feel of Ochaco’s pussy clenching tightly around his cock.


Momo released Ochaco’s nipple and looked down at the chestnut haired girl, panting softly as she watched her struggle not to scream in ecstasy. She then turned to Izuku, a look of barely contained lust on her face as she breathed, “Do it…!”


HMMMMMMMMMMMMPH!!!!” Ochaco moaned as Izuku slammed his cock all the way inside her as he came.


Izuku held his cock inside Ochaco, locking all of his cum within her as her body shuddered almost as though she were having a seizure. When the orgasmic tremors finally stopped, Izuku pulled his still throbbing erection free. His cum rapidly drained from her womb, making a huge mess all over the floor. Ochaco looked up at the ceiling, a twisted look of ecstasy on her face as her eyes crossed and her tongue hung out of her mouth like a dog’s.


“So good…” she muttered weakly.


Momo and Toru then each kissed her in turn before Momo rolled onto her back next. Hooking her arms under her own knees, she pulled her legs back over her own head while spreading her pussy with both hands! The message couldn’t have been clearer if written in a neon sign as Izuku took his cock and pushed it inside her next!


“Ahhhhn, Izukuuuuu…!” Momo managed to scream and whisper at the same time, “So dheeeep… Yessss… D… Dhon’t hold bhack…” she breathed, panting heavily as his cock tented her belly just as it had Ochaco’s. Izuku leaned down over top of the dark haired woman, resting his hands on either side of her to support his weight as he began slamming his cock in and out of her next!


“Yes, yes, yes, yes… Ahhh, fuck me haaaard…” Momo breathed, clearly struggling to keep from screaming at the top of her lungs. “Ahhh, you’re so far inside meee!!! It feels amazing!!!”


Izuku groaned and nodded, turning to glance over at Ochaco. He wanted to make sure she was okay and saw her in a powerful liplock with Toru. The multi-tonal haired girl was laying on top of the other girl, their huge breasts mashing and rubbing together as they exchanged saliva. They rubbed their pelvis against one another, dueling their clits. Ochaco’s hand was gripping Toru’s ass so tightly, her fingers were sinking deep into the soft cheek of her butt.


Momo then pulled his attention back to her, grabbing his head and pulling him into a passionate kiss. She gripped his hair tightly, making him wince in mild discomfort as they dueled tongues again.


“Ahhhhguh, Aye wuv you… Ahhh, Aye wuv you sho mush Ishuku…” Momo slurred against his tongue as he pounded his dick into her hole again and again.


“Haah, Momo, ahhh… I…” Izuku groaned, grunting in pleasure as his cock began throbbing inside her before he could say it back.


“Ahhhhh, yes… I’m cumming!!! Ahh, cumming from your cum shooting into me feels so goood!!!” Momo moaned. “Ahhh, more, cum in me lots, ahh, I want to be filled uuuup…” she panted in pleasure, rolling her hips against him and stirring his cock and cum around inside herself.


Izuku slowly pulled out of Momo when he finally stopped cumming, making another huge mess on the floor, though noticeably smaller than the first. Momo rubbed her hands over her belly, a contented expression on her face. When he turned to look back at Toru and Ochaco, the other two girls had already moved so that Toru was up on all fours on the bed as she waved her ass back and forth.


“Come and get it, Izuku-sama!” she said with a giggle, “We harem girls need to empty those balls whenever we can!”


Izuku chuckled, he could hardly believe she just said that with a straight face as he crawled up and onto the bed with the girls again. Ochaco and Momo flanked him from either side as he walked up to Toru on his knees. He kissed each of them as he brought his tree trunk of a dick down between the cheeks of Toru’s ass.


“Nmmmmmmh, ahhh, please… Please hurry, Izuku-samaaaAAAAH!!!!” Toru moaned needily before Izuku pulled his cock back and RAMMED it into her from behind. Momo and Ochaco moved quickly, clamping their hands over Toru’s mouth tightly, muffling her scream.


“Hmmmmmmmmmph, dheeep!!! So dheeeeeeeep!!! Ahhhh, I’m cumming!!! Cumming, cumming, cumminnnnggh!!!” Toru howled through their hands as she instantly began rocking herself back into his thrusts. Izuku groaned at the sight of the girl’s pussy clinging tightly to his cock every time he pulled back. The way her ass jiggled and rippled from the impacts of his waist against it.




Izuku watched Toru’s ass jiggle even more as he brought his left hand down on it with loud repeating spanks. He didn’t really use much force, but it made Toru scream through Momo and Ochaco’s hands even more!


“Yeeessssm yeeeeesssssss!!! Spank me moar Izuku-samaaaah!!! Ahhh, I’m cummmmingh!!! It feels so good, your dick is stretching my belly so muuuuch, but it feels incredible!!! Ahhh, more!!! Moremoremoremore!!! Fuck me harderrrr!!!” Toru screamed through the hands covering her mouth, rocking herself back into every one of his thrusts.


Izuku groaned again, swinging his hips faster and harder. The SLAP SLAP SLAP of his balls against her cream colored thighs was even louder than her cries thanks to the other two girls.


“Yes, ahh, do it Izuku!” Momo breathed heavily as she looked from Toru to him and back again, “Make her cum more!”


“Haah, this is so hot Deku…” Ochaco whispered, “Did I look that sexy when you were pounding me!?”


“Mmmmhmm! You did. You have the cutest O-Face, Ochaco.” Momo said back to her, making the other girl blush as she looked up at Izuku. In response to her question, Izuku kissed her again as he slapped both cheeks of Toru’s ass. He felt the chestnut haired girl shaking and moaning into his mouth as she let go of Toru’s mouth to hug herself against him as they kissed.


NMMMMMMMMH, I’M CUMMINGGGGH!!!” Toru howled, her voice a little louder now with only Momo’s hand over her mouth. The dark haired girl looked like she was about to cum as well just from watching as she smiled at Izuku.


“Ahhhn, this is what I’ve wanted for so long!” Momo moaned, moving to kiss Izuku again when Ochaco finally broke away. “Bheing in ur harem ish da besht!” she slurred into the kiss. She then broke away, looking back at Toru and Ochaco as the latter kissed the former to muffle her cries now.


“Nmmmmh, now cum inside her…” Momo breathed, with her voice becoming slightly deep and husky as she reached behind him to squeeze his ass.


Izuku groaned, pushing his cock all the way inside Toru again as his balls constricted several times as he came. The green, yellow, and pink haired girl let out a deep, low moan into Ochaco’s mouth as she came hard. Momo reached her hand under Toru, rubbing at the outline of his cock there.


“Mmmh, ahh…” Momo gasped, licking her lips slowly and turning to look back at him. She gently nibbled on the tip of her ring finger for a moment before moving to kiss him again, her face looking like something out of one of Mineta’s ero-manga.


When it was finally over, Izuku lay back on the bed, his cock softening quickly once it pulled free of Toru’s gaping cunt. His cum gushed back out of her as she lay face down with her ass still in the air, quivering in the afterglow. The sheets of Momo’s bed and the floor of her room were an absolute MESS! But just as he began wondering how they were going to clean it all up he heard a very soft buzzing sound. From the corners of the room, what he’d thought were just regular speakers for the TV that came out of the bed frame deployed small disc-like robots! He couldn’t make them out too well because it was dark, but he could see the rings of light coming out from their bases.


“Are those Roomba’s?” he asked Momo.


She shook her head, “Something similar though. I made them with Hatsume, we call them Cuumba’s.” she said with a giggle. “Midnight-Sensei is thinking of deploying them in all of the rooms at Busteez. Watch.”


Izuku watched as the dinner plate sized robots moved over to the huge puddle of cum on the floor and made a sound like a quiet vacuum. In seconds, the puddle was all but gone, after a minute the floor was sparkling as if it was freshly polished. At the same time, another robot floated up from the floor and similarly cleaned the worst of his cum from the bed. Momo then had them all climb off the bed for just a moment while she touched a switch on the side. In an instant, all the sheets on the bed turned into glowing red ribbons that whipped themselves under the mattress. A split second later, green ribbons lashed out and wrapped around the bare mattress. When the glow faded, fresh new red sheets were neatly arranged on the bed.


“That looks like Quickband technology.” Izuku said, as he then looked at Momo, “Melissa?”


She nodded, “She built this as a favor to me, but now Midnight-sensei may be using it as well so guests won’t need to have a maid spoil the mood when they turn down the rooms. The maids will still need to properly clean and sterilize things when they leave though, so their jobs won’t be at risk.”


“Your pillow talk needs work, Momo.” Toru said with a giggle.


“Oh, sorry. Did all that spoil the mood?” Momo asked bashfully.


Everyone just laughed as they got back into bed together. Izuku could barely remember sleeping more soundly before that.



The sounds and smells of the Busteez Hero Agency had become a familiar and welcome thing as Izuku sat at one of the tables in the main ballroom area. That morning, after he and the girls woke up, he had to sneak back to his bedroom using the outside of the building. Thankfully a mix of Float and Black Whip made that easy, and quick! It was rather embarrassing to be moving around outdoors with his dick flying free, but he wasn’t about to borrow any of the girls’ underwear, even if his shirt would have covered them!


Toru was the only one who seemed disappointed by that for some reason. Classes that day were fairly routine. There was a quiz on the law subject they had been studying the other night. Thankfully, their group actually DID study, so it wasn’t too hard, though Izuku was pretty sure he’d gotten two answers wrong.


Once classes were done, all of the girls, save for Setsuna and Tsuyu, wanted to go to Busteez and put in a shift there. Tsuyu was still in Saitama and wouldn’t be back until tomorrow, and Setsuna was cramming for a test in her class next week. He would have liked to have them both here with him. Not because he wanted to show off how many girlfriends he had, but because he genuinely had gotten used to their company. Izuku looked down at his mostly eaten meal of roasted saury with a vegetable medley. His mother had begun experimenting with new dishes. Izuku could have sworn he’d seen a dish like it in some anime about food once, but he couldn’t recall the title. Still, it was good, though it lost a lot of flavor when it cooled.


He’d been at the agency for an hour now, and he hadn’t seen Momo, Ochaco, or Toru since they parted ways at the entrance. There had been several very erotic dance routines done by Mt. Lady, Mandalay, and Pixie-Bob. Ragdoll was doing rounds as a scantily clad waitress with her tits exposed for all to see. She had just come by to offer a refill of his fake alcohol brandy.


The music began to get louder again as the next dancer came on stage. It was Mina, and she was dressed in a variant of her heroine outfit that looked more like a one piece swimsuit with thigh high purple boots and no vest. Her breasts were absolutely HUGE. Ridiculously so in fact! He’d seen this many times, though he still wondered how she could even move. Her tits were even bigger than her entire body was. They jiggled and bounced erotically as she swayed to the music. In fact, they jiggled more than they should have, and he realized why after a second’s thought.


Ochaco must have used her quirk to reduce their weight. She’d gotten really skilled with it lately, so much so that now she could reduce the weight of part of an object instead of the entire thing. Izuku cheered Mina on with the rest of the crowd watching. The pink skinned girl seemed completely in her element as she moved around the pole at the end of the stage. He gulped loudly when Mina stripped off the top half of her one piece, exposing those giant tits. Izuku’s pants instantly felt tight again, but this time he wore carbon fiber reinforced pants. It made things a little uncomfortable, but at least his dick wouldn’t rip through them as easily!


“Glad to see you still have eyes!” a high voice said cheerfully. A voice Izuku hadn’t heard in a long time!


“Aiba-san?” Izuku said as he turned to see a woman who looked far younger than she actually was.


Manami “La Brava” Aiba was a former small-time villain Izuku had met late during his first year at UA. She and her Partner Gentle Criminal mainly pulled a bunch of petty crimes and posted videos of them online. They were honestly more of a nuisance than actual villains. Izuku ran into them entirely by chance one day, and after one of his honestly harder battles, he’d managed to defeat them. They were both arrested, but last he’d heard, they were released after they had helped in dealing with AfO.


“It’s La Brava!” the red haired woman in twin-tails said, “Or Manami is fine too.” Manami told him. Manami was an incredibly short woman, coming in at 111cm, even though she was over twenty years old. Izuku didn’t know if that had something to do with her quirk or not, as her proportions didn’t sync up with the usual dwarfism traits.


At least, they used to not sync up!


Manami giggled when she saw his eyes fall over her now gigantic tits and equally huge ass! She was dressed in an ill-fitting pink bikini that looked like little more than some shoestrings and two little triangles of fabric over her nipples! She did a little spin for him, then only stopping when her back was to him and making her butt jiggle.


“Yeah, that Tetas heroine girl hooked me up!” she told him. “I thought I might need a bit of a boost for my first day!”


“I, see…” Izuku said, feeling a drop of sweat running down the side of his head. He then blinked his green eyes, “Oh, what about Gentle?” he asked, “I mean, you DO know what kind of work the girls do here and all, right?”


She turned back to face him again, “Oh that, um…” she said, while putting her hands behind her back as she stared at the floor while tracing her toe back and forth, “Well, It’s kinda why I came to talk to you…”


“Eh?” Izuku muttered.


“Well, I heard from some of the other girls… That you know… You’ve, got a really big dick, like my Gentle… And well, I figured… If you booked me, then I could, well, at least one guy in here could make me…” Manami said, blushing almost as red as her hair. “Ahhhn, don’t make me say it, okay?!” she snapped at him.


“I suggested she come see you.” said Momo’s voice as she came up behind Manami. Like the redhead, she was dressed in a skimpy red bikini that showed off her body nicely! Izuku gulped at the sight, feeling his dick straining against his pants again.


She smiled at him as she reached a hand down to touch the back of Manami’s head, “Mana-chan here said The Gentleman is super endowed.” she informed him. “And that he used his Quirk on her just to make sure he never hurt her.”


Manami nodded, “So much that the effect had become permanent on the area he applied it.” she added. Then to demonstrate, Manami pulled on an area of her abdomen, pulling it up roughly by the amount Izuku normally saw his own dick stretching the girls.


“Anyway, because of that, I don’t think a normal guy could really satisfy me…” Manami told him, “And I’d hate my first experience with someone other than my Gentle to be disappointing…”


Izuku nodded, now that he completely understood the situation, then asked, “The Gentleman?”


Manami’s eyes brightened, “Gentle’s new Hero name! Because of what he did for the prison, and the help he gave everyone last year, the new Hero Commission will give him a license when he finishes his probation and completes a six month training course! Heeeee, it’s such a noble sounding name! Every time I hear it… I just can’t!” Manami said, squealing in excitement.


Momo giggled then turned to look back at Izuku, “I already discussed it with the girls, even Setsuna and Tsu via text message. We don’t mind you getting with any other girl here. Most could be possible additions to the harem.”


“No thanks.” Manami said, “My heart can only ever belong to my Gentle!”


“That’s fine. But we also had another reason.” said Momo as she reached between her breasts and pulled out what looked like a cigarette case and handed it to Izuku. He accepted it and opened the case to reveal three glass vials inside. They looked like those smelling salt ampules, with a section of glass thinner than the rest where you would snap it in half. The vials were filled with a very light pink solution that almost seemed to glow. Confused, Izuku looked up at Momo.


“It’s Mei’s latest version,” she told him.


Izuku knew what it was in an instant, “Wait, you mean that crazy aphrodisiac stuff that gave me an erection for a week!?


“It wasn’t a week,” Momo said.


“Why do you sound disappointed by that?” Manami asked.


“It’s a long story. Anyway, I decided to put some extra funding from my father’s company into Mei’s research after that. Midnight can only give her so much to work with. This version should only last a couple of hours, but here’s the best part, it also increases semen production!” Momo said excitedly, “I noticed this morning that with each girl you were producing less cum, and I was worried you might get worn out as we add more girls. So when Mei told me about this, I asked for a sampling so you could try it for yourself!”


“More girls…?” Izuku echoed nervously, then shook his head, “Hang on, are you sure this stuff is safe though?”


“As safe as the previous iterations. You were fine after the stuff wore off last time, just a little tired.” Momo said, “If this stuff works, you’ll be able to handle all of us without running out of cum!” she said with such excitement that stars were sparkling in her eyes. “That’d be so amazing, all of us getting filled up together with you, it excites me!” she said, moving to wrap her arms around him and pressing her big tits against his chest.


“Now, I’m not saying you NEED it though, just to be clear. You proved that much already. I just wanna make sure we can all be satisfied, so none of the girls feels any less loved because you didn’t cum as much with her.” she explained, “So please, would you try it, for me?”


“Momo…” Izuku said, as he then looked into her eyes. She looked like she was on the verge of crying, and he didn’t want that. So he nodded.


Momo’s face brightened like the sun, “Okay! I already set you up in one of Camie’s illusioned rooms on the fifth floor, so you two go on ahead. I need to go talk to Rie about something!”


“Getting your boobs boosted even more, like Pinky up there?” Manami asked with a snide nod to the stage where Mina was still dancing, though she was now completely naked and openly masturbating on the stage.


“And what about you, Ms. Kettle?” Momo asked, reaching down to give the redheads gigantic tits a bounce with her hands. “And no, it’s a secret, for now!” she said slowly then winked before she ran off.


“You know, I almost envy you,” Manami said.


“Huh, what for?” Izuku asked as they began walking out of the ballroom.


“You’re going to die in a way most men could only dream of.” she said to him.



Manami Aiba stood naked inside a room that the blonde bimbo with the bad grammer had enchanted to look like a spring meadow, complete with a pond. The two of them had come up to the fifth floor of the hotel and found the room Momo spoke of easily enough. Manami had been almost shocked at how realistic everything looked. If she didn’t know any better, she would have sworn the door had opened out into a clearing in the middle of a forest, complete with cherry trees in full bloom. It was impressive, the illusion she’d made using her Quirk.


Once inside, Izuku moved around as though he could see through the illusion. He explained that he’d seen the inside of the un-illusioned rooms enough to know the general layout. Also, he explained Camie worked her illusions around the furniture itself. The green haired youth demonstrated this by grabbing what looked like a portion of a bush and pulling it out. The shape that came away was clearly a chair!


After that, Izuku had offered to just say they had done it and just talk or watch TV instead. Manami was touched by how concerned he was for her feelings and her relationship with Gentle. But she declined, to prove her determination, she instantly stripped out of the bikini she had on. Which was actually a relief, the bottoms were digging into her pussy something fierce! After she was naked, she took the case of that weird drug stuff Momo had given him and snapped the glass in half at the break point. She held the ampule up to him and watched while the liquid inside instantly turned into vapor and went up Izuku’s nose like it had a mind of its own. An impressive chemical reaction. But not nearly as impressive as Izuku Midoriya’s dick!


The gas made Izuku sneeze, and then instantly Manami could see his dick straining against the fabric of his pants. Izuku grunted in pain before his dick could rip through his clothes. Manami was about to apologize when he used one of those Quickband things she had heard of to strip off his clothes in an instant! In a blink, Izuku was as naked as she was, and his cock expanded out like a fire hose.


Wow…’ she thought as she walked over to stand over a meter away from him, but with the tip of his cock right in her face! ‘No wonder every girl in his class calls him “Cockzilla”’ the redhead thought as she kissed the tip of his cock with a soft SMOOCH sound.


“L-La Brava!” he gasped.


“What, this is why we’re here isn’t it?” she asked. Then, to emphasize her point, she opened her mouth wide, wrapping her lips around the tip of his cock and taking it down her throat! She could feel her neck bulging with the sheer thickness as his cock moved down towards her stomach!


AGUH HUGUH, GMMMPH…!” she gagged around his dick as it moved in and out of her throat. Oh how Manami had missed this feeling! Something so big, and thick, and HARD was in her mouth, stretching her elastic throat so GOOD!!! It was easily as thick as her Gentle’s dick, but so much longer!


Oh wow… This feels amazing!’ she thought through a rapidly building haze of lust, ‘What an amazing dick… I’m already at my limit…! Can I really handle it all?


These thoughts ran on a loop in her brain as she felt her pussy clenching with longing. She was allowed to see Gentle whenever she wanted, but their sex-life had stagnated! They didn’t get very much privacy in the Halfway House where he was required to live during his probation. The long duration of forced abstinence was beginning to drive her crazy, and it was why Gentle suggested coming to work here! She was reluctant at first, but Gentle told her his trust in her was absolute. Not to mention the pay would be enough to set both of them up nicely when they could finally be alone together again!


All these details began fading from her conscious mind as she worked to take Izuku’s cock even deeper!


AHMMMMMPH GUG, NMMMMPH GUH, AGUH, GURK… MMMMMMPH, SHO GUUUD!!!” Manami moaned around his dick, ‘Ahhn, I can’t control myself…!’ thought Manami as she took his cock deep down into her stomach and felt her body shaking in orgasm for the first time in what felt like an eternity!!! The pleasure was enough that she could feel her mind snapping like a twig!


I want to worship this dick!’ she thought to herself as she took more than half his length into her mouth. ‘I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT!’ thought the redhead as she began moving her head back and forth faster and faster, her pussy letting out a near steady spray of juices as she choked and coughed around his cock.


AHMMMMMPH GUG, GURK GUGGLE, HURK GUH…” Manami gagged wordlessly as she forced herself to take Izuku’s cock even deeper!


More than everything! Give me more!!!’ she thought as she gagged loudly, “PLUSH ULTRAAAGH!!!” she gagged loudly as she felt her stomach stretching in a familiar way from Izuku’s cock!


“Haaaah, Ma… Manami…saaaan…!” Izuku groaned. as she felt his cock throbbing in her throat. She didn’t even notice the red lines appearing across his skin like cracks until she suddenly found herself being held aloft horizontally by his cock alone! Her arms and legs dangled freely in the air as Manami let out a long gagging moan. His cock was like a rigid steel pole being shoved down her throat.


“Ahh, ahhaaa, Black Whip!!” Izuku yelled, and Manami saw several lines of black energy outlined in green extend out from his hands. They lashed around her thighs and upper arms tightly. The ‘whips’ felt almost like silk ropes, which was surprising to her for all of a nano-second before she felt Izuku beginning to move her back and forth along his dick!


AGUUUUUPH GUH GUG GUGGLE GURK GWEH GUG HURK GUPH NRMMPH!!!” Manami gagged and choked repeatedly as she felt her entire body being used like a rubber onnahole! Her pink eyes rolled back in her head as she gagged and howled around his cock in pleasure!


YES, COME ON, HARDER, ROUGHER!!! AHH, THIS IS WHAT I’VE MISSED SO MUCH!!! MORE, AHH, MOOOOORE!’ she thought as she felt her nose being buried in his pubic hairs again and again.


AAAGUUUUUPH, GUUMMINGH!!! AHHH GUUUMMINNNGGH!!! GHESH!!! GHESSSH!!! DHON’D SHTOB GENDLLLLE!!! AGUH GUH GUG GUH HAAGUPH!” Manami moaned in raw lust. She could feel her stomach being stretched downward every time her nose was tickled by Izuku’s pubic hairs. The redhead felt like a pig on a spit, but it felt so GOOD!!!! Her fingers and toes kept clenching and curling as she quickly lost count of her orgasms.


HAAAH, MA… MANAMI-SAAAAN!!! I… I CAN’T… AHH, I CAN’T STOOOOP!!! HAAAAAH!!!” Izuku roared as he began pumping her back and forth along his cock even faster.


NHOOOOOOOO!!!! DHON’D SHTOOOOOB!!!! MOAR!!! MOAR MOAR MOOOOAR!!! AGUH GUG GUG GUH!!! SHO GUUUUUD!!! CAN’D SHTOB GUUMMINGH!!! AGUG GUG GUG GUG HURKLE!!!” Manami begged, now wanting this pleasure to stop, not so soon after finally feeling it again!


“Haaah, ahh, it… Hah, it’s not enough…” Izuku panted, his voice quieter now, “The mouth isn’t enouuugh…!” he groaned as Manami let out a long choking gag as Izuku pulled her off his cock. She didn’t have enough time to whimper or complain before she found herself being turned around in the air like she was a ragdoll! Then, the redhead let out a silent wailing howl as she was SPEARED by Izuku’s cock slamming up into her pussy! Her once flat stomach stretched up seemingly impossibly high, her oversized tits jiggling wildly from the force of the thrust.


AHHHWEEEEEEEEEEEGH!!!!” Manami screamed when her voice suddenly began working again. “OHHHHH YESSSSS!!!! YES YES YES YES!!!! DON’T STOOOOOP, AHH, MORE, MOOOORE!!! SO BIG, SO DHEEEEEEEP!!!! I’VE MISSED THIS FEELING SO MUUUUUCH!!! YES, YES, AHHH GENTLLLLLLE!!! I’M CUMMMMMING!!!!” Manami screamed, completely forgetting who was attached to the cock currently slamming in and out of her.


“Haah, ahh, Ma… Manami-saaan, I can’t stoooop!!!” groaned Izuku as he continued slamming her up and down on his cock again and again with a loud SLAP SLAP SLAP as his huge balls smacked against her big bubbly ass!


UUUUOOOOOO! HOOOOOH!!! WHOOOOAAAH!!! HWEEEEGH!!! CUMMIIIING CUMMING CUMMIIII~HING!!! YOUR SUPERCOCK IS SHOVING INTO MY PUSSYYYYYY!!! IT’S STRETCHING THE HOLE SO WIIIIIIDE!!! AHHHH YES!!! SO GOOD!!! FEELS SO GOOD, I’M LOSING MY MIIIIIND!!! MORE, HARDER, FASTER!!! AHHWEEEEEGH!!!!” Manami screamed as her entire body writhed in constant orgasm. Her tongue lolled from her mouth as she panted for every breath. Her gigantic tits bounced and wobbled around wildly as Izuku made her into his living onnahole!


“Ahhh, ahaaah, my dick, ahhh, it feels strange!!! My balls, they wanna empty into youuuu…” groaned Izuku.


WHEEEEEEEGH, YEEEESSSS, DO IT!!!! MY ONNAHOLE PUSSY WANTS YOUR CUUUMMMMM!!!” Manami panted, her mind blank of any thought but having her body stuffed with cock and cum. “IT WANTS YOU TO CUM DEEP INSIIIIIIDE!!! DO IT, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!! PUMP ME FULL OF BREEDING GOO!!!!!” Manami screamed.


AHHHHH, I LOVE BEING USED LIKE AN ONNAHOOOOOOLE!!! IT FEELS SO GOOD, I CAN’T STOP CUMMINGH!!! HURRY, HURRRYYYYY!!! FILL ME FULL!!! GIMME CUM, GIMME CUM, GIMME CUM, GIMME CUM, GIMME CUM, GIMME CUUUUUUMMMM!!!” Manami begged in orgasmic madness, her eyes having completely rolled back in their sockets, making it so she couldn’t see anything.


“Ahhh, ahaaaa, cu… Cumming!!! I’m cumming!!!” groaned Izuku as Manami felt a SURGE of thick, liquid heat inside her.




The sound of Izuku’s cum pouring into her was barely audible over Manami’s screams as all her limbs extended out. Her toes curled inward almost painfully as she felt herself cumming so hard it felt like her mind was shattering into a million tiny pieces!


WAAHHEEEEEEEGH!!!! YESSSSS, MOOOORE!!! GIMME MORE! MORE DELICIOUS COOOOOOCK MILK! MY PUSSY WANTS TO DRINK MORE!! I NEED TO HAVE MORE INSHIIIIDE!!! AHHH, I’M GETTING SHO FULL OF CUUUUM!!! MY INSHIDESH ARE NORHING BUT WONDERFUL CUMMMMMM!!!” screamed Manami as her eyes rolled back into place and she looked at her stretched belly. There was so much cum inside her, she could feel and HEAR it sloshing around inside.


WHOOOAAOOOAAAOOOAAAOOOOOH…” Manami moaned, feeling dizzy now as she felt Izuku’s cum slowing inside her. Her body stopped trembling in orgasm as her limbs hung limp again. The Black Whip lines all dissipated and Manami felt herself sliding off of his dick with a gross wet and sticky noise.


The redhead fell onto the floor in a messy heap, cum gushed out of her pussy with nearly enough force to push her along the floor. It might have too if the floor weren’t finely carpeted, something she could feel through the illusion as she lay with her legs twitching.


Manami couldn’t even move, her entire lower body felt completely numb, though she could still wiggle her toes. Her stomach felt strange as her womb squeezed out all the cum. The sensation of it flowing out of her was sending smaller, repeating orgasms through her body as she tried in vain to move several times.


“Ahhaah, aheheh, eh heh heh heh…” she giggled drunkenly, “Feels so goooood…” she muttered.


Distantly, Manami heard Izuku fall on his butt with a thud. He was gasping for breath raggedly and Manami felt several streams of hot cum splatter onto her from his STILL ejaculating penis. She had thought he finished cumming, but no, it was just happening slower now. It was five full minutes before she felt strong enough for her to move and sit up. When she did, hearts throbbed in her eyes at the sight of Izuku still rock hard and pulsating dick!


“Hah, ah, hah… It won’t go down…” he gasped.


Manami felt renewed suddenly as she jumped up to her feet. More cum poured back out of her pussy, running down her legs in rivers of white. She then grabbed Izuku’s gigantic cock, hugging it like a giant teddy bear between her equally massive tits. She kissed it all over and then looked around it at him.


“Don’t worry, I can go again! Let’s do my ass next, ‘kay!?” she asked with a cheeky grin. “Say, think I could get some of this for Gentle too? OH! Better yet, how about we all have a threesome later!?” she asked excitedly.


Izuku only let out a long exasperated sigh before saying, “I’ll ask Momo and Mei…”



(Story by User: SailorIo)

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3 months ago

Before I begin my reaction and feedback, let me just say that I am glad to see MHA back here again. It’s been quite a while. 👍

Now then, let’s dive into the story of this chapter. It was a pretty good start with Izuku and some of his harem in action, even though they were originally together to prepare for a quiz based on Hero law {which I found interesting}. Also, I liked how OFA was used here too, with a little assist from Nana. Still, it was done quite well.

Though where it really shined was the second half of the story, which featured today’s main character focus in Manami, better known as La Brava. And without going into too much detail about it, I personally thought it was a enjoyable read. Not only that, it felt like a sign of things to come. Though I did find it interesting that Momo was going to see Rie, aka Tetas/10t, for something. Hmm. 🤔

In any case, it was a pretty good way to return to the MHA story.

Looking forward to the next chapter. 😎

3 months ago
Reply to  Hiryu

Momo had a very specific reason for going to see her, which will be revealed next chapter!

3 months ago

Wooo! More MHA, I’m so happy to see more of this.

I really hope we see more of the harem build or just more La Brava, she’s my favorite character from all of MHA.

3 months ago
Reply to  MarcoBun

More building is coming, definitely, can’t make promises on La Brava myself though, but I think there will be more of her too.

3 months ago

Could Le Brava quirk enhance her body and make her better at sex

3 months ago
Reply to  Mike

Unlikely, given how it works

3 months ago

La Brava showing Gentle Criminal’s favorite Hero a good time makes me have a good time

3 months ago
Reply to  Xcelsior

Heheh, thanks

3 months ago

Vaya buen capitulo amigo, ojalá veamos más de La Brava e Izuku juntos, no creo que otro chico la pueda complacer :3… 9/10

3 months ago
Reply to  Mr.Mishifu

We’ll probably see her a bit more

Uzumaki Gekk
Uzumaki Gekk
3 months ago

Siiiii porfin Bnha de nuevo, me gusto este capítulo amigo, la inclusión de La Brava al elenco y que sea con Izuku lo hace aún mejor, se que es imposible o casi nulo que ella esté en el harem de el, pero creo que podría ser una de las chicas que más tenga sexo con Izuku (eso creo) 10/10

3 months ago
Reply to  Uzumaki Gekk

Yeah, she’ll never be a part of the Harem itself. Just a visitor.

Smiling Fiend
Smiling Fiend
3 months ago

My favorite part is the first half of this story, hands down, it’s just so wholesome it made my day a little better !
But I’ll also give credit where credit is due to the second half starring La Brava, because I think it was handled pretty well without cucking Gentle. I have no problem with Izuku being with a bunch of different girls and I actually like pics with him and La Brava emphasizing their size difference, it’s just that it’s so obvious La Brava loves Gentle and I like that Sailor doesn’t ignore this for the story.

3 months ago
Reply to  Smiling Fiend

Aww, thanks! I was trying to do something more wholesome and all with that.

3 months ago

Love it and keep it up

Okay then, relationship recap for those left in the dark or not up to date with this series

1. Momo
2. Tsuyu
3. Uraraka
4. Setsuna
5. Toru

Sex Friends (Not In The Harem):
1. Mina
2. Kyoka
3. Itsuka
4. Mitsuki
5. Cassie
6. Mirko
7. Melissa
8. Camie
9. Manami

3 months ago
Reply to  N0bod4

Yep! That’s accurate!

8 days ago
Reply to  N0bod4

I’m literally glad that you kept everyone updated.

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
3 months ago

One thing that’s abundantly clear, reading this series, is just how much you enjoy MHA. Not even are the chapters incredibly long and fleshed out, but they’re overall just really well written, that I can’t help but admire you for it. In fact, the way you handle MHA is a great inspiration for me to try even harder with my own One Piece series here. But I’m getting off-topic. At the very least, all that love and effort you put into these stories, will definitely not get unnoticed by me, even though I just don’t care about Midoriya and his harem. For a chapter that introduces La Brava in this series, this chapter focused an awfully low amount on her, to be honest. I’d actually would have found it way more enjoyable to read the interaction (and a potential sex scene) between her and Gentle, that led up to her working in Busteez and meeting Midoriya. We’ve already had the whole “Midoriya bangs everyone”-stick quite often by now, and while the sex with his sluts was pretty fantastic to read, I think actually focusing more on other characters would help in making the chapters a bit more distingable from one another. That’s not to say that I don’t like gangbangs, but you yourself said once that they’re quite hard to write, so why go through all that effort when you could actually explore the motivations and interactions between other characters that are featured in the chapter instead? Keep in mind, this is coming from me, someone who doesn’t care about shipping one bit and who actually reads a story… for the story and not because he wants to see the girls kinda “whoring themselves out for one guy and do nothing but fuck all day”. I know, I know, that is rich, given that we’re talking about a hentai series here, but still… It makes the harem girls actually feel kinda one-dimensional in my opinion if all we see them do is gooning over Midoriya. On the flipside however, I really enjoyed this brief mention of them actually studying together, though it feels kinda more like an excuse to have them all in the same room to fuck, instead of a real plotpoint. Aside from that, La Brava being stretched out after getting fucked by Gentle one too many times is… interesting. Not bad by any means, but just not my cup of tea.

Again, I really admire you for all the effort you put into these stories. I just wish they were a bit more nuanced than just “all girls wanna get fucked by Midoriya”.

3 months ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

First, the first section was directly connected to the second because of the reduced volume of cum he was putting out with each girl.

Second, the picture is clearly Deku’s dick, so it had to be him in it. If you have a problem with that, take it up with whomever commissioned it.

Third, I am aware you’re not a fan of Deku with the girls, but reminding me of it every time you comment, and at length, is kind of insulting. You don’t need to complain about it every time.

I appreciate your commentary, I do, but not if most of it is gonna be complaining about the characters I use. I try and use other characters when the guy is ambiguous or clearly someone else.

There is a long game here, and a reveal much later down the line. The first half of the chapter was part of that.

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
3 months ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

I think you might have misunderstood me there. It wasn’t my intention to say that Gentle should replace Midoriya’s role in this chapter during the sex that is depicted in this pic. It should be clear to everyone that it’s Midoriya in the pic, and I have no right whatsoever calling anyone out on their preferences.

I was simply refering to the fact that I would have wished for a more indepth exploration of La Brava’s and Gentle’s motivation in this story than what we got. Their relationship seems far too fascinating to be “waved off” in two or three paragraphs, so reading about the things that ultimately led to the sex between her and Midoriya would have done them a bit more justice. At least in my opinion.

I’m sorry for not realizing that you wanted this “Midoriya produces less and less sperm as time goes on” an actual topic of the series, given that we’ve seen Midoriya fuck over prolonged periods of time without any downsides so far (I think). So I simply didn’t realize that this was meant to be an actual plot point of the series.

My apologies! I should have paid more attention.

3 months ago

Just asking, is it okay to post the pic? I mean, the website was nuked because of pics like La Brava, because she loik like a little girl.

3 months ago
Reply to  Mirag

Better to ask that in the comment section for the pic itself. This is the story comment section.

3 months ago

Great to mha back great art good chapter

3 months ago
Reply to  Hey

Yeah, been a bit, I hope to get back to it regularly soon.