Bustin’ Up the Dancefloor

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Bleach stories)
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“They grow up so fast…” said Shunsui Kyoraku as he took a sip of sake from his cup. Wiping a tear from the corner of his eye, he watched closely as his former Lieutenant and current Captain of the 8th Division, Lisa Yadomaru, danced on a large table of Unohana’s nightclub.


Or “UNOHANA’S PALACE FOR HARLOTS AND GIGOLOS”, as it is more commonly referred to by the many advertising posters hanging all around Karakura Town. The building wasn’t quite finished yet but most of the work around and inside of it was already done! Differently themed bedrooms filled floors three through five, while the first and second floor were all part of the wider dance and public area. To be granted access to the higher floors to have sex with one of the many namesaking harlots and gigolos, one must either be a “Platinum VIP Card” holder or pay an astronomical high amount of money! At least that’s how Unohana explained to him the concept when she invited the current Captain-Commander of the Gotei 13 over to pay the club a visit!


“I know, right?!” Unohana leaned her head to the side and curled a strand of his dark hair playfully between her fingers. Like mostly when she was in her own club, Unohana was nearly naked, a cupless bra and panties that left her crotch and nipples completely exposed! Her old colleague currently had his head resting on her lap and enjoyed watching the Visored woman swing her hips and tits to the sound of the music, while occasionally catching glimpses of Unohana’s breasts. Though he would never do it openly! The fear over what she would do to him when she saw him ogling at her was enough to make the blood in his veins freeze! “She’s quite the natural if I dare say so myself!”


Of course I am!’ thought Lisa proudly as she continued bouncing her tits up and down right in front of Ichigo’s face. She glanced over her shoulder to see her former Captain’s reaction, only to notice how he paid more attention to Unohana’s tits above him, “Tsk!” she clicked her tongue in annoyance and spun around to then clap her ass cheeks before the orangette’s very eyes. ‘Dirty old perv! For whom does he think that I trained this hard for!? Pay attention you old sack, damnit!


“Ehm… Lisa?” Ichigo’s voice came from behind her, making the spectacles-wearing girl turn her attention back to the man she was currently servicing.


“What?!” she hissed back in annoyance. Her ass wobbled and jiggled less than an inch in front of his face. He could probably see each fiber of the pink thong that dug deep into her ass and the folds of her completely shaven pussy. “Just enjoy the show!”


“O- okay…” he muttered in defeat, trying to avoid her clapping ass cheeks as much as he could by leaning further back on the bench that he was currently sitting on. ‘How did I end up getting dragged into this again?!?!’ he wondered. One moment he was walking down the street after coming back from his trip to a local valley in the countryside and the next moment, Unohana suddenly stood before him and asked him kindly to join her for a while. She of course didn’t leave him with much of a choice when she dragged him to her club, the weight behind her sweet words made sure of that!




The sound that Lisa’s ass made, every time she shook it, echoed through the giant dance floor! Even louder than the noise of the construction workers on the higher levels or around them, the clapping of cheeks was a melody all on its own! Ichigo could clearly smell the sweet, flowery perfume that she had applied.


Gently caressing Shunsui’s cheek, Unohana smiled down on the one-eyed man. “So, do you think it’s possible to put in a good word for the Central 46? So that they approve of the different Captains and Lieutenants working here?” she asked in a soft tone.


“Hahaha! Straight to the point as always, I see,” replied Shunsui and looked up, looking past the former Captain’s stiff nipples and into her beautiful face. “It probably will be hard to convince them of such an idea, but I think I can do it!” He sighed and glanced towards the other table again, where Lisa was currently on all fours, swinging her breasts like a pair of heavy cow udders right under Ichigo’s nose. “But I think they’ll agree to the idea if I use an excuse like ‘it’s to strengthen the peace between the different races.’ That should work.”


“I knew you would be able to come up with an excuse!” praised Unohana. She let her fingers wander down his cheek and throat and towards his exposed chest. Twirling several of the dark strains of chest hair between her fingers, she then watched Lisa’s performance as well.


While definitely skilled and experienced at moving her body, probably due to the many erotic manga she read, her demeanor did kind of work against her. The sour and stern expression on her face didn’t really match her erotic movements and was probably the reason that Ichigo hadn’t tried getting his fingers on her. Well, that and because he wasn’t really the groping type! If the tent in his shorts was an indication though, he certainly enjoyed the black haired girl’s dance!


“Ehm, Unohana-chan?” Shunsui called out and lifted the empty Sake cup. “Could you…?”


“But of course! Anything for my old colleague!” answered the busty woman and filled the cup with new sake from a large bottle while continuing to play with the one-eyed man’s thick chest hair.


A few construction workers around them watched with envy in their eyes at the way the two other men were treated. One of them nearly fell from his ladder from where he took off the curtains in front of the private booths around the dance floor!


After taking a sip from the sweet alcohol, Shunsui turned back to Unohana. “So, from my understanding so far, only Captain Hitsugaya, Captain Kotetsu, Hanataro Yamada, and Nelliel Tu Odelschwank are currently working here, right?”


“That is correct!” answered Unohana, picking up a small fan from the table. She then began fanning the one-eyed man’s face gently. “Why do you ask?”


“Well, I don’t wanna be intrusive or anything, but it seems that Captain Sui-Feng has also been missing for quite some time. I thought that maybe you would be able to provide me with some explanation.”


“Oh, that!” Unohana dismissed his comment with a wave of her hand. “You see, I’m not the only one who came up with the idea of opening a nightclub, now that an era of peace is upon us. Kisuke Urahara had the very same idea and created his own club!” She pointed at the workers around them, who were currently folding the curtain before putting it in a large brown cardboard box. “I ordered those curtains before I even contacted Captain Hitsugaya and Nelliel to meet me. I thought the name “Busteez” was striking and easy to remember, perfect for my business.” Her expression became a bit sour before she continued with her explanation. “Urahara-san probably thought the same thing and registered that name for his own club before I could! So now I’m stuck with those curtains and can’t throw them all away!”


Ouch! Ouch, ouch, ouch! OUCH!’ Shunsui yelped in his mind. Unohana had clenched her hand painfully around his chest hair, threatening to pull it all out if she got even more heated. “So, aside from that little problem, your club is doing pretty well so far?” he asked in an attempt to change the topic.


“Yes, pretty much. We still need a few more employees, but aside from that, nothing stands in the way of our grand opening!”


Relieved that her grip around his chest hair lightened, Shunsui took another sip from his Sake and continued his observation of Lisa’s dance. ‘She really is good at this!’ he thought, watching as the dark haired girl rolled on her back and gently caressed Ichigo’s cheeks with her feet, granting him a clear view of her soaked thong!


The sudden noise of a door being thrown open echoed through the room, bringing him back to reality. When he was about to sit up, Unohana pressed him back down on her lap. “Captain Hitsugaya, happy to see that you’re back, safe and sound from your little trip! I’ve heard that the coast has been hit by a pretty nasty storm. I feared that something might have happened t-!”


“I met Tier Harribel!” The white haired Captain cut her short. From the sound of his steps, Shunsui assumed that he was walking closer towards his new boss. “If we do it right, we might be able to recruit her for the club!”


“My, my! Now that’s what I call good news! Great job!” She laid the fan to the side and gave the young prodigy Captain her full attention. “Where is she now?”


“She’s currently in the lobby, talking with Nelliel. I managed to convince her to come with me after she and Yoruichi-san met me at the shore.”


“Yoruichi-san?” Unohana rubbed her chin and thought about this information. “If she was with that woman, then she probably also has some experience, regarding sex?”


Harribel did tell me that the two ran into Ichigo earlier today, yes!” confirmed Toshiro as he walked around the bench. From the shocked expression on his face when he saw the dark haired Captain-Commander resting on Unohana’s lap, Shunsui could tell that he hadn’t noticed him before! “Ahem… And she apparently caused a scene at a local Glory Hole hotspot, together with Captain Sui-Feng…


“Interesting. Very interesting!” Unohana’s eyes wandered towards Ichigo, who, together with Lisa, watched Toshiro’s appearance and closely listened to what he had to say. “Well, I think you deserve a reward for such a good job!”


“Oh, please! There is no need to-!”


“I insist!” said Unohana with a sweetness and weight behind her voice that made clear that declining this offer is NOT an option! She pushed the white haired man towards Ichigo’s table. “Lisa, do you feel confident enough to take on both of these fine boys?”


“B- both of them?” A single drop of sweat ran down her face. “As in, fucking them?” she gulped.


“Don’t worry. Just let me give you a little confidence boost,” said the dark haired woman, right before forming the necessary hand signs for the Kido spell that she created.


“Wha-?” Lisa’s breasts instantly began glowing in a lavender light. It looked like ripples of water swept from her nipples all over her breasts. Whenever they came around her C-cup breasts, they grew a solid ten inches. “WHAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!


When they reached their full new size, the ripples stopped. The sudden new weight of her twenty times-larger tits knocked her off her feet, making her stumble towards Ichigo. Mere inches before she made contact with the orange haired Substitute Shinigami, she fell down. Her heavy breasts slammed down on the table with a loud THWOMP!, kicking up some dust from the construction around them.


“What the hell…?” began Lisa. With a face as red as a tomato, she inspected her enlarged tits. She didn’t know how, but the pink bikini she wore somehow still managed to keep parts of her breasts covered.


“Ah, my apologies,” said Unohana, sounding not one bit sorry. “Perhaps I should have warned you first. Would you like it if I shrink them down a bit?”


HELL NO!” came Lisa’s resounding answer. She began fondling her breasts, her fingers sinking into the soft flesh with ease. “Hnnnnnnnngh~!” she moaned softly, having greatly underestimated how sensitive they had become! “Do you know how long I’ve waited for such big boobs?!” Her eyes wandered towards Ichigo and Toshiro, who were still watching the scene unfold silently with open mouths. “What are you waiting for, you two?! Get going already!”


“Hahaha!” Unohana’s soft giggle filled the room as she watched the two men slowly starting to undress in front of Lisa. “That’s the spirit!” She reached within her cleavage and pulled out a condom, which she threw towards the other girl. “I would advise you to use this though. Kurosaki-san cums like a fucking geyser! I learnt that first-hand.


“Thanks for the advice!” said Lisa and held the condom in front of her. ‘XXL… as if I ever had to use this!’ she thought, feeling the two men’s cocks pressing against the sensitive skin of her boobs.


“Do I really have to do this?” asked Ichigo. While already completely naked, he still wasn’t completely alright with his situation.


“Y- Yes! I would definitely be more okay with this with fewer people around!” Toshiro added. ‘Especially not Ichigo!The images of his night with Orihime Inoue and Hanataro still ran vividly through his mind. If the orange haired substitute Shinigami did find out about what happened in that hotel, Toshiro hoped that he would at least give him some time to explain himself and react rationally. Not getting on the Substitute Shinigami’s bad side was still the preferred outcome though!


With a simple clap of her hands, Unohana managed to dismiss all of the construction workers throughout the dance floor. “Thanks for your hard work today. You did great! Nelliel should be in the lobby. If you want a tip or anything, just go and ask her. I’m sure, she’s more than happy to reward such hard-working men!”


Finally done with her partners’ reluctance, Lisa threw the condom over her shoulder and grabbed both of their dicks with surprising strength. “So, no more excuses!”


She pulled them closer towards her and began stroking both of their impressive lengths. They tensed up for a short moment before giving themselves to the pleasure that her soft touch caused. In a matter of seconds, Toshiro’s dick reached its full length! With a length that rivaled her entire arm and a girth like that of her thighs, he was definitely worth every second of her attention!


Before she had the chance to rethink her actions, Lisa went down as far as her fat tits allowed and began sucking on his length. “GUGH, GUHHH, GHUM, GUGH, GUGH, MMMH, HMMMOOO, GUGH!!!!!!” she moaned at length while continuing to stroke the part of his dick that wasn’t behind her lips.


“Hmmm… not bad,” said Shunsui after watching her for a while. He didn’t see much of her actual work, due to Ichigo blocking most of his view, but Toshiro’s groans and grunts of approval were a clear indication of her skill.


“Mhm.” Unohana nodded in agreement and let her own hand wander down the man’s chest and towards his groin. “Though she lacks some finesse, she more than makes up for it with raw determination!”


Lisa smirked inwardly upon hearing her former Captain’s compliment. ‘Yes! He noticed!’ She never made it too obvious, but she highly respected and adored the dark haired man. And ever since she left the Soul Society, she made it her ambition to be able to serve him in other ways than being just his Lieutenant!




Taking a brief moment to catch her breath, Lisa switched from Toshiro’s dick to Ichigo. Her jaw ached wonderfully as his immense length disappeared behind her lips. “Grrrrrrrr…!” Ichigo groaned as her tongue rubbed all over the underside of his cock while she swirled his coconut-sized balls between her fingers.


HOWY FUCK!!!!” Lisa’s slurred words vibrated all over Ichigo’s cock, “YOUW FUCKING HUGEEEEEEEE!!!!!!” she moaned at length, only now seeming to take notice of his proportions.


His cock was easily twice as long as Toshiro’s and as thick as a trash can! And it still grew the longer she kept licking on the sweet phallus! “HOW CAN ID BE SHO PHICK?!?! HUGWE! GUPHHH! HAAAAGH! GLUPHE! BLEPH! GLUGH, GUGH, GLUGH!!!!!


“Hmmm… Good question!” Shunsui said, looking once again to Unohana for an explanation. “Is that also one of your Kido?” he asked, indifferent to how the former Captain of the 4th Division kept teasing his dick.


“Oh, no! Not at all,” Unohana answered simply, her eyes glued to the performance in front of her. “He seems to be all natural.”


Switching between the two cocks, Lisa was able to find a good rhythm that didn’t have her gagging around Ichigo’s length for too long and without ignoring him either. Within minutes, she felt the two boys at the verge of orgasm, their balls convulsing and pounding like drums between her fingers and the veins along their dicks pulsating in an almost hypnotic way.


GUH!!!!!!” she gasped for air as she pulled her head away from Toshiro’s cock again, a trickle of his precum dropping on the table. “I can’t wait any longer!” she declared hoarsely.


The men watched as she tore her thong and bikini to shreds before throwing the remains above her shoulder, just like she did with the condom earlier. She turned around, her sopping wet pussy and tight little ass in plain sight in front of her partners. Swinging her hips erotically, she made sure that two men would definitely smell and see her arousal dripping down her thighs!


“What are you waiting for, boys?!” she asked teasingly and spanked her own butt after the two men didn’t immediately respond. “It’s all yours!”


Letting out a sigh from the deepest part of his body, Toshiro climbed onto the dark haired girl and aligned the tip of his cock with her ass. “Okay, let’s get this over with!”


“Agreed!” Ichigo said and rubbed his dick against the entrance of her swollen clit. “It’s not like we have much of a choice really…” He looked over towards Unohana. The way she shook her head, barely noticeable, was all the confirmation he needed. “On thr-?”


AYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!” Before he could even finish his question, Toshiro already shoved his dick as far as he could into Lisa’s ass. His balls smacked against her thighs while her deafening scream echoed through the dance floor.


“Sorry, I didn’t know you wanted to do it that way…” said Toshiro sheepishly and rubbed the back of his head.


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!! I’M CUMMING!!!!!!! I’M CUMMING FROM YOUR DAMN COCK IN MY ASSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!” Lisa hissed, her fluids spraying down on Ichigo’s cock as she bucked her hips back against Toshiro!


“No problem!” replied Ichigo, signaling the other guy that he didn’t mind. PLOP! He then shoved his cock into her gushing wet pussy!


OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!” howled Lisa in ecstasy. Her turquoise eyes rolled back into her sockets as she came once again. “SO BIIIIIIIIIIIIHHHIIIIIIIIIIIIG!!!!!


“Hahahahaha!” Unohana laughed heartily and watched the debauchery unfold. When she noticed that Shunsui’s sake cup was empty again, she immediately refilled it again, her eyes never losing sight of any of the things happening before her!


“My, my,” said Shunsui simply. “Those two might prove to be a challenge…”


I… CANNNNNNNNN… TAKE ITTTTTT!!!!!!” hissed Lisa, her eyes suddenly regaining their sharpness for a brief moment. “THIS… IS… NOTHINGGGGGGGG!!!!!!




Both men slammed their cocks in a frantic rhythm deep inside the girl’s body.


FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!” Lisa moaned, her eyes starting to cross again. “I FEEL BOTH OF YOUR DICKS INSIDE ME!!! CUMMING!!!!! I’M CUMMING SO FUCKING MUUUUUUUUUUUUCH!!!!!!!!!


A bead of sweat ran down Toshiro’s face as he clung to her body like a monkey. His fingers sunk deep into the soft flesh of her butt for leverage. “Haa… haaa… Hahahahaha!! Seems like you like this!” He spanked her ass hard, causing the fat on it to wobble enticingly. “Say it!”


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!” she yelped in surprise, pain, and pleasure. “I LOVE ITTTTT!! I LOVE GETTING RAVAGED BY YOUR THICK COOOOOOOOOOOOCKS!!!!!!!!


“Ahhhh, to be young again,” commented Unohana after a while. She traced her index finger over the mushroom shaped tip of Shunsui’s cock. Her eyes met his. “What do you say, wanna show these youngsters how we fuck?”


“Hahahaha,” Shunsui laughed softly. “Thanks for the offer but no. I’d much rather watch how long they can keep this up.” When he noticed the sour look on her face, he quickly added, “But I’ll gladly take a handful of those if it’s okay.”


He lifted his hands and grabbed one of her watermelon-sized tits, bringing it down to his mouth. Wrapping his lips around one of the painfully stiff nipples, he then began sucking on it like a newborn on its mother’s chest.


“Aaaaaah~!” moaned Unohana. “Fair compensation, you old sweet talker.” She winked playfully at her former colleague and began stroking his cock.


HAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! TOO MUCH…!!!” Lisa’s ecstatic, banshee-like screams filled the room, vibrating through everyone’s bones. “I’M CUMMING, CUMMING CUMMING CUMMING!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!


HRRRRRRRRGH!!!!!” Ichigo groaned through gritted teeth. Her pussy clenched like a vice around his dick, as if she never wanted him to leave her again! “So… tight…!”


“I… I know, right?!” said Hitsugaya; his face was as red as the bruise that his spank left on Lisa’s butt. “Don’t know how much longer I can-!”


YES!!!!” screamed Lisa. She looked over her shoulder, a burning determination in her eyes. “CUM!!!! CUM INSIDE OF MEEEEEEEEE!!! I WANT YOUR CUM PAINTING MY INSIDES WHITE!!!!!!!!!!


She began slamming her own hips against her two partners’, shoving their dicks even deeper than ever before into her. “HOAAAAAAAARGH!!!!!” both of them groaned at the same time, unable to stop the woman’s mad attempt at making them cum!


“Nnnnnnnnngh~!!” moaned the black haired club owner, enjoying the feeling of Shunsui nibbling on her nipple. “Now it gets interesting!”


YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!” Lisa howled at length, throwing her head back as much as she could. Both men shot their loads deep inside her! “AAAAAAAH, YESSSS!!! THAT’S THE STUFF!!!” she moaned sensually, enjoying the sensation of their sperm blasting into her




A seemingly never-ending stream of dickmilk washed through her, making the dark haired girl cum over and over again! After a minute or so, Toshiro’s cock popped out of her ass, his cum oozing down her thighs and onto the table below!


SOOOO… MUCH!!!!!!” she moaned happily. ‘That’s it! You see that, you dirty old sack?! Those dicks are nothing for me!!!’ she thought proudly all while Ichigo kept releasing gallon after gallon deep inside her pussy!


GOOOARGH!!!!!” the orange haired youth grunted like a wild beast through gritted teeth, unable to stop himself from cumming!


GOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDD!!!!!!” Lisa howled loudly, only now seeming to grow aware of the cum still shooting into her. “YOU CUM SO FUCKING MUCH!!!!!!!!!” The dance floor around her slowly started to fade away as she started to black out.


“I told her that she should use the condom!” was the last thing she heard Unohana say before the world turned black!

(Story by: Mr. Akrononym)

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1 year ago

Nice and fun chapter as always

Love to see shunsui here he’s my favourite captain

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
1 year ago
Reply to  Han

Agreed! He’s my favorite Bleach character overall, so I just had to include him in some way, shape or form. XD.

1 year ago

So ichigo has biggest dick in the series? If someone were to use the growth Kido or the growth pill or both would ichigo still be bigger than them? Have we seen Ichigo’s true full potential unleashed because it keeps mentioning how even “it still grew the longer she kept licking on the sweet phallus!”

Last edited 1 year ago by Whitis
Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
1 year ago
Reply to  Whitis

Yes, Ichigo has the biggest cock in the series! Some characters may come close or even are bigger than him if they use either of those two options you listed.
Ichigo’s limit is as big as the artworks that Rtenzo draws him with. If, for example, he will one day draw an artwork that is 90% percent a shot of the earth from space, with his cock towering over it all and only a small panel with Unohana, Nemu, or some other girl at the corner, watching at it in awe, then this could be the biggest he can be. Until he draws an artwork where one girl sits on top of his dick while touching the surface of the moon or something…
I said it to you before and I’ll say it a hundred times if I have to: I have to work with what the artworks have in them! It is impossible to go with a solid length/number if the sizes shift with every pic!

Last edited 1 year ago by Mr. Akrononym
1 year ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

Okay. 10/10.

1 year ago

Wow! Lisa, you really should have used that condom! All to say, this really escalated quickly!

To start with, we now see Lisa in action, as it seems like she’s now a part of Unohana’s club roster. Not only that, we see Shunsui paying the place a visit and learning more about how it even came to be, alongside us readers as well.

But that wasn’t all that happened either. We would find out that Ichigo was captured by Unohana again, and dragged into her club that’s still under construction! Not only that, Harribel is in the club herself after paying it a visit with Toshiro, even though she’s currently speaking with Nel. Though I have to wonder what side she’ll end up joining.

Getting back to it, this leads to both Toshiro and Ichigo being made to fuck Lisa, with Unohana watching things very closely even though Shunsui is with her. Then again, it wasn’t as though they really had much of a choice here. Still, Lisa really got railed!

Overall, that was quite the chapter! Can’t wait for what’s next! 😀

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
1 year ago
Reply to  Hiryu

Thanks for the summary. Yeah, I really wanted to include Shunsui. He’s my favorite Bleach character, so making him play a passive role in this chapter worked ideally for me.