Bunny Seeking Blonde

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of My Hero Academia stories)
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Rumi Usagiyama checked the address on her phone again, the American chick recommended to her by Dynamight lived in this apartment building. It was one of those new highrise places with the upper end security. According to the hotheaded hero, he was acquainted with an American Hero Support specialist who had just moved to Japan. She already owned several patents, including those new Quickband things that were making a big splash in the market for heroes.


From what he’d told Rumi, the girl was a quirkless genius who had grown up on I-island. That alone was enough to make Rumi wanna go to her to take care of things. All of Rumi’s gear had been custom ordered from there after her injuries last year. Lifting her left hand, Rumi flexed the mechanical fingers, wincing at the creaking noise they made. She maintained the hell out of the prosthetic limb, but it still creaked like some cheap door hinge. She’d tried the oil that she’d been given, and it worked at first, but halfway through the day the joints in her arm would start squeaking like crazy.


Normally, Rumi wouldn’t care about something like that, but she didn’t like that it could give away her position in a fight where stealth was needed. And it could be off putting at Busteez as not a lot of guys liked the idea of hooking up with an amputee, even one as hot as herself.


Stepping up to the main door, she found the apartment number Dynamight had given her and pressed the call button. There was a soft tone like a doorbell and a moment later a screen set above the series of call buttons flickered to life. A young blonde woman in her very late teens to early twenties appeared on the screen. ‘Hmm, she’s cute.’ thought Rumi.


“Hello?” asked the girl.


Rumi gave a salute as she grinned at the camera, “Yo, you Melissa Shield?” she asked.


The blonde girl blinked her pretty blue eyes and nodded, “Yes, hey, aren’t you Mirko, the Rabbit Hero?”


“That’s me, Dynamight gave me your address, told me you might be able to help me with a problem I’ve been having.” she explained. “I would have made an appointment, but…” she began, but stopped when Melissa shook her head on the screen.


“No, no, it’s perfectly fine, I really need to put an option to contact me directly on the website.” she said, “What’s the problem?” she asked.


Rumi held up her arm and flexed her prosthetic hand several times. On the screen, Melissa winced, “Oh dear, lemme guess, a P.L. 500? It’s the model they give with most hero insurance companies.”


The platinum haired woman blinked, “I thought it was the latest model?”


“It technically is, but, wait, lemme buzz you in,” Melissa said and Rumi heard a loud tone from the main door. She turned away from the screen and pulled the door open. The bunny girl then walked inside, the first thing she noticed was that the building still smelled new. The air was filled with the scent of drywall and paint. There were air fresheners placed at regular intervals, but they only masked the smell mildly.


Rumi walked over to the elevator and pressed the call button. The doors slid open instantly and Rumi stepped inside. She rode the lift to the fifth floor and stepped out into a hall that smelled much less like plaster. The space was more confined, so the air fresheners were more effective. Walking down the hall, she found the correct apartment and knocked on the door.


“It’s open!” came the blonde’s reply.


Rumi pushed the handle down and the door slid open on silent hinges. The interior of the apartment was a stark contrast to the hall outside. The walls were lined with a floral patterned wallpaper in a mix of dark pink and purple. The carpet was a matching violet purple and felt incredibly plush underfoot. The furniture all matched and Rumi could see that the place had been professionally decorated. She didn’t see Melissa anywhere as she walked farther in and looked around. The place was a little messy, but not in the way of a single girl living alone, more the genius working on several projects at once. There were tools, papers, diagrams, and parts scattered about all over. Though when she looked close, each collection of items was neatly arranged. Rumi couldn’t tell what any of it was, but she knew each pile went together.


An open laptop on the coffee table caught her eye and Rumi saw what she knew to be a D.N.A. strand depicted next to the image of a female body. She blinked her red eyes when she saw that the form was female, with breasts and curves, but the gender was distinctly NOT, going off the rather large penis hanging between the legs. Rumi smirked, not judging, she herself had some fairly interesting kinks. She politely closed the laptop, not wanting the young blonde to be embarrassed by her having seen her private porn.


When she looked at the papers on the table, one name caught her eyes, Dr. Kyudai Garaki! The sick science freak behind All for One and Tomura Shigaraki’s twisted research! Picking up the papers, Rumi skimmed the contents. The information on the papers was over her head, but she knew enough that it was about Quirk grafting, the doctor’s line of inhumane research.


“NATO asked me to look into Garaki’s research.” said a young woman’s voice from across the room, “They’re hoping that his discoveries can be used to help people, so all of his victims wouldn’t have suffered for nothing.” said Melissa as she stepped into view. Rumi raised an eyebrow at how she was dressed, or rather, undressed! Wearing nothing but a pair of anime style white panties with the tiny pink bow on the front and a large white lab coat that hung open over an impressive pair of breasts. The edges of the coat just barely covered Melissa’s nipples from view. The headshot she’d seen a few moments ago was just that, Rumi figured she might have just been wearing a tube top or a thin strapped top, explaining the amount of bare shoulders she’d seen.


“That guy’s research should have all been burned,” said Rumi.


“Normally, I’d agree,” said Melissa, “But have you ever heard of “The Wyoming Directive”?” asked Melissa.


Rumi’s ire faded, there wasn’t a hero alive who hadn’t heard of THAT particular order. It was closely tied to Garaki’s Quirk Singularity Theory. It was a rare order, so rare in the history of Quirks, it had only been enacted twice. Three times if you counted the incident it was named after. A young boy in Wyoming, United States, was born with a quirk that caused him to produce gamma radiation. Through no fault of his own, he’d killed an entire small town overnight, and his Quirk was only getting stronger. One poor hero who was immune to the effect was sent in to “deal” with the problem before more people could die. The directive was coined to deal with what had been classified as a Class 13 Quirk. A Quirk that made a person an extreme danger to themselves or others. Again, they were rare, rarer than any other kind of Quirk, but Rumi dreaded the day when she might be called on to carry out that directive. Only two other heroes had ever carried it out, both before she’d even been born. Rumi hated to think of what they must have gone through after. Being forced to take a life to save others was no small thing. Even if you saved countless lives in the process, something like that marked you, forever.


“They’re hoping his research will make the directive unnecessary, aren’t they?” Rumi asked.


“Among other things, yes. The Temporary Erasure Rounds made from Eri Aizawa’s blood have already been used to prevent it once from what I’ve been told.” Melissa explained. “The child in question was briefly erased, then contained, and then the authorities were able to help him. What exactly his quirk was I don’t know, but it had to be something dangerous.”


“I hadn’t heard about that,” said Rumi.


“It’s not something they’re advertising because of the controversial nature of where the rounds come from. And from what I heard, Eri volunteered to help with it.” said Melissa.


“She’s a tough kid. I only met her once just after Ole One Eye adopted her officially.” said Rumi. “She offered to fix my arm and foot, but I turned her down,” Rumi said, holding up her arm, “This, is a constant reminder for me not to do anything too stupid.”


Melissa nodded, “I can respect that,” she said as she walked closer while Rumi set the papers back down. “So, lemme have a look,” she said, holding out one hand to her.


Not even gonna mention why she’s dressed like that?’ thought Rumi as she placed her hand in Melissa’s, ‘I can roll with it.


“Hmmmm, yeah, they gave you a basic model,” said Melissa, “It’s good, great even, for everyday work, but it’s ill suited for any kind of hero work.” she explained, “Lemme guess, it was fine at first, then it started squeaking a lot no matter how well lubricated and maintained you kept it, right?”


Rumi nodded.


The blonde sighed, “Yeah, the medical companies just don’t get that a hero puts SO much more wear and tear on a limb like this.” she said as she stepped away and moved over to one of the varied piles in the room. “That squeaking is metal fatigue, your model uses stainless steel bearings and micro pistons. While those are fine even for a construction worker, they won’t do for any kind of combat.”


Flexing her fingers again, Rumi asked, “Is there anything you can do?”


“One sec, I know I put it here somewhere…” Melissa muttered as she rummaged through the pile. “Oh, mind if I ask a possibly uncomfortable question?”


“Shoot,” Rumi said, watching as the girl’s tits spilled out of her coat, hanging heavily from her chest like a pair of cow udders. They had a lovely shape to them that just begged to be groped and fondled.


“How bad was the damage where your limb was cut off?” Melissa asked.


“Oh that? That’s not uncomfortable for me. And ripped, my arm was ripped off by a displacement Quirk on a Nomu. Some kind of twisting, whirling displacement of air. My arm was a pulped mess when they found it. Hurt like hell, but the nerves up to the point where things were severed are all fine.” Rumi explained, “My foot was surgically removed when they concluded the damage was too severe to recover from fully. I’ve been using a base prosthetic for that when I work, one of those spring coil types.”


“Oh, that’s good, then this will work!” said Melissa as she pulled out what looked like a stump covering. Rumi had worn one on both stumps for a couple weeks after her injuries while the stitches healed. “I just need to set this one for the left arm.” she said as she began tapping some near invisible controls on the surface. There was a series of soft chimes as she worked before walking back over to Rumi. Her tits were fully exposed now, pert pink nipples turning stiff in the air.


“Hold out your right arm for me please?” she asked.


“Huh, why my right?” Rumi asked as she did as requested.


Melissa passed the cover over Rumi’s arm, and the platinum haired woman saw a series of laser scanners passing over her arm. The scan was painless, but Rumi wondered what the blonde was up to. When she was done scanning, Melissa asked Rumi to remove her current prosthetic, which she did.


“Fair warning, this will feel like it’s burning something awful for a few seconds. That’s the lead connecting to your nerve fibers.” Melissa warned.


“Pssssh, little girl, I’ve had my arm ripped off, my leg impaled, and lost part of my ear, a little burning is nothing!” Rumi said, reaching up to tap the ruined tip of her right ear.


“I can probably help with that too, though that would just be cosmetic and not serve any kind of function.” Melissa told her as she fitted the covering around Rumi’s left arm stump. The thing felt cold and plastic, not hot in the least. Melissa then touched a button on the edge of the stump and there was a soft hiss.


FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!” Rumi shouted as the most intense pain she’d ever felt in her life seared at the end of her stump. She gritted her teeth and hissed against the pain that seemed to radiate from her stump to the rest of her body. She then heard a series of whirs and clicks and pings as the end of the cover extended outwards, then bent forward at the point where her elbow had once been. After then it continued extending and then splayed apart in a hand pattern at the end. Rounded plates then slid out and around what she recognized as a skeletal base for an arm. They snapped into place with a metallic noise as the pain slowly faded. When it was over, Rumi saw a new, shiny looking left arm in place of the slightly clunkier one she’d had on before. It looked positively futuristic, like some kind of finely formed plate mail armor. More than that, when she flexed her fingers and bent her elbow, it was completely silent. She touched her thumb to each of her fingertips and blinked. The tips of the fingers ended in some kind of soft pads, and there were more of these pads along the joins of her fingers and all over her palm.


“Huh?” she said, touching her fingers again, then making a fist.


“That’s why it burned so bad.” Melissa said with a smile.


“Holy fuck, I can actually FEEL it!” said Rumi! She actually could! She could feel her entire arm! It wasn’t like her original, but damned close. The closest she could describe it would be the feeling just after the pins and needles sensation when a limb fell asleep, right before all sensation fully returned.


“We’re still working on the nerve conduction, but this should work well for now.” Melissa told her, “I’d explain how it works, but I don’t fully understand it myself. Though if you like, I can explain this!” she said before tapping Rumi’s arm just behind her elbow.


Rumi blinked her red eyes as the arm seemed to ripple and shimmer. She felt a powerful static charge in the air for a moment before the entire arm began to glow in a rainbow of colors. When the light faded, she blinked again, her eyes then going wide as she saw HER arm in place of the prosthetic!


“What…?!” she gasped.


“It’s called “Hard Light”, think of it like a solid hologram.” said Melissa.


Rumi flexed her hand again then touched her arm with her remaining hand. It felt real! The skin was warm to the touch and supple like the real thing. She suddenly understood the reason for Melissa scanning her other arm when she saw a tiny little scar at the base of her wrist, it mirrored an identical scar on her right hand. Melissa’s scan just mirrored her right arm to mimic her left one.


“It does have a few drawbacks,” Melissa said after a moment, “The hologram can only be maintained for about eight hours tops before the battery needs to be recharged. Though the battery inside the arm will last for weeks if you turn the illusion off.”


“Well, that’s not so bad, I’m used to taking the other one off to charge it at night anyway.” Rumi said as she moved her arm about, bending it and flexing her fingers. She then interlaced her digits and cracked her knuckles loudly with a series of pops. “AHHHHHH, fuck, you have no idea how long I’ve been wanting to do that!”


Melissa giggled, “Yeah, a lot of heroes do that, so I built a function like that in. Oh, and I almost forgot, do you use a Quickband?” she asked.


Rumi nodded, “Yeah, it’s on my other arm, thanks for reminding me.” She then watched as Melissa went over to the other arm and pulled the band off. The simple white strip strighted into a small bar with a slight curse running through its length. The things reminded Rumi of those slap on bracelets that a lot of clubs back in her highschool day’s used.


The young blonde came back over to Rumi and touched the band to the wrist of her new arm. The projection of living flesh shimmered again for a bit before forming a wristband around the wrist. “I built a self contained Quickband system into the arm itself, it can store up to six costumes or outfits. I just transferred the costume you have in this to the new one.”


“No shit?” Rumi asked, moving to tap the control on the band. Glowing ribbons of light whipped out from the wristband and wrapped themselves around her body. In a few seconds she was completely covered in bands of light like some kind of glowing mummy. The light then faded and Rumi was in her Mirko costume!


“Nice, I won’t have to worry about forgetting my band anymore. You really are the genius Dynamight said you were.” she told Melissa.


“Really, Bakugo said that?” Melissa asked, blinking her blue eyes.


“Well, I think it was along the lines of ‘Deku’s would-be girlfriend from the States is kinda smart, she might be able to help you out.’ or something along those lines.” Rumi answered honestly. Melissa giggled and Rumi grinned, “Trust me, from that punk, that’s high praise!”


Rumi began doing some basic moves with her new arm, shadow boxing the air. “So, did you date him for a while or something?” she asked.


“Who?” Melissa asked.


“Deku, Dynamight called you a would-be girlfriend.” explained the rabbit eared woman.


Melissa blushed a deep red, and Rumi had her answer even before she replied, “N… No, no!! We’re just really good friends! He saved my Papa and me once, and he’s Uncle Might’s successor and…”


Rumi cut her off with a wave of her hand, “Enough said, I just thought you might be dressing like that to entice him.” she said, using that moment to point out Melissa’s lack of attire.


The blonde blinked and looked down at herself, turning even redder at the sight of her naked tits hanging out of her coat. She made the cutest little yelping sound as she closed the coat over her next to naked self.


“I, uh, um, I just…!” Melissa stammered, “IT HELPS ME THINK, OKAY!?” she yelled defensively.


Rumi let out a hearty laugh, “Relax girl, here, I’ll make it fair.” said Rumi as she tapped another button on her quickband arm, retracting her costume, but not replacing it with the clothes she had on before. In seconds, the platinum haired bunny girl was standing completely naked next to the young blonde. Melissa blushed again, gulping audibly as her eyes were quickly drawn to her naked tits which were roughly the same size as her own, so it wasn’t jealousy.


Ooooh, so that’s how it is with her… That explains the futanari porn on the computer.’ thought Rumi. She then placed her foot up on the Coffee table and asked, “So, got a foot here by chance?”


As it turned out, she did.


After repeating the previous process, Rumi tested out both her new limbs. Her foot would function just as well as her original, and work a lot better than that spring bar peg-leg she’d been using! Rumi still didn’t enjoy the feeling of her leg burning as the nerves were connected, but thankfully that was short lived.


Melissa had her sit down on the couch with her foot propped up while she made a few more adjustments to it. There was a folder sitting on top of one of the cushions and Rumi idly flipped it open. It had a paper showing the same image she’d seen on the screen of the laptop. But the words, “Artificial Quirk Analysis: Futanari” were written at the top. It was followed by a lot of technical jargon Rumi didn’t understand.


This was something she DID know about, Artificial Quirks were something that had been studied for a long time, though with no success. Dr. Garaki’s research with copied Quirks might have advanced that research by YEARS!


“Planning to give yourself a dick?” Rumi asked.


WAAAAH!!!” Melissa shrieked, she looked absolutely adorable, being all embarrassed like that as she snatched away the file, blushing almost from head to toe.


“It’s,” she said in a small voice, “Just a theory, though I haven’t found a way to make it work yet. I thought if I were to give myself a quirk, I’d make it something harmless, but useful…”


“Heh, so you dig both guys and girls. Nothing wrong with that!” Rumi said with a grin, “I ain’t one to judge, believe me, you have ANY idea just HOW horny I get with my Quirk? A rabbit’s breeding instincts are enough to drive someone insane! Combine that with a human’s stamina and ability to fuck anytime we want, you get a volatile mix. I’ll confess, I became a hero so I could kick ass and relieve the frustration through that. So few men have what it takes to breed THIS bunny!” Rumi said, pointing both thumbs at herself.


“I, I see… So, you don’t think I’m a perv or anything?” Melissa asked.


“Pssssh, girl, you’re talking to a woman whose first time was with five guys at once! I’m in ZERO position to judge!” Rumi confessed.


Melissa visibly relaxed a bit and Rumi grinned at her as she leaned forward, “Do tell me when you get it to work, if you’re gonna go THAT big, you might just be able to breed the bunny!” she said, opening the folder and pointing to the image on the paper.


“Actually, if it works, I’d be able to vary the size as needed.” Melissa said quietly. She then set the file down and placed her hands back on Rumi’s right foot. If anyone were to walk in now, it would just look like the blonde girl was giving her a foot massage, but she was actually performing delicate calibrations.


“Fun.” Rumi said as her toes twitched reflexively when Melissa found a spot that was actually ticklish!


When Melissa had finished, Rumi got up off the couch and stretched languidly. She smirked when she felt the young blonde’s eyes moving over her body. ‘Eh, why not?’ she thought to herself as she moved over to Melissa and leaned in close. Pressing her tits against the other girl’s, Rumi reached her arms around Melissa’s waist to grab her ass tightly, giving it a firm squeeze. She then moved her hands up, grabbing the front lapels of her lab coat and pushing the garment back and off of Melissa’s body. The blonde haired girl made a nervous sound, but didn’t voice a complaint so Rumi went another step further, grabbing her white cotton panties and pushing them down. Once past her shapely hips, the flimsy underwear simply slid down Melissa’s legs to pool at her feet. Rumi smirked at the fact that Melissa was going with the completely bald pussy look, something very popular with women today, Rumi included. She then hopped up onto Melissa, grabbing her waist with her legs to hold herself up with her hands on her shoulders.


“Mmmh, you work out.” Rumi commented when Melissa didn’t fall over, her hands gripping her thighs tightly to help steady her, “So tell me, do you have anything you can use in place of that little quirk you’re working on?”


“I, uh…” Melissa said, and Rumi leaned forward and pressed her mouth to the other girls. One thing Rumi truly enjoyed about another woman was the softness of the lips. Only the most baby faced or freshly shaved man was ever without at least SOME stubble from his beard. A minor turn-off and not nearly enough of a deal breaker to turn Rumi away when she was REALLY horny. But there was something about the smooth softness of a girl’s mouth against her own that really turned the bunny girl on!


“Mmmmmh, I’ll be honest, just picturing you with a dick as thick as my thigh has got me all juicy already.” Rumi confessed, “Be sure to call me when you succeed, I’m sure you’ll need to try that baby out!”


Melissa chuckled nervously, but nodded and Rumi kissed her again. The blonde offered less resistance this time as she slowly explored the inside of her mouth with her tongue.


“Mmmmmh…” Melissa moaned against Rumi’s mouth softly as the platinum haired woman began grinding her crotch against her. The bunny-eared woman then let go of her hips, lowering her legs to the floor when she felt Melissa’s balance begin to waver slightly. She kept their lips pressed together though as she rubbed her tits against the blonde girl’s.


Moaning again, Melissa rubbed her body back against Rumi, and the platinum haired woman felt the girl’s hand move to her ass! Smiling, Rumi slowly drew back, breaking the kiss. A thin rope of saliva connected their mouths for a second, but snapped away. Rumi smiled at the way Melissa panted softly, her chest heaving with every breath as she gazed back at her with open lust in her eyes. She then reached a hand up to lightly stroke the younger girl’s face.


“Bedroom?” she asked.


Melissa nodded and pulled out of their embrace, taking Rumi by the hand and leading her deeper into the apartment. Her bedroom was pretty much how Rumi expected it to be, papers and diagrams pinned to the walls almost like wallpaper. Except for one small area that had a poster of Mirko herself up on one spot. It depicted Rumi in a high flying kick pose and was one of only a few she’d done. She remembered taking it, few people knew she had to be suspended by wires for the image. There was no logistical way to catch the image in flight of an actual kick. And Rumi didn’t have the time or energy to do that particular move dozens of times, hoping to catch it at just the right second.


“Want me to autograph that?” Rumi asked her with a smirk.


Melissa blushed and Rumi pulled her into another kiss. She understood why she’d been nervous before, fans tended to get that way sometimes. But at least the room wasn’t covered with posters of her, it’d be weird to fuck in a room like that.


The blonde kissed her back more forcefully this time, and Rumi smiled against her lips. She held the kiss for a long while, lightly sucking on Melissa’s soft tongue as her hands began exploring her body more. Her skin was so soft and warm, Rumi loved the way it felt against her own.


She broke the kiss again and gazed back at Melissa, pushing the hair on the left side of her head back, exposing her delicate neck. She then leaned her head down and kissed the exposed skin softly as her hands moved to grab the other girl’s ass.


“Oooohhh…” Melissa moaned in pleasure. Rumi giggled lightly, nibbling her neck now as they moved over towards the modest sized bed. The bunny girl then yelped in surprise as Melissa turned them around and gently pushed her down onto the mattress!


She grinned up at her, “That’s more like it!” she said as Melissa climbed in with her, kissing her harder now, her hands grabbing at Rumi’s big heavy tits. Rumi moaned into Melissa’s mouth, loving the feel of having her tits groped and squeezed roughly. She gasped for breath when Melissa broke the kiss this time, laying Rumi back and lowering her head to kiss the nipple of her right breast before wrapping her pink lips around it!


“Mmmmmmmh…” Melissa moaned softly as she began sucking Rumi’s nipple roughly. Rumi chewed her lower lip lightly, hugging the other girl closer as she watched Melissa try and fit more of her tit into her mouth. She could feel the blonde nimble tongue slipping and sliding around, sending shivers of pleasure through her. Melissa then moved one hand to Rumi’s other tit, grabbing it firmly and squeezing. Her creamy fingers stood out against Rumi’s deeply tanned skin as she kneaded the breast like a mound of bread dough.


“Ooooh… Yeah, stick them in there…!” Rumi hissed as she felt Melissa’s other hand move between her legs, her warm fingers sliding over the moist folds of her pussy! The blonde slipped three digits neatly into her pussy causing a wet squishing sound. Rumi immediately began rolling her hips into the girl’s hand instinctually.


Melissa moaned happily around Rumi’s nipple as she worked her fingers back and forth quickly. Hot juices flowed freely from Rumi’s tight wet pussy as she bucked her hips faster. Melissa then moved from one nipple to the other, sucking it until it was so stiff Rumi felt she could have cut glass with it! The young blonde then moved to kiss the older woman again, their tongue slipping and sliding along one another’s as both of them moaned softly. Both women laced their legs with the other, grinding and humping their pussies against the other’s leg as they rolled on top of the bed, trading places with one another several times.


The two women moved as one, switching into a sixty-nine position together with Rumi on top. As she finally got a clear look at the girl’s tight little cunt, she licked her lips slowly, “Mmmmmmh, it’s all nice and puffy and pink, so cute!” she told her as she used both hands to pry open her pussy, taking a close look at her swollen clit. It was like a little round jewel, glistening with her overflowing juices. The heady scent of Melissa’s pussy made Rumi feel dizzy as she blew a sharp breath over the stiff little button.


“Haaaaah…!” Melissa, moaned, “Pl… Please, don’t say things like that, it’s embarrassing…”


“Oh you love it, don’t lie!” said Rumi before she slowly brushed her tongue over the hot folds of the other girl’s pussy. She tasted delicious! Rumi immediately went all on, covering Melissa’s cunt with her mouth and moving her tongue in long broad strokes.


“Ahhhhnn, M… Miss Mirko, that feels so good!” Melissa whimpered.


Lifting her head up, Rumi turned to look back at Melissa, licking her lips slowly, “You can call me Rumi!” she told her before going back to her meal. It had been a while since she’d been with another girl, but Rumi enjoyed every second of this as she felt Melissa’s hot little mouth on her pussy as well.


MMMMMMMMH!!!” Rumi moaned loudly into Melissa’s pussy, loving the feel and taste of it on her tongue as she lifted her mouth up slowly. She then dipped two fingers into Melissa’s pussy, impressed with how tight it was, she actually had to really push to fit them inside. Melissa moaned again at the penetration and Rumi smiled, dipping her fingers back and forth slowly while she swirled her tongue around the blonde’s clit.


She then felt Melissa dipping her tongue in deep, using it to explore the inside of her pussy. “Mmmmmmmh, yeah, more, lick me more!!!” Rumi moaned as she quivered in pleasure.


“Hmmmmmh…” Melissa moaned into her pussy, licking her harder and using her fingers to pry open the petals so she could lick farther inside!


Both women remained like that for what felt like hours, but could only have been a few minutes before they changed positions again. Their mouths each sought out the other’s in a heated kiss. Rumi rubbed her now sweaty body against Melissa, entwinning her legs with the other girl’s again. As they grinded their bodies together hotly, Melissa broke the kiss and pulled herself over to the edge of the bed. Rumi sat up on her elbows to watch as she reached over the edge of the bed, then under it. She then heard something sliding along the carpet, followed by a plastic box being opened. When Melissa turned around she held one of those double ended dildo things that fitted one woman like a strap-on, but without the strap. Instead it was held in place by a thick ball-like tip at the end that went inside her. The other end then stuck out from her crotch like an actual dick.


“You sure you don’t have a mind reading quirk?” Rumi asked her. Both women giggled as Melissa got up on her knees and fitted the end of dildo inside herself. The bright green ‘male’ end stuck out from her crotch prominently as Rumi moved to kneel on all fours with her ass in the air. She licked her lips again, her pussy ACHING for something long and thick to be stuffed inside her!


Melissa slapped both hands down on Rumi’s ass with a pair of loud spanks. She then lined the other end of the dildo up with her heated pussy and quickly shoved it inside!


HMMMMMMMMMH, YEEEEEEAH…!” Rumi screamed, cumming instantly as she felt the thick phallic shape pushing inside, “OH FUCK THAT’S WHAT I NEEDED…” she moaned.


“Mmmmmmh, Rumi… Ahhhh, this feels so nice, I can feel it stirring around inside me when I move…” Melissa moaned.


“Mmmmmh, yeah, you like that little girl…?” Rumi asked her as she began rocking herself back and forth slowly, “You wanna fuck the bunny!?” she asked, “Wanna slam that big, hard, fake dick into me!?”


“Yes, yes…” Melissa answered as she began thrusting her hips, moaning softly as her hands gripped Rumi’s ass tightly.


“Mmmmmmmh!!! Say it, tell me you wanna fuck the bunny! Say it!” Rumi hissed through clenched teeth.


“Ahhhhn, I wanna fuck the bunny!” Melissa moaned, slamming the fake dick in and out of her faster, “Ahhh, I wanna fuck the bunny! I wanna FUCK, THE, BUNNY!!!” she moaned, slamming her dildo into Rumi with every word.




“Yes… Rumi… Rumi… Hahhhh, oh god, your ass is so sexy! I just wanna pound my dick into it!” Melissa moaned.


“Heheh, as soon as you get one, gimme a call, then maybe I’ll let you BREED the bunny!” Rumi moaned back at her as she bucked her body back and forth with Melissa’s thrust, “AHHH FUCK, THIS FEELS SO GOOD, MAKE ME CUM, MAKE ME CUM, AHHHHNN!!!


“Nmmmmmh, cumming, I’m cumming!!!” Melissa moaned as she jammed the dildo in deep, causing her entire body to shake.


YEEEAH, YEEEEAAAH…!” Rumi moaned with her as her entire body quivered in orgasm. She only wished she could feel the welcome sensation of thick, hot, sticky cum pumping into her womb as Melissa fell over her. The end of the dildo inside the blonde slipped out of her with a wet ‘pop’.


“Hah, hah, ah, haah, not bad, girl…” said Rumi after a few minutes. Before she got out from under her and sat up casually, “Ahhhhhh, I needed that, so, what do I owe you?”


“Huh!?” Melissa asked, bolting upright, “But I’m not, I mean, I didn’t… I mean…” Melissa began stammering with a panicked look on her face.


Rumi held up her left arm, “For the arm silly! Don’t tell me all that nonsense about American blondes is true!” she said with a grin as she pointed at the limb.


Melissa immediately calmed down, “Oh, well, I don’t really need any money… But! Did you mean what you said, about… If my research was successful?”


Rumi blinked, then laughed heartily, “Yeah sure! Just gimme a call!”



Story by Sailor Io

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9 months ago

Sailorio, will you use images, like of la brava, from the fanbox as part of the stories(not with the image of course) or you it in the histories of the discord or pantreon?

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
9 months ago

The first non-Midoriya related chapter in a loooooong while, I appreciate it! Seeing different girls every chapter is nice and all but having it all written from the same dude’s perspective… it became kinda stale. Which is why I REALLY like this chapter, where we got introduced to two very horny and interesting girls who then end up fucking each other instead of going for the closest dick. Mirko’s innitial intention, with her wanting a new arm and leg are pretty solid. Melissa and her research of Shigaraki’s former stuff and of that futanari Quirk are a really nice character trait and seem like a plausible explanation for a future dick-girl(s). The stuff with that Wyoming thing seems to be the same as from the last series. I like the explanation with how Mirko got her new (prosthetic) limbs. The sex between the two was very nice and I like how it all began with Mirko thinking “sure, why not?!”. Great yuri action and character interactions between them. Also, I like how Mirko learned about Melissa through Bakugo. She and Bakugo work rather good together I would imagine.

I for one wouldn’t mind seeing more side character interactions like this instead of the obvious main characters (though I obviously know that this heavily depends on the artwork)

9 months ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

I’m glad you enjoyed it, the next two chapters feature Deku, however, one of them is not from his pov, but from the womans.

Yeah, the Wyoming Directive was too good a detail not to recycle into this series.

9 months ago

Something tells me Izuku is going to be the solution to both of their problems.

9 months ago
Reply to  Mal

Only indirectly. This will tie in later with an upcoming arc in the series.

9 months ago

Nice chapter, but why are we getting mha chapters on Wednesdays and how long before melissa gets to use that dick quirk

9 months ago
Reply to  Jorge

No idea, I think last week it had more to do with a BSU posting than anything else. Best to ask Enzo about that.

9 months ago

Love it, keep it up

9 months ago
Reply to  N0bod4

Thaaaaaaank you!

Adrian AL
Adrian AL
9 months ago

Ahora BNH sera lanzado entre semana y ya no los sabados?

Last edited 9 months ago by Adrian AL
9 months ago
Reply to  Adrian AL

No, I this this week and last are special cases.

9 months ago

Great chapter! This was a good yuri story, I also enjoyed Dynamight recent interactions with Mirko in the manga so I’m glad to see it transcribed here too, overall good job!

9 months ago
Reply to  Anono

Yeah, their both kinda hotheads, though Mirko has a better handle on it. My main reason for doing this chapter the way I did was to cover any pics that did or didn’t depict her after her injuries.

9 months ago

Who knew Melissa had a Lucky Rabbit’s Foot lying around? I wonder if it cost Mirko and arm and a leg.

Bad jokes aside, interesting chapter. I wonder if Melissa’s research may cause issues if she does figure out how to give artifical quirks to others. I wonder like if in X-Men, there would be a group of individuals who are against them simply because they aren’t natural quirks. Sorta like how Magneto views other super heroes as fake mutants due to getting their powers through scientific means.

I don’t have much to say about the pairing in this since I’m the one who requested the picture hahaha. I like Melissa with Mirko, why? Because I just like both characters so I decided Melissa likes to breed the bunny.

Anyway fun chapter, wonder how Melissa’s research will develop.

9 months ago
Reply to  Unskilled

Well, I do plan to address groups like that. Especially in the next chapter! One such group will be mentioned, a group that is the direct opposite of the Quirk Singularity Theory. As for her reasearch, there’s another reason, a way to remove dangerous quirks from people. Such as those who abuse their powers like AfO did. It could be an apt punishment for criminals rather than tartarus prison, to be striped of their quirk and thus rendered harmless. But mainly Melissa is researching for, personal, reasons. 😉 The chapter where she gets it to work is actually done, I just need to adjust the details in it to fit this new series and hopefully someone will request a pic that it will fit well.

9 months ago

Nice yuri chapter

9 months ago
Reply to  Han

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it, I hope the next one is as entertaining for you.

9 months ago

The pic looks hot.