Back Alley Love ASSault

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing crossover series of stories)
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“And then this bitch punched me through a damn mountain!” said Ilulu, pointing at Tohru with her thumb as the quartet of four girls made their way through the town.


“As if you’re one to talk!” Tohru snapped back at the pink haired dragon, only not jumping at her due to Kanna currently holding her hand. “Weren’t you the one who wanted to drown me in that volcano!?”


A vein popped on the other dragon’s forehead. “Only because I knew that you would survive it! Jeez! You act like you’ve never been in a battle like this before.”


“Oh my, seems like you two really went all out there.” commented Lucoa, visibly amused by the banter between the two younger dragon girls as she chuckled into the back of her hand.


Dressed in a skintight and glittering silver dress that highlighted her buxom figure and left almost nothing open for interpretation, she caused a great many men to turn their way as they walked by. Tohru and Ilulu received just as many lecherous stares, wearing more or less similarly revealing clothes. One of the biggest differences was the deep V neckline of Ilulu’s top that left part of her areolas completely exposed, while Tohru went for a much more modest, although still incredibly form fitting shirt that barely contained her breasts. If it weren’t for the absolutely ridiculous size of Ilulu’s tits, Tohru undoubtedly would have received just as much, if not more, attention from the many other people on the streets than already!


The electric lights of the street lamps illuminated the way ahead of them. Kobayashi had just arrived in this remote port town a few hours ago with her entourage. And while she and Takiya were busy setting up their stuff inside one of the cabins on the Helicruiser that the girl that they would work for had rented for them, her friends set off to explore the town together with Lucoa for a bit. That girl, Kaguya Shinomiya, had somehow managed to let them all go on board one day before the cruise would set off to give them enough time getting accustomed to their new environment.


“Are you sure that Shouta will be okay? All on his own in the hotel and all?” Kanna asked Lucoa in her usual quiet and monotone voice while the other two dragon girls continued bickering.


“Hm?” raising an eyebrow, Lucoa turned towards the younger girl, not really having paid much attention due to the other girls and their much louder quarrel. “Oh, yes! He’s probably asleep by now. He already saw most of the town to begin with when we first arrived here and wants to be well-rested for tomorrow.”


“Mhm! Okay.” Nodding, Kanna suppressed a yawn and clung to Tohru even more. “Mmmh!”


Finally stopping bickering with Ilulu, Tohru picked up Kanna and put the smaller girl on her shoulders, “Aw, are you tired?” she asked even as the lavender haired dragoness leaned forward to rest on Tohru’s head.


She shook her head, “Mmmh… No!” moaned the younger girl after a silent yawn. She nestled her face into Tohru’s blonde hair and began breathing much more evenly as she closed her eyes, slowly drifting into the world of sleep.


The girls simply continued on wandering as if nothing happened. They passed by several clubs that were filled with different sailors and workers who celebrated their last day on dry land for a while, or the fact that they finally finished the decorations for the grand ceremony tomorrow. Due to that ceremony, the entire main street of the town was closed off and guarded by the police, mercenaries and security guards hired by the Shinomiya Group specifically for this event. It wasn’t that big of a surprise though, given that Japan’s Prime Minister, and even the old and ill leader of the Shinomiya Group, Gan’an Shinomiya, among other famous and powerful people, would make a brief appearance to celebrate this momentous occasion!


“You know… I can kinda see why Shouta is so excited about tomorrow.” Ilulu said after looking into the third bar or so. “This whole cruise-thing does seem to be quite special for those humans.”


“I mean, they can’t fly on their own… so being able to do so, with a boat no less, seems like quite the accomplishment to me.” Lucoa replied, caressing the sleeping Kanna’s cheek with her index finger.


Tohru couldn’t help but agree with that statement. For all it’s worth, going into one of those weird metallic contraptions was the only way for them to fly through the air, “Still…” she kicked a little pebble across the street hard enough to send it crashing into a trash can with enough force to leave a dent. “I still don’t know why Kobayashi-san won’t let me just fly to wherever this ship goes… I can bring her there in a quarter of the time!”


“Well, I can bring her there in even less time!” boasted Ilulu, while crossing her arms confidently underneath her heavy breasts as she tried to one-up the other dragoness.


A vein popped on Tohru’s forehead. “What did you say, you…!?”


“The way is the aim… isn’t that one of the sayings that these humans like to use from time to time?” asked the heterochromic eyed woman in an attempt to de-escalate the situation before it could grow out of hand. “I think it applies here as well. As far as I’m aware, there are quite a lot of different activities to do on the ship alone.”


“Hmmm… maybe you’re right.” Tohru agreed, readjusting her hold of Kanna ever so slightly without waking the younger girl from her slumber, “You mind if I just drop her off in your hotel room for the night?” she then asked after a while.


“Sure. The way I see it, little Kanna is in no position to do much else today.” Lucoa reached into her purse, pulled out the electronic key card to her room, and tossed it over to Tohru, who catched it easily between her teeth before dropping it into the depths of her cleavage. “Just make sure to not wake up Shouta-kun if he’s already in bed.”


The blonde maid gave her a thumbs-up, “Got it!”


Faster than any mere mortal or security camera could follow, she jumped high into the air and towards the hotel where they had begun with their trip through the town. If it weren’t for her keen senses as a dragon, she probably would have gotten lost in this buzzing city, since the many tall skyscrapers looked just all too similar to one another.


Below her, Ilulu and Lucoa watched as she disappeared behind two buildings, “That girl…!” Ilulu shook her head as she marched on again.


“Come on now~! I think you’re actually looking forward to this cruise as well, right?” Lucoa stretched her arms as she walked next to the smaller pinkette. “I, for one, can’t wait t-!”


BLLLOOORHG!!!” a rude noise interrupted her from a nearby dark alley, “I shink dat wash everRRRRRORRRGH!!!!” the same man said before puking into the sewer while five other men around him kept laughing and drinking.


One of them, a bald headed man with muscles that dwarfed those of his friends, patted him on the shoulder as he supported himself by leaning against the wall. “Yeah, sure!”


“Just admit that you had too much to drink!” said yet another guy with short blonde hair before downing the beer in his hand. He patted the puking man’s shoulder as well. “Guys like you who can’t hold their liquor should ju-Oh?”


No longer able to support his own weight, the man who just emptied his stomach into the sewer fell forwards and smacked against the wall, sliding down on it with his cheek until he was laying on the ground, “CHRRR, CHRRR, CHRRR, CHRRR,…!!” he snored blissfully, with a little bubble ballooning out of his nose with every breath he took.


“Idiot!” a fourth guy with a dragon or snake tattoo on the side of his neck said in an annoyed tone while rubbing his forehead, “Come on, let’s pick him up and… do you guys see what I’m seeing?” he then asked while rubbing his eyes as if he just woke up.


Following the direction of his eyes, the second guy nodded, “If you’re also seeing two positively hot babes, then yes!” he agreed.


If looks alone could undress someone, then both Ilulu and Lucoa would be butt naked by now as all five conscious guys now turned their attention to them, “Hey, ladies! What are beauties like you doing at a place like this?” one of them shouted over to them, practically drooling with desire and wanton lust.


“Is that… an attempt at courting?” Ilulu whispered to her friend from the side. “Or flirting as it is called here?”


“Why don’t we find out?” the bigger woman asked back with the same warm smile on her lips like most of the time, “I’m afraid we got lost on our way back to the hotel.” she then lied as she approached the guys, swaying her hips erotically from side to side with every step. “I’m sure such kind guys as yourselves won’t mind helping out us girls, right?”


“Hehehehehehehe, no!” answered the tattooed guy as he met her halfway in the alley, putting an arm around her shoulder. “My friends and I would be more than willing to help you and your friend, right boys?”


The other men, aside from one, agreed, drawing closer towards the two dragon girls. Two of them were even beginning to strip out of their shirts already, while the one guy who didn’t go with them picked up their sleeping friend from the ground, “You guys have fun. I promised my GF to not do anything stupid during the cruise!” he threw the passed out man over his shoulder and walked out of the alley. “Peace!”


“Damn you, Toshi!” the blonde said, raising his fist in response to his friend leaving, “He’s become such a bore ever since he started dating!” he stepped in front of a baffled Ilulu and grabbed her wrist to pull her closer, “Anyways, let’s just have some fun, you and I!”


“Oh, I’ll show you a good time!” cooed Ilulu, with a fire burning behind her crimson red eyes as she let herself get pulled away by him.


“Don’t just keep her to yourself! Y’know I like shortstacks!” called out the last guy who had remained silent so far as he nudged his partner into the side. “You are older than eighteen, right?”


Laughing, Lucoa pressed her tits into the tattooed man’s hand after he couldn’t stop himself from beginning to fondle them, “Don’t worry! We’re older than we look, that I can promise you.” She reassured them while opening her dress, revealing that she didn’t even wear any panties underneath and leaving her standing in nothing more than golden high heels and green thigh highs. “Now, why don’t we get started, boys?”


GNAHAHAHAHA!!! I like her already!” called out the baldy as he dropped his pants to reveal his already erect dick, “For all I care, you and the other chick could be a thousand years old! I’ll enjoy fucking you regardless!” he said before shoving the head of his dick into Lucoa’s pussy!


“Mmmmmmhh…!” Lucoa moaned softly as a barely noticeable distention made its way through her stomach as he bucked his hips back and forth against her, ‘Not as thick and big as Shouta-kun, but who am I to judge?!’ she thought to herself while caressing the tattooed man’s crotch through his pants.


“Fuck you, Hiro! I wanted to fuck her cunt first!” said the man, squeezing her breasts even rougher with his hands.


Baldy, aka Hiro, simply flipped his middle finger before thrusting his cock all the way inside Lucoa’s pussy, “Maybe next time. GRRR!!!!” He struggled with pulling his hips back as the dragoness clenched her inner muscles around his pole. “She’s way too tight for you anyways! You would have creamed the moment you pushed it in!”


FUCK!! I can’t believe fucking a pair of udders like that can feel so GOOD!!!!” groaned the blonde guy as he and the other guy got their cocks stroked by Ilulu’s tits.


HRRMMMMM…!!! Would it hurt you if you shut up for a second!?” his partner asked, arching his back as he pushed his dick deeper into the folds of the pinkette’s cleavage. “It’s such a turnoff! Hrmmm, hrmmm, hrrr, hrrr, hrrr!!!”


Boxing his shoulder, blondie reached out for one of Ilulu’s tits and clenched the stiff pink nipple, “As if your moans are any better, Kazu!” he grunted through gritted teeth. “DAYUM!! Her nipples are massive!”


“Hehehehe! Thank you!” In response to his actions, Ilulu pressed her breasts even tighter around their two cocks, mashing them together while heating up the two orbs of flesh, “Don’t they just feel divine? My tits, I mean?”


AHHHHH, they’re so HOOOOTTT!!!!” roared blondie, thrusting his hips even faster into the pillowy softness of her mammaries.


“Ugh… you’re so embarrassing!” moaned Kazu, leaning back against the wall as he actively slowed down the movement of his hips in an attempt to last longer. “Hmmm, mmmh, mmmh, hmmm, huuuf, huff, huff,…!”


“Oh yeah… that’s the spot, baby!” The tattooed man closed his eyes and gave in to the sensation of Lucoa stroking his cock with practiced ease. “You’re one hell of a slut, I’ll tell you that much!”


Smiling, Lucoa leaned back and kissed his cheek, “Mmmmmh~ You’re not bad either!” she whispered into his ear before nibbling on the lobe, “I hope your friend is enjoying my pussy?” she asked with a nod to Kazu, who had put both his hands on her hips and slammed his cock in even faster, rhythmic motions!


He grinned back at her before wrapping his lips around one of her nipples, “Doesh it look like aye’m not enshoing myshelf?” he asked with his mouth full, his tongue whirling around the stiff nub of flesh.


“That’s good to hear, boy~!” moaned the blonde dragon as he suckled on her nipple like a newborn on its mother’s breasts, ‘If only he were a bit smaller and cuter!’ she wished in her mind as he spanked her ass as best as he could without looking, his eyes fixated on her gently heaving breasts.


SHMACK SHMACK SHMACK!! The sound of his balls slapping against her cheeks, mixed with the equally loud and arousing PLAP PLAP PLAP of his friends’ balls drumming against Ilulu’s tits as they continued fucking her tits echoed through the alley. The erotic melody bounced off of the graffiti plastered walls as the two girls and four men continued with their perverted activity.


Both of Ilulu’s partners were far too busy bickering with one another to notice as her breasts began glowing in an even brighter red, “Stop with those stupid moans already! If it’s that hard for you, then blow your load and be done with it! It’s annoying!” snapped the blonde guy at his friend.


“Gwwwwrr… shut up!” Sweat ran down Kazu’s body in response to the sheer heat that engulfed his dick. “Some of us are trying to enjoy this! And your whining… hrrrm, hurr, hurr, hmmm…! DOESN’T hel-!”


“What is going on here?” a female voice asked out of the blue, startling the four guys as they hadn’t noticed anyone stepping into the alley.


“Oh, you’re back…” Ilulu said in response to Tohru’s return. “We just found some guys to have some fun with until you’re back. There would have been two for you as well, but they didn’t want to stick around, so…!”


Before she knew it, blondie pulled his cock out of her tits, resulting in an audible POP, “I call dibs on her!” he interrupted Ilulu as he walked over to Tohru. “You can continue humping the shortstack’s tits for all I care, Kazu!”


“You wanna take on me?!” In an instant, Tohru knelt nude in front of the man, “Let me warn you though, if you think that Ilulu here was good… then you have no idea what you’re getting yourself into with me!”


“Hahahahaha! Big words! Let’s see if you caOOOOOHHH!!! MYYY!!!! GOOOOOODD!!!


Blondie’s bravado vanished in the blink of an eye as Tohru began sucking his cock, “HRMM, MMMH, OOOHM, MMMOWH, GLUGH, GLUGH, GLUGH, UGH, MMMPH!!!” the dragon maid moaned ecstatically as she bobbed her head back and forth, easily swallowing the guy’s seven inches without any effort whatsoever.


“Oh, you wanna play like that, bitch!?” Ilulu’s breasts cooled back down to normal as she pulled them away from Kazu’s cock, “Fine by me! If you go serious, I go serious!” she called out before shoving her partner to the ground.


“Wh- What’s going on?” asked Kazu, surprised by the much shorter girl’s strength.


She grabbed his ankles and pulled him closer towards her across the dirty floor until his cock pointed straight at her pussy, “Just relax and enjoy this! I’m gonna have to show this bitch how it’s done!” declared Ilulu as she speared his cock deep into her pussy, riding it amazon style!


AOOOOOOHHH!!!!” the two guys roared in pleasure at the same time, cumming after just a handful of seconds. Their sticky white seed flooded Tohru’s mouth and Ilulu’s pussy, causing their female partners to shake in a minor orgasm as well.


Despite that however, the girls continued with their objective: To prove that they were better than the other!


MMMMHHH!!! AYE HOPE YOU’W NOT PHINISHED ALWEADY!!!” Tohru slurred around her guy’s cock, twirling her tongue around the already half-hard piece of meat to make it stay erect. “WE’WE NOT GONNA END UNTIW THAT BITCH OVA THEWE ADMITSH THAT AYE’M BETTER!!!


“Hey! Don’t go to sleep just yet!” Ilulu said to her partner with a strictness in her voice that made him snap right out of his delirium after cumming. “Tohru needs to be taught a lesson, and you’re gonna help me teach her that lesson whether you like it or not!”


Eyes wide in shock, Hiro and the tattooed man feared for the worst as Lucoa chuckled, “Oh my~! Those girls sure don’t know how to hold back.” she said, clenching her inner muscles tighter than any vice around Hiro’s length to prevent him from pulling out. “Well then… let’s pick this up a notch as well, shall we?”


It was a question, but both guys knew that “No!” would be no answer! Not that they had much time to object anyways as her tits suddenly ballooned out in front of her!


WHAT THE HELL???” the tattooed guy gasped, while feeling his hand more and more pushed away by the ever growing mass of titflesh!


“What’s going on?” asked Hiro, having spit out her nipple after it became too big for him to hold in his mouth. “What is this?”


After nearly a full minute of growing, her tits finally reached their full size. Standing almost as big as her entire body, they defied physics itself as they hovered mere inches above the ground, causing Lucoa no problems whatsoever as she giggled into her hand, “You’re about to find out soon enough!” she stated before pressing her ass tightly against her tattooed partner’s cock. “Let’s just hope you can keep up!”



(Eight hours later…)


“Guys? GUYS!!!” a male voice brought the quartet back to reality. “Oh, thank god you’re alright!”


“T- Toshi?” squeaked Kazu, with his voice hoarse for whatever reason as the memories of the last night only slowly returned to him. “What happened?”


Toshi shook his head, “That’s what I would like to know from you!” He woke up the other guys with the help of their now sober sixth friend. “You didn’t come back to our container, so we headed here to see if anything happened to you. Come on, we’ve gotta hurry up! We have to be on board the ship in two hours!”


“Succubus!” said Hiro, shaking in the aftermath of an unimaginable amount of orgasms. “They were fucking succubi! They had to be!”



(Story by: Mr. Akrononym)

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9 months ago

I surprise the dragon girls dropped to their needs so quickly especially tohru feels like there some missing contexts

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
9 months ago
Reply to  Jorge

What needs do you refer to? Do you mean their banter from the beginning? They simply switched from jumping on one another, to jumping on the next possible guy to show their superiority that way. And it’s not like Ilulu and Tohru have a kind of rivalry similar to that of Zoro and Sanji from One Piece or Midoriya and Bakugo from MHA with one another.

9 months ago

“If looks alone could undress someone.”
Imagine a hero in MHA with that kind of power

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
9 months ago
Reply to  Xcelsior

Would be one freakish ability to have XD.

9 months ago

We’re back in the crossover storyline, but today we see the dragon girls back in action. And well, they didn’t bother holding back! 😂

Hope you don’t mind if I cut to the chase. This was a fun but chaotic chapter. Yet it didn’t disappoint. 👏

As evidenced by what happened to the group of guys, this shows that the dragoness group is in a completely different league than your usual group of ladies. And it really hit home throughout the story. Providing that two of them don’t kill each other first, that is! 🤣

Overall, this was both incredibly detailed and also extremely intense. And it’s probably one of the best chapters in this crossover storyline to date! Can’t wait to see what happens next! 😁

Well done. Very nice work. 😃👌

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
9 months ago
Reply to  Hiryu

Beyond happy to read that you enjoyed this chapter so much. I was a bit conflicted at first whether or not it was okay to use that many random guys, but, given your comment, it seemed to have been the right choice.

Thanks for your continuous support!

9 months ago

…I dunno what series the guys were from, but you know? I like Toshi already.

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
9 months ago
Reply to  SpectralTime

They were random no-names actually. At a certain point I grew tired of calling them “the first dude” or “the blonde” or something like this, so I gave them the most basic, Japanese sounding names I could think of XD.

But who knows, given that they’re apparently sailors on board of the cruise, maybe they will get dragged into some of the kinky action from time to time lol.