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The Way Fairies Fuck

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of SailorIo stories)
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Natsu Dragneel woke to the feeling of something heavy on his chest. No, not just his chest, but his entire body felt heavier than it should be. A handful of unfamiliar smells were all around him, but there were three now familiar ones as well. Well, one of those scents had been familiar to him for a long time now, but the other two had only become familiar to him more recently. The most familiar smell was Lucy Heartfilia, as she was laying next to him on top of a very large bed.


Opening his eyes, Natsu blinked the sleep blurriness from his vision and saw the young blonde woman sleeping naked on her stomach about a foot away from him. On top of her was the owner of one of the newly familiar scents, Brandish μ. She lay cuddled up against Lucy’s other side. She too was naked aside from that odd hairpiece she seemed to always wear that looked like a pair of crosses coming out of her head like antennas. Both girls seemed to purr in contentment with Lucy turning towards Brandish in her sleep. The green haired woman seemed to just melt into her. As if being in one another’s arms was completely natural.


Through the weird bodylink spell that Brandish had put into the engagement rings they wore, Natsu could feel just how comfortable everyone in the bed was. The last scent belonged to the source of the weight on top of Natsu. He looked down at a slight mess of tangled auburn colored hair. The head attached to that hair belonged to Flare Corona, the fourth member of this little group and Natsu’s self proclaimed sex slave. Her naked body was snuggled against his, with her head resting atop his chest. She breathed slowly and even, deeply asleep.


The unfamiliar scents all belonged to the hotel room the four of them had rented. It smelled strongly of various cleaners used by the maids when they cleaned. Well, strongly to him, since a Dragon Slayer’s nose was more powerful than a dog’s in some cases. There was also the heady scent of the musk of all three women still permeating the air, along with the smell of his own sweat. They weren’t bad smells, at least to him, though they were strong. Natsu made an ever so mildly annoyed face when he felt a pressure in his groin, the pressure that had roused him from a rather comfortable sleep. It was still dark outside as there was no light leaking through the closed curtains of their room’s window.


Carefully, Natsu managed to extract himself from underneath Flare. She made a plaintive sound and began feeling around for him in her sleep. He stood beside the bed and watched as Flare managed to inch her way over to Lucy and Brandish. She spooned up behind Lucy and hugged herself to the other woman.


“Nmmmmh, warm…” Flare murmured in her slumber.


He smiled, the three of them looked so precious, all naked and cuddled together like that. In the incredibly dim light of the room, their bodies almost seemed to glow. That same pressure in his groin made Natsu move towards the bathroom of their room. He closed the door then fumbled around in the dark for the lightswitch. When the lights came on, he was momentarily blinded by them, but his eyes adjusted quickly. He saw his naked body reflected back at him in the mirror. Well, he was MOSTLY naked. He did have one article of clothing on, and it wasn’t his scarf. That item was currently sitting on the back of a chair by the table in the room, neatly folded over.


No, the item he had on was a plain looking gold ring with a small garnet stone set inside it. Brandish had given it to him after putting one with a heart shaped ruby in it to Lucy. These rings were what made the sensory link between the four of them. He used to think bodylink magic was a nasty thing, but when used this way it was actually something so deep he couldn’t put it into words.


The pressure in his bladder was getting annoying now, so he moved over to the toilet. He finished after a minute, and was about to wash himself a bit when he heard three screams outside!


Natsu moved like lightning, with said lightning actually wreathing his body along with flames as he charged out into their room. “Lucy, Flare, Brandish, what’s wrong!?” he asked quickly, with his magic casting a harsh glare all over the room that flickered violently.


He then felt three pillows slamming into his face and chest, along with a sensation of both anger and embarrassment from all three girls. Lucy looked at him, red in the face, while Brandish still had her usual indifferent look on her face. Flare looked surprised more than anything else, but he could feel that she was embarrassed pretty badly.


“Huh, what?” he asked, releasing his magic and casting the room back into deep shadows.


“Turn the link off when you use the bathroom, idiot!” Lucy snapped at him. Natsu could feel how much Lucy wanted to hide her face even in the darkness. He was still wondering what was wrong when he finally noticed it. He’d been so worried a moment before that he missed it over the smells from the sex earlier.


“Oh, uhhhh… Sorry?” he offered lamely.


“Haaaaaaah,” yawned Brandish, “I’ll call room service to change the sheets.” she said as she picked up a communication lacrima.


“Idiot!” Lucy said again, still painfully embarrassed.


“Master, I didn’t know you were into stuff THAT kinky.” Flare said. “Though making girls wet the bed sounds more like a bad prank than anything else.”


“Yeah, this is why I asked the jeweler to add a way to turn the link off.” Brandish said, sounding only mildly miffed about the whole thing.



When morning came, Brandish μ was the first to wake up. Sunlight was streaming brightly through the thick curtains that they had pulled shut since none of them wanted to wake with the sunrise. With a sound of metal sliding against metal, she drew the curtains open. Bright midmorning light blasted her in the face. Their hotel room faced East, so morning sunlight was rather intense.


Her eyes took a few moments to adjust to the glare, but when the worst was over, she judged it was maybe after nine in the morning from the position of the sun. The continental breakfast would be over by now, but they could just order room service. ‘Besides,’ she thought, ‘We’ll probably want to stay in for a while anyway.


“Nmmmmh, too bright…” came Lucy’s sleepy voice. Brandish gave her a soft smile as she watched the blonde sit up in bed, her only clothes the engagement ring she had on her left hand. Her beautiful breasts were bare and almost shone in the light. Brandish stepped in front of her, casting a long shadow over her to protect her from the glare. Lucy stopped shielding her eyes and turned those big brown orbs to Brandish. The green haired woman struck a pose with her likewise naked figure, hand on one hip and the other tracing slow circles around her nipple, making it grow stiff slowly.


Lucy yawned softly and stretched, making her big tits stand out even more. Brandish fought the urge to grab those big soft mounds, which was not an easy thing to do. Even now, she could feel a need building between her legs as she gazed at Lucy’s naked body. She wanted to grab, kiss, fondle, and tease Lucy until she moaned in pleasure. She also wanted the blonde woman to do the same to her! For both of them to grind their cunts together, and drive one another to orgasm again and again.


She watched as her betrothed moved to sit on the edge of the bed, swinging her long and creamy legs over the sides. Lucy then looked at her ring and Brandish felt it when she reengaged the Bodylink magic. The arousal she already felt on her own suddenly doubled, while her heart was beating quickly in her chest. Her pussy felt all tingly and wet now, so wet that her juices were already trickling down her smooth thighs.


Brandish clenched her thighs together, bending forward slightly and giving Lucy a falsely annoyed expression. Lucy saw right through her though and just smirked back at her before she spread her arms wide towards her. Before she even realized it, Brandish had locked lips with Lucy!


“Nmmmmh!” the blonde moaned into Brandish’s mouth, her nimble tongue sliding along Brandish’s own. The two women kissed one another harder, as if trying to drink one another in. Brandish then climbed onto Lucy’s lap, straddling her legs as she held onto the base of her head with both hands, while their lips were firmly locked together.


“Nmmmmhaaah, haaah…” Brandish moaned back into Lucy’s mouth, with their combined arousal making her pussy heat up as if it were on fire! The green haired woman heard a third voice moaning, and chanced a glance behind Lucy. Natsu and Flare were both awake now, as the two of them were making out as intensely as Brandish and Lucy. Natsu’s gigantic dick made a large tent under the blanket covering his naked body. It was such a strange sensation to Brandish, feeling a man’s erection. It was like her clit was stiff and swollen to near painful levels, but it also felt good, especially with the marshmallow-like feel of Flare’s big tits pressed around it.


Brandish’s hazel eyes watched as Flare stroked him up and down with those big and sexy tits, making him groan. Lucy and Brandish rocked against one another, with the two of them feeling Natsu’s pleasure as their own. Brandish smiled inwardly, promising herself she’d never say no to giving Natsu a tit job if and when he asked. Knowing just how good it felt, she wouldn’t deny him that.


“Nmmmmh, ahhhhn…” Lucy gasped, breaking her kiss with Brandish and slamming her hand over to her Celestial Gate keys, grabbing the one Brandish had found and brought back to her.


“Open, Gate of the Water Bearer…” she gasped, stabbing the key into a glass of water on the nightstand, “Aquarius!”


The water rose up out of the glass with a long chiming sound that came from nowhere around them. A beautiful woman with sea blue hair appeared from the water. Normally, she took the form of a mermaid, but lately, when Lucy called upon her, she appeared in the form of a human woman. And a stark naked one at that!


Aquarius smirked as she took in the scene on the bed, licking her lips softly and moving her hand to grab her own breast, hefting it gently. “Now this is more like it!” she said with a gentle smile. The blue haired spirit then moved in closer to Lucy and Brandish, “Scoot over, Brandish,” she commanded.


“Yes, goshujin-sama!” she said instantly, then sliding a little ways away from Lucy as the other woman pressed in close. Her skin was both cool and warm at the same time, and she smelled like the air around a waterfall and the ocean. Aquarius moved in to kiss Lucy’s pink lips softly, then lewdly, shoving her tongue into the young blonde’s mouth. At the same time, Brandish latched her lips onto the nipple of Aquarius’s left breast, loving the feel of the stiffened flesh in her mouth. Aquarius’ hand slowly and lovingly stroked Brandish’s hair, making her entire body quiver in delight.


“Mmmmmmnh!” Lucy moaned against Aquarius’s lips, with their combined saliva dripping down her chin. Brandish then closed her eyes, focusing her attention on the feel of Aquarius’s nipple against her tongue as she swirled it around the stiff nub. She then moaned as Flare began stroking Natsu’s cock faster, with her mouth kissing and sucking the tip. Her throat then felt strained suddenly, like she’d drunk too much orange juice quickly, or was swallowing one of those too big vitamin pills. There wasn’t actually anything in her throat obstructing it, so her breathing wasn’t made difficult, it just kind of felt like there was.


When Brandish opened her eyes again, she looked past Aquarius and saw Flare with her mouth, throat, and stomach stuffed full with Natsu’s gigantic dragon dick! The auburn haired woman moaned from deep in her throat, loving the feel of his cock filling her mouth and throat.


AGUGH, GUMMMMPH, GUG, GOOOOOPH!” Flare gagged and moaned, with her head bobbing up and down on Natsu’s cock as he pressed a hand on the back of her head, moving her at a steady pace. Her puffy lips pulled away from her face erotically on every backward stroke as Natsu groaned in pleasure.


“Yeah, ahhh, take it deep you horny slut!” he berated her. Brandish then felt a shuddery sensation running down from the back of her head to her pussy and back again. Flare really did get off on being treated like a slave. Though she could also feel how awkward Natsu felt saying things like that to her. The contrast was interesting.


As she felt both Natsu’s pleasure and Flare’s arousal, Brandish moaned with them as she lifted her mouth away from Aquarius’s nipple and pressed her body in closer to her and Lucy. The blue haired woman broke her kiss with Lucy and turned to look at Brandish with a stern expression that made Brandish’s pussy drool down her thighs even more.


“Lemme see a cute little puppy!” she ordered.


Not hesitating in the slightest, Brandish got down on the floor, squatting there like a dog on its haunches. “Woof! Woof, woof!” she barked happily, with her tongue hanging out of her mouth as she panted excitedly.


“There’s a good girl,” Aquarius said with a grin, moving to sit on the edge of the bed with her legs spread wide, exposing her beautiful pink pussy with its delicate folds, already wet with juices. Brandish could smell her musk, a thick, heady scent that made her as dizzy as Lucy’s and Flare’s. The smell of Natsu’s dick was more of a manly stink that aroused her in a different way.


“Here’s your treat…” Aquarius said.


ARF!” Brandish barked before burying her head in the other woman’s crotch! Her tongue moved in long, broad strokes, brushing over the soft pink folds. Aquarius didn’t taste like Lucy or Flare. It wasn’t bad or anything, but there was no distinct saltiness in the taste of her skin and fluids.


She loved it!


Moaning in a way that made her sound like a happy little puppy, Brandish continued licking away at Aquarius’s hot pussy. She breathed her scent in deeply as she heard the strangled, gagging moans of Flare’s mouth sliding up and down Natsu’s dick. ‘Ahhhhhn, this feels so goood…’ she moaned in her head as she felt the pleasure of all three of her lovers at once.


“Ahhhh, yeah, such a good girl, ahhhh… Stick your tongue in deeper!” Aquarius moaned before Brandish felt her and Lucy kissing again. She also felt hands squeezing at her tits as Aquarius fondled Lucy above her.


“Mmmmmmmh, ahmmmmn, nmmmmh…” Brandish moaned in pleasure, while feeling a hand playing with her pussy now as Lucy moaned loudly.


“Ahhh, Aquariusss….” the blonde girl cooed, and Brandish looked up in time to see Lucy laying back on the bed while Aquarius jabbed two fingers into her pussy again and again, making a wet SQUISH SQUISH SQUISH sound.


Brandish didn’t for one second regret setting the rings up as she had, but she was afraid she might get addicted to stuff like this! But in the end, she didn’t care as she savored the taste and smell of the spirit’s pussy!



Flare Corona gagged loudly around her Master’s cock, with her brandy colored eyes rolling back in her head as she felt her pussy dripping down her thighs. She was currently naked and bent down on all fours atop a large bed in the hotel they’d rented to stay in for their little celebratory trip to Akane Resort. She was getting MARRIED! The Princess and her Master would fully OWN her now!


GUMMMMMMMMPH!!! HAWDER!!! AGUH, GUH, GUH… PHUG MUH MOUPH-PUSSHY HAWDER MASHTERRRRR…!!!!” she begged as she gagged and choked on his cock as he thrusted the gigantic length back and forth, fucking her face like it was her pussy! Natsu Dragneel, her soon to be husband, was on his knees in front of her, groaning as he swung his hips back and forth, with that enormous cock plunging in and out of her very stomach now. It just felt so GOOD! Flare could only moan and try to hold on as she felt her pussy about to burst with an oral induced orgasm.


Next to them on the bed, a full lesbian threeway had begun. Princess Lucy had summoned one of her spirits, the one that usually took the form of a mermaid. Only now, she didn’t have such a nasty disposition. A small part of Flare’s mind wondered when that had happened? But the horny part of her mind didn’t care in the slightest, all that part wanted was to be fucked!


Her golden haired Princess lay on her side, with her face buried between the thighs of the blue haired spirit. The spirit, Aquarius, Flare finally remembered, had her face in Brandish’s crotch, and Brandish in turn was licking and sucking the Princess’s pussy. She had to admit, it was a beautiful sight, three naked women all pleasuring one another. Were Flare not busy servicing her master, she’d want to join them!


Above her, Natsu groaned and began fucking her mouth and throat harder! Flare’s jaw ached from the feel of being forced open so wide by Master’s cock, but she loved it! She loved the way it made him feel. Thanks to Brandish’s gift of these engagement rings, Flare could feel how well she was servicing her Master and Princess now, it was a sex slave’s dream come true!


AGUH GUH GUG GUH… AHHHGUH, SHO GUUUUUUUD!!!” Flare moaned, her pussy gushing in ecstasy as she came hard. Next to her, Princess Lucy and Brandish moaned with her, feeling her orgasm as well. She then felt Natsu’s cock surging inside her stomach, unloading a massive amount of cum directly into her gut, making her stomach swell from the huge volume! She let out another moan, with her eyes rolling so far back she couldn’t see anything anymore. A man’s orgasm was so intense, her entire world seemed to go white for several seconds!


“Haaguuuugh…” Flare gagged hard as Natsu pulled his cock back out of her mouth, falling back onto the bed, with his still hard cock jutting up in the air.


HWEEEEEEGH!” Flare, Lucy, and Brandish all moaned as one as Flare quickly moved to take Natsu’s cock into her cunt! Her already swollen stomach stretched upwards in a perfect imitation of his length, and she heard Natsu grunting as he shared in all of their pleasure as well.


“Ahhhn, so thiiiick…” Lucy moaned.


“Yesssss…” Brandish agreed.


“Huh, what are you tramps on about?” Aquarius asked in a mildly annoyed tone. She then looked to Flare, then Natsu, then back to Brandish and Lucy. “Sensory link magic? That’s a kinky way of using it!” she said, looking amused now. “Hey, Dragon Dumbass, how’s it feel to feel your own dick going inside you?” she asked, laughing.


Flare had intentionally AVOIDED asking that exact question, not wanting to upset her Master, but she had to admit, she was wondering about that too.


“How’s it feel?” Natsu replied, moving to grab Flare by her thighs. He lifted her body easily, holding her up like she weighed next to nothing. “Like THIS!!!” he roared and began pumping his hips up and down, driving his gigantic erection in and out of her sopping wet hole. Flare’s eyes went wide as intense pleasure shot through her entire being. The massive lump his cock made in her stomach rose and fell in sync with his dick.


OOOOOOOOH GAAAAAAWWD!!!!” Flare howled from deep in her throat. His cock just felt so GOOD! Even if he was holding the heat he normally put out back, she still loved the feel of his fat, hard, dragon dick impaling her womb repeatedly.


AAAHHHHHNNN!! I… I CAN’T HOLD IT, CUMMING! I’M CUMMING MASTERRRRRR!!! AHHHH, SO GOOOOOOOOD! MY PUSSYYYY… MY PUSSY FEELS SO GOOOOOD!!!” she wailed in ecstasy. Her pussy let out a hot spray and splattered all over Natsu’s face. He didn’t slow for a second though, if anything, he began thrusting even harder!


Across from Flare, Lucy and Brandish both shuddered and moaned with her, as both of their pussies were gushing hard. Aquarius snickered and looked back at Lucy and Brandish.


“Your O-Faces are adorable!” she said, “Hey, make them all cum more!” the blue haired spirit called to Natsu.


“On it!” groaned Natsu, his hands holding Flare’s thighs tighter as he continued pounding his cock into her mercilessly.




AHHHHHNNNN… FEELS SO GOOD, I…” Lucy moaned before pressing her face back into Aquarius’s crotch, making the blue haired spirit moan again.


“Nmmmmmh, this is gonna be fun…” Aquarius said with a near sadistic grin.



It took longer than she would have liked, but Lucy Heartfillia had finally managed to drag herself and her fiances out of bed. They somehow were able to eat breakfast and shower before they returned to the Akane Resort waterpark. She was again dressed in a sexy bikini, only this one was made of a white material that left a ton of her skin exposed! She loved the way men looked at her as she and her group walked by. The swimsuit itself was made up of three parts, though for some reason it was still called a bikini.


The “top” was made of two circles of fabric just big enough to cover her nipples entirely. The back of the circles was coated with an adhesive material that only clung to skin. The hold was surprisingly firm, and they would only come off with a focused effort to remove them, but at the same time, they came off easily, without pulling at her skin.


The bottom was just a few steps above being dental floss. Even her shoelaces were a thicker material! The way they dug into her crotch was uncomfortable, but it was so sexy that Lucy didn’t care. Brandish had chosen an identical style of swimsuit, but hers had a leopard print motif.


Aquarius was still with the group in her mermaid form. She got a little annoyed by a resort manager trying to hire her to work as a mascot the moment they arrived. By a little, it meant she’d summoned a small tsunami to wash the irritating little man away. She was easily able to just float around to move in that form, though she preferred to swim in the wave pool when they were there.


Flare was again wearing her hair as her swimsuit like she had the other day. Lucy had to admit, it was a really good look for her! She loved the way her nipples would poke out between the strands with her movements every so often, and how Flare could strip it off at a moment’s notice without moving a muscle.


Once again, Natsu was wearing a sexy speedo that could barely contain his junk. Looking at him in it made Lucy so wet! Her pussy tingled as she watched him while the four of them looked for a new secluded spot. It was too bad they couldn’t get a thong style speedo for him, as she would have loved that! They spent the first couple of hours playing around in the park, trying the various slides and other attractions.


It was early evening when they finally found a decent place to stop for an early dinner. It was a large pool area with no frills or anything, just a standard pool. Likely it was rented out for parties and such, but saw very little regular traffic when there were so many other ones with fancy slides and other features. So it was perfect for them!


Aquarius lay back on a lounge chair in her human form again, wearing only her regular top. Brandish lay on her stomach between her legs, with her face buried in the blue haired spirit’s crotch. The Water Bearer spirit kept her hand on the back of Brandish’s head, holding her face in her crotch. “Nmmmmmh, lick and suck my clit harder!” she ordered Brandish.


“Yesh, goshugin-shama…” Brandish said, her voice muffled by Aquarius’s cunt.


“Nmmmmmmh, yeah… I missed this kind of thing so much…” Aquarius moaned, while squeezing her own breast with one hand. The two of them both looked so erotic right now in a perfect lesbian display. While Lucy normally would have called such a sight a sick man’s fantasy, she understood that was just her pathetic virginal hang-ups. The sight of two beautiful women all over one another like this was a thing of beauty to Lucy now. She could feel the sensation of her tongue brushing over Aquarius’s clit, though she couldn’t taste it. The sensory link only connected their sense of touch afterall.


At the same time, Lucy could feel her own breasts being kneaded roughly as Natsu made out with Flare a few paces away. The now naked redhead was moaning like the whore she was as she straddled Natsu’s cock. The huge thing jutted out from between Flare’s thighs, reminding Lucy of the S-Rank spell Mira and Erza could use. Thinking of that spell, Lucy got an idea and fished out Virgo’s gate key.


“Open, Gate of the Maiden! Virgo!” Lucy called, summoning Virgo to join them. She brought with her a full picnic style meal from the Celestial Realm and proceeded to serve everyone before Lucy could say anything. Lucy smiled at the pink haired masochist’s new look. She still wore a maid outfit, but now it was quite a bit different. The top was something called a shrug that left her large breasts completely bare for all to see, while the skirt only came down on the sides of her hips, leaving her crotch and ass exposed. An apron partially hid her pussy though, but it was still easy to see if one wanted to.


The new uniform was Brandish’s idea, and Virgo loved it. She was more than happy to wear such a humiliating outfit as a form of constant “punishment.”


“Here you are, Princess.” Virgo said in her usual deadpan voice as she brought Lucy a glass of juice served in a wine glass. She seemed so completely at ease in her slutty new outfit, Lucy couldn’t help but look. Her perfectly hairless pussy, with its puffy pink lips that just begged to be teased and toyed with. Coupled with her exposed tits, both of them twice the size of her head, Lucy couldn’t help herself!


“Oh!” Virgo gasped as Lucy reached out and grabbed her by the waist, pulling her down into her lap. “Oohhh…” the pink haired spirit then moaned erotically as Lucy grabbed both her huge tits and began fondling them. They were so big and firm, yet squishy as well. Lucy’s fingers sank in deep as she held them tight. Lucy giggled at the maid’s moan and leaned her head over her shoulder to kiss and lick the side of her neck. At the same time, she moved one hand down between her thighs, sliding her slender fingers between the folds of her pussy. Virgo was instantly soaking wet, spreading her legs wide for Lucy and rocking her crotch against her hand.


“Nmmmmh, you make such cute moans,” Lucy told her, “Let me hear them some more…”


“Ahhhn, yes… Princessssss… Haaaahn…” Virgo moaned as Lucy dipped her fingers deeper into her hot little cunt!


“Hmmhmmhmm, I was gonna have you use that girldick form again, but you’re cuter like this!” Lucy cooed, moving her fingers in and out of Virgo’s pussy with a wet squish squish squish!


“Oooh, ahhhhmmmmh, Princessssss….” Virgo moaned, while squirming cutely in Lucy’s arms as she began nibbling the edge of Virgo’s ear. The pink haired spirit began squirming even more, her pussy letting out more and more heady juices.


“Nmmmmmh, you’re such a juicy girl…” Lucy told her, as she then pushed three fingers inside her pussy.


“Ahhhh… I… Mmmmmh…” Virgo cooed and moaned, with her whole body shaking in pleasure. Lucy could feel her twitching and knew she was trying to hold herself back. Being the masochist she was, Virgo wouldn’t let herself cum without permission.


“Nmmmmh, go ahead and cum for me…” Lucy purred into her ear.


AHHHHHNMMMMMH!!!!” Virgo squealed, cumming instantly, her pussy letting out a hot stray that made a brief rainbow in the air. Her body then went slack in Lucy’s arms and she panted softly. Lucy then brought her dripping fingers to Virgo’s mouth. The pink haired woman dutifully began licking her fingers clean as she opened her mouth and Lucy pushed her digits inside.


Breathing deeply, Lucy savored the slippery wet feel of Virgo sucking on her fingers as she looked back at Brandish and Aquarius. The two of them had moved into a full sixty-nine position on top of the reclining pool chair.


“Goshujin-sama, goshujin-sama… Ahhhnmmmmh…” Brandish moaned as she licked and sucked at Aquarius’ pussy. She then let out another erotic moan as Aquarius spanked her sexy ass hard, making the skin ripple and leaving a red handprint there. Lucy winced slightly at that, feeling the sting in her own bottom, but the sensation of Aquarius licking Brandish’s pussy more than made up for it!


She then looked over at Flare and Natsu again. She’d stripped him fully naked now, and was kneeling in front of his huge dick, moaning and panting softly as she kissed his cock all over. Flare turned her head to look back at Lucy, while her face looked so erotic right now as she dragged her tongue over the length of Natsu’s dick. Their eyes still locked, Flare made a show of sucking the pink haired man’s massive erection! Her slender throat swelled and bulged from the girth of his dick as she and Lucy both let out a long moan.


Oh god, she looks so hot right now!’ Lucy thought, unable to look away as Flare moved her head back and forth, her eyes locked with Lucy’s the whole time. She heard Natsu groaning, and Lucy could FEEL why. She really wanted to learn that girldick spell from Mirajane. Natsu’s stamina had come a long way from what it had been at first, but keeping up with three women (sometimes more if she summoned Aquarius, Virgo, or Aries to join the party) could be a challenge. There was always Taurus, but his pervy talk and cow puns could be a mood killer sometimes.


Although, Taurus WAS technically bigger than Natsu, if only by a bit. She remembered summoning him for Erza and for Levy, and how his cock wrecked them both, leaving them with an ahegao expression! Her pussy began to tingle even more at the memory while she continued squeezing Virgo’s tit.


Lucy continued to watch as Flare sucked her master’s dick dutifully, and the blonde was amazed by how naturally she was doing it, as though it were second nature to her! The low gagging moans she made only made Lucy feel even hornier as she let herself bask in the shared sensations between the four of them.


AGUMPH, NMMMMPH, GUG, HRMMMMPH…” Lucy heard Flare gagging and moaning as she bobbed back and forth on Natsu’s dick. The blonde loved watching the way Flare’s lips pulled away from her face every time she moved her head back.


NMMMMMMMMH!!!” Lucy heard Brandish moaning, feeling her lover and fiance’s orgasm as Aquarius made her cum hard!


“Naughty girl…” Aquarius giggled, giving her ass another spank!


AHHHHHN, I’M SO SORRY, GOSHUJIN-SAMA…!” Brandish howled, clearly getting off on the abuse.


Lucy grinned and kissed the side of Virgo’s neck before gently pushing her out of her lap. She then quickly downed the juice the maid had served her in a single gulp before she stood up from her seat. Lucy then took Taurus’ gate key and summoned him with a flourishing motion. The huge bullman rose up from the ground with a bellowing, “MOOOOO!


Oddly, Lucy noticed something. She had three spirits summoned all at once, Zodiacs at that! But, she wasn’t fatigued even a little, in fact, she didn’t even feel drained from having kept Aquarius manifested for several hours. ‘Huh? When did I get strong enough to do that?’ she wondered.


“You called Miss Luuucy?” Taurus asked.


“Yup, you feeling horny, big guy?” Lucy asked with a smirk.


“Always!” he responded, with his huge cock ripping through the speedo he had on and standing out nearly as long as she was tall! Lucy shuddered at the sight and smell, her pussy twinging in want. But she didn’t call Taurus here for herself, not yet anyway.


“Good. Fuck Virgo’s naughty pussy for me!” Lucy commanded. Several weeks ago, issuing an order like that would have been wholly unthinkable for Lucy. As she’d always held the Celestial Spirits in such a high regard that asking them to do anything sexual for her was beyond taboo. But after getting Aquarius back (thanks to Brandish), her views there had changed completely. The Celestial Spirits were unaffected by the Manko Flowers, but their views on sex as a whole would make you think otherwise.


In short, all of them LOVED sex and all forms of intimacy. Aries didn’t like being used to “entertain” one of her previous master’s male fans because she was more into the Yuri scene and really loved cuddling. Like, she REALLY loved it. Lucy had only snuggled with her a couple of times since all of this started. But that was enough to show Lucy the pink haired sheep woman seriously got off on just snuggling up to another girl.


As for Virgo, Lucy had been aware of her kinks from the day they met! So when Taurus marked over to her and ripped off her lewd maid outfit, she didn’t voice even one complaint. She even held her arms out to her sides to make it easier for him to strip off her clothes. Her face remained completely deadpan, but Lucy could see a flush in her cheeks and that her breathing had gotten heavier as she looked up at Taurus’s giant bull man dick!


Moving over to join Aquarius and Brandish on the lounger, Lucy felt like she was just melting into their waiting arms as each of them kissed and fondled her in turn. She moaned as Brandish began sucking on her tits roughly while Aquarius immediately moved to begin eating out her pussy with her nimble and skilled tongue! The blonde woman hugged Brandish’s head against her breast, loving the feel of her swirling tongue around her nipple. She then watched Taurus lifting Virgo up with one big hand and pushing her down on his cock as though she were a living cocksleeve!


HGNE…” Virgo moaned, with her face still impassive, though her mouth was hanging open as her stomach stretched up from the sheer size of Taurus’s man meat! Her pussy was being stretched so wide by it as well, Lucy moaned at the sight, rubbing her hand against Aquarius’s head as the blue haired spirit continued pushing her tongue as far as it would go into her cunt.


“Nmmmmh, don’t hold back Taurus, make her moan for me!” Lucy said with her own moan as she suddenly felt the familiar sensation of a huge dick spearing into her pussy. It felt so hard and long, and THICK! Even though only Aquarius’s tongue was all that occupied her cunt physically, she knew this sensation well now. The feel of Natsu’s huge, hard, throbbing Dragon Slayer dick!


AHHHN, YES!! MASTERRR!!! FUCK MY HOLE! USE ME! POUND MY PUSSY UNTIL YOU’RE SATISFIED!!!!” Flare wailed in ecstasy. Next to Virgo and Taurus, Lucy saw Natsu holding Flare in a full nelson position from behind. Her legs had been pulled up over her head as he slammed that huge dragon dick into her again and again! Flare’s pussy gushed with hot and heady smelling juices every time his cock went inside her. Lucy couldn’t stop her hips from grinding against Aquarius’ face as she breathed deeply, moaning in pleasure as the sensations she shared with the redhead. She could also feel Natsu’s cock being milked by Flare’s pussy. The best she could describe it was like having her clit stroked even though it wasn’t nearly as big as his dick!


“Nmmmmmmmmh… Fuuuuuck, this feels amazing…” Brandish moaned, lifting her head away from Lucy’s nipple, gently biting her lower lip as she too felt the pleasure of the other two. She turned her head to look at Natsu and Flare, “Hey Natsu, fuck her harder! Be rough with her!” she told him.


YES!!!” Lucy and Flare moaned together in agreement. Lucy then moaned as Brandish covered her mouth with her own in a hot kiss. Their tongues began wrestling one anothers, each trying to pin down the other girl’s. Lucy moaned into Brandish’s mouth, with her whole body feeling hot, as though a candle wick was burning straight through her body.


AHHHHHHHHHNNNNN!!! GOOD, GOOOD, FEELS SO GOOOOOOOOD!!!” Flare screamed at the top of her lungs as Natsu’s cock pounded into her with an almost rhythmic SMACK SMACK SMACK sound.


“Hey, that’s a good position,” Taurus said to Natsu, still casually sliding Virgo up and down on his gigantic erection. The pink haired maid spirit’s expression was starting to crack from its usual deadpan look. Her teeth were gritted, and she had just a little drool trickling down her chin.


“Heh, yeah, Flare loves it, don’tcha?” Natsu replied.




“Do it, Natsu!”” Lucy and Brandish said together, “Make her cum!””


AHHHHEEEEEEEEEGH!!! OH GAWWWWD!!!” Flare screamed again as Natsu began fucking her even rougher. Lucy’s eyes rolled back in her head as she felt it all.


“Heegh, heeeegh, heeeeeeegh…!” Lucy panted, with her whole body shaking now, Natsu’s cock was so BIG, and Flare’s pussy was so TIGHT, Lucy felt like she was going to cum several times all at once!


“Hah, ahh, hah… Princess… So rough… It’s too big… Please… Forgive meeeee…” Virgo moaned, her voice almost emotionless, but her face showing she was ready to break any second as Taurus and Natsu both held their girls in the same full nelson position. Their huge cocks pounding into them without mercy.




“Now cum.” Lucy said to Virgo and Taurus, with her tone making it clear that it was an order.






The two spirits both called out as Natsu and Taurus’s cocks both surged inside the two girls! Lucy, Brandish, and Aquarius all moaned with them as they all came together. A feeling of liquid warmth washed through Flare’s womb. Lucy’d felt it herself, as the sensation of what felt like GALLONS of cum filling her insides.


“Aheeeengh…” Lucy moaned through gritted teeth as her body continued to shudder in orgasm with Flare, “Feels, so gooood… I’m gonna get addicted to thiiiiis….” she moaned.


“Me… Toooooo…” Brandish panted, while hugging her body against Lucy’s before kissing her again. Lucy happily kissed back, sucking on the other woman’s tongue for a long moment.


“Nmmmmh, I love you, Brandi…” Lucy panted softly when the orgasm finally began to subside.


“I love you too…” Brandish said.


“Tch, you two are gonna give me cavities with that!” Aquarius said bitterly.


“Are you and Scorpio fighting agaiiiiiiin!?” Lucy began to ask, with her question turning to a yelp as Aquarius pinched Brandish’s ass painfully, and with how they were connected through the sensory magic, Lucy felt it the same as Brandish did. Across from them, Natsu yelped while Flare let out another passionate moan.


“None of your business!” Aquarius said angrily.


Lucy laughed, “Don’t ever change, Aquarius!” Lucy said, then hugging the blue haired spirit.



(Story by User: SailorIo)

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4 months ago

Hope everyone enjoys the story! Be sure to check out my patreon for early access to the stories and more. Exclusive stories, custom ones, and discount on commissions.

4 months ago

Wait, they’re all engaged? Must have missed that.

Great job btw.

4 months ago
Reply to  Dan

Reread the previous chapter.

4 months ago

Man I was hoping you would do this picture and you did not disappoint. I love all the scenes you included and the involvement of the spirits. You really did a great job with the lesbian scenes and I quite enjoyed the connection the rings give them. I do wish you could have focused on the scene from the image a little more I really love when you include Virgo and Taurus and I think together they could create some really sexy scenes. So I hope you use them more in the future, but there was still a lot to enjoy in this fantastic work. 20/10

4 months ago
Reply to  Blank

Yeah, I had fun doing this one. I really liked the concept of the sensory link between all of them. Though I will tone it down a bit going forward.

4 months ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

That’s fine, looking forward to more of this series.