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The Perverse Curse User

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Jujutsu Kaisen stories)
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Beginning (Part I): [LINK]
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“Ugh…! I can’t believe that Kusakabe-sensei only told us about the different moves, without actually showing them!” said Maki Zenin. She stretched a few times from left to right to loosen her sore muscles up a bit, while she and her friends continued walking the graveled path. If it wasn’t for her planned shopping trip with Nobara this evening, she would consider her day ruined.


“Salmon!” agreed Toge with a nod.


Panda scratched his belly and yawned “I honestly don’t see what you’re complaining about, Maki. You’re already plenty strong and in excellent shape…” he paused for a brief moment and watched a pink and blue colored butterfly that landed on his nose “You even managed to deal with that Grade 1 Curse without sustaining any real damage!”


Oh, yeah… That…‘ the green haired girl remembered as a blush spread across her face.


Several days have gone by since her encounter with the King of Curses, Sukuna, and the Curse that kept Jujutsu Sorcerers throughout Tokyo and surroundings active around the clock. If it weren’t for Mei Mei’s quick acting on that day, things could have turned even worse than just sucking some enhanced monster cock.


Luckily, Mei Mei was able to deal with the possessed Yuji before he could cause any real damage and brought the two students back to Jujutsu High. Before they left, the silver haired woman let her know that she wasn’t some kind of taxi and that it would cost something to be brought back to the school grounds. She didn’t specify what that would mean exactly, but given Maki’s limited knowledge about the Grade 1 Jujutsu Sorcerer and her greedy nature, it wouldn’t be anything simple!


Maki shook her head, trying to calm herself down from the worries that she carried with her since that day and kicked a pebble into the distance “Anyways… what’s the point of getting instructed by a Grade 1 Sorcerer, if he just talks?!” she said as the three stepped into one of the temple-like buildings on the right that served as the canteen for the staff and students of the Tokyo Jujutsu High.


The traditional outer appearance of the entire school grounds was mere facade though and only a few buildings fulfilled a spiritual purpose, like the Morgue or the Isolation Chamber, where Yuji was brought for his secret execution before the verdict changed. Most buildings served other purposes though and harbored the classrooms, the dorms, Satoru Gojo’s not-so-hidden-anymore movie room, where he taught Yuji about Cursed Energy and Techniques, and of course the canteen to which the three students were heading towards.


Ever since Kinji Hakari was suspended from school, lunch break went by without any incidents or bigger disputes and was an overall much more enjoyable experience. The only people currently inside the room were the three 1st Year Students and Satoru Gojo, who waved them as greetings before continuing eating. The white haired sorcerer continued eating his lunch while getting berated by Masamichi Yaga’s voice through the phone that laid next to Nobara’s ramen bowl. The phone was on free speaker, so everyone in the room could hear exactly what the two men were talking about.


“We’re not done yet, Satoru! You put the lives of your students on the line for no apparent reason whatsoever!” the voice of the principal shouted through the black phone.


Gojo simply picked up some of the noodles from his ramen and listened to the older man’s words “Yeph, yeph. I know. But it’sh over and nophing bad happened.” he said nonchalantly with a full mouth.


“Goddamn!” Maki could clearly hear the annoyance in the black haired man’s voice “You’re not the one who has to deal with the higher-ups, Satoru! Gakuganji-san from Kyoto in particular pressures the others to get you kicked out of any teaching and high-ranking position! And with actions like that you only validate his concerns.”


Maki watched as the masked sorcerer picked up the bowl and put his legs on the table, much to the chagrin of Nobara, who stared at his shoes with open disgust “I’m too important! They can’t ‘kick me out’ and you know that.” he waved towards the three 2nd Year Students as they walked past him towards the counter, and continued eating “Sho whatsh the big deal?!”


“Ugh… whatever.” the man on the other end of the line groaned. Maki could practically see him inside of his office massaging his temples in annoyance “I just wanted to let you know about the current state of things.” without saying good-bye, he hung up and silence filled the room again as the three 2nd Year sorcerers sat down on a table close to that of their fellow students.


Gojo reached for his phone and put it back in his pocket “Ahhhhhh… the troubles of being a Jujutsu Sorcerer, bureaucracy!” he leaned further back into his chair until it was standing only on two legs and his face was only centimeters away from Maki’s “And? How was training?”



(A few hours later…)


“How’s this?” asked Nobara. The brown haired girl pulled the curtain to the changing room aside and struck a pose for the older girl in front of it. She put one hand behind her head and bent forwards slightly, granting her friend a good view of her cleavage and the pink bikini that strained to cover her sizable tits.


“Hmmmm… Too striking. I think the former one was better. You know… the one with the black dots.” Maki answered after a while.


“Really? Let me check again.” with that said, Nobara pulled the curtain back.


While she wasn’t the biggest fan of shopping, Maki definitely appreciated the time with her friend and enjoyed doing different activities with her like watching movies from time to time or going to a bathhouse. Just thinking about the first time when the two went to one and their sexual encounter there had her squirming in place as her panties got soaked with her arousal.


Due to the inherent grim and gruesome nature of her profession, Maki adopted a mentality with which she viewed every moment as if it could be her last. She wasn’t delusional enough to believe that she will be able to overcome every foe! Someday there will come a Curse or some other obstacle that she can’t overcome, which made her train unremittingly to delay that day as long as possible and enjoy the time with her friends to the fullest.


She took a quick glance on her phone. 10pm already. Luckily most shops in Roppongi were open until well after midnight, so their shopping tour could continue for a while longer. She put her phone back into her pocket and waited for Nobara to make a decision.


After a while, Nobara came out again and the two paid for their purchases. They left the shop and stepped into the warm summer night of Tokyo. People were still walking the sidewalk up and down, pairs walked hand in hand and pointed towards different locations, a group of european tourists followed their tour guide as he told them about the different shops on this street in fluent english.


“Anything else you wanna check out?” Maki asked. The two girls followed the group of european tourists and took a look at the different store windows and the wares displayed behind them.


“Well, there is this one shop I read about online and I really wanna check it out.” said Nobara “It has to be somewhere around… There it is!”


Maki didn’t see what her friend meant at first until she rushed towards a dark alley between two buildings. There was a single store with “XXXtra Shop” written in pink letters above the door. The flickering of the neon lights from the letters made her nauseous just by looking at them. Just from looking at the building and the small glimpse of merchandise she got from looking through the dirty store window, Maki got a pretty good idea about what kind of shop this was.


“You seriously wanna go in there?!” she asked in disbelief. While she did know about the few sexual encounters that Nobara has gotten herself into, some more willingly than others, she didn’t actually believe that she would be that interested in the whole sex-thing.


Nobara turned around and grabbed Maki by the wrist to pull her along “Oh, come on. It’ll be fun and besides, all the other shops didn’t really have all that sexy lingerie and I read that this one here has a pretty wide variety!”


Right as they reached the front of the shop, the door to it was pushed open and a huge man dressed in black leather pants with spikes all over it, a BDSM harness also covered in spikes over his otherwise naked and muscular chest, and a black leather mask obscuring his face from their view. He held a plastic bag with the shop’s label on it in his right hand and stopped right after exiting the door. Maki shivered as she practically sensed his eyes wandering lecherously all over her and Nobara’s body.


“Oh my, what lovely ladies you two are. I assume correct that you want to enter this shop?” he asked, his voice muzzled, due to the mask also covering his mouth. He bowed down and held the door open for the two women.


“Ehmmm… Yeah?” Maki pulled her hand away from her friend’s grasp and stepped in front of her , already getting in a casual looking defensive position. Something about this man creeped her out and it was not just his attire. He emitted a sensation that she usually only felt when she fought against Curses.


Nobara couldn’t see it but she felt that his eyes were beaming with excitement behind the meshes that obscured them “Splendid! Would you two delicate flowers like me to show you around? I’ve been to a few such stores in my life and this one is by far the best!” he boasted and stepped a bit forward. His massive appearance almost completely filled the entire narrow alley.


“Thanks for the offer but no!” said Nobara. The brown haired girl grabbed Maki by the wrist again and the two squeezed themselves past the hulking pervert “I think we can handle this alone!”


“Such a shame. Well, good luck to you. I hope we see each other again.” he said as the two women already closed the door behind them after entering the shop.



Nekureta Monsu let the two women go and left the alley. He arrived just in time at a nearby bus station to catch a bus that brought him to the industrial areas of Tokyo. During the ride, he checked out the two girls that he just met on his phone. The brown haired girl seemed to come from the countryside and only recently moved to Tokyo, if her Instagram profile was anything to go by.


Nobara Kugisaki…‘ he memorized her name as he looked through the pics she posted of herself and some of her friends. The other girl was more of a mystery. She appeared in a few of Nobara’s photos but wasn’t tagged or anything and her name was nowhere to be found. But that was no problem!


He always found the girls that he was looking for!


The bus halted at the outskirts of the industrial area and Nekureta got out right as it started to rain. By the time he reached his destination, he had a pretty good grasp on Nobara’s personality, her tastes and dislikes, and her profession as a Jujutsu Sorcerer, due to her connection with Maki Zenin, whose information he got after a bit of research.


Nnnngh~ Nobara… such a fine fuck meat!‘ he could already imagine her squirming at his fingertips. Her big pleading eyes, the way she would whimper when he inserted his cock inside of her, her massive tits wobbling in the air as he fucked her senseless… ‘NO! Calm yourself down! Now is not the time!


He unlocked the lock of an empty industry hall and immediately was greeted by the moans of a dozen different women. Some were hanging in from the ceiling, held in place by several chains and three or four vibrating dildos being shoved in their asses or pussies.


One was bound to a fuck machine that piston-fucked her pussy with the force of a jackhammer, another girl was strapped to a milking machine with headphones over her ears and got her fat tits milked of every drop that was inside of them while a computer screen in front of her face showed the constant loop of a spiral. Her eyes were fixed on the monitor, drool ran out of her mouth and dropped on her tits.


Nekureta grabbed an empty glass from a nearby table and filled it up with some of the milk that was stored in an overly large tank “Such a nice taste, Chibusa! Keep at it and you’ll make a wonderful cow one day!” he said and spanked her bubble butt, causing her to moan.


He walked towards a staircase that led towards the second floor of the empty hall and over a sewer drain, when suddenly a pair of hands reached from underneath for the iron bars that prevented anyone from falling in there.


Down there, standing in the sewer was a naked, blonde haired girl. Much of her body was obscured by jizz that oozed slowly out of three holes that were as big as her wrist, above her head. The cum already reached to where her mouth was and he could see the thick white globs dropping down her chin and into the pool of jizz as she held herself with her last remaining strength above the steadily increasing fluid.


“Please, get me out of here…” she panted. Her head was as red as a tomato and fear filled her eyes “I’ll do anything! Just let me out of there or I will drown in cum!” she pleaded.


The man knelt down and caressed the young girl’s cheek “Be strong! I know you can do it!” he said with the utmost sincerity “You’re one of the finest sluts I’ve ever encountered, so swallowing such a tiny amount of cum should be no problem for you! I believe in you!”


He patted her head one last time and watched as her grasp around the iron bars weakened and she descended back into the white pool. He walked the staircase upwards and reached a large iron door with a single dirty window in it.


What once was some kind of technician office now served the depraved man as a living room. A single laptop was on the ground and played a ten-hour loop of “Nyan Cat”. On a small wooden dish at the corner stood the last remaining slices that he and his partner had for breakfast. At the other side of the room was a large bed with pink bed sheets that was littered with a variety of different plushies and different sex toys. The wall above the bed was plastered with posters from different actors or singers that he loved in a number of provocative poses and that served him as jerk-off material.


He put the plastic bag with his purchases on the floor next to a whip with a wriggling tentacle on the other end of the handle “And, how’re things going?” he asked his partner, who sat quietly at the end of the room and stared out of the window.


Ever since its encounter with the King of Curses a while back, the pale Curse had been oddly quiet. Even more than before. The wounds it sustained after its brief fight with Sukuna still hadn’t healed completely and Nekureta was aware enough that it was still dealing with the events of that day.


Reaching with one hand around the Curse’s frail body, he gave it a kiss on its cheek, right next to the vagina that was where the mouth normally would be and started groping its beach ball sized tits “Come on now. Stop sulking!” he grabbed his partner’s wrist and pulled it towards the bed where he pushed it down. “I think I met those two sorcerers that you told me about a few weeks ago and I have to say, they’re absolutely gorgeous.”


The Curse’s body squirmed under his touch as he gently caressed its chin, only to then travel further downwards to the stiff nipples “HIIIIIIIIIIEEEKKKK!!!!!” an inhuman squeal came from the mouths that were on each of its hands as he pinched the two white nipples between his fingers.


“Together with that blue haired whore from Kyoto that I stalked a while back, we have an excellent pair of girls at our disposal.” he whispered into the Curse’s ear before nibbling on it’s long and slender neck.


He watched in amazement as a shiver went down the Curse’s body. Its skin began to glow slightly as it started to shape shift. The long black hair turned blue, the neck started to shrink, and the horse cock that dangled between its legs retracted and formed into an already dripping wet pussy.


HAHAHAHAHA!” he threw his head back and pulled his mask away before laughing amused “You know exactly what I want and I love it!” he bent down again and covered the Curse’s newly formed mouth with his own and started gliding his tongue inside the hot little mouth.


“Miwa’s” fingers clasped around the bed sheets as she moaned with wanton lust into his mouth. Their tongues glided all over another as she let herself relax even further. She closed her eyes and relished in the pleasure that his tongue brought her “Mmmmph… Moah…!”


Nekureta pulled his head away and watched the thin line of saliva that connected their lips with another snap “Mmmmmmh… No!” he scratched his chin and reached towards two blank body pillows that laid left and right on the bed with them “Miwa would beg much more! She’s too insecure to do anything on her own accord and would plead for her partner to do the work. She’s totally submissive in bed!” he stated as his hands started to glow.


The light from his hands traveled over to the body pillows until they were both glowing in a pink light. Just like the Curse a few moments earlier, the pillows changed shape as well. Once he finished transmuting the pillows, he stepped back and admired the view in front of him.


He took some liberties regarding their proportions but the two body pillows now were looking almost exactly like Nobara Kugisaki and Maki Zenin. Both girls had green and blue make-up respectively and had a tattoos covering their asses that he thought would fit their role as his sex objects. The tattoo on the Nobara-pillow’s ass fitted her much bigger tits and made for a really sexy contrast to Maki-pillow’s tattoo.


“Hmmmm…” he leaned his head to one side, his eyes wandering between the three sluts that laid in front of him. Miwa opened her eyes again and stared at him, her lips shivering slightly as if she couldn’t stand a single second without him near her any longer “Miwa is definitely a closet whore. Give her such a slut mark from those cheesy hentai and red lipstick to make her seem even more slutty!” he ordered as he dropped his pants to reveal his already rock hard erection for the three girls to admire.


Nobara’s eyes were filled with insecurity as she laid on her side “Please be gentle… Your fat cock might destroy me…” she moaned hotly. Getting her voice right was tricky, since he heard her talking only once but it sufficed for the moment, although he planned to do it more thoroughly the next time.


Narration: Nekureta’s Cursed Technique allowed him to transform any object he wanted into a representation of his sexual desires as long as their roughly the equal shape. Creating artificial life can be done but is pretty taxing on his stamina and they will regain their original shape soon after.


“Please, Nekureta-sama…” Miwa’s eyes glowed with open lust as she clenched her feet together to rub her gushing pussy. The sheets beneath her got soaked as the lust inside her grew and grew “I can’t go much longer! I need your thick cock!”


“Oh please.” next to her Maki wiggled her butt, making her cheeks clap invitingly “For a guy with such a huge cock only the biggest ass will be enough! You two flat-ass-bitches better stay back and let a real girl handle this!” she said confidently.


Mmmmmh, yes! She’s definitely the confident type!‘ he thought to himself. Due to Nekureta knowing quite a lot about the Zenin clan and therefore Maki, he had a much easier time giving her a voice. He stepped forward again and knelt on the bed, his thick erection pointing directly at Miwa “I’m not gonna play favorites. Impress me and show me which one of you is the most worthy to get fucked by my fat bitch breaker!”


The girls instantly turned around and started kissing his cock all over, covering it in a rainbow of lipstick marks from the balls to the shaft. Miwa managed to take in the first few inches of his cock between her red painted lips but got pulled away instantly by Maki, who also started to fondle his balls between her fingers.


“Ighnore hew!” slurred the green haired girl around his length, her tongue sliding all over it and smearing off the lipstick “Thoshe two shlutsh can’t even do halph the shtuff I can do!” She opened her mouth wider once again and took seven more inches of the cock inside her mouth before bobbing her head back and forth frantically “MMMMMMMPH, UGGGGH… GUG… GUGH… HMMMMM… MMMIIIIIIIIIIEEWWWKKK!!!!!!!!


Maki’s eyes went wide as she suddenly found a huge pink dildo being shoved balls deep inside her pussy and a butt-plug being rammed inside her ass “You like big cocks so much?! Try this one then!” said Nobara before shoving the butt-plug deeper and deeper until only the ring of it was left outside.


GGGGGHHH… HHHHMMMPH… UUUUUGHH!!!!” Maki choked around the Curse User’s cock as the brown haired girl gently moved the butt-plug back and forth by moving the ring ever so slightly.


“But let your whore-mouth away from Nekureta-sama’s cock!!” Nobara declared before yanking the whole butt-plug out again in one swift motion! The anal beads that were connected to it created a series of popping sounds as they left her ass until the plug itself got released with one wet PLOP!


HUMMMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!” Maki’s entire body shook in orgasm. Her eyes crossed and started rolling back into her head as she was overwhelmed by pleasure, both from the plug being pulled out of her ass and Nekureta’s cock now being shoved balls deep into her mouth.


Miwa put her hands on the other girl’s shoulder and pulled her away. Nekureta’s cock sprung out of her mouth, saliva running down its length and down to his balls from where it dropped onto the sheets. The blue haired girl let go of Maki and let her fall onto the bed, where the aftermath of her orgasm still rocked her body.


“Please, master…” Nobara moved closer towards the perverted Curse User, her heavy milk tanks dragged over the bed as she got between his legs “Let me take care of you, those other girls don’t know how to service a cock right!” she opened her mouth wide and swallowed both his coconut sized balls instantly.


He closed his eyes and had to prevent himself from cumming then and there as Nobara skillfully traced her tongue all over his nutsacks “Hmmmmmm… Sho rich and tashty… I wuv it~!” she squirmed in delight, her voice vibrating all over his testicles.


From the corner of his vision he saw Maki coming closer as well. The blue haired girl stepped over the other girl and turned around, her fat ass only centimeters away from his face and right above his still rocking erection “I’ve waited for far too long! Nekureta, please, allow this horny slut to fuck that monster cock of yours.”


Without waiting for an answer, she lowered herself down and impaled herself on the throbbing erection “HAAAAAAA!!!!!” she arched her back and screamed in orgasmic bliss as she came just from her taking in more and more of his cock.


Her pussy juices rained down on Nobara’s face who was only mildly aware of what was happening just a few centimeters above her. The combined flavors of Maki’s saliva, Miwa’s juices and her master’s cock created a taste that she never experienced before and that she couldn’t get enough of!


In front of them, Maki recovered from her orgasm and started moving the dildo that was left in her pussy as she followed the perverted spectacle. Miwa managed to get her partner’s cock all the way into her ass, the sheer girth of the thing visibly distended her otherwise slender stomach “AAAAH… SOOO BIG!!! I LOVE IT! PLEASE, FUCK ME!!!!! FUCK ME HARDER THAN YOU FUCKED EVER BEFOREEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!


Nekureta obliged and put his hands on the girl’s hips. He lifted her up with ease, pulling more than half of his cock out of her ass, before slamming it down with such force that it made the bed creak in protest!




Man, I love this Curse!‘ thought Nekureta to himself as he felt his first orgasm of the day cumming.

(Story by: Mr. Akrononym)

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2 years ago

Huhh? Maybe not everyone’s a fan but I for one LOVE this like.. Oc like character you’ve but in! There are other writers who can do the usual crew but him and his effects I do enjoy like crazy! Being the one with the biggest dick around it’s only even better he’d have such ability based with lust to pair with it! Nekureta huh… I hope we’ll be able to see our big dicked demon conquer and toy with our gals again and again from you!

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
2 years ago
Reply to  Hatman!

The two of them will definitely play a bigger role moving forward. That’s for sure. Glad that you like the chapter.

2 years ago

The art is stunning, but I wasn’t really a fan of the story this time around.

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
2 years ago
Reply to  ShrimpGod

Yeah, I can understand it. I just wanted to flesh out the two individuals who are responsible for all this stuff so far and who will be responsible for more stuff yet to come.

2 years ago

Can’t wait for Gojo or one of the main boys to kick this guy’s ass.

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
2 years ago
Reply to  smegmeister

Happy to hear that you distain him. It’s my first time writing a character that could be considered an OC, so it’s interesting to hear what your thoughts about him are.

2 years ago

Nice chapter

Kinda sad that it wasn’t itadori

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
2 years ago
Reply to  Han

Glad that you like it, despite no Itadori in it. I thought like focusing more on the antagonists for this chapter.

2 years ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

Oh are we getting chapters with itadori in the future?

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
2 years ago
Reply to  Han

Don’t know. It depends on the artworks I’m getting.