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Lifting Curses with Lewdness

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Jujutsu Kaisen stories)
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“I have never seen anything like this before! He just-” the brothel owner recounted, looking like she could collapse any second now. Her fingers trembled as she fidgeted with the lock of the door.


Maki Zenin laid a hand on the frightened woman’s shoulder “Don’t worry Ma’am! We will take it from here. Our colleague, Miss Akari Nitta, have a few questions for you in the foyer.”


“Yes… Yes of course…” she let go of the doorknob and walked back the way they came, a light sway from side to side, as if she still couldn’t process what she saw. Maki and Nobara waited a solid minute until they could no longer hear her shuffling steps on the red carpet before they started talking.


“Seems she’s taking what happened earlier pretty hard.” Nobara said. Along with Maki, she too was dressed in the standard Jujutsu Sorcerer uniform.


The 2nd Year Student turned her head towards the closed door of the crime scene “Who could blame her? You would probably too if your partner wouldn’t stop cumming until nothing is left but an empty, dry husk of a person.”


What brought the two sorcerers here was a series of demonic activities at three different locations in Tokyo on roughly the exact same time. One was in a love hotel in Shinjuku, one in a detached house in Arakawa and one here, a brothel in Shibuya. All scenes had one thing in common: The victims, were all male, died shortly having sex when they just kept cumming and cumming to their death!


All available first and second Year students of Tokyo Jujutsu High were sent to investigate the cases, that were believed to be the doing of Grade 2 Curses, individually. Yuji Itadori and Panda searched for clues the love hotel!


Toge Inumaki and Megumi Fushiguro were tasked with investigating the now empty house, which only left Maki and Nobara to deal with the last murder.


“Are you ready? The Curse could still be active in there!” the senior asked the brunette, placing one hand on the doorknob and grabbing her trusty “Playful Cloud” with the other.


Nobara folded her fingers and cracked them “A Grade 2 Curse? I think we can take him!” and gave her friend a thumbs-up gesture, accompanied by a confident smile.


The green haired girl pushed the door open! What greeted them was a highly intriguing looking bedroom. A huge mirror adorned the ceiling above an equally huge bed that had shackles hanging off of it at the corners for some potential kinky fun. A huge X-Cross was placed on the opposite wall and made the room feel even more like a dungeon.


Both Jujutsu Sorcerers entered the room warily, taking in each detail of the room they could find. A bottle of lube stood on the nightstand next to the bed, a window opposite to the entrance showed the front of the next building, an open closet with several whips, vibrators and other equipment stood next to it.


I wonder if Maki-san and I could try them out in the future…


Suddenly Maki raised her hand infront of the other girl’s impressive rack, ending the other girl’s daydream and gesturing her to stop “Look!”


She pointed at something on the other side of the bed. From where she stood, Nobara couldn’t see much but what little she could make out made her think of that old horror film “The Ring”!


The Curse seemed to be of humanoid form. It’s skin looked as white as snow, which contrasted the black hair that hung down past it’s shoulders. It was unclear if the hair covered it’s face or if it simply faced the other direction.


Maki grabbed one of the three sections of Playful Cloud, letting the deadly weapon hang almost loosely at her side and stepped forward.


A shudder went through the creature as if it just now became aware of the two Jujutsu Sorcerers presence. It stood up from its kneeling position, which revealed its grotesque physique.


It was infact facing them. Or at least it would, if it had a face to do so! Instead, underneath all that thick, black hair only a single vagina graced the white space that sat on top of a much too thin looking neck!


Further down a truly massive pair of tits that covered her entire upper body sported some of the most painfully stiff looking nipples that Nobara’s eyes has ever lay witnessed. ‘Those look like they could cut steel!


And below the heavy mass of flesh something terrifying and yet enticing caught her eye. A cock, bigger and harder than she had ever seen before in pornos or from the one time she let her teacher, Yuji and Megumi fuck her pulsated steadily in an almost hypnotic way; its veins glowed black with cursed energy.


But was it really a human penis?! From one moment to the next it changing shapes. One moment it turned into that of a dog’s penis, then a bundle of slimy tentacles with cockheads on its ends, then an extremely long ovipositor, before changing one last time into an even bigger looking horse cock! The only thing all forms had in common was the black, tar-like substance that oozed out of them onto the red carpet beneath!


The demon lifted its hands, which managed to break Nobara’s and Maki’s gaze from the huge phallus. On each palm was a mouth with an abnormally large, black tongue hanging out of it “WHO ARE YOU? WHAT DO YOU WANT?


It can talk? Does that make it aAANNNGGGHHH!!!‘ the green haired girl’s line of thought was brought to an abrupt halt as an orgasm hit her like a semi-truck, it was an indescribable feeling. From what she could see out of the corner of her eye, Nobara experienced the same. The younger girl crossed her legs desperately, trying to keep her own body under control.


As the orgasmic frenzy continued, the demon vanished, only to appear right between the two shaking women. Its slimy tongues ran over both girls bodies; from Maki’s right thigh, upwards over her stomach and breasts and even her face. Nobara got a good licking as well, specifically on the left side of the other girl’s body such as her arms and face.


The wet clothing dissolved under the Curse’s saliva, bringing each girls’ naked body out for the curse to see. It even melted away the young Zenin’s special glasses that allowed her to see the Curse in the first place.




With one last remaining look thru her dissolving glasses, Maki saw how the Curse disappeared, leaving only the puddle of black goo on the red carpet. The orgasm that rocked the two girls’ bodies subsided little by little with each passing minute.


“What was that supposed to mean?!”



“Hmm… Everything seems to be alright. Well aside from the saliva!” the gloomy doctor laid the instruments she used to examine the two Sorcerers in training.


“That’s a relief!” Nobara said and put her top back on. As soon as they came back from the brothel, they immediately went to Jujutsu High to let Shoko Ieiri get a good look at what the Curse left behind.


Not much as it seemed. The busty doctor took a few samples of the Curse’s saliva from Maki’s and Nobara’s body in a petri dish and placed it next to the black goo inside a refrigerator.


“I will look at it tomorrow when the other two groups have returned!” she rubbed her tired eyes and took a look at the clock that hung over the entrance of the lab room “You two should probably take a shower and then go as well!”


“We will! Thank you a lot!” Maki said and lead herself and her younger protege out of the clinically sterile room.


Because they already shared a bath, Nobara insisted on sharing the shower as well. The country girl rubbed some soap over her senior’s body and took some extra time when it came to the other girls humongous boobs!


“Ahhh~ You do such a good job!” the Zenin girl moaned as her friend’s fingers sunk deep into the warm flesh of her breasts.


“Everything for you, Maki-san!” a small river of her own juices ran down her inner thighs at the pleasure she experienced. She decided to give the two meatbags one last squeeze before letting the 2nd Year Student return the favor. When suddenly…




Nobara witnessed with shock as black markings in the shape of roses appeared on her own and her seniors body, on the exact same places where the Curse licked them a few hours earlier!


NNGGHH!!!” the green haired girl squirmed as her arousal skyrocketed. From what she could see, Nobara had to deal with the same, the formerly small river of love nectar now became a waterfall “Wh- What is this?”


“It looks just like when Yuji aAAHHAAnd I fought against these twoOOOHHH Death Paintings! Damn it! If only I had my hamMHHHer and nails!”


With trembling legs she tried to make her way to the changing room, where her equipment was, only to stumble directly into someone.


Out of the steam came a naked Yuji Itadori, awkwardly rubbing the back of his head as he recognized who he collided with. “Umm, hi? I’ve heard some weird noises from here. Is everything all right?”


“Then why are you also nakeEEEHHd?!” Nobara asked irritatedly, her eyes somewhat fixated at her classmates crotch that was still covered by the thick steam around them.


Itadori gave her a stunned look “Who would go into a shower with his clothes on?”


“Cock~” Maki said.


His eyes widened as he noticed the black markings on the two beauties bodies “Wait! Aren’t those the same markings as when we fought against the-”


“NoOOOH!” she shuddered again as another wave of pleasure hit her “They’re earlier today! back at the love hotel! We have to… FUUUCCCCKKK!!!




“The Curse isn’t here, is it?” Yuji looked around as if he expected an attack any moment “What should I do?”


“Haa.. Haa… Haa… I can exorcise this thing later! For now I need you to fuck me, NOW!


“Fuck you?”


The brunette beauty grabbed him by his balls and yanked him forwards “Did I stutter?! My pussy is aching for some rough dicking and your the only man here!”


“Stop standing around with that stupid look and COME!” she grabbed him by his wrist and pulled him closer. Her and Maki’s tits pressed against each other and against the male student’s groin, making his cock twitch in excitement. She pulled his pants down to free the already rock hard cock.


Her eye twitched with annoyance upon examining his dick with her nimble hands. She directed a glare at Yuji, who was now standing directly infront of her and the Zenin girl. She clenched her hand into a fist. “Is this supposed to be aAAHH joke?! I hope for your sake that this twig turns into a tree trunk SOON!


“Cooock~” Maki now groaned louder, her eyes fixated at Yuji’s erection while her tits were pressed between her own hand and the other girls massive tits.


She lowered her head, entranced by the pulsating, hot meatspear infront of her and began sucking on it!


Yuji and Nobara watched in surprise as the entirety of his cock disappeared in the teal haired girl’s mouth; her hands roughly fondling and pulling on her own tits “Shhoo phick and thashty!”


“Maki-san! Don’t go so easy on him!” Nobara chided her friend and grabbed the pink haired guy’s balls, which made him groan and shudder!


Her fingers fondled his balls for a good while until she decided to slide under him and suck on them ‘His cock might not be as big as the other day but his balls sure are!‘ her tongue swirled around the two seed filled balls.


Sukuna’s host shuddered as the two-way-assault continued. He then grabbed the 2nd Year Student by her hair for better leverage and to prevent her from pulling away as his cock got bigger and bigger after every second!


The glasses wearing woman’s eyes went wide and began rolling into the back of her head as the cock began pressing down into her throat ‘Too THICK, Too-‘ she gagged around his erection as she felt an orgasm building up just from having her mouth fucked!


All hell broke loose when Yuji unleashed his seed into the usually so stern girl’s mouth. All thoughts of resistance melted away as she was brought to the brink of orgasm!




Nobara could feel her classmates balls convulse as her friend sucked him dry of anything he had. She of course couldn’t see anything from down below but if the twitching that came from her were any indication, than she was basking in her very own orgasm right now.


She cums from having her mouth fucked? I’ll remember THAT!


When Yuji pulled his meatspear out, Maki quivered, unable to understand just why she DIDN’T cum at that moment. Everything lead up to a mindblowing orgasm but in the end SOMETHING prevented her from going over the edge!


She saw how the black glowing markings on her thighs faded a little bit, which gave her an idea “Yuji?”


The addressed sorcerer lifted his head “Huh?”


“I hope you don’t have any other plans for tonight because you need to exorcise us with that cock of yours!”





(1 hour later)


Nobara laid on the floor, her legs spread wide as her classmate rammed his dick deeper and deeper into her pussy. The markings on her body glowed black whenever she was close to cumming. And whenever she was approaching orgasm, the spell prevented her from achieving sexual release, leaving her heavily panting and moaning with desire and desperation.


Maki fingered herself frantically, trying to achieve an orgasm herself, whilst also observing her friends closely to see what happens.



(2 hours later)


The markings on each girl’s thighs have disappeared but the markings on the rest of their body still remained. A huge film of sweat was on Yuji’s lying body as he thrusted his hips upwards, driving his cock into Maki’s ass while also eating Nobara out.


Both girls, facing each other, exchanged a kiss but were more and more getting desperate! Despite all the pleasure they experienced, the markings or rather the Curse, prevented them from having an orgasm!


One thing was clear: they wouldn’t let Yuji go until the spell was completely lifted and the marking’s faded away completely. As they fucked longer and longer, the markings got smaller and weaker everytime their orgasm was suppressed by the curse. While this was a good thing, it drove the two crazy, desperately desiring the euphoria of cumming.


Hopefully he’ll last long enough to lift this spell, so then the real fucking can begin!

(Story by: Mr. Akrononym)

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2 years ago

Nice story and good use of the horny mode after curse of Nobara and Maki. Nice reminder of Shoko it would be interesting to see her around and see what she can teach to Nobara and Maki

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
2 years ago
Reply to  Shadowdragon

I plan to have Shoko (and maybe even Miwa and Mei Mei) appear more, simply because there isn’t that much variety when it comes to girls YET.
Happy you like it!

2 years ago

Why wasn’t Yuji’s dick as big as before?

Last edited 2 years ago by Whitis
Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
2 years ago
Reply to  Whitis

Because whoever requested it wanted it to be this way? I don’t know. I tried to explain it by having it still grew to being full erect in the story but it seems that I failed to deliver on that part.

A Stray Cloud
2 years ago

This chapter was fun! I liked that Nobara was sensitive to getting throat-fucked, seemed like something in character for her.

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
2 years ago
Reply to  A Stray Cloud

Hey, thanks for reading it! I personally think that you did a much bigger job with the artwork but that’s just me.
Glad you like it!

2 years ago

Great chapter and art! I wonder why Yuji is smaller than before. I can’t wait to see the other girls that will hopefully appear later! (I hope to see miwa.)

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
2 years ago
Reply to  Anon

I hope that I will get something with Miwa soon! Out of all the girls she might be the one that does it the most for me.

2 years ago

I wonder if that curse creature will come back later.

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
2 years ago
Reply to  Unskilled

The Curse will come back, that’s for sure! I just don’t know if it will be something long-term or if I will finish it off in one of the next chapters.