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The Key to Success

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Fairy Tail stories)
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BLONDIE!!!! I’m so thrilled you’re back!” Flare Corona greeted Lucy with an overly wide and creepy smile on her face at the entrance to the estate that once belonged to the blonde mage’s family. “I knew you’d come sooner than later!”


“Hngh…!!” Lucy squirmed uncomfortably in front of the crazy ginger, while keeping one arm in front of her chest and the other one on her butt in an attempt to cover both of them. It didn’t work! “D- don’t get the wrong idea! I’m just doing this because your master pays so well!”


Even in her ears, Lucy could hear how bad of a lie that was! It’s been a couple of days now that Levy and her had last been to the mansion to deal with some pests, and yet, here she was, once more standing in front of the gates to her former home. It still looked like how it was on the day she ran off from here in order to join Fairy Tail, and to get away from her father. It was creepy! On one hand, she knew this place like the back of her hand, and yet… she felt like a foreigner. Like an intruder!


“No need to act all coy and posh, Blondie!” Flare leaned forward eerily close until her face was only a couple of inches away from Lucy’s. The Celestial Spirit Mage gulped at the way her basically bare tits bounced and jiggled with this simple motion, with the only thing covering those juicy boobs being two heart-shaped pasties. Seriously, have they always been bigger than hers? “Master is more than happy to see you again. Especially when it’s only you and in such a sexy dress no less! HMMMMMNGH… you look delish!”


A shudder went down Lucy’s spine, “Yeah… I can imagine!” She said, while backing a bit away from the unhinged redhead. Despite having warmed up to one another and finding out more about her past in the Sun Village, there was still something eerie and creepy about Flare that made Lucy feel uneasy, “He was the one who said I should come like this… Didn’t even give any other instructions for this quest. That perv!”


Lucy airquoted the “Quest”-part because she kinda doubted it would be a real one again. Probably just something to satiate that Ugly Bastard’s kinky desires!


“And you were the one eager to dress the part. So who of us is the real perv?” the voice of the Ugly Bastard asked behind her.


Lucy turned her head to see the hulk of the man standing there in nothing but a loose pair of yoga pants, through the fabric of which Lucy could clearly see the outline of his FAT cock. There was a dense layer of sweat covering his entire body. Probably because he just now returned from his morning jog, if the look out of the train when she arrived here was any indication. She did her best to give him a warm and welcoming smile, even as he openly leered at her exposed buttocks. Like the first time they had met, he reeked of way too much aftershave or deodorant or whatever else, it didn’t really matter, and sweat. Fact was that Lucy was gagging just by smelling him!


“Tsk! Asshole!” Lucy clicked her tongue. She crossed in front of her chest and muttered silently to herself, “I wonder how much of that is actually my own feeling and how much of that comes from this damned contract Natsu agreed to!


BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Believe me, the contract has nothing to do with this!” the Ugly Bastard reassured her as he walked over towards the two scantily clad women. With each step, his stench only grew more nauseating. “Everything you’re doing, like coming over here for these quests, is outside the contract’s influence. When I give you, Natsu Dragneel, or my beloved maid here a direct command on the other hand…”


“Hmph! I’ll believe that when I see it!” the blonde turned up her nose.


The man smiled complacently, “Kneel!” He then ordered in a neutral tone.


It was like a switch was turned inside of Lucy. Her mind went blank for a brief second and, the next second when she opened her eyes again, she found herself on her knees in front of the fat entrepreneur, ‘What the…? What is this feeling? Why does it feel so good?’ Lucy kept asking in her mind. All of a sudden, kneeling on the floor in front of this man felt like the most important thing in the world to her. It gave her a feeling of fulfillment and purpose that not many other things in this world could! ‘Is this what his magic feels like?


“This feeling… it’s the best, isn’t it, Blondie!?” Flare asked next to her. Just like Lucy, the ginger haired woman was also kneeling in front of her master. Her body trembled and Lucy could smell her sweet arousal even through the stench of the Ugly Bastard’s odor. “HMMMNH… I can’t get enough of it!! I need more!”


“Enough of that, for now!” the man snapped with his finger, which instantly set Lucy’s mind back to normal. As she rose back up with shaking feet, the Ugly Bastard put both his hands in the pockets of his pants and eyed her closely. “This is how my magic feels like! But this isn’t why I called you over anyways.”


Lucy looked the man up and down, “Then why did you want me to come? If it’s not to mess with me or to show your power, I’d love to get this over with as soon as possible!” She told him bluntly.


“Now, now! That’s not a very nice way to talk with your client. Much less with a client who might have something really interesting for you. You’re still young, so you shouldn’t rush things like this!” the Ugly Bastard told her as he walked past the two women and through the huge doors to his newly acquired estate. “Follow me!”


“Ugh! Fine.” the blonde crossed her arms under her heavy tits and pouted, “Then why did you want me to come here?” She asked while following the beergutted man together with his maid.


“If you want to know, I came into possession of a little something the other day. Something that might be of interest to a talented mage like yourself!” He said with an ominous voice.


The three of them walked over to the mansion where Lucy grew up in. Due to it still being relatively early in the morning, mist wafted all around them, covering the hair on their arms and the grass around them with a soft layer of dew. Flare handed her master a towel made of her own hair, which he then used to wipe off as much of the sweat as possible. In the surrounding fields, farmers from the nearby villages were already busy doing their work, cutting the high grass in order to get enough hay and straw for their livestock through the winter. As the farmers went on with their work under the more and more blazing and rising sun, the Ugly Bastard and the two women at his side stepped into the cool mansion.


“And? What is it that you found?” Lucy asked as Flare closed the doors behind them and she followed the man into the library where she and Natsu had first met the rapidly expanding businessman.


“So impatient.” the Ugly Bastard shook his head while walking around his huge desk and towards the black leather arm seat behind it. He opened one of the drawers and pulled out something wrapped in a white cloth, “Now, I understand that you’re a Celestial Spirit Mage, is that correct?” He asked. Lucy only nodded, not sure what to make of his question. “Then I just might have something for you.”


He unwrapped the white cloth. As soon as she laid eyes on the golden object in front of her, Lucy’s heart began to pound like crazy. Sweat trickled down her face and dropped off her chin and onto her fat boobs. “That’s… how did you get it?” the blonde asked, with her voice shaking and laced with conflicting emotions.


“Guessing by your reaction, this seems to be the real deal. The key that opens the gate for the Celestial Spirit Aquarius, the Water Bearer!” the Ugly Bastard confirmed. “In my club in Hargeon Town, a sailor wasn’t able to pay his bills through normal means, so he used this as compensation. How he got his hands on it, I have no idea.”


Lucy still couldn’t believe her eyes. Here it was again, the key that she longed to see again for such a long time. She could basically already hear Aquarius scolding her for taking so long to find her key. “Why… why are you telling me this? What do you want to do with the key?”


“I? Nothing!” He held the key into the light of the morning sun that shined through the window behind him. “I’m not a fighter, much less someone who’s able to bring out the full potential of those Spirits. But you are! I’ve heard all sorts of things about you. If there’s someone who would know what to do with this key, it’s you!”


“You don’t just intend on handing me a Celestial Spirit Key just like that, do you?” She asked, rightfully doubtful. “You know how much only one of them is worth!”


“Lucy Heartfilia, look at me! Do I look like someone who needs this key to stay or get rich?!” the Ugly Bastard almost laughed as he spoke, “But if you don’t want it…” He put the key back on the white cloth and began wrapping it back up.


NO!!!” Lucy cried out before the man put the key fully away. Clenching both her hands into fists, hard enough to draw blood, she then took a step closer towards the Ugly Bastard. “I mean, it would mean a lot to me if I could get this key back!”


“Glad to hear that you’re so eager for this after all. Before I give you this key though, I should tell you about the catch first.” the man told her as he folded his arms on the desk. He then nodded towards Flare. “You see, the moment I received this key, my trusty maid was more than just eager to be the one who will receive it. Told me that she’d even forgo her payment and extend her contract with me if it meant that she gets it instead!”


“What? Why?” the blonde turned around to look at the maid. A smug grin had spread across her face, which gave her an even more unhinged aura. “Why do you want a Celestial Spirit Key?”


“Oh, Blondie! Because I know that you want the key!” Flare told her as her grin turned from smug to sadistic, “Just imagine how much fun we can have together, just with me having the key you desire so much! You’d do anything on the off-chance that I give you the key afterwards, isn’t that right, Blondie!?” She accentuated her question even more by sensually licking her lips at the sight of Lucy’s growing concern.


“You wouldn’t, Flare!” Lucy gasped as a chill ran down her spine.


Flare stepped closer, pressing her much bigger tits against Lucy’s and smiling even wider, “I totally would!” She looked past Lucy and towards the Ugly Bastard. “Master, please give me the key! Her desperate desire to get it will make her do anything I… WE want! I’ll turn her into our perfect little pet!”


“No, you can’t!” Lucy turned back to the man, “I’ll do anything! Just… Please, you have to give me the key! Please!” She begged.


BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! So eager, both of you! How could I say no to either of you?!” The Ugly Bastard held up the golden key. “So here’s how it goes, the one who entertains me the most will receive Aquarius!”


“With pleasure, Master!” In an instant, Flare’s hair untied itself from the braids it was kept in before and instead moved around like the arms of an octopus. Two of them coiled around Lucy’s hands and crawled to her tits to pull down the dress there. “I’ll show you that I’m more than worthy to earn this key!”


EEEK!!!” Lucy yelped as the two tendril-like strands of flaming red hair then pinched her nipples. At the same time, two other long ropes of her hair wrapped themselves around her legs. “N- no…!!”


The Celestial Spirit Mage whimpered as one of the two tendrils pulled down her thong while the other flicked at her pussy, “Hehehehehe! I’m gonna make this key mine!” the ginger haired woman whispered into Lucy’s ear, before gently nibbling on her earlobe.


“Aaaah… Forget it!” Lucy hissed back. Even though her arms were mostly restrained and held in place by Flare’s strong prehensile hair, she tried her best to reach into her cleavage. “My keys…!”


Flare’s eyes widened with joy, “Oh? Wanna reach for one of your trusted Spirits, hmm?” She asked, then biting down a bit harder on Lucy’s earlobe. “Which one do you wanna summon? The bull? The crab-guy? Scorpio? Gemini? Come on, show me! I wanna play with them all!!”


HNNNNNGH!!!” as Flare continued playing with her nipples and clit, flicking and pulling on all of them with her hair, Lucy was able to pull out two of the golden keys she carried around with her at all times. She raised both of them into the air. “Open, Gate of the Maiden and Gate of the Lion! Virgo! Leo!


Two other people appeared in the library. One of them was a handsome, young looking man with spiky orange hair, dressed in a tight sitting suit that accentuated his athletic form even more. The other was a pink haired girl with a stoic expression on her beautiful face. One could only imagine how stiff her nipples and how wet her pussy always was as she wore a typical maid outfit, not much unlike the one Flare nowadays wore.


“You called for us, mistress?” Virgo asked, her voice as deadpan as ever. “Do you wish to punish me?”


A trickle of blood ran down Leo’s nose as realized the situation he found himself in, “Lady Lucy! To think that you’re the kind of girl into this sort of thing… why didn’t you call for me sooner?” He asked with a mischievous grin, while wiping away the blood from his face.


“NoOOOooOO!!!” Lucy shook her head, even as Flare tugged even harder on her nipples. She managed to compose herself long enough and looked her maid in the eyes, “Virgo, give that Ugly Bastard the best and sloppiest blowjob ever! I’ll punish you as much as you want if you do a good job!” She told the pink haired spirit.


Stars lit up in the maid’s eyes. Before even one of them had the chance to blink, Virgo disappeared underneath the desk and pulled the Master’s pants down, “ASH ‘OU WISH, MISHDRESSH!!!” She moaned, already beginning to deepthroat his ENORMOUS cock and ignoring his stench like it was nothing!


“Leo!” Lucy turned towards the orange haired casanova. “FUCK Flare! Really mess her up! Make her scream her lungs out and forget why she’s even here!”


She hadn’t even finished her request, when Leo already stripped naked and stepped behind Flare and lifted her dress just a little bit to reveal her butt. “With pleasure!”


OOOH??? This little catboy wants to play with me?!” Flare looked over her shoulder to eye the newcomer. She once again licked her lips at the sight of his heavily pulsating and rock hard cock. “Bring it on then! I’ll make all of you submit to me!”


“We’ll see about that!” Leo grin widened into a wide smile as he put both his hands on the ginger haired girl’s hip, “Hope you’re ready for the fucking of your life, my delicate little flower!” He said before thrusting his hips forward!


While not even nearly as big as Natsu and Taurus, much less the Ugly Bastard, Leo’s cock still pushed deep into Flare’s ass, “AAAAAHH!!! CATBOY-COCK!!! CATBOY-COCK IN MY ASSSSS!!!!!” She hissed directly into Lucy’s ear as she put her head to rest on the blonde’s shoulder. For a moment, the grip of her hair on Lucy’s nipples weakened. Then Flare’s face contorted into a twisted grimace of pure, unbridled lust. “I LOVE ITTT!!!


FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUCK!!!” Lucy ended up moaning under her breath. Like vices, Flare’s hair clenched even harder around her nipples and pulled on them even rougher. “It hurts… WHY DOES IT HURT SO GOOOOODD??


“Fufufu! BECAUSE YOU’RE A LITTLE DIRTY SLUT!!!” Flare screamed into her ear before licking at the side of her neck. Her big and soft boobs smacked wetly against Lucy’s back with each and every of Leo’s thrusts. “YOU LOVE GETTING PLAYED WITH LIKE THE FUCKDOLL YOU ARE WHILE YOUR SPIRIT SERVICES THE MASTER IN FRONT OF YOU!!! ADMIT IT!!”


As if on cue, Virgo’s gargling moans seemed to grow even louder. “HRRRGH, GURRK, ORRRKUL, GLURRRGH!!! SHO SHTINKY AND MANWY… PHANK ‘OU MIPHDRESSSH!!!!!


With a thunderous laughter, the Ugly Bastard patted the maid’s head, “You’re an interesting little one! Why don’t you have some more, hm?” He then pumped her head for her at his own much faster pace!


GUG, GUG, GUG, GUG, GUG, GUUUUUURK!!!!” Tears streamed down Virgo’s face as her nose was buried in his thick bush of black pubic hair time after time. “MIPHDRESSSSH… HE’SH SHO BHIGGGGGUGH!!!! AYE CAN PHEEW HIM AWW DA WAY IN MUH SHTOMASCH!!!!!


Her wails fell on deaf ears though as the other group was far too occupied with one another to pay her much attention. With her now leaning over the desk at a 90° angle, her breasts squished on the wooden surface right above Virgo’s face, Lucy couldn’t see how far the Ugly Bastard’s cock stretched the pink haired maid’s throat. Behind her, Flare moaned like the most depraved whore as she pressed her own fat titties against Lucy’s back while getting her asshole torn open by Leo.


AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! YESSS, FUCK ME MORE, FUCK ME HARDER, LITTLE CATBOY!!!!! DESTROY MY ASS WITH YOUR CATBOY-COCK!!!!! TEAR IT AS WIIIIIIDE OPEN AS POSSIBLE!!!!” the maniac cries of Flare echoed throughout the entire mansion. A mix of her saliva and tears of joy dropped on Lucy’s back while her pussy juices gushed endlessly on the carpeted floor. “FASTER, CATBOY!! FAAAAAASTEEEEEEEERRR!!!!


Sweat ran down Leo’s face, “Lady Lucy, this girl is insane!” He managed to groan as he held on to Flare’s hips for dear life. He attempted to pull his hips back a bit, only to get sucked right back into her ass. “She’s so tight… I don’t know how much longer I can keep this up!”


NOOOOOOOO!!!!!” both Lucy and Flare shouted at the same time.


“What’s the matter, catboy?! You’re not already nearing your limit, are you?!” Flare flexed her inner muscles even more, squeezing on all sides around the thick and throbbing member inside of her. “YOU GONNA CUM SO SOON??? HOW PATHETIC!! IT’S NOT EVEN BEEN HALF AN HOUR!!!!


LEO!!! KEEP FUCKING HER! DON’T STOP JUST YET!!! YOU NEED TO BREAK HER!!!” Lucy moaned underneath Flare. If she had the strength, she’d glare at him and encourage him even more. As it stood however, the hairy dildo Flare continued pushing oh so very deep into her cunt distracted her far too much. “FUCK HER, FUCK HER, FUCK HER, FUUUUUUUUCK HEEEEEEERR!!!!


The orange haired Spirit chuckled nervously as he rammed his cock one last time into her butt. “I’m sorry, Lady Lucy! But I think she’s too much for me!!”


IS THAT IT?? ARE YOU CUMMING, CATBOY???!! YOU’RE CUMMING, RIGHT???” Flare’s tongue lolled out of her mouth. Her nails dug deep enough into Lucy’s shoulder blades to draw blood. “CUM!! YOUR CUM IS SHOOTING INSIDE MY ASS!!!! ALL THAT CATBOY-MILK… IT’S SLOSHING AROUND INSIDE OF YOUR SLUTTY MAID’S DIRTY ASSHOLE, MASTER!!!!


“Hahahahaha!! I can hear!” the Ugly Bastard confirmed over the rude SPLURT SPLURT SPLURT sounds of Leo’s cum pouring into his maid’s ass. “But he’s not cumming as much as I do into this depraved slut’s mouth! Open wide, little girl. I hope you’re hungry!!”


NOOOOOOOOOOOOOROGH!!! BOOOOOUUUULLLLURK!!!” Virgo’s eyes widened in shock as gallon after gallon of viscous seed gushed down her dilated throat and straight into her stomach. “OH GAAAAAWDD!!!! MIPHDRESSH, AYE… AYE CAN’T PHINK!!!!! IT’SH ‘OO MUUUUUSCH!!!!!!


VIRGOOOOOOO!!!!!” Lucy squealed right as she came as well. One after the other, her two friends disappeared just as soon as they had appeared, both with a satisfied smile on their faces.


Flare licked Lucy’s neck again, “Guess that means Aquarius’ key belongs to me now!” She said sadistically.


But Lucy wasn’t done yet! With Flare’s hair still pounding her pussy and the Ugly Bastard watching her, she once more reached into her cleavage and pulled out two other keys, “No! I’m not finished yet! Open, Gate of the Goat and Gate of the Ram! Capricorn! Aries!



(much, MUCH later…)


“Ugh…!” Completely exhausted and still covered in cum from god knows who exactly now, Lucy let herself fall onto the couch of her apartment. Outside the window, the sun has already disappeared over the horizon for the most part, covering everything in a scenic dark orange light.


“Yo! Lucy, you’re back!” She was too surprised to even freak out when Natsu suddenly greeted her from the armchair next to the couch. “Have you been on a mission? You look terrible!”


The blonde thought about telling him all about her day, but in the end only pulled out one key. “I got Aquarius back!”



(Story by: Mr. Akrononym)

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5 months ago

First, I’m glad Flare got her cheeks clapped. Girl is nuttier than a can of cashews, but she deserves that dick. Second, glad Lucy got Aquarius back – but gladder she had to get fucked to do it.

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
5 months ago

It wouldn’t have felt right to just hand it to her like that. It feels like something she had to earn, to fight for in order to get!

Also, Flare might be one of my favorite characters to write. She’s crazy fun.

5 months ago
  1. Happy that this series is back.
  2. Happy that Lucy won.
  3. Flare is built different stamina-wise, per usual.
  4. I think this is the first story with Loki getting involved, nice.
Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
5 months ago
Reply to  Dan

Flare is really fun to write as this absolute sex maniac who can’t get enough of getting dicked down hard, even if most men are unable to keep up with her urges. I think Leo appeared in one old story before though.

5 months ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

I don’t think he did, but Lucy did mention he was good at sex.

But anyways, happy to see this story return!

5 months ago

I thought that this series was not going to come back, it’s a shame that it comes back and you can’t put anything else other than the disgusting fat guy? It already adds from other animes that the fat guy just comes out, shit story

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
5 months ago
Reply to  Lolo00311w

Oh no! What am I ever gonna do now? Lolo00311w hated the story and called it shit. My life is in ruins!

Seriously, there are more than enough stories where the UB isn’t the main focus of the plot. Heck, he isn’t even in this story, with most of the emphasis put on Lucy, her Spirits, and Flare. I already gave my explanation/philosophy in regards to how I write these stories down here, if you can’t live with that, then that’s your problem.

5 months ago

One day Natsu and Lucy will have a story together. One day.

Smiling Fiend
5 months ago
Reply to  Devilslayer666

I’m not the artist nor the writer but my friendly advice is: Don’t hold your breath.

5 months ago
Reply to  Smiling Fiend

Yea I don’t but still. They will learn at some point

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
5 months ago
Reply to  Devilslayer666

I don’t give a flying sh*t about any kind of ship. Natsu and Lucy will get to be in a story together when it makes sense for them to do so from a narrative point of view and/or when they’re in an artwork together. In this case, I wanted to have Lucy get Aquarius back and wanted her to use her other Spirits to do so, easy as that!

5 months ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

It’s not about the ship it’s just a story with them together. If it happens it happens, if not then it doesn’t. It don’t matter much to me since Natsu been with Erza, Flare and I think Juvia In this ongoing story.