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Teaching the Bitch New Tricks

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Naruto stories)
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Smiling to herself, Hana Inuzuka looked down at the blonde bitch, also known as Ino, crawling on all fours in front of her. ‘Got this one done in record time.’ she thought proudly as she and Ino walked through the late night city streets. They were in what could arguably be called Konoha’s “Red Light District”. This was the more seedy underbelly of the Village Hidden in the Leaves. Every town had one, a place where you could live out any perverted fantasy you wanted, no matter how depraved, and with no questions asked.


Hana was a regular visitor of that particular place.


She was dressed only in a sexy “bikini” that consisted of a pair of adhesive backed faux seashells over her nipples as a top. They were connected by a string of REAL pearls, though they weren’t the highest quality around. A third shell covered her cunt, which was held in place by an anal plug similar to what was currently sticking out of Ino’s ass. Though her’s was meant to hold things more securely than Ino’s. Hana could feel the hungry eyes following her as she casually walked down the street with her new Bitch.


Flanking Hana’s left, right, and rear were her loyal dogs, real ones. They kept the serious perverts at bay. Her former bitch couldn’t play as much anymore as she’d found herself a different lover. Though Hana couldn’t figure out who the lucky guy was, since Hanabi spent so much time with her niece and nephew that Boruto was almost all she could smell on her. That boy had a powerful scent, possibly one that’s even stronger than his father. So it wouldn’t be surprising if he was anything like the Seventh Hokage below the belt. Hana had seen Naruto naked once, and instantly understood why his scent was so powerful. Most people got uncomfortable whenever she talked about it, but most of a person’s scent, at least to the Inuzuka clan, came from their genital area. That was just the way it was with human biology. The underarms were a powerful source too, but they paled in comparison to the strength of the perineum.


Looking down at Ino again, Hana smiled, as she had such a delicious looking ass on her! Such a pale creamy color that just screamed to be spanked! The anal plug sticking out of Ino’s asshole wagged from left to right with each of her crawling steps.


Ever the benevolent trainer, Hana had given Ino some special gloves, knee pads, and shoes for this little excursion. It would be a crime to permanently mark that porcelain skin after all!


“Shake that ass more.” Hana said firmly.


ARF!” Ino barked happily, as she began shaking her ass from side to side harder with each crawling step.


“Good girl.” said Hana as the two of them continued to move through the narrow streets. She glanced down and smiled at the way Ino’s large naked breasts swayed from side to side as she moved. She licked her lips slowly, savoring the scent of Ino’s bitch cunt, she was so WET! The smell of her arousal clung inside Hana’s nostrils, making her just as wet. She could feel her own pussy drooling around the shell covering it as they approached the store she wanted to visit. It was a plain looking shop on the outside, though the windows were darkly tinted. With an almost telepathic command, Hana instructed her dogs to keep watch outside the building as she opened the door and ushered Ino inside. The interior of the shop though was anything but normal. From wall to wall was every manner of adult paraphernalia one could imagine, and even a few you couldn’t. The first time Hana found this place, there were a few items that even she didn’t know what they were for. Smiling, the brown haired woman looked down at her bitch.


The blonde woman was panting hard, her tongue hanging out of her mouth as she openly drooled. Hana reached down and grabbed hold of Ino’s “tail”, pulling it out slightly then shoving it in even deeper.


AARRRFF!!!!” Ino barked, with her pussy gushing as she came hard.


“I just mopped these floors, you know.” said a voice from inside the store.


“Sorry, but my new bitch did such a good job on her first walk, she needed a treat.” Hana replied as she walked farther inside. Near the back of the store, seated behind a counter was the owner. An elderly woman with iron gray hair that was tied up in a bun at the back of her head. She was dressed in a rather conservative manner. Were one to see her on any other street, they would just assume she was a regular grandmother out shopping for whatever.


Her name was Keiko Mido, and she was a retired Kunoichi who specialized in the Carnal Arts, or Sexcraft as she called them. These days they were called Seduction Tactics and were, in Keiko’s opinion, ‘So watered down as to be completely ineffective.’ Hana had met her a couple years ago when she opened this very store. They hit it off when talking about Hana’s particular “tastes”, and Keiko offered to teach her everything she knew.


‘Only a woman who has embraced her carnal nature can master these techniques.’ Keika had said.


Keiko could go on for hours about her younger days, when Kunoichi were trained to use their bodies to fuck as well as fight. She even knew a number of techniques that Hana didn’t even know existed! One Jutsu, for example, allowed Hana to straighten and harden her own hair into needles harder than steel. It worked quite effectively when she used it with her pubic hairs. It was a masterful Jutsu that Kunoichi could use to fight off any rapist with incredible effectiveness. She still hadn’t quite fully mastered it, though Keiko was a patient teacher. She’d taught Hana how to break in her own bitch after all, using the techniques her clan was already well known for!


“Ho, is this the one you mentioned before?” Keiko asked as she came out from behind the counter. Standing at just over four feet tall, Keiko Mido was the very definition of a “Little Old Lady”. However, she carried herself with a grace and poise that told Hana she could still fight if push came to shove.


“Sit girl.” Hana commanded. Ino moved into a squatting position, her hands on the floor as she looked up like the bitch she was. Her hairless pussy was still dripping as she continued to pant.


“Speak.” Hana told her.


WOOF!” Ino barked without hesitation or shame.


“Very good!” Keiko said, “Though, what happened to the first one? That one with the opal eyes.”


“Hanabi found herself someone else.” Hana told her honestly.


“Hmm, a shame, I was looking forward to calling you girls my two flowers.” Keiko joked, “Although, to break your hold, it must have been someone very impressive.”


“I apologize, Mido-sensei.” Hana said with a polite bow.


Keiko waved a hand, “It’s not your fault, child. Had you had the proper training while your vessel was still untouched, it would have been a different story. I’d be ashamed to call you my student. But I have only been teaching you for a little over two years now, so there are many limits to what you can do.”


Hana nodded, “I came to begin the next step in my training with my new bitch.”


“Arf!” Ino said.


Keiko looked at Ino, then back to Hana before moving behind the counter again, “I’m afraid I cannot teach it to you yet. “You do indeed have some natural talent. The fact that you learned the Iron Hair technique so late in life is impressive, but you still have much to learn before I can teach you the Futanari no Jutsu. Any technique made by Kaguya Otsutsuki herself is a dangerous technique for those not ready for it, not just for the one it is used on, but also for the one using it. The pleasure is nothing like what you have experienced so far. Even in my younger days, I only used it as a last resort when fighting another Kunoichi.”


That spoke volumes to Hana. Keiko was a master of her craft, and if she feared a technique, then it was formidable indeed.




Keiko slammed a box down onto the counter, “That said, I am not unwilling to teach you. I want my knowledge to live on past me. Right now, the only ones who know of my craft are you and I. My granddaughter still has not returned from her mission, and I begin to fear the worst. It is why I chose to teach you.” Keiko said. She’d told Hana about her granddaughter, though she still didn’t know the girl’s name. She was with the Genbu Black Ops. Three years ago, she left on a mission and never returned. Troubling to say the least in these peaceful times.


The old woman opened the box and pulled out a familiar shaped object. There were dozens of others like it around the store of varying size. Although this one had a rather unique shape. She’d seen the real thing many times, but never in the form of a dildo, let alone attached to a harness. It was long and phallic, but unlike a man’s dick, it was tapered at the end, and flared at the base.


A dog’s penis.


“So, before I even begin to try and teach it to you, you should start training your bitch with this. I selected the canine shape to keep with the aesthetic of your clan. Though just know, when you learn the Futanari no Jutsu, you will only be able to manifest a human one.” Keiko explained as she handed Hana the dog dick dildo strap-on. “For now, use this to begin training for proper use of the Jutsu.” Keiko told her.


Hana gripped the strap-on dick, “What must I do?” she asked.



HAAAAHHHHH!!! WOOF WOOF, WOOOOF!!!” Ino barked in utter bliss as she knelt on all fours in front of Hana as she slammed her silicon penis in and out of her.


“Hmmmm! That’s it, shake that ass harder!” Hana commanded, bringing her hand down on Ino’s naked bottom with a loud SLAP!


ARF! ARF ARF ARF!!! AHHHOOOOOOOOOOO!” howled Ino as she came again, her pussy gushing hard as she bucked back and forth, eagerly bouncing herself on Hana’s dildo dick. Hana relished looking at Ino’s fat ass jiggling every time she slammed that fake dick into her as she felt the other end of it moving around inside her own cunt!


“Your hip movement is too stiff!” Keiko told her, bringing a narrow riding crop down on Hana’s ass. “You move like a woman, think like a man, remember, that cock is a part of you, treat it as such!”


“Yes, Mido-sensei!” Hana panted, focusing on moving her hips more fluidly. She didn’t expect it to be this difficult. Her few male lovers all made it seem so easy, but her pelvis just wasn’t made for this kind of movement normally.


“Are you familiar with the cowgirl position?” Keiko asked.


Hana nodded.


“Try moving your hips like that. The female frame is built differently than a man’s, you must work with that in mind.” Keiko told her.


The brunette nodded again, switching her movements to as if she were riding on top of a man. The difference was incredible! Hana moaned as she felt the other end of the dildo moving around inside her much more efficiently. She immediately began panting hard at the feeling as she moved her hips faster.


“Ahhhn, yeah, this feels so good!” Hana moaned, moving to grab Ino’s hips as she moved faster, her pelvis making a loud SMACK SMACK SMACK against her wide cream colored ass.


ARF! ARF ARF AAARRRRRFFFF!!!!” Ino barked in pleasure, rolling herself back into Hana’s thrusts.


“Mmmmmh!!! Does the little bitch like that?” Hana asked with a moan, “You like being fucked by my big, hard, alpha dick!?” she asked, slapping Ino’s ass again before moving to grab her own breasts, squeezing them hard.


WOOF WOOF!!! AHHHHH, WOOOOOF!!!” Ino barked in pleasure, turned to look back at Hana with an expression of raw pleasure on her face.


“Louder!” Hana commanded, finally finding how to move her hips so that the dildo pushed in as deep as possible with every thrust. It seemed so obvious now, she mentally chided herself for struggling at first.


WOOOOOOOOF!!! ARF ARF ARF, WOOOOOOOF!!!!” Ino screamed, her pussy gushing almost non-stop now. The smell of her love juices excited Hana, she felt almost dizzy from their scent as she leaned over Ino, reaching under her to grab the other woman’s swaying tits as she lightly bit down on the side of her neck.


HURRR, HURRR, HUURRRRR!!!” Hana growled, giving in to her animal instincts as she plowed her fake dick into Ino rougher.


“Yes, that’s the way Hana.” Keiko told her with a smile. “Now remember, a true Ninja makes her partner reach ecstasy first, every orgasm is your victory over her.”


HRMM, HRMM HRMM, HAAH, HAHH…” Hana moaned, licking the side of Ino’s neck as she wildly pumped her hips. Her own pussy was gushing hard around the end of the dildo inside her as she felt herself cumming hard!


AAAHHH, HAAH AHAAH!!! ARF ARF ARRFFF!!! AHHHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!” Ino howled in utter pleasure as her powerful smelling love juices overflowed as if from an over ripe lemon


AHHHOOOOOOOOO!!!!” Hana howled with her and she could hear her dogs outside the store howling as well.


The two naked women then fell over in a heap. The fake dog dick slipped out of Ino’s cunt with a wet noise as Hana rolled onto her back, her heavy breasts heaving as she panted.


“Well done, though you still need to learn to control your orgasm better. Other villages may still teach the old ways in their “Seduction Tactics”!” Keiko said, her voice turning bitter when she used the new term. “The men of Kumogakure are all quite well endowed, and many know how to use it! A Kunoichi not prepared for it could completely lose herself to such a powerful member. I have seen it before.”


“Really, Mido-sensei?” asked Hana, “Did you lose a friend to them in your youth?”


Keiko reached her hand into her left pocket and pulled out a new model smartphone. Her fingers tapped at the screen with a nimbleness that surprised Hana. Keiko was in her 90’s, but her body was in the best possible shape for her age. And unlike some of the elders Hana had met, she kept up with the latest trends and technology. The old woman then handed Hana the phone. It showed a picture of Sakura standing naked in a bar, covered head to toe in cum with a lecherous look on her face.


“Kunoichi from my day would never lose to something like that.” Keiko said, then paused, “Well, the younger, less experienced ones maybe. Those whose training was incomplete, or in your generation’s age, watered down as I’ve said.”


“Is that…?” Hana asked.


“The current Matriarch of the Uchiha Clan, yes. There’s video as well, shot on some beach near where this was taken. I pity the Uchiha boy, never easy seeing your woman fall like that.” Keiko said. She then put away the phone, “Keep the training dick, and practice regularly with your new bitch. When I am convinced you have mastered it, I will take your training to the next stage.”


“Yes, Mido-sensei.” Hana said with a bow after she got up. She then clicked her tongue and Ino weakly got up on her hands and knees again, crawling after Hana as she left.


“I wonder just what all is happening with Sakura?” Hana muttered as they left.



(Story by User: SailorIo)

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Ichigo Kurosaki
1 year ago

Hana and Ino looks ay dios quisiera porder cogerme a ambas excelente historia
espero ver a Hanabi

1 year ago

Glad you enjoyed it! I hope to use her eventually as well

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
1 year ago

Nice set-up chapter. Many new things were introduced, some of which I’m interested in (the Futanari Jutsu, and Hanabi being Hana’s first bitch) and some that I could live without (Boruto). The shop owner was an interesting character and her relationship with Hana is certainly unique, though, I’m just not sure what to think of her during the sex. It might just be me, but having this 90+ year-old woman around during sex, watching as Hana plows Ino with the dildo, just kinda broke my immersion.

That aside, another marvelous story from you. I’d love to see a threesome between Hana and her two bitches at some point.

1 year ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

Well, that aspect of the scene is influenced by the classic hentai anime series “La Blue Girl” where the protagonist Miko was trained by her grandmother. Early on in the series there were flashbacks to Miko fingering herself in front of her as part of her training to prevent herself from orgasming. Keiko is based off the grandmother character, though she was never named in either the manga or anime.

1 year ago

i made a weird bird caw laugh sound when he age loaded and i saw the clam swimsuit. great chapter lmao

1 year ago
Reply to  Xcelsior

Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed it

1 year ago

Will Hanabi and Boruto appear in this story or at least have a chapter with Hanabi and Naruto?

1 year ago
Reply to  Anonymous

I’m fairly certain, yes