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Feeling Up in the Springs (Special Edition)

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Naruto stories)
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The sound of the bubbling stream was soothing as Ino Yamanaka stripped off her clothes and set them against a rock. The sun was high up in a cloudless sky overhead as she walked over to the water’s edge and tested the temperature with her toe.


“Skinny dipping eh?” asked a voice behind her, “Bold!”


Ino jumped at the sound, her big tits bouncing wildly before she grabbed them in both hands and quickly turned. “Damnit Hana, don’t scare me like that!” she shouted at the dark haired woman walking up behind her dressed in a simple bikini with blue and white horizontal stripes.


“What?” asked Hana as she came up to her, then reached out to grab a handful of Ino’s soft round ass. “You’re the one stripping naked in the woods like some kind of nymph.” Ino jumped again slightly and smiled over at the other woman. She then sighed and let her hands fall away from her breasts as she moved over into the water.


“Well, we’ve been on the road for a few days now, and I would like a bath.” said Ino.


“Yeah yeah, you’ve been complaining about it for two whole days now.” Hana said, “Just why couldn’t we take the train again?” she asked.


“Because this hermit guy lives high in the mountain’s at the edge of the land of fire. There’s no train that goes to that area for a month, and Shizune needs those herb mixtures as soon as possible.” Ino told her. “They’re fairly valuable since they only grow in that part of the mountains, so we got saddled with this little delivery.”


“Right, right. Still, this is a good job for some Genin to earn some experience with.” Hana grumbled. “Just what are these herbs for anyway?” she asked.


“Seems nearly every team is away on something or other. Even team 7 got sent out on some mailing mission I heard.” said Ino, she then answered her other question, “Some kind of medicine obviously. I overheard Shizune say she was mixing them to send to someplace called Ranko Island. We’ll probably have to go there next.”


“Huh, wonder where that is?” Hana asked as she waded into the water with Ino as the blonde dipped her entire body under the water. Letting the gentle flow of the stream wash away the worst of the sweat and dirt, she rose back up and took a deep breath.


“Hmm, no idea, though I think that’s where Sasuke was taking Sakura on their little impromptu Honeymoon.” Ino said as she began to scrub herself down lightly with a smooth stone from the riverbed. It wasn’t the best, but she couldn’t use any soap in the river. And, at the very least, this would help further remove the topmost layer of grime.


“Ahhh, so that’s where she went. I only heard she took some leave from the hospital.” Hana said, “Well, good for her. She could use a little romance.”


“What billboard brow needs is a good FUCK!” Ino said, ‘Me too for that matter,’ she added silently in her head. The both of them laughed as Ino moved deeper into the water until the surface was just below her tits.


“Ahhh, this takes me back. Crap missions, bathing in streams and rivers, things seemed so much more difficult back then.”


“Careful, you’re gonna sound like an old woman talking like that.” Hana warned.


Ino splashed her, and Hana laughed as she moved over to her and wrapped her arms around her from behind. “Know what I miss from my youth?” she asked, pressing herself against Ino’s back.


“Hmmmm, what’s that?” she replied as she leaned her weight back against the other woman.


Leaning her head over her shoulder, Hana gave a soft growl, “Having kinky little games with my teammates.” she said as she leaned in and began to nibble on Ino’s ear.


“Hanaaa…” Ino gasped as she felt the brunette’s hands reaching up to grab her big soft tits. The light contact sent tingles down the blonde woman’s back as Hana began playing with her tits.


“So tell me, how well has that pasty husband of yours been putting it to you?” she asked.


“Crass…” Ino said back, then moaned as Hana gripped both her tits a little tighter, digging her fingers into the soft flesh harder. “Mmmmmmh, but it has been a…while… Mmmmh, keep doing that.” Ino cooed, enjoying the feel of Hana’s hands squeezing her breasts. How long had it been since anyone had touched her like this? Too long, her husband was away for days at a time now, leaving her to tend her store alone, and sleep in bed alone even more. She wasn’t bitter about it by any means, but, a girl had needs!


Hana giggled and began kneading both her breasts softly, moving both her hands in slow concentric circles as she leaned her head down to kiss and nibble on Ino’s neck. “Ahhhh, mmmmmh, yeah, right there…” Ino moaned as she felt a welcome heat building between her thighs as Hana pinched her nipples tightly and tugged on them.


The blonde haired woman leaned herself back against Hana, cooing softly as she moved a hand down into the water and began reaching between her thighs. “Ah ah,” said Hana as she reached her hand down and pulled Ino’s away. “Mmmmmmh, leave that to me…” she growled as she dipped her hand between the blonde’s legs. Ino let out a soft moan as she felt Hana’s warm fingers slipping along the folds of her pussy.


“Ooooh, that feels good…” Ino moaned, rocking her hips against Hana’s fingers. She felt the brunette’s digits circling around her clit gently before she slowly pushed her middle and ring fingers inside. Even if they weren’t in water, Hana’s fingers would have slipped right inside of Ino’s currently hot pussy!


“Heh heh, lemme guess, that kuudere husband of yours doesn’t do foreplay, does he?” Hana asked.


“Sai isn’t exactly the passionate type.” Ino confirmed.


“Then how did you wind up with Inojin?” Hana asked as she began chewing on the edge of her ear again, Making Ino moan again as she spread her legs for the other woman, loving the feel of Hana’s fingers slipping deeper inside her!


“Haaahh… Mmmmmmh…” Ino moaned and Hana nibbled her ear a little harder, “E… Even Sai… Has neeeeeedsss…” she moaned as she felt Hana’s fingers moving in and out of her slit.


“Mmmmmmh, well, he’s obviously not taking care of yours. Mmmmh, you’re dripping like a bitch in heat!” Hana said, pushing her middle and ring fingers deeper inside, Ino moaned loudly, her pussy clenching tightly around the other woman’s fingers. “If I had a sexy goddess like you waiting at home for me every night, I’d never even let you get dressed!”


“Haaaaah, nhoooo, don’t say such strange thiiiings… Oh god, keep doing that!” Ino moaned, humping herself against Hana’s fingers harder now as she felt a powerful orgasm rock her body from head to toe.


“Mmmmmh, just like I said, a bitch in heat!” Hana growled, tugging her ear with her teeth as she pushed her fingers as deep as they would go inside her!


HMMMMMMMMH!” Ino moaned as she felt her pussy clenching again. A hot spray of juices gushed out of her, instantly mixing with the water as she let out another moan!


“And a juicy one at that!” Hana giggled, wiggling her fingers inside Ino as she kneaded her breast harder. Ino’s entire body felt like it was burning up even with the cool water flowing over her. She let herself fall back against Hana as her legs turned to jelly on her.


The dark haired woman hugged Ino against her a little tighter as she began dipping her fingers in and out of her faster! She pulled her up and out of the water just enough that her pussy was above the surface. Ino began panting softly as the surface of the water splashed against her pussy, making lewd, wet sucking noises as Hana’s fingers moved back and forth.


“Ahhh, yes, more, more…! Nmmmmmh, don’t stop! Make me cum again, please!” Ino begged, loving the way Hana’s fingers moved inside her. It had been so long since she felt this good at someone else’s hand, it didn’t even occur to her that she was making out with another woman! When that fact briefly entered her mind, she immediately decided she didn’t care.


“Ohhh yes!!! Ahhh, gonna cum, gonna CUMMMM!!!” Ino moaned as her pussy gushed once more against Hana’s hand.


“Hurrrr, so you ARE a little bitch in heat!” Hana growled into her ear, then bit the edge of it harder. She then pushed her fingers in hard, “Say it!”


AHHHHH, I’M A BITCH IN HEEEAAAT!!!!” Ino moaned as she felt herself cumming again.


Hana laughed and whirled her around suddenly so that they were face to face. Their mouths connected and Ino moaned as she felt Hana’s tongue force its way into hers. Ino’s pale blue, almost white eyes went wide in surprise, but slowly began to close as she instinctively slid her tongue back along the other woman’s.


“Mmmmmmmh…” Hana moaned, ripping her top off and pressing her bare tits to Ino’s. They felt warm, and soft, and so very smooth with the exception of her stiff nipples poking against her own! Hana then pushed her hand between Ino’s thighs again, shoving her fingers inside as her thumb pressed against her clit like a button. The long haired blonde moaned in pleasure, Sai was never this aggressive, she loved it! She loved being TAKEN like this as Hana pushed her back against a nearby rock and spread her legs wider.


“Yes, don’t stop, oh fuuuck…” Ino gasped, her chest heaving up and down as she breathed heavily. “My pussy, my pussy feels so good, more, push your fingers in more!” she begged, her voice almost desperate.


Hana responded by kissing her again, sucking hard on her tongue as she moved her thumb over her clit, swirling it around like the little control button on that silly gaming device Inojin played with. Her hips shook and bucked against Hana’s hand as the dark haired woman kissed and licked her way down to her breasts, wrapping her soft lips around one stiff nipple. Ino moaned again, loving the feel of her mouth sucking on her tit.


“Ahhhh, that feels so good Hannnaaaa… I… I love it, suck my tit more, finger me more, make me cum moooore!!!” she begged as she leaned back against the rock. “Oh fuuuck, Sai never made me cum like thiiiis!!!” she moaned as Hana added a third finger, pumping them in and out of her harder. The collective digits made an even louder lewd sucking sound as they moved in and out of her.


“You’re wasted on your husband…!” Hana said, “From now on you’re my little bitch!” she told her as she pushed four fingers inside, instantly finding her most sensitive spot and pressing it hard.


OHHHH FUUUUCK!!!!” Ino screamed in pleasure, her pussy spraying hard all over Hana’s hand.


SAY IT!” Hana said, pressing at her g-spot again, and again, and again! Ino screamed and bucked in pleasure. “WHOSE BITCH ARE YOU!?




SAY IT!” Hana demanded, “Or I’ll keep making you cum until you go crazy!” she told her as she began rubbing her fingers over her g-spot again and again. Ino let out a long howling moan as she felt herself cumming harder than she ever had on Sai’s long dick.


I’M YOUR BITCH!!!! I’M YOUR BIIIIITCH, AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!” Ino moaned in ecstasy as she shook in pleasure on top of the rock.


Slowly, Hana pulled her fingers free and made a show of licking Ino’s juices from them. She then moved her still glistening fingers to Ino’s lips and gently pushed them into her mouth. Ino whimpered, tasting her own juices as she sucked on the other woman’s fingers.


“From now on, you belong to me and not that pasty skinned husband of yours.” she told her.


“Yes…” Ino said breathlessly.


“Who’s a good little bitch?” Hana asked.


“Arf…” said Ino.


“Good girl, now, come along.” Hana said, beckoning Ino to follow her back to the riverbank. The blonde followed, wading through the cool water. A few steps from the shore, Ino’s foot caught on a submerged branch and she tripped over. The water broke her fall, so nothing other than her pride was injured as she found herself kneeling on all fours.


“Hmmm, good, stay like that.” Hana told Ino, then beckoned her to follow again. Ino’s cheeks turned a bright red as she crawled after Hana. The dark haired woman shed her bikini bottoms once she was on dry land, rendering her as naked as Ino. She tossed them onto the lowest branch of a nearby tree where Ino saw the bikini top hanging.


When did she…?’ thought Ino.


“Hey bitch, get over here!” Hana commanded firmly.


ARF!” Ino barked like a good little dog, crawling after Hana quickly back to where they had set up their campsite. The tent was already pitched, and a large blanket had been laid out on the ground. The blanket had an odd smell to it since Ino had treated it with a special oil that repels insects. She watched as Hana moved to sit down on the blanket before beckoning her again. Still crawling, Ino moved over to the other woman. Hana pulled Ino into another kiss, and the blonde moaned into it! Her pussy was already aching for attention again, in spite of having cum so hard only moments ago.


“Mmmmmmh, there’s nothing more arousing than the smell of a bitch in heat!” Hana said in a husky voice after breaking the kiss. She then lay back on the blanket while pushing Ino’s face into her crotch!


The first thing to hit her was the smell!


It wasn’t a bad one, but it was so strong, it made Ino feel dizzy as her mind went blank. Almost on instinct, she covered Hana’s soft pink pussy with her mouth. The instant she tasted the other woman, what little remained of Ino’s dignity evaporated. She let out a moaning growl like she’d heard dogs make when eating something they found delicious! Her tongue moved in long broad strokes as she lapped away at Hana’s pussy, loving the taste and feel of her pussy against her tongue. Ino waved her ass back and forth in the air as Hana ran her fingers through her long blonde hair.


“Nmmmmmh, good girl, good girl!” she praised Ino, making the blonde feel elated as she hugged her arms around the woman’s creamy smooth thighs and pressed her face into Hana’s crotch harder!


AHH, ANOM, NOM, NOM…” she panted as she went about licking and sucking the woman’s pussy with ever increasing eagerness.


“Yessss, ahhh, that’s a good little bitch! Keep goingggh…” moaned Hana as she began rolling her hips slightly, thrusting her crotch against Ino’s face.


AHMMMMMMMH, NMMMMH, HMMMMH, MMMMMMH!!!!” Ino moaned, her face buried in the woman’s crotch. The smell of her heady juices was making Ino crazy! She couldn’t think straight at all, the only thing clear was that she was a good bitch who wanted to please her mistress!


“Ahhhh…. Yeah…. Yeaaaah… Haaahhhh… HMMMMMMMH!!! GONNA CUMMMMM!!!” Hana moaned loudly, her moan then turning to a long howl of pleasure as her pussy gushed all over Ino’s face. The potent heady smelling juices filled her every breath as Hana let go and Ino lifted her head to breathe in through her mouth. The blonde woman then fall back onto her on back when Hana sat up and tackled her to the ground.


“Hnmmmmm, I’m gonna keep you around for a long while.” she told Ino as she began playing with the blonde’s pussy again with her fingers. Ino merely spread her legs wide for her mistress.


ARF!” she barked like a good bitch.


“First thing we’ll need is a collar!” Hana said with a grin.



(Story by User: SailorIo)

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1 year ago


Ichigo Kurosaki
1 year ago

i hope more Ino and Hana

1 year ago

Wish granted

1 year ago

Cuando vi la foto de ino me anime mucho ya que creia que era la foto que esta en las vistas previas asique sera para la proxima aun asi buen capitulo algo ya salido de lo comun de Sakura auqnue no estaria de mas ver a Hinata pero en conclusion buen capitulo de Ino siendo dominada y se ve genial de esa forma

1 year ago
Reply to  AL-720

Glad you enjoyed the chapter

1 year ago

I mean, can anyone blame Ino for becoming a pet to Hana? I feel bad for Sai though, he’s one of my favorite characters in Naruto, and i’m sure he’s got some way of one upping Hana.

Eventually. Hopefully.

1 year ago
Reply to  Xcelsior

A few chapters down the line

1 year ago

Netorare enjoyers eating good with this series not only from Sakura but Ino aswell. Tho I do think it’s a bit more tasteful when there’s 2 females involved and not a guy. Plus with Hana it seems more like a master/pet situation and not just outright cucking we get from A. Either way ntr related plots don’t really bother me that much so I’m honestly fine with it either way

1 year ago
Reply to  souljamantwn

Glad you’re enjoying the series

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
1 year ago

I’m actually incredibly impressed that you managed to make one of my favorite relationships in this whole Ranko Island series between these two girls! Out of all Naruto girls, not once would I have believed that those two would make for such a beautiful couple! Their relationship might be even more perverted and kinky than that between A and Sakura, and still fits exceedingly well with the overarching NTR theme of this series so far. The petplay aspect of their relationship is something that intrigues me and gets me going beyond belief and makes me hope that we’ll get more of it in the future.

Hana makes for a pretty fantastic bitch tamer that I wouldn’t mind seeing more off.

1 year ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

Yeah, it was fun writing her. I wish she had more screen time in the anime

Gustavo Silva
Gustavo Silva
1 year ago

Next incesto Naruto x Kushina please