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Shipwrecked and Dicks Erect (Special Edition)

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of My Hero Academia stories)
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“Say WHAAAAAAAT!?!?” the whole of UA Class 2-A shouted at Midnight’s announcement.


“Like I said, I’m running a new Agency, and because things are going so well, we’re funding a class trip out to some islands in the Pacific. We’ve even rented out the Pride of Endeavor, a luxury cruise ship, so the entire school can come along.” explained the dark haired woman.


“New Agency?” asked Ochaco.


Midnight winked, “Yep, we’re exclusively hiring Heroines! We’ve not gone public yet because we need to expand our roster a little bit more. But I have no doubt we will be incredibly popular once we do! We recently signed up Mt. Lady, Ragdoll, Pixie-bob, Mandalay, and Ms. Joke among others.”


“Wow, that’s amazing!!!” Mineta shouted, “An agency of nothing but sexy ladies is so awe–OUCH!!!!” he began saying before Tsuyu slapped the back of his head with her tongue.


“Midnight’s talking.” she chided him.


“Thank you Ms. Asui,” Midnight said with a nod, “As I was saying the whole of the school will be along for the trip. And while you’ll have plenty of free time, my Agency will offer special classes for any of the girls willing to take them.”


The dark haired woman then began handing out copies of a magazine, “This is a catalog of available swimsuits and other vacation amenities. Just fill out the form inside with what you’d like, anything up to five items, my agency will be covering the costs.”


“Wow! Anything, thanks a ton Midnight-sensei!!!” Mina said as she opened her copy, her eyes then going wide as she flipped through some of the pages.


“Um, Midnight-sensei, ma’am…” Ochaco said shyly, the natural spots of blush on her face intensifying, “Some of these swimsuits are…”


“Awesome, I know. Just pick out the ones you feel comfortable with.” Midnight said, “Now the trip will be three weeks from now, so everyone be ready, the boat will wait for no one.”



On a massive cruise ship out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, Tsuyu Asui took a deep breath of the fresh salt air. She loved it out here, water as far as the eye could see. The entirety of UA was onboard for a class vacation, with Midnight’s new Heroine Agency sponsoring the entire trip. The green haired girl was still thinking over Midnight’s offer to graduate early and go to work with her agency. She felt her cheeks flush slightly when she thought back to that day at USJ when Midnight had made the offer, after having spied what she and Midoriya were up to on that gigantic water slide.


Thinking back to that made the green haired girl squeeze her thighs together as she turned away from the view and looked back over the deck. There was an Olympic sized pool in the center of the forward deck, several high dive boards and a couple of simple water slides around the perimeter. She could see a few of her classmates swimming in the water while others lounged around the pool. She began walking towards the pool, swaying her wide hips from side to side.


Even though they’d been at sea for a couple of days now, jaws still dropped when she walked by in her new bikini. It was nothing more than a two sizes too small bottoms colored a pale green with a set of matching heart-shaped pasties over the nipples of her otherwise bare tits. The bottoms barely covered her clit and dug neatly into her ass. She loved the attention it garnered wherever she walked. Sadly the suit was only available in pink, blue, and the light green she currently had on. But she put in a special order for a darker green one and paid for it herself. She would have been fine with the lighter green if it weren’t a neon shade that clashed with her hair.


Descending a flight of stairs to the area around the pool, Tsuyu smiled and waved to some of the students from Class B. She stopped by one of the roaming food carts and lifted one of the canned drinks off the top. It was some American drink, and she couldn’t read the label, but there was an orange on the can, so she figured it would be fine. She pulled open the tab on the top and a hiss of carbonation rushed out. She took a quick sip, enjoying the orange flavored soda.


“Ms. Asui.” said Midnight’s voice behind her. Tsuyu turned to see the older woman walking towards her. Like herself, she was wearing a rather provocative bikini. Well, bikini was the best way to describe it, the bottom was one of those c-string types she saw in the magazine they’d been given, and the top was so small the two triangles covering her nipples only just barely managed to hide them at all.


“Midnight-sensei,” Tsuyu said with a light nod, taking another sip of her drink, “Thanks again for bringing us all on this trip; it’s been great so far.”


Midnight closed the distance between them and moved to lean against the railing behind her, “You’re very welcome.” she said with a smile, “I was wondering if you’d had a chance to think about my offer yet?”


“Actually, I was just thinking about it now.” Tsuyu confessed.


“Hoh?” Midnight replied, raising an eyebrow.


“I think I’ll decline for now,” Tsuyu said, “Not that I don’t appreciate your offer, I do, but I just feel there’s more for me to learn before I go pro with any agency.”


Midnight only smiled, “That’s a very mature decision Ms. Asui, and I respect that.” she said as she pushed herself away from the railing, “My offer will still be open after you graduate, so please keep my agency in mind when the time comes.” she told her as she began walking away.


“I will!” Tsuyu called to her as she finished her drink and tossed the can into a nearby trash can.


She then walked into the ship’s interior, waving to other students as she walked by and grinning slightly as she felt the eyes of all the boys following her down the hallway. She added a little more shake to her hips with every step as she entered the dining pavilion and spotted the person she was looking for.


Izuku Midoriya was sitting at one of the tables by himself with a bowl of steaming ramen in front of him. He must have just sat down as he hadn’t even split apart his chopsticks yet.


Smiling to herself, Tsuyu made a bee-line for him, walking up behind the green haired youth and leaning over him as she draped her arms around him. She smiled at how he went stiff at the feeling of her all but naked breasts pressing against his bare back.


“So, this is where you were kero.” she said.


“Ahaahh, Tsu-san…” Izuku stammered as he blushed, his head turning so slowly to look at her she could hear his neck creaking.


“You know, if you’d asked me to eat with you, I’d have said yes.” she teased, knowing they hadn’t seen each other all day.


“Well, I uh… That is…” he stumbled over his words and she leaned her head in closer and bit the edge of his ear with her lips. “Ahhhaaaa…”


“Hoo, do you like it when I do that?” she asked.


“Yes, uh I mean no, I mean…” Izuku stammered as she felt him trembling. It was adorable how nervous he got with girls. It was one of the things Tsuyu liked about him.


She giggled and hugged herself closer, “You really need to learn to relax when talking to girls.” she told him as she pulled away slightly, “Wait right there, I’ll go grab something and we’ll eat together, kero.”


“Uhhumm, okay!” he said loud enough for the entire pavilion to hear.


Tsuyu grabbed herself a simple rice and curry from the menu and brought it back to the table, loving the way Izuku blushed all over when he looked at her swimsuit, or lack thereof. Sitting next to him, the two of them slapped their hands together and offered a little prayer before digging into their meals.


“So, Midoriya, wanna come back to my room?” she asked directly. She then smiled as he spit out his ramen suddenly and added, “We’ve already done it a couple times, so I think that makes us really close friends and all.”


“I uh…” Izuku began.


“Deck four, room twenty five. Feel free to come over if you like.” Tsuyu interrupted before he began stammering unintelligibly.


“Uh, um, o… Okay…” he managed. The two of them then ate in relative silence, listening to the chatter around them. Tsuyu smiled to herself every time she caught him looking at her body from the corner of her vision. When they finished, she got up. Before she left, she leaned over to give him a hug before blowing a very soft breath in his ear. He stiffened again and she let out a cute little croak before letting go and walking away.


Izuku smiled nervously as he watched her leave.


Thankfully all the students got their own rooms since the ship was more than big enough. All the doors were coded to the occupant’s thumbprint, so she didn’t have to worry about lugging around a room card key. She quickly arrived at her door and pressed her thumb to the plate by the knob. There was a soft beep followed by a click and the door opened smoothly.


Her room was fairly simple, a full sized bed with soft silky smooth sheets, a big screen TV with every streaming service available. There was a small table and chair off to one corner, on the table was an e-reader tablet with a huge library inside. The folder marked “Women’s Section” was full of those trashy romance novels that you could read in a single sitting. When they first departed she saw Midnight reading one in the spa of all places. There was also a mini-fridge though all that was inside were some juice boxes and sodas. Tsuyu could tell originally there had been all kinds of those mini drinks inside, because they had missed a tiny bottle of vodka when they restocked the one in her room.


Tsuyu sat on the edge of the bed and wondered if Izuku would come or not. She knew there was a possibility he might not come, and that thought saddened her. Her worries were unfounded though as there was a soft knock at her door just a few seconds later. Smiling, she jumped up a bit higher than she intended, landing on the ceiling and sticking there. She quickly crawled along the ceiling and dropped back to the floor, straightening her dark green hair before opening the door and pulling Izuku inside before he could say anything. She slammed the door shut behind him and pressed his back to the door before covering his mouth with her own. The green haired youth was stiff only for a moment before he opened his mouth for her long tongue.


“Mmmmmmh…” Tsuyu cooed happily as she swirled her tongue around inside his mouth, careful not to choke him. She then let out a soft giggle as she felt his hands move to her butt and give it a soft squeeze. She pressed her butt back against his hands, silently encouraging him to squeeze a little harder. He seemed to pick up on that and she felt his fingers sinking deeper into her rounded glutes.


Izuku did his best to kiss her back, though he was rather clumsy about it, but she didn’t mind as she gently guided him back to her bed. She then fell backwards, pulling him down on top of her. Tsuyu moved her hand up and down his bare back, loving the hard muscle she felt there as he kissed her a little harder, moving one hand up to her breast. His touch was hesitant, so Tsuyu moved her own hand to cover his, squeezing it gently which in turn made his hand squeeze her breast more.


“Ahhaaaa…” she moaned as he gave her breast a firmer squeeze and used his thumb to peel off the adhesive circle that covered her nipple. It came off easily, already loosened by her stiffened nipple underneath.


She could feel her pulse quicken as he traced a finger around her nipple, teasing it to get even harder. She moved her own hand down to the massive bulge in his swim trunks. Tsuyu had to admit, she was a bit disappointed that he didn’t wear a speedo like before. The green haired girl loved seeing that huge bulge between his legs! Though she’d never admit that aloud, she’d be no better than Mineta then! She could understand why though, since that day at the USJ, she did notice him getting some angry stares from the other male students. Or more likely, jealous stares.


Slipping her hand under the waistband of his shorts, Tsuyu loved the way he tensed slightly as her fingers ran along his thickness. She heard Izuku groaning softly as his dick began swelling under her touch. Tsuyu gripped his manhood a little harder, loving how she could feel it getting thicker and firmer under her fingertips. The green haired girl began moving her hand up and down the thick length slowly, wanting to feel every inch of him with her hand. She could already feel how rapidly his heart was beating through his dick and moved to kiss him a little harder. He choked slightly as her tongue slipped down his throat more, and she quickly pulled back, not wanting to ruin the mood. A few blissful moments passed before Izuku broke their kiss and moved down to wrap his lips around one nipple, sucking lightly on the stiff nub of flesh.


“Mmmmmmh, keerrooo…” she moaned as she pushed her hand deeper into his shorts, gripping the base of his cock and pulling it free as it swelled to its full size. A good thing too, as if likely would have ripped through his shorts if she hadn’t! She could feel his pulse through the shaft as she ran her hand up and down his length. The veins that snaked along the length of his meat stick pulsed under her touch, and she could feel his cock twitching with every passing second, as if it couldn’t wait to be back inside her! Tsuyu’s own pussy felt hot as she lightly humped her crotch against the underside of his dick. She wanted him inside her again, to feel this giant fuckstick spreading her pussy so wide she thought it might split her in two!


“Tsu-san…” Izuku groaned, moving from one nipple to the next, his hands on both her tits now, squeezing them softly as she moved her free hand to grip the edge of her bikini bottoms and begin pushing them down. She only managed to get the thong just a little below her butt, so she rolled her body, moving to lie on top of him and lifting her ass into the air. She then used her tongue to tug them off completely and tossed them aside.


She smiled at him as she straddled his legs, letting him get a full view of her naked body. “Enjoying the view?” she asked. He nodded weakly and she smiled as she wrapped her tongue around his cock. He groaned again as she slicked her tongue along his length, loving the taste of his cock as she moved her tongue up and down his shaft more.


“Ooohhhaaaa…” he groaned again.


“Mmmmmh, you like that?” she asked, moving her tongue up and down faster, thoroughly coating his shaft in her saliva. He nodded and she giggled as she sped up her motions, loving the lewd wet noises her long tongue made as it slid up and down his shaft. She could feel her pussy aching to feel him inside her again, only this time she wanted to enjoy it for more than a scant couple of minutes. Pulling her tongue back slowly, she moved to straddle his cock, grinding her pussy against his length, coating it in her now overflowing juices…


When suddenly the entire room lurked to one side, the ship letting out a low metallic groan as the two of them were tossed from the bed!


WHOOOOAAAHHH!!!” the two of them shouted as they fell to the floor. A decorative vase fell with them and shattered.


“What was that?!” Tsuyu managed before alarms were blaring painfully loud throughout the ship.


“Tsu-san!” Izuku said. Tsuyu nodded, knowing their fun would have to wait. She grabbed an oversized shirt from her belongings and pulled it on quickly. Izuku struggled to pull his short back on, his still hard dick sticking out the top of them awkwardly. Somehow, he managed to actually WILL his dick down before he moved to leave. Tsuyu went after him, following him out of her room. The emergency protocols said that if anyone sounded the main alarms, all students should head for the main deck in case they needed to evacuate.


The two of them ran through the halls until they reached one of the outer decks. Izuku pointed up towards the deck above them, “There!” he shouted.


Tsuyu followed his line of sight and spotted a man floating above the ship, he was dressed in tattered flowing clothes, with his hands completely bandaged. He raised one of those hands high and thunder quaked the air as a huge wave rose up in the sea.


“Oh this is bad kero…” she said just as the wave hit the ship. She barely had time to blink before water came rushing at the two of them. Tsuyu didn’t hesitate and shot out her tongue, wrapping it around Izuku’s waist and pulling him close. The force of the water against her was like a hundred punches to the stomach as they were shoved overboard.



Izuku Midoriya coughed hard as he suddenly found himself conscious again. His entire body felt beaten and battered, his eyes stung, and his throat felt raw. Granted, he’d felt far worse in his life, but that didn’t make this suck any less.


“Unnnnh,” he groaned as he sat up and took in his surroundings. The first thing he noticed was he was on a beach, yellow white sand spreading out as far as he could see in either direction. The sun was very low, only a few minutes of daylight were left.


The second thing he noticed was that he was completely naked!


WAAHHH!” he shouted as he pathetically tried to cover himself.


“Yeah, sorry about that, our clothes got torn off when we hit the water.” said a voice behind him. Izuku turned to see Tsuyu squatting by a small campfire, likewise naked and poking at the fire with a long stick.


“Wh… What happened?” he asked.


“Near as I could figure out, the ship was attacked by a villain that can control the weather. He summoned a really big wave and tried to capsize it, but the ship was too big. You and me, we got hit by a chunk of the wave and was washed out to sea.” Tsuyu explained simply.


“What about everyone else?!” he asked worriedly.


“I don’t know, but from what I could see, they were putting up a really big fight. The water was too choppy for me to get us back onto the ship; we were caught in an ocean current and brought here.” She tossed another log of driftwood onto the fire, kicking up a cloud of sparks. “I’m sure everyone is okay. Both Midnight and Endeavor were on board, and they’re probably looking for us now, so we just need to stay put.”


“Yeah, that makes sense.” Izuku agreed as he got up and turned to walk over to the fire with her. When he saw her smiling at him he was suddenly reminded of his lack of clothes and moved to try and cover his huge dick, not that he could.


“You know, you can be really cute when you’re embarrassed.” Tsuyu told him. She then reached behind her and grabbed something, “Here, catch.” she said as she tossed him a small plastic water bottle. It was the same kind as they were handing out on the ship. “Some of them got washed out along with us and the current brought them along as well. You should drink up; we were in the water for a while.”


“Thanks.” Izuku said as he twisted the top off and took a few sips. It was only then that he realized how thirsty he was and downed the entire bottle in a single go.


“There’s more here, so help yourself. I also found a freshwater source about a hundred meters inland, so we can refill them if we need to. There was also some flint there, so I was able to get this fire going.” she explained. It made sense to Izuku; Tsuyu likely did a lot of exploring while he was knocked out. The green haired girl then stood, completely at ease with her nudity, “Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll grab us some dinner, kero!” she said before leaping into the air and back into the ocean. There was a flurry of motion and splashing on the water’s surface before she came strolling back ashore, holding several rather large fish by their tails with her long tongue.


“Who wants roasted fish, kero kero?” she asked with a sweet smile.



After a dinner of fire roasted fish, night fell completely and stars filled the sky in a way Izuku had never seen back home. He and Tsuyu sat by the fire, tossing the last of the nearby drift wood onto the blaze. The fire sputtered and crackled quietly against the sound of the waves against the shore.


“You know, if it wasn’t for the fact that we’re shipwrecked, this would be romantic.” she said as she moved to sit closer, leaning her naked body against his. Izuku gulped once and slowly, nervously put his arm around her waist.


“Hmm, this is nice.” Tsuyu said as she moved to rest her head against his shoulder.


“Yeah, it is,” he agreed. He then sat up straight when Tsuyu moved her hand to his lap, her fingertips tracing along the length of his cock. “Ahhaa, Tsu-san…”


“I’m bored.” she said with a grin, “Now, where were we before we got interrupted?” she asked as she pulled away slightly and moved to push him onto his back. She then straddled his waist and moved to rub her pussy against his half soft cock. He could feel the heat coming off her body as she pressed her lips against his again.


“Tsu-mmmh!!!” Izuku said as her tongue slid into his mouth, he loved the way she tasted and the feel of her tongue as she swirled it around the inside of his mouth. He moved his hands down to grip her huge curvy butt, squeezing it softly. She made an adorable noise and pressed her breasts against his chest. She felt so warm and soft, and she smelled nice, even after a dip in the ocean and spending a day naked in the sun, she still smelled like the air after it rained.


“Mmmmmh…” Izuku moaned back into her mouth, his hands running up and down her smooth back.


“Nnnnmmmmmmh…” Tsuyu cooed, moving her hips to rub her pussy up and down his shaft faster as it swelled to its full length. She held the kiss with him as she raised her hips up higher, reaching a hand down to grip the base of his dick and guide it to her pussy. She then gently broke their kiss as she leaned back and lowered herself slowly.


Both of them groaned in pleasure as he slid inside. It still amazed Izuku that Tsuyu could take his entire cock inside herself, his eyes going wide as he watched his cock sinking into her. Her belly visibly stretched around his cock as it moved deep inside her. He could feel inside her so much more than before, since they weren’t racing down a cramped water slide and she could sit up on top of him.


“Nnnnngh, so biiig kerooooo…” she moaned as she began slowly bouncing herself up and down.


“Ahhhaaa… Tsu-san… You feel, so good, inside…” he groaned.


“Ahnnn, Midoriya-kun, you’re filling my pussy so much, ahhhh! I feel so full inside, I love it, kero kero!!!” she moaned back, rocking her hips back and forth, stirring his cock inside her.


Groaning in pleasure, Izuku moved to rest his hands on her hips, slowing her movements as he sat up and moved to push her onto her back. He kissed her again, pushing his tongue into her mouth as he began slamming his huge dick into her again. His cock made a wet sucking SHLICK SHLICK SHLICK noise with his every thrust.


MMMMMHH!!! YESH… phuck me, phuck my phroggy pussshhhyyyyyy…” Tsuyu moaned, her words slurred as she moved her tongue against his. She wrapped her legs around his waist, holding her body to his as they wrestled their tongue against one another’s.


“Mmmmmh, Shu-shan…” Izuku slurred against her tongue, tensing his entire body and pumping his hips harder.


“Ahhhaaaaa… Kerrrooooo… KERRROOOOOOOO!!!!!!” Tsuyu moaned, her legs coming undone behind him as he hooked his arms under her knees, holding her legs wide apart as he slammed into her over and over. He felt her entire body tensing around his cock as she came over and over.


“Tsu-san, ahhh, you feel amazing..” Izuku gasped, still pumping his hips, driving his gigantic dick in and out of her tight pussy.


“Ahhh… Don’t… Don’t cum yet… Kero!!!!” Tsuyu moaned, whirling her body suddenly, spinning her body almost like a top with his cock still inside her. The sensation was so strange but he groaned in pleasure as she repositioned herself on all fours in front of him. “Ahhnnn, fuck me like this, kero, kerooooooo!!!!!” she told him.


Izuku was happy to oblige her, grabbing her wrists and pushing his cock all the way inside. Tsuyu let out a long moan as she rolled her hips back against his thrusts.


“Ahhhh, good…. GOOD!!! FEELS SO GOOOOOOOD KEERRRRRROOOOOOOOOOO!!!!” Tsuyu moaned, her juices gushing out of her pussy like a faucet. “HARDER!! POUND MY FROG CUNT HARDEEERRR!!!!” she moaned.


“Yes… Tsu-san, ahhnnnn, I’m… I’m gonna…”


“Yes… INSIDE!!! DO IT INSIDE ME!!!” Tsuyu screamed as she pressed herself back against him as hard as she could.


“Tsu-san, Tsu-san, Tsu….” Izuku groaned, thrusting his hips every time he said her name before burying his cock all the way inside her as he came.


KEEEEERRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!” Tsuyu moaned with him as his cum filled her all the way to the brim before overflowing out around his cock. The two of them fell forward, landing in a heap on the cooling sand. Neither of them moved for several minutes as they both caught their breath.


“Mmmmmh, that was great… But I need a quick bath now kero.”


Izuku blinked, “Huh, why?”


“Your cum turned this sand to mud, and if we don’t rinse it off it’s gonna chafe something awful.” she explained.


He blinked, then blushed, “Oh, um, sorry about that.”


“Don’t be, just come take a dip with me, we’ll see about fashioning something to wear in the morning.” she told him as she got up and helped him to his feet before leading the way back into the water.



Izuku woke with the sunrise and sat up slowly. Tsuyu was still asleep at his side, her naked body cuddled up against his own. “Hey, Tsu-san…” he said quietly, gently shaking her shoulder.


“Mmmmmh, five more minutes kerooo…” she murmured in her sleep before pulling herself against him tighter. He chuckled, she was really cute when she slept. He gave her a few extra minutes before shaking her awake again.


The two of them ate a quick breakfast of the leftover fish from the other night. After that Tsuyu showed him to the freshwater source she mentioned the other day. While she refilled the water bottle, Izuku managed something that was passable for clothes in the form of some tree leaves strung together in a grass skirt. It wasn’t ideal, but at least they wouldn’t be completely naked when rescue found them.


He fashioned a skirt for Tsuyu as well and found a wild coconut which he broke in half for her to use as a make-shift top. Thankfully the two halves were sticky enough to adhere to her skin, so it wasn’t all unlike the pasties she wore on the ship.


“I’m gonna go look for more firewood in case we need it kero.” she told him, “You stay here and wait to see if you can spot any rescue ships.”


“Got it.” Izuku agreed.


He walked up the shoreline a way before coming across a rock formation with a few palm trees dotted about. He was surprised to find a couple natural pools inside the rocks with little yellow and white flowers floating in them. Something was off about the water in one of the pools though. He went closer and saw that the water was displaced in one pool, as if someone were standing in the water, but no one was there…


Izuku’s mind put it together in the space of a blink, “Hagakure-san, is that you?”


GHEEEP!!!” came the high pitched voice of the girl as the displaced water moved suddenly, “S… Sorry Midoriya-san, I wasn’t spying on you and Tsu, honest!!!”


“Um, I didn’t say anything about Tsu… Wait, were you there last night!?”


The water splashed about wildly and Izuku was able to at least partially see the invisible girl as her upper body was covered in droplets of water. He was surprised to see how big her tits were, easily bigger than what Tsu could make hers when she wanted. But that was odd, whenever she wore clothes, her breasts looked fairly average.


HAAHH!!! D… DON’T STARE!” she squealed and moved her water covered arms to try and hide her now partly visible tits thanks to the water reflecting off them.


“S… Sorry!” Izuku said, turning around to give her some privacy. “Um, if you don’t mind my asking, how do you hide those when you’re dressed?”


“Um, it’s kinda complicated honestly.” she replied as the water sloshed around her as she moved to leave the pool. He then felt a pair of warm soft things pressing against his back as she came up behind him, “Please don’t tell anyone, I’m a little self-conscious about them.” her voice breathed into his ear as he felt her arms encircling his waist.


He honestly didn’t understand what there was to be self-conscious about since her hero outfit was just a pair of gloves and shoes. Meaning she was completely naked aside from that. He shivered at the feel of her huge tits pressing against his back as he felt her hands moving below his waist.


“I can make it worth your while not to tell…” she whispered again, her voice huskier now, “I did see you with Tsu-chan last night… You were amazing; I’ve never seen a dick so big, I’ve been wet almost constantly since I watched you stuffing this big, hard, thing inside her…”


“Haaa… Hagakure…” he breathed as his cock swelled under her touch as she slipped her fingers inside his grass skirt and began stroking him slowly until he was fully erect.


“Mmmmh, so big… You’re so lucky Midoriya-sama, any girl would kill to have this all to herself…” she whispered as her invisible hands stroked his length up and down.


“Hagakure-san…” Izuku gasped as he felt her hands sliding up and down his length even faster now.


“You can call me Toru-chan.” she told him.


“I ahh…” he began, but she moved her hands to rub at the most sensitive part of his cock and he couldn’t help but shudder in pleasure.


“Mmmmmh, your cock is so hard now Midoriya, I can feel it throbbing under my fingers… Mmmmh, this is really turning me on right now!” Toru told him as he felt her move away from his back. At first he thought she was gonna move away, but a heartbeat later he felt the sensation of his cock being wrapped in something warm and oh-so-soft. He remembered this feeling well from that evening with Tsuyu in the bath and looked down to see the skin of his dick moving slightly as Toru moved her gigantic tits up and down his length.


“To… Toru-san…” Izuku breathed, groaning as she moved her breasts up and down slowly at first, but then picking up the pace quickly. He heard her giggle and let out another groan as he felt her tongue licking the underside of his cock.


“You taste good Midoriya… Ahhhhmmmmph….” Toru said before Izuku felt something warm and wet wrapping around the tip of his cock. He could see it suddenly glisten with wetness as the invisible girl began slowly taking it deeper and deeper into her mouth as she worked her tits up and down.


“Ahhhnn… Toru-san… Haaaahhh, this… this is…” Izuku groaned, how could she be this good!? “Wait, if you keep doing that…”


MMMMPH!!! MMMMPH!!! MMMPH!!! itsh okay, ‘ou can cum in muh mouph…” she slurred around his cock, “I wuv the tashte of cum…”


“No… Wait, y… You don’t under… Ahhhhaaaa…!!” Izuku groaned as Toru began moving her head faster, taking nearly half his length into her mouth and making all manner of wet slurping sounds. He tried and failed to hold back as he came. It was an odd sight, seeing his cum fill her mouth for a split second before it overflowed and sprayed all over her face and tits. Within seconds her head and most of her upper body were almost completely covered in his thick cum. Izuku got a vague idea of what her face looked like as he watched his cum dripping off her. He also got a much better idea of just how huge her breasts were, each one was nearly as big as her entire torso!


“Ahhhh, it’s so hot and smells so strong!!! Mmmmmmmmmmh, yesssss… Ahhh I’m cumming just from bathing in your cummmmmmm…!” Toru moaned as her hands became slightly visible as she used them to smear his cum all over herself. She moaned as she rubbed it into her naked skin, giving him a momentary look at her as a white liquid ghost before it was spread so thin as to become nearly invisible again.


“Wow, you’re kinkier than I thought!” came Tsuyu’s voice as she appeared from behind a rock outcropping, a bundle of firewood in her hands which she dropped into the sand.


“Ts, Ts, Tsu… Tsu-san! I… I wasn’t cheating! Honest, I just…” Izuku stammered as he fumbled for a way to explain this to her. He then blinked and gasped in shock at her clothes, or lack thereof. While she was away, Tsuyu had reduced the leaf skirt he’d made for her to a nearly non-existent micro-skirt; nearly nothing was left to the imagination as she walked over to them. Stranger still, Tsuyu didn’t look angry, or even annoyed. If anything, she seemed mildly amused.


“I wondered when you were gonna make yourself known Toru, you’ve been watching us since last night after all.” she said.


WAIT, WHAT!?” said Toru as the nearly invisible outline of her jumped in shock. “You, you knew I was here?!”


“Well yeah, I can kinda see you all the time anyway. It’s not really all that clear, kinda like looking at a multi-colored mirage. I think it has to do with my quirk, I can at least partially see into the thermal spectrum. So I think I can see your body heat.”


“Oh, well that makes sense,” Toru said.


“Be glad it’s not Mineta with that ability, he’d probably die from a nose bleed if he knew how big your tits really were.” Tsuyu joked.


Toru giggled, “Yeah, you’re not kidding there. I’m gonna go rinse off now, as it’s starting to get cold and sticky.”


Izuku could only stand there in a daze as Toru went back in the water and vanished from sight completely again. Tsuyu then walked up to him and smiled, “Oh Midoriya, what did you mean by not cheating? It’s not like we’re together or anything, you can be with any girl you like.”


“Oh, really, well, that’s a…” Izuku began to say, feeling a wave of relief before he shouted, “Wait, WHAAAAAT!!!???!!!???


(Short Story by User: SailorIO)

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9 months ago

Bien vengo a dejar una idea o pensamiento no se como describirlo pero me gustaría que en esta temporada que esta iniciando y no la otra que ya tiene mas de 20 capítulos haya algo de Kamijirou y si puede que me digan que no porque el plan que van a tomar ese el del Momojirou pero no funciona al 100 verán Jirou si esta enamorada de Momo en cada temporada se hace mención y lo quieren hacer pero no la manejan o desarrollan bien mientras que Jirou no aparece Momo está avanzando en su historia junto a Izuku y el harem dejando a Jirou en su segundo o tercer plano de la historia y tampoco es bueno que Jirou guarde el secreto porque cuando lo hizo cuando debuto cantando esa noche en Busteez todas las chicas lloraban porque sabían que Jirou le dedicaba esa canción a Momo hasta ella mismo se lo dijo y hace que el secreto se vuelve muy obsoleto hasta en la historia actual de mas de 20 capítulos Bakugo le dijo que era muy obvio que Jirou le gustaba Momo con solo verla lo cual apunta a que Momo también lo sepa y hace que se pierda la magia de guardar un secreto.
Por eso yo propongo el Kamijirou como una herramienta útil para manejar y desarrollar a Jirou a largo plazo  ya que hay buena química hasta en el anime de Kaminari y Jirou y eso serviría un poco para ayudar a fortalecer a Jirou si el plan actual es ponerla en relación con Momo porque también una vez que ella obtenga su evolución de Quirk Jirou será más territorial por solo querer la polla de Momo aprovechando esto como excusa de ser pareja incluso se vio en el final de temporada antes del cierre de Patreon donde se iba a abrir la sucursal de Busteez en USA Izuku se iba a ir y que es lo más obvio fácil mientras Izuku no esta Jirou aprovecha eso y se pasa todo el tiempo con Momo porque también ella por el accidente de la boda tenia un lado mucho más de puta el cual se aprovechaba de Momo por eso espero y tomen la idea del Kamijirou como lo que dije una opción fresca para ayudar a un personaje como Jirou y no lo vean como una pareja al 100 si no también con amigos que tiene sexo así como Kirishima y Mina

9 months ago
Reply to  AL-720

This isn’t a new series, this is the old series being remastered a bit. All the chapters in this old series, like around 70 or so, are already done. Also, in the future, please avoid these wall of text comments, they are a strain on the eyes to read.

9 months ago
Reply to  Rtenzo

There’s no room in the old series to do that. From the wording of his request, it sounded like he wanted me to make sweeping changes to this series that just can’t be done as there will be no new pics added to it.

9 months ago
Reply to  Rtenzo

I still can’t make a change like that, it’s too big of a change from everything I’ve already done. I’m sorry. I’m not trying to be mean, it’s just not feasible from a story standpoint.

9 months ago
Reply to  Rtenzo

I can try to add more interactions, try being the operative word. But I can’t promise anything. But I can’t build a seriously romantic relationship given how major plot points form later with her and Momo. I never was a fan of her and Kaminari, which is why I never pursued it.

10 months ago

Two chapters in two days! I’m excited! As always, I’m glad that these chapters are getting re-posted and I’m having a blast being able to re-read this story!

10 months ago
Reply to  LordTicky

It was fun to polish it up a bit, there were a lot of errors in the original text actually.