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Riding the Slides and Sluts (Special Edition)

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of My Hero Academia stories)
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Izuku looked around the USJ water rescue area; it looked nothing like it did when he came here before. There were no large boats in the giant lake sized pool, instead what appeared to be water slides of all kinds of height and design had been set up on one structure, with a huge selection of floatation rings on the other. Around the perimeter of the pool were a number of tables, chairs, and lounge chairs all under parasols. It looked more like a water park than a training facility.


“Welcome back to the USJ, Class 2-A,” said Midnight as she burst onto the scene in front of the class. Everyone snapped to attention as she stepped up onto a raised platform so everyone could see her clearly.


“Holy…” Mineta gasped, putting his hands in front of his crotch as a trickle of blood ran from his nose as he got a good look at what the instructor was wearing. “Incredible!!!! It’s the legendary Micro-Bikini!!!!!” he yelled, “BEST, CLASS, EVERAAAH…” he began to say but suddenly stopped as Tsuyu smacked the back of his head with her tongue.


The rest of the class let out a collective sigh at the sight of the R-Rated Heroines X-Rated Swimsuit. Could that even be called a swimsuit? It was more like dental floss. Three pieces of triangular black fabric covered Midnight’s nipples and pussy and were all connected by tiny bits of threads that looked like they all might snap at any moment.


“As you can see, we’ve made a few adjustments here. This is thanks for all your hard work over the last year. So today, I’ll be substituting for your regular Homeroom teacher and you’ll all have a free day to enjoy the new attractions we’ve provided for you.” she explained.


Several of Izuku’s classmates muttered that she just wanted to use the water park herself, though he had a sinking feeling she really just wanted to show off that outfit. He had no doubt that was the case either as Midnight gave everyone free time for the rest of the day.


“Um! Ms. Midnight, Ma’am?!” Iida spoke up, raising his hand.


“Yes?” she responded.


“I don’t think any of us brought any swimwear.” he said stiffly, trying not to sound ungrateful for their reward.


“Oh, don’t worry about that, if you go to the changing rooms, everything has already been provided. I made sure to have a wide selection available for everyone!” Midnight explained with a wink.


Izuku followed the boys to the locker room area near the main entrance. Just inside was a table loaded up with a bunch of plastic bundles. “OUTTA MY WAY, LOSERS!” Bakugo moved over to the table, pushing several of his classmates aside rudely and grabbing a bag with a red swimsuit inside before moving farther inside the locker room.


“What…?” Iida gasped as he grabbed his own, this one a blue one, and tore open the packaging. “Is, is this…” he stammered as he held out a men’s speedo bottom and opened it fully. “Surely Ms. Midnight doesn’t mean for us to…” he began, but was cut off when Bakugo shoved him aside, now clad in the speedo he’d claimed only moments ago.


I SAID OUTTA MY WAY!” he snapped as he walked past.


Some of the bags were marked with student names; Izuku found one addressed to him and tore open the plastic. Like all the others it seems, it was another speedo, but one with a rather sizable front pouch. ‘Wait, how did Midnight know about…? he didn’t finish the thought as he heard a number of yells coming from the girl’s locker room next door.


I wonder what that’s about?‘ he wondered as he moved over to a locker and changed as quickly as he could, stuffing his cock into the speedo was a bit of a challenge though. Even flaccid his member was still pretty big. All Might explained it was just One For All enhancing his body even further. But still…


Once changed, Izuku walked back outside and looked around. He saw only one of the girls, well; saw her floating one-piece swimsuit anyway. Hagakure’s Quirk was constantly active, making it so all he could see was the old fashioned school swimsuit she had put on moving around the edge of the pool.


“Deku, Deku!!!” yelled a cheerful voice to his left, Izuku smiled as Ochaco came running over to him. He was a little surprised by her bikini. The screams he’d overheard a moment ago made him believe they were the same lewd style that Midnight had on. But her bikini was rather plain, a pink and black combo that was a little tight, but nothing like what Midnight had on. He turned to wave back at her and she stopped in her tracks, her eyes going a little wide. Izuku felt his cheeks turning red as he knew what it was that caught her attention.


“Midoriya!!!” Midnight called over to him.


“Y…yes Ma’am!?” he said back, standing up straight as he looked over to see her giving him a thumbs up and winking.


“Very nice!” she said before moving to lay back on one of the lounge chairs as one of the USJ staff brought her some orange colored drink with a little umbrella sticking out of it.


A few moments later, Ochaco shook her head and closed the distance, though her cheeks were a bit pinker than usual now. “L… Let’s go check out that big slide over there together!” she said excitedly, pointing to one of the larger waterslides that dotted the perimeter of the massive artificial lake.


“Um, okay…” Izuku said nervously. She smiled at him again as they began walking together. “Uraraka-san?” he asked after a few moments.




“Um, what was that screaming I heard from the girl’s locker room about?” he asked.


“Oh, that? Everyone was excited because there was like an entire store’s worth of swimsuits for us to pick from inside!” she explained before giving him a little spin, “I got this one because I thought it was cute, what do you think?”


“Uh… Um, yeah, it looks really good on you!” Izuku replied a bit more loudly than he’d meant.


Ochaco smiled sweetly and grabbed his wrist, “Come on then!” she said as she suddenly leapt upwards, pulling him along with her as though he weighed nothing, which at the moment, he did.


“Whoooaaaa, Uraraka-san!!! Uraraka-san!!!” Izuku screamed as they floated up high over the pool and towards the top of the biggest of the water slides. He flailed his arms and legs about in a panic before they reached the top of the slide. When they were just a couple feet over the top, Ochaco brought her hands together.


“Release!” she called. Gravity took over again and Izuku grunted as they hit the top deck of the slide. “Well, come on!” she said with a smile as she moved to the entrance to the slide itself. Izuku followed and watched as Ochaco smiled at him before diving headfirst down the slide.


“Wooohooooooooo!!!!!” she screamed excitedly.


He gave her a count of ten before moving down the slide behind her. The water was at a perfect temperature, not too cold, not too warm. Izuku felt himself smiling as he began moving through the winding path. In the distance he could hear the other students beginning to play around. He laughed, genuinely enjoying the feel of rushing down the waterslide before he splashed down into the pool itself. The water at the end of the slide was deep, and he quickly moved back to the surface, taking a deep breath and looked around to see Ochaco waving to him a few yards away near the edge of the pool.


“That was great!” she called over to him, “Wanna go again!?”


Just as he was about to answer her, someone behind him yelled, “Hold it, kero!!!”


Izuku turned just in time to see Tsuyu burst out from the water. His jaw dropped down to his knees when he saw her swimsuit, or what was supposed to be one! The green haired girl was dressed in a sling swimsuit that looked as though it was made from a single piece of thread! Her big tits bounced underneath the bits of dark green, nearly black fabric that covered her nipples.


“Tsu-chan!?!?!?!” Ochaco gasped from behind him as Izuku could only stare, “Wha… What is that!?


“Like it? I found it in that bin with the red ‘X’ on it, kero.” Tsuyu said as she walked up to Izuku, her hips swaying slightly as she waded through the water. She came up until the water was at her knees and did a little spin to show off the suit. Izuku felt his speedo getting a little tighter at the way it rode up her ass in the back. “Anyway, you had your turn, now it’s mine.”


“Huh, what, turn?” Izuku asked, “And what’s this about a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin!?” Izuku began to ask before Tsuyu wrapped her long tongue around his waist and leapt into the air, dragging him along with her. The air was momentarily knocked from his lungs from the sudden motion. He recovered quickly enough, only to scream from the ridiculous height he suddenly found himself at.


“Let’s go to the big one!” Tsuyu said as she hopped along the tops of several of the water slides, her Frog quirk allowed her to cling to the slick plastic sides easily. She then began making her way towards the one that was so tall Izuku had thought it was a building at first.


“Tsu-san, slow down!!!!” Izuku screamed as his arms flailed about for something, anything to grab a hold of. Tsuyu made three more frightening leaps before reaching the top of the gigantic water slide.


“I don’t like taking the stairs, kero.” she said after setting him down on the padded top level of the slide.


“Something you and Uraraka share…” he muttered as he caught his breath. He then took a quick look around. The waterslide tower had to be at least five stories high if not higher. The slide itself wound and twisted in a spiral pattern before emptying out into the huge pool below. Most of the slide was a fully enclosed tube, with only a few spots open near the top and bottom. Piled in one corner of the platform were several double floatation rings. He watched as Tsuyu used her tongue to grab a yellow and green one and yank it back over to them.


“I wanted you to ride this one with me, kero kero.” she told him.


“Oh, okay…” Izuku agreed nervously, trying not to look at how much of Tsuyu’s skin was exposed in her risqué swimsuit, taking note of her wide hips and thick athletic thighs.


“You really need to learn to relax Midoriya,” Tsuyu said, “I mean, you’ve already seen me naked, so what’s the big deal now, kero?”


“Ye… Yeah, well that…” he stumbled over his words then went rigid as Tsuyu moved to grab his arm and pull it between her big tits.


“If you want, I can make them all big again for you.” she offered.


“Tha… That’s not necessary!!!!!” he replied quickly, with his face getting redder.


She smiled at him and pressed her body against his even more. The soft feel of her tits wrapping around his arm was making his speedo all the more uncomfortable as she leaned in and ever so lightly bit the edge of his ear.


“Ahh-nom!” she whispered playfully as he felt her teeth gently nibbling his ear.


“Ts… Tsu-san…” he shuddered as she moved a hand to rub the growing bulge in his speedo.


“Hmmm, we’ll need to take care of that.” she said as she led him toward the entrance of the slide.


“Ta… Take care of…?” Izuku stammered as Tsuyu reached her hand inside the speedo and pulled his cock free. He had to admit, it felt good having it released from the tight spandex, but he couldn’t help the cold sweat that broke out all over his body.


“You know, it’s cute when you get excessively nervous, kero.” Tsuyu said as she ran her hand along the rapidly swelling thickness of his cock. She then leaned in closer and gently bit the edge of his ear once more. He let out a shuddery sigh before gasping as she pushed him down onto the double ring. Next, the green haired girl climbed on top of him, using her tongue to move aside the shoestring that made up the crotch of her swimsuit, exposing her smooth pussy.


“This time, give me a bit of warning before you cum, kero kero…” she told him before she unceremoniously impaled herself on his dick! The warm and wet feel of her pussy was incredible. So tight and smooth, he couldn’t stop himself from groaning as he felt his length sinking all the way inside her. She felt so warm, tight, and slick inside, like her entire body was hugging his dick in a warm loving embrace. But his moan turned to a scream as Tsuyu then pushed them both down the slide.


“Waaaaaah, Tsu!!! What, WHAT ARE YOU DOIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINGGGGGGGG!!!!!” he screamed as the girl began pumping her hips up and down his length. The lewd, wet, squishing noises were audible over the sound of rushing water as Tsuyu moaned.


AHHHHHNNNN, SO BIIIIIIIIIIIG!! KERO!!!! I’M SO FULL MIDORIYA AHHHHH!!!!! THIS IS THE BEST, KERO…. KERO, KERO!!! KEROOOOOOOO!!!” she moaned, as she moved her body faster. Her hips bounced up and down on his immense length, driving his cock in and out of her hot pussy with a soft wet squishing sound. Even in the low light of the tube, Izuku could see the way her pussy clung to the length of his dick as she bounced herself up and down on it!


“Ahhhaaannn… Tsu-saaan… How… How can that even fit? Ooooohhh…” Izuku groaned as he found his hips moving with Tsuyu. He could barely think as he felt her inner walls clenching around his massive dick. The feeling was a hundred times better than her mouth as she rocked her hips in a figure eight motion. He looked down at his cock, watching as Tsuyu’s pussy eagerly took it inside, the size of his cock making a noticeable outline in her abdomen.


“Hmmmmmmmmh, my Quirk, kero!!!” she moaned, though he could barely hear her over the sound of rushing water and their bodies smacking together. “My insides are a lot more elastic than that of a normal girl. And I think my bones have a lot of extra joints in them to allow them to expand where needed.”


Izuku nodded, only understanding about half of her explanation since he could barely think at all when she began changing the movement of her hips from a figure eight to a pure circular motion. They then slid through an open section of the slide and he could see some of his classmates across the pool all cheering, though he guessed it was only because the two of them were crazy enough to try this insane slide at all. It only lasted a few seconds though before they were again engulfed in a full tube.


Tsuyu then rolled the two of them around until she was on her back with Izuku on top of her. Her legs encircled his waist, locking him inside her. “Do it Midoriya!!! Pound my tight little pussy!!!” she moaned.


“Tsu-san, I…” he began, but she silenced him quickly when she pressed her mouth to his, her tongue swirling around inside. Izuku’s mind went blank in that instant, all he could do was move with the green haired girl, thrusting his hips against hers and feeling his length continue to stretch her stomach as he slammed it all the way inside her. Her flat belly tented up even more, but Tsuyu only croaked and moaned in pleasure, bucking her hips against him.


“Midoooriyaaaaaa…” Tsuyu moaned, rolling her hips into his thrusts as her body shook beneath him.


“Shuuu-shan…” he slurred around her tongue. How she could speak normally with her tongue out was beyond him, but he didn’t care as he continued moving his hips. Her pussy felt so good around his cock, he pumped his hips faster, loving the feel of being inside her. He then gagged softly as Tsuyu began sliding her long tongue down his throat. At first it choked him, but before he could panic, she relaxed her movements a little, allowing him to breathe more evenly.


Rounds of cheers hit his ears as they passed through another open section of the slide. He glanced up and saw the others all waving to them. He managed a weak wave back just before they vanished inside the tube again. Turning his gaze back on Tsuyu, Izuku did his best to return her kiss as he reached his scarred hand up to grab one fat tit. Tsuyu moaned at his touch, pushing her tit up into his palm and continuing to move her hips against his. His hand reflexively squeezed, and he found that he enjoyed the soft feel of her big tit in his hand. He pushed aside the strap of fabric covering her tit, gripping it directly and feeling her hard nipple against his palm. He then began squeezing harder, and moved his other hand to grab her other tit. Tsuyu croaked in pleasure, pressing her breasts down against his hands.


“Ahhhaaaa, Shuuu, Shuuu, Aye’m gunna…” he tried to warn her.


YES INSIDE!! DO IT INSIDE MEEEE!!!!! KEROOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!” Tsuyu moaned, tightening her legs around his waist.


Izuku only had a moment to process her words before the two of them hit the water at the same moment he came inside her. A cloud of bubbles and milky fluid surrounded them as they plunged deep into the water. They separated a moment later and Izuku hurriedly worked to stuff his cock back inside his speedo while under water. Thankfully the sudden hit to the water had helped reduce his erection to something more manageable. He then swam for the surface as fast as he could as he instantly found himself out of breath.


Gasping for breath as he broke the surface, Izuku looked around and saw Tsuyu a few meters away, still sitting in the double flotation ring. He’d been thrown off when they hit the water a moment ago.


“Yo, Midoriya!!!” Kaminari yelled from the water’s edge, “Man you’re nuts for trying that one. You must have been going over ten kilometers per hour when you guys hit the water! I couldn’t see anything but this huge splash.”


Well,’ Izuku thought, ‘That’s a relief.‘ He then brought a hand to the back of his head and smiled, “Well, Tsu-san really wanted to try it, but not alone so…” he explained with a laugh.


“It was really fun; we should do it again kero!!” Tsu said as she floated over next to him and smiled.


“Actually, before you do that, can I have a word Ms. Asui?” asked Midnight as she came into view, her left hand on her hip and in the right was a pair of binoculars. Izuku felt his blood run cold as Tsuyu gulped next to him.




Midnight only smiled, “Oh this won’t take long, then you two can ride that slide all you want afterwards, I’m sure Midoriya there has the stamina for it.” said Midnight with a wink.

Story by Sailor Io

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Bahamut Omega
Bahamut Omega
10 months ago

Oh wow! I thought this series was dead in favor of the other one.

10 months ago
Reply to  Bahamut Omega

It’s being reposted by popular demand I think. unlikely for there to be NEW chapters.

10 months ago

This really brings back memories. Like it really does. And the newer context and additions really help. 😁

I only have one question for you though: If this is being shown off again, what will happen to the current MHA series on here{aka the second storyline}? Will that be resuming in the future? Just really curious about that. 🤔

Looking forward to the SE versions of the others! 😎

10 months ago
Reply to  Hiryu

The current series will continue, don’t worry

10 months ago

Nice one!

Will Mineta ever get to bang a chick, like Midnight, Mt. Lady, Pixie Bob, Ryukyu, Melissa, or Mirko?

10 months ago
Reply to  Dan

he had a few in both series

Ichigo Kurosaki
10 months ago

wow Tsuyu is sexy and very extreme girl

10 months ago

Yep, part of what makes her so fun!

10 months ago

And now, part 2! I’m glad to see this series coming back! Don’t get me wrong, I love the new one as well, but I have a lot of fond memories of this one.

10 months ago
Reply to  LordTicky

It was great doing it.