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Sexy Situations

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Ikumi stretched her arms over her head, her bikini top only just holding in her straining breasts. For once, the beach wasn’t too crowded, so she didn’t even send that many spectators into fits of lust or jealousy, depending on their orientation.


Not that Ikumi was paying attention to that; no, she was after some stress relief. Cooking was her passion and love, but everyone needed a break from it all sometimes. And Ikumi had a foolproof way to melt her stress away.


Now, to find some willing volunteers…


In the end, it wasn’t hard at all. Ikumi knew she was sexy, with a rocking body, a beautiful face, and a willingness to share it. Within twenty minutes, she had a string of four adoring men trailing along behind her, their eyes locked onto her ass as she lead them to a more deserted area of the beach.


“You’re really going to fuck us all?” one of them asked. He looked to be the youngest of them all, but his skepticism was plain, both in his voice and his expression.




“No tricks? This isn’t some kind of prank, is it? I’m gonna be pissed if you’re just messing with us,” another told her; his stern voice lost impact when his eyes stayed glued on her tits.


Ikumi smirked, hands on her hips and sticking out her chest just a little more. Heh heh, there was the drool; she had them in the palm of her hand. “No tricks, just a lot of fun for us all.”


The oldest and biggest of them smirked, folding his arms over his chest. “What the hell; you only live once. Let’s do this. If we get screwed over later,” he ran his gaze over Ikumi’s body, making her grin and preen, “worth it.”


“Glad you think so,” she purred.


“But how is this going to work, exactly?” the last asked, brow furrowed. “There are four of us and only one of you.”


“We’ll worry about that later,” Ikumi replied, waving that off with a quick flick of her wrist. “Right now…”


Within seconds, Ikumi stripped completely naked, getting wide eyes from all her new friends. Dropping to her knees, she spread her arms wide. “Well, what are you waiting for? First come,” she slowly licked her lips, “first served.”


Their clothes almost flying off their bodies, the four men rushed forward, some mostly friendly pushing and shoving taking place, each wanting to take what they felt was the best spot.


Ikumi ended up the happiest of all, unsurprisingly. With two cocks poking and rubbing against her tits and two more hovering around her face, just begging for attention, she could already feel her stress melting away as her mouth watered and her pussy started gushing.


“Well, what are you wait-OH FUCK!” The man’s impatient question was cut off with a strangled shout as Ikumi started kissing his cock and balls all over; at the same time, she used her hands to caress the other dick hanging by her face.


The other two didn’t get left out; while they were both enthusiastically rubbing their erections against her boobs, Ikumi wiggled her upper body, pressing back against them, increasing her pleasure and theirs.


“God damn! Her tits feels as good as a pussy!”


“Like you know what a pussy feels like, tiny dick!




“No thanks; we’re all too busy fucking this damn sexy slut!”


That actually got a laugh from all of them, even the one being teased. Giggling as well, Ikumi turned her attention from the dick on her left to the one on her right. Taking the head of it in her mouth, she deliberately slobbered all over it, coating it thickly with her spit, to the point that it ran down her chin.


“Holy shit guys, we have to get a picture of this; otherwise no one will ever believe us!”


Pulling her mouth off the cock with a loud ‘POP,’ Ikumi smiled up at the man who had spoken. “I don’t have a problem with that, as long as you share any and all pics with me, so I can post them later.~”


“Deal!” Pulling out his cellphone, he got the camera ready. “A memento of the best day of our lives thus far! Everyone say FUCK!!!”


“FUCK!!!” the five of the chorused, Ikumi throwing up a peace sign for good measure.


Erina would most likely melt down on the spot when Ikumi showed her the pictures, but maybe that would finally give the God Tongue the kick in the butt she needed to get laid. Seriously, that girl was so damn uptight…


Putting that to the side for now, Ikumi refocused; she still had four hot studs to satisfy, and she wasn’t letting them leave until she got what she wanted too.


Hmm, should she start small and end big? Or would the reverse be better?


Decisions, decisions…

(Story by User: S22132)

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