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Mounting Mount Erina

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Erina stared, mouth agape and one eye twitching slightly, her face getting redder and redder. Beside her, Ikumi blithely prattled on and on about how much ‘fun’ she’d had, all the while showing Erina picture after picture of…of…


Depravity. Porn. Filth.


None of those words adequately described Erina’s feelings as her outrage grew and grew.


“…and then all five of us came at the same time!” Ikumi finished with a laugh, leaning back with a happy grin. “You wouldn’t believe how long I had to shower to get all of the cum out of my hair. Worth it though.” Stretching like a contented cat, the blonde smirked at Erina. “Got something to say? Or did I render the God Tongue speechless?”


“…you …you …you…”


Mount Erina erupted. For the next several minutes, she expressed, at the top of her lungs, just what she thought of Ikumi and her ‘extracurricular activities,’ as Ikumi had casually referred to them.


Unsurprisingly, they weren’t disturbed; anyone who got anywhere close to them heard the sounds of Erina’s diatribe and wisely decided to go elsewhere.


For her part, Ikumi just sat and listened, looking impressed when Erina hit a particularly high note or impressive turn of phrase. She recognized at least three different languages as well; she’d really managed to get under her friend’s skin this time around.


Finally running out of steam, Erina leaned forward, still glaring and panting. “Well? Anything to say for yourself?!”


“You’re just jealous.”


The quick response had Erina blinking, then she was spluttering when she processed it. “W-w-w-what?! JEALOUS?! ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR-


“Yep,” Ikumi spoke over her, popping the ‘p’ at the end of her response. “Jealous because you would never have the guts to do something like that, even with just one guy.” Her smirk got even smugger. “Isn’t that right?”




That…that wasn’t right at all! Erina knew she could do it; she could fuck someone in public, just like Ikumi had done! She would prove it! She would leave right now!



And that’s just what she had done: Erina had stormed out of the dorm, taken a private plane, and flew to a private resort deep in the mountains. The view was spectacular, but Erina paid it no mind.


She was on the lookout for something else entirely.


“…so, let me get this straight,” the man said slowly, eyeing the crazy but hot young woman standing impatiently in front of him. Damn, what size bra did she wear? Those melons were half the size of her body at least!


“You want me to fuck you, right here and right now, where anyone could walk up and see us, and while it’s snowing?” At her frantic nod, he scratched his head. “You must be one damn horny slut, but hell, why not? I ain’t gonna pass up-”


Then Erina was in his arms, frantically kissing him as she tore off his clothes and her own, leaving both of them naked in seconds. Neither of them felt the cold; in fact, a layer of sweat quickly appeared on both their bodies.


“Fuck me!” Erina demanded with a pant as she broke the kiss. “I want you to pound my pussy until I can’t take it anymore!”


“HELL YEAH!” he exclaimed, the biggest grin of his life on his face. Grabbing Erina around the waist, he ignored her squeal of surprise as he spun her around. When he plunged her down onto his rock-hard erection, he was surprised her shriek didn’t cause an avalanche.


OOOHHH GOD!” Erina screamed, her enormous boobs bouncing wildly as her partner pumped her body up and down as fast as he could. “SO BIG!! FEELS AMAZING! HARDER! FASTER!


“YOU GOT IT, YOU FAT ASSED WHORE!” he bellowed back. Grabbing hold of her ass with one hand and one of her tits with the other, he ordered, “SHOW ME HOW MUCH YOU LOVE THIS! FLASH THOSE PEACE SIGNS WITH THAT BLISSED OUT LOOK ON YOUR FACE!”


Eyes rolling up in her head, Erina did as told, her pussy gushing down to puddle on the snow. This was amazing! She had to remember to get pictures taken! She would make Ikumi eat her words, with a huge helping of humble pie!




“Uh, Erina?”


…wait, what?


“You okay?” Ikumi asked with real concern. “You suddenly got this really weird look on your face, and you started blushing…wait…” Her grin widened to shark-like proportions. “You were thinking of something naughty, weren’t you?”


“…” Erina’s mouth opened and closed without a sound. Had she really just imagined something like that, in front of Ikumi no less?


Ikumi started to giggle as Erina’s blush got worse, this time from a mixture of returning rage and acute embarrassment. “Well, come on! I told you all the details of my fun times; you gotta return the favor!~”


And for the second time that night, Mount Erina erupted.

(Story by User: S22132)

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