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Natsu’s Sexy Adventure

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of SailorIo stories)
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Natsu Dragneel smiled to himself as he walked through the town of Magnolia. He had just come back from Lucy’s trip to the nearby lake to renew her contract with Aquarius, which had gone really well. Though he didn’t remember coming back as he’d passed out, and Lucy and his friends carried him home. Afterwards, he woke up to find Lucy hanging around in his home wearing nothing but a sexy pair of panties. She and Brandish stayed the entire night having sex with him in every position the two of them could come up with!


The two girls finally left this morning to get a change of clothes, and Lucy told him to meet her at the Guild so they could see if they could find a job together again. The pink haired man found himself looking forward to it as he walked down one street as a stiff breeze blew through the town, kicking up a cloud of multi-colored flower petals.


Natsu shielded his eyes with his forearm and waited for the breeze to die down before continuing on his way. He was headed for the Guild Hall to get something to eat. Happy still wasn’t back yet from his trip to see the Exceeds with Panther Lily, Carla, and Wendy. He still wondered why the sudden summons from the Queen. It had to be pretty important, since the Queen of the Exceeds generally left everyone alone to do as they pleased.


The Guild Hall was its usual self in the morning hours. Most of the other guild members were either out on jobs or still in bed. He spotted Nab Lasaro standing in front of the request board as usual, one hand on his chin as he looked over the bulletins over and over, as indecisive as ever. Lucy thought he never really took any work, though Natsu knew better. Nab just had a bad habit of over preparing for any job he took. As such, he usually finished the jobs he took within a few hours of arriving. Though right now, his indecision wasn’t because he was over-contemplating things… But rather because Kinana was currently squatting down in front of him with his cock down her slender throat! The violet haired young woman was almost naked, wearing only a pair of sexy black panties that were made of dark string that dug up into the labia of her pussy and a pair of sandals.


“Ahhhnmmmmph, hmmmmph, gmmmmph, mmmrrmmph, ahhhaaa… sho tashty…” she slurred lewdly as she pulled her mouth off his cock and rubbed it all over her face before she went back to sucking it. Her throat bulged from the thickness of Nab’s dick as she swallowed it down. The dark haired man groaned softly, resting a hand on top of her head and groaning softly as he pushed his cock down her throat harder.


AGUUUMMMMMPH!!!” Kinana gagged and moaned loudly, her green eyes rolling back in her head. Natsu saw her throat make several gulping motions as Nab came in her mouth. People sure had been a lot more open about doing lewd things in public since those flowers showed up. Natsu mostly understood why. They did make people who got too close to any of them get really really horny, so much that they couldn’t think straight. But afterwards, anyone affected was less reserved about sex altogether.


Natsu headed towards the bar where he saw Mirajane cleaning a pint mug with a dish rag. The platinum white haired woman smiled warmly at him and waved in greeting. Sitting in front of her on one of the bar stools was Levy McGarden, though Natsu almost didn’t recognize her at first! Levy was a petite woman who was nearly a head shorter than him with a very slim build. She had messy blue hair and hazel brown eyes, she was pretty in a girl next door kind of way. Though Natsu thought Lucy was prettier with her big tits and wide hips, even he was smart enough to never say as such. At least not to her face.


Right now though, Levy looked VERY different! Normally, Levy wore loose fitting baggy clothes like oversized shirts and shorts. But now, she was in a much more form fitting ensemble, consisting of a black leather micro mini-skirt that hugged her now wide hips, and a matching tight fitted black tube top. What made her outfit REALLY stand out though was that her top was now filled out with a pair of very big tits! She finished off the look with some silver lipstick and eyeshadow.


VERY big, like easily as big as her head! They went well with her now more shapely ass as she turned around and smiled at him, “Hi Natsu!” she said with a wave that made those huge tits jiggle and bounce in the confines of her top.


“Hey Levy,” Natsu said, “Mira, can I get some breakfast? Just whatever’s available.”


“On it.” said Mirajane before she went behind the bar area to the kitchen.


“Hey, I heard Lucy got Aquarius back,” Levy said, “Good for her.”


“Yeah, that Brandish lady brought the key back from her country.” Natsu said, his eyes drawn down towards Levy’s heavy looking tits.


The blue haired girl noticed his gaze and smirked, grabbing both her tits and hefting them up until they were ready to spill out of the skimpy top she had on. She then let them fall back down, making a soft BOING noise.


“Nice huh!?” she asked, “I just learned how to apply my script magic to my own body!” she confessed excitedly, “Now I can have the sexy body I’ve always wanted!”


“I see…” Natsu said.


“Check it out, they even feel right!” said Levy, grabbing his hands and placing them on her tits. Natsu’s fingers flexed out of reflex, giving her tits a squeeze. Levy let out a soft sexy moan as she pushed her tits into his hands a bit harder. They really did feel like normal tits. Natsu certainly couldn’t tell the difference between Levy and Lucy’s.


“Nmmmmmh, keep doing that…” Levy cooed happily, pressing her tits against his hands harder. Natsu chuckled and gave her tits another more intentional squeeze, his fingers sinking into the soft and smooth flesh. Levy let out a louder, more erotic moan as she spread her legs a bit, allowing Natsu to see her panties even more than before. The blue haired girl then reached a hand down and simply pulled the crotch of her underwear side, allowing him to see the wet glistening folds of her smooth pussy. Levy then took two fingers and pushed them inside herself with a soft wet squish.


Smiling, Natsu felt his cock getting hard already as a visible tent rose up in his pants. He then tugged Levy’s top down, exposing her tits and gripping them both without the flimsy fabric getting in the way. Levy moaned her approval, her pretty pink nipples already stiff as he pinched them between his fingers. She began plunging her fingers in and out of her pussy with a soft shlick shlick shlick sound while she used her other hand to reach into his pants to grab his dick!


Mirajane came back with a plate stacked up with pancakes and bacon, setting them on the bar’s countertop with a light thunk. Levy made a plaintive noise when Natsu pulled his hands away and grabbed the fork from the plate Mirajane had brought with the food. He then stabbed the fork down through the entire stack of pancakes and lifted them up, the syrup dripping off the edges. He then opened his mouth impossibly wide and ate the entire stack in one bite! He gulped it down with his neck bulging then let out a loud burp! Natsu then ate the strips of bacon in a similar manner before he got up and stretched.


“Hey Mira, are the rooms upstairs free?” he asked the white haired girl.


“Yeah, no one’s using any of them right now.” Mirajane said, clearing the counter of the now empty plates, “Just don’t leave a mess.” she said casually.


“No promises…” Levy said with a giggle as she jumped up on Natsu’s back. He lopped his arms around her legs for support as he took her up a set of stairs that were near the back of the main area. They led up to the second floor of the guild hall where a number of guest rooms were located. They were officially for use by people under the guilds protection that weren’t members of the guild itself. Or for guild hall employees like Kinana, though from what Natsu understood, her room was a little bit nicer.


Natsu kicked in the door to the first room in the hallway and carried Levy inside where she got down from his back and ran over to the window. She opened it wide just as a gust of wind blew in, carrying with it a number of multi-colored petals that brushed all over Levy’s exposed skin.


NMMMMMMMMH!!!” Levy whimpered, turning around and ripping her top all the way off, completely exposing her big and heavy tits. She quickly followed up with her skirt and panties before running over to Natsu and jumping onto him. He caught her easily in his arms, his hands grabbing her rounded ass as she pressed her tits against his chest. She humped her crotch against the tent in his pants as she pulled open his shirt, letting her stiff nipples rub against his skin as she covered his mouth with her own.


“Hmmmmmh…!” Natsu groaned back against her mouth as she forced her tongue between his lips.


NMMMH, HMMMH, AGH, AHH, MMMMH, GHIMME SOME OF THAT DRAGON DHICK…!” Levy moaned against his mouth as he carried her over to the bed in the center of the room and laid her naked body down on it. Some of the flower petals that were hand blown in now lay scattered over the surface as he set her down. Levy then quickly sat up, grabbing at the waistband of his pants and yanking them down all the way. She let out a happy sound as his cock sprung up from its confinement, veins throbbing and pulsating along the shaft.


“Nmmmmmh, dragon dick never disappoints! AHHHHHHMMMMMMPH!” Levy moaned as she grabbed his thick cock in both her dainty hands before opening her mouth wide and taking the top half of his cock between her lips.


NMMMMMMMMMPH!!! AHGUUMMMMPH, YESH!!! DISH ISH JUSHT WHAT AYE NHHEDED!!! AGUH GUMMMMPH MMMMPH GUG, MMMMMPH!!!’ Levy gagged and moaned as she immediately began bobbing her head up and down on his length, her slender throat bulging with the sheer thickness of his cock as she swallowed its length on every downstroke.


“Oooooooh…” groaned Natsu as he stripped out of his vest, leaving on only the scarf Igneel had given him.


NMMMMMPH, AHMMMMMPH, HMMMMMMPH, HRMMMMMMPH…!” Levy moaned, still moving her head up and down on his cock with a happy expression in her eyes., her lips slowly dragged over Natsu’s cock, leaving a slick glistening trail of saliva in their wake as she pulled her head back and away. She then gripped his cock with both hands, pointing it up and slowly dragged her tongue along the underside if it from the base to the tip.


“Ahhhhhhn, dragon dhiiick, I can’t get enough of it, and Gajeel isn’t heeeeere…” she whimpered before kissing along the sides of his cock. Natsu was surprised her lipstick wasn’t leaving any marks behind, but decided not to say anything. “Nmmmmmh, and this is even thiiiicker. AHHHMMMMMMPH!” she moaned, opening her mouth wide again to take his dick back into her mouth. She then moaned as though it were the most delicious thing she’d ever tasted in her life. Groaning as he watched, Natsu reached both hands down to grab hold of Levy’s head, holding her firmly before he began pushing her head up and down on his cock hard.


HUUUGWEEEEGH!!!” Levy choked in surprise, her hazel brown eyes went wide for an instant, then slowly closed to half-lidded as she moaned in utter bliss. “YESSSSSH, AGUH GUH GUG, PHUCK MUH FAAAASHE… GUH GUH GUG MMMMMPH, SHO GUUUUD!!! NMMMPH GUH GUG GUH…” she gagged as Natsu groaned and shoved his dick in and out of her mouth and throat.




“Ahhh, yeah, you like that?” Natsu asked.


YESSSSH, AYE WUV ID, PHUCK MUH FASHE HAWDERRR, DHICK, DWAGONS DHIIIIICK AGUH AGUH AGUH!!!” she gagged, her eyes opening again and rolling back in their sockets. “NMMMMMMMMPH, PHEELSH SHO GUUUD, PHUGGING MUH FAAASHE, AGUH AGUH AGUH, YESH, MOAR, AHHHGUUUUH, MOOOOAR!!! GURGH GURGH GUCK… AHHAAHNNN!!! GUMMING, AYE’M GUMMING PHROM DWAGON DHICK IN MUH MOUPH CUUUUUHNT!!!” moaned Levy as she played with her own tits while Natsu moved her head back and forth. Her lips stretched away from her face erotically as he groaned in pleasure. Levy looked so sexy right now. He loved it as he began moving his hips as well, fucking her face even harder!


AHHUUGUHGUGUGUGH!!!” Levy choked and gagged around his cock, her hands squeezing her tits harder as she pinched and pulled on her own nipples.


“Ahhhh, oh yeah, your mouth feels great Levy…” groaned Natsu as he slowed his motions, not wanting to cum in her mouth just yet, it felt too good!




“Haah, ahh, hah… Cum… I’m cumming…!” Natsu grunted, shoving his thick dick all the way down into Levy’s stomach before feeling his dick surging inside her as his balls emptied themselves. Levy then gasped and coughed roughly as Natsu pulled his cock out of her mouth. Long ropes of her drool mixed with his cum hung off the huge length, glistening in the sunlight coming in through the window. The scent of the multitude of flowers in town blew in on a soft breeze as Natsu’s cock seemed to stiffen even more!


Levy let out a surprised sound as Natsu then pushed her back down on the bed before unceremoniously SHOVING his thick deep into her cunt! Grabbing her enlarged tits, he squeezed them both firmly as he quickly began slamming his entire length in and out of her. Levy’s flat belly stretched up every time Natsu’s giant dick went all the way inside! Levy’s hazel brown eyes crossed and rolled back again as she spread her legs as wide as she could, her tiny toes curling as she let out a deep throaty moan.


OOOOOOH, HOOOOOOH, OOOOOOOOOH!!! YESSSS, AHHH SHOVE THAT DRAGON DICK DEEP INSIIIIIIDE!!! AHHH, IT’S SO FUCKING HAAAAARD, I’M CUMMING, AHHH FUCK, I’M ALREADY CUMMING JUST FROM HAVING YOUR DICK SHOVED IN MEEEEE!!!” Levy screamed at the top of her lungs. She panted like a bitch in heat as Natsu continued pumping his cock in and out of her in long but fast strokes. Her stomach kept stretching up high, marking his raw size as she lay there with her mouth open and her tongue hanging off her lips!


“Haaaah, hah, hah, hah, hah hah hah hah…” grunted Natsu as he climbed onto the bed with Levy, standing up on his knees atop the mattress. Her slender legs wrapped around his waist, locking him inside as he swung his hips harder and faster. A loud SMACK SMACK SMACK sound could be heard down to the streets outside as levy continued to scream and moan in utter pleasure.




“Yeah, yeah, yeeeaaaah… So tiiight!!!” groaned Natsu as he felt her pussy clamping down on his cock like a vice, almost like it was trying to push his dick back out, but his raw size made that impossible.




Natsu nodded and groaned, moving to lean over top of Levy more. He uncrossed her legs from around his waist, hooked his arms under her knees and pushed her legs up over her head. Levy shrieked in pleasure as he then began pistoning his cock in and out of her pussy even harder than before. He could feel his dick pushing up her womb every time he plunged it all the way inside her!


OOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAH, DHEEEEEP, SO DHEEEEEEEP, AHHH GAAAWD, IT FEELS SO GOOOOOOD!!!!” Levy screamed again, her arms moving to wrap around Natsu’s shoulder as she clung to him tightly. “AHHHNN, DON’T STOP, DON’T STOP, DON’T STOP, DON’T STOP, DON’T STOP, AH FUCK, FUCK, FUUUUCK, I’M CUMMING SO HAAAAARD, MY PUSSY, AHHH, PUSSY IS MELTING AROUND YOUR FIRE DRAGON DIIIICK!!! YESSS, YESYESYES, MOOORE, MOOOOORE!!! CUMMINGGGH!!!!” Levy screamed, her face locked in an expression somewhere between ecstasy and insanity.


“Haaaah, ahh, ahh, hah, ahhh… Yeaaah, yeah yeah, yesss… Levyyyy… Your pussy feels greeeeat!!! Gonna cummmmm!!!” Natsu groaned.


YES!!! DO IT!!! CUM!!! CUM NATSU!!!! DO IT INSIDE!!! PAINT MY WOMB WHITE WITH BOILING DRAGON CUUUMMMMMMM!!!!” Levy howled as she leaned her head back and let out a long shrieking moan. “AHHHHAAAAH!!! I’M CUMMING!!!!!”


“Hah, hah, ahh, haah, haahh… FIRE DRAGON ROOOOOOOOAR!!!!!!” Natsu roared as he leaned back, driving every inch of his dick into Levy’s sopping wet pussy. A jet of red hot flames shot out his mouth then out through the window, scoring the edges of the open frame, but dispersing harmlessly outside. Levy’s stomach stretched up almost between her enlarged tits as Natsu felt himself cumming even harder than before!


HOOOOOOOOOOOOH, SO MUSH CUUUUUM!!! AHHH, MY WOMB, MY WOMB IS COMPLETELY STUFFED WITH DRAGON CUUUMMM!!! AHHH, I FEEL IT SLOSHING AROUND INSIDE, IT FEELS GOOD!!! SO GOOD, I’M CUMMING! I’M CUMMING FROM BEING FILLED WITH DRAGON DICK JUUUUUICE!!!!” Levy screamed in pleasure as Natsu’s balls expanded and contracted, pumping his thick spunk into her deepest parts! When it finally stopped, Natsu fell back off the bed, panting hard, his cock still standing fully erect after sliding out of Levy with a loud and wet sucking sound.




The sound of his cum draining out of Levy’s gaping hole was like when someone turned a bottle on its side, only louder. Thick white cum poured out of her easily as her pussy remained stretched open from his size. Levy herself panted and moaned weakly, her legs quivering sporadically as she slowly recovered.




The sound of someone slow clapping drew both guild members towards the door to the room. Natsu looked up and back, his vision upside down from his position, but he could clearly see Lucy standing in the door frame, her hands on her hips and a humorous smirk on her lips. Like Levy, she was dressed in something racier than she normally wore. This time it was a micro-bikini top that only just barely covered her nipples, and a pair of extremely short shorts with a crotch section that was riding up into her pussy. It almost looked like a pervy combo of her Aquarius and Taurus star dresses, but Natsu couldn’t sense any magic coming off the outfit.


“So here’s where you went off to,” Lucy said, “Levy, you got Gajeel, why are you having Natsu slam your cunt up here?” Lucy asked.


“Gajeel’s not here, the jerk!” Levy said, sitting up on the bed with a pouty expression, “I need dragon dick, normal guys just won’t do it for me!” she said shamelessly as she looked over at Lucy, “It’s no fair, you hogging Natsu’s big cock all the time! The other girls have needs too you know!”


Lucy shook her head, “I know, but right now I gotta bring Natsu back with me for a bit. I hope you still got a few loads left in those overgrown balls of yours Natsu, otherwise I’m really gonna be mad!” said Lucy as she came into the room and grabbed Natsu by his scarf, dragging him out of the room by it.


“He… Hey, my clothes!!!” Natsu complained as he struggled to get up.


“Just leave ‘em there, you won’t need them anyway!” Lucy shot back.



“Hmm, we’re back at the lake?” Natsu asked when he realized where they were heading.


“Yeah, Aquarius likes the water there, so I figured we could summon her there again.” Lucy said, “Brandish should already be there by now with Gray and Juvia.”


“Where’d Dimeria and Ultear go?” Natsu asked.


“Don’t know, they just said they had to go after everything the other day.” Lucy informed him as they walked side by side. Natsu felt a little weird, walking naked down the road, but Lucy made up for it by grabbing and stroking his cock as they walked, keeping it hard.


The juices from his round with Levy had dried off and made the skin on his dick feel sticky, but Lucy either didn’t notice, or didn’t care. Natsu was inclined to believe the latter as every so often she would take her hand away from his dick and slowly lick her fingers while looking at him suggestively with her big brown eyes.


It didn’t take long for them to get to the lake again. Natsu quickly spotted a small camping spot like you might see at the beach. It was set up against the shore on the south end of the lake, where the sands were most like those you’d find at a proper beach. Natsu wasn’t sure, but he guessed someone had used a kind of Earthen magic to make the area a long time ago.


Natsu first saw Gray and Brandish sitting on top of a large towel with the Fairy Tail crest emblazoned on it. Gray was already completely naked, without even the shorts he normally stripped down to inexplicably. Brandish was topless, sitting back on the towel sunning her impressive tits. The green haired girl did have on a leopard print bikini bottom on though, and for some reason Natsu found himself slightly irked by that.


“Welcome back. You’re late.” Brandish said nearly emotionlessly when she saw them approaching.


“Natsu wasn’t at his house, so I had to look for him in town.” said Lucy as she went over to Brandish and knelt down to kiss the green haired girl, sliding her tongue into her mouth with a gentle moan. He watched as Lucy happily sucked on Brandish’s tongue as the green haired girl reached up with both hands to grab the blonde’s tits. Lucy moaned into the kiss as Brandish kneaded and squeezed both tits, pushing the micro-bikini top up, exposing both her tits fully and pinching the stiff pink nipples that capped them.


“Nmmmmmh… Ahhh…” Brandish gasped softly, breaking the kiss and moving to suck on Lucy’s left nipple softly.


“Ooooooh…” Lucy moaned in a sexy tone. Her hands moving to strip off the shorts she had on, pushing them down to her knees on the ground. She then got back up to her feet so she could take them off completely, standing naked next to Brandish as she stretched. The young blonde then walked over to the water’s edge, with a glittering gold key in her hand.


It was then that Natsu finally spotted Juvia, with his eyes going wide at the sight of the blue haired woman! She was dressed in what would have been a sexy, but still tasteful, green bikini. But now that same bikini was incredibly ill fitting as both her tits and ass had become so huge that they were both bigger than her entire body had been before! The bikini’s top couldn’t hope to contain Juvia’s titanic tits, her nipples clearly peeking out from behind the strained triangles of fabric.


“She asked me to…” Natsu heard Brandish say as Lucy waded into the water and gently slid her celestial gate key into the rippling surface.


“Open, Gate of the Water Bearer!!! AQUARIUS!!!” she intoned as a distant bell rang out of thin air. A whirlpool formed a few feet away from where Lucy stood naked as a beautiful blue haired woman emerged from the water. Unlike how she normally appeared, as a mermaid wearing a bikini top, Aquarius appeared in her fully human form, wearing absolutely nothing at all.


Aquarius flung her hair from side to side then looked up at the sky and smiled as Lucy wrapped her arms around her in a fierce hug, their heavy tits mashing against one anothers. Their lips locked together in a deep and lewd kiss as Aquarius reached her arms around Lucy’s slender figure, one hand moving to grab her bare ass.


“Goshujin-sama!!!” he heard Brandish calling out as the green haired girl ran into the water, tossing away the bikini bottom she had on as she went. The discarded bit of clothing landed on top of Natsu’s head as the green haired girl joined Lucy and Aquarius in the water, the three women exchanging lewd kisses. Natsu plucked the article of clothing off his head and held it in his hand for a moment before bringing it to his nose and inhaling, taking in the heady scent of Brandish’s pussy left behind as he moved into the water next. It felt cool and refreshing against his skin as he moved to where it was waist deep before diving under for a moment and coming back up, his hair soaked.


He was about to go over to the trio of women when the water around him began moving on its own, churning and roiling around his body in a localized whirlpool. It then rose up to take the form of Juvia, her ill fitting bikini was gone, having slipped off in her liquid state. She enveloped him in her gigantic tits while putting her arms around his shoulders.


“Leave them be for now,” Juvia said as her body solidified back into flesh and bone, “Juvia needs both holes stuffed full, Natsu-san. You and my darling Gray are both so big, I just can’t wait anymore!” she told him before manipulating the water to carry both of them back towards the shore. She laid him back in the shallow water before giggling as she straddled his thick still hard cock, rubbing it up and down with her ass.


“Gray my darling, come and join us!” Juvia called over to Gray who was still on the shore.


“Be right there!” Gray called back as he got up and Natsu saw him drinking a can of something before he moved out into the water.


Juvia smiled and leaned Natsu back in the water which came up to just a little above his waist when he sat back in it. He then watched as the blue haired young woman raised her big ass up high in the air before lowering herself back down onto his cock! Natsu groaned softly as he felt his dick sinking deep inside the woman, her flat stomach stretching up visibly from his raw size as she let out a squealing moan.


“Ahhhhhn, so thiiiick…” Juvia moaned erotically as she immediately began rocking her body up and down, “Haaaah, Juvia’s pussy is being spread so wiiide…”


“Haaahn, tight…” Natsu groaned as he felt Juvia’s pussy clamping around his cock almost like a vice! He couldn’t help himself as his hips began moving, thrusting his length up into the moaning woman, stretching her belly up even higher.


NMMMMMMMH, YESSSS, FUCK JUVIA’S PUSSY WITH THAT THICK DHIIIIICK!!! AHHMMMMMMH, FEELS GOOD!!!” Juvia moaned while Gray came up behind her, hooking his arms under hers and Natsu felt something thick and hard rubbing against his dick inside Juvia.


JUVIIIIIIIII!” Juvia squealed loudly, “AHHHH, JUVIA’S ASS, JUVIA’S ASS IS FULL NOW TOOOOOO!!!! AHHH, GRAY MY DARLING, NATSU, YOUR COCKS ARE SO BHIIIIIG, THEY’RE FILLING BOTH OF JUVIA’S HOOOOOLES!!!!” Juvia screamed, her eyes rolling back in her head as she panted hard. Her face looked so erotic, as Natsu found his cock throbbing even harder inside her as he began thrusting his hips faster.


Above them, Gray groaned as he began moving his hips slowly, pushing his thick cock in and out of Juvia’s asshole. The blue haired woman panted hard as she moaned in pleasure, bucking and rolling her hips into their thrusts as Natsu and Gray once again found a solid rhythm.




Natsu didn’t know what Juvia was talking about, but he didn’t really care as he groaned, moving his hips faster, the water around them churning and roiling with their movements. He grabbed onto Juvia’s gigantic tits, his hands all but vanishing into the huge mounds as he gripped them tightly. The pink haired dragon slayer then opened his mouth wide, engulfing her right nipple and sucking on her tit hard.


“Hmmmh, hrmmmh, hmmm, hmmm, haahmmmmmh…” Natsu grunted and groaned around Juvia’s nipple, enjoying the feel of her pussy clinging tightly to his dick as it slammed into her again and again.


“Nmmmmmh, Juviaaaah… So tiiight…” groaned Gray on top of the sex sandwich as he leaned his head over her shoulder to kiss the blue haired woman. Juvia turned her head to meet his kiss halfway, their tongue swirling about one another’s as the trio continued moving together.




Across from them, the trio of women had moved out of the water and onto the large towel. Lucy moaned as she and Aquarius dueled tongues together while they rubbed their breasts against one anothers. Brandish squatted between the two women, her head between Aquarius’ thighs, her tongue licking the blue haired spirit’s pussy eagerly! She continued this for several minutes before switching over to do the same to Lucy. Natsu looked over at them just in time to see the three women get down on their sides to form a three woman daisy chain. Lucy licked Brandish’s pussy while Brandish did the same to Aquarius, and lastly Aquarius did the same with Lucy!


All three women moaned in pleasure, rolling their bodies together as they all panted for breath. “Ahhhnnnmmmh, this ish sho amashingh…” Natsu heard Lucy moaning into Brandish’s pussy, “Aye cahn’t shtooop!!! Dhon’t whannah shtooop!!!”


“Meh tuu, ahh, Gohshujin-shama, Aye wuv ‘ou… ahhhmmmmh, sho tashtey…” moaned Brandish into Aquarius’ cunt.


“Hmmhmmmhmm, you girl’s really are hopeless, oh well, I suppose doing this is fun too…” Aquarius said as she lifted her head out from between Lucy’s legs and began using her hands to play with the folds of the blonde’s pussy. “Mmmmmmh, such a pretty pink hole, it’s just begging to be teased!” said the blue haired woman as she moved to lick and suck on Lucy’s clit!


AHHHHH, CUMMINGH… AYE’M CUMMING AQUARIUSH…!” Lucy screamed into Brandish’s pussy.


“Heyyy, nmmmmmh, fuck Juvia’s pussy mooore!!!” Juvia whined, calling Natsu’s attention back to her. He turned to look at the blue haired woman and groaned loudly as he began moving his hips faster, making her scream loudly again.


YESSSS, LIKE THAT, JUST LIKE THAAAAT, GRAY MY DARLING, NATSUUUU, AHHH, YOU’RE MAKING JUVIA CUM SO MUUUUUCH!!! JUVI, JUVI, AHHH JUVIIIIIIII!!!!!” screamed the girl as Natsu felt her body clamping tightly around his dick again as both he and Gray began cumming inside her.



Hours later, Natsu woke up in his home with a skull splitting headache. The last thing he remembered was cumming inside Juvia again, then nothing. He didn’t even know how he got home.


“Uhhn… What’s going on… Why all this, why now, and why am I not so bothered by it all?” he wondered as he looked out the window and up at the sky in time to see what looked like a shooting star streak across the sky.


(Story by User: SailorIo)

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1 year ago

Natsu and Levy bit was a pretty fun pairing I like the idea that dragon slayer cock is the only thing that can satisfy her, wonder if she’ll try to seduce Laxus next

Dr. Pervert
Dr. Pervert
1 year ago

I definitely didn’t expect Levy’s interaction, but definitely enjoyed it. Shame Mira was left out.

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
1 year ago

Very interesting chapter. While I have, obviously, no ideas in which ways this story will develop in the future, I certainly enjoy the many lewd antics all throughout Magnolia. Kitana and Levy were very nice inclusions for sure, though I would have liked if they carried a bit more story-impact. Right now, they’re just kinda there, which is great for Kitana, given that she doesn’t appear in any artworks and since her inclusion was pretty small. Levy on the other hand is something else entirely. While I understand that her part is a commission for someone, I can’t help but think that it took way too much time. Time that should have, perhaps been used to develop the story. For example, I don’t really get Lucy’s reason for taking Natsu with her to the lake. Why did she take him if she didn’t even have sex with him? Why was it necessary for him to be naked if she just wanted to summon Aquarius? Heck, Lucy and Brandish alone took care of Aquarius, so her specifically seaking out Natsu feels like something that should have been explored more. Sure, he’s her bf and all and she probably wants him to be with her during an important moment in her life (like reuniting with Aquarius) but she just kinda forgot that he even existed the moment they were on the beach. What gives? Was it only so that Juvia can get fucked by two men? If so, why wasn’t this addressed and why didn’t Lucy just summon Taurus, Leo or any other male Celestial Spirit?

Questions, questions, questions. I’m incredibly sorry if I come off as way too rude or anything. While the sex was definitely fantastic, I just can’t warm up to the overall plot in this chapter.

1 year ago

Is the shooting star in the end foreshadowing for the future?

1 year ago
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1 year ago

You handled Juvia’s character really well here. Making her a depraved slut, without compromise too much of her character. Keep up the good work.

1 year ago
Reply to  Emperor-k9

Well, Juvia was already a bit of a perv, so it wasn’t really hard.

1 year ago

Natsu & Lucy: I sleep
Natsu & Any other female character: I sleep
Natsu & Juvia: REAL SHIT?!

1 year ago
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Glad you liked it!

Roger Goga
Roger Goga
1 year ago

Why is it that every time that natst has sex with someone like levy or juvia or Lucy or the others he faints? Is there a reason that faints?

1 year ago
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Did you notice, Wendy fainted too

Roger Goga
Roger Goga
1 year ago
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O I didn’t notice that but it is kinda annoying that natsu faints every time he has sex with someone and I find it weird for natsu to be fainting like that when he usually be more active than this so why does he faint every time he has sex with someone?

1 year ago
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That would be spoilers

1 year ago

The Levy half of this story is a commissioned story that used an authorized edit. Commissions like it can be gotten at my $100 tier on my patreon, stories that fit the settings of my stories here have the chance to become Canon like this one did.

1 year ago
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Here’s the edit that goes with the first half of the story, I asked Enzo for permission to have this done.

Dr. Pervert
Dr. Pervert
1 year ago
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I had no idea this was a thing.

1 year ago

Love it!

Can we get some Irene stuff soon?

Or maybe Selene from 100 Year Quest?

1 year ago
Reply to  Dan

I got zero say in the images, for the umpteenth time!