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Mermaid Mating

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of One Piece stories)
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“So, what do you want to do with that lover of yours once you meet him again?”


It was a question that Madam Shyarly had heard over a hundred times ever since she set out from Fish-Man Island over a month ago. At first she found Camie’s eagerness to learn more about her motivations strangely adorable and amusing, but as time went by she grew slightly annoyed by her constantly repeating questions and other attempts at starting a conversation. Not that Shyarly could blame her of course! The journey was long and tedious, so any topic that would light the mood was appreciated. It was just that the owner of the Mermaid Café just so happened to keep things more private and less vulgar.


“I’m not entirely sure yet!” answered the fair skinned beauty shortly as they swam right underneath the bow of a large ship. Luckily, none of the people onboard of the vessel spotted them, which saved them time from having to deal with them. Even if they weren’t out to hunt mermaids, most humans were still so entranced by their natural beauty that they would at least attempt to strike a conversation with them no matter what!


Swimming underneath her, Camie looked in Shyarly’s blue eyes, “Oh, come on! I’m sure that you at least thought about one or two things that you could do together!” the greenette pressed the topic further. “Otherwise you wouldn’t have left Fish-Man Island just like that.”


“I didn’t leave Fish-Man Island “just like that”! I had my reasons!” explained Shyarly, who started picking up speed and darting past the kissing gourami mermaid, “And I have to say, I would have been much happier with you as the one to watch over the Café while I’m gone!”


“Awww… don’t say it like that! I’m sure that Ishilly will do an even better job than I ever could!” Camie pointed out as she did her best to keep up with Shyarly’s neck breaking speed, while following the many currents underwater, “Besides, this out here is way more fun than anything I could do in the Café! Don’t you think?” she asked while doing a barrel roll that made her somehow go even faster.


“Hm, I guess you’re right.” The two mermaids swam past a school of whales that just dived back into the depths of the ocean after having surfaced before. “Just keep in mind that our destinations are completely dif… who’s that?”


Camie followed her boss’ line of sight towards another mermaid that swam on the water, carrying something, or rather someone, on her back, “I dunno! But let’s check it out!” Carefree and upbeat as ever, the younger girl wasted no time whatsoever to catch up with the other woman, much to Shyarly’s chagrin.


She seriously needs to learn how to control herself! That’s how she always ended up getting captured!’ Shyarly thought, while quickly following after Camie.


The closer the two mermaids came to the other one, the more it dawned on her just how huge she was. And how familiar she looked! Long, orange-brownish hair, styled into the shape of the head of a hammer, while a frilly jacket with flowers on the edges hugged her curvaceous body at all the right places. To call her a beauty was an understatement, though Shyarly knew that it took a special kind of man to actually get used to the line of sharp teeth that she showed so very often with every grin she had ever made. But that’s just the kind of person her cousin, Charlotte Praline, was!


“Hm? I knew that I sensed something down there!” greeted the half-hammerhead shark mermaid as she looked into the deep blue of the ocean from which Shyarly and Camie came from.


“Long time no see, Praline!” said Shyarly as she broke through the surface of the water. As far as the eye could see, only water was around them, which gave the women enough time and comfort to greet each other without having to worry about potential slave traders or other criminals out for a quick buck, “And who’s that?” asked Shyarly after having introduced Camie.


The brunette girl that sat quite comfortably on Praline’s back stretched out her hand, “I’m Pudding, her younger sister.” she introduced herself.


“Ahh… The girl that Sanji should have married… A pleasure to meet you!” The two women shook hands and Shyarly could tell that she was quite the hard worker. Working in a kitchen takes a special kind of strength and skill, and if the news she heard about the cake that they baked to calm down Big Mom were any indication, then Pudding had loads of both!


Praline nodded. “Yeah! And the marriage that you didn’t show up to!” she swam closer towards Shyarly. “You don’t wanna know how furious Mama was when you hadn’t shown up! She was already about to send assassins to Fish-Man Island but decided to wait until after the ceremony.”


“I thought as much.” Shyarly shrugged with her shoulders, “But I felt that I could trust the Straw Hat to cause enough mayhem, and to make her forget about me! And I was correct!” she swam on her back as she explained her reasons to Praline. “Now tell me, what brings you to this part of the ocean? Don’t tell me that Big Mom lost so much credibility that you’re all on the run now.”


“Oh, no. Not that I know, since I defected from the crew anyways. It’s just…” Praline glanced over her shoulder towards Pudding, who followed the interaction between the two relatives with silent interest. “Well, the missy here desperately wanted to meet up with her lover-boy again and asked me if I could do her a solid and help her find him.”


PRALINE!” shrieked Pudding as her sister so openly spilled the beans. Her face was as red as a ripe tomato as she hid it behind her hands, “It… it’s not as if I actually care about him or anything! I just… wanted to make sure… that… I… that he… WAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!” she squealed into her palms as she found herself unable to come up with a good enough excuse.


“What? You met Sanji?” Camie perked up, having deduced that much from the interaction between the two siblings. “Does that mean that Luffy and the others are nearby?”


“We… I met Sanji-san a couple days ago… on Supaima Island… I don’t know if they’re still there…” the youngest of the four girls muttered into her hands. Then, as if a switch flipped inside of her, she pulled herself straight again, “Not that I care anyways! That guy can rot in hell for leaving me that day! Why do you ask? You’re not actually looking for them?” Her eyes suddenly started glowing intensely as she looked down at the green haired mermaid. “You don’t wanna try to steal him away from me, do you?!”


Shyarly had a hard time following the young girl’s constantly switching personality, but came to the conclusion that she simply wasn’t able to admit her own feelings towards Sanji, “Don’t worry! At least I am not interested in any of the Straw Hats.” The former scryer calmed her down.


Next to her, Camie nodded in agreement, “Mhm! Only I want to see Luffy again because of the things that Madam Shyarly told me about him. You see, she actually had a vision a couple of days ago that made her want to meet with an old lover of hers again!” she said in her usual bubbly voice. “So we headed out from Fish-Man Island so that she could meet them again.”


“A lover?” Praline raised an eyebrow at that, “Why haven’t I heard about that during Chiffon’s wedding?” she then asked Shyarly with a grin that showed her many sharp teeth. “That would have made for one hell of a discussion on the table!”


“Maybe I just don’t feel like bragging or talking about my personal life as much, or as often, as you three seem to do!” Shyarly replied, with her voice dangerously low and more reminiscent of a hiss than anything else as she forced herself to calm down. “What happens between me and L- my lover matters only to me and him!”


SHASHASHASHASHA!!!!!! Still as cold and secretive as ever, I see!” Praline’s laughter echoed over the silence of the ocean. She threw an arm around Shyarly’s shoulder, something that caused Pudding almost to fall into the water, and gave her tits a good squeeze, “I sure hope you never change!” the 21st daughter of Charlotte said over her old friend’s stifled moans of protest.


Unable to escape the much taller woman’s firm grip on her tit, Shyarly could only squirm, “Get! Your hands! Off of me!!!” she hissed, though the faint blush spreading across her otherwise pale face showed that she did enjoy the attention.


“Yeah, yeah! I’m sorry!” Without actually sounding like she was truly sorry, Praline let go of Shyarly’s boob, but not before tracing the outline of her rapidly stiffening nipples with her purple painted fingernails. “I think it’s best if we take our leave now anyways! It’s not safe for the four of us to stick around at the same place like this for so long, don’t you agree?”


“Yes!” As she held onto Praline’s flowery jacket, Pudding waved at the two mermaids. “It was nice meeting you two. I hope you will find that lover of yours soon, Madam Shyarly!”


Camie waved back, “Don’t worry! We already have a pretty good lead!” she said as she gently nudged Shyarly in the side with her elbow. “With Luffy and his friends being so close and the news of their recent fight all over the news, the Madam thinks it won’t be long until we’ll run into him. He should be still on one of the nearby islands.”


“Is that so?” Praline hugged an unprepared Shyarly one last time, causing their tits to squish against one another erotically. “I’ll definitely wish you luck and hope you’ll find your own Aladine soon. And, in case you come back to Fish-Man Island before me, could you tell my dad that I want to meet him soon?”


“I don’t think we’ll return to Fish-Man Island in the near future, but if I meet uncle Rufus, I’ll make sure to tell him!” replied Shyarly, allowing herself for a brief moment to enjoy the warmth of the other woman as they embraced each other in a hug.



(Two days later…)

After parting ways with the two Charlotte siblings, Shyarly and Camie swam further east. On more than one occasion, Shyarly suggested to her younger companion to split ways so that she could go looking for the Straw Hats on Supaima Island on her own. Camie, however, stated that she much rather enjoyed traveling with her former boss since she liked to spend time with the older mermaid and wanted to know what her lover would be like.


Back on Fish-Man Island, Shyarly made sure to not tell anybody about her secret affair, knowing full-well what damage rumors could have caused her and her Café. Before the Straw Hats showed up, defeated Hody, and ushered in a new era for human-merfolk-relationship, things were a lot harder for any mermaid or Fish-Man that had fallen in love with a human. Shyarly’s own uncle, Praline’s father, was branded a blood traitor for having sexual intercourse with a human and was shunned by many people on the island. They of course knew that Big Mom would have killed him if he hadn’t obliged, but that didn’t change the fact that most of the more radical ones still hunted and persecuted him for mating with her!


Shyarly, in order to make sure that the same wouldn’t happen to her, kept her interactions with any human, outside of something purely professional inside the walls of her Café, a closely guarded secret! Only the mermaids that worked for her in the Café knew about this relationship, which included Camie, despite her not having been one of her coworkers during that affair. It wasn’t easy of course, given that the pirate who ended up stealing her heart had been one of the most polite and handsome ones she had ever seen! The more time she spent away from him, the more her heart began to beat, threatening to burst out of her chest any moment now!


It’s true what they say… love is indeed a hurricane!


Then, at long last, Shyarly finally heard a voice she heard two years ago when her lover set out into the New World, “Alright! Another two rounds for you three! Show some more dedication!” the clear voice of a man shouted over the gentle rushing of the waves.


“How do you wanna fix our boat or fight our opponents on open sea like that!?” another man teased from somewhere above them.


Giddy about finally reaching their destination, Camie pointed forward, “There! I can see them already!” she informed Shyarly, who slowed down, smiling inwardly at the prospect of meeting up with this crew again.


A bit more than a dozen people were currently making their way through the water not even fifty meters in front of them. They all swam around a huge yellow submarine that floated in the water, with only the upper deck being above sea level. Just like the last time she saw them, all members of the Heart Pirates wore the same basic boiler suits with their Jolly Roger printed on them like always.


“Good job Seiuchi and Ikakku! You’re doing great!” complimented Penguin, a man who’s name Shyarly only remembered due to it being written on his hat. “Keep it up like that! Five more minutes under water like that and you earned yourself a break!”


“Phugg ‘ou!” Ikakku replied while showing her crewmate the middle finger. Her voice was obviously muzzled due to her currently trying to hold her breath underwater, “We’ve alweady been doing dish pho almoshd haph an ‘ouw! the black haired girl complained while narrowly avoiding two quick strikes from one of her other crew members, Uni.


She then let her fall back, using the lack of any real gravity here in the water, and kicked Uni with both her feet straight in his stomach, “HRGH!!!!” the taller man had only a second to groan in pain before the force behind her legs caused him to fly backwards into a nearby coral reef.


“Ouch! That looked like it hurt!” winced Camie as the corals cracked and bursted under Uni’s weight.


The green haired mermaid was a little bit too loud though and Ikkaku turned their direction to find out the source of the noise, “Hm? Wha’ awe ‘wo mewmaidsh doing hewe?” she asked in a gurgled tone.


“Mermaids?” At once, the other members of her crew perked up immediately, eager to see what Ikakku was talking about. They soon enough spotted them floating in the water just a few dozen yards away.


“Madam Shyarly?” the man called Shachi gasped in shock as he recognized her the moment he laid eyes on her voluptuous figure. He knew her all too well from the crew’s initial stay on Fish-Man Island a couple weeks after the Paramount War. “What are you doing here?”


“I couldn’t help myself wondering what you guys and Law would be up to.” she answered candidly as she swam closer to one of the captain’s oldest and most loyal subordinates. For some reason, she didn’t mind the eyes of those pirates on her. She actually quite enjoyed the attention they gave her as she passed by them, “Can’t a lonely woman such as myself meet up again with the one man that made her feel special?”


She felt Camie’s eyes on her back as she came to a halt right in front of the Polar Tang. The Heart Pirates’ Jolly Roger grinned at her as she came out of the water with her upper body, then resting her heavy breasts on the wooden deck while looking up into Shachi and Penguin’s perplexed faces. A lonely sunlounger stood behind Penguin with a parasol attached to it to keep the searing beams of sunlight away from whoever wanted to sit there. Currently however, it was empty, with only a single glass with an orange juice inside of it being the single indication that not so long ago somewhere sat in it.


“W- well… no!” stuttered Penguin, trying his hardest not to stare too directly into the abyss of her cleavage, “It’s just so surprising seeing you all of a sudden like this, Madam.” Inside his boiler suit, Shyarly could see his cock gradually growing thicker and larger despite his best efforts.


“Then it’s settled.” the older mermaid concluded as she licked her black painted lips at the sight of the man’s straining clothes. “I’ll take it that Law is here on the ship as well?”


“He is…” Shachi reluctantly answered, sharing his old friend’s fate as his erection only grew larger due to Shyarly’s charm and seductive personality, “But he’s currently busy, deciding to which island we should go to next with Bepo and the new girl.” he went on to say while putting his hands in his pockets in an attempt to make the tent in his clothes not stand out as much as it already had. “I doubt that he’ll have time for you at the moment, Madam Shyarly.”


“Oh, I’m certain he’ll find the time… talking with me.” Only barely able to hold herself back from entering the submarine instantly, Shyarly turned towards Camie, who blushed at the way the many other male pirates leered at her, “Camie, would you be a dear and inform Law about my arrival, as well as getting him in the mood for when I come? And tell him that I won’t take ‘No!’ as an answer!” the sultry way in which she talked caused the suits of the many men in and outside of the water to become uncomfortably tight. “I’ll be there soon, but I need some appetizers first before I go for the main course!”


Many audible gulps echoed over the otherwise silence of the ocean as the members of the Heart Pirates got a pretty good idea about what the Madam was talking about! Camie on the other hand simply nodded and lowered her head respectfully, “On it, Madam!” she said while pulling out a wooden instrument that vaguely resembled a flute.


A gentle melody could be heard only for a second as the green haired girl blew into one end of it. The melody ended as a bubble, identical to those from the Yarukiman Mangroves, started coming out of the other end. It was as large as a rescue tire, and Camie quickly used it as such as she put it over her head and used it to float above the floor of the submarine. Before Shachi and Penguin could even try to stop her, Camie went past them and entered the submarine through the one open metal door that would lead her towards Law.


“Now then… shall we begin?” Shyarly reached for the wrists of the two guys and let herself fall back into the water, pulling them with her. She then used the single second that it took them to get used to the sudden wetness that surrounded them to strip them out of their suits. “Mmmmmh~! Not bad!”


Their two cocks grew to full size the moment they were out of the confinement, allowing Shyarly to marvel at their size and girth while the other members of the Heart Pirates drew closer, “Madam Shyarly… you can’d jushd… grrrrrr!” Shachi began to argue, though his words quickly turned into a low groan as the dark haired mermaid began working her hands up and down his and his friend’s length.


She smiled at their reaction, “Why not?” The twitching of their cocks in her delicate hands made her eager for more. To taste more! She picked up speed, forcing herself to calm down and wait until she met Law. “Just see this as a little extension of your training to build up your stamina underwater.”


“Iph ‘ou… nnnngh… pud id like dat…!” grunted Penguin, slowly but gradually beginning to thrust his hips against her hand. He lifted his head above the water to take in as much air as possible, “You heard the Madam, guys! Get ready for some extensive workout!” he then looked down in Shyarly’s deep blue eyes. “I hope you can keep up with us all!”


“Hehehe! This should hardly be a challenge!” mused the mermaid. She moved her head closer towards Shachi’s crotch and gave his cock a quick kiss. Out of the corner of her eye she saw how all the other members of the crew, aside from Ikakku, disrobed themselves to get in on the action as well. “AMMPH!!!

Shachi’s entire body became stiff as a board as Shyarly opened her mouth wide to swallow his cock, “Gwwwwwwrh!!!!” he filled his lungs with as much air as possible before putting his head underwater again.


“Mmmmmmh…!!” moaned Shyarly, ‘Oh, how much I missed this feeling! The throbbing veins of a cock in my mouth…!’ she thought to herself while bobbing her head closer and closer towards his orange-red patch of pubic hairs, “Hmm, hmm, hmm, ummmm!!!”


As soon as she reached the base of his cock, she pulled her face back again, making sure to let her black lips drag erotically behind her, “Mmph!” Shachi grunted in protest as she instead switched to kissing Penguin’s cock!


Just like before, a dark mark was left behind on the tip of his dick where her lips had touched it, “Ahhh… you’re all so thick!!” she cooed, savoring the taste of the other man’s dick on her tongue and mouth. “Makes me want to devour you all!”


“Ash longh ash ‘ou don’t bhite, ‘ou can dephouw muh cawk aww ‘ou want!” Penguin replied as fast as he could in an attempt to keep the air in his lungs and to not swallow too much water.


“You say that now…” Shyarly let go of the base of his cock to instead rub her face against it like a rutting cat, “Let’s see how tough you act once I really get to work!” With her now free hand she reached for one of his crew mate’s, Clione, dicks. ‘They’re all so hard and big!


All three men shuddered in anticipation and growing ecstasy as she either began to stroke them, in the case of Shachi and Clione, or to suck and lick in Penguin’s case. Ikakku, the only other girl in the water besides her, clicked her tongue in annoyance, “Guys… give them the opportunity, and they’ll start behaving like brainless monkeys without any hesitation!” She sat down in the sunlounger and took a sip from the drink.


How sad! And here I thought we could share this moment together.’ Shyarly thought while slowly moving her head back and forth on Penguin’s length, ‘Maybe next time!’ she kept her tongue pressed against the underside of his dick, making sure to let it stick out whenever she pulled her head back again. “Mmmmh… how mush aye misshed shugging cawk wike dish…!!!”


“Hrrrgh!!!” Penguin groaned as he clenched his hands into fists.


Before he could get too familiar with the sensation of her hot mouth, Shyarly switched to sucking Clione instead, “Hmmmmph… sho hawt… jusht how aye wike ‘em!” she slurred, her words vibrating around the younger pirate’s cock as she continuously stroked his friends’ erections to keep them at full mast. “GUH, UGUGH, HMM… UMMMM!!! GLUGH, GUUUGUH!!!!


Though she had lost her gag reflex which felt like ages ago, the Madam knew exactly how much guys enjoyed the sound of a woman gurgling and choking on their dicks. So she kept doing it for their enjoyment as she altered between their dicks. Getting to taste all those different flavors felt like a reward all on its own! A reward that was made even better when Clione soon enough ended up unloading his seed straight into her mouth!


HA! Still the same quickshot like last time!” commented Ikkaku from her place on the submarine. “Serves you right for always being such a horndog, Clione!”


UUUUUUAH!!! HLLLLGH, GUUUH, HMMMM!!!!!!” Shyarly made a spectacle out of gulping down the man’s creamy load, ‘A bit more salty than usual…’ she mused in her mind, whilst feeling herself getting off a little bit just by tasting his cum. Years of working in the business made her appreciate and able to tell the difference between every guy’s load, something that she took a lot of pride in!


“Sho ghuudddddd…!!” groaned Clione as he was pulled away from Shyarly.


A blonde guy took his friend’s place and Shyarly began stroking his dick next, ‘This one’s a bit more on the fat side…!’ she thought, struggling to make her fingers meet as she tried to fully grab his member, “MWAH!!” she placed a number of kisses on Shachi’s cock. ‘Makes me wonder if his load will be thicker and stickier as well… Only one way to find out!


As she began licking one of his balls, she noticed how another guy, this time one with a strange white mask on his face, climbed on her back. The mask seemed to make it easier for him to talk and breathe underwater, since he didn’t struggle as much as his friends, “I’m sure you won’t mind if I play a bit with those!” he whispered into her ear as he stripped her out of her jacket, only to then fondle her ample breasts.


“Mmmmmmmhhh… Yesh, bhig bhoy…!!” she cooed back, pressing her chest forward and into his skilled hands as he pinched her nipples. His hardon pressed neatly against her spine as his fingers sunk into the soft flesh of her breasts. “Pheelsh ghuud… Kheep it up lige dat, and aye’ll blow ‘ou negshd!”


“I’ll take your word for it!” he threw his legs around her slim waist and held her tight as he kneaded her even more.


AHUUUUUUUMPH!!!! GULUGH, GURGH, GURGH, GURKE!!!!!!” she slurred, getting more and more heated as she sucked off the three guys in front of her. Despite her best efforts however, she only managed to make the blonde guy cum, “UUUMMMNH!!!” and just as she expected, his cum was in fact much richer and more creamy!


HAAAA!!!!” the blonde panted a few times as Shyarly released his cock from her mouth, only to kiss it a few times again.


“You do a good job at keeping up so far…!” moaned Shyarly, using the brief time alone that she had with Shachi and Penguin as the other guys started bickering over who could fuck her mouth next. Grabbing them both by their exposed balls, she pulled herself closer to them. “But what will you do… if I do… this??! AAAAHM!!!!!


Opening her mouth as wide as she could, Shyarly swallowed both their cocks at the same time! Her throat and neck visibly bulged from their combined girth, stretching her to the absolute limit!


ARRRGH!!!!” they both groaned at the same time, feeling their cocks rubbing tightly against one another. Shyarly let go of their nutsacks, only to beckon two of their fellow pirates, one of whom was the masked guy who had now stopped fondling her tits, to come over so that she could stroke their dicks.


“Hmph!! Muh mouph… sho phuww wiph nophinnnngh bud cawk!!!!” she moaned while bathing their lengths with her tongue. The steady pulse and heat that she felt coming from the four pirates’ rock hard members was almost enough to send her close to the edge all on its own. “There’sh nophing bedda dan da tashde oph cawksh and cummmmm!! Aye wanna eat id aww!!! Dwown meh wiph youw load!!!! Covah meh wiph youw baby baddah!!!!”


“Aaaaaaahhh… Aye… can shee why da capdain daded ‘ou!” said Penguin, holding his breath as if he was a Fish-Man and holding back from cumming despite her best efforts.


Shachi agreed silently while also putting a hand on her head to keep her in place, “He’sh one wucky guy!” he groaned, thrusting his hips back and forth to drive his cock deeper and deeper down her throat and into her very stomach.


GUGHAAAA!!! Cawk… aye wuv id!!” for the first time in a very long time, Shyarly’s eyes twitched at the sensation of the two cocks moving inside her mouth, “Moah… phugg muh mouph moaw!!! Aye nheed to be ash pwepawed ash posshible fow phugging Law ladah!!” as she said this, she felt the cock of the guy to her left twitching. She reluctantly let go of Shachi and Penguin’s dicks and instead took in the first couple inches of the other man’s, not wanting to waste some perfectly good jizz. “Now gimme youw loaddddddddd!!!”


YEAH!!!!! TAKE IT ALLLLGH!!!!!” roared the guy before remembering that he was currently underwater, cumming even harder upon having her words vibrate around his cock!


HUGUUUUUUUGH!!!!” Shyarly drank each and every last drop of his cum, ‘I can’t believe how desperately I needed this!’ she thought to herself, only now realizing how disappointing her last few clients actually were. A shadow fell over her face as Jean Bart, the former pirate captain and slave, rested his massive cock on her face. “NNNNNNNNGH…!!!!


A grin spread across his face as he looked down on her. “Seems like you’re not quite finished with us yet!” he groaned, with his head above the sea level due to his large size. “Let’s see if you’re really worthy to meet up with the captain!”



(Meanwhile inside the Polar Tang…)


When she first saw the Polar Tang, Camie thought of it as some cold and harsh place. One where people would be happy to leave as quickly as possible! Given her experience in a bowl of water once where people tried to sell her off to the highest bidder, she just wasn’t the biggest fan of such cramped places! But after floating through the hallway of the submarine for a while on her search for its captain, she came to the realization that it wasn’t so bad actually. A yellow carpet with black spots all over it covered the floor of the level she currently found herself on, and although she couldn’t touch it, it did look pretty soft and fluffy to her at first glance.


Since she didn’t find anything on the upper floor, aside from a locked door, she went down a rather narrow metal stair that led her even deeper into the submarine. The first thing she noticed as soon as she was on the next floor, was the surprisingly cold and sterile air. She had assumed it to be more oppressive, given that there’s no real windows or any other ways outside, meaning that it must have some pretty solid air conditioning then.


Behind one door she found the crew’s sleeping quarters. A dozen metal bunk beds with identical white sheets were lined up neatly against one wall with the names of the individual crew members written on plates on each frame. The wall on the other side of the room was covered by one large line of individual lockers that also featured the names of the different crew members. And while Camie couldn’t go into the room next to it, she assumed that it had to be Ikkaku’s quarters, given that she didn’t find the girl’s name anywhere in the room prior.


“…job, Monet!” a voice reached her from the other side of the hallway. “You’ve been a serious help with those charts!”


“Aw! Don’t tease me like that, darling! You make me blush!!” she heard a flustered female voice reply, “I only did the same things I did when working for the young master!” the woman said. Camie understood her much better now as she got closer to the room right before what had to be the cockpit of the Polar Tang, given the vague layout she had in her head after looking at the ship from the outside. “And, to be fair, Bepo already did a pretty good job with those charts and maps! I only added some things here or there.”


“Oh, you’re always so kind, Monet-san!” replied a new, deep voice. “I always try my best with those maps but… I just have thick fingers… I’m sorry!”


A groan of annoyance could be heard through the metal door that separated Camie from the three people inside the other room, “Don’t apologize so often!” chided the first voice again. “Anyways, I’m gonna get and make us all some coffee. Bepo, you and Monet check on what the others are doing. And Monet, just because you can’t swim doesn’t mean that you’re excused from training, okay?!”


“Awww… but why waste time on training when there are so many more interesting things we could do instead~?” cooed the woman, who had to be Monet. “I still haven’t gotten a piece of you ever since that night with the Straw Hats, darling.”


“I don’t care! I didn’t bring you back to life because I want to hang out with you constantly!” the first man groaned in annoyance. Something happened on the other side of the door that Camie couldn’t hear, but something had changed as the man then added. “Okay. I’ll spend some time with you after training, is that okay?”


“Oh, I can’t wait!” answered Monet.


Steps got closer to the door in front of which Camie floated. The green haired mermaid quickly slipped into a dark room to her left as the door was opened, so that she wouldn’t get noticed by whoever would step out. She watched through a gap of the door as a buxom woman with waist long green hair walked by, a happy swing in her hips. Walking right behind her was an actual polar bear in a boiler suit similar to those that the other Heart Pirates wore, the only difference was that the bear’s boiler suit was orange.


And right after those two, she finally saw the man that she was tasked to find! Trafalgar D. Water Law! Dressed in blue shorts and an open yellow vest that revealed his muscular tattooed chest, Camie understood what made Madam Shyarly fall for him. Instead of walking past Camie however, he came to a hold right in front of the door and turned her way, “You do realize that I know you’re in there, right!?”


EEEP!!” she squealed and backed away a bit as Law entered the room. He flipped the light switch, showing Camie that she currently found herself in the ship’s bath.


He raised an eyebrow, “I know you!” he said as he leaned against the doorframe. “You’re that mermaid from two years ago. The one with Straw Hat-ya! What are you doing on my ship?”


Being all alone in a room with a man she barely knew caused Camie to sweat profusely as she searched for an answer. “W- well, I… Madam Shyarly asked me to… to get you in the mood for when she comes! She’s hellbent on seeing you again!”


“Shyarly? That explains the noise outside and the familiar presence.” Law concluded. “Tell her that I’m not int-!”


“Actually, she said that she won’t take ‘No!’ for an answer.” Camie interrupted the black haired captain while simultaneously filling the bathtub with water, already having an idea in mind about what she could do with him. “So, if you could be so kind…?”


“That woman…!” he shook his head as he closed the door behind him, “It’s still better not to argue with her on these things?” Camie’s silent nod was all the answer he needed as he pulled down his shorts and stepped out of them, “Fine! Let’s get this out of the way!” one after the other, his other clothes followed, leaving him completely naked as he went into the half-full bathtub.



Camie sweated even more as the tattooed man took the initiative from her in such an unorthodox way for she had assumed that she would have to persuade him some more and actually shove him into the tub. And not only that! But his cock left her speechless for nearly half a minute as well!


“What is it?” the Surgeon of Death asked in irritation, with his mighty dick floating in a semi-flaccid state on the water. Even without being completely hard, his cock reached almost all the way to his knees. “I thought you wanted to get me into the mood or something.”


“Oh, right!” nervous, Camie slided into the bathtub, causing the bubble around her waist to burst. She discarded her clothes and instead reached for a bottle of body wash from a rack behind her, “Just relax… and enjoy!” she whispered, emptying the bottle over her boobs before throwing it over her shoulder.


“I’ll do my best!” he said, leaning back against the bathtub as Camie put her tits around his dick! If he was weakened in some form by the water that now reached his nipples, then he did a good job at hiding it, instead following the movement of her tits with his tired, dead looking eyes.


“Mmmmmh… yes!! Doesn’t this feel so good?” cooed the little mermaid, applying a thick lather of foam all over Law’s cock as she moved her tits up and down, “I can feel your cock getting bigger and hotter already!” she moaned. “Do you like my tits that much? Do they feel nice around you?”


“You’re not bad! I can see that Shyarly taught you well!” Law looked up at the ceiling as a thought occurred to him, “I just hope that Monet won’t mind! The last thing I’ll need on my ship is some kind of bitch fight between those two!”


As if on cue, Monet’s scream could be heard even inside the bathroom, “AAAAH!!!!! WHAT IS GOING ON HERE????” A quick glance out of the window, where the water had now turned slightly murky due to all the jizz drifting around, confirmed to Camie that her boss probably was finished with her warmup.


“You think I’m good?” Camie rubbed her face against the side of Law’s now fully erect cock. Two years of working in the Mermaid Café had her prepared for all kinds of different cocks, but even then, none of them compared to this one, “HRRRRRRMM… you’re not bad either! This cock… IT’S SO HOT AND BIGGGGGG!!!!!” she ended up screaming as she embraced his shaft with her tits as best as she could!


A low grunt escaped Law’s mouth, “Hmmmm!! They might be even bigger than Shyarly’s…” he mused out loud as he examined Camie’s moving tits.


“Of course!” the greenette kissed Law’s rock hard erection. Thin threads of saliva connected her plump lips with the throbbing meat as she talked, “It’s one of the many reasons that she hired me! The clients just go nuts for a taste of them!” she explained while pressing them even harder against his cock!


“I can see why!” admitted Law.


BUT THIS COCK!!!” she hollered before kissing the side of the length, “How can it be so big?” she asked, while following one of the many veins that ran up and down the dick with her tongue.


“Oh, I simply experimented some more with my Devil Fruit! I’m usually not that big.” Law answered honestly and without any shame in his voice. Right after the words had left his mouth, he shrunk his cock until it was ‘only‘ as thick as her hip and as long as her arm from the elbow to the tip of her fingers!


Pulling her tits away from his cock, Camie went further south and began kissing her way down to his balls, “You’re not?” she then shook her head before she even finished her question. “Doesn’t matter! Madam Shyarly wants you to be all ready for her, so that’s what I will do!”


His eyes seemed to light up a little bit at that, “Heh! You sure are a loyal one!” He started to drum on the edge of the bathtub in sync with the slow SLURP SLURP SLURP of her tongue against his wet nutsacks. “Shyarly must be happy having you around!”


MHMMMMMM!!!!!” for some reason, hearing those words coming out of the captain’s mouth filled her with so much joy and glee… Camie couldn’t help but moan out loud and try even harder to please him. “MMMMMH, MMMUH!!!!




“Ahhhh… there goes our peace and quiet!” Much to Camie’s surprise, a blue sphere appeared in the palm of his hand and rapidly expanded until it covered the entire bath, “Room! Shambles!” in an instant, his body disappeared, replaced by Camie’s shirt as he switched places with it, “I’m here!” he called, already reaching for his underpants again when the door to the bathroom was pushed open by a sudden snowstorm.


Monet rushed into the room, “Darling!! You can’t believe wha- who is this?!” she snapped at Camie who leaned on the bathtub, with her heavy tits pressed against the white edge. “And what was she doing to you?”


Right as Law was about to answer her questions, Shyarly appeared in the room as well, already stark naked and with only a trickle of cum running down the side of her mouth, “Mmmmmh~ I see that Camie did a good job with you!” she purred with a glance towards his still erect cock, “That’s good! I waited far too long for this!” With their combined forces, Monet and Shyarly pushed Law back into the bathtub and pressed their tits against his dick, forcing him to lay back against the soft embrace of Camie’s tits “Let’s make this a day you’ll never forget!”


“What are you talking about?!” Monet snapped at the girl to her right as she began moving her tits up and down on Law’s dick. “I don’t need a skank like you to steal my darling away from me! Find yourself a cock of your own to suck! This one is mine! AHUMMMMPH!!!”


Unable to lift even a finger due to how much of his body was submerged in the hot water, Law could only watch as Monet opened her mouth so very wide to take as much of his cock as she could between her lips, “Gwwwrrr…!!! Do you women seriously have to be so horny? It’s starting to get on my nerves!” he groaned as Monet moved her head back and forth in slow circles, her throat stretching out noticeably due to its girth!


“Awwww… why so grumpy?” purred Shyarly as she continued to massage the lower half of his cock with her tits. “You know, I can see that you’re enjoying this! Just admit that you enjoy having beautiful girls like us serving your dick!”


“If I would admit it…” Law began to grunt, resting his back even more against Camie’s boobs. “Would you stop bothering me?”


NOOOOOPHE!!!!!” gagged Monet, long ropes of saliva running down the side of her mouth as she gave him the sloppiest blowjob he ever had, “ID JUSHD PHEELSH TOO GHUUUUUGH!!!! AYE WAND ‘OU DOO PHUGG MUH MOUPH DA WHOLE NIGHDDDD!!!!” she slurred at length. “AYE WANNA CUM JUSHD PHROM SHUGGING YOUW CAAAAAAWWWK!!!!!!


“You heard her!” Shyarly giggled as she watched Monet taking more than half of Law’s cock down her throat, her chin firmly pressed against her own set of tits, “Give her the fucking of her life! But…” she gently grabbed Monet’s hair and pulled her away from the captain’s dick. “Not until I got my taste of your load first! I’m hungry!”


Monet blinked a few times, too perplexed to even realize what just happened, “YOU BITCH!!!” she then screamed, watching in horror as Shyarly licked Law’s shaft several times before stuffing her mouth with it. “WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE, TAKING MY MAN’S COCK FROM ME LIKE THAT!?!?


“I’m not… your man!” groaned Law, brought to the edge of orgasm by the warmth of the two women’s mammaries around his erection.


“Hehehehehe!! Seems like they think otherwise!” Camie commented as she put both her hands on the man’s tattooed chest, drawing circles around his nipples with her finger, “Just look at the dedication in their eyes… They’re just so eager to worship your cock~!” she looked down on the otherwise stoic and calculated man’s face, his cheeks now slightly red due to the predicament he found himself in. “Maybe you’ll end up having a harem with them!”


“A harem? HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!” Law’s chest rose and sank with a heartfelt laughter that filled the entire room. “What kind of pirate would have a harem!?


A harem…? Now that’s an idea worth considering!’ Shyarly thought to herself, “AGUGH, GUUH, HUMMMMPH, MMMH, AMMMMWH, NNNNNNGMO!!!!!!!” she gagged around Law’s dick as her eyes met Monet’s for a brief moment.


“What are you looking at me like that for!?” Monet snapped at her, desperately trying to get her off of Law’s cock, “Darling’s cock is mine and I won’t share it with you! So spit it out already!” the slightly older woman complained!

Shyarly made a show out of lifting her head, letting her lips drag behind the rest of her face in an obscenely erotic way. PLOP! The wet sound that followed afterwards was just as obscene but was quickly forgotten as Monet immediately took Shyarly’s place and continued where she left off earlier!


The pale mermaid backed away even more from Law as she instead pressed her boobs against Monet’s elbow, “You say that now! But I’ll show you the pleasures of sharing something so beautiful like Law’s dick with others!” she cooed, while putting her hand once again on the other woman’s head, “For now though… I want you to drink it ALL!!!!” instead of trying to get his cock for herself again, Shyarly SHOVED Monet’s face down into Law’s crotch!


HUAAAAAAAGHUUUUGH!!!!” the greenette wailed in maddening pleasure as she came the moment she felt her lover’s thick bush of black pubic hair brush against her nose. “AYE’M CUMMING PHROM DURLINGH’SH CAAWK IN MUH MOUPH!!!!!!!


“Yes! Give her your love!” Shyarly encouraged Law as she reached for one of his balls, feeling it constrict somewhat as cum got pumped through them. “Give her your all, darling!”


NHOOOOOOOOO!!!!! HE’SH MUH DURLINNNNNNNGH!!!!!!!!!” Monet moaned, even as the thick and tasty dick milk filled her throat and stomach. “NO’ YOUWSH!!!!! MIIIIIIIIINE!!!! OOOOOOOOOOOHHHH PHUGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!


OOAAAAARGH!!!! You horny sluts!!!” Law’s body trembled with arousal as he released a gallon worth of hot spunk! He sunk even deeper into the folds of Camie’s tits as Monet fell back and flat on her butt.


GHUAAAA!!!!” she gasped for air, one last load of cum hitting her straight in the face, “Sho… cum!! Pheel sho… full…!” Monet moaned, drunken from the pleasure that still coursed through her. “Want… more!!!”


Lifting Monet’s face by the chin, Shyarly looked lovingly into her new friend’s piercing yellow eyes, “Don’t worry, you’ll get more than enough chances to get fucked from here on out!” she whispered so that only Monet could hear her. The bigger woman then pressed her lips against Monet’s and pushed her tongue deep inside her mouth. “MMMMMHH!!!!!


To further stimulate Law, the young mermaid behind him began licking his neck, “Doesn’t this look incredibly hot to you?” she then asked Law, following the outlines of the tattoos on his chest with his fingers. “They put on such a nice show just for you!”


HMMMM!!!” any remark that Law made went unnoticed by the two kissing women. They both explored the insides of each other’s mouth, with Shyarly trying to scoop up as much cum as she could! The former fortune teller glanced over her shoulder at Law’s still rock hard cock, “Weady phow wound two I shee!” she purred into her new friend’s mouth.


“Yeah, I don’t think I have much to say in that matter!” Law grunted, the water making it impossible to move for him in any way whatsoever.


The two women looked into each other’s eyes, then smiled. “No!”



(Story by: Mr. Akrononym)

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1 year ago

While there was no Usopp, I did love the hot mermaid sex!

But just curious, is Shyarly able to shrink down to normal size? Because she’s huge in canon.

I also hope Bepo gets more spotlight, he is a precious boi.

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
1 year ago
Reply to  Dan

While I find your and ‘s enthusiasm in regards to Usopp strangely admirable, I kinda grow tired of hearing it! In my book, he’s NOT this kind of ultra-sigma-giga-alpha chad that will get in bed with Ulti, Reiju, Shyarly, Vivi,… because of… reasons! He has and definitely will appear in future chapters if it makes sense for him to do so, but he won’t play any big or important roles! This series, quite frankly, just isn’t about him!

Sorry if I come off as rude or insulting here. I’m just kinda tired of always reading about how either of you two want to have him appear in seemingly every chapter/have him fuck seemingly every girl without a regard of what I’ve already said in the comments or set up in the actual plot of the chapter (how can Ulti be a part of Usopp’s harem, if I already specifically put her with Kid?).

I’m not some kind of dick who’ll stop using Usopp just because of this though! I’ll continue to use him in future chapters and may even implement some of the things that you guys suggest in the comments, if it makes sense for him to appear! But I won’t go out of my way and go against the things I’ve already set up (in my mind) for something completely random and out-of-character, in my opinion!

I do appreciate that you’re so kind and enjoy this chapter despite it not featuring Usopp! Shyarly might be able to get her size altered (depending on who she might appear with in an artwork, I basically have to do so) and Law might be the key to it.

Last edited 1 year ago by Mr. Akrononym
1 year ago

Glad that my expectations were subverted, for a second I thought that shyarly was going to jump on the luffy bone bandwagon.

Also I have noticed that each captain has a particular type and kink (at least Law and Kid appear to). For Kid it’s amazons and women who want what they want hysterically but will not be broken by such desires. For Law it’s mermaids and women who will smother him with attention at his expense. And for Luffy it’s just princesses as of right now since as of now luffy doesn’t have a want or need out of sex.

Last edited 1 year ago by Kielian
Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
1 year ago
Reply to  Kielian

Yeah, I think Luffy got enough attention in the last couple chapters and I really wanted to include Law again, so… lol.

Very interesting observation from you. You’re right about most of it, though in the case of Law, Camie won’t be a part of his entourage. He’ll actually get another girl (hopefully in the near future). Can you guess who it is?

1 year ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

Part of me first thought of baby 5 only because they are close but I don’t believe she would leave sai. If anything a threesome between her sai and law may be neat.

Otherwise are you going for the adult sugar concept that I believe does exist.

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
1 year ago
Reply to  Kielian

Baby 5 is definitely an interesting guess and I might be to do some pretty neat stuff with her and Law. In the end however, you’re right with your assumption about her and Sai. However, I would say that the interactions between the girl that I have in mind and Law would be just as interesting, despite them never having met in the actual story.

Also, no. No “adult Sugar concept” or anything. Rtenzo doesn’t seem to draw her and I’d like to use girls that could actually appear in an artwork.

1 year ago

I love the work you did with shyarly’s personality, I could believe that she would be so seductive and we definitely want to know more about her most depraved side, I loved the participation of the other girls but shyarly steals the chapter and I think that everyone wants that Faced with a cock you can’t handle.

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
1 year ago
Reply to  Anonymous28

Shyarly is one of my favorite One Piece girls, so I tried my absolute hardest to do her right! I hope you enjoyed her rather… unique partners in this chapter, given that some people wanted her to be paired up with other characters.

1 year ago

The sheer diversity of one piece body types always makes works about them in sexual positions varied. its something you can appreciate.

in other words. I really like mermaids.

Great chapter overall

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
1 year ago
Reply to  Xcelsior

Mermaids are fantastic! Especially if they look like Shyarly, are named Shyarly, and have Shyarly’s personality XD.

Hope you’ll stick around for future mermaid adventures.

1 year ago

Good to see the mermaid women get in some more screen time, both Shyarly and Camie alike. Not only that, it was really quite good to see Law and his crew this time around, with Monet in tow.

Though the biggest surprise to me was seeing Pudding and Praline close to the midway point. I really enjoyed that interaction with them.

Which leads me to the sex. Both scenes were not only handled and written nicely, they were also very different. Although truth be told, I don’t know which one I like more. XD

Still, nicely done. Truly.

Looking forward to seeing what’s next. 😎

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
1 year ago
Reply to  Hiryu

I felt it important to address Pudding (and by extension Praline) since I plan to include them more actively in future chapters, if the artwork allows for it.

I’m beyond happy that you liked the sex despite it not featuring any of the “standard” guys (the Straw Hats). Law will play a pretty important role in this story and will appear a bit more than in the previous One Piece series.

As always, thanks for your hard work with this chapter!

1 year ago

Really nice chapter! From the picture I thought this was gonna be Luffy again as he has featured in the last 3 pics but seeing it was Law was a nice suprise! Hoping to Praline again as I think a pic with her was teased in the past? Also hoping to see more Big Mom daughters & Pudding encounting Sanji again. Keep it up!

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
1 year ago
Reply to  Yukiooo

Hey, I think I haven’t seen you here before. Always a pleasure having someone new around to enjoy these stories of mine. Glad to read that you enjoyed Law as the one having sex in this chapter. I couldn’t feature him in the last couple chapters, so I made sure to make this one stand out a bit from the others.

Getting to write for Praline would be perfect but I sadly don’t know if there are any pics with her. She doesn’t seem to be all that requested.

Roger Goga
Roger Goga
1 year ago

Great chapter and it looks like that law will have harem of his own with Monet and shyarly and I believe that camie will join luffy harem and why took it so long to upload it this story?

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
1 year ago
Reply to  Roger Goga

Don’t know what you mean with long upload. It all depends on how Rtenzo wants to release those pics/stories. I personally was kinda grateful for the slightly longer time, since it meant that I could flesh the story out some more.