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Bodyswapped Booty Plunder

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of One Piece stories)
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(A certain island somewhere in the New World…)


“Get out of my way, Zoro-ya, Black Leg-ya!” ordered Trafalgar Law as he marched towards the two Straw Hat Pirates. Leaves in all shades of yellow, orange and red flew through the air around him. “I have no business dealing with you two. Straw Hat-ya is the only one I’m interested in!”


A single drop of sweat rolled down Sanji’s neck. “Huh. I know that our alliance ended and all, but something so straight forward… You sure about this?”


“What? Are ya scared?” Zoro asked back, already unsheathing two of his three swords while doing so, “We’re pirates! It only makes sense to thin out the competition on the way to the top.” he explained, looking forward to a real battle after so many peaceful days. The guards of the Celestial Dragon a while back were hardly any challenge.


Strong winds blew through the dense forest that covered the entire island as the Heart Pirates advanced further. It had been nearly a week since they left the Mushroom Kingdom in order to continue with their journey, leaving under a rain of cannonballs and mortars since Nami just couldn’t help but to steal from the royal treasury. In the end, they set shore on this deserted island in the middle of nowhere. Up to this point, the island was a pretty standard autumn island with not much going for it but one forest that stretched as far the eye can see. Now however, it seemed as if the idyllic, yet somewhat boring, peace would come to an end as the two crews were about to clash.


“Scared? Speak for yourself!” the cook retorted as he fished a pack of cigarettes out of the depths of his pockets.


“Stupid cook!” Zoro snorted before turning his attention back to Law, “Sorry, but our captain is kinda busy at the moment. So you can either wait until he comes back or…” his one eye lit up as he covered both swords with Armament Haki. “You’ll spend some time with me!”


Without even slowing down, the black haired captain threw a pebble past the two pirates, “Tsk! I really have no time for dealing with two subordinates!” he stretched out his arm, “Room!” a large blue glowing dome appeared around them, stretching almost ten meters in diameter. “Shambles!


Before their very eyes, he disappeared and instead was replaced by the pebble he threw earlier, “Oh no, you don’t!” Sanji said, already jumping towards the place where Law had appeared.


One second before getting hit by the blonde chef’s flying kick, Law raised his scabbard and blocked the attack, “Hmph!” he grunted as he was pushed back by the sheer force and weight behind the kick. Zoro used this brief opening that his crewmate gave him and lunged towards the Surgeon of Death, aiming for his exposed throat. “Takt!


With the simple flick of a finger, a large boulder shot out of the ground beneath the swordsman, disorientating him long enough for Law to draw his sword, “Ahhh!” Zoro gasped as he dropped to the ground while Sanji jumped high into the air to avoid the horizontal swing of their black haired opponent which effortlessly cut through everything else inside his Room. “So you’re actually serious about this!”


“I may have not shown it as clearly as Eustass-ya, but I have my pride as a captain.” explained Law. The trees that he cut all fell down to the ground around them as the three men closely observed one another. “How’s Straw Hat-ya the only one recognized as an Emperor after we took down Big Mom and Kaido!? I’ll just have to show the world that they shouldn’t underestimate me and my crew!”


“You said it, captain!” his men cheered.


The clearing that was created after Law’s attack was filled with the many different members of the Heart Pirates. All of them looked more than ready and willing to join the fight. “Heh! Well, then it’s probably best for us to take this seriously as well!” stated Zoro as one after the other, their other crew mates came to see what the cause of all that noise was.


“Wh- What is going on here?” Usopp asked, freaking out a little bit by the many weapons pointing directly at him.


“What do you think it looks like!?” Sanji snapped back from above, keeping himself in the air with Sky Walk, “Where’s Luffy and how long will it take for him to get here?” he then asked nobody in particular, as his eyes wandered over the more than twenty member strong enemy crew.


It was Franky who stepped forward, “Luffy, Chopper and Yamato found some spring at the far north of the island. Don’t know if they noticed anything by now, though.” The cyborg cracked his mechanic fingers as a wide smile spread across his face. “That doesn’t mean that we can’t have some fun of our own until they arrive!”


“Oh, you’re so gonna regret underestimating us, Straw Hats!” said Penguin. The boiler suit wearing man pointed his spear straight at his opponents. “Just because you’re recognized as an Emperor crew nowadays doesn’t mean that you can just look down on others!”


“Mhm!” his crew mates all nodded in agreement, “We’re all members of the Worst Generation! We’re equals, damn it!” shouted Shachi, coating his katana with Armament Haki and readying himself for combat.


“Then prove it!” declared Zoro, putting the Wado Ichimonji in his mouth and rushing towards the other pirate crew, closely followed by the rest of his friends. “Purgatory Onigiri!


Before his attack could connect however, a leaf that fluttered in the air in front of him disappeared and was replaced by Law, “Injection Shot!” the Surgeon of Death called out and countered the green swordsman’s attack with his own. Their sword clashed! Nami, Usopp, and several members of Law’s crew were blown off their feet by the following shockwave, while the others began fighting. “Takt!


Jumping away at the last moment, Zoro avoided getting buried by the flying trees that his opponent had sent his way. He couldn’t help but grin. “Finally, a worthy opponent! You don’t know how dull the last few battles were!”


Snow started falling from the sky all of a sudden as Law expanded his Room even more, “I’ve read about your exploits, Zoro-ya. But, at the moment, I don’t care about any of it!” Law disappeared again, swapping places with the many snowflakes in such quick fashion that it seemed as if there were several hundred Laws in the air. Even Zoro, with his Observation Haki, had trouble following which one was the real one and, before he knew it, Law appeared behind him. “So forgive me, but you’re not the one I’m interested in fighting!”


“Tsk!” Zoro clicked his tongue, starting to cover his lower abdomen with Armament Haki in order to try blocking Law’s incoming attack.


Basse Côte!” shouted Sanji, aiming for the black haired captain’s shoulder with a flying kick. Unlike last time, Law was too slow to block the incoming attack and was pushed out of his own Room by the force of the kick, which caused the many leaves on the trees around them to fly off, “Seems like you could need some help, mosshead!” the blonde said with a smug grin on his face, observing his opponent’s every move.


A vein popped on the muscular pirate’s forehead, “I wasn’t asking for your help!” he said, slightly infuriated that he was now technically in this idiot’s debt. “Find your own opponent to fight against!”


“Is saying ‘Thank you’ that hard for a dumb muscle-head like you?” Sanji asked, with a vein throbbing on his forehead as well, mirroring that of his crewmate. “I just wanted to tell you that Luffy’s on his way here, so you don’t have to deal with this guy anymore.”


Zoro turned his attention back to Law who was currently rolling his shoulder, assessing the damage he received from the chef’s powerful kick, “Any damage that I can deal now is something that Luffy won’t have to do later! And…” he licked his lips, while putting on his bandana. “I really wanna see the difference between me and him!”


After dusting off his shoulder, Law looked towards the northern horizon where a dust cloud announced the Straw Hat captain’s arrival, “Sorry, but if Straw Hat-ya is coming, then I really don’t have time to play around with you two anymore!” he stretched his hand out again. “Room!


“Oh no! You’re not getting away that easily!” said Zoro, rushing towards the Surgeon of Death in order to prevent him from teleporting away again.


STOP IT!!” Sanji yelled in vain, sensing that Law didn’t intend to run away, “Stupid mosshead!” He jumped into the air in order to kick his crewmate away from the dome, but he was too late!


A sinister smile spread across the black haired man’s face, “So predictable!” pointing his sword towards the two incoming pirates, once they were inside his Room, he said, “Shambles!


“What the…!?” Zoro gasped, suddenly in the air and seeing his own body stumble through the forest in front of him. Unable to kick the air anymore, Zoro crashed to the ground but got back to his knees a second later.


“That stupid trick again!” said his own body but with Sanji’s voice coming out of it, “The same thing he used at Punk Hazzard!” said the cook, trapped inside Zoro’s body.


“Have fun!” Law casually turned away and walked through the blizzard and towards the incoming Luffy. “Shachi! Penguin! They’re all yours now!”


“Aye, aye, captain!” yelled his two subordinates, jumping into the clearing where the two Straw Hats were still dealing with their new situation. “It will be a pleasure teaching these two a lesson!”


Throwing the swords to the ground, Zoro, or rather, Sanji, gritted his teeth. Next to him, Sanji/Zoro stood up as well, spitting the cigarette in his mouth to the ground, “WAIT A MINUTE!!” they yelled at the same time, furious and burning with anger. “YOU CAN’T JUST-!



(Two days and two nights later…)


SHISHISHISHISHISHI!!!!!” Luffy kept laughing to no end, visibly entertained by Zoro and Sanji’s predicament. “You should see the looks on your faces!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!


The Straw Hat wearing captain had his entire upper body wrapped up in white bandages, while several band aids were placed on various smaller wounds all over his face and legs. All in all, he didn’t look that much different from his crewmates or the members of the Heart Pirates, including their captain. After two days of intense fighting, where neither party managed to win in any meaningful way, both sides had eventually agreed on a truce. Now sitting on the clearing that was created during the first day of combat, the crews had one massive barbeque.


“Stop laughing already!” Zoro and Sanji shouted at their captain at the same time, still trapped within the other’s body, “And you, Law!” They turned towards the other captain who poured himself some whiskey into his cup. “Undo this wicked curse already!”


Taking a sip from the whiskey, Law didn’t even turn their direction as he leaned back against the tree in which shade he sat, “Don’t tell me what to do!” he simply said.


Shachi leaned towards Luffy. “If you find that funny, you should have been there during the battle!” the red haired man almost couldn’t hold back his own laughter. “They fought against one another more than they fought against us!”


“Just because that stupid mosshead constantly tried using my hands to pick up his dirty ol’ swords!” Sanji pointed out, angrily flipping the meat on the grill grate.


“Look who’s talking!” Zoro barked back, while forcing himself to keep calm. “Stuck in my body but only sticking to kicks anyways… What kind of fighter are you!?”


AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!” Luffy, Shachi, and Penguin laughed, rolling around on the ground while holding their sides.


Tears of joy rolled down Penguin’s face as he rose to his shaking feet again. “Told ya. These two are hilarious!”


“Yeah, yeah, incredibly funny.” said Monet, as she walked into the clearing, clearly not amused by the boys’ sense of humor, and with a plate full with fruit skewers in each hand. Unlike all the other members of the Heart Pirates, she was dressed in blue sweatpants and a crop top of the same color that covered only the bare minimum, leaving most of her upper body and even some of her tits completely exposed. Blue lipstick and makeup that matched the color of her clothes adorned her face.


The moment he laid eyes on her, blood began dripping out of Sanji’s nose as his one eye transformed into a heart. A strange sight, given that he was still in Zoro’s body, “Mellorine, mellorine!!!” he began chanting as the green haired beauty put the plates next to him so that he could put them on the grate next.


While Law had already informed them that he basically brought her back to life after making Punk Hazzard his territory, it was still hard for Zoro to accept that the woman who worked so devotedly for Doflamingo was now cozying up to Law. Picking up a tray, the greenette laid down in the Surgeon of Death’s lap and tried feeding him grapes. If he was aroused by the sudden intimacy with his new crew member, then Law did a good job at hiding it, instead trying to push her hand with the grape in it to the side.


“Stop it already!” he then said after a while, getting both annoyed and embarrassed by her behavior at the same time.


“Awww… but why?” she asked playfully, pouting slightly at her new captain, “This is so much fun, dar~ling~!” cooed Monet, stroking the black haired man’s chin before playing with his goatee and weighing down on his crotch even more.


Blushing at her actions and comment, Law decided to change the topic, “Anyway…” he cleared his throat, ignoring Monet’s actions. “Have you heard about any of the stuff that Eustass-ya has done recently?


Luffy, who had paid little to no attention towards anything around him, since he was far too focused on ogling the frizzling meat on the grate, perked up, “Hm?” he asked, saliva running out of his mouth as the delicious smell of meat clogged his mind.


I’ve read about it in a newspaper.” Nico Robin chimed in from the other side of a campfire. The buxom archeologist warmed her almost frozen hands over the flame, having fought against Monet for several hours during the last couple days. Now that the fighting was over, she couldn’t help but smile at the odd behavior of the green haired beauty.


“Why? Did anything interesting happen?” asked Luffy.


Law waved his hand in a dismissive gesture before downing the rest of his whiskey in one go. “Well, a week or so ago, he and Ha-!”


WAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!!! SANJI!!!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING????” Luffy screamed, watching in sheer horror as the meat itself started to burn due to the chef not flipping it around.


“Hm? What?” the green haired cook asked back, almost as if he was pulled out of a trance. Just like with his captain, his entire attention was focused on something, or rather, someone else. Comedic tears streamed down his face as he kept getting more and more envious of the attention that Law received from the former harpy.


Rolling his eyes in annoyance, Zoro took a large swig of his sake, “Oi, Law! Turn us back already! If he continues bleeding out of the nose like that, it’ll be my body that will be in critical condition!” The currently blonde swordsman put his cup of sake down and waited for Robin to fill it again. “Swirly brows over there can act like a complete moron all he wants in his own body!”


The Surgeon of Death sighed, “I’m not taking orders or requests from you two!” he explained once more, while pushing Monet’s hand for the sixth time to the side. “I’ll tell you what though, if you spend some time with her and get her off my chest, I might be willing to switch you back!”


Just with the prospect of spending some time with Monet in mind, Sanji’s eye lit up, “What? You serious?” he asked, saliva already running down his chin at the mere thought of what they could do together.


“And who’s gonna cook then?” asked Luffy. Like Sanji earlier, comedic tears rolled down his cheeks as he held the burnt remains of a steak in his hands.


“Uni!” Law called out, prompting to end his crew mate’s discussion with Brook and making him come over, “You’re not the only one with a capable chef in his crew, Straw Hat-ya!” he then said as they waited until the tall, brown haired man walked around the campfire. “I’m sure that Uni can make something that you’ll like!”


With the Straw Hat captain pleased, and both Sanji and Zoro more than willing to walk away with Monet, either for ulterior motives or to simply get their original bodies back, Law only had to convince the greenette to go with them. Luckily for him, she was in a more than playful mood and decided to go along with her captain’s idea, if it meant pleasing him. And so the three pirates headed deeper into the forest, leaving their catcalling friends behind.


“I can’t believe we’re actually going to do this!” the two men said at the same time. Sanji was obviously more ecstatic about the whole situation than his crew mate, who just wanted everything to be normal again.


Zoro turned towards Sanji but avoided looking at him directly. It felt weird looking at his own body like that, “I’m tellin’ you, if you do anything weird with my body, I’ll kill you!” he warned the chef, meaning every word he just said.


The one eye that Sanji currently had twitched in mild fury. “Why don’t you just lay back and sit this one out, hm? It’s not like you’re gonna find the right hole anyways!”


Raising her arms in a placatory gesture, Monet tried to hide her embarrassment after Sanji’s surprisingly detailed comment, while also attempting to calm them down, “Boys, boys! You’re both pretty.” before their very eyes, she turned into snow, letting her clothes behind her as she flew over to them. “Let’s just make the best of our current situation! And besides, I still have a score to settle with you~!”


WOAAAH!!!!” Sanji bellowed out, with his one eye a wildly throbbing pink heart that popped out of its socket as he got to see the greenette’s bare skin!


Her fair skin looked as if crafted by the gods themselves! Not a single hair was to be seen anywhere lower than her eyebrows, leaving her body as smooth as humanly possible. And though she fought for long stretches of time during the last two days, she already looked completely refreshed and full of energy. Pressing a hand against Zoro’s chest, she leaned closer towards the currently blonde swordsman, “Mmmmh… I can hear your heart beating~!” she cooed, licking her lips erotically as she forced herself to not giggle at the pirate’s blush. “Are you perhaps looking forward to this?”


He clicked his tongue as he avoided looking at her directly, “Let’s just get this over with!” Zoro said, while trying to force his cock to stop growing erect.


“Oh, but this simply won’t do!” she teased him as she let her hand run over his chest, “After all, didn’t Law want you to keep me occupied for a while? And honestly…” in a few heartbeats, Monet created artificial fingernails out of compressed and solidified snow over her real ones. “It makes way too much fun messing with you two!”


NNNNNNGH!!!!!” Sanji groaned in agony, seeing the beautiful woman playing with his body in such an erotic way. He didn’t even really mind as she cut his expensive suit to nothing but threads with her snow-nails, revealing his muscular chest for all to see. Not stopping there, Monet cut open his belt as well, causing both pants and underwear alike to drop to the ground. “HMMMPH!!!!


While ignoring his crewmate’s grunts of protest, Zoro became stiff like a board as Monet began putting her hand around the burning red head of his dick, “Grrrrrrrh!!” he groaned at her gentle touch.


MMMMMHHH…!! Seems like someone’s getting in the mood!” Monet whispered into his ear seductively. She snickered against his neck for a while before kissing his collarbone, making him stiffen up even more, “What do you say? Would you like it if I play a little more with this?!” she asked, rubbing the swordsman’s entire length while tracing the tips of her other hand over his pecs.


Sweat streamed down Zoro’s back in small rivulets as the former enemy kissed her way from his neck, all the way to his chest, leaving a trail of blue lipstick marks in her wake. “Gwwwwww!!!”


“Nooooooooooooohhh… dat’s not phair!!” the other man moaned, biting so hard on his lower lip that it started to bleed. “I should be the one feeling all that!”


Turning her head, Monet stuck her tongue out at the currently scarred and green haired chef. Her eyes widened for a moment as she saw the size of the tent in the loose sitting green pants that he wore. “Don’t worry! I’ll get to you in just a minute! I just have to-!”


“Sanji-san? Zoro?” a female voice interrupted the other woman.


Distracted by the greenette’s erotic performance, neither Zoro, nor Sanji, noticed the arrival of the crown princess of Dressrosa, Viola. Sanji’s eye popped out of its socket as he saw the form-fitting crimson red dress that clung neatly to her body, highlighting her perfect and beautiful tits. The red color made her seem even more sensual than the pleasure dotted dress she wore, back when he first met her! And even without a flower in her hair or a rose in her mouth, the flowery aroma of her perfume proved to be enough to nearly steal his senses!


“Ahh, greetings Viola-chan!” Monet was the first to find her voice again. “Long time no see. How are you doing?” she asked, trying to sound casual, though a bright pink blush over her face made it clear that she was just a little bit embarrassed by the current situation.


The dark haired princess clenched her hands into fists upon seeing the woman that sold out her homeland to the Donquixote Family, “Monet!” she greeted, her voice full of scorn, “Sanji-san, why are you doing… this?” Viola waved her hand at the currently naked Zoro and Monet, “With her? Wait!” she halted as if something just crossed her mind. “You should be dead! Doff- Doflamingo said that you sacrificed yourself back on Punk Hazzard! How are you still alive?”


Sanji stepped forward, raising his hands in a placatory gesture to calm down the temperamental woman, “Long story, Violet-chan. To keep it short…”


It almost looked as if Viola couldn’t believe her ears after hearing the outlandish story from the chef. She pointed at the nude, blonde whose cock pointed away from his body like a missile, “So you’re…?”


“Zoro.” he finished for her, growing more and more annoyed by the whole situation.


“And you’re…?”


Dropping to his knees, the green haired man took her hand and kissed her on the back of it, “Your white knight! At your service, Violet-chan!”


A deep blush spread across the princess’ face, “Ehm… Thank you, Sanji-san!” she replied sheepishly, clearly still weirded out by the two pirates’ current predicament. Shifting her attention towards something she somehow found a bit more easy to process, she turned towards Monet. “And you’re good now?”


The former harpy shrugged her shoulders, “As good as someone in our profession can be!” Monet said while hugging Zoro from behind, catching him off guard as her large tits pressed against his back, “While we’re at it, being good girls and all, why don’t you help me with these two here?” she asked, nibbling playfully on the swordsman’s ear. “There’s only so much that one girl can do with two such intimidating men and I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t mind doing a favor for the saviors of your kingdom, right?”


“W- Well…” Viola stuttered, caught off guard by the sudden invitation.


Sanji stepped behind her and put the green kimono he wore over her shoulders to shield her from the cold winds that started blowing through the forest now that the day began turning into night, “Violet-chan, you mustn’t listen to what she’s saying. A princess of your status… it would be highly-!”


“Get off of me already!” Zoro suddenly erupted next to the chef. In one swift move he managed to throw Monet over his hips and pushed her to the ground, climbing over her not even a second later. “You want it so bad?! Then here, have it!”


AAAAAHHH!!!!” the greenette squealed in surprise and ecstasy as the blonde man pushed his hips forward, burying his dick as deep as he could inside her moist and hot little pussy.


SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK! The sound of flesh against flesh echoed throughout the forest as Zoro drove his dick deeper and deeper into her pussy with each thrust, “Yeah, you like that, right?! Finally getting what you wanted!?” he asked in between grunts and groans of growing pleasure as his balls kept smacking against her thighs.


HEY!! What do you think you’re doing, mosshead!?” Sanji asked as soon as he overcame the initial shock of what was happening. He stepped forward, ready to kick the swordsman, even if it meant damaging his own body. “You can’t just throw a lady around like that and fuck her without asking! What kind of man are you?!”


“Huh!?” Zoro glared up and into his own face, “Are you blind, plain stupid, or did all that smoking finally go to your head?” he asked while continuously pounding his dick in and out of Monet’s tight pussy. “Can’t you see that this slut loves getting fucked like this? Well, as hard as I can with your sad excuse of a dick anyways!”


A vein began throbbing on Sanji’s forehead, “What did you say?! Just because you’re unable to get it any bigger, you dumb…!” he began ranting when Viola pulled him away from the two green haired pirates.


“Ignore them, Sanji-san!” she said, pressing her tits around his arm as she whispered into his ear. “Why don’t we just show them how real, passionate lovers can do it?”


“L- l- lo- lovers????” the green haired chef stuttered as blood began shooting out of his nostrils.


Viola smiled, already stripping out of her dress with skilled expertise. The sounds of tearing fabric filled their ears as Sanji’s cock tore through his pants as he got to lay eyes on the princess’ gargantuan tits and “Yes, lovers!” she confirmed whilst pushing the stunned pirate to the mossy forest ground. “You left Dressrosa so hastily back then… I never got a chance to repay you for your kindness on that day!” she moaned huskily, grabbing her lover’s massive dick and guiding it to the entrance of her hungry pussy.


Finally!’ Zoro thought to himself, having followed his crewmate’s and Viola’s interaction to see if he would end up disturbing him again, “And you…” he grabbed one of the greenette’s tits and squeezed them hard, coating his hands in Armament Haki so she couldn’t turn into snow to avoid him. “Happy now? Happy that someone finally fucks that cunt of yours!?”


YES!!!” she answered without hesitation, her eyes crossing slightly as the fellow greenhead began squeezing and pulling on her chest, “I LOVE IT!!! HNNNNNNGH… IT FEELS SO, SOOOOO GOODDDDDDD!!!!!!” Monet moaned at length as he kept kneading her tit as if it was some kind of stress ball.


A victorious grin curled around the swordsman’s lips, “That’s what I wanted to hear!” he groaned through gritted teeth, slamming his hips back and forth in a frantic rhythm. The slapping noises of his balls against her thighs were only drowned out by her screams for more. “Tsk. You’re even more of a slut than I thought. Were you always like this, or did Law break you in?!”


Clawing at the ground beneath her, Monet shook her head from side to side in wild ecstasy, “MMMMHH… YES!!!!!” she howled, unable to give a real answer, “HARDER!!! FUCK ME HARDER!!!! I NEED IT!!!!!” she demanded, her voice several pitches higher and full of wanton lust as the size of the dick inside of her alone was unable to make her cum!


In response, Zoro lifted her tit as high as he could, “You want it harder? You get it harder!” he said before wrapping his lips around the rockhard nub of pink flesh, biting down on it as he began throwing his hips against her with even more force. “MMMMMMPHHH!!!!!”


AWEEEEEEEEHHH!!!!!!” Monet screamed as he bit down on her nipple. She rolled her hips against his thrusts, her pussy clenching around the average sized invader inside of it, “SO GOOD!!! DON’T STOP!! DON’T YOU DARE STOOOOOOPPP!!!!” she moaned, loving the way his dick stirred around in her pussy.


Next to them, Sanji watched with a wide open eye and mouth as Viola slowly lowered herself down on his cock, swaying her hips from side to side in a sensual way that made her large breasts sway from side to side in an almost hypnotic fashion, “NNNNNGH!!!!!” Sanji groaned in pleasure as her pussy claimed more and more of his length!


“Ohhhhhhh… Sanji~san~!” the dark haired princess traced the fingers of her right hand over her stretched out abdomen. She grabbed her tit with her left hand and began kneading the mountain of flesh as she got all the way down to the base of her partner’s cock. The thick bush of green pubic hair brushed over her own neatly shaven crotch as she began bouncing up and down on his cock. “AAAAAAAAHHH!!! SO… DEEEEEP!!!!


Grabbing her hips with both hands, Sanji watched as the outline of his dick moved through her body with her every movement, reaching all the way up to her breasts, “Violet-chan…!” he moaned, unable to come up with anything to say as he fell in love with her all over again.


Her fingers sunk deep into the hot and pliant flesh of her breasts, as she squeezed them even harder, “Mmmmmhh… Sanji-san! Your cock… it’s making me… making me…” a trail of saliva dropped out of her open mouth and onto her swaying tits. She grabbed her other breast as well, squeezing both of them hard and rough as she arched her back. “CUMMMMMMINGGG!!!


The princess’ guttural scream rang in everyone’s ears as her pussy released a sweet spray of juices straight onto her partner’s scarred chest, “Grrrrrrrrrrh…!” Sanji groaned underneath her, his fingers digging into her hips as her pussy clenched unbelievably tight around his cock, preventing him from even dreaming of cumming inside of her just yet.


“Heh! Seems like someone’s enjoying my cock! You’re welcome by the way, dartboard brows!” commented the other man from the side and without even slowing down with his thrusts.


The moment of pleasure Sanji felt was gone in an instant, “If it wasn’t for my undying love and passion for Violet-chan, your dick wouldn’t even be half as big!” he countered while Viola continued spasming on top of him.


“Yeah, sure! Whatever makes you feel better!” Zoro remarked with a snarky grin as he pulled his cock out of the greenette’s pussy, making her gasp and shiver in unfulfilled need. Before she could even complain about him suddenly stopping with fucking her pussy, Zoro spun her onto her side and grabbed her leg, rising it into the air so that he could have clear access to her ass. “Hope you’re ready.”


That was the only warning she got before he unceremoniously rammed his dick into her tight ass, “HAAAAAAAAA!!!!” Monet screamed as she came the very moment her partner’s entire length was inside her butt!


Gripping her leg even tighter, Zoro pumped his hips back and forth, slamming his balls against her body with a loud SMACK SLAP SMACK SLAP! He smiled at her reaction. “What’s the matter!? So new to having your ass fucked by a real cock?!”


NNNNNNGH… Haaa… haaa… haaaaa!!!!” she panted and moaned as she slowly got used to the pleasure, “Nhooooooo!” she then answered, her amber eyes twitching in their sockets as she rolled her hips against the blonde’s thrusts. “Oh, GOOOOODDDD!!!!


“Thought so!” Zoro replied as he pushed his cock as deep into her ass as he could. “I bet that even Law will sometimes plow that fat ass of yours, right?”


YES! YES YES YES YES YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!” the greenette hissed in ecstasy, cumming time and time again, “MY ASS… I’M CUMMING FROM MY ASSSSS!!!!!


WHAAA- Sanji-san?” Violet gasped next to the other couple as she was lifted off the ground by her partner. With his cock still balls deep inside of her, he walked over to a large tree and pressed her back against it. “Ooooooooohhh…!!”


Her moans of erotic pleasure felt like the sweetest music as he kissed her neck, “Violet-chan… I hope that’s okay for you?” he asked, unsure if the bark of the tree was hurting her in any way.


Without hesitation, Viola nodded, “Mmhmmm!” she cooed whilst biting down on her lip as her lover continued fucking her pussy. Throwing her hands over the one eyed man’s shoulders, Viola’s nails dug deep into his skin. “You feel incredible, Sanji-san! Mmmmmh…”


Heady smelling juices sprayed out around his length as the princess came once more. He buried his face in her long wavy hair, inhaling her aromatic scent as her pussy clenched like a vice around his dick, “Please, moan for me again!” Sanji then begged, his breath running down the woman’s spine and sending shivers all throughout her body. “You sound so sexy like this!”


Contrary to his sweet words, Sanji never once slowed down in ramming his dick in and out, back and forth. A distinct, phallus shaped lump moved through the black haired woman’s stomach and rubbed against Sanji’s own chest as he held her so very close to him!


Viola came yet again, just by hearing her partner ask for something so sweet. Resting her head on his shoulder, she nibbled on his earlobe, “I… I think that can be arranged.” she whispered straight into his ear, causing him to clench his fingers even tighter around her shapely butt. She then moaned, “And… maybe even some more~!”


She pressed her body harder against his as she clamped her legs around his waist, preventing him from pulling out, even if he wanted, “Oooooooooh, Violet-chan!!” Sanji groaned as it became harder for him to even pump his hips back and forth. “You’re so tight!”


“Yes… And?” Viola asked, now even more in the mood for some fun. She pulled her head away from his, “Tell me more! Please?” she blinked playfully, letting her eyelashes dance for her lover.


His one eye became a heart once more as he accepted the challenge, “With pleasure, my love!” he squeezed her ass, “Your butt… it’s so firm and soft to the touch, almost as if a cloud itself has descended from the heavens!” he pressed her even tighter against the tree, causing her nipples to dig deep into his chest, “Your breasts…just seeing them gives hope to the people. They’re truly fitting for a princess of rank and are without a doubt the dream of every man of your kingdom!” he pulled his cock out of her pussy a bit, only to slam it as deep as he could inside again. “Your pussy… it’s-!”


GOD DAMN!!! GET A ROOM ALREADY YOU TWO!!” shouted Zoro, annoyed by their affections towards one another. “You’re a total doofus who goes nuts over every girl you see! We get it! Just fuck her and be done with it already!”


“What did you just say, mosshead?! Not everyone here is as uncaring and emotionless as you are!” Sanji shot back, stomping down on the ground hard enough to create a little crater. He slammed his dick back into Viola’s tight pussy. “Some of us just want to show their partner a good time! Or is that too hard to understand for a dumb ape like you!?”


Grabbing Monet’s leg even tighter, Zoro went on to ram his cock with even more energy in and out of her ass, “Look at her face and tell me she doesn’t enjoy a single second of me pounding her butt?!” he said before cumming straight inside his partner’s ass.


AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH… SO MUCH!!! I’M CUMMING SO MUUUUUUUUUUCH!!!!” Monet howled with her tongue lolling out of her mouth. Her eyes crossed and rolled back in their sockets until only the white of it was visible.


Sanji clicked his tongue as he readjusted his grip on the princess’ hips, “That’s all?! Watch this!” he groaned through gritted teeth as he somehow managed to move his hips even faster!


They became a blur of motions as his balls repeatedly smacked against Viola’s body, ‘Boys…’ she thought to herself, mentally shaking her head at how childish the two pirates could act at times. Though she didn’t feel the need to point that out, enjoying her partner’s assertiveness way too much. “AAAAHH… MORE!! SANJI-SAN!! POUND ME MORE!!!!


Sanji was more than happy to oblige. He nodded and looked with nothing but love in his eyes into Viola’s face. It was contorted into a mask of sheer animalistic pleasure. Before he knew it, he found his mouth covered by hers and her tongue pushing past his lips, “Mmph!” he moaned into her mouth, surprised by the sudden and intense kiss.


Their tongues dueled in an invisible battle inside their mouths, dancing around one another as they brought each other to new ecstatic heights! Viola soon lost count of how often she came or how often they ended up changing positions. The sun had gone down a long time ago, but neither of them cared very much about it, as they were far too focused with fucking! At one point she sat on Monet’s face, having her pussy eaten out by the greenette while she herself stroked the cocks and fondled the balls of the two constantly bickering men. Another time she found herself on all fours, kissing Monet while Zoro and Sanji fucked her pussy and ass at the same time. It was maddening!


After cumming her soul out for the umpteenth time at the hands of her lover and his crewmate, Viola could only think of one thing, ‘He still hasn’t cum!’ she watched from the corner of her eye as Monet plastered Sanji’s cock with kisses, still at awe with the sheer size of the entire thing. Out in the open, the dick looked outright menacing! Easily bigger than her entire arm and three times as thick… she wondered how she even managed to get that thing inside of her before. ‘Either he’s holding back… or I failed as a woman to pleasure him good enough!


“Oh, yeah… That’s the spot, Monet-chan!” Sanji groaned, leaning back on his arms as the green haired woman moved her tits up and down his length while she licked the imposing red head of it after having plastered it with a dozen kisses beforehand.


“Mmmhmmmmm…!” she moaned in response, her pussy releasing a spray of juices due to his cock twitching and throbbing against her now enlarged and highly sensitive breasts. “So big…”


Noticing that her normal sized tits weren’t enough to cover his length, she used her Devil Fruit powers to create a perfect replica of her tits made of snow right over the real ones. They felt exactly like the original and she was even able to feel through them as if they were an actual part of her body. The only real side effect was that too much heat caused them to melt down surprisingly quickly and forced her to constantly add more snow to keep the illusion up.


Zoro rolled his eyes as the princess continued blowing his dick while pressing her naturally large tits hard around the base, “Just listen to her, swooning over my dick!” he grumbled through gritted teeth.


MMMPH, GUGH, HMMM, HMMM, HMMM, GLUGH, HMMM, HMMM, HMMM!!!!” Viola simply moaned and gagged at length, not wanting to get directly involved in their banter. And even though his dick was noticeably smaller than the blonde’s, her jaw ached nonetheless as she took it all the way down her throat. “GLUGH, HMMMPH, MMMH, MMMH, MMMH!!!


The salty taste of cum and the sweet taste of Monet’s pussy made for one hell of a flavor that came together in her mouth, making her cum all over again!


Next to her, Sanji’s fingers dug deep into the moist ground beneath as he got closer and closer towards orgasm. His entire body tensed up as Monet tried her absolute hardest to wrap her lips around his massive member, “Ohhhhhh… You’re doing so great, Monet-chan!” he encouraged her. His eyes were closed and his impression made it seem as if he were in his own personal little heaven, which probably was the case, given his love for all women!


Blushing at the compliment, Monet tried even harder to deepthroat the currently green haired man’s length, managing to get way past the halfway mark, “MWAAAH, GUGHE, HMMPH, GLUGH!!! SHO BIGGGG!!!! AYE CAN’T SHINK SHDRAIGHDDDDDD!!!!!” she howled, her voice terribly slurred by the large meat in her mouth. “AYE’M GUMMINNNNNNNGH!!!!


HMPH!!!” both Zoro and Viola huffed at the same time but for different reasons. The princess wasn’t too keen on sharing her lover’s dick with anyone but it did have become a bit weird getting fucked by Zoro’s body but with Sanji’s soul inside. But now that she noticed how much Monet climaxed, just by sucking his dick, she regretted her joices a bit.


What if Sanji-san is actually this small?’ she thought, halfheartedly continuing with her boobjob while the swordsman looked at the couple next to them with clear disdain in his eyes. She shook her head. ‘It doesn’t matter! Size isn’t important and as long as I can spend time with the man that freed me from Doflamingo’s control!


As fate would have it, all her worries were answered not soon after as a blue glowing sphere spread across the entire island. At the same time as Sanji’s balls started to convulse, ready to release their load, his soul was transferred back into his own body. “NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!


OAAAAAAAARGH!!!!!!” roared Zoro as his balls pumped gallons worth of cum straight into Monet’s mouth and down her throat, while Sanji’s dick twitched helplessly between Viola’s tits.

Monet’s eyes went wide as dinner plates, “HUUUUUUGHLUGHRGH!!!!” she gasped and sputtered, unable to swallow the sticky white mass of cum. The viscous fluid gushed out around Zoro’s length as Monet came again. And again. And again! And once more even after she passed out!


CURSE YOU LAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWW!!!!!!!” Sanji shouted into the night sky, left in his real body once again, tired out after Zoro came so often with it before. And the worst part of it was that he himself didn’t cum once!



Waves lapped against the shoreline as Viola and Sanji watched the Polar Tang disappear into the depths of the ocean. Zoro’s kimono was draped over the dark haired princess’ shoulders to protect her from the harsh cold of the autumn island’s night. As it turned out, Law had swapped their souls back into their original bodies due to him leaving already to continue with his own adventure. The green haired swordsman was at least kind enough to carry Monet back to her crew after putting her clothes back on, leaving both lovers alone in the forest.


“You mind telling me what brings you here, Violet-chan?” Sanji asked calmly, with his mind now at ease after coming to terms with his predicament. The blonde chef blew out a cloud of smoke from his cigarette while resting his head on top of Viola’s, who, in turn, rested her head on his shoulder. “You haven’t told us yet.”


“I’m actually here with my father and niece. We were on our way back from the Levely.” she began to explain, greatly enjoying her lover’s body heat. “Leo actually spotted your ship at the shore and father decided to rest here over the night, thinking it would be safer than out on the ocean.”


“Mhm. Makes sense.” Sanji nodded, his eyes wandering over the starry horizon, “And?” he pressed on, looking down on the woman’s beautiful face. “I assume that wasn’t the only reason, right?”


“Well… My father actually wanted to ask your captain for a favor after the recent events at the Levely. You see…”


(Story by: Mr. Akrononym)

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1 year ago

Very nice! Sorry I haven’t been around for a bit, I’ve been busy playing God of War. Always love me some Monet and Viola, but having them both is extra nice!

It’s great you took my advice and decided to spread out the female cast so we see more than just Nami, Robin and Hancock. I understand that it could be challenging to bring the girls into the same place, so congrats on pulling it off.

Mandatory Usopp segment: Would you consider Usopp black or mixed? I mean, his live action actor is black and Oda personally casted them, plus he did say Usopp’s real world race would be African in an SBS, but that could also be South African.

I also saw that comment about Usopp maybe coming next chapter. Now THAT I like to see. That being said, no pressure if you don’t want to. We both know how the writing process works and let’s be real here I have absolutely no power over you. I’m just a viewer with a disturbing obsession over Usopp. At the end of the day, it’s both yours and Rtenzo’s choice over who the next guy will be. I would definitely love it if next chapter is Usopp x Ulti, but again, it’s not my call to make.

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
1 year ago
Reply to  way2dumb2live

Sorry for the long wait. I wouldn’t call Usopp black (or mixed for that matter). Sure, he’s from South Africa and all (if he would live in our world), but the way he’s depicted in the anime makes it kinda hard for me to write him like “the black skinned man”. Just compare him to A from Naruto or Yushiro from Bleach and you’ll see what I mean. I wouldn’t mind describing him as “dark skinned” or something, although I do find that to be quite a stretch, given his more fair complexion in the anime. You know what I mean? I hope I don’t come of as racist or anything by saying this sorta stuff. I honestly never really cared much about that when writing Usopp, tbh.

Unfortunately, Usopp doesn’t end up with Ulti in the next chapter.

1 year ago

I hope Usopp gets to bang a hot chick soon, and that we get some Reiju action!

And maybe some more of Kidd with Hancock!

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
1 year ago
Reply to  Dan

Usopp might get a shot in the next chapter. I haven’t fully decided yet who ends up as the male star of the hour.

Glad you like the Hancock-Kid dynamic. There might be more of them in the near future.

1 year ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

Have Usopp bang someone like Robin, please!

1 year ago

When I first saw this I thought Sanji and Zoro where gonna swap bodies with monet and viola.

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
1 year ago
Reply to  Someguy

While I certainly think that this would be an… interesting idea, I believe that not many people would like the idea of Sanji/Zoro being stuck in a woman’s body in this situation. But hey, there can always be a next time XD.

1 year ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

For whatever reason I could see this happening with sabo and koala during the timeskip with the release of ivankov.

In fact I imagine whatever relationship they have becoming much more fluid and open with ivankov’s influence with him being able to change their sex at their request. Imagine the possibilities the two genderswapped, a female sabo on koala, a male koala on sabo, robin joining in on whatever fun they are having, them trying to do all of these sexual acts behind everyone’s backs minus Ivan and robin especially dragons, etc.

Also a headcannon I have is that whenever they aren’t overwhelmed with lust sabo and koala would spend their alone time spooning likely in a chair with koala on sabo’s lap. Where sabo would then finger koala with his heated dragonclaw fingers while koala would give him a firm handjob with her fishman karate honed grip.

Last edited 1 year ago by Kielian
1 year ago

Loved this one piec Eid the best on this site I think please include more luffy

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
1 year ago
Reply to  Hey

So far no real plans for Luffy, but who knows what the future may bring?! Thanks for your support!

Roger Goga
Roger Goga
1 year ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

When are we going to see luffy fuck nami or Robin or Hancock or Rebecca or vivi?

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
1 year ago
Reply to  Roger Goga

Who knows?! Maybe next chapter…? Maybe it’ll take a few more until we see Luffy in action…? Seriously though, I have no idea.

1 year ago

I am waiting for the inevitable cat fight between viola and pudding.

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
1 year ago
Reply to  Kielian

Nice idea. Maybe I’ll get the chance to write it one day. I hope you enjoyed this chapter.

1 year ago

Rest In Pieces, Sanji’s suit😔

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
1 year ago
Reply to  Xcelsior

You mean the Raid Suit?