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Level One Sexcraft

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Naruto stories)
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“Wow! This place is awesome!” Wasabi said excitedly as she, Hanabi, and Sumire walked together through the streets of Ranko Island’s main city. The young brunette still could hardly believe her olive green eyes. Sex, everywhere, completely open and without shame. They had only just gotten off the boat and headed towards the address they were given to deliver some kind of rare herb mixture when they spotted the first couple they saw. The man was barely into his twenties by the look of it, and the same applied for the girl he was plowing right there in the middle of the street.


He was pretty average height, weight, and build, so he was nothing really special at first glance. But holy fuck was he hung! Wasabi had seen donkeys with smaller dicks! The girl, however, was at least an eight out of ten, with big jiggly tits, a bouncy butt, and alabaster skin. Wasabi knocked off two points for the odd choice of hairstyle, which in this case was a bob cut with a long ponytail at the nape of her neck.


AHA, AHH, HAH, HAAAAH… YEAH, HARDER, PLEASE, DO IT HARDER!!! HMMMMMM!! MY PUSSY FEELS SO FULLLLL…” the girl moaned in complete ecstasy as she was bent over what looked like a public mailbox. The man behind her was slamming one of the biggest dicks Wasabi had ever seen into her pussy again and again with a soft slap slap slap sound.


“Haawahwah, we really shouldn’t be watching this….!” Sumire stammered as she stood next to Wasabi, with her hands covering her mouth as she stared at the open display of sex with her eyes wide open.


“Why not? everyone else is!” Wasabi countered, gesturing to the mild crowd that had gathered around the couple. She then brought her fingers to her lips and blew a loud whistle, “YEAH, GIVE IT TO HER HARDER, WOOOOOO!!!!” she cheered.


YES, HARDERRRRRR, OH GOD I’M GONNA CUMMMMM!!!! YES, MAKE ME CUM, PLEASE, I WANNA CUM I WANNA CUMMMMMM!!!!” the girl responded as she began rolling her ass back into the man’s thrusts, and Wasabi could see a slight lump in her stomach marking just how deep that huge dick was reaching into her. The brunette hadn’t seen his full monty cock yet, but she guessed it had to be at least as long as her forearm!


She was getting wet just thinking about it!


How would something that big even feel?’ she wondered as she cupped her own hand over her left breast and squeezed it gently, letting out a soft purr at the feel.


“Wawawasabi-san!? Don’t do that here!?” Sumire exclaimed, slapping Wasabi’s hand back down, with her face turning a cherry tomato red.


“Eh, I’ve sucked bigger,” said the voice of their squad Captain, Hanabi Hyuga, “More than once.” she said with a mildly smug expression.


“Ca…ca…captain!?” Sumire squeaked like a mouse.


“I’ll tell you about it later. Come on, let’s get this delivery over with.” Hanabi ordered them.


“Awww, I didn’t see the money shot!” Wasabi whined.


Hana Inuzuka, the most senior member of their team grinned widely, showing off her sharp canine-like teeth. “Don’t worry, since we’re gonna be stuck here for a while, there will be plenty of chances to see something like that again. Now come on, I’ve figured out the best route to our destination.”


Their Shinobi team was one of the oddest Wasabi had ever seen, three Jonin and two Genin to deliver a bundle of dried plants to a remote sex island. It seemed more than a little excessive in most ways, but that’s how it was assigned. The last member of their group, Ino Yamanaka, was saying a brief goodbye to her husband before she joined their group, and the five of them headed farther into the island.


Their destination as it turned out was an apothecary in a spot that seemed seedy even for this island! It took all of five seconds for Ino to hand over a basketball sized bundle of herbs to the proprietor and that was it, mission accomplished.


“Well, now that that’s over, we have something else to attend to.” Hana said as she and Ino split off from the group. “You have the address for our hotel?” Hana asked Hanabi.


The long haired brunette nodded, “Yes, we’ll find it.”


“Good. I managed to get you two your own room at least. So enjoy it.” Hana added.


Sumire and Wasabi both bowed respectfully to Hana and thanked her. The medi-nin then turned to the blonde in their group and snapped her fingers. Ino seemed to go stiff for a moment, then suddenly seemed weak, as if she was having trouble standing up.


“Come, girl.” Hana said.


“Haahhhh… A… Arf!” Ino barked like a dog before following Hana as they left the alley, leaving a stunned Wasabi and Sumire behind.


“Um, did Yamanaka-san just bark?” Wasabi asked.


“Don’t worry about it.” Hanabi said, “I was wondering who she got for that.” the woman muttered. She then turned her immediate attention to the two younger girls, “Come on, let’s get to the hotel. I had our bags sent ahead of us, so they should be there by now.”


“Please tell me you’re not gonna confine us to the hotel for the entire stay!” Wasabi begged, fully expecting and dreading that to be the case.


“Fufufu, no, I’m not THAT stuck up. My sister might have, but not me. Honestly, I think this is a unique opportunity for you to practice your “seduction training” actually.” Hanabi told them.


“Seriously!?” Both Wasabi and Sumire asked together, though their tones were vastly different. Wasabi’s tone of voice was excited, while Sumire’s was one of disbelief.


“I LOVED that training. Though I wish it was a little more intense.” Wasabi confessed.


“Yeah, it’s gotten pretty tame compared to how it was just a couple of generations ago.” Hanabi replied. “Our clan still does things the old fashioned way though.”


“Really, how different is it?” Wasabi asked excitedly.


“Oh, a couple of spiritual virgins like yourselves couldn’t begin to handle it.” Hanabi said with a giggle. She then amended herself, “Relatively speaking. Right now, everything you’ve been trained so far would have been what you got when you were sayyy…” Hanabi held out her hand, indicating a height that barely came up to her hip. “I’ll put it this way, girls: If you were in my clan, you’d both be starting advanced sexcraft by now.”


“Sexcraft?” the two girls said together again, only this time with both of their tones being one of confusion.


“Sex based combat techniques. Some pretty intense stuff if I’m being honest.” Hanabi told them as the three of them began to head to their hotel. They passed several more couples and even a group of people having sex before they got there. Wasabi was disappointed they didn’t stay to at least watch the orgy.


The hotel room Wasabi and Sumire would be sharing was pretty plain as far as hotel rooms went. With the way the rest of the island was, Wasabi was sort of expecting some kind of grand love hotel setting. Not that she had ever been in one of those either, but she’d read a few brochures.


The walls were a soft two toned teal color done in diagonal stripes, and the floor was an off white carpet. There was a decently sized flat-screen TV along with a few complimentary books. Wasabi had hoped the books would be pornographic, but from the titles they were just basic junk, likely for reading while you were on the toilet.


The beds, at least, were SUPER comfortable. Her own bed back home wasn’t as nice!


As Hanabi promised, their bags were already in their room, not that Wasabi had packed much. About a week’s worth of mission capable clothes, a few scrolls with some weapons stored in them, and basic food rations. It was her usual set-up for a mission that she thought would take more than a couple of days. Had she known exactly where they were going from the start, she would have packed some sexier outfits!


She did make one fun discovery as she pulled open the drawer on one of the nightstands to find a large pink vibrator wrapped in plastic. There were also a few condoms and bottles of lube. Wasabi tossed the items on the bed, intending to examine them closer later.


Once they had begun to settle, Hanabi excused herself and headed to her room next to theirs. Before she left, she explained that the thumb scans that were taken when they checked in were connected to an account that had an allowance for the trip. It allowed them to buy things like food and clothes.


“Just don’t go crazy with it. If you keep it under seventy thousand ryo a day, then things should be fine.” Hanabi had told them.


Sumire and Wasabi were both practically floored by such a daily allowance, until they realized that was between the two of them, which seemed more reasonable. Since this island was a resort, the cost of food alone might warrant such a daily stipend. Her lavender haired roommate flopped herself down onto her bed and rolled onto her back.


“Haaaah, I could use a nap…” Sumire sighed.


“Go ahead. I’m gonna go out and get laid!” Wasabi declared boldly.


WHAT!?” Sumire exclaimed.


“Just like I said, and now’s a perfect time to use something Chocho made for me!” Wasabi said as she rummaged through the scrolls she had brought with her. She’d stashed it with her regular weapon ones so her mom wouldn’t find it. It had cost her seven bags of chips, but well worth the price. What she was looking for was a tiny bag of super tiny scrolls. Among the scrolls was a shinobi gauntlet that she would load said miniature scrolls into.


“Hey, I didn’t know those were approved for field use yet.” Sumire said when she saw Wasabi putting the gauntlet on.


“They’re not, at least not officially. But we’re not in the field, are we?” Wasabi said back to her, “We delivered the package, and right now we’re just waiting for a ride back home.” Once it was secured, Wasabi stood up and quickly stripped off all of her clothes!


“Huh, what are you doing, Wasabi?!” Sumire yelled.


Once she was naked save for the gauntlet, Wasabi turned to look at herself in the mirror over the dresser. Her tits were pretty average for someone of her build, which was irritatingly small.


But not for long!’ she thought as she triggered the shinobi gauntlet. A single small scroll shot out and instantly exploded into a plume of smoke around her. The smoke cleared quickly and Wasabi grinned at what the mirror reflected back.


“Oh yeah, now that’s what I’m talking about!” she said excitedly as she did a little bounce, making her now HUGE tits jiggle up and down with an audible ‘BOING!


“Ahwahwah, wha…wha… WHAT!?” Sumire stammered as she fell out of the bed when she tried to get up.


“Whatcha think? Sexy huh?” Wasabi asked, while putting her hands behind her head and shaking her tits from side to side, loving the feel of them swinging.


“What are you doing, Wasabi?! HOW did you even do that!?” Sumire asked.


“Chocho put her family’s enhancement Jutsu into a few of these scrolls for me.” Wasabi explained, “They’re good for maaaaybe a week so long as I don’t use any Chakra, otherwise they’ll wear off faster. Want a pair? I have plenty, after all.”


“I, uh, but…” Sumire continued to stammer, “You said a week?” she asked.


“Maybe, You understand science better than I do. Don’t you work where they make these things?” Wasabi said as she took the gauntlet off and handed it to her.


“The specifics of family Jutsu are tricky. Even I don’t understand it like the Doctor does,” Sumire admitted, “Please stop doing that.” she said, looking away as Wasabi continued swaying her tits.


“No way, this is too good! Fuck, they even feel real!” she said, while moving her hands to grope her breasts and bounced them up and down, “A little on the heavy side though. Come on, give it a try! I’m sure Boruto would be all over you with a big pair of mighty milkers like these.”


That comment made Sumire blush a deep crimson, “I… It doesn’t matter, since Boruto isn’t even here.” Sumire said.


“So, give it a try anyway. You can do like the Captain said, practice your seduction training, no strings, then when you get home, you can snag him then.” Wasabi said.


“Well…” Sumire muttered, looking at Wasabi’s beach ball sized knockers again.



“Ahwahwah, I can’t do this!” Sumire squealed nervously as she moved to cover the nipples of her tits with one arm and her privates with the other.


Wasabi moved in behind her, grabbing her wrists and pulling her arms to her sides, “Oh no! You already came this far, so now we’re going all the way!” she told her with a wide toothy grin.


The two girls were on the elevator in their hotel, heading down towards the lobby level. Both of them were completely naked aside from some flip flops they found under the sink in their bathroom. After a little encouragement from Wasabi, Sumire had boosted her own tits dramatically. She hadn’t gone quite as big as Wasabi had, but they were still slightly bigger than her entire overthinking head. The plan was to go to the beach and have fun there until nightfall, then grab something to eat at the hotel dinner.


Sumire, much to Wasabi’s surprise, had made it as far as the elevator, having gone halfway down before she began panicking. The girl was a bright cherry red as Wasabi held her firm until the doors opened. She then half led, half dragged Sumire out to the lobby.


“See, nobody’s really even looking!” Wasabi told her.


It was true. Aside from a few sidelong glances, no one really paid attention to two naked young girls in the lobby of the hotel. Probably because there were more interesting things to look at like the two women in a full-on 69 position in the middle of the area. One was a sexy looking blonde with a really nice figure, the other woman had short green hair that was in a bob cut like the kind Boruto’s mom often wore her hair in.


“Yeah, keep going babe!” cheered a man with messy pink hair in the crowd. He stood next to an auburn haired woman with a somewhat creepy expression on her face. Both of them were cheering for the lesbian show going on in the middle of the room.


“Wow, they’re really going at it!” said a familiar voice in the crowd. Wasabi and Sumire stopped dead in their tracks, with both of them turning their heads so stiffly that their necks made a creaking sound. There, standing next to the pink haired man was Boruto Uzumaki!!!


“That’s my girl!” said pink hair, “Yeah babe, stick your tongue in her deeper!!!!”


“Damn that looks hot…” Boruto said as he continued to watch, with his dick slowly rising. Wasabi gulped when she saw it.


What the fuck!? No wonder he slouches so damned much!!!’ Wasabi thought at the sight of the blonde young man’s HUGE dick. Wasabi had seen enough porn to know he wasn’t even fully hard yet, and the damned thing was already thicker than her thigh!


BORUTO!?” Wasabi and Sumire yelled together.


Upon hearing his name called out, Boruto turned in their direction. Several emotions washed over his face, recognition, followed by shock, then embarrassment for all of two seconds as his face turned red. It faded as quickly as it emerged and was replaced again with shock and then a mildly lecherous expression when he noticed their state of undress.


HEEEEEEEEEK!!!!” Sumire shrieked as she seemed to curl into a ball suddenly, with her entire body turning cherry red again.


Boruto extracted himself from the crowd watching the sex show and walked over to the pair, with his huge dick swinging side to side between his legs. Wasabi didn’t even try to hide the way she licked her lips at the sight of it as she felt her pussy heating up just imagining how that thing would feel inside her!


“What are you guys doing here?” he asked.


“That’s our question!” Wasabi shot back, “Last I heard, you were off delivering some stupid letter somewhere.”


That would be right here.” Boruto said, “We got stuck here when they banned people from leaving the island a few days ago.”


“Same story with us. Only we were delivering some package full of herbs or something.” Wasabi said as she crossed her arms over her huge tits. “Odd coincidence.” she muttered, then shrugged, “Well, it’s whatever. Let’s go fuck!” she said excitedly as she grabbed Boruto’s and Sumire’s wrists again.


Before either of them could question or complain, Wasabi already had them back to their room. She quickly shut the door and turned the lock before placing Boruto’s cock in Sumire’s hands. The lavender haired girl’s reaction was priceless as she held the huge erection with both hands.


“Ahwahwahwah, it’s so biiiiiiig!!” Sumire said in a panic. It really was, and still getting bigger as Wasabi watched the veins pulsating along the length.


“Ah, uh heheh, yeah…” Boruto said, seeming almost bashful.


“Come on Sumire! You remember our training! The instructor was really impressed with your oral skills because you don’t have a gag reflex!” Wasabi said as she stood a couple feet behind her.


“Wasabiii!!!!” Sumire squeaked, turning red again.


“Whaaaaat, come on Sumire! This is your chance! PLEASE don’t tell me you’re one of those “Right place, right time, right circumstances” girls. This isn’t rocket science, it’s just sex!” Wasabi told her, quoting what their Seduction Tactics instructor said on their first day of training. Her words still resonated with Wasabi.


As kunoichi, one of our most valuable assets is our bodies. And trying to keep it for “The One” could be the difference between the success and failure of our mission. Romance is for civilians, and “lovemaking” is for people who don’t know what they’re doing. This is sex, not rocket science!” she had told the class.


“Ah, well, seriously, you don’t have to…” Boruto began to say but Wasabi silenced him with a fierce look.


“You, zip it!” she ordered him before she moved to kneel next to Sumire, “And you…” she said, while grabbing her by the back of her head and pushing her mouth onto Boruto’s fat cock!


“Suck that cock!” she yelled.


GUBUUUMMMMMMPH!!!!” Sumire yelled as Boruto’s dick slipped into her mouth and down her throat far more easily than Wasabi imagined it would have.


“Oh, oohhh…” Boruto groaned as Wasabi buried Sumire’s nose in his blonde pubic hair. The lavender haired girl’s throat was bulging from Boruto’s thickness. The fit was so tight that Wasabi could almost see Boruto’s pulse! What happened next brought a smile to Wasabi’s lips as the expression on Sumire’s face melted from a mixture of surprise and horror into a look of total arousal. The redness that had once covered her entire body faded to just her cheeks and across her nose as she let out a soft moaning sound.


“Hnmmmmmmph…!” Sumire moaned as Wasabi felt her stop trying to pull herself back. The brunette cautiously lifted her hand away from the back of Sumire’s head. To her delight, the other girl didn’t immediately pull her face away. Instead she held Boruto’s insanely thick cock in her mouth for a long moment with an expression of pure bliss on her face.


Then, ever-so-slowly, Sumire began pulling her head back, all while her lips made a wet slurping noise as they slipped across his dick. “NMMMMMMMMPH!!!” she moaned loudly, pulling her head back until just a little over half of Boruto’s cock had pulled out. She then moved her head back forward with another moan of sheer pleasure.


AHHMMMMMMPH, HMMMMMMPH, NRMMMMPH, AGUMMMMMPH, HRMMMMMMMPH…” Sumire moaned, whilst moving her head back and forth easily. She really didn’t have any kind of gag reflex! She didn’t even look as though she were struggling at all as she moved her head back and forth faster now.


“Oooohh, ahh fuck that feels so good, dattebasa!” Boruto groaned, and Wasabi grinned. She quickly moved around behind him, pressing her fat tits against his bare back.


“Heh, I think you can be a little rougher with her!” she told him as she took hold of his wrists and placed his hands on top of Sumire’s head. She looked down at the girl from over his shoulder and licked her lips slowly. ‘Wait, is his cock even bigger now!? Just how big will it get?!’ she wondered to herself.


Wasabi quickly pushed that concern aside, smiling at the look of total arousal on Sumire’s face. Seriously, she looked SUPER sexy with a cock stuffing her throat like this. She then whispered into Boruto’s ear with a hot breath, “Fuck her face…”


“Ahh, ye… Yeah…” Boruto replied, while gripping onto Sumire’s head a bit tighter before holding her in place as he began pumping his hips. Sumire’s purple colored eyes went wide, then rolled back in their sockets as she let out a long erotic moan.




“Ahahaha, I think she just came!” Wasabi laughed, “Fuck her mouth-cunt harder!”


“Ahhaah…!” groaned Boruto as he nodded and began slamming his cock in and out of Sumire’s mouth even harder.


AAHHMMMMMMMPH, NMMMMMPH, UHMMMMMPH, HRMMMMPH, GNMMMMPH!!” Sumire moaned loudly as Wasabi watched Boruto’s thick cock moving in and out of her mouth. Wasabi clenched her thighs together at the sight. Seeing the people fucking out in the open was erotic in and of itself, but it carried an entirely different weight when she actually KNEW the people fucking!


“Ahhnn, this is SOOOO hot…! You’re doing me next!” Wasabi said excitedly before licking her tongue along the side of Boruto’s neck. His skin tasted slightly salty from his sweat as he continued fucking Sumire’s mouth. Long ropes of her drool flung away from her face every time he pulled back, and she moaned each time his cock slammed back inside.


Wasabi could feel her own juices flowing down her thighs and she fought the sudden urge to masturbate. She didn’t want even a tiny bit of the pleasure Boruto’s cock would give her to go to waste!


“Ahhh… Su… Sumire… I’m gonna cum, dattebasa!” Boruto groaned after several long minutes of fucking the purple haired girl’s face.


NMMMHMMMMPH, IN MUH MOUPH!!! HRMMMMPH! MUH MOOOOOUPH…!” Sumire moaned, with her words barely even discernable. “NMMMPH MMMPH HMMMPH NMMMMHMMMMMMPH!!!” Sumire moaned as her entire body began shaking and Wasabi could hear her pussy gushing with a loud SPSHHHH!!!


“Haha!!! She came just from sucking your dick! That’s so awesome!” Wasabi said, watching as Sumire’s cheeks puffed out like a chipmunk and some cum escaped her mouth, shooting out thick white gooey strands. She then fell back, with her mouth pulling free of Boruto’s cock with a wet “POP”! The purple haired girl then lay naked on the floor, panting hard with an almost comically content look on her face.


Boruto’s cock stood out stiff and proud in the air, and Wasabi gulped at the sight. This had to be his full size, but the brunette couldn’t even fathom how Sumire had managed to throat the entire thing! It had to be as long as her leg from her hip down, and easily twice as thick as her thigh! It almost seemed to be glowing with energy as it throbbed in the air. As if it were full of Chakra.


“Okay! My turn!” Wasabi said excitedly as she moved around in front of Boruto, then began grabbing his shoulders and pulling him into a deep kiss!


“Hnmmmh!” Boruto grunted in surprise as Wasabi thoroughly explored the inside of his mouth with her tongue. It was her first actual kiss with a boy, though it didn’t taste like she thought it would. It was kind of plain. No different than the inside of her own mouth, though she could taste the barest hint of mint toothpaste.


Once he was over the initial surprise, Boruto tried to kiss her back, but Wasabi broke the kiss and shoved him down onto one of the beds in their room. She then immediately climbed on top of him, to which she then straddled his giant cock between her legs and grinding herself against it. She could feel the heat coming off him as she let out a girlish moan.


“Ahhhnn, Borutoooo! Your cock feels so good! I feel like I’m gonna cum already!” she told him as she rocked her hips back and forth.


“Ahh, Wa… Wasabi-san…” Boruto groaned, but before he could say more, she touched a finger to his lips.


“Don’t say anything! You’ll spoil the mood!” she told him as she began to stand up on the bed, letting his huge cock up with her. ‘Man, this is a really huge dick! None of the training dildos even remotely come close! But, I really wanna know how it’ll feel when it goes inside me…’ she thought as she lined up the tip with her dripping slit. It was bigger than her fist, but Wasabi knew she could take it. She wasn’t a kunoichi for nothing! When she began lowering herself down, she felt that wide tip spreading her so much she felt almost faint.


With a soft, almost quiet wet SQUISH, the entire head of Boruto’s cock slipped inside her. ‘Ahhh, it’s spreading me open so muuuuch!’ she thought, while lowering herself even more. ‘Just how far will it reach inside me…?’ she asked herself as she felt and saw how deep his cock was going inside her as her stomach stretched up higher and higher after the first thirty centimeters went inside.


Deeper… It’s still going deeper insiiiide…!’ she thought as she leaned her head back and moaned deeply. Her pussy felt like it was gonna break from how wide it was being spread, but it felt so GOOD, she couldn’t have stopped even if she wanted to.


“Haaaaah, dheeep, so dheeeeeep…!” Wasabi moaned, “It feels like you’re gonna fuck my soul…!” she told him as her stomach rose up even higher. The feeling of fullness was incredible, fake plastic dicks couldn’t even compare!


“Ahhhaaa…” groaned Boruto before he suddenly thrust his hips up, driving his cock ALL the way inside her.


HEEEEEEEEEGH!” Wasabi squealed through clenched teeth. Her vision went double when her olive green eyes crossed, then blurred more as they rolled back in her head. Her mouth hung open like some panting dog’s as her legs lost all strength.


“Ahhh, I can’t hold back any longer…!” Boruto said, groaning as he began moving his hips even faster, bouncing Wasabi up and down on his cock. “Sarada and her mom don’t like going that slow, so I’m used to just going hard…” he told her.


WHAAAAAA…? SARADAAAA, AND HER MOM!?” Wasabi asked, then promptly forgot what she was asking about as Boruto continued pumping his cock into her roughly. A loud SMACK SMACK SMACK filled the hotel room as Wasabi was thrust up and down repeatedly.


OH FUCK, OH FUCK, OH FUCK, OH FUCK, OH FUCK, FUCK, FUCK FUUUUUCK!!! IT’S TOO GOOOOOOD!!! BORUTO, YOUR DICK, IT’S AMAZING! YOUR DICK IS MESSING UP MY INSIDES… MY PUSSY, OH FUCK IT FEELS SO GOOD! MY MIND, AHHHNNMMMMMH, MY BRAINS ARE TURNING INTO MUUUUUSH!!!!” Wasabi screamed in pleasure. Boruto was just wildly thrusting up into her, but his size more than made up for any kind of technique. Not that Wasabi had any experience to compare it all with. At this rate though, she was gonna wind up becoming a size queen whore!


“Ahhhnnn, it’s tiiiight…” Boruto groaned, “You’re pussy is gripping my cock so weeelll…”


AHHHHHH, YESSSS!!! YES YES YES YES!!! FUCK ME!!!! POUND THAT GIANT COCKZILLA DICK INTO MY WOMB UNTIL IT CONFORMS TO YOUR COOOOOOOCK!!!” she screamed in ecstasy, “SO GOOD SO GOOD SO GOOOOOOD!!!! I’M CUMMING!!! I’M ALREADY CUMMING!!! MY INSIDES…. AHHHAAAAH, MY INSIDES ARE NOTHING BUT DHIIIIICK!!!!!” she cried as she rubbed her hands over the cock shaped lump in her abdomen. He was so far inside her, Wasabi couldn’t believe it all fit, or how good it felt. Even now, she could barely even think.


“Ahhha, yesss… Wasabi-san, your pussy, feels so good…” Boruto groaned, “I just wanna pump my dick into you again and again dattebasa!”


YES, GO AHEAD, POUND MY PUSSY INTO A MUSHY MESSSSS!!! OH SHIIIIT!!!! I’M CUMMING AGAIN!!! I’M CUMMING EVERY TIME YOU MOOOOVE!!! CUMMING CUMMING CUMMING, I’M CUMMMMMMINGH!!!!” screamed Wasabi, “AHHHN, I’M SUCH A NAUGHTY KITTY, NYAAAH!!!” Wasabi moaned as she held her hands up like cat paws, batting at the air as she moaned at length.


“Ahhh, I… I’m gonna cum!” Boruto grunted.




No sooner than she said that did Boruto’s cock feel like someone had stuffed a firehose inside her and turned it to full blast! She could feel her womb being overstuffed with thick, hot, gooey cum! It felt different than she’d imagined, but it still felt good as she rubbed her hands over her stretched belly.


“Ahhhh….” Wasabi moaned more quietly, “My womb is being filled so full of cummmm.. Ahhhha, nyaaah!!! Cummingh…!” she moaned as Boruto continued thrusting into her, making his cum slosh around inside her.


She felt his cum slow to a halt inside her, his cock still twitching slightly. She stayed on top of him, rubbing both hands over her stomach slowly.


“Ahh heh heh, that was greeeeeat…” she said, while feeling light headed and giddy from cumming so much and so hard.


Boruto was panting and sweaty underneath her, and merely nodded in agreement. Wasabi then lifted herself off his dick with a bit of effort, due to her legs feeling like they were made out of rubber instead of flesh and bone! She could actually feel his cum sloshing around with her movement.


“So,” she asked when her head began clearing a bit, “You can go again, right?” she asked.


NO!” said Sumire, who had been silent until now. “It’s my turn next!!!” she said firmly.


Wasabi shrugged, “Alright, I’m flexible.” she said before grinning at Boruto.



(Story by User: SailorIo)

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Ichigo Kurosaki
10 months ago

Excellent job and history Wasabi really is gril very hot

10 months ago

Yeah, I love the idea of the pervy girl who loves pirn and such.

10 months ago

Great job on this and what do you know? Two more underrated and obscure characters! I like the character interactions between Boruto, Wasabi, and Sumire too. Including the others as well.

I do feel sorry for Boruto though to be honest.

10 months ago
Reply to  Mad_Max

Why is that?

10 months ago

Love how Wasabi and Sumire interacted and their contrast. Both of them are really sexy and Wasabi is perfect for the island and when they saw full breast Sarada they will be a huge threat. Wasabi learning from Sakura will be another size queen or a sensual beast in the island.

10 months ago
Reply to  Shadowdragon

That’ll depend on any future art with her.

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
10 months ago

Don’t know either of those two girls, but they worked quite well in this chapter. I like their contrasting ideals when it comes to sex and Ranko in general. The reason as to why all of them are here, just to deliver one package of medicine feels incredibly contrived, which, frankly, shouldn’t bother me too much, considering that this whole series is “fuck first, ask questions later”. But for someone like me, who prefers actual story and characters (like we sorta have in your MHA story), I can’t help but being somewhat bothered by it. Nonetheless, a really good introduction to these two girls. Their interactions with Hanabi were also quite fun, especially with how the latter told them that she would teach them sexcraft soon. Speaking of, I don’t know if I should be concerned that I actually anticipated for Hanabi to join the other two girls at the end of the chapter when they’re ready for round 3 (or that I thought you would wrote it so that Hanabi had watched Boruto having sex with two other girls the entire time), but regardless, I’m kinda happy you didn’t. Gives Sumire and Wasabi more time to shine.

Not a bad chapter. I enjoyed the length.

10 months ago
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I had to come up with something, and I didn’t wanna waste the readers time with something overly complicated since the only purpose for it was to get them on the island.

10 months ago

Wasabi is a fucking legend

10 months ago
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Hehe, I like the idea that she loves sex in general, not lost her mind to it like Sakura, she’s just very proud of her own sexual nature is all.