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Ladies on the Hunt

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Jujutsu Kaisen stories)
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“You want us to do what?!” Nobara Kugisaki asked as she stared in astonishment at her teacher.


“Go track down a rogue curse user and apprehend him~!” Satoru Gojo said, before giving the two students in front of him a double peace sign.


“….Did you hit your head on something?” Maki Zenin asked as she stared at the man like he was an idiot. Hunting curses was already a dangerous activity on it’s own, with most students only being relegated to hunting curses at a minimum of a level below their own. Yet hunting a sorcerer was a completely different endeavor entirely, with their human intelligence and understanding of how to blend into society making them orders of magnitude more dangerous than a regular curse. It was a job that even fully realized sorcerers hesitated before undertaking, nevermind first and second year students like Nobara and Maki.


“Aww, it’ll be fine! With you two on the case I’m sure it won’t be a problem at all. Besides, it’s just this guy named Tsuchiya Shige, I’ve known him for a few years now and I really doubt he’ll be too much of a problem, even for you kids!” Gojo said with his migraine inducing smile seeming to somehow grow even wider, much to the ire of the two girls in front of him. “He’s right here in Tokyo too, so you won’t have to go too far. Here’s his picture and a bit of info. Good Luck! Ciao!”


And with that, Gojo simply shoved a small folder into Nobara’s hands before clapping his palms together, disappearing right in front of the two students before they could even blink.


“….I swear that guy would be such a catch if he wasn’t so damn annoying.” Nobara growled out as she felt a large vein throbbing in her forehead before she turned around and walked down the pathway leading out of the college. “Well, guess we have no other choice. Let’s go, Maki.”


“Y-Yes!” The older girl responded quickly before falling into step a few paces behind Nobara.


The brunette could only sigh in response as the older girl followed behind her like a puppy. It had been a few days since her previous encounter with Maki in the hotspring had altered the dynamic of their relationship, and Nobara had definitely been taking full advantage of her new found power over the girl the last few days. However, while the first year did immensely enjoy the other girl’s submissive attitude whenever they were playing around in bed, it was starting to become a bit bothersome in everyday life when Maki was looking to Nobara first before doing almost anything. Not to mention, Nobara did find herself missing just having a friend to talk to normally.


Guess I should do something about this before we head out.


With her mind made up, Nobara stopped in her tracks before turning around to look up at the green haired girl. Maki herself had already stopped and was looking expectantly at Nobara before quickly averting her eyes downwards once they had met Nobara’s own.


“Maki, come here.” The brunette ordered with a snap of her fingers before pointing down at the ground in front of her. In response, the girl’s eyes widened as she began quickly looking around the area nervously to see if there were anyone else nearby.


“U-Ummm, are you s-sure?…. Out in the o-… open like this?” The girl fidgeted as she hesitantly looked back into Nobara’s eyes, which now once again had that same half-lidded smile that always seemed to get Maki rubbing her thighs together.


“Did I stutter?”


“Ah!” Maki’s eyes widened before she quickly sank to the ground in front of her junior, feeling a warmth pool in her belly as the younger girl looked down at her.. “I’m sorry!”


“….It’s fine. You’ve been a good girl these last few days, so I’ll let it slide.” Nobara smiled as she reached out and cupped the girl’s cheek, gently caressing her thumb over the girl’s lips. “Suck.” The shorter girl ordered.


Without missing a beat, Maki quickly opened her mouth before taking Nobara’s thumb between her soft lips, hungrily suckling on it as she began running her tongue over the end. Nobara meanwhile could only smile as she looked down at her new plaything.


“Alright, Maki. As fun as this all is, I think it’s about time we set some ground rules.” Nobara started as she smiled down at the other girl, watching as she got more and more into her sucking. She was soon interrupted though as the younger girl pulled her thumb out of her mouth, leaving Maki with a trail of drool leaking out of her mouth as she mewled cutely at the removal of her treat. “As cute as it is watching you puppy dog around me all the time, that’s not really something we can do when we’re going out on missions, got it?”


“Uh, y-yes! Understood.” Maki responded with some confusion as she looked unsure of what the other girl was trying to insinuate.


“I’m sure you do….” Nobara said with a huff as she looked at Maki’s furrowed brow. “Alright, I’ll make it easier for you. From now on, you only have to listen to me if you see me without my Curtain on, otherwise we can talk just like we did before, alright?”


“Oh….Um, OK?” Maki agreed tenuously as she looked up at Nobara. “So…. D-does that include right now?” She finished as she looked down at the beauty’s shrunken chest as ass.


“Yep!” Nobara chirped with a smile, the usual subtly demeaning one she gave the girl nowhere to be seen. “Like I said, only when I’m out of my Curtain. Just think of me like two different people, if that helps.”


“A…. Alright!” Maki said as she nodded her head. Testing the waters, the girl pushed herself off the ground until she was back to her full height, looking down on the junior in front of her as she gauged the girl’s reaction. Nobara, however, was still just holding the same smile as before.


“Alright then, that solves that!” Nobara beamed as she quickly threw an arm around her friend as they began walking back onto the trail leading out of the school. “Let’s go and see what dumb crap Gojo-sensei has us doing!”


“T-… Trust me, if it’s that guy I’m sure he’s just doing this to pawn his own work onto us.” Maki replied with a small smile of her own as she hesitantly lifted her own arm up before wrapping it around Nobara’s own shoulder. “I’m sure we’ll get it done though. Shige-whatever here we come!”



As they walked through the city, Nobara and Maki both looked down at the folder in their hands in annoyance. Inside was a picture of a man that looked to be about in his early 20s, with bright pink hair and an odd birthmark near his cheek that looked similar to a diamond. Below the picture was a single page of information such as his name, height, weight, a few other distinguishing features, and a small history stating how he used to be a Jujutsu high student before dropping out in his second year.


“Tsuchiya Shige, 22 years old, 174cm tall, diamond shaped birthmark on his cheek, Jujutsu dropout, stole some grade 2 cursed tools before he left…. Wait, this doesn’t tell us anything other than what he looks like!” Nobara yelled as she bundled the paper in her hands in anger. “The least he could’ve done is tell us what his cursed technique is!”


Watching as Nobara fumed, Maki couldn’t help but agree. Whether it be a curse or a curse user, if the information was available, learning of their technique was always the most vital information to a mission’s success.


“Well, that guy may be a pain in the ass but he would never actually send us into mortal danger just because he was lazy, so I doubt this Shige guy will be too much of an issue.” Maki said as she picked up the crumbled folder Nobara had just thrown to the ground before flattening it out in her hands. Giving the page another once over, she turned to her partner as she pointed to an area on the bottom of the page. “Here, it says he frequents a local bathhouse nearby. We can go scout out some info on him there…. If, uh, that’s alright with you, I mean.”


Glancing over at her new partner, Maki felt relieved to see that the brunette was giving a thumbs up in response.


“You’re the more experienced one on this kinda stuff. To the bathhouse we go!” Nobara agreed as the two girls began walking further into the city.


It only took a few more minutes for them to arrive at the location on the file; a decent sized bath house buried into one of the corners of a city block. There was almost no one nearby, but considering that it was early afternoon it made sense that the store wouldn’t be too busy.


As the two girls entered the building, Nobara and Maki were greeted to the sight of a middle aged woman sitting at a desk in the middle of the room, a half finished cigarette lazily hanging from her mouth as she read over a magazine on the latest celebrity gossip. She didn’t even bother looking up at the two girls that entered as the door clanged closed behind them.


“Uh, hello? We were wondering if we could ask you a couple questions.” Maki started as she began walking towards the desk.


“….What?” The older woman asked with a huff, once again not even bothering to look up from her magazine.


“….We were wondering if you had seen this man?” The green haired girl questioned with a twitch of her eyebrow at the rude woman, presenting the picture of Shige to her.


Finally, the older woman quickly flicked her eyes over to the picture, before looking between Nobara and Maki, then returning lazily back to her magazine.


“Ah, so you’re more of his floozies. He’s in the third bath on the left. Now get out of my face.” The woman sighed as she jabbed a finger behind her to a bath with a large “three” sign plastered above it.


Looking over to Nobara, who had a similar look of confusion as Maki, the two girls just shrugged their shoulders before heading towards the bath.


Entering the room, they were greeted with clean white tiles as a litany of bubbles flowed through the air around them. The bath was actually pretty well maintained, with a couple shower heads on the wall as well as, naturally, a large bathtub in the center of the room with enough space to easily fit four people.


And of course, resting just on the edge of the tub was Shige himself, covered in nothing but a bath towel around his waist as he scrubbed his legs down on a stool.


“Oh, why hello there ladies! You’re early, but I do appreciate the enthusiasm! Just give me a moment while I-…. Wait a minute.” Shige began as he looked up from his scrubbing towards Maki and Nobara before his eyes widened in shock. “Those uniforms…. You two are…. Oh…. Oh shit!”


Quick as a whip, the man had cleared half the room before Nobara could even prepare her hammer, sprinting towards an emergency exit on the other side of the room from the two girls with speed clearly enhanced by curse power. But for as fast as the man was, Maki was even faster, as she had disappeared from her spot behind Nobara and was already putting the pink haired man in some kind of arm lock on the ground before Nobara had even processed her movement.


“Nice job, Maki!” Nobara cheered as she saw the woman holding the man to the ground in an airtight grip. “Jujutsu High sends its regards, dickhead.”


“Oh, fucking come on! Can’t you guys just leave me alone?” The man somehow mumbled out despite his face being firmly pressed into the ground. “What’d I ever do to you anyway?”


“Oh, I don’t know, maybe steal some of the college’s cursed tools? That ring a bell?” Maki said as she twisted the man’s arm a little further, causing him to winch in pain underneath her.


“Seriously? I sold those things years ago! They were barely even worth 200 thousand yen anyway. Get off my damn case about it!”


“Hah? Are you fucking stupid?” Nobara growled as she walked over the man and squatted down in front of him. “Did you really think that everybody would forget just because you stole them ‘years ago’?!”


“No, actually.” The man said as he looked up towards Nobara, now with a small grin on his mouth. “I was actually just hoping to stall you. Sweat isn’t too efficient of a body fluid for curse transfer, so it can take a minute to kick in!”


“Huh?” Scrunching her forehead in confusion, Nobara almost began to ask the man exactly what he was talking about before he saw that Maki was trembling above the two of them.The girl was sweating profusely, with labored breaths and a heavy blush on her face as she stared unfocused down at the man beneath her.


“What the hell did you do to-…. To…. Oh, fuck!” Maki cut herself off as the girl’s head flew back in a gasp. The girl stumbled back onto the ground as her breathing became more and more labored, as she quite literally began ripping her own clothes off right in front of them.


Meanwhile, Nobara watched in amazement as some type of rose-like tattoo began flowing up the Zenin girl’s body. It trailed up her thighs before disappearing underneath what remained of Maki’s clothes as the girl continued to relieve herself of them, before coming up her neck and flowing over her right eye.


“Oh Jesus, this feels so good!” The girl howled as she ripped the last of her garments off to Nobara’s shock.


“Hey, what the hell did you do to he-” Nobara turned to shout back down at the man only to be cut off as she felt a pair of rough lips meet her own. As Shige caught her by surprise with the kiss, Nobara felt her entire body begin to flush as she swapped spit with the man. The kiss only lasted a moment before she forcefully pushed the pink haired man off her, but that seemed to be more than enough as she looked down and noticed the same tattoos blooming on herself that had appeared on Maki.


“Sorry ladies, but better luck next time. You should always remember that different cursed techniques have different catalysts, even simple stuff like bodyfluids.” Shige said as he stood all the way off the ground and walked over to Nobara with a smirk.


“W- What the hell did you do to us?!” Nobara demanded as she swallowed some spit in her throat. As someone that used a curse catalyst technique herself, she knew exactly how dangerous such abilities could be once they were activated. ‘If it’s something like mind control then we’re fucked!


While Nobara screamed internally for not considering the man’s abilities more, Shige simply continued walking up to the girl with a shit eating grin.


“Oh don’t worry, my technique isn’t anything bad. It’s just going to make you end up like her in a couple secon-…. what the fuck?”




Nobara and Shige both turned their attention to the wall from Maki on the other end of the bath as the girl rolled around on the ground, desperately touching herself as her pussy leaked an absolutely fountain of juices. However, that wasn’t what got the others’ attention. As she finally came to a stop on the ground, Maki’s tits seemed to pulse on her chest before beginning to expand, growing larger and larger by the second.




True to her screams, Maki’s decently sized ass cheeks soon began expanding as well in front of the two watchers, growing rounder and larger with every one of her labored breaths.


Finally, the girl’s growth seemed to stop as she remained sprawled out on the ground, hungrily playing with her pussy as her free hand now rotated one of her newly grown boobs on her chest.


Holy shit, her tits are even bigger than mine now!‘ Nobara thought as she stared at the girl on the ground.


“Holy shit! What happened to her tits?!” Shige exclaimed as his thoughts mirrored Nobara’s own.


“Wait, you don’t know?!” Nobara shouted as she stared incredulously at the man.


“N-No! All my technique does is inject cursed energy into the target and make them impossibly horny! It doesn’t do…. Whatever that is!” Shige shouted in response as he pointed towards Maki’s massive rack for emphasis. “Actually, wait, why aren’t you feeling anything! You shouldn’t be able to think of anything but touching yourself by now!”


Shige could only stare in astonishment at the two girls in front of him that were each giving a reaction so far outside the norm he could barely comprehend it. Nobara, however, was slowly putting the pieces together in her head.


Giving the man an evil smirk, the brunette reached behind her back and unclipped her squeaky hammer from her belt before slowly walking towards the man. With every step she took, the girl slapped the hammer down onto her palm, giving a foreboding ‘squeak’ with each motion.


“Well, I think Maki’s had such a glow up because of your technique itself, actually. You see, that cutie there just so happens to have no cursed energy whatsoever, so when you pumped yours into her…. Well, it went to where cursed energy goes for us sorcerers.” As Nobara punctuated the end of each sentence with another squeak, Shige soon felt a foreboding pool of nervousness begin forming in his belly as Nobara got closer and closer to the man. “And as for the reason nothing’s happening to me…. Well, sorry to tell you buddy, but I’m impossibly horny ALL THE TIME!”




As the girl’s toy mallet made contact with his skull, Shige found his face being implanted into the ground for the second time that day, with his fading consciousness soon following behind.



Waking up, Shige moaned groggily as he felt his head throbbing. However, as he went to grab his head, he was stopped as he felt his hands restricted behind him by some type of rope. Blinking in confusion, the man looked down and found that he was sitting on the edge of the tub once again with his hand bound behind his back.


“Geez, you’re finally awake! Took you long enough.”


Hearing the now all too familiar voice of the girl that knocked him out, Shige looked towards the sound of the voice on the other side of the room.


However, while it was indeed the same annoying brunette that he remembered, her body looked completely different from what he had remembered.


The Jujutsu High student was now completely naked with a pair of absolutely massive tits resting on her chest enticingly, sporting large pink areola and swollen pink nipples that were just asking to be sucked, meanwhile her ass and thighs had expanded as well, growing so large that they seemed to jiggle enticingly just from the woman standing in place.


Holy shit, her tits are almost as big as that green haired girl’s!… And that ass is even bigger!’ Shige thought as he stared in awe at the girl in front of him. He had seen quite a few sorceresses naked back during his days at the college, but he could probably count the number on one hand that he had seen who were more well endowed then the beauty standing in front of him now.


“Holy… Jesus you’re fucking stacked.” Shige said slack jawed as he stared at the girl in front of him.


“Thanks, I’m aware.” Nobara said with a smirk. “Now, to talk about what we’re gonna do with you…. First thing’s first, you’re gonna tell us how to get rid of these curses. I won’t lie, the roses are pretty sexy, but I don’t think I could rock the whole face tattoo look long term. Oh, and as funny as this is to watch, my cute little Maki isn’t exactly functional like this.”


As she finished her sentence, the girl pointed down to the tall girl beneath her that was quite literally acting like a dog as she hungrily tried to lick at Nobara’s massive tits, while the woman in question held her head down with a stiff arm.


“Please, just let me suck them! I promise I will do good this time, I just want to feel good! Please! PLEASE!” Maki begged beneath the girl as she desperately tried to get Nobara’s attention.


“As you can see….” Nobara continued, before walking over to the man, followed closely behind by Maki. “Then we’re going to take you back to the school nice and peacefully so that you can fess up to Gojo-sensei. Oh yeah, and don’t even think about lying. My curse technique will detect if you are, and trust me, if you think that smack to the head hurt before just wait until you see what my real hammer feels like!” The girl finished with another smirk as she lied herself about her curse technique.


“Alright, alright! No bullshit!” The man said with a sigh of defeat as he nervously looked over towards Nobara’s even grin. “So, the only way to get rid of my curse…. Is to have sex with meEEE WAIT WAIT HOLD ON! I’M TELLING THE TRUTH I SWEAR!


Shige nearly wet himself as he saw the girl pull out a mean looking metal hammer before approaching him with a dark look.


“You really think I’m dumb enough to fall for that twice?! Your curse is activated through your body fluids, dumbass.” Nobara said with a growl as she rested the hammer on her shoulder with one hand while continuing to hold Maki back from going after her tits with the other.


“Look, I’ll swear on a binding contract if I have to! That’s the only way I can deactivate it! What would I even be trying to do anyway? My technique just makes you as horny as humanly possible, I can’t make you double horny!” Shige argued as he trembled at Nobara.


“….” As she stared at the quivering man in front of her, Nobara finally sighed before rolling her eyes. “Fine, let’s get this over with. Maki! On that dick, now!”


As the shorter girl gave the even more well-endowed student a firm order with a snap of her fingers before pointing towards Shige’s cloth covered waist, the man watched as the girl rapidly approached him before she easily ripped his towel off.


“Yes! Thank you, thank you! Dick! Dick!” Maki cried in joy as she stared hungrily at the man’s soft penis. Even soft, Shige was decently large, sporting almost seven inches of man meat resting between his thighs as the Zenin girl drooled hungrily over the man’s length.


“Oi, asshole! You got two beauties like us in front of you and you can’t even get it up?! Are you trying to piss me off?” Nobara huffed in annoyance as she joined Maki inbetween between the man’s legs.


“Well I probably would’ve been good to go if one of those ‘beauties’ hadn’t just been threatening to cave my skull in!” The dropout bit back before quickly going silent under the force of Nobara’s death stare. The woman was downright scary!


“….Feh. Excuses, excuses. You’re a man aren’t you? When it’s time to fuck, you fuck, no matter the time or the place! If you can’t even do that, what’s the point of having this between your legs?!…. Well, whatever, c’mon Maki, let’s get him hard.” Nobara finished as she hefted her massive tits between her hands and pushed them onto the man’s lap, easily burying his penis deep between them.


YES, FINALLY!” Maki shouted as she quickly joined Nobara, smashing her own monstrous orbs against the man’s lap.


The two girl’s quickly synced their movements together as they pumped their giant breasts up and down against the man’s cock. Nobara easily took the lead while Maki followed her every movement loyally while the two girls gently roused the Shige’s libido back to the surface.


“Hooollllyyyy shit…. This is probably the best titjob I’ve ever had!” The man moaned out as he felt himself hardening between their gloriously soft ministrations. Despite being slightly smaller than Maki, Nobara’s superior technique and softness were clearly shining through as she seemed to hit every spot perfectly on Shige’s length as it grew harder and harder between their breasts.


“Alright, that should be good enough.” Nobara said with another huff of annoyance as she pulled her tits back from the man’s lap, a disappointed but nevertheless obedient Maki soon following after her. “Alright now take off your Curtain and let’s get this over with. If nothing else, at least I can finally get some Tokyo sized cock out of this stupid mission.”


Groaning in displeasure at the sudden lack of stimulation to his dick, Shige looked at Nobara in confusion.


“What do you mean?” He said as looked down at his now fully erect length, standing almost 12 inches between his legs. “I took off my curtain before you two even got here.”




Nobara stared at the man like he had just said the sky was purple.


“K-Kugisaki, can I have a go already please? Even if it’s not that big I just…. I just need some cock right now!” Maki said as she begged the woman next to her, gently kissing Nobara’s massive tits as she pleaded.


Nobara however ignored her senior as she looked up and down between Shige and his dick multiple times, before locking eyes again with the man.


“….You’re fucking with me right?” The slutty girl said with a dangerous looking smile. “There’s no way you’re not fucking with me, right?! Hahahaha….”


“U-uhh….. Um, no?” Shige whispered as he stared back at the girl uncomfortably.


In that moment, Shige swore he saw something snap in the woman’s beautiful brown eyes.


“Maki…” She started as she stared with narrowed eyes at the man. “Hurry and fuck this guy already.”




In a blur of motion, Shige suddenly found himself laid out against the ground with Maki positioned above him as she slowly aimed her newly grown ass down towards his dick. With a lewd smile, the tattooed woman violently slammed her massive ass down onto his dick, immediately impaling his entire length into her hungry pussy.


YESSSS!” Maki groaned as her head flipped into the sky as she convulsed around the man’s cock. Even with one smaller than what she was used to with Inumaki, she was so desperately horny that even this was enough to bring her to orgasm. Moaning even louder as the waves of pleasure washed over her, Maki’s recovery came quickly as she began pumping herself up and down on the man’s length once again. “Suck my fat tits, NOW!” the girl ordered as she presented her massive nipples to the man in front of her. An order that Shige happily obliged by as he craned his neck forward and captured one of the buds into his mouth.


“Hmmmphuuuck!” The man mumbled into her breasts as Maki continued her rapid bouncing on top of his length. The girl’s pussy was absolutely ridiculous in terms of tightness, as he felt the muscles of her insides grab a firm hold of his length with a borderline superhuman grip. A grip so tight, in fact, that the man almost felt a tinge of pain, but that seemed to only fuel him further as the dropout sorcerer began bucking his hips underneath the highschooler in response.


YES! THAT’S IT! DEEPER YOU BASTARD!” Maki let out another shrill cry of pleasure as she urged the man on before grabbing her free breast and bringing the nipple to her own mouth, as she began sucking on it hungrily.


The two continued their borderline violent fucking for minutes more as both parties let an orgy of moans wash over the tiles of the bathhouse. Finally, however, after a few more minutes of their heavy copulation, Shige finally felt his load begin rising to the surface as his heavy testicles began pulsing underneath him.


Releasing the overdeveloped girl’s nipple with a pop, Shige leaned his head back against the warm tile as he groaned aloud.


“Fucking, I’m cumming!”


DO IT! NOW!” Maki demanded in response as she gave one last slam down onto the man’s length before grinding her hips in a circular motion on his waist.


Finally, Shige felt his release arrive as he dumped shot after shot of his spunk into the green haired girl’s waiting pussy. He held the position for nearly a minute as he shuddered beneath her as more and more of his seed flowed into the girl.


Maki herself was going through a massive orgasm of her own as she moaned loudly, grabbing both her nipples before squeezing them roughly while she rode out the climax. But as more and more of the man’s spunk was dumped into her, the 2nd year’s body began to fade. Her massive tits and ass began to shrink slowly but surely, while the rose tattoo line began to fade back down her body before disappearing entirely once past her thigh.


After nearly a minute and both partie’s orgasms finishing, Maki finally fell back onto the tile floor, her original smaller proportions now returned as she fell into a deep sleep on the ground, a healthy stream of semen pouring out of her stuffed pussy while she slept.


In Shige’s case, he felt his cock beginning to soften as he struggled for breath while laying on the tile floor, thoroughly spent by his creampie of the beautiful girl. Leaning his head back on the tile as well, the man felt the beginnings of sleep begin to pull on his eyes as he struggled to regain balance in his breathing while he drifted off to sleep.


“Oi, 10 inch wonder, you’re not done yet.”


Shige’s eyes burst open as he felt a vice-like grip on his cock that began violently stroking it up and down. Somehow, despite the brutality of it, the man had already come back to full mast under the expert hand as he looked up to see Nobara staring down at him dangerously.


“Alright dumbass, you’ve successfully made this whole day a pain in the ass thanks to you building up and subsequently destroying my Tokyo dick dreams in the less than an hour, so I’m gonna take this little chopstick here for a ride until your balls fall off, and I want you to know that this isn’t even gonna give me the tiniest fraction of pleasure,” Nobara bit out as she slid the length of the man’s cock inside her ridiculously soft pussy easily, and true to her word her facial expression didn’t change in the slightest. “I’m just doing this because you pissed me off!”


“Ohhhh FUCK!” Shige moaned in response as he felt his dick get encompassed by the ridiculously soft walls of Nobara’s pussy.


With that, the girl started humping away with powerful thighs as her well trained cunt began ringing the man’s dick try faster than Maki ever could, the curse user already starting to feel another orgasm being forced to the surface after just seconds of the woman’s stimulation.


Meanwhile Shige could only moan in a mixture of pleasure and fear as she watched the absolute bombshell above him do her best to put the fear of god into the man as she stared down at him expressionlessly.



As Satoru Gojo waited by the entrance of the school, he smiled as he sensed the familiar curse energy of two of his students approaching slowly. Less than a minute later, the two girls appeared over the long steps leading up to the school with Nobara wearing a heavy frown while Maki trailed behind her, a naked man slung over her shoulder.


“Welcome back~!” Gojo cheered as the students caught sight of him. “It looks like you guys had a sucessfu-”


“Shut it.” Nobara cut the man off as she gave him a glare. “You send me on a mission where I end up fucking a pencil dick like this again and so help me God I’ll tell the principal that you’ve been pawning off teaching all our classes to Ijichi so that YOU can go mess around!”


“I- Uhhh….” Gojo paled at the thought of the Yaga putting him into another ‘Headlock of Love’ that he had received so many times as a student.


“Leave the deadweight here, Maki. Let’s go.” Nobara huffed as she brushed past Gojo before stomping down the path down to the dorms. “God, I’m even more pent up than I was when I woke up this morning!”


Maki meanwhile dropped Shige in front of Gojo like a sack of potatoes with nothing more than a “Here ya go”, before quickly hurrying after Nobara.


Looking down at the naked man at his feet, Gojo couldn’t help but grimace. The former student looked like someone had quite literally sucked the soul out of his body, with sunken cheeks and skin so pale it nearly matched Gojo’s own hair. But what was most worrying of all was that the man’s dick looked to be almost withered between his legs, the dried remnants of semen and other bodily fluids being the obvious signs of the brutal beating it had just undertaken.


Looking back at the disappearing forms of his two students, Gojo couldn’t help but whistle.


“Note to self, don’t piss off Kugisaki… too much.”

(Story by: A Stray Cloud)

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2 years ago

So, if more curse energy=bigger genitals does that mean every time Yuji eats a finger he gets an upgrade to his dick and balls?

2 years ago

So a 12inch is small. Huh neat

2 years ago

It was good to finally see Maki really big compared to Nobara, maybe she can find a way to use curse tools to drag curse energy to her ass and breasts. Especially if her twin comes arount to mess around and there Nobara will be in troubles.

A Stray Cloud
2 years ago
Reply to  Shadowdragon

We’ll have to see! I’m hoping to do a chapter with Mai too one day so I’m looking forward to it as well.

2 years ago

Nice job with the Jujutsu girls hope to see Mei Mei in the future. Also Kugisaki needs some dickmatise therapy fast.

A Stray Cloud
2 years ago
Reply to  AxelRayne44

Hope to see her too. Probably won’t be until after season 2 though if she does get in because Enzo prefers the anime.

2 years ago

Okay, allow me to say this right now. I really like Nobara and her attitude. Somebody give this woman a real dick ASAP!

That said, excellent work with the chapter, not just with expanding the dynamic with Nobara and Maki, but also how you utilized the lore of the series so far, including dealing with Shige and his curse. But what was interesting was while it affected Maki mentally, it had no effect on Nobara at all, aside from their enhanced asses and tits. And it all went wild from there.

And Gojo might have to sleep with one eye open for a while. XD

Still I loved the work on this one. Looking forward to seeing more! 😀

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A Stray Cloud
2 years ago
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Nobara is trying her best to get some soon as well. Hopefully she succeeds lol.

I’m glad you liked the Nobara/Maki dynamic. Only thing I’d say is that Nobara’s ass and tits didn’t actually grow from Shige’s curse, that was only Maki because of her lack of curse energy. Nobara’s just that big naturally without her Curtain on lol.

Thanks for the feedback!

2 years ago

Is it a possibility to have a Sukuna take-over episode that makes Yuji’s cock get bigger and then grow a second one, since Sukuna has the whole “double body features” theme going for him?

A Stray Cloud
2 years ago
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Uh, probably not. I generally like to base the stories off the art and I don’t think Enzo has ever done double dick stuff.

Jay Jay
Jay Jay
2 years ago

When we are going to see miwa ?

2 years ago
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I have a Miwa sketch but I don’t when that will be finished

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
2 years ago

I’ve gotta say, the dynamic between Nobara and Maki is pretty hot. I’m still not the biggest fan of how Nobara made the other girl submit to her but the comedic side of their master-slave/pet relationship is topnotch. It helps that I’m also quite the fan of femdom so there’s that. The plot was really nice and the guy, Shige, was a nice idea sot that the pink pubic hair wouldn’t be Yuji’s. Makes me think that he (and perhaps even Megumi or Gojo) might be waaay above average and that something (pun intended) big is coming towards Nobara. The sex in the bathhouse was pretty hard and the truths that Nobara spit were excellent. I like how she commands Maki and how she threatened their poor victim.

So yeah, pretty good chapter, especially with the way their cursed powers got involved and how different the two girls reacted to his.

A Stray Cloud
2 years ago
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Glad you liked it! Nobara’s dynamic with Maki seems to be a little contentious but I’m glad people are starting to enjoy it a bit more.

And yeah, all the guys at Jujutsu High are going to be above average at minimum, but that’s just the norm for most curse users. Shige is kind of an outlier, even though he’s big by civilian standards.

Thanks for the feedback!

2 years ago

When is nobara gonna stop being let down and get the colossal monster cocks that she has been waiting for?

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2 years ago
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2 years ago

Im actually enjoying the reverse power dynamic with someone usually as headstrong as Maki being submissive towards Nobara is a pretty interesting idea. And of course with Nobara being such a huge slutty nympho not even a literal horny curse actually does nothing to her actual libido. (Kinda reminds me of the Usopp gag from One Piece with his depression)

Hopefully she’ll find those huge cocks that could fully satisfy her and maybe itll make her submissive to that person(s) as well

A Stray Cloud
2 years ago
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I’m glad you enjoyed it! Maki and Nobara’s relationship seems to be a bit controversial so far.

And yes, in this story Nobara’s attitude towards people changes greatly depending on how well endowed (or in Maki’s non-well endowed) they are. So you’ll be seeing her admiring or being a little more haughty towards people depending on that.

2 years ago

I’m really conflicted with this series. I think you do well at writing and the dialogue, but I’m not interested in the kinks being expressed and the whole having Maki being a pet sort of deal that you then tried to lessen by making it so Maki is ordered to “act normal” when it suits Nobara. That and at times I feel like Nobara is being written closer to Bakugo than her character due to her constant annoyance that everyone isn’t massive and living up to her expectations.

I’m fairly surprised you made a new character for them to fuck as I assume its because you’re trying to set up Yuji for the future to have a giant cock, though I wonder if it’ll annoy anyone who wants the MC to actually be involved with the series hahaha.

A Stray Cloud
2 years ago
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Sorry you didn’t like it too much =/ I kinda knew going in that Nobara and Maki’s relationship wouldn’t be for everyone but I thought it would be something to make it a little more unique.

And I wanted to set up a new character so there’s justification for Maki growing in size, since she can’t really have her curtain as an excuse like with other characters. That being said, Yuji will likely indeed be packing some heat.