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Dreams vs. Reality

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Jujutsu Kaisen stories)
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“Well, well, boys, would all this dick be for little ol’ me?”


As she stood gloriously naked in the balcony overlooking the Jujutsu High changing room, Nobara stared at the two equally naked men in front of her as her eyes cruised down below their waists with a smile.


Looks like her classmates were definitely packing.


“Eh…. So uh, why are we doing this again, Kugisaki?”


Itadori started as he blatantly stared at Nobara’s oversized ass while she stood in front of the two naked men. The girl found it somewhat annoying that even when standing in front of an absolute bombshell like herself he still had almost no change in facial expression, but she could at least take a small victory at knowing the massive erection he was sporting was caused by her.


And massive it was, with the pink haired boy’s cock extending out almost two feet in front of him, weighed down nicely with what was easily the biggest pair of balls that Nobara had ever seen. But the biggest surprise of all was just how absurdly thick Itadori was, with the amount of girth he had probably surpassing the thickness of Nobara’s own huge thighs.


“Oh, don’t sweat the details, we’re just going to be having a little fun….” Nobara didn’t even bother looking up at him as she admired Itadori’s throbbing testicles, with the slightest bit of drool falling from her full lips.


“Whatever, let’s just hurry and get this over with.”


Despite standing next to Itadori with an equally raging hard on, Nobara found it somewhat amusing that Fushiguro still managed to look mildly annoyed as he tried and failed to discreetly sneak glances at her massive tits. That being said, for all he lacked in a good personality, the boy certainly made up for it in cock size, as Nobara switched her attention to the oversized penis protruding from his waist.


While his balls weren’t as massive as Itadori’s, and he wasn’t nearly as thick, the absurd length of his cock more than made up for that, with his meat rod protruding more than a foot past Itadori’s. Then, the cherry on top of that long stretch of dick meat was an almost disproportionatly large cockhead drooling with precum, looking more than ready to give a girl’s womb a nice pounding.


And not to mention those veins…. Those have to be thicker than my thumb! Not bad for such a moody jerk.‘ Nobara thought, as her opinion of Fushigoro went up a few pegs.


“Oi, stop drooling like an idiot and let’s finish this already, I don’t want to be here any longer than I have to.” Fushiguro snapped.


Aaaaand back down it goes.‘ Nobara felt a vein bulge in her forward as she was rudely brought out of her dick daydream by the man’s remark.


“Oooh? ‘Don’t want to be here’ huh?” Nobara huffed in annoyance as she began stomping forward towards the boy, her boobs and ass jiggling violently in response.


Fushiguro could only avert his gaze with a soft blush, while Yuji just unabashedly followed her ass with his eyes as it quaked violently with each step.


“Well then, I guess we should ‘get this over with’ then, shouldn’t we?” Nobara growled, as a vein throbbed in her forehead.


As she finally reached Fushiguro, Nobara placed a hand on his bare chest before roughly pushing him down onto the floor.


“Wha- Hey!” The man shouted as he glared up at the brunette.


“Shut it, moody. Just lay down and be happy you get the chance to give a world-class beauty like me a raw pussy pounding.” Nobara said, as she stood over the man’s stomach before turning around and grabbing a firm hold of his huge cockhead. Annoyingly, the girl had to stand on her toes to be able to position the impressively long penis at her entrance, but she quickly had it pressed snugly against her lips.


“Honestly, how did somebody with such an annoying personality end up with such an awesome coooOOOOCK! OH FUCK THAT’S GOOD!” Cutting herself off, Nobara let out a scream of pure pleasure as she sank down the Zenin’s massive length.


“Oh, fu-… Oh god, slow down, Kugisaki!” Megumi could only bunch his hands against the ground as the girl had already taken in more than a foot of his dick in.


“Oh? But I- Oh fuck yes! …I thought you wanted to get this done quickly?” Nobara taunted, cursing herself as she was interrupted by her own moan. The student’s massive head was already pressed up deliciously against her womb and she still had more than two-thirds of the length to go! “What happened to getting this over with quickly?” The brunette teased as she flexed her thighs, sinking down another six inches onto the hung penis.


“I- Oh shit… I take it back, alright! Just stop for a second, I’m about to cu-”


But Nobara gave the boy underneath her no mercy, as she pumped herself up and down the overly long meat pole a few more times to get her juices flowing even more, before she released all the strength in her legs and let gravity do the rest.


“Ooooohhhhhh fuck! Yeeeesssssss!”


“Ooooohhhhh God! I’m cumming!”


With both parties moaning aloud in unison, Nobara clenched her entire body in pleasure as she felt Fushiguro’s cock begin to expand inside her body, the girth growing from the base as a large flood of cum moved further and further up the expansive shaft. Then finally, the flood was released directly into her womb, immediately filling it to capacity before overflowing back down the long path of her stretched pussy.


“Fuuuck me, it’s not just- Ah! your cock, even your- Ugh! orgasms are absurdly long…. Though it doesn’t help you’re such a quick shot.” The overdeveloped girl said through her moans as Fushiguro continued unloading a steady stream of cum straight into her womb, with no signs of stopping any time soon. Taking a peak over her shoulder, Nobara smirked as she saw the man beneath her clenching his fists against his side with eyes closed as he rode out the pleasure, an evil idea soon forming in her mind.


Putting some strength into her thighs, Nobara lifted herself up, gasping in pleasure as the large glans and oversized veins of Megumi’s dick dragged along the walls of her pussy.


“Jesus, Kugisaki, hold on! I’m still cumming!”


Ignoring her partner’s words, Nobara continued up until only about a third of the man’s length remained inside of her. Pumping her hips up and down the giant cock a few times, making sure to coat her insides even more as Fushiguro continued to cream her juicy cunt, she finally pushed herself all the way back up his length.


Finally, she stood up completely with only the head of his still ejaculating dick remaining inside of her pussy. Looking down at the man, Nobara gave a mocking smirk at the look of desperate confusion on his face.


“Hey, I’m not done yet!” Fushiguro growled in annoyance as he unconsciously reached a hand out onto his cock and started stroking it briskly, causing his thick seed to begin to flow even more rapidly into pussy.


“Ah, ah, ah…” Nobara chided with a chuckle. “You’re the one who said you don’t want to be here any longer than you have to, and I already got what I wanted with this nice crempie. Actually, I’m starting to get full…” The sizequeen lied as she rocked back and forth on his erupting head, the motion threatening to remove his penis entirely from her insides if she continued to move anymore in either direction.


“Gah, I said I take it back already! What more do you want, an apology?” Megumi shouted as he bucked his hips lightly, shoving a few more inches in and out of her lips.


“Oh, Fushiguro-kun! How could you think I’m that vain!”


“You are though!” Itadori called from behind. Though Nobara did her best to ignore the jab.


“I just want you to… Tell me what you want.” The brunette said, looking down with a smirk that was even more mischievous than before, causing her partner to roll his eyes in annoyance.


“….I want to keep fucking you.” The man muttered.


“Hmm? What was that? Who do you want to fuck?”


“I said…. I want to fuck you!”


“Oh, you’re gonna have to be more specific than that…”


Her grin growing even wider, Nobara watched as the last of Megumi’s resistance crumbled to dust right in front of her eyes.


“Fine, I want to fuck your juicy pussy for the rest of the night and blow so many loads into you that you can’t walk straight for a week! Now hurry up and slam that giant ass back down onto my dick so I can finish creaming your slutty cunt!”


Feeling her stuffed pussy begin gushing with even more juices at the sound of Fushiguro’s horny outburst, Nobara let out a smug laugh.


“Ha! HA! See?! Doesn’t it feel better to tell the truth? Now, here’s your reward!” Nobara said with a moan as she dropped to her knees once again, immediately impaling herself on Fushiguro’s absurdly lengthy cock, causing a huge portion of his semen to be forced out of her stretched lips.


“Fuuuck YES! This dick is so fucking long! It’s awesome!” Nobara screamed aloud as she began violently bouncing up and down on Fushiguro’s length, hungrily riding him as the dark haired boy placed his hands back down and enjoyed the sight of her enormous ass clapping up and down against his thighs.


“Itadori!” Nobara shouted through her moans as she locked eyes with the other student. “Get that giant cock over here and join the party!”


“Eh, are you sure? I thought we were taking turns?” The man in question responded with a scratch to his head, but nevertheless began walking over towards his fellow students.


“Hah?! Are you trying to piss me off?! You’ve done nothing but stare at my fat ass this entire time, the least you could do is come over and start fucking iiiiit!” Nobara yelled, before tapering off into more moans as she continued aggressively riding Fushiguro.


“Alright, alright, no need to shout.” Despite his grumblings however, Itadori quickly walked over and grabbed a handful of each of the brunette’s oversized ass cheeks and began hotdogging his girthy cock between the mounds of soft flesh. “Well, OK. Here…. We…. GO!”


With a single, powerful thrust, Yuji immediately buried himself balls deep into Nobara’s ass, stretching the girl’s ass to it’s limits as she cried out beneath him in a mixture of pleasure and pain.


OH GOD, FUCK YES, THAT’S IT! STRETCH MY ASSHOLE WITH THAT GIANT COOOOCK!” The overstuffed girl moaned as she bucked against the massive dick fucking her ass. “YOU TOO, FUSHIGURO! I’M NOT GONNA DO ALL THE DAMN WORK, START WORKING THOSE HIPS!” She called underneath her, as the man had stopped gyrating his hips after his minute long orgasm finally tapered off.


In response to the command, Fushiguro grabbed a hold of her soft thighs and began bucking up and down inside her hungrily while Yuji proceeded to fully mount Nobara, wrapping his arms around her thin waist as he began pounding roughly inside her ass.


Nobara meanwhile was in a world of pure bliss, feeling nothing but pleasure at the lovely contrast of the two massive cocks in her holes, with Yuji spreading her ass further than any man had done before and Megumi going deep enough to start reaching spots that the girl didn’t even know she had.


Oh god, I’m so close! I just need a little more! Just a little more dick!’ Nobara thought as she began massaging her own giant tits, roughly pulling on her fist sized nipples to add even more stimulation to the brutal double teaming that she was receiving.


The pounding continued for what seemed like an eternity, as Nobara came closer and closer each time to finally getting her sweet release, but she almost always seemed to miss her climax by a hair.




“Oh? What’s going on in this neck of the woods?”


“Tuna tuna~!”


At the sound of the new voices in the room, Yuji and Fushiguro both froze in place before whipping their heads over to the entryway of the changing room.


There, just as naked as the first years, stood their seniors Maki and Inumaki.


“Looks like you three are having a good time.” The 2nd year girl said with a chuckle as she watched Nobara mewling between the two men at the sudden lack of movement.


“Holy shit, Maki-senpai!” Itadori called out as he stared towards the girl. “You’re…. You’re fucking stacked!”


Indeed, the girl standing before them was so curvy that the word “big” didn’t even begin to describe it. Nobara herself was absolutely gigantic in both the tits and ass department, but Maki’s assets put her to shame. Her monstrous tits rested well past her waist, peaked with areola almost two feet across and puffy nipple nearly as large as her own head, swaying enticingly on her chest.


But what was almost more impressive than her world class tips was her ass, with both colossal cheeks clearly visible protruding from her hips, despite her monster boobs covering most of that area, and they somehow still maintained a healthy jiggle just from her walk into the room.


“Thanks, Itadori.” The girl said with a chuckle as she turned around and gave her ass a light slap for the boy to admire. “You’re not too bad yourself either.” She finished with a lick of her lips as she nodded towards the insanely girthy cock currently buried between Nobara’s massive ass cheeks.


“Takana~” Inumaki quietly interrupted as he nudged Maki with one of his elbows before pointing towards Nobara.


“Hmmm? Oh, Toge’s right. You two should probably ignore us and finish what you started. You’re kinda blue balling Kugisaki there….” Maki said with another chuckle as she watched Nobara squirm in annoyance between the two men at the sudden lack of stimulation.


“Yeah, you are! So hurry the fuck up and start pounding me already! I was THIS close, and so help me God if I don’t cum tonight I swear I’ll straw doll both of your cocks off!” Nobara shouted back at the two as a vein in her forehead visibly began bulging in annoyance.


With a sinking feeling in their stomach at the threat from the girl, both students quickly began gyrating their hips once again in rapid succession as they pistons into the horny slut between them.




Moaning once again with reckless abandon, Nobara began rotating her hips in sync with her two partners as she tried even more to bring herself to the edge.


“Heh, looks like we got a little size queen on our hands….” Maki said, watching from the side with a raised eyebrow as the girl continued to get railed between the two oversized pricks. “Hmm, I know you and I were gonna have some fun, but how about you go help them out a little? I feel like Nobara might actually curse their dicks off if she doesn’t get her rocks jostled tonight, and I’d hate to lose out on two promising cocks like those.” As she finished, Maki reached a hand down the Toge’s cock and began gently kneading it’s length.




“Yeah, go ahead and show those first years how it’s done. I’ll just meet you in your room tonight and you can give me a nice pussy pounding then.” Finishing off her soft strokes, Maki admired the now fully erect cock in front of her with a lewd smile.


“Shake shake!”


Giving the girl a peace sign, Toge began walking over to the three person orgy with his massive cock leading the way.


Nobara, meanwhile, had already gotten sight of the massive member as the man walked towards her and was already drooling as the short student got closer and closer.


Inumaki was nearly as thick as Itadori and only a few inches shy of Fushiguro’s absurd length, but what had really gotten her attention was the massive balls dangling between his legs as he walked towards her.


Holy shit…. Those are bigger than both Itadori’s and Fushiguro’s combined!‘ Nobara compared in her mind, as she felt the shape of both first year’s heavy testicles slapping against her thighs. ‘His loads must be absolutely massive!’


Nobara’s thoughts were cut short however, as Inumaki finally reached her position before casually dropping his cock down onto her face and starting to gently grind it up and down.


“Mother of god….” Nobara admired aloud as her entire field of vision was covered by the huge penis. What was grabbing her attention even more though was the close up view she was receiving of the boy’s giant testicles pulsing hungrily only a few inches from her face, with each of the heavy globes being easily larger than her own head. “VIVA LA TOKYO!


And with that battle cry, Nobara’s hands shot forward and grabbed the giant slab of dick meat off of her face, before positioning the head in front of her mouth. Opening as wide as she possibly could, the girl shoved the white haired boy’s head deep into her throat.


Initially gagging as Inumaki’s sheer size stretched her tight throat and jaw, Nobara quickly adapted to the massive insertion and began relaxing her throat. Soon enough, lewd sloshed and sucks could be heard as the girl bobbed her head up almost half way down the white haired boy’s length.


Behind her, the two first years seemed to get even more roused by the sight of their fellow student inhaling the oversized length as Nobara felt them harden even more inside of her.


As the two boys picked up the pace while fucking her from below, Nobara soon felt Inumaki grab the sides of her head before pushing his giant cock even further down her throat. He soon began using her head as a handhold while he started to piston his dick in and out of her waiting throat with aggressive gyrations.


Inumaki-senpai is fucking awesome!‘ Nobara thought as her eyes began to roll back into her head at the three way assault of oversized cock her body was receiving.


This treatment continued for minutes as each man alternated their speed and angles as they fucked the hungry slut in front of them like their lives depended on it, which in the case of the two first years, it probably did.


Finally, as the student orgy finally reached its peak, Fushiguro was the first one to crack under the pleasure.


“Oh shit, cumming again!”


And just like that, the dam was broken.


“Fuck…. Kugisaki get ready, I’m about to blow too!” Itadori warned, as his thrusts began getting shorter and more compact onto her ass.


“Mayo mayo!” Inumaki called out as well, and for the first time since they’d met, Nobara was able to perfectly interpret what the cursed speech user was telling her.


Here it is!‘ Nobara screamed in her mind as she felt all 3 of the huge members begin throbbing inside her. ‘A triple creampie to finish it of! I’m… I’m… I’m…





Shooting up straight in her bed, Nobara found herself panting and drenched in sweat as she looked around in confusion.


Wait, did I just have a…


Flipping her comforter over, Nobara looked down between her legs to see that the interior of her thick thighs and sheets were absolutely drenched in her juices.


“A wet dream…. You’ve gotta be kidding me.”


Huffing in annoyance as she got out of bed, Nobara rolled out of bed before walking over to her dresser and putting her right hand into an odd sign. With her index and middle finger pointing out and her thumb compressed down of her remaining two, she narrowed her eyes and focused.


Channeling some of her cursed energy around her body, she watched as her oversized tits, thighs, and ass began to shrink right in front of her eyes as the Curtain spell began to flow over them. Annoyingly, however, the stickiness of her juices remained, between her now much smaller thighs.


“God, I’ve barely been here for a day and I’m already creaming myself in my sleep…. I need to get laid.” The girl groaned with a frown. The whole point of her coming to Tokyo was for the sites, the clothes, the food, and most importantly, to get monstrous sorcerer cocks to fuck her brains out! But forget giant dicks, no one had even tried to hit on her yet!


Ever since she had failed to snag any one night stands on the train ride to Tokyo she had been extra horny. Hell, she had even been dropping signals to Fushiguro and Itadori since the first day they met, but they were either ignoring her or missing the hints as neither guy had given her so much as a grope.


It had only been three or four days, but that was probably the longest she’d gone with a good fucking since she hit puberty.


But I’m sure as hell not gonna be the one to come on to them, whether they have giant cocks or not.‘ The girl thought with a huff. She had yet to actually see any of her fellow students without their Curtains on, but going by the stories her grandma had told her about how massive other sorcerers were, she had to assume they were at least around the size she had imagined in her dreams.


“Oh yeah, I can ask Maki-san when she gives me that tour today!” Nobara thought with a smile as she remembered how her senior promised to show her around. She wasn’t sure if the men would live up to her expectations, but she was almost positive Maki would. There’s no way a woman as sexy and badass as Maki could have anything other than absolutely bombshell curves beneath her Curtain, after all! Hell, she would probably be even bigger than Nobara had imagined in her dream!


With renewed vigor, the brunette smiled as her boobs finally shrunk down to their smallest size, which was still huge by normal standards but absolutely nowhere near her natural size. Putting on her undershirt, she began dressing herself as she bobbed excitedly.


“Alright! Step one, get Maki-san to give me all the info on the local DILFs! And maybe play with her huge boobs while I’m at it…. Then step two, get my pussy absolutely destroyed before the day is over! VIVA LA TOKYO!


With her war cry ringing out throughout her dorm, the girl flung open her door before charging down the hallway towards where the second years stayed.



A few hours later, Nobara found herself sighing as she relaxed in the hotsprings of Jujutsu High next to her senior role model.


Well, former role model.


Disappointingly, Nobara had just discovered that Maki was, well, less endowed than the brunette had been expecting, to put it mildly.


It’s probably my own fault for getting too excited though. I mean, she barely has any cursed energy, of course she isn’t going to be able to grow much.‘ The first year thought with a sigh as she stared up into the night sky, relaxing her arms against the back of the pool while her legs were spread immodestly in front of her.


Maki, on the other hand seemed to be going through a mental crisis of her own, as she found herself pushed up against one of Nobara’s massive tits as the brown haired girl stared into space. She could only look down in shame at her own body by comparison, even one of Nobara’s tits was probably three times larger than both of hers combined!


“So, Maki….” Nobara began as she looked with a half lidded smile over at the girl next to her. “I had a couple more questions about the campus, you don’t mind if I ask you a few, right?”


“O-oh, uh, yeah, sure, g-go ahead.” Maki stuttered out as she struggled to meet Nobara’s eyes.


“Thanks~!” The girl said with a smile as she wrapped a slender arm around Maki’s back and started to idly play with the taller girl’s boob. “So, I’m sure an experienced second year like you has ‘been around’ once or twice, right, Maki?”


“Um, here and there, yeah.” The girl said through a soft moan as Nobara continued expertly playing with her breast, causing a familiar warmness to begin to form in her belly.


Both of them knew that ‘Here and there’ was a massive understatement as nearly every Jujutsu sorcerer had an absolutely massive sex drive that needed to be sated constantly.


“That’s good, that’s good.” Nobara said with a nod as she gently tugged on Maki’s small nipple, eliciting a louder moan of pleasure from the girl. “So, I’m sure you’ve gotten a nice plowing from some of the other students as well, right?”


By this point Nobara had gently pushed the other girl away so that her back was facing the brunette, before adjusting her position to wrap her free hand around Maki’s other tit as she began massaging the two expertly.


“Y-yeah. Toge and I fuck almoooooost everyday!” Maki moaned out her response as her pleasure intensified further underneath the girl’s masterful massaging. ‘How the hell was she so good at playing with tits?!


“Oooohhhh, sounds fun.” Nobara cooed as she picked up the speed of her movements, causing Maki to lean her head back against the girl’s shoulder and place her arms down against the massive tits surrounding her body as she steadied herself. “What’s he packing down there?”


“He-…. He’s fucking huuuuge. I c-can barely stay conscious for more than an hour when we fuuuuck!” Maki responded as a string of drool began falling from her mouth.


“Ah, that sounds exciting. It’s been forever since I’ve gotten fucked like that.” Nobara smiled after her response at the thought. ‘Though considering what she thought of her body, maybe her definition of huge isn’t exactly up to par.‘ The brunette thought to herself as she continued caressing Maki. “What about Fushiguro and Itadori? Oh, and Gojo-sensei too!”


“I- Oh fuck- I haven’t gooootten the chance to fuck eiiiither of them yeeeet!” Maki moaned out, her words becoming less and less intelligible as her pleasure grew. Nobara on the other hand could sense the girl’s impending orgasm as her skin started becoming more flush against the brunette’s own. “And Goooojoooo said heeee wouldn’t fuuuuck me until I greeewwwww upppp some mor-… mo-… MOOOREEEE! OH FUUUUUCK!


Unable to finish her sentence as the girl cried out, Maki’s body convulsed slightly as she rocked through a powerful orgasm, Nobara watching on in amusement as she held the girl against her tits.


Well, that’s disappointing. Maki turned out to have such a boring body I couldn’t even get much dirt from either. Guess I’ll have to do a little snooping of my own to find some monsters later on.‘ Nobara thought with a frown as she watched the Zenin girl recovering from her orgasm as she rested between the Straw Doll user’s giant tits. ‘And seriously? She came from just a little titty play? Maybe grandma was wrong about Tokyo after all.


Nobara had heard stories from her grandmother almost her entire life about how the sorcerers in Tokyo were absolutely monstrous compared to those in the countryside. The cocks were bigger, the tits and asses were juicier, and more importantly, the libido was higher. Yet ever since Nobara had arrived, it had been nothing but disappointment after disappointment! Even the regular civilians hadn’t tried to fuck her!


Rolling her eyes in annoyance, Nobara watched as Maki seemed to finally come out of her orgasm induced haze. It looked like her senior wouldn’t be much of a good partner in crime for her after all if this much was enough to get the girl to cum.


Maybe I should just head back.‘ The younger girl thought as she gently pulled Maki off of her chest and began exiting the pool. ‘Actually wait…. Maybe I can salvage this after all.


Sure, going off the girl’s body and libido she wouldn’t be a good playmate for Nobara at all, but that’s only if Nobara was thinking of her as an equal.


Instead of fully exiting the spring as she initially intended, Nobara instead pivoted until she was sitting on the edge facing Maki, her legs spread wide in front of her once again as her massive chest loomed over the pool.


“Alright, Maki, your turn!”


As she heard her name, Maki was fully brought out of her orgasmic daze and finally turned around. Once she saw that she was face first in front of Nobara’s huge areola and nipples, however, she could do nothing other than stare doe eyed at the bright pink saucers in amazement.


“Well? Get started.” Nobara egged on, giving Maki another one of those half lidded smiles that made the older girl feel like the smallest person in the world. “It’s only fair to reciprocate, after all.”


As the younger girl presented her tits to the green haired beauty, she gently bounced them in her hands as if to emphasize their position.


“Ah, r-right.” Maki said, as she moved to stand up in the pool.


“Nah, do it from down there.” Nobara ordered.


“….O-ok.” Maki responded, her blush deepening as she nervously reached her hands out and grabbed a hold of the underside of Nobara’s tits. Immediately, the girl’s fingers sank in until they were almost fully encompassed by the ridiculously soft flesh.


Freezing for a moment at the amazing sensation, Maki began slowly moving her hands in circular motions as she pushed the heavy breasts up and down, her superhuman strength allowing her to lift the heavy globes with ease. As she sloppily bounced and moved Nobara’s mammaries, the girl felt a pool begin to form in her belly as she awkwardly played with the glorious breasts.


“C’mon now Maki, I’m never gonna get off at this rate. It’s like it’s your first time playing with a pair of tits! Start using your mouth, suck on my big, fat, nipples.” Nkbara chimed in as she continued looking down at the girl.


“Oh, s-sorry about that.” Maki answered, the usual traces of the strong willed and badass girl all but vanished as she nervously opened her mouth and moved towards Nobara’s huge nipples.


Truth be told, while she had played with a number of tits before, this was the first time she had ever even touched a pair nearing this size.


Straining her jaw, the girl tried to capture the oversized pink bud in her mouth, but only managed to sloppily bite around it. Flustered, she pulled back and tried one again to take more of the nipple into her mouth but only managed to nipple on the end once again.


“S-sorry, Kugisaki, it’s too b-big to fit inside my mouth.” Maki almost whispered as she stared up at the girl.


“Haaah…. Fine, just start licking them.” Nobara said with an exaggerated roll of her eyes, but internally she was all smiles at just how complacent the older woman was being.


Nodding in response, Maki buried her head back in between Nobara’s creamy mounds.


Hmm, let’s see if I can push this a bit further.‘ Nobara thought, feeling bolder as she felt her pussy becoming slick with juices. While Maki’s attempts at pleasing her breasts were barely giving her the mildest pleasures, the power dynamic she currently had with the woman was definitely awakening something in her.


Reaching down, Nobara grabbed a handful of Maki’s hair before pulling the girl’s head back up to meet her eyes as the brunette stared down at her.


“When I tell you to do something I expect an answer. Got it?”


Her eyes widening in surprise as she stared at Kugisaki’s face, Maki held the other student’s stare for only a moment before quickly averting her eyes downwards.


“Yes, s-sorry. It won’t happen again.”


“Good.” Nobara said with a smile as she watched the girl all but submit before her superior body. “Now get back down there and start making me feel good.” She finished before pushing Maki’s head down back below her breasts.


“Y-yes!” The girl responded with renewed vigor as the sounds of heavy suckling and the wet slapping of breasts being played with began to ring throughout the hotspring.


Well,’ Nobara thought as she leaned back on her hands and enjoyed the amateurish service. ‘Maybe Tokyo’s not so disappointing after all.

(Story by: A Stray Cloud)

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2 years ago

What’s gonna happen, is reality going to let her down when she sees the guys dicks or her imagination can’t even compare to how big the real things are!

Last edited 2 years ago by Whitis
A Stray Cloud
2 years ago
Reply to  Whitis

Well, I won’t speak on what anyone’s sizes will be like, butNobara’s imaginary version of their cocks is indeed not an accurate representation of real life.

2 years ago
Reply to  A Stray Cloud

Latter or former?

A Stray Cloud
2 years ago
Reply to  Whitis

No spoilers 😉

2 years ago
Reply to  A Stray Cloud

I leaning towards former with what you said about cursed energy affecting growth(give me a hint if I’m going in the right direction).

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
2 years ago

You definitely win in the “sex department” for this artwork! The way you described both scenes was done exceedingly well, especially with how each guy brought something new to the table. Be it Fushiguro’s overly long cock and orgasms, Yuji’s thickness and overall well balanced ratio and Inumaki’s full balls. It made them all pretty unique and the way Nobara played with them was really funny. Her being such a size queen, whilst also teasing her partners is something we don’t get to see in the Naruto/Ranko story for example. It’s a nice breath of fresh air, that’s for sure. Sadly it was all a dream, making all that happened in it pretty much non-cannon. While it did explain why Maki had bigger tits or why Yuji didn’t imediately jumped at Nobara once he saw her divine booty, I’m just no fan of the trope in general. I’m conflicted with the final scene. I really enjoyed the power dynamic between the two, although I didn’t got this feeling from the actual series, making this one a little bit uncharacteristic. On the other hand (as Unskilled already mentioned), Nobara clearly plays with Maki’s insecurities and uses her (in my eyes) in a not really consensual way. Wouldn’t be a problem if the characters wouldn’t be friends in the actual show. Having something like this between a villain and a “good girl” (Kaguya and Sakura from Naruto and Toga and Uraraka from MHA for example) would probably feel better because it makes sense for one of them to exploit the weakness of the others. Nothing against the femdom stuff in general, it just seems uncharacteristic.

Nice second chapter for the series. I’m not the biggest fan of the interactions and the interpersonal stuff but the sex was on point!

A Stray Cloud
2 years ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

I’m glad you liked it! Your chapter was great as well!

One of my favorite fetishes (if you can even call it that) is contrasting bodies on characters, so I tried to show that in this chapter with the guy’s different dicks.

And yeah, the dynamic between Maki and Nobara seems to have been received a bit controversially lol. I think you’re right in that it may fit more for an antagonist to do that, but there’s literally no female villains in jujutsu so far, so I didn’t really have that option.

It may be a little out of character for the two of them to do that in the show, but with the setup of this AU world, which is essentially built on sex and sexual prowess, that theme will change how the characters would have grown up, so some characters will inevitably end up being different because of that.

I want to definitely explore it more deeply later on as the chapters continue, but during these introductory chapters it will probably be a bit of a shell shock on some characters personalities (Nobara being a insatiable size queen, Maki’s submissiveness, etc)

I think people will definitely like how Maki grows throughout the story though, I’m planning to give her a bit of an arc. =)

Thank you again for your feedback, it’s invaluable!

2 years ago

Damn…! I don’t know what was more intense, that insane gangbang wet dream Nobara had in the first half or her dominating Maki like that in the second half. :O

One thing’s for sure, this was a very detailed chapter from start to finish, which I personally love. Either way I really enjoyed this.

I’m looking forward to seeing more! 😀

A Stray Cloud
2 years ago
Reply to  Hiryu

Thanks! I was a little worried some wouldn’t like my more detailed style of writing, so I’m happy you like it!

2 years ago

An absurdly long orgasm? Sounds like once you get Fushiguro to cum he doesn’t stop, like a faucet that can’t turn off. Did Kugisaki fuck him through that massive load he shot in her or was he finished when she continued to ride him?

A Stray Cloud
2 years ago
Reply to  Ultra

Well, had that entire situation been real I’m sure she would have! She’s insatiable lol.

2 years ago

Hmmm, not sure how I feel about this chapter. Having the first half be a dream at least excuses the drastic shift in sizes and personalities from the last chapter, but also is sort of a cop out from a plot standpoint.

And then the second half was too mean spirited for me. I was fine with Maki being smaller and even self conscious about it, but having Nobara constantly stating her disappointment in the other girl, mentally anyway, and taking advantage of her insecurity to assert a power dynamic didn’t do for me.

I like Nobara but she’s not my favorite, neither is Maki for that matter, but it does make me worry that if my favorite girl does show up it’ll just be a repeat of this situation where it becomes a belittlement themed story. So I dunno, we’ll see.

A Stray Cloud
2 years ago
Reply to  Unskilled

Aw, sorry you didn’t like this one too much. =(

Not sure who that other character is, but Nobara and Maki are the only ones that are gonna have this dynamic so you shouldn’t have to worry.