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Inked for Insertion

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Kill la Kill stories)
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“Hmmmmn,” Jai cooed softly as she rested her head in Satsuki’s lap. Her silver lavender hair hung loose around her shoulders instead of in its usual twin tails. They were in the large study of the mansion on Busteez Slut University’s campus. Satsuki had been reading over the latest reports from Iori about Goku Uniform production when she saw her future daughter walking through the hall wearing only a bathrobe while toweling out her hair. She’d apparently just come out from the main bath, so Satsuki asked her to come sit with her.


Satsuki was tempted to ask more about the future, but she resisted the urge as she looked at the reports. She did however ask about how Jai’s classes were going, to which her daughter told her about both the actual educational classes as well as the perverse ones. She was still having some difficulty finding a female sex partner who could handle her raw size. An unsurprising detail as only a few women could handle something so big.


Eventually, Jai asked if she could rest her head in Satsuki’s lap, to which the dark haired woman easily agreed. Satsuki gave a rare genuine smile as she ran her fingers through the girl’s silky hair. She had inherited Satsuki’s hair texture for certain. At some point, Jai had actually fallen asleep, and Satsuki liked to think that was because she finally didn’t feel so isolated anymore and could finally relax a little.


A gentle knock at the door frame leading into the study drew her attention and she turned to see her wife Rei standing in the archway. Satsuki held a finger to her lips and then beckoned the other futanari woman inside. Rei walked over to them, a smile spreading over her lips as she looked down at their child, now sleeping peacefully.


“Iori just sent this over from the lab via fax.” she said quietly, holding out a small bundle of papers to her. Even married, Rei remained the dutiful secretary. Satsuki took the fax and began reading.


…Studies of a Life Fiber Infused Ink or LFII had shown that one tattooed with it can receive one to two star level abilities through it depending on size and location. Unfortunately, abilities are limited to a two star level as anything above that could prove dangerous to the wearer’s health as that is when transformations come into play…


Unlocking her father’s research had given them a new avenue of research to look into. Before breaking away from her mother after what happened with Ryuko, then Soichiro Kiryuin was studying a kind of liquid life fibers. He abandoned his research when he changed his name to Isshin Matoi and founded Nudist Beach alongside raising her little sister in secret. Satsuki was surprised to learn that Matoi was her father’s actual name, and Isshin had been her paternal grandfather’s first name. A sloppy alias to be sure, but then again, her mother obviously wasn’t interested in finding him after he disappeared.


The report went on to say that the tattoos were easily applied and removed. Somehow the ink embedded itself into the skin after simply being drawn on, and could then be pulled out with the use of an isotope that was harmless at low levels. Apparently, Life Fibers were repelled by it, but the levels of the isotope needed to repel stronger fibers like those in say an actual Goku Uniform or even a Kamui quickly became highly toxic. A shame, as a weapon using the isotope might have been useful against Nui and the approaching Primordial fiber.


…Looking for volunteers now to test patterns and coverage required to determine one and two star levels precisely…


That bit got her attention. “Rei, contact Iori and tell him to expect me this afternoon.” Satsuki said to her spouse.



Emerging from Iori’s lab, Satsuki lightly chewed her thumbnail as she tried to ignore the burning heat between her legs! While he did warn her of the effects, she hadn’t expected them to be quite so, potent. The tattooing process itself was completely painless, if you could call that tattooing. As Iori had said, he simply drew the mark over her womb with a fine tipped paint brush. Satsuki was surprised at his calligraphy skills, but then, she supposed someone adept at sewing would need dexterous hands and the skill to do very precise work.


The mark he had painted was an odd looking heart with what looked like bat wings coming off the curves. He called it an inmon, after a theme often used in ero-games. Satsuki could feel the power of the mark, the enhancement to her raw strength, like her muscles had been given a massive boost. It was still a pale shadow to what she got from Junketsu though. She never had worn a Goku Uniform before, but from what others had described, she imagined this is what a one star might feel like.


Though she doubted the original One Star uniforms put anyone in such a massive state of arousal. Satsuki’s pussy was so hot and wet right now that she’d soaked through her panties in three steps! In four steps she was already having minor orgasms just from the feel of the fabric rubbing against her cunt. As such she’d ditched her underwear and was now walking through the university with her bald pussy flashing every few steps. Not that she cared, considering that a vast majority of the female students didn’t wear panties anymore, unless their tastes called for them.


She could feel the eyes of the male and a few of the female students following her as she went by, but she ignored them for the most part. For the moment she wanted to go back to her mansion and have her wife and daughter fuck her senseless! She felt that if she could climax hard enough, that might calm the raw burning NEED between her legs, if only for a while.


Turning a corner, Satsuki began moving through the section of the university where the students were mainly focused on actual general education. This was where Mankanshoku’s little brother primarily attended, though Satsuki had recently granted him permission to take part in the more advanced courses. After all, he was fairly well endowed below the waist, letting him rot in simple general studies would have been a waste of resources.


“Nice legs, Kiryuin! When do they open?” cat-called a young man’s voice.


Satsuki turned to see Mataro Mankanshoku standing in one of the door frames, leering at her openly. Before, Satsuki might have cut him down for such a vulgar comment, but this university encouraged such behavior openly. Lust, depravity, and perversion were the ways of Honnoji Slut University. As these were the things that best fueled the Life Fibers. Reactivating the fibers gathered from around the world was still an ongoing effort. Classes had open orgies, and to find a couple or even a group fornicating in public was not an uncommon sight here now. Even the incest she’d engaged in with her sister and future daughter only served to strengthen them in the long run.


That all being the case, Satsuki simply turned to the brown haired youth. She looked at his leering grin and the way he grabbed at his crotch while looking at her and simply smiled. “If you have the free time, then right now will do just fine.” she answered coolly.



“Whoah!!!” Mataro said as Satsuki pulled up her blouse, exposing her heavy tits to him. She held the edge of her shirt in her teeth, leaving her breasts exposed as she pulled up her skirt next, showing off her dripping pussy. The boy’s eyes went double in size and Satsuki smirked at the way his pants suddenly strained to contain his dick!


They were in a nearby music room, it was one of Nonon’s spare rooms. There wasn’t anything really set up in it, making it perfect for an afternoon ‘quickie’ as Satsuki believed they were called.


“I do hope you haven’t been wasting your time in the advanced courses.” Satsuki said as her pussy began leaking almost constantly now. Her cunt was practically screaming for a dick, so much that she was almost ready to start begging like a bitch in heat!


Mataro smirked as he quickly stripped down, exposing his impressively large penis. Not quite up to Rei and Jai’s size, though it was still almost bigger than his body. Satsuki felt her pussy squirt just at the sight of it alone.


“Let’s fuck!” she hissed through her clenched teeth. “OOOOHHHOOOOH!!!” she then howled as Mataro leapt up onto her with the grace of a monkey! He grabbed onto her waist and wrapped his mouth around one painfully stiff nipple before jabbing his dick into her pussy. He supported himself by wrapping his legs around her outer thighs as his dick effortlessly slipped inside her.


Satsuki’s entire body was so worked up, she was already cumming just from the feel of his mouth on her tit, to say nothing of when she felt that delicious cock going inside her! It took all of her strength and will just to stay on her feet as she ripped off her top entirely, followed by her skirt as Mataro effortlessly jammed his cock in and out of her with a loud SQUISH SQUISH SQUISH sound that seemed even louder in the acoustics of the band practise room.


“Yeeeaaah, this feels sooo much better than the girls in class!!!” Mataro told her, groaning as he continued fucking her like that. His heavy balls swung between Satsuki’s legs as he moved from one tit to the other.


HMMMMMMM, SHUT UP AND FUCK MY HOOOOOLLLE!!!” Satsuki howled in a throaty voice, cumming repeatedly as she felt every thick inch of Mataro’s fat dick moving in and out of her. She’d never felt her pussy this worked up before, it was as though it were shrinking around his dick, making it feel bigger and bigger with every swing on his hips! Satsuki’s legs finally gave out on her as she fell back onto the floor, placing Mataro on top of her. She barely even felt any pain as she instantly moved her legs to wrap around his waist instead, locking his cock inside her in the process.




“Heh, you and your sister are a couple of pieces of work!!” Mataro said, groaning in pleasure as he got up on his knees, the angle making his cock form a phallic outline in her belly, marking how deep inside he went. It wasn’t nearly as much as her wife and daughter’s cock, nor Gamagori’s, but it was enough to make her moan!


“You both dress up like strippers with your sexy asses hanging out for everyone to see, and you’ll fuck just about anyone won’t you!?” Mataro asked.


Satsuki smirked again as she used her greater size and weight to shift their position, placing herself on top of Mataro in the cowgirl position. “That’s the point!” she told him, “I meant it when I said; Depravity is Freedom, Perversion is Liberation, Ecstasy is Strength! I will show no shame in my actions so long as they advance me to my goals! I would happily fuck this entire school and bathe in cum to serve my purpose!” she explained as she bounced herself up and down on his dick, with her pussy leaking a near constant stream of heady juices She then grabbed his wrists, placing his hands upon her breasts as she moaned in pleasure as another powerful orgasm ripped through her like a tsunami.


NOW, RAM THAT BIG DICK UP INSIDE ME, UNLEASH ALL OF YOUR LUSTS, I WANT THEM, I WANT THEM ALLLL!!!!” she bellowed, cumming again at the admission. Mataro groaned and began moving his body harder, slamming his cock into her pussy again and again as he gripped her heavy tits.


YES!!! AHHHAAAH, YESSS, MORE, GIVE ME MORE, MORE DICK, I WANT MOOOOORE!!!” Satsuki moaned, howling like an animal as she came again and again. The inmon mark over her womb glowed an almost burning red as she felt new strength flooding into her as the life fibers in the ink fed off her pleasure. She looked down at the shorter youth, moving into a squatting position as she bounced herself up and down on his cock, loving the way it stretched her pussy wide as it plumbed the depths of her womb.


YESSS, CUMMING, I’M CUMMING, AHHH, I CAN FEEL YOUR DICK FILLING ME WITH POWERRRRR!!! AHHH YES, MORE, MORE, MOOOOOORE!!!!” Satsuki screamed in raw pleasure, pressing her tits down against Mataro’s hands. She panted from the exertion, allowing herself to drool as her mind began going numb. She relished the feeling of losing herself in ecstasy, the raw carnal instinct that drove her into the depths of depravity!


She wanted it.


She CRAVED it!


Mataro groaned beneath her as she felt his cock throbbing inside her. Her pussy felt so tight she could almost take his pulse through his dick! The lips of her labia clung tightly to the rigid length every time it pulled out of her, and Satsuki whimpered slightly until it pushed back inside where it belonged!


CUMMMINNNNGGH!!! I’M CUMMINGH!!!” she moaned, clenching her teeth so tight she thought they might crack. “MMMMMMMMMMMMMUH, NMMMMMMMMMUH, YES, YES, FUCK FUCK FUUUUUCK, FUCK MEEEEEE!!!!” she howled as she came even harder than before, as the mark over her womb was flashing a brilliant red that tinged the entire room in a crimson light.


Mataro groaned and grunted beneath her as she felt him cumming inside her pussy. Satsuki moaned again wordlessly, loving the feel of thick hot cum flowing into her thirsting womb.


The powerful light then dimmed and faded entirely, and Satsuki finally felt sweet relief washing over her as she slowed her movements, then stopped. Mataro panted beneath her, covered in sweat as he recovered as well. She smirked at him.


“Not bad, I’d say your skill has grown quite a bit from the last time. But you still need work. A lot more work.” she told him as she stood up, his cock sliding out of her pussy with a soft sound. It was then followed by a wet squish as his cum began pouring out as gravity did its work.


Satsuki stepped over him and stretched, “From now on, I will be your tutor. Come by my mansion twice a week after classes at minimum. Should you desire more sessions, I will oblige you, provided that you can keep up.” she told him as she walked over to the door, not bothering to pick up her clothes which still lay on the floor.


“Hang on, huh!?” Mataro said, and Satsuki turned back to grin at him.


“You did say my pussy felt better than the girls in your class, correct?” she asked, when he nodded she continued, “I take it that means the current courses are not as much of a challenge as you require, so I will tutor you until you are a proper stud to serve the needs of the school. But I thank you for the orgasms. I’m feeling much better now.” she told him before walking out the door and into the hall. When Mataro noticed her clothes lying on the floor next to him, he called after her.


“Hey, your clothes!” he said.


“Don’t need them!” she called back, not feeling the least bit self-conscious as she walked naked through the school with his seed slowly spilling out of her.


Story by Sailor Io

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1 year ago

I’m loving these parody stories I’m reading and Kill La Kill is one my of other favorites and nice job on the character interactions/conversations too. Satsuki completely has no shame and I don’t blame her.

Last edited 1 year ago by Mad_Max
1 year ago
Reply to  Mad_Max

Thanks, I’m really looking forward to picking this series up again eventually. There’s a lot more I want to do

1 year ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

You’re welcome and I understand. Take all the time you need; no rush. Good luck to you btw.

1 year ago

Nice to see Kill la Kill. It been a long time since we saw an update.

1 year ago
Reply to  Mirag

I do enjoy writing this series.

1 year ago

Unrelated but kinda related. You guys think Ryuko and Satsuki would be good breakdancers? Like Shinra Kusakabe from Fire Force.

Good story and art as always. Never miss

1 year ago
Reply to  Xcelsior

Hmm, Ryuko yes, Satsuki I see more trained in ballet and ballroom dancing.

1 year ago

Its been a while since we got more Kill LA Kill. But it was cute to see a tender moment like the beginning with the family. It’s a little funny that Satsuki is the main character of this series as it seems people far prefer getting art of her over Ryuko. Still a fun simple chapter.

1 year ago
Reply to  Unskilled

Yeah, but I’m sure we’ll get mote of the others sometime. Personally I’m looking forward to doing something with Ragyp again sometime.