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Hokage Taming the Goddess (Special Edition)

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Naruto stories)
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“Hold on. Boruto is here?!” Naruto said in a mixture of shock and confusion as he processed what his wife had just told him unfolded the last couple days. Returning to the hotel that night, he had been greeted by the rare sight of his wife looking a heavily bit concerned. He asked her what was wrong and she explained the situation. Of all the things that she might have been concerned about, Boruto having wound up on the island was pretty low on the list. Naruto would have thought she had changed her mind about Samui, or maybe Sakura was bugging her to let him fuck her again. There was also her little “competition” with the former Raikage, but he wasn’t heavily concerned about that. They were standing in the living room of their hotel suite. Naruto had merely returned to get a change of clothes and found his wife waiting for him inside.


Also in the room was a naked and sleeping Samui on the main bed. Her body gleamed as if freshly bathed and she looked exhausted, still worn out from earlier.


Hinata had him sit down as she laid everything out for him. It seemed Boruto and his team had wound up on the island somehow. Him getting stuck here wasn’t too much of a surprise, the ports weren’t allowing anyone to leave after all. It wasn’t until recently that he figured out why with this whole festival thing. Apparently his son had not only been fucking a recently revived Kaguya and made her into his walking cumdump, but had also henge’d into a duplicate of Naruto and even been doing indecent acts with his own mother!


“I’m not all that surprised by him being so active already, it’s normal at his age. But this will make training him so much more difficult for him going forward. I finally decided to train him, but now, I have to be so rough with him.”


“Well, that’s…” Naruto began to say, but he stopped in mid-sentence, “Pffftttt, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” he cut himself off as he began laughing so hard the man had to wrap his bandaged hand around his stomach. “That sounds just like something I would do when I was younger!” he said. “Remind me to tell you about my first time one day.” he told Hinata, remembering that incident with Tsunade. No doubt Jiraiya would tease him mercilessly about that if he managed to track him down again. Shortly after their encounter with Tsunade and Sakura, they’d gotten separated. He was no doubt indulging in all the debauchery this island had to offer. But it also wasn’t in doubt that he’d find him again before long.


As he continued chuckling at his son’s actions, Naruto wiped a stray tear from his eye as he tried and failed to compose himself under his wife’s death stare. The news of what happened between Boruto and Hinata didn’t bother him all that much, since Hinata had told him that would be part of Boruto’s Injutsu training. Maybe this island was perverting his sense of morality, or maybe he’d read too many of Jiraiya’s old books. He just knew that hearing it made him laugh.


“Naruto! This is serious! Boruto has a lot of potential. And I don’t want to see that potential squandered and it cost him dearly in the end. Other Clans still teach the old ways, and not all of them are friendly to Konoha.” Hinata pressed him.


“Yeah, I know. And we will.” Naruto said, his laughter finally stopping but the man nevertheless still had a bright smile on his face. Honestly, he could tell what Hinata was worried about whether or not she had the full resolve needed to go through with it all. Sure, she’d given their son something of a “crash course”, but most of that had to be from her anger at him being on this island more than anything else. He knew from experience that Hinata could be rather sadistic when she wanted. But deep down, she was also far too gentle to keep it up for a long time. “But you can’t tell me this wasn’t exactly the kind of crap I got into when I was his age. I guess he gets at least one thing from his old man after all, dattebayo. You already decided to train him, and you have my consent for it. So I don’t really see what there is to worry about.”


He saw his wife blushing, no doubt remembering some of the sexual escapades he’d gotten into during his younger years. Especially his own training under her. That was how he knew she was worried about keeping up the harsh taskmaster bit, since she hated doing that with him.


“That may be true, but that doesn’t mean he should follow your example!” Hinata said as she felt her blush slowly die back down. “So are you gonna help?”


“Of course, of course. I’ll go give Boruto a talking to.” Naruto said with a sigh as he moved to stand up.


“No.” Hinata responded as she held a hand on his arm. “I’ve already started dealing with Boruto. You have to deal with Kaguya.”


“Eh? Seriously?” Naruto answered with a raised brow. “Isn’t that more of a ‘girl-on-girl’ talk?”


“Usually it is, but I’m pretty sure the only thing that slutty rabbit listens to now is cock! Remember when I mentioned his potential?” she asked. Naruto nodded, and she continued, “Boruto is unconsciously doing the Kami Chinpo technique. It’s how he even managed to defeat her in the first place.”


“Woah, seriously?” Naruto asked, and Hinata nodded grimly. Naruto had to consciously stop himself from doing a fist pump, as that likely would have made her angry. “That’s a difficult technique. How long did it take me to even learn how to do it?”


“Over a month. You kept losing your focus even when Hanabi was helping.” Hinata said, “Also, we were sort of moving blind since all we even knew of your family’s technique was the name and a loose idea on how it worked.”


“Right, a half remembered chat between my mother and your father from before either of us were born, right?” he asked.


“Yes, and Boruto does it naturally and unconsciously. Had I not had at least SOME resistance from our training, I’d likely be just like Kaguya right now.” she explained, “But it’s the fact that he’s been doing it unconsciously that has me the most worried.”


“Why is that?” Naruto asked.


“Because there’s a chance she might break free from his control and run wild.” Hinata said.


“Ah, alright, that would be bad dattebayo…” Naruto said grimly


“That’s why I brought her here.” Hinata said, “So you can use your trained dick to anchor her more. I’m not sure if one Kami Chinpo can override another or not. Since Samui told me she still wants to be your cocksleeve even after Boruto fucked her. But I want to…”


“I get it.” Naruto said, knowing where Hinata was heading with this. “Where is she now?”


“Eating a froyo in the room directly across from this one.” Hinata said, “Because she’s one of “the returned”, there was no charge to give her a room.” she explained, “I want you to tame that whore into our family pet. Boruto’s good, but I don’t think he can keep her on a tight leash all on his own. So don’t hold back, okay darling?” asked Hinata as she opened the door out into the hallway. Naruto walked out and Hinata led him over to the door directly across from theirs.


Smiling at the approval from his wife, Naruto gave the woman a quick kiss before heading towards the door. “You know it, dattebayo!” he said as she opened the door for him and followed him inside.


“Y… You!” Kaguya Otsutsuki hissed as she clenched her fists in anger and glared daggers at Naruto as he stepped in front of her. The room across the hall from where Naruto and Hinata were staying was only SLIGHTLY less luxurious than the one they were in. By slightly, it meant that the bed was only a regular king size instead of a double king. Everything else was about the same. Right down to the erotic art hanging on the walls. The single occupant of the room leveled a look of absolute loathing at Naruto. “You’re that brat reincarnation of my son! You dare to stand before me after what you have done!”


The former Shinobi “Goddess” was standing completely naked in the room. The only sign that she’d even been in here for a few minutes was a recently emptied cup of Froyo sitting on top of a table. Hinata had briefly mentioned she got the treat for Kaguya on the way here.


According to Hinata, Boruto had broken the woman’s will with his dick, making her grow addicted to it almost like a drug. Naruto had more or less done the same to Samui as well at his wife’s behest. Given what he knew of Kaguya’s personality from their previous encounter, it gave him an entirely new respect for his family’s Injutsu technique. Because without it, more than likely he’d still be in Kyuubi Sage mode alongside Sasuke, completely rearranging the topography of this entire island!


Instead, Kaguya was waiting here calmly in this room, though her calmness bristled the moment she laid eyes on Naruto. She almost looked cute like this, like an angry kitten trying to look tough even though it was basically harmless.


“Yeah, yeah, Sasuke and I beat you. Meanwhile you’re fucking my son so I’d say that about makes us even, ‘ttebayo.” Naruto said with a roll of his eyes as he walked forward, steadily approaching the Moon Goddess as she shook with barely contained rage.


Kaguya clearly had no rebuttal as he closed the distance between them slowly. While she was still processing the statement, slowly connecting the dots in her brain, Naruto approached the woman slowly, his cock hardening steadily with every step he took. Soon enough, Naruto was standing directly in front of Kaguya, his fully erect dick standing almost straight up, the tip coming up to her chin. The ivory skinned woman’s brain seemed to still be in the middle of rebooting, so he used that time to use another technique he’d learned from his wife. Steam seemed to come off from his dick, and he caught a whiff of a powerful, almost animal stink, as if he hadn’t bathed in several days. He didn’t like this technique, as it could be hard to get the smell off after. The first time he’d used it, it took an entire bar of soap to get rid of the stench!


“So, you’ve been getting your pussy plowed by your, I don’t know how many greats, grandson this entire time… Or, I suppose he’s more of your spiritual grandson… Well, whatever.” Naruto said as he furrowed his own brow in confusion as he thought over what exactly the family line was in this situation. “Anyway, as I’m sure you’re well aware, my wife has decided to take advantage of this situation, so she asked me to give you a little…” he trailed off.


Hinata then finished his sentence,”Well, let’s call it ‘Training the family pet’ before we give you back to Boruto.” she told the white haired beauty.


Naruto nodded before he wrapped a hand around the woman’s waist before pulling her in closer until their bodies were firmly pressed against one another’s. His massive cock pressed up between her sizable tits, the tip right in her face, making her breathe in the thick musk. He felt Hinata lay a hand on his shoulder a second later.


“Wait, hold on!” Kaguya started as she began regaining her composure. Her words were cut short however, a look of dizziness over her face as she breathed in the scent of his cock. A different sense of vertigo came over the three of them as Naruto shifted his chakra. He still wasn’t as good as his father was at this little move, but he’d mastered using it when there wasn’t too much pressure. The world around them began to twist and warp before the two suddenly disappeared in a flash of yellow light.



When the sensation subsided, the world around them had changed. Kaguya looked around their new location. Naruto had been here several times, the kunai he’d used to “mark” this location was still stabbed into a nearby tree. The three of them were in the center of a large mangrove. It was late at night here, with a big full moon in the sky. The light from the moon seemed to make everything here glow with a seemingly otherworldly light. It was just a trick of the plants though. Still, it was no less pretty to look at. The Nature Chakra here was incredibly potent as this area was simply teeming with life. In the distance, Naruto could hear a multitude of animals giving their night cries, the chirping of various insects and the sound of flowing water. That water flowed into the small pool they now stood in. The bottom of the natural pool was lined with a substance Naruto didn’t know the name of, but it shone like pure silver, making the water glow with the light of the full moon.


“W-what the hell is this place?” Kaguya said with a frown as she looked around the area. She seemed to falter for a moment, as she undoubtedly felt extremely nauseous all of a sudden. An unavoidable side effect of traveling through this Jutsu. The first couple times Naruto used it, he’d emptied his stomach so thoroughly that he thought it might come out next.


“You like it?” Naruto asked, taking his arm out from around her waist. He took a single step back, the water sloshing around his legs. “I think it might’ve been some gathering place for sages back in the day or something, because the concentration of nature chakra here is probably the highest I’ve ever felt, dattebayo.” he explained, turning to check on Hinata. She looked none the worse for wear, so he looked back at Kaguya. “I figured this would be a good place to fuck your brains out since it’s easier to use some techniques here,” he said in a husky voice as he moved closer to Kaguya again. He then grabbed her by the waist with both hands, shoving his massive dick up between her big tits and into her face again. He then moved his hands to grab those fat mounds of flesh, pressing them around his shaft.


“…And what do you think you’re doing?” The goddess said in a voice laced with annoyance, but made no move to stop the man’s ministrations, her face was already flushed and her breathing was becoming slightly labored.


“I told you, didn’t I?” Naruto said as he began rubbing his cock up and down between her tits. “Hinata said she wanted you tamed so that you’ll follow the entire family’s instructions, so that’s what I’m gonna do.” he told her. This was gonna make life back home interesting, that was for sure. How they were gonna explain two new women living with them to Himawari he didn’t know yet. He supposed Hinata already knew what they were gonna say. Though calling Kaguya a “pet” would be an awkward conversation. Samui at least they could maybe pass off as a new live-in maid or something.


“Hoh? And how do you plan on doing that? I should let you know that even Master Boruto barely managed to conquer me, and he was definitely packing more than this.” Kaguya said with a smirk as she laid a hand on Naruto’s erect cock as it stuck up between her tits. She was trying to sound and act smug, but the pink tinge to her cheeks and slightly heavy breathing were dead giveaways that his lust inducing musk was working.


“Oh yeah, I heard from Hinata that the son had surpassed his father. It makes me so proud to know that Boruto’s living up to the family name, ‘ttebayo.” Naruto said with a smile as he wiped an invisible tear of pride from his cheek, before returning to his fondling of Kaguya’s tits. “But you shouldn’t count this old man out yet! I’ve still got a trick or two up my sleeve.”


And with that statement, Naruto’s eyes flashed with sage mode chakra as his pupils became frog-like, over the years, he’d gotten better at entering Sage Mode. It still required a complete cessation of movement, but now only a split second’s worth. It was pretty easy to figure out actually. It was similar to when one was trying to break a Genjutsu, where-in you brought all chakra flowing in your body to a halt. Combine that with his own ability to sense the nature chakra, and he only needed an instant to bring it into balance with his own!


A soft golden glow enveloped his penis like a condom made of light as he channeled the chakra down into it. The smell coming off his cock became even stronger, and he saw Kaguya shaking as he heard a soft drip drip drop as her overflowing juices began running from her cunt like a leaky faucet. Her breathing became even more ragged and he could see her shaking all over as the rage induced resistance began cracking. All three of her eyes kept glancing down at his dick, and her ruby colored lips began to tremble.


“Ahhh… I…” Kaguya said, a glistening trickle of drool running down her chin.


Releasing his hold on her huge tits, Naruto gave the woman’s giant ass a hard slap! The impact brought Kaguya out of her dick induced hypnosis. He then pushed her back against the edge of the pool, positioning his monstrous cock between the entrance to her folds.


“Ahhhn…!” Kaguya whimpered as he pressed the tip of his cock at the entrance to her dripping hole, but did not enter it just yet. The soft pink glistening folds were actually twitching in raw want, as if trying to reach out and pull his cock inside herself. He then pushed just the tip inside, the wide head making a soft wet sound as Kaguya let out a low moan.


Naruto then stopped, pulling his cock back, then slowly pushing the underside of his cock against the lips of her pussy, “So, do you want it, you little slut?” The Hokage teased with a grin as he began sawing his length in back and forth between her thighs, eliciting a mewl from the pale woman. The glow of the chakra “condom” was the Kami Chinpo, the God Cock, enhanced with Nature Chakra, making it even more potent. Just the feel of his dick pressing against Kaguya was likely driving her mad with desire after his musk had lit her engines. Only her remaining hatred of him was keeping her from breaking down completely!


Kaguya let out a soft sound somewhere between a moan and a gasp, her big tits heaving with her every breath now. “Y…es…” she said in a soft hiss.


“Hmmmmn, I couldn’t hear that?” Naruto said, cupping a hand to his ear as if trying to hear her better. “You’re gonna need to speak up!”


“Maybe she wants you to stop, dear?” Hinata offered.


NO!” Kaguya quickly moaned, “Please… I… I…” she whimpered.


“You want thiiiis?” Naruto asked, pressing his dick against her cunt a little harder. He then increased the power flowing through his penis, which caused the chakra condom to glow a little brighter.


YES!” Kaguya shouted without missing a beat, immediately beginning to grind her pussy back against his dick. “FUCK ME, FUCK ME NOW! POUND MY PUSSY WITH THAT GODDAMN MONSTER AND MAKE ME YOUR FAMILY SLUUUUT!” she begged, her voice sounding as if she were on the verge of tears.


The blonde haired man blinked in honest surprise, “Eh? Wait, seriously?” Naruto raised an eyebrow as he watched the woman in front of him begin begging for his cock without hesitation. “Damn, I thought you were gonna be harder than that. I guess you really are just a fucking slut.”




Huh, looks like this is gonna be easier than I thought, ‘ttebayo.‘ thought Naruto.


Shrugging his shoulders, Naruto positioned the tip of his dick against the woman’s entrance before slowly pushing himself forward. He groaned as he felt Kaguya’s tight cunt taking his thick length inside. The taunt lips of her pussy stretched wide around his girth as he sank his cock deeper and deeper inside. Kaguya let out a low animal sound as his cock made a wet squishing sound as it sank inside her.


HOOOOOOOOH YEEEESSSS! SO BIG, SO FUCKING BIIIIG!” Kaguya howled as her belly stretched upward, her abdomen tented by the raw size of his dick. Hot juices gushed from her pussy as he felt her walls constricting around him as she orgasmed with every inch that went inside. She let out a shuddery moan as she felt his cock pushing deep into her very womb with barely half his length just like his son!


Feeling the woman tighten around his dick even more, Naruto huffed in amusement at how Kaguya was already cumming just from his initial insertion. Reaching forward to grab a hold of each of her huge ass cheeks, he began pulling the woman further down his length, stretching her stomach higher and higher. He watched in amusement as she continued to beg for more and more of his cock the deeper in he went.


YES MORE! MORE!! MORE MORE MORE, FUCK MEEEEE, AHHH SO BIIIG, SO VERY BIG, I… I CAN’T STOP MYSELF FROM CUMMING!!!” she moaned as she panted hard for every breath now. Naruto groaned again as his cock pushed all the way inside Kaguya’s gushing hole. Behind them, he could see Hinata watching the entire spectacle, one hand holding her own breast with the other firmly between her legs, stroking the folds of her pussy. She licked her lips slowly as the two of them locked eyes.


“No mercy.” she said, and Naruto nodded, “Break her in like that blonde bitch!”


Pulling his cock back out slowly, Naruto watched as her stomach moved back down with his motion. He then began quickly pumping in and out of the woman at a steady pace as he felt herself repeatedly climaxing around his cock. As slutty as the woman may be, she could definitely take dick with the best of them. It had even taken Hinata a few days to be able to take his chakra charged dick when he had first learned the technique. The sheer pleasure it gave her was nearly enough to drive her insane! And now, the woman beneath him had already taken the entirety of his dick, fully empowered.


He moved his hips quickly, his heavy balls slapping against her pale ass with a wet SMACK SMACK SMACK sound. Kaguya only howled in ecstasy, wrapping her legs around his waist as her big tits bounced up and down wildly.




As he listened to her continued moans of ecstasy, Naruto gave another soft laugh as he felt her entire body shudder three more times just from his simple thrusting. He hadn’t even gotten serious yet and she was already like this. He made a mental note to praise his son when he saw him next. He then acknowledged her request and grabbed a firm hold of her ass before pushing forward into the woman. He then grabbed her tits again, squeezing them tightly so that his fingers sank in deep. He then stalled his movements, leaving more than a foot of his dick outside of her hungry cunt. Kaguya let out a plaintive whine at the sudden halt.


“Nhooooo, more, please, give me more!!! I want it, I need it…” she begged pathetically.


Giving the pale beauty another rough slap across her tits to get her attention as she fidgeted on his cock, Naruto spoke to her with a commanding tone. “Alright, bitch. You want some more of this dick?” The blonde asked harshly as he gave her another rough clap over her tits, feeling her pussy clamping around his dick even harder as the fat lumps jiggled enticingly in front of him.


YES! PLEASE, JUST GIVE ME EVEN MORE OF THAT GIGANTIC COCK!” Kaguya eagerly screamed from her position on Naruto’s dick. “PLEASE! PLEASE!!! I’LL DO ANYYYTHIIING…!” she begged, her voice still sounding like she was on the verge of tears.


“Yeah, that’s what I thought.” Naruto moaned out as he began fondling her ass cheeks, feeling his own orgasm rising as Kaguya attempted to bounce herself further down his dick. “Then I’ll give it to you, but only if you sub-” he began to say, before Kaguya cut him off.


I WILL! I’LL BECOME THE UZUMAKI FAMILY WHORE, JUST GO BALLS DEEP AND BLOW THAT FAT LOAD INTO MY SLUT PUSSY, MASTER! I’LL DO ANYTHING FOR YOU AND YOUR SON’S GODLY COOOOCKS!!! I’LL GIVE YOU ALL OF MY SECRETS, ALL OF MY POWER! IF YOU WISH IT YOU CAN BREED ME LIKE A PIG!!!” Kaguya swore, the look on her face showing she meant every word of it. Power, conquest, rule, none of it mattered anymore to the ivory goddess. All that she wanted now was the Uzumaki family’s God Dick.


“…I feel like this shouldn’t have been that easy.” Naruto said as he stared in mild surprise at the depraved slut impaled on his cock. Her stomach stretched out in front of her in a perfect outline of his dick. He shrugged inwardly, “Well, whatever.”


Moving his hands off of her ass, Naruto grabbed a firm hold of the woman’s hips before using a near superhuman amount of strength to pull her all the way down until his hips were pressed firmly between the woman’s thighs.


YESSSSSSS!!! FINALLLLLYYYYY! GIVE IT TO ME MASTER, GIVE ME THAT ENORMOUS LOAD!” Kaguya screamed as she let herself fall against him completely. Her entire body was like Jell-O in his arms.


Naruto groaned and continued driving his cock in and out of her roughly. Her huge tits jiggled and bounced erratically from the force of his thrusts. He then poured more power into his dick, making the aura grow even bigger. For Kaguya, it probably felt like his cock was getting even bigger inside her, penetrating her deepest depths like no normal penis ever could.




PLEASE, MASTER! GIVE ME YOUR DIVINE SEED! POUR IT INTO MY HOLE AND BREED MEEEEE!!! I’LL GIVE YOU AND YOUR SON AS MANY CHILDREN AS YOU DESIRE! JUST KEEP USING MY HOOOOOLE!!!” she moaned as her body bucked and roiled against his thrusts. Naruto groaned with her, feeling her pussy clinging tightly to his dick, making it more of an effort to thrust into her. He could already feel his balls swelling with a huge load of cum, ready to dump all of it in her at once!


“Here it comes then, you fucking slut, ‘ttebayo!” Naruto moaned out, needing no more motivation than that from the woman. Clenching his balls, the man began to groan louder as his heavy testicles started to expand and contract. As they pulsed, the orbs got bigger and bigger beneath him as they generated more and more thick cum in preparation for the monstrous creampie they were going to deliver.




Naruto grunted as an absolute flood of heavy seed began working its way up his length. His oversized balls began producing more and more of the baby batter in response to the woman’s cries, before finally erupting directly into Kaguya’s waiting womb.




Arching her body against him, Kaguya made her distended belly stand out even more as Naruto’s cock pulsated within her. She opened her mouth wide as she leaned her head back in a long silent scream of ecstasy. Naruto felt her pussy spraying back against him like a small geyser, her entire body shuddering now as he unloaded his balls into her.


“Th- Thank you Master, I-… I’ll be… Your loyal family slave from now on, I p-promise……” Kaguya barely mumbled out as continued cumming.


“Well, that solves that issue.” Naruto said with a sigh as he continued dumping more and more of his thick seed into the woman. The waters around slowly became cloudy as his semen overflowed from Kaguya’s stuffed womb.


Across from the pair, Hinata sighed as she continued watching. The last couple days had been a mess, with her having to deal with both Boruto’s and Kaguya’s punishments, but seeing her husband reduce Kaguya, one of the most dangerous beings to ever walk the earth, reduced to a whimpering pet, made it all worth it.


Pulling her love juice slicked fingers from within herself, Hinata slowly licked them clean as she watched Naruto spin Kaguya, who was still impaled on his dick, like a wingnut until she was bent forward in front of him.


Naruto then lifted Kaguya up by her thighs, holding her with her legs splayed wide and his cock still buried deep inside her pussy. Kaguya panted weakly, trying to cover her spread pussy as if she had any dignity left to protect. Even if she hadn’t just witnessed it, there was no doubt Kaguya was now her husband’s and her son’s new slave.


“Well, well, dear. It looks like you had a good time.” Hinata said with a smile as she walked across the shallow pool towards them. A pool that now seemed to be filled with more semen than water, but Hinata honestly preferred it that way.


“Yeah, it wasn’t too bad. Though it was a little easier than I was expecting.” Naruto said with a smile mimicking his spouse’s. “I probably didn’t even need to use this place to get it done.”


“Really? You’d think that someone who can take a cock Boruto’s size everyday would have a bit more resistance… Well, I guess that just means the new family pet needs a little more discipline.” Hinata said. Naruto’s cock had stopped glowing as he continued pumping into the woman, while Kaguya herself looked like she was barely conscious with her eyes clouded as she looked off into the distance with a heavy blush on her face.


“I’ll need to thoroughly train our son to use the Kami Chinpo. Well, as thoroughly as I can. It would help if we had someone from the Uzumaki Clan who knew it properly. It’d help ensure Kaguya stays in line.” Hinata said as she licked her lips in excitement as she found herself thinking of just how big her son might get, especially considering he was still growing!


“Feh, I asked Karin what she knew back when we began training. But she doesn’t know much more than you. She was never exactly on the best terms with the clan leadership, ‘ttebayo!” Naruto muttered, as he gave a particular hard thrust into Kaguya in reflection of his annoyance. The ivory beauty let out a soft whimper in response, as she was now actively drooling into the water.


“Well, I’m sure we’ll figure something out like we did before, dear. Like you said, if he takes after one part of you maybe he takes after another.” Hinata soothed with a smile. “Now, how about you and I go break in our new pet rabbit? Would you like that, Kaguya?”


As she finished her sentence she reached forward and gave a rough pinch to the woman’s swollen nipple.


“Aahhhh, yes, mistress!” she moaned happily.


Smiling even wider, Hinata sighed happily as Naruto teleported the three of them away in a flash of yellow, excited for the new adventures her family would no doubt start to undertake.



(Story by User: SailorIo)

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15 days ago

Great chapter, I wonder, will Boruto fuck Hinata better than Naruto?

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nice one! could you please do one with primal mating featuring komamura and Mila rose

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sajin komamura and Francesca Mila rose from bleach

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Isn’t he stuck as a big ass wolf now?

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Could make up something about that being a temporary side-effect? And then use his human form for any…tomfoolery

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ok can you do one with tetsutetsu and mirko in MHA please?