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Perv in Paradise (Special Edition)

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Naruto stories)
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Walking through the street of the beach boardwalk of Ranko Island, Naruto Uzumaki smiled at all the festivities going on around him. It truly was a festival in every sense of the word. He’d seen things like this many times in Konoha. Stalls and games were placed everywhere, foods of every sort were being sold by vendors along with a wide variety of sexual games being played. The only one so far he’d fully recognized was a ring toss game where a bunch of well hung young men were standing while ladies tried to hook barely large enough rings around their fully erect dicks.


Looking up at the night sky, Naruto again marveled at the continuing lightshow overhead. The waving and undulating ripples of light that danced in the sky. After parting ways with Kurotsuchi, Naruto had gone back to his hotel room, where he’d slept for the better part of a full day. He’d run into Hinata briefly when he returned to the room, she was with Sakura, saying something about doing a favor for her. Naruto told her to have fun before promptly passing out. Samui, then Hinata, and then Ino and finally Kurotsuchi, the last couple days had been rather eventful. Now, Naruto was feeling completely spent! He was amazed he wasn’t suffering dehydration by the time he finally got to bed. The mentally broken blonde had stayed in his room, sleeping next to him like a faithful dog. She’d already put in for a transfer to Konoha under the Shinobi Exchange program. Though that was just a pretext. What she was really going for was to be Naruto’s new slave! The Kami Chinpo technique Hinata had had him use was no joke. The blonde was now hopelessly addicted to his dick. Any woman brought down by that technique would be a slave to the user for life.


It was only because of Hinata’s family that Naruto even learned he could do such a thing. Karin had confirmed that the very RARE Uzumaki men all could do it, though talent was a factor. Hinata said that being on this island and her bouts with A had made her rethink Boruto’s Sexcraft Training. And that Samui would make a good “Training Dummy” for him.


He’d had a good laugh at that. After her second run-in with A, she’d spoken with him seriously about Boruto’s training. And that she’d have to personally do some of his training. Naruto knew what she meant immediately. She’d told him of her own training with her “brother” Neji many times. And it was because of that that she’d been so reluctant to train their son.


“Having Samui for his training dummy makes me worry a little less about him getting warped by it.” his wife had said. “Especially since his first time could be with her and not me.”


His memory of that conversation was the last thing he thought of before using Samui’s big tits as a pillow before falling into a deep and restful sleep.


When he woke up just after sunset, Hinata was nowhere to be found, and Samui said she had not seen her since, probably decided to just let him rest while she went out. So Naruto went to go looking for her, not that he was worried what she might have been up to, as if he could talk after the last few days. The two of them had a kind of unspoken agreement about anything that happened here, not that it stopped his wife from being more than a little territorial. He smiled wistfully at that, and he decided that if he did catch her with anyone, he’d let it go, this place had a way of messing with someone’s better judgment.


A sudden rumble in his stomach reminded Naruto that he hadn’t really eaten in nearly a day. Before he really went looking for Hinata, it might be better to get something to eat lest he pass out! ‘Well, plenty of places to pick from,’ he thought to himself as he looked from one stall to the next, “I wonder if there’s a decent ramen place here?” he asked himself, suddenly craving some Ichiraku Ramen, but that was a long ways off from this place.


Naruto felt his stomach growling even louder at the thought of his favorite restaurant when he heard a man letting out a rambunctious laugh. “Heya sweetie, bring another round for my lady friends here!” said a voice Naruto never expected to hear ever again! He turned to the source of the voice, his jaw dropping down to his feet as his eyes felt like they’d popped out of his head.


Sitting in an outdoor dining area of a local cafe, an old man with messy white hair sat in a large booth surrounded by beautiful women, all of them naked, or nearly so. One girl, a platinum blonde with especially large breasts and big brown eyes poured sake into a saucer for him as another girl with deep crimson hair and an even deeper tan serviced him with her mouth.


“Pervy Sage…?” Naruto said as he walked over to the man slowly. The old man didn’t hear him as he drank his booze and let out a loud breath.


“Ahhhh, haven’t had a drink this good in a long time, man what a place!” said Jiraiya.


“Pervy Sage!” Naruto called in a louder tone.


Jiraiya blinked, turning in his direction, Naruto saw recognition, then surprise, then, sadness? All these emotions played across his face in the space of a single blink. “Well damn, I didn’t expect to see you here so soon, you die too kid?” he asked.


“Dead?” Naruto asked, “I’m not dead, you are, have been for over twenty years!” Naruto said.


“Huh, well that explains why you look older, but if you’re here, then that means you died kiddo, my condolences.” Jiraiya said.


“I’m not dead, Pervy Sage.” Naruto said again.


“Then what are you doing in heaven kid?” Jiraiya asked with a smug expression. “Don’t worry, I was surprised when I woke up here too.” he said.


The redhead sucking Jiraiya’s cock lifted her head up, licking the length of his cock slowly before speaking, “Um, sir, this is Ranko Island, but it is about as close to Heaven as one can get I think.” she told him, then went back to her task. She opened her mouth and slurped his cock down her throat with an ease that reminded him of Hinata! The redhead then began bobbing her head up and down slowly, moaning in deep relish.


Jiraiya blinked, “Huh, Ranko Island, that crazy sex island resort? Where you can get a blowjob just by asking for it? The place I’ve been trying to visit my entire life!? THAT Ranko Island?” he asked as he stood up suddenly. The redhead between his legs gagging slightly, but not stopping in the slightest.


The blonde next to Jiraiya poured him another drink and smiled, “Yep! Welcome.”


Jiraiya fell back in his seat again, his face looking stunned. He then placed a hand on the back of the red haired girl’s head, groaning softly as he pushed her head down on his cock. She choked lightly, then moaned in delight as her throat bulged from the thickness of his cock.


“Huh,” he said, “Last thing I remember was Nagato’s puppet bodies coming at me, then I woke up here.”


“Yeah, we met, didn’t end well, well it did, it… It’s a long story.” Naruto said with a sigh, “Can someone tell me what’s going on!?” he shouted.



AHAHAHAHAHAH!!! So you’re sayin’, it took getting caught in a Genjutsu to make you realize how you felt for that girl!? Damn kid, that’s hilarious!!!” Jiraiya said with a belly laugh. Naruto glared at his godfather and mentor. He didn’t find it all that funny. After one of the local girls explained the details of the Festival of the Dead, Naruto suddenly understood exactly why this island was the way it was.


It was a trap, after a fashion. A way to keep the dead here on the island when they return. According to Tina, the blonde girl who had been pouring drinks for Jiraiya, this festival happened every decade or so, and lasted from a couple weeks to a little over a month. Kurama guessed it maybe had something to do with astrological alignments, but the nine tailed fox couldn’t be sure. Naruto’s best guess was that all the free sex, the free food, lodging, everything on this island was designed with the intent of keeping the resurrected HERE, until the festival ended. Then, they would return to wherever they came from after. Meaning that if any of them left the island, when all of this stopped, they would remain here.


It all made a kind of sense, offering all the Earthly pleasures one could imagine, it made it tempting to want to stay for a while. Was a better method than rounding them all up and locking them in a room until the phenomena passed. Though Naruto suspected that the locals might have had to do that from time to time. No way everyone who returned could have been a decent person in life.


Naruto didn’t know how much of this he should tell Jiraiya, but as it turned out, he figured it all out himself once he’d heard the explanation of how he was here. When Naruto asked if he wanted to leave, Jiraiya had said, “Nah! I lived a good long life, I’m gonna enjoy this place as a reward for everything, then go back where I belong. But before that, tell me about your life, kid, what all did I miss?”


So Naruto began telling Jiraiya about everything that happened after he died. The pervy old sage seemed a little disappointed to learn Tsunade didn’t break down in tears when she learned what happened. But Naruto pointed out that was only what he had seen himself. When he got to his final fight with Sasuke, Jiraiya was shocked to hear he’d lost his arm. So Naruto popped off his synthetic limb.


“Didn’t hurt as much as I imagined it would have.” he had told him. Then he got to the part about when he fell in love with Hinata. Jiraiya had laughed about that too.


“Any idiot with eyes could have told you how that girl felt about you. I honestly just thought you weren’t interested and didn’t want to hurt the poor girl’s feelings.” he said as they stopped by a stall selling meat skewers.


Naruto hung his head, Sakura had ribbed him for months after that, right up until he finally proposed to Hinata, then she backed off. Jiraiya then slapped him on the back, making him choke on a bite from his skewer, “But you did it, you became Hokage, I’m proud of you.”


“Thanks,” Naruto said once his airway was clear again, “By the way, on that note, WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME ABOUT MY DAD!!??


“The third asked me not to.” Jiraiya told him, “He thought if you knew, you’d brag about it, and you’d become even more of a target on top of being a Jinchuuriki. I didn’t like it, but I consented. It was one of the reasons I stayed away from the village so much. That and the more often I was there, the more likely they’d try and make me Hokage.”


“Ah, still, I can keep quiet about something like that.” Naruto told him. Jiraiya just looked at him, and Naruto’s shoulders sagged. “Yeah, I can’t.”


The white haired man laughed, “Don’t worry about it kid, you got a good self-image, nothing to be ashamed of.”


Naruto was just beginning to tell Jiraiya about Boruto and Himawari when they noticed a crowd of people gathering at the beach. The sporadic flashes of light told Naruto there was some kind of show going on. Jiraiya turned toward the crowd, and his jaw dropped to the ground, Naruto followed his line of sight.


There, a few meters onto the beach, were Sakura and Tsunade, both of them stark naked and posing for a massive crowd. Sakura knelt down on all fours, using her huge breasts like cushions with her ass in the air, behind her, Tsunade leaned against her, her absolutely massive tits resting on Sakura’s fat ass.


All around them, a group of men and women were cheering and snapping pictures with their phones. Naruto turned to look at his mentor just as he began to grin widely.


“Hmmm, just as I always pictured them!” said Jiraiya as he tapped his chin. “I think I’ll go say hi.” he said with a cheeky grin.


Naruto was about to object, not wanting to give his predecessor a heart attack. But then, if she found out about this and that he kept them from meeting, she’d kick his ass into next year! Sighing to himself, Naruto followed Jiraiya into the crowd. The two of them easily made their way to the front of the group, Jiraiya then waved and called out, “Yo Tsunade, looking good!”


The blonde looked up at Jiraiya from where she rested her heavy tits against the pink haired woman’s ass. Her face looked shocked at first, then angry as she got up, her gigantic tits wobbling from the swift motion. Naruto half expected her to cover herself and start screaming at the old sage, but instead she marched over to them, raised her fist, and drove it straight into Jiraiya’s gut!


HOOOOOOF!” Jiraiya grunted as the wind was knocked right out of him.


“That’s for dying on me, you idiot!” Tsunade said before draping her arms around him and hugging him so tight his face began to turn blue!


CAHN’T BREAPH!!!” Jiraiya choked, his eyes so wide they looked as though they might pop out of his skull.


“Huh, not the reaction I expected.” Naruto commented.


“After I found out about this festival thing and told her about Kaguya Otsutsuki, Master thought we might run into him.” Sakura said, suddenly standing by his side. Naruto startled slightly, not having seen her even move. She smirked at him, “Enjoying the show?” she asked, her hand already down his shorts and grasping his half hard dick.


“I… Ahh…” Naruto stammered and groaned at the feel of her silky smooth hand rubbing at his cock. “Wait, KAGUYA!?!?! When did you…”


Sakura only continued to grin, “Long story, don’t worry, she’s well contained for the time being. I’ll tell you about it later.” she said, leaning her head up to nibble his ear, making his cock shoot out to a full erection and ripping through his shorts. He heard Sakura giggle happily as she gripped the underside of his cock, her hand not even able to fully wrap around his massive girth.


“Wait, Sakura… I…” Naruto lost his train of thought as Sakura moved to stand in front of him, her legs straddling his gigantic dick and rubbing her hot pussy back and forth along its length. She then pressed her ruby painted mouth against his, forcing her tongue into his mouth as she hugged her heavy tits against his chest. ‘Fuck her pussy feels nice,’ he thought as she sucked on his tongue roughly.


The pink haired size queen then grabbed his hands and placed them on her rounded ass. He squeezed reflexively and Sakura let out a long purring sound as she squeezed her thighs around him tighter.


“Hmmmmm, I can’t tell which is bigger, you or A’s, meh, fuck it, I don’t even care, just shove this thing back in me! I haven’t been properly stuffed since A ran off to do something, we were having so much fun too!!” she said crassly.


“Sakura…” Naruto groaned, his hands still on her ass, the fingers sinking deeply into the plump cheeks. Sakura shook her head and raised her hand to touch a finger to his lips.


“Just shut up and fuck me you big idiot.” she told him with a wicked grin. The pink haired woman then turned to look over at Jiraiya and Tsunade, “See, they’re not wasting time.”


Naruto glanced over to where Jiraiya and Tsunade were, his blue eyes going wide at the sight of Tsunade kneeling in front of him, her mouth already wrapped around his cock! Jiraiya looked just as shocked, but he made no move to stop her as Tsunade’s neck bulged from his cock going down her throat! A ring of black lipstick encircled the base of his dick as Tsunade began pulling her head back slowly, her lips making a loud slurping noise against his dick.


“Ohh, man, you sure this isn’t heaven, kid?” he asked with a goofy grin on his face that Naruto had seen many times before.


Fuck it.’ was Naruto’s last thought before pressing his mouth to Sakura’s again. She moaned back against him, grinding her crotch against the top of his cock even harder now. He could feel her hot juices already dripping off his length as their tongues wrestled in each other’s mouths.


Across from them, Naruto watched Tsunade pull her head back before she turned herself around and bent over. Her hands reached behind herself to spread the lips of her pussy wide. “Mmmmmmh, if I knew you were that big, I’d have fucked you ages ago Jiraiya.” she said, then let out a deep throaty moan as the old sage shoved his big dick straight into her! Tsunade’s fingers dug at the sand beneath her as she began rocking herself back and forth against him, moaning loudly.


Sakura then pulled his attention back to her as she shoved him down on his back, lifting her ass high into the air before bringing herself back down on his dick! He slid inside her warm dripping pussy with ease. Naruto groaned at the soft, tight, silky smooth warmth of Sakura’s hot pussy as his dick spread it as wide as it could go!


HMMMMM, YEAH!!! THIS IS ALL I NEED!!! FUCK I LOVE THIS, SO BIG, SO THICK, SO FUCKING FUUULLL!!” she screamed shamelessly as she pressed her hands over the distention in her belly as Naruto’s cock stretched her out. He marveled at the look on her face, pure unadulterated ecstasy! Her peridot eyes were crossed and rolling back in their sockets, her tongue lolled out of her mouth like a dog’s as she bounced herself up and down on his cock.


IS THAT ALL YOU GOT YOU FUCKING HERMIT, POUND MY ASS HARDER!!!!” he heard Tsunade scream. He turned to see her still on all fours, her massive tits swaying back and forth erotically as Jiraiya gripped her hips tightly. The baby fat of her ass rippled from the force of his impacts as he slammed into her again and again.


“You really want it harder?” he asked.


YES, I FUCKING WANT IT!!!! FUCK ME UP, MAKE ME CUM LIKE A WHORE!!!” she screamed. Naruto began to see where Sakura likely picked up her habits from. Behind Tsunade, Jiraiya went completely still for a moment, his face warping slightly, his nose becoming bulbous as his eyes shifted, the pupils becoming frog-like. He’d never seen it before, but he remembered his own sage training, how the old toad told him Jiraiya never fully mastered the Senju arts like Naruto had.


Jiraiya then grabbed Tsunade’s ass again, his hips becoming a blur of motion as the blonde woman screamed in pleasure, “OH FUCK YESSSSS, THAT’S IT, POUND MY PUSSY MORE! OH FUCK OH FUCK OH FUCK FUCK FUCK FUUUUUCK, YESSSSSSS!” she screamed.


“Eye’s here, dummy!” Sakura chided him, “You can play with master later!” she said as she pulled his face up to her big tits, pushing one stiff nipple into his mouth as she rolled her hips against him, stirring his cock inside her. Closing his eyes, Naruto sucked on Sakura’s nipple roughly, listening to her and Tsunade’s combined screams and the sound of flesh smacking against flesh. It was crazy, all of it, but Naruto tried not to think about it anymore as he felt Sakura’s pussy clenching him tightly, her body shaking as she hugged his head against her tit.




“Fucking, size-queen, slut!!!” Naruto groaned around her nipple, struggling to keep himself from cumming as her pussy kept clenching him tighter and tighter! As if it never wanted to release his cock. He began thrusting his hip up hard, pumping his massive length in and out of her tight twat with a rhythmic wet squishing sound.


YES, I’M A SLUUUUT, PUNISH MY SLUTTY PUSSY MORE!!!!” Sakura moaned as she leaned herself back, pushing as much of him into herself as possible. “FUCK FUCK FUCK FUUUUUCK, I LOVE THIIIS, I LOVE IT SO MUUUUCH, BIG COCKS FOREVERRRRR!!!” she screamed as she held up both hands in a ‘Double V’ gesture, her face a picture of orgasmic madness. He groaned, bouncing her up and down on his dick, the lump in her belly moving to mark how deep his cock was inside her.


YESSSSS, SO DHEEEEP, MY PUSSY WON’T STOP CUMMINGH!!!” she screamed in pleasure, her big tits bouncing wildly with his thrusts.


“Fuuuuuck!” Naruto groaned as he grabbed her tits with both hands, gripping them firmly as he felt her cunt gripping his cock tighter, making him put more effort into his thrusts.


YES YES YES! DICK! BHIG DHIIIIIIICK!!! MY PUSSY FEELS SO GOOD I’M CUMMING AGAAAIIIIN!!!” howled the pink haired slut as her eyes crossed and rolled back in her head as she panted hard, her tongue hanging out of her mouth like a dog’s.


Naruto couldn’t take it, not even his wife had ever made such a face as that, he grunted as he began cumming inside Sakura, flooding her womb with his hot spunk that quickly began pouring back out of her with a disgusting wet noise.


He then fell back against the sand just as another pair of tits covered his face! “Don’t think you’re done yet!” Tsunade’s voice said. Naruto shook his head inwardly as he reached up to grab those massive tits, his vision completely blocked by them. He could hear Sakura and Tsunade’s mouth’s connecting, their lips smacking together as she found Tsunade’s nipple and bit down on it, drawing out a howl of pleasure from the former Hokage!


“Oh man, this is just the kind of thing I love writing about!” he heard Jiraiya say, “Here you go Sakura, I think you said you can’t live without these?”


MMMMMHMMMMMMMPH!!!” Sakura’s voice moaned, “AGUG GUH GUH GUG GUH GUUUH…” he heard her gagging as the pink haired woman just began sucking the old sage’s dick.


“Greedy bitch, that’s mine!” Tsunade said.


“Nuh uh, ish myne naow…” Sakura slurred back.


“Now now ladies, it’s only polite to share!” Jiraiya said with a chuckle.


Naruto groaned as he continued sucking on Tsunade’s tit while Sakura bounced herself up and down on his dick, wondering just how much more insane this trip was going to get!? Sakura’s mention of Kaguya still gnawed at the back of his mind, but even she wasn’t cock crazed enough to lie about her being contained for the moment, was she?


Worry about it later,’ he told himself. If Kaguya weren’t contained, then the whole island would already know by now. He opened his mouth wider, taking in more of Tsunade’s fat tit, sucking it roughly. The blonde woman moaned around Jiraiya’s nutsack, one of his fat balls in her mouth.


HRMMMPH GUH, NMMMPH, GUG, AGUH, CAAAAWK! YEEESSSH!!! HMMMMPH NMMMMPH MMMMMPH!” Sakura gagged and moaned happily, her head bobbing back and forth on Jiraiya’s cock. The white haired sage groaned in pleasure, placing a hand on top of her head and shoving his thick cock further down her throat!




Encouraged by her words, Jiraiya grabbed her head with both hands now, pumping her head back and forth on his dick. Naruto felt Sakura’s tight pussy clenching even harder around his cock as she came hard. Her entire body shuddered on top of him as long stringy ropes of drool hung off her lips.


He groaned as he continued pumping his hips up, shoving his massive dick up into her again and again, making the big lump in her belly rise and fall with his movements. She let out a gurgling wailing moan of pleasure in response as her pussy let out another hot spray of juices.

HAAAHHMMMMPH!!” Tsunade moaned as she grabbed Jiraiya’s cock when it popped free of Sakura’s mouth when he pulled her head back just a little too far. She let out a deep moan of relish as her throat bulged when the man’s cock slipped into her mouth.


NRMMPH GUG, GUBU, MMMMMPH, AHHHGUH…” the blonde woman choked and moaned, her head moving back and forth quickly.


“Aaah, give it back, aaahh…” whined Sakura. Tsunade ignored her though, forcing Sakura to begin kissing and licking the old man’s balls next.


Naruto moved his hands up to grab Sakura’s big tits, gripping them tightly and enjoying the warm softness of them as he pressed the stiff nipples with his thumbs. Sakura herself began rolling her hips against his thrusts. She then spat out Jiraiya’s nut and looked down at Naruto, rubbing her hands over the distention in her stomach.


AHHH, MY PUSSYYYY… YOUR COCK IS STRETCHING IT SO MUUUUCH…!” she moaned in raw bliss. “I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! BIG, FAT, HARD COCK STUFFING MY HOLES! YES YES YES!!! I’M CUMMING! CUMMING CUMMING CUMMING! AHHHH!!!!” she screamed, a look somewhere between insanity and ecstasy painted over her face.


“Ahhh, fuck, gonna cum dattebayo…!!!” Naruto groaned as he felt the pressure building in his nuts.


YES! DO IT!! CUM INSIDE!!!” Sakura screamed instantly, “FLOOD MY PUSSY FULL OF CUMMMMMM!!! YES YES YES YES!!! I CAN FEEL IT FILLING MEEEE!!! YOUR DICK, A’S DICK, YOUR SON’S DICK, THEY’RE ALL SO GOOD! I LOVE THEM, I WANT THEM ALL STUFFING MEEEEEEE!!!!” she wailed in orgasmic madness as Naruto stuffed his cock all the way up inside her before cumming hard!


Next to her, Tsunade pulled her mouth off Jiraiya’s dick just as he came, his spunk splashing over both hers and Sakura’s faces as they both moaned. In seconds, both women were coated in a thick layer of white. The sight was so erotic that he felt himself cumming again inside Sakura’s tight cunt.


The four of them then finally stopped moving, gasping, panting for breath. As he willed his heart to slow back down, something Sakura had screamed finally registered in his mind.


“Hold on, when did you fuck Boruto!?” he asked.



(Story by User: SailorIo)

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Ichigo Kurosaki
7 months ago

look at Jiraiya the perverted wise man and Naruto the great hokage fucking Tsunade and Sakura like all animals, not like the little man from the cloud village “A”
Naruto God y Ero Senin God
Raikage is zzzzzzz
Excellent 10/10

7 months ago

Thanks man, glad you enjoyed it

7 months ago

Maybe after the fun Tsunade can Sakura/Sasuke with their little problem 😉

7 months ago
Reply to  lurker

Huh, that sentence doesn’t make sense

7 months ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

Tsunade helps Sasuke down there to make Sakura happy

7 months ago
Reply to  lurker

I’ll be getting back to that soon

7 months ago

Boruto x hinata would be next right, I want to see what they get into

7 months ago
Reply to  Anonymous358

You can read it right now at my Patreon even at the $1 tier

7 months ago

If Naruto is surprised by Boruto nailing Sakura, when he find out what Hinata has done he will have a heart attack

7 months ago
Reply to  Anon

Read some of the previous chapters with Hinata