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Clearing Debts with Deep Poundings

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Jujutsu Kaisen stories)
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“Urgh…” Yuji Itadori groaned weakly as he woke up from his sleep. A late morning sun shone through the window and into the dorm room of the pink haired youth, bathing it in its golden light. His head throbbed like crazy, causing the room to spin like crazy after he sat up, “What… happened?” he asked out loud.


Since he didn’t receive an answer, not that he expected one, Yuji pushed himself off the bed and staggered towards the bathroom, only to start becoming vaguely aware that he was completely naked. His flaccid dick dangled between his legs. A dull tingling sensation spread from his dick across his entire body whenever his dick slapped against his knees on his way to the bath. Once there, he took a quick look in the mirror while waiting for the shower to get nice and hot, and saw that he looked just as miserable as he felt.


His cock had a weirdly red color and seemed to glow slightly which explained the dull pain he felt down there. The bags under his eyes had a deep purple shade as if he hadn’t slept for several hours. His skin was all dry and wrinkled up, almost like that of some kind of mummy. And all that is without even talking about his hair, which looked as if it was the nest of some bird or a rat, given the unholy stench of dried bodily fluids all over him.


Damn, what the hell happened?’ he asked again, this time in his own thoughts only. Once the shower was warm enough, he stepped in and immediately started to relax. A soreness that he didn’t even feel before was slowly being washed away as he squeezed the last few drops of body wash out of the bottle and onto his body. After rubbing the sparse amount of it all over his body, he simply stood under the shower with his head resting against the wall.


“There was… this abandoned hospital…?” he remembered, though he wasn’t sure. Images of a long, dimly lit hallway flashed his mind. Kento Nanami and Megumi Fushiguro were at his side, both of them holding some mean looking Cursed Tools in their hands.


Yuji rubbed his forehead, ‘But what… why were we there?’ he asked himself again. “Was it… because of this strange fucking-Curse? Hmmm…” he continued thinking about it, even after he stepped out of the shower and dried himself off. He combed his hair as best as he could (somehow they always ended up standing in all directions a few seconds later anyways, regardless of his efforts) and headed back to his room.


There he was greeted by the sight of Jennifer Lawrence grinning cheekily at him from the poster at the wall. Drops of water flew around her while she gave a V-sign to the person who took the photo. A red triangle shaped bikini clung neatly to her ass, making it seem even bigger than it probably was.


With a deep sigh escaping his lips, Yuji let himself fall down on the swiveling chair in front of his desk and spun around. While he didn’t know what exactly happened yesterday, he did know that it was the weekend now, meaning that he wouldn’t have to attend any stupid class or anything. And since neither Gojo nor Megumi woke him up, he probably didn’t oversleep through anything else either. “That fucking-Curse…” he kept musing out loud whiel the room around him became more and more fuzzy, the faster he spun.


They were in this abandoned hospital, probably searching for clues about the Curse, or to outright confront it. But what then…? Ever since this event a week ago or so where the Curse made his first appearance by killing three men in the process by making them cum over and over again, reports about it came in at a gradual pace. Yuji even met the Curse face-to-face before and if it wasn’t for Maki’s, and later Mei Mei’s quick thinking, things could have taken a turn for the worse since the Curse actually managed to awaken Sukuna, the King of Curses.


He stopped the chair and leaned over his table, running his fingers through his pink hair in frustration, ‘Why can’t I remember?! I definitely have to ask Me-’ his thoughts came to a quick halt when he heard the notification sound of his phone from his pants on the floor. He stood up and picked up the phone.


GOJO: Yo, Yuji-chan~~! I hope you’re awake, and well, and all that good stuff. As you know, things escalated a bit yesterday and now I need your help. Do you mind coming over towards the entrance, so we can talk? I’ll be waiting! In love, Gojo XOXOXO


“What?” Yuji asked himself, completely clueless about what things his white haired Sensei was talking about.


Despite being as clueless as before, he still obliged and put on his uniform before heading over towards the entrance of the Tokyo Jujutsu High. Aside from him, the entire campus was eerily devoid of any other Sorcerer. Only a few birds sang their songs in the trees above as he got closer and closer towards the pink blooming trees at the entrance. Even from a hundred meters away he could see the snow white hair of Gojo. Next to the teacher stood Nobara, who didn’t seem all too happy about the situation, if the way she crossed her arms in front of her chest and the annoyed expression on her face was anything to go by. Unlike their teacher however, Nobara was dressed rather strangely in what seemed to be only one long coat that reached all the way down to her ankles.


Once he was within earshot, Gojo reached out with both hands as if to greet someone he hasn’t seen in a long while, “There he is! The man of the hour!” he greeted Yuji in the same casual tone as always, a playful smile on his face. “How are you doing?”


“Okay, I guess.” Yuji greeted him back. “What’s going on? You mentioned something about needing my help.”


“Ah, yes. Exactly.” putting an arm casually around the pinkette’s shoulder, Gojo leaned against his student, “Do you know what happened yesterday?” he then asked.


Yuji shook his head, “Not really.” he answered, much to both Gojo’s and Nobara’s surprise, “I know that we went to this abandoned hospital or whatever but things get a bit fuzzy afterwards. We were hunting this Curse, right?”


“Exactly.” a smile crept around the blindfolded man’s face, “Well, maybe it’s better if you don’t remember everything. Long story short, you got into a little scuffle with that Curse and he got you all hard and horny and stuff. It was actually really hilarious! I’ve taken a few photos of you, you sh-!” he stopped mid-sentence upon hearing Nobara loudly clearing her throat while impatiently tipping against the watch on her wrist. “Ahem! Either way, Nobara here was kind enough to… calm you down again.”


“Basically he means I fucked you until you weren’t hard anymore, and until we were absolutely sure that you no longer seemed to suffer the same fate as those men a few weeks ago.” Nobara explained in greater detail as if it was the most normal thing to do. “This just so happened during my shift at Mei Mei’s club, so now she obviously wants to be paid for my services. So hopefully you’re all caught up.”


Gojo stepped away from his student and clapped his hands, “And here’s the deal. I don’t have the money for that, and the school doesn’t want to pay for it because I arranged that whole deal without consulting them first.” he said, taking another step back. “So instead, I talked with Nobara here and she said that she would pay for this service herself, IF you make her cum just as much as she made you cum!”


A drop of sweat ran down Yuji’s face as his eyes wandered between the other two Sorcerers. Gojo was as jovial as ever, while a light blush spread across Nobara’s face as if she only now became aware of what she had gotten herself into. “Erm… okay. How… how often did you make me cum then?”


He had asked Nobara but it was Gojo who answered in her stead, “Oh, not that often. Only around… a hundred times or so. You filled twelve buckets to the brim and then shot some more into her mouth… and some other orifices.” he clapped his hands again before the two students could say anything. “Well, I’ll leave you two alone for now and make sure that you have your sweet private time without getting distracted by anyone. Bye bye for now, and have fun!”


And just like that, Gojo left the two of them standing alone. For a moment the atmosphere was filled with an uncomfortable silence until Yuji finally talked. “So, what are we gonna do?”


“What are we gonna do?” echoed Nobara, “We’re gonna fuck, of course! If I really have to pay for my own services, then I at least can make the most out of it!” she explained matter-of-factly before opening her coat.


WHA-?” Much to his surprise, Yuji saw that the brunette didn’t even bother to wear anything under the coat except for a black choker around her throat with the word “BIMBO” written on it. He gulped audibly as his pants suddenly became very restrictive and tight due to his cock rapidly growing.


When she saw that he hadn’t even started undressing yet, her previous nonchalant, albeit slightly bashful, expression became more annoyed, “What are you waiting for?!” she asked slightly in rage. “This isn’t anything new to you. You’ve seen me naked at least two times, so let’s get on with it. Unless you wanna pay for yesterday’s expenses yourself, then I’d advise you to hurry up and get ready!”


“Mhm. Yes ma’am!” Yuji nodded and quickly obliged, stripping out of his school uniform until he was buck naked. There was something in the tone of her voice that gave no room for objections!


“That’s more like it!” purred Nobara. The brunette licked her lips as she slowly strutted forwards. Her coat fluttered in a warm breeze, granting Yuji a good look at her bare, ample sized tits and her moist glistening pussy.


Once she stood right in front of him, her hand shot forward and grabbed his wildly pulsating and still red glowing dick, causing him to whimper softly. She purred softly as she started stroking his length with skilled expertise that came from servicing all kinds of different clients in Mei Mei’s club. While he hasn’t talked with her about it personally, he heard some rumors of how she at one point even had a massive gangbang during one guy’s bachelor party.


His length reached its full size within seconds of her stroking it, throbbing in anticipation against her hand, “Mmmmmh… just like I remembered!” cooed the sorceress. She turned around and pressed her ass against her classmate’s cock. Though the soft fabric of her coat did prevent him from pushing his cock into the desired and tight hole, “Betcha really wanna fuck my ass right now, hm?” she asked, teasingly grinding her butt against his crotch.


“Nnghmm!!” Yuji groaned, his fingers hovering just above her hips, unsure if it was okay for him to just grab hold of them.


“Well, too bad!” Nobara said in a playful tone, “You have to earn that right to fuck my ass!” she put a finger to her chin as if she had to think hard about it, ignoring her pussy’s silent screams for the pinkette’s dick. “Let’s say… ten orgasms! If you make me cream ten times with just your fingers alone, then I might let you fuck my ass and pussy.”


Yuji gulped but obeyed, moving one hand down to her already gushing pussy while grabbing one of her huge, melon sized tits with the other one. His fingers sunk deep into the soft and warm flesh the moment that he started wrapping them around the malleable mount. Further down south he gently caressed the brunette’s swollen pink clit with his index fingers, causing it to spray like a broken faucet as her arousal grew and grew!


HMMMM!!!!! Not bad at all!” declared Nobara. She arched her back, laying her head down on the guy’s shoulder before starting to nibble on his earlobe. “So assertive… I like it!”


The way she moaned directly into his ear got Yuji going in more ways than one! He pushed the tip of his index finger inside her pussy and further teased her clit by rubbing all over it from the inside, causing her to moan even louder as she bit down on his earlobe. Further up high he started kneading her tit more ferocious now, twisting and pulling on the luscious and sensitive mass of flesh as if it was a stress ball!


OHHHHHHHHH!!!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!” she hissed directly into his ear as more and more of her pussy juices rained down between her legs. “You really know how to get a girl in the mood!”


“I try my best…” Yuji replied lamely, now pushing with two fingers into her moist and hot little pussy. It instantly clamped around them as if it never wanted to let them out again.


“You sure dooooooooooohh…!” moaned Nobara. The brunette’s eyes crossed for a second as she was brought to the brink of orgasm, “MMMMMHHH… you’re pretty good with your fingers.” she stated more calmly now.


She bucked her hips against his fingers, driving them deeper and deeper into the folds of her pussy now, ‘Damn! She’s gonna break my fingers if this goes on!’ thought Yuji, with her pussy clenching around his digits like a vice as he struggled to move them back and forth.


“What’s the matter?! Is this your first time?!” Nobara asked suddenly with a teasing tone in her voice that caused Yuji to gulp nervously, fearing that he did something wrong. “Hurry up and make me cum!!! Or are you unable to make a girl cum unless you fuck her brains out?!”


“Tch…!” Yuji clicked his tongue, as he was trying to ignore the burning need he felt in his balls as he kept fondling his classmate’s tits.


“What’s that?! You wanna say something?!” she asked. “Make me cum already! I’m getting pretty desperaAAAAAAHHH!!!!


Her demands turned into a loud squeal as Yuji spun her around as if she was light as a feather. His fingers popped out of her gushing pussy and instead laid to rest on her shoulders, something that he promptly used to push her down on her knees, making it known without having to actually tell her that he had heard enough of her teasing. “You really wanna cum so badly?!?! Then HERE!!!” he shouted and shoved his cock into her wide open mouth. “I still don’t know why I should pay for something that Gojo orchestrated, but if cumming is all you want, then let’s just skip this whole foreplay stuff and cut straight to the chase!”


AGUPH, HMMMM, PHHHHHUG!! MUH PHWOAD!!!!” she slurred around his length. The choker around her throat burst into a million pieces as the thick cock was pushed farther and farther down. Drops of saliva fell out of her mouth, only to land on her tits as she continued gargling and howling. “SHO GHUUDDDD… YESSSSHHH!!!! AYE’M CUMMINGGGGH!!!


Her words vibrated across Yuji’s entire body while thick drops of her lust sprinkled the ground below. The loud PLAP PLAP PLAP of his balls slapping against her chin was the only sound that could be heard besides the girl’s depraved and frantic moans!


“Hrrrrrgh…!” Yuji grunted through gritted teeth. Placing his hands on her head, he pushed her even closer towards his pink bush of pubic hair.


OHHHH GAWWWWWWDDD!!!! THISH PHEELSH SHO GHUUUUUUDDDD!!!!” Nobara kept howling, her words barely understandable as pleasure hit her like a tidal wave. “HLLLLGH, GLUUUUULL, AHEEEEG, MOHAAAAAAGH!!!!


Only the white of her eyes could be seen as she lost herself in the pinkette’s rapid and merciless thrusts, “You like that!?” Yuji asked after a while, barely able to hear her moans due to the loud pounding of his balls against her chin. “Then you better get ready for more! I’m gonna make sure to repay all those debts tenfold!”



(Five hours later…)


“Hmmm… I wonder how these two are doing…” Gojo thought out loud as he wandered on the streets outside of the Tokyo Jujutsu High. He watched one clip on YouTube after the next and completely forgot that he was supposed to make sure that Yuji and Nobara were left undisturbed during their little fuck-session. Only a call from a very angry Masamichi Yaga, who heard about some complaints from other faculty members, finally made Gojo remember that his two students were currently fucking unsupervised out in the open.


AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!! DEEPER!!!!!!! FUCK ME DEEEEEEEEEEEEEPPP!!!!!” Nobara’s loud and erotic screams greeted him before he even saw them.


Nobara, now being held in a Full Nelson by Yuji, was bounced up and down on the pinkette’s cock. Thick globs of cum oozed out of her wide gaping pussy and her open mouth, showing that Yuji already did a very thorough job at fucking them. And despite already cumming at least two times, Yuji continued thrusting his cock deep inside the girl’s ass, effectively making her scream and howl in utter pleasure over and over again.


“Hehehehe!!” Gojo couldn’t help but laugh as he watched as Nobara came once more. “Seems like my debt is now fully settled, right?” he asked with an innocent smile on his lips.


YEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!” howled Nobara. Her eyes were left completely white as she experienced one orgasm after the other. “THIS DICK IS THE FUCKING BEST!!” she screamed one last time before her entire body went slack, completely overwhelmed by the sheer pleasure.

(Story by: Mr. Akrononym)

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Ichigo Kurosaki
1 year ago

Yuta x Maki please

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
1 year ago

If the artwork allows for it, then maybe.

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Mr. Nefario
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1 year ago

This one was pretty good. I like it Picasso

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
1 year ago
Reply to  GorillaX3

Thanks for your support. Glad you enjoyed it.