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(Patreon) Megumi Tadokoro

A hot bj comic featuring Megumi Tadokoro!

Find it here and more at [PATREON]!

Tier 3 Patrons get access to June’s roadmap art pack right away! 😁

MILESTONE ACHIEVED! There is extra artwork coming at ya for June on Patreon! 🔥

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24 days ago

I’m super excited to see this one! Megumi is one of if not my favorite girl from food wars, so to see her again is always a joy! The fact she is getting one of the amazing three part blowjob sequence is an amazing treat! It’s going to be really sexy seeing this cute girl take on a huge cock and I hope to see more like it! It also seems like this pic will have some great dialogue as well, I love when you include dialogue in your pics! Can’t wait for this one to come out!

23 days ago
Reply to  Rtenzo

Yeah I agree, I think she needed more wins in the series, all of her growth and biggest moments always ended with her losing. Totally unfair for the sweetest girl in the series.