Rtenzo & Ero-Enzo – Fanart and Hentai
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1 month ago

Oh nice seeing the goblins again. These are some fine looking short stacks. Nice pin up.

1 month ago

BSU fanon: What-If…? series

What If…. Xavier was a Goblin

It was another regular day in World City. With the sun just barely beginning its ascent up into the sky. As the sun begun to rise we take a peak on a certain individuals room as he sleeps rather loudly.

“Xavier it’s time to wake up!”

And with that we see our ‘hero’. A young goblin male getting up from a filthy and dirty bed. Completely naked with his surrounding room being just as messy as his bed.

In another world Xavier Williams was the son of a Hispanic woman and an unknown black man. But in this world things were a bit different. In her younger years Melanie Rodriguez was very sexually active. It helped that she was and still is a stunning beauty which obviously helped her with the opposite sex. Some might say she was a size queen as she preferred the more well endowed men to be her lovers. But things changed when she started sleeping with Demi-humans, that is when she felt like she really hit the jackpot.

The demi-humans she slept with left an impact in more ways than. Don’t get her wrong there were still plenty of normal people that could compete with Demi-humans. But the majority of Demi-humans were just better in more ways than one. So for a while a great deal of her lovers were Demi-humans and she loved it! Until one day a fateful encounter with a certain goblin.

Most goblins despite their size were very well hung like most Demi-humans. So liking his kind and sweet nature, not to mention finding his energetic nature to be cute she decided to fuck him. Only to be surprised by what she found, this goblin was special even amongst his own kind. With him having a rare genetic mutation which resulted in;

A humongous jumbo-sized elephantine-esque dick, with equally mighty and titanic sized balls to match.

To say it was disproportionate to his body would be an understatement. And to Melanie it was one of the most beautiful things she has ever seen, a true wonder of the world. Along with skills as a lover which were a result of his animalistic instincts and his energetic nature being reflected in his stamina. All of this together made him one of the best lovers she ever had, which is an impressive feat. Also his unique skin color made him enticing and exotic in Melanie’s eyes, not to mention his other goblin features.

This sexual relationship led to the conception and birth of Xavier. A goblin instead of a young normal human. Much of Xavier’s life mirrored the one he had in a normal world. Although with some differences. Such as the fact Melanie had trouble helping curb Xavier’s tendency to strip naked at random, nearly making him a nudist. Not to mention inheriting his father’s genetic mutation making him hypersexualized in nature which resulted in him being horny nearly 24/7. All of which led to him losing his virginity much earlier than originally and at a young age, to his babysitter at the time. But despite all this Xavier’s life was full of love with his relationship to his mother being just as strong as any other Xavier. The same goes to his extended family.

But despite the differences in their worlds Xavier’s goblin father wasn’t in his life either. He was practically nonexistent to a majority and a great deal of Xavier’s life resulting in Xavier not having the best opinion of his father. And whenever he asked his mother instead of giving him a straight answer she would say something like ‘his dick was just way too big’ or ‘his cock was truly oversized’ which made Xavier stop her before she went into further detail. It greatly annoyed Xavier when she did because he knows it’s to stop him from asking and he doesn’t know why. Other times he would ask why his father wasn’t in their lives she would jokingly say it would be a crime to tie down such a man. Obviously he never took her seriously when she did this. But besides all this it never really bothered him much because was happy with the immediate family he had.

Now having moved to World City his mother reveals the business project she has been working on. That caused them to move in the first place. A company that specializes in Demi-human porn. And Melanie wants Xavier to be the company’s star. For you see most people at Xavier’s age, their bodies stop growing and changing but due to his hybrid goblin and the genetic mutation he inherited from his father his body isn’t done and as such the hormonal imbalance caused by puberty is expected to continue for a bit longer. As such Xavier’s dick and balls are expected to keep on growing until they reach his father’s size. The company his Mother has started has received high praise and much support as many believe this company can help deal with any lingering issues between Demi-humans and humans.

And after learning about all of this our friendly neighborhood goblin hybrid, Xavier, can’t wait for things to finally begin and start!

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